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FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

Yıl önce

Goals from Pedri (2), Lewandowski, Dembélé, Aubameyang and Frenkie de Jong win the Joan Gamper trophy.
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FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona Yıl önce
Watch the FULL MATCH here 👉 barca.link/pVWb50KeNem
Kern Boris TV
Kern Boris TV Yıl önce
do not buy Alonso he does not do well under pressure he gave away the ball a lot
sono quello che cambia idea
sono quello che cambia idea Yıl önce
Deepak Soren
Deepak Soren Yıl önce
please dont sell frenkie..he is really good and we all know that please find some alternative
sono quello che cambia idea
sono quello che cambia idea Yıl önce
@Deepak Soren No
thibault Yıl önce
What a match from Barça and Robert Lewandowski, his first goal and two beautiful assists, can't wait for the start of the season ! Visca Barça, Lewandowski will be amazing
Bassam Nabeel - بسام نبيل
Bassam Nabeel - بسام نبيل Yıl önce
Robin H I will come back here in few weeks after all the new signings are registered to show you who the clown is 😉
UnderratedBlastoise Yıl önce
@Bassam Nabeel - بسام نبيل you just showed everyone you can't read
Mi Ra
Mi Ra Yıl önce
Robin H some bribes will do the trick
Bassam Nabeel - بسام نبيل
Bassam Nabeel - بسام نبيل Yıl önce
@UnderratedBlastoise You showed everyone that you have a 2nd grade thinking abilities
Toheeb Adeshina
Toheeb Adeshina Yıl önce
Barca and laliga will work it out
MrMessyb Yıl önce
Lewandowski showing his class already. What a tight angle for his goal!!
karl Erasure
karl Erasure Yıl önce
Only Salah and Lewy can do this 👍😊
4usAllSoulsX Yıl önce
And Henry on the past :-)
Dutch Yıl önce
Shite defending
Husni Hasan
Husni Hasan Yıl önce
Bassem Abdel-Wahed
Bassem Abdel-Wahed Yıl önce
Mo salah scored a harder one but can't remember with Liv or Rome
Wiktor Blachowicz
Wiktor Blachowicz Yıl önce
Lewys playmaking was unreal. Just from these highlights alone you can see how good he truly is. Spectacular touches, decision making and awareness in getting that goal and superb 2 assists 😘🔥💥🤌🏼🥶
SandipT Bez
SandipT Bez Yıl önce
サッカー暇人 Yıl önce
Yogiswara J
Yogiswara J Yıl önce
Unreal assists. One nutmeg assist. One backheel assist
hipositive Yıl önce
4 assists
6ix9ine Instagram
6ix9ine Instagram Yıl önce
Lewy should go to bayern
AcidRai Yıl önce
Lewandowski !! What a score!!! Brawo Robert jesteśmy z tobą jesteśmy dumni miliona bramek w tym sezonie
Tristan Drab
Tristan Drab Yıl önce
Lewy ,jak zwykłe daje czadu i uśmiech naprawdę szczery, powodzenia Barcelono i Robert jesteśmy z Tobą
David Rodrigo
David Rodrigo Yıl önce
Irek I
Irek I Yıl önce
Lewandowski will score goals, but the most important thing is that he plays for the team and not only for himself.He's always been like that.👍👍👍
blackbird42 Yıl önce
Lewy and Pedri showed some magic, but Dembele and Raphinia also start looking like a killer duo. Glad to see that the machine keeps getting more and more tuned.
Roko Markov
Roko Markov Yıl önce
The only team im afraid of now is City
santi hd
santi hd Yıl önce
@Roko Markov liverpool*
blackbird42 Yıl önce
@Roko Markov I want to see the real test of our current defense first, but I have high hopes. Christensen looked really solid through the US tour. So did Eric.
Roko Markov
Roko Markov Yıl önce
@santi hd Yes and Liverpool
n e
n e Yıl önce
@Roko Markov were going against city this month! for a friendly
Anurag Kumar
Anurag Kumar Yıl önce
That assist from Lewandowski for the 2nd and 4th goal were so amazing and beautiful 💯
Yashwant Moharil
Yashwant Moharil Yıl önce
Lewandowski just brings in so much of confidence to the team, We now know that we have someone who will clutch when the time needs him to do so.
David Rodrigo
David Rodrigo Yıl önce
Peter J
Peter J Yıl önce
Lewy showed what he is capable of. The thing is that everyone expects him to score a lot of goals but it doesn't have to be that way. Yes,yes we want him to do that but Lewy could also be very good in assists and setting up his teammates for potential goals. He is an all-around player who can take charge and control on the pitch. As long as Barca wins then everything is good.
MarcinSzwagrzyk1004 Yıl önce
Even if hes not the top scorer, im confident he can be the top assister
LW Yıl önce
Well said brother
David Rodrigo
David Rodrigo Yıl önce
CROW _G Yıl önce
Bruh this was pumas chill the f out
MarcinSzwagrzyk1004 Yıl önce
@CROW _G still a proffesional team
vasudev v s
vasudev v s Yıl önce
That assist for second Pedri's goal from Lewa was legendary
Michał Suda
Michał Suda Yıl önce
He had many such assists in the Bundesliga. Now, in the weaker league, there should be more.
IceXEditz Yıl önce
@Michał Suda Man said Bundesligas better than la liga
Michał Suda
Michał Suda Yıl önce
@IceXEditz Do you have doubts?
IceXEditz Yıl önce
@Michał Suda yes lmao tell me 1 thing Bundesliga is better than la liga at
LW Yıl önce
When you see that nutmeb in this assist
Endriu Yıl önce
W Bayernie grał i mówiły o Nim całe Niemcy oraz Polska. Po przeniesieniu do Barcelony mówi cały świat. Nasza duma 😃
BARCIO Yıl önce
To prawda😊
meszka1312 Yıl önce
No Comment
No Comment Yıl önce
na całym świecie się mówiło o Lewym nie dygaj
Sina Yıl önce
I am very happy that Lewa was able to score his first goal for Barca. His assist to Pedri was fantastic. We are very excited to start the season.🔥🔥
Krystian Krupowicz
Krystian Krupowicz Yıl önce
Lewy not Lewa😋😉
Szymon S
Szymon S Yıl önce
@Krystian Krupowicz 🤦🏽‍♂️ na świecie mówią Lewa, tylko w Polsce mówimy Lewy
Raindog Yıl önce
@Szymon S No to niech na świecie mówią Lewy
Miyen Yıl önce
Lewa is also fine
Krystian Krupowicz
Krystian Krupowicz Yıl önce
@Raindog dokładnie
Red Lion FC
Red Lion FC Yıl önce
That assist to Pedri was just pure class
Jay lucas
Jay lucas Yıl önce
I realy think Lewy is somehow making all the players more clinical in finishing, so composed in the 18. Never seen Barca so composed and accurate.
BoomNzoom Yıl önce
they bring them much confidence.. hes the biggest star now and also great team player
stannypk5k9 Yıl önce
All goals are even more impressive in slow-mo. You realise that these passes from Lewandowski are incredible. During his first assist he essentially nutmegs a player, feeding the ball to Pedri. Unreal.
Ben Beckmann
Ben Beckmann Yıl önce
Lewandowski's link up play was exceptional he fits in perfectly into this barca team
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Yıl önce
the ball to Pedri. Unreal.
Yanuar Dwi
Yanuar Dwi Yıl önce
Lewy 1 goal and 3 Magic Assist 😍
Kanar Yıl önce
Lewy dostał swój numer i zaczął strzelanie w nowym klubie. Powodzenia Robercik! ❤️💙
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores Yıl önce
"Robercik", no sabía que así le decían en Polonia 🇵🇱 de cariño.
Kanar Yıl önce
@Carlos Flores dont understand, write english please
interpretator Yıl önce
@Carlos Flores it's like Rob-Robby Robert - Robercik but usually no ones use that form 😉
Esteban Fernandez
Esteban Fernandez Yıl önce
@Kanar youtube can translate sometime. Me it translates automatically he says : I didn't know he was called Robercik in Poland
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores Yıl önce
@interpretator You are right 😃
Namii Yıl önce
Lewandowski is just amazing see he delivers after getting his no.9🔥
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Yıl önce
Bravo Robert Lewandowski Bravo FC Barcelona
Facts you didn't know
Facts you didn't know Yıl önce
Lewandowski really contributed a very important role for the team
Belalang Tempur
Belalang Tempur Yıl önce
Lewangoalski .. he can score .. he can create game .. such a experinced player .. 🔥🔥🔥
periskusi Yıl önce
Pedri and Lewy today was like Neymar and Messi in the 2015s Great work barcelona hoping we do the same in laliga 😌✅
Habitalista Yıl önce
Lewy ma wreszcie dookoła świetnych ludzi do gry kombinacyjnej. To jest to co uwielbia grać. To będzie dobry sezon.
David Rodrigo
David Rodrigo Yıl önce
Laarsan Yıl önce
To all Barca fans, you've got yourself one of the best players ever in history with lewandowski. Been supporting him since dortmund days and am a Bayern fan. Sad to see him leave but expect goals galore. Now one thing makes me happy is that people outside bl can finally see his talent and appreciate what he brings. Sick of hearing feeble comparisons to benzema aguero Suarez etc.. all different players, lewandowski isnt just a poacher , hes a very technically gifted player and world class. Enjoy your season.
felix kofi anim amoako
felix kofi anim amoako Yıl önce
We thank you 🫶
Thee Elite
Thee Elite Yıl önce
Benzema is better in every aspect of the game other than poaching wytbout
Dajman699 Yıl önce
@Thee Elite elaborate on that, just curious in what aspect of the game is Benzema clearly better than Lewandowski
Mexican Eagle
Mexican Eagle Yıl önce
Benzema , Aguerooo and Suarez are by no means feeble players. All are the best Strikers of their Generation
rivaldo 503
rivaldo 503 Yıl önce
Thank you sir, good luck to your team too
dichaelovic Yıl önce
Lewandowski is just so good wow!
Dj TZUYU Yıl önce
LEWANDOWSKI showing he just not only a striker but a ver good assist maker !!! these assist are simply treat to watch 😍🥰
Young Fella10
Young Fella10 Yıl önce
Lewandowski is Goal Machine 🕴
Vit Oli
Vit Oli Yıl önce
Bravo Robert Lewandowski 👏👏👏 Bravo FC Barcelona 👏👏👏👏👋😎
nożna noga
nożna noga Yıl önce
Lewandowski and Pedri amezing🇵🇱❤️💛🇪🇸
Elementar Wichtig
Elementar Wichtig Yıl önce
Dembele and Rapiniha are just a fantastic duo. Pedri and Lewa also have a good connection. The four (Dembele, Rapiniha, Pedri and Lewa) guarantee goals!! And in reserve we still have Auba, who really is an incredible striker.
Dont forget Fati!!!
MMMMMM Yıl önce
Ahmad Bablis
Ahmad Bablis Yıl önce
@DIET LONDON fati is so overrated, he just doesn't deliver as much as the other strikers.
Zayed Muneer
Zayed Muneer Yıl önce
yall forgetting Ferran aswell lmao
Pickle_Soup Yıl önce
If anyone doubts Lewy’s completeness, you saw it here, he can do it. GOAT
eFootball Deus
eFootball Deus Yıl önce
Pickle_Soup Yıl önce
@eFootball Deus I meant #9
David Rodrigo
David Rodrigo Yıl önce
MatP111 -
MatP111 - Yıl önce
Giving Benzema a run for his 💰 this season?
Aleksy Citriauskidis
Aleksy Citriauskidis Yıl önce
@MatP111 - benzema can’t be compared to Lewandowski
The Contester
The Contester Yıl önce
Almost being 34, Robert Lewandowski will certainly show his greatness at Barcelona and I am not saying this from the match he had last night, but from his own general potential and skills together with the motivation generated by his new teammates 🔴🔵
Prabhnoor Singh
Prabhnoor Singh Yıl önce
Lewy and pedri are killing it mate just wow 🔥🔥🔥
Harz.exe Yıl önce
I wouldn't be surprised if Lewandowski finished the season with the most assists per season in his career. Robert loves to score goals but he also loves to create chances for his teammates. I'm sure that he will be a top scorer in the team but we might witness a few other Barça players with 10+ goals in the end of the season 😬
oyem ifeanyi
oyem ifeanyi Yıl önce
Yeah dembele has been scoring goals
Guess The Riddles
Guess The Riddles Yıl önce
Ya right now its not for Lewandowski to think how many he can score but how much he can contribute to the club 👍🏼hes already 34 and his dream of joining spain club has comes true
Jakub Pieszczek
Jakub Pieszczek Yıl önce
I do agree. I am Michael Jordan fan too. Once, as great finisher, MJ played a great season having incredible stats in passing, very close to be leading in whole league in assisting. Great players can adjust themselfes to the team, if its needed. It can be even challenging for Lewandowski to be great in both stats. In Barca he might be like Magic or LeBron, not MJ. MJ was and is Messi 😉
Jaro Yıl önce
all is possible
Laureus Yıl önce
It was only a matter of time, and he didn't hold back whatsoever here! Brilliant goal from Lewandowski, and not to mention the rest of the team, who were firing off brilliant goals all match! 🔥🔥 Phenomenal playing from Barça!
Tubal, Giancarlo R.
Tubal, Giancarlo R. Yıl önce
Ladies and Gentlemen Robert Lewandowski has arrived in FC Barcelona ❤️💙
Drip Drop
Drip Drop Yıl önce
Soon as Lewangoalski got his #9 he scored 🔥💯😍
Om Prakash
Om Prakash Yıl önce
Lewandowski is playing like a scorer as well as creator. Hope scores 40 goals in all competition
Love Driving Car
Love Driving Car Yıl önce
Cieszę się, że Robert świetnie się wstrzelił, trzymam za niego kciuki i mam nadzieję, że wraz z całym zespołem zdobędą mistrzostwo kraju (minimum) a dobra gra Roberta pomoże mu sięgnąć po upragnioną Złotą Piłkę ( w końcu!!!)
Oasi Bhuiyan
Oasi Bhuiyan Yıl önce
The connection of lewandowski with the team already looks like stunning 🤫 He's showing something better than benzema
Nastyonthishoe Yıl önce
Wahyu Yıl önce
Pedri scored two goals and both goals were assisted by Lewy😍
Ary Yıl önce
what a game for lewandowski and the whole team, this season look promising
Fahrizal Mujadid
Fahrizal Mujadid Yıl önce
Lewandowski not only a goal scorer, but also a playmaker 🙌🙌👍👍👍👍
Sylwia Wojciechów
Sylwia Wojciechów Yıl önce
kwinto30 Yıl önce
Powinno być dobrze widać duży potencjał przy nowych kolegach w drużynie
David Rodrigo
David Rodrigo Yıl önce
Two seconds
Two seconds Yıl önce
I'm so happy for Lewandowski and also Barcelona we are starting this season with a blast
Zx Yıl önce
Pedri is a Magician. This man will be crucial for Spain in the World Cup and if the national team play like they never have before, he could possibly bring the Trophy back to Spain 🙏
Superboy Catalyst
Superboy Catalyst Yıl önce
These guys gives me joy on a stead. We just keep getting better everyday. Every mistake we correct in the next match. Team work 110% and appreciation for assist shows it's a family thing. Barca for life.
DzienDobry Yıl önce
Azazel Yıl önce
Thank you Lewi for everything you did for us at Bayern we wish you the best of luck with Barca!
jacek śmigiel
jacek śmigiel Yıl önce
Lewandowski is a complete player. He shoots, passes, draws attention and plays as a team. Barcelona will gain many fans in Poland. I just became one of them. Good luck in the league. Lewy, Polska jest dumna.
Kansas Arkansas
Kansas Arkansas Yıl önce
Magic from Lewandowski 😍
Santiago Gomez
Santiago Gomez Yıl önce
Força Barça 💙❤️
Piotr Fret
Piotr Fret Yıl önce
Oby się udalo Lewandowskiemu najlepiej gdyby bayernowi zaaplikowal bramki w starciu w LM
Kolo awx
Kolo awx Yıl önce
Taką grę to ja lubię :) I like this game :)
Julio Daniel Uyuni Moscoso
Julio Daniel Uyuni Moscoso Yıl önce
Que! Jugadorazo LEWANDOSKI 👏👏👏 aparte de su Gol....asistio casi todas las jugadas de gol....Maestro una Maquina 👀 LEWANDOSKI aparte de jugar de #9 te puede jugar de #10 de enganche 👀..lo demostro en este partido, que manera de asistir
Nash__og Yıl önce
Big team performance ...congrats to RL9🐐🐐
Mat J
Mat J Yıl önce
Perfect opening game from Lewy , he basically had 3 assists
Runjhun Singh
Runjhun Singh Yıl önce
It's alright we don't have messi anymore But lewa is a goat as well🔥💯
shani yan
shani yan Yıl önce
I am very happy that Lewa was able to score his first goal for Barca. His assist to Pedri was fantastic. We are very excited to start the season.
Feras Hassan
Feras Hassan Yıl önce
Absolutely amazing work from Lewandowski and his teammates, Barça will win the UCL! Visca Barça!
imouto4hire Yıl önce
lmao no
Offside Edits
Offside Edits Yıl önce
Lovely game, Força Barça 💪❤️💙
KevSan Yıl önce
Lewy, kozak ❤🍾co za bramka, what a goal !!!! Vamos a ver un goleador ávido!
Elvin Urbaez
Elvin Urbaez Yıl önce
De Jong was the best player in the second half, some Barca fans don’t appreciate that, the few players that moved the ball towards the attack. Hope he stays
Andrija Keburovic
Andrija Keburovic Yıl önce
I've never seen a guy who doesn't like de Jong. The Problem with him are his incredible high wages + the ones Barca needs to pay him, if he doesn't leave. Also playing in the premier league, alongside Kante for example, could come in favor for him.
BashGW Yıl önce
@Andrija Keburovic The way Barca is treating Frankie is disgusting. What happened to being "more than a club". The club lost its touch and lost me as a fan. If any Barca fans supporting this debacle should be ashamed of themselves. You can't pay Frenkie but you can spend millions on new players??
Andrija Keburovic
Andrija Keburovic Yıl önce
@BashGW You are somehow right, but somehow not. Barca was and is in an really tight position finacially. So what was their strategy this time? Why do they want to get rid of the player they cared about so much before? Well, they did a risky gamble. They sold half of their soul, to gain more. Superstars for jersey sells, attraction for the fans and whatever you gain from them. They spent money now, so they could probably gain even more on a long term basis. De Jong doesn't produce much of the mentioned points (not anymore). He earns quite much and they (owe) him a looot, which can be avoided if they sell him. They have no other choice than making risky decisions, because if they act like before, they will go bankrupt later
BashGW Yıl önce
@Andrija Keburovic and you call yourself a Barca fan and stand by this? Are we really buying players to sell some jerseys? Hell why not add Ronaldo there too. It will most likely increase Barca's social media accounts followers and sell more jerseys because that is what is all about these days, isn't it? Frenkie is a world-class midfielder but I guess that is not enough if you can't sell his jerseys. And remember, Barca is Frenkie's boyhood football club and to push him out of the club and tap him on a shit club like United is a disgrace. What they are doing is ruining his talent and career. Shame on them! No real fan would stand by this and if you are shame on you too
Andreas Yos Siahaan
Andreas Yos Siahaan Yıl önce
@BashGW bro, barca hungry for title, it's their strategy to spend millions on new players for looking the best potential players in their positions for facing the new era. Barca didn't want to be AC Milan's new era. When financial crisis happen with ac Milan, they sold their good players for paying their players' salary. Think about it, that's why their new era filled with basic players and we all know AC Milan now, even for qualifying to ucl, they hard to reach it. But in the end de jong's salary will be paid
The Tribal Chief
The Tribal Chief Yıl önce
Today's game was not about the score, it was about how the team played and the partnerships that developed.
Sergio Carrillo
Sergio Carrillo Yıl önce
Uff esas conexiones entre Lewan y Pedri 👌👌👍👍👏👏
Elian Palacio
Elian Palacio Yıl önce
El nivel de Pedri es muy sobresaliente, lewandoski esta impecable, está temporada será buena
Sushant Sutar
Sushant Sutar Yıl önce
Lewandowski's passes reminded me of Messi's. Good to see those. Can't wait for this season🤞
Leonardo Palomino
Leonardo Palomino Yıl önce
Lewa, aparte de goleador es creador de jugadas de gol, no es egoísta. Que tal delantera la de el Barza: Dembe, Lewa , Raphi y Pedri, simplemente ...lo máximo.
Licer Crespo
Licer Crespo Yıl önce
Ya te digo el máximo presupuesto gastado en Europa, espero que ganen algo.
El Mas--Capito De Su Casa Vea🤠👻
El Mas--Capito De Su Casa Vea🤠👻 Yıl önce
Los pumas en ves de ser Pumas fueron gatitos pos obviamente iban a perder el Barcelona es un gigante del fútbol y fue muy innecesario el fichaje de dani Alves en los pumas
Obamejank Yıl önce
Lewandowski jesteś zajebisty!
Esteban Fernandez
Esteban Fernandez Yıl önce
Arer Rera
Arer Rera Yıl önce
Thaanks Auba for kind words
Blan Lopez ma
Blan Lopez ma Yıl önce
Tengo que reconocer que Pedri es un auténtico fenómeno.
Flux game
Flux game Yıl önce
2 passes and 1 goal lewan... is fantastique player❤.
고양이 Yıl önce
Lewandowski showed his class
SAIKAT Yıl önce
Kaydee Duminy
Kaydee Duminy Yıl önce
Classic goal from Lewandowski 👌🏻
Real Manchester Hotspurs Fußballverein .
Real Manchester Hotspurs Fußballverein . Yıl önce
Robert Lewandowski's night against Pumas: ➤ First game at the Camp Nou. ➤ First game with number 9 of FC Barcelona. ➤ First goal as a culé striker. ➤ First assistance as a Blaugrana footballer. TREMENDOUS.
Licer Crespo
Licer Crespo Yıl önce
Si , contra el Pumas ya está todo dicho.
nadanadnada Yıl önce
@Licer Crespo sí pero esque en el comentario del de arriba no hay nada que no sea verdad
Sosa Plug
Sosa Plug Yıl önce
First MVP too.
Tomasz Czaplicki
Tomasz Czaplicki Yıl önce
Licer Crespo
Licer Crespo Yıl önce
@nadanadnada Y en el mío tampoco.
モンキー D.ルフィ
モンキー D.ルフィ Yıl önce
Lewandowski is finding his feet at Barca now with two assists and a goal, we will win all the important titles this season I feel
allstar watt
allstar watt Yıl önce
I am looking forward to seeing Lewandowski playing this season; I think he will play very well.
Valor7 Yıl önce
This has to be a record for most bar hits . We played so well
Mocny Yıl önce
Brawo Robert !! It was a great show
Manuel Méndez López
Manuel Méndez López Yıl önce
No he visto a Dembele tan feliz en CUATRO AÑOS ,DEMBELE VERY HAPPY
مريم Yıl önce
It was an amazing match in every sense of the word, the match between Pedri and Lewandowski was awesome,visca barca ❤💙❤💙❤💙❤
Amrish Ramautarsing
Amrish Ramautarsing Yıl önce
Pedri is really something special💙❤
George Patadungan
George Patadungan Yıl önce
Lewy so on fire in this game, he almost make a hattrick goal or assits.. so cool!!!🔥🔥🔥
Demon Akaza
Demon Akaza Yıl önce
He is the greatest striker of this era for a reason
Andrés Carrillo
Andrés Carrillo Yıl önce
El juego contra el City, será un partidazo sublime... Imposible perderse, ahí veremos qué tanto ha mejorado el equipo.
Starszy Pan
Starszy Pan Yıl önce
0:30. This moment and stadium... fantastic
Denilson Buienga
Denilson Buienga Yıl önce
Lewa, Pedri, Raphinha, Dembez and De Jong were top class today. Today De Jong just had it all and gave his life to the game, I could see Iniesta Dribbling, Xavi's pass and Puyol pace, all in one. Hope Barça does not sell him. He valued us in our hardest times, so value him back now 💙❤️
TheMarkOfL Yıl önce
I couldn't agree more. I've liked him since the moment he joined. I hope they don't cash out on him just to pay off the outrageous salaries for leaches like S. Roberto, Umtiti, etc. All we can do is hope 🙏
BenPlaysGM Yıl önce
You said Dembez instead of Dembele lol 😆
Russow 10
Russow 10 Yıl önce
Xavi's pass 😂😂. Insult to xavi
Fern Dale
Fern Dale Yıl önce
If anyone has Xavi's pass, it is Pedri.
Vishnu Jain
Vishnu Jain Yıl önce
Clearly Barça can't afford him with his new wage. On top of that they have to register all the new players. He must do some compromise , otherwise it will be difficult.
Shivang Srivastava
Shivang Srivastava Yıl önce
Lewandowski could have easily got hattrick of goals and hattrick of assists, what a player, he is not only scoring but by individual brilliance created loads of chances for his mates
odislaw Yıl önce
That's why Robert is so highly regarded by trainers and industry experts. He is not a typical "9". He also plays great as an assistant, and his overview, playing without the ball and with his back is a world championship. That's how he already played at Bayern.
Aboba Bleat
Aboba Bleat Yıl önce
Auba,Lewa,Memphis,De Jong,Dembele,Fati,Pedri,Gavi,Araujo,Christensen,,Kessie, Oh my god what a team😌
Mr. Orange
Mr. Orange Yıl önce
Pedri is such a talent. And i fear Fati is done and never gonna reach the level he was supposed to reach before injuries.
Javathehut Yıl önce
I’m so glad I never stoped being a Barca fan I knew that times were tough and they were going to be tough but I never expected things to turn around this quickly
Peter J
Peter J Yıl önce
I love the fact that he has his number #9. That number does something for him/to him. It's magical.
Maciej Zając
Maciej Zając Yıl önce
Brawo dla całej Barcelony i bardzo dobry mecz Lewandowskiego gramy w tym sezonie o trofea. A jeszcze okienko się nie skończyło
Ninja Samurai
Ninja Samurai Yıl önce
Pedri's finishing is so calm and composed kind of like Messi despite being a midfielder
temp911LukeⓂ️ Yıl önce
Lewandowski: 1 goal 2 asssists 1 assist 2nd lvl Love it !!!
Baboy Taal
Baboy Taal Yıl önce
Pedri is on 🔥🔥
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