I spent a day with SCHOOL SHOOTING SURVIVORS (Columbine, Parkland, Reynolds)

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10 aylar önce

I spent a day with school shooting survivors from Columbine, Stoneman Douglas, and Reynolds High Schools to learn what it’s like to experience a devastating attack on an educational facility.
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AnthonyPadilla 10 aylar önce
come back in *two* weeks for *I spent a day with people w/ OCD*. next week will instead be the release of a very special project we maid over a year ago. -new episode of this series every week so consider 🔴subscribing. -ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.
hdhd 14 gün önce
I'm sorry but.. Made*
pattschool10 15 gün önce
hydrated boi
hydrated boi 28 gün önce
I one survived something kind off like a school shooting, during the north sudan revolution they sent the students students home early cuz there was a demonstration so they sent us two hours before the demonstration and the next day i went to school and it smeald like gunpowder and teargas cuz there was a shooting two streats away (the shooting was by the poliece) and the school smeald like teargas becose one of the polece officers through a teargas bomb over the school wall
LFZ Flam3inFrost
LFZ Flam3inFrost Aylar önce
It was an awesome video, but the stories were sad
Nino Oštir
Nino Oštir Aylar önce
You’re so inspiring, Bro!
ACH!LLEAN AV!ATOR 9 saatler önce
school shootings have never been more real to me than in the past two or three weeks . i just hope nothing real comes of those threats .
LordwolfFurry 10 saatler önce
this is sad
Miranex 14 saatler önce
It was not a school shooting. My country is not a pretty place to live with. Long story short one night I was asked by my grandma to go to the store. I was buying when we heard shooting and screaming. "Police" men were chasing someone as they shot everywhere. I hid behind a walk and stood near a man hiding. I remember closing my eyes as one of those men asked him where the guy went to. I am just glad it was me who went to the store that night and not my sister.
Robin Ruissen
Robin Ruissen 16 saatler önce
The fact that the girl from 5:00 could think so fast in this situation is so astonishing, i really hope all of them can move on and live their live normally.
ShippoAlex 17 saatler önce
My highschool had a school shooting threat via a anonymous posting app , the entire school was placed in lock-down. I was in cooking class when it happened, we turned off the lights and our class had no windows so it was close to pitch black, the only light source he had was under the door to the class which lead directly outside, we all hid in the laundry room/pantry. We all huddled in silence, we were told by my teacher to turn off our phones. she told us "We're in kitchen, you guys know where the knives are". The only way out was the front door, she basically told us if they come in here, rush them, grab a knife, and stab them. It was anxiety inducing, my eyes glued to the door, my brain remaining aware of the drawers containing knives. Until we received an all clear. The person who made the threat was arrested and turned out it was prank. If i remember correctly the lock-down lasted roughly 5 hours .My friends mom picked me up, i turned on my off and i was bombarded with calls and texts from my siblings and my mom asking me if i was ok, turns out they saw it on the news. Since we obviously didn't have lunch break so my friends mom took me to Mcdonalds. Scary experience.
Katt Fire
Katt Fire Gün önce
I remember when the Parkland shooting happened. I was attending my freshman year of high school and I remember coming home to my mom and she had pulled me aside from my siblings and brought me to her room. She asked me if I was doing alright and she had later told me that there was a shooting in Parkland. It didn't fully get processed in my mind until the next day during my science class our teacher was going to tell us about the shooting when she started breaking down. I remember my friends telling me that Chris Hixon's wife (Debra Hixon) worked at our school and how devasted she was. She couldn't even properly talk to the news people because of it. Later that week the students at our school protested to have better control over gun laws. Even though I wasn't a survivor or a person who lost a family member from a shooting I still empathize with these brave people and knowing what they had to go through just upsets me so much. The school shooting really affected me and made me more paranoid about these things. I hope that those that have died have found peace and for those who lost a family member.
ninuj Gün önce
14:53 that's so immature of a grown woman to say the first thing after she meets her daughter who was just in a school shooting and telling her who died first thing
Critical Clan
Critical Clan Gün önce
yeah this is why we need medal dectors
Ellie Brown
Ellie Brown Gün önce
4:03 the guy is from oregan and is a celtic fan
BlueAlert Gün önce
This video makes me remember the time something could have went wrong at my elementary school. I don't remember much of it but I'll try to explain, we were in the computer lab doing classwork and then we heard an announcement on the loudspeaker, they said that the school would be going on lockdown and that it was not a drill, We all got crammed into the back of the room into the corners. I remember hearing people making jokes about it, After that we got back to doing classwork. At the end of the day when we were all waiting at the front of the school to get picked up to go home I heard a lot of people questioning why we went on lockdown, what happened, etc. fast forward a few weeks later, I asked my friend about what happened that day and she said that the reason the school went on lockdown was because someone robbed the nearby Big Lots! And hid behind the school with a gun. It scares me knowing that it could have turned into a shooting.
Herde Gün önce
I personally didn’t experience shooting but natural disasters school
MuteTV Gün önce
Owning a gun should be illegal imo because i only see harm coming from it
Anita Querio
Anita Querio 2 gün önce
In 7th grade we had an assembly about the Columbine victim Rachel Scott. We had her family come in and talk to us. That assembly changed my life
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 2 gün önce
i go to reynolds and theres a memorial of emilio in the gym building and one outside of the entrance to the gym building, i never actually knew the whole detailed story of it, just different stories from different students and teachers
Sniper Pidgeon
Sniper Pidgeon 2 gün önce
This is so tragic, and people who call these poor victims actors... It's utterly disgusting that these inhuman bastards like Alex Jones are allowed to open their subhuman mouths. Ban guns and arrest sickos who rather than face the truth that guns kill people, think that these victims are just fakers. Shame on everyone who thinks that these shootings are an acceptable outcomes of the outdated 2A
Trent Mercia
Trent Mercia 2 gün önce
It’s truly amazing on how these people who took great courage to overcome this experience and how they can overcome this tradgey
Lauren T.
Lauren T. 2 gün önce
Update: Nikolas Cruz might be facing the death penalty.
333Released 3 gün önce
Bruh I got recommended this after I watched a vid about pumped up kicks
haunted dreams
haunted dreams 3 gün önce
3 people died at my school while I was there. All 3 hung themselves due to no one stopping bullying. They say their is a no bullying rule but then why did 3 kids die
Yessica Animates
Yessica Animates 3 gün önce
RIP all the kids that passed away and the people that warned them
lets play!
lets play! 3 gün önce
OMG! how do people not get depression or something else like that. This stuff is crazy idk what i would do if i was in a school shooting!
Xertek 3 gün önce
Wtf is that thumbnail and title. so I spent a day WITH SCHOOL SHOPTER SURVIVORS. OMG SO CRAZY (GONE SEXUAL) SO SAD
Waylons 4 gün önce
Rip X he made a song about the Florida shooting I lived near him RIP
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming 4 gün önce
12:57 yo was popin
Alli Go’s live
Alli Go’s live 4 gün önce
Columbine High School has a movie but it’s from a different perspective it’s from a girls perspective the name of the movie is (I’M Not Ashamed)
K 5 gün önce
I appreciate that minimal information was given about the shooters so they don't get the attention they clearly wanted.
Dylan Nolan
Dylan Nolan 5 gün önce
These people are just so brave if this happened to me I would never want to speak of it ever again so this is really brave and really cool that they are willing to share such a sensitive topic
Twin Blade
Twin Blade 5 gün önce
I myself am not a survivor of these terrible acts, but im not sure i’d call it a WORLD of surviving a school shooting, i’d call it a nightmare.
Quentin Smith
Quentin Smith 5 gün önce
holy shit, i had no idea this video was by anthony until he said his name, i think i actually like his solo content now, this shit is really, whats the word, eye opening, ill use that, eye opening
howdidigethere370 5 gün önce
When I was in the fourth grade, my grade shared lunch with the kindergartens. We had a lockdown drill that we weren't told about, so we all thought it was real. We were hiding in the kitchen in the cafeteria and the kindergartens were crying and the older kids were so scared because we thought we were going to die. They released us and expected us to have known it was a drill. It was so traumatizing.
Lucifer Studios
Lucifer Studios 5 gün önce
I hope nikolas Cruz never get out in 2025
Hamster boy
Hamster boy 5 gün önce
King Charles
King Charles 5 gün önce
Its sad that when I was in 4th grade I had to learn to hold my breath to look dead that if a school shooting did happen I could pretend.
huntrrr 5 gün önce
26:30 no, you are wrong miss, idiots with guns are killing people, that’s not the guns fault, it’s the persons fault, YOU are wrong
Courtney 5 gün önce
i feel for them, this is horrible. but jesus fucking christ.
Somebodythatiusetoknow 6 gün önce
Very informative
Cristina SJ
Cristina SJ 6 gün önce
i like sadie
JeNa _1990
JeNa _1990 6 gün önce
We all have our own traumas and there isnt one "right" way to over come them. Humans are very resilient. You are. We usually take so much pressure from the world around us that we forget that life is suppost to be lived one day at a time. Thats the Best advise to any kind of situation, just take it one day at a time. Wether it good or bad, one day at a time.🙏
Leo 6 gün önce
hoseokie cola💜
hoseokie cola💜 6 gün önce
new fear unlocked but i'm sure i gotta live everyday in this fear
person doin it's thing
person doin it's thing 7 gün önce
Tbh if this were to happen me, I wouldn’t even be able to actually function like a human being. I wouldn’t even be able to wake up and actually being awake and conscious i would just be in auto pilot. I wouldn’t be able to leave the bed, I wouldn’t be able to close my eyes and not think abt that. I’ve gone thru a huge earthquake that killed some of my friends and like till now I still- I’m still not fully functioning normally. I just couldn’t imagine going thru that. I’m so sorry for them, I hope they’re okay.
Arisveah 7 gün önce
In 7th grade, we had a shooter threat in second period, which was gym for me. we were outside and just outside the fence some people got into a fight on the sidewalk and pulled guns on each other. i didn’t notice it at all and so when my classmates ran screaming i thought it was some sort of game. when we got back to the gym, i learned that there was a guy with a gun and the principal went over the intercom and told us not to panic (at which point, i became the only person in the gym still in shock and not crying). we were stuck kn the gym for 6 hours and I had to keep my freinds calm and call their parents. Shooters are not and will never be a joke.
Karlee Brunner
Karlee Brunner 7 gün önce
people don’t even understand the severity of how many people it affects and communities upon communities that in which it does affect, in northern colorado we still have threats in our high schools from people “obsessed” with school shootings and columbine, people like sol pais
Ethan and Eric
Ethan and Eric 7 gün önce
Call it what you will "gun culture "unregulated gun control" "poor mental health" but this should not be treated as normal. EVER. This is a very american problem and we have to do something.
Kanye Asada
Kanye Asada 7 gün önce
I had a school shooting scare at my homecoming dance . And even though it was false and nothing happened. It was one of the most terrifying situations I’ve ever experienced.
ayeitsdesy 7 gün önce
watching this on october 20, 2021, and nikolas cruz pleads guilty..death sentence or life in prison will be determined next. justice is finally being delivered.
Clara Johnson
Clara Johnson 7 gün önce
My one worry with taking away guns is that people would turn to bombs.
DarkSkiez_ 7 gün önce
damn she really used her classmate as a riot shield that's fucked
GeekoTFG 7 gün önce
0:21 my uncle was a teacher at the Santa Fe high school. He was suspended for a week from the school for standing against a kid or something, and that was the week the shooting happened. It killed him for a month. He was so upset he couldn’t have been there for just students. None of his students had died or been injured, but many people he knew came in contact.
💕 Elizabeth Marie luna Córdoba
💕 Elizabeth Marie luna Córdoba 8 gün önce
This year has been so tough for me in December 2020 I got a very deep anger and then fell in to very deep depression for 6 months ect and my story is that my family members are so tough on me they leave me alone all the time and they care more about my mother then me ☹️☹️☹️ I swear the only thing I thought of when I was angry and depressed was I was planning on doing suicide and hurting myself I even planned how I was gonna die ect I was gonna wait until it was too late 4 years at least I was being serious too 😥😥😣. But now I am now learning from my anger and depression that i life is so beautiful with many things and that its worth living then living in shit negative environment ext and that I am a special person and I have a life in front me and I need to appreciate every moment everyday because we never know when we will die and I am starting to block all my negative family members from my Facebook until they realize they've hurt me to hell 😥😥😥😥. The support from my mom and friends are keeping my ass up!!! Sometimes I still think of suicide tho but I am not gonna let negative people bring me down like that again 💓 its not fun being depressed and angry just because of my fucking family members
Alexplays RH
Alexplays RH 8 gün önce
I'm in the UK but I have 1friend who nearly died yesterday it broke me coz I love them so much and I don't wanna lose them
pauli rosa20
pauli rosa20 8 gün önce
A kid from my grade recently passed. I rlly can‘t imagine this happening to multiple people, by a fellow student too.
Pão Doce
Pão Doce 9 gün önce
In Suzano, 2019, Brazil, a girl fought one of the shooters for 5 minutes to get some students to flee. A boy was hit, ran with an ax in his arm to the hospital near the school. Some cooks hid children inside the kitchen to save them. This is unusual in our country, and the arms clearance law had just been passed. We had only heard something like this coming from the US. This week the police arrested some students who were planning an attack, and it was frightening.
Reborn channel
Reborn channel 9 gün önce
I cry when I hear this it so sad
Haleigh Ellison
Haleigh Ellison 9 gün önce
That is terrible, I can't amagine being in that situation 😕 😞 😢 God bless the kids and people who go through that
Emily Earles
Emily Earles 9 gün önce
I’m sobbing
softboy 10 gün önce
how can people hear the stories of young people surviving school shootings and genuinely think the right to bare arms is necessary? these people were so young and had to face so much trauma yet people defend the ability to own a gun knowing if it gets into the wrong hands more children can die because of it? how many more children, teenagers and young adults need to die before we realise the right to bare arms is so deadly?
Blue Gamer
Blue Gamer 10 gün önce
im re watching this and my heart is beating in my throat but its cool to hear these people who survived and lived to tell the tale
Hunter Childs
Hunter Childs 10 gün önce
This is incredible being honest, what you’re doing when I was 8 I used to watch like Zelda rap and other things like that but as I grew up looks like you did to spreading light on things that some people may not have thought about it’s truly amazing to see how far we’ve come huh? 😁
LyaLyrical 10 gün önce
I remember seeing the instagram stories from that 2018 shooting... i can't believe she went through that
jas 10 gün önce
These kids are absolutely remarkable but I feel so angry that they had to go through this. Change is needed!
Ava Osborne
Ava Osborne 10 gün önce
One of my friends started playing pumped up kicks and joking around with it and I got so terrified and scared. I remember the feeling of panic as they reached in their backpack and when they pulled out headphones, I almost started crying from relief. I went straight to the principal’s office and cried about it in therapy because I’ve never felt more scared. I’ve been locked in a school because of a rabid dog and hearing it snarl. It’s terrifying every single time there’s a “joke” about that. I even begged my mom to go online one day, but she said no. The way the girl was talking about how it felt like a “sick senior prank” is why I start crying every time my school pulls an April fool’s prank because I feel like someone would pull a prank like that. We have no service in the school so we wouldn’t be able to call for help and that terrifies me. School shootings aren’t a joke.
Ch3z 10 gün önce
Nicholas Cruz is a monster
Crew 10 gün önce
The 2nd amendment is to prevent tyranny so that’s the reason a civilian should have a weapon with that much power the day the government gives up their guns is the day I’ll give up mine I understand that these people went through something awful but if one good person with a gun had been there these situations would be drastically different but the main reason I have guns is because if the government is staying strapped why wouldn’t I
Abby L
Abby L 11 gün önce
How about bullet proof windows and except on doors and better locks to keep them out is that a possibility?
♡Gotcha VT♡
♡Gotcha VT♡ 11 gün önce
I'm so proud of these people coming forward because if that happened to me I'd be so traumatized and scared that I wouldn't even want to talk about it ever again so these people are very like brave
Pigeon Animations
Pigeon Animations 11 gün önce
Portugal has had 2 total school shootings ever, why can't America be like Portugal
Some Arty Kid
Some Arty Kid 12 gün önce
I understand the fear these people went thru. We had a false alarm at my middle school once. A special ed kid saw a button and pushed it, not knowing it was a panic button. But we all thought it was real. I was in my science class when it went off. It was my last class before lunch, and it was upstairs. We were escorted out by a swat team, and told to run away from the school, since our class was towards the front, we ran a few small blocks to the fire station just down the road, a few classes ran across the football field to the auto zone opposite from the fire station. some classes went across the street to some other businesses. Eventually we were all head-counted, in our separate locations, and were finally released to our terrified parents by 1 or 2pm. They didn't find out it was a false alarm for sure until the next day or few days later.
Sam Moore
Sam Moore 12 gün önce
The only time I ever heard my favorite teacher yell was during a lockdown at my school. I was in a class dowm the hall and they came over the intercom, calling lockdown. He slammed his door open and screams "Get in my classroom now! I don't care if your my student or not, get in here" I was terrified. I was one of the bigger kids in class so we were in front of the group. Our jobs were to charge if a shooter came in the room. Thankfully no shots were fired and the person was arrested. But there has never been a time in my life I was more scared than those 45ish minutes
ApolloCat 🐱🌑
ApolloCat 🐱🌑 13 gün önce
imagine seeing one of your friends dead.. and next to you? 😳
넥타Nectar 13 gün önce
I live in Australia so school shootings was never a problem when I was in school but I have a few friends in America and everytime I hear about a school shooting over there I get scared I'll never see them again. America needs way better gun control
Casual_Speedrunner 10 gün önce
@•Cheez Kake• First off, like I said, it is impossible to get rid of guns. We tried during the Prohibition, and remember what happened then? Would you rather THAT happen again? And second off “nobody needs a gun”. Bullshit, tell that to all the hunters, to the 2.5 million civilians that defend themselves with guns every year according to the CDC, to our founding fathers who overthrew a tyrannical government WITH GUNS and have us the right to own those guns to make sure it didn’t happen again. Tell that to my face and say that the thing that saved my grandfather’s life, he doesn’t deserve to have. He would have fucking died in a home invasion and my mother, uncle, and I would have never existed. Is that what you want for 2.5 million people or more!?
•Cheez Kake•
•Cheez Kake• 10 gün önce
@Casual_Speedrunner way less deaths would happen without guns. And many people would have less to worry about when it comes to defending themselves if guns were outlawed. They create more problems than they solve. Makes sense that law enforcement would have them, but no one else needs a gun.
Casual_Speedrunner 10 gün önce
@•Cheez Kake• No matter how many laws you put in place, guns will always be here. You can’t just Thanos snap them out of existence. When you make guns harder to get and restrict where you can own one, who does that effect? The law-abiding citizens, or the law-breaking criminals? Great, now we’re Mexico 2.0 again. School shootings may be lesser, but now the common man has no way to defend himself. Good job, 10/10.
•Cheez Kake•
•Cheez Kake• 10 gün önce
@Casual_Speedrunner good people wouldnt need to stop shootings if there wasnt guns in the first place.
Casual_Speedrunner 10 gün önce
@•Cheez Kake• I can tell you that if there was someone GOOD armed there, none of this would have happened. Hence, the point of the second amendment and why 96% of all mass shootings occur in “gun-free” zones, with ALMOST ALL of the other mass shootings getting stopped by a civvie with a gun before anything too bad happened. On the other side of the coin, Mexico has very strict gun control and surprise surprise, cartels control the country.
Lollers 13 gün önce
I remember when I was in elementary, a robber getting shot to death by the police outside our school.
Chad Games
Chad Games 13 gün önce
Hey commenters, let's not make this a gun control discussion. Let's just recognize how horrible this is and not make it about pushing your redirect.
Gehrig Strain
Gehrig Strain 13 gün önce
does anthony have weak stomach
kaitlin bell
kaitlin bell 13 gün önce
It breaks my heart hearing these stories. I will say, I do disagree with the idea of gun control. I don't believe making guns harder to get, is going to help. Everyone blames the guns and forget to ask themselves why people in this country feel the need to shoot up schools and or other places of business? We need to fix the school systems and the homes these people are being raised in. If we fixed that, less people will feel the need to shoot up places. Bad people will always find a way to get a gun or weapon. All gun control does it makes it harder for the good people to protect themselves. Mental health and homelike needs to be taken into concideration.
Casual_Speedrunner 10 gün önce
@Adrian T No, 96% of all mass shootings happen in “gun-free” zones. California has the highest rates of mass shootings and also has some of if not the strictest gun laws in the country. Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco all have extremely strict gun laws, but what do you picture when you think of these cities? Likely, you’re picturing gang-infested shitholes. Which, these are! Fat lot of good that gun control did, huh? We have a crime problem, not a gun problem. If guns weren’t readily available, we’d just hear more stories of IEDs and gas attacks, as well as a massive increase in gang violence. I’m trying to go easy on you, because you seem pretty reasonable, but cmon. Blame the person, not the tool.
Adrian T
Adrian T 10 gün önce
"Bad people will always find a way to get a gun or a weapon" while that is true with gun control shootings MASSIVELY decrease. This is why in the UK there have been 2 school shootings in 200 years and the US has 45 in 46 weeks. So many of those deaths could have been easily prevented with sensible gun control
Casual_Speedrunner 10 gün önce
Very well said! It is important to both be compassionate for the victims while also not making things worse for everyone in blind emotion. Kudos!
Ladyjennifer mathews
Ladyjennifer mathews 13 gün önce
Remember what he said it's not my identity
Ryan Robinson
Ryan Robinson 13 gün önce
These are hard stories to hear. The biggest thing I heard is most of the schools didn't have an active shooter simulation. We actually had that several times in my school in NSW, Sydney. Teachers without classes as well as volunteers when the alarm sounded, would walk around the school with Nerf guns. It was fucked up but made sense. You never know what could happen. Some of us sorted out armour and barricades during one of the most real feeling drills. Teachers didn't even know about it, cops actually showed up. It's absolutely fucked this shit happens in the States, or really anywhere. The fact it happens is fucked. So yeah. A great vid and look into this unfortunate bullshit but damn, if you really feel the need to shoot up kids, start with yourself. Don't drag them into your misery
El Scourou
El Scourou 14 gün önce
these people are so strong and are doing so well, bless them all and rest in peace to all who passed away. the USA seriously needs to sort its shit out!
Aiden Ferris
Aiden Ferris 14 gün önce
Today In Longmont Colorado Our School Was Placed On Lock Out Or As They Call It Secure Status Which Gave Me So Much Anxiety, I Cant Imagine What These Kids Experienced.
Chan Pan
Chan Pan 14 gün önce
Lara Auckland
Lara Auckland 6 gün önce
@James Butcher I think the fact that I gave detailed numbers in my comment gives you the answer to that. I could not find anywhere any hard evidence that a total ban of guns leads to more death.
James Butcher
James Butcher 6 gün önce
@Lara Auckland Did you look up the statistics?
Lara Auckland
Lara Auckland 9 gün önce
@James Butcher got any statistics and studies to back that up? As someone living in a country with incredibly strict laws about guns, our violent crime rate is incredibly low compared to the US. The US has at least 18 times the murder rate. There is 201 times more murders committed by youths. I really don’t see how it can possibly be argued that no guns = more death when a gun gives someone the capability to kill so much faster and easier than a knife or other weapons. In 2019 *three quarters* of homicides in the states were using a gun. I can’t even imagine how many people lose their life to suicide or accidents by guns that may have lived otherwise. The argument that ‘if more people had guns there would be less crime because they can protect themselves’ always seems odd to me too. America has the highest gun ownership per capita of any country in the world by a LARGE margin. Surely if guns reduced crime you’d be feeling the effect already. Unfortunately I think America is too far gone. There’s too many guns in circulation, there’s a culture and an expectancy that a gun is a common commodity. And an acceptance that murder is a common cause of death. I do think it would be next to impossible to change that, but god I wish it was possible on behalf of people like those in this video.
Adrian T
Adrian T 10 gün önce
Casual_Speedrunner 10 gün önce
So we can only have the criminals have all the guns? Yeah sure, let’s turn the US into wet Mexico.
Wolf Noir *wolfissimo*
Wolf Noir *wolfissimo* 14 gün önce
What’s even worse is how schools are in my country. I’ve never been a victim of a school shooting, I don’t hope to be. But at the end of last school year, there is this restaurant right across from my school, right at the end of the day someone with a gun entered the restaurant. We weren’t informed until an email the next day, this was very dangerous, a ton of people walk home from my school. We were never informed, never put into lockdown, I didn’t even hear about it until my friend texted me the next day, she was absent and heard about it before me. Wow.
Alec Kim
Alec Kim 14 gün önce
When Anthony Padilla does a better and more thoughtful interview than any news reporter
That Person
That Person 14 gün önce
I feel bad for people who have to go through school shootings
elLol 15 gün önce
This smosh video looks different 🤔
jacob cornwell
jacob cornwell 14 gün önce
Ahehehe ahahahaha ha ha ha😐
•𝚃𝚜𝚞𝚋𝚊𝚔𝚒• 15 gün önce
alayah looks pretty
Jess Noelle Trask
Jess Noelle Trask 15 gün önce
I remember Columbine happening even though I didn’t attend the school. My high school graduation was five or six weeks after Columbine happened. From a different high school in a neighboring state
daasans109 15 gün önce
somewon i went to school with told me that there baby siter and parents were killed iv never told pepole before that this kid told me this
Muffins 15 gün önce
I think the only thing I would care about on a school shooting would be my sister, i love her so much and I couldn't live without her
Uhmeer 15 gün önce
Parkland Shooting February 14 Valentine’s Day 2018 I remember in elementary school I took the bus to go to the aftercare I went to. The bus stopped at a red light and I just remembered 4 cops speeding to go to the school. In the bus we were all confused of what was going on. We heard helicopters and sirens. Until I went home my mom broke the news to me. There was a shooting in a high school. I remember crying for so long, I slept with my mom. And it turns out that the shooter use to work at the dollar store I always use to go to. Terrifying. God bless to all the lost lives and the survivors.
Chris B
Chris B 16 gün önce
4:47 you have to give props to the school for making it very realistic. A few students actually died.
NRM Productions
NRM Productions 2 gün önce
R u serious bruh?? Ur not funny
Баща си Знае
Баща си Знае 16 gün önce
I’m not an American and I don’t even imagine what it is for kids to survive this… I would never imagine what is this…
loduha 16 gün önce
This is what i fear of going to school, and the number 1 reason of why i do bot want to go back to in person school. The fear of someone opening fire and me never coming home is just a little too much to think about.
HaYouLooked 16 gün önce
I've been at a shooting but it wasn't a school it was a fair I was drinking some water when I see my friend ducking with his family saying THERES SHOOTING and I'm by this stand with that you buy food from and me and my family and my friends family with some other people hide there and in that moment I was thinking about everything I had ever done and everything I wanted to do and I thoughts that the shooter was gonna come behind where me and all those people where and just gun us down I was in shock I was shaking and crying there after like I don't even know how long then everyone starting coming out and I was standing that the shooter was at the Faris wheel when the person started shooting me and my mom where gonna go there next after the food and my friends family was there and then I learned later that 3 people were injured and no one died thankfully
The FBI Agent
The FBI Agent 16 gün önce
My school is fucked in case of a school shooting, my school ALL window.
Kendrinium 16 gün önce
being in the UK and never having to do any sort of lockdown or anything, this video has me choked up thinking about people having to go through this, fucking terrifying
Tobias white
Tobias white 17 gün önce
I remember watching the police interrogation for the parkland shooter in 2019
Tenerensis 17 gün önce
Aalayah sounds so chill despite what she went through.
Armani Paris
Armani Paris 17 gün önce
The stonemason Douglas shooter had a AR rifle and she thought it was a drill ? Wtf
staceyann llewellyn
staceyann llewellyn 14 gün önce
There was a drill you dimwit ! Pay attention to what she said,maybe you might learn something. She never saw the shooter,she was hiding under a dead body, “Ignorance is bliss” smfh
Ella Tizzy
Ella Tizzy 17 gün önce
If we would stop giving these F-ed up teenagers coverage on media, then we would the have to worry about the vast majority of these shootings. These kids do these things for fame, to be someone special and the media gives them ALL the attention they want. Stop it! Don't blame guns, blame the media for feeding into the sick fantasy of these children.
Warrior Cats Fan
Warrior Cats Fan 16 gün önce
These people almost died. What do you think you are writing? “Don’t blame the guns”-
Warrior Cats Fan
Warrior Cats Fan 16 gün önce
Ella Tizzy
Ella Tizzy 17 gün önce
we wouldn't*
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