What was so scary about Tesla’s ideas? | Decoded

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Did Nikola Tesla find the secret to unlimited energy? And is there a plot to hide his findings?
Hollywood actor @amrwaked delves deep into Nikola Tesla and whether the inventor saw the Great Pyramid of Giza as a power generator
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Ben Thejrporter
Ben Thejrporter 7 aylar önce
Imagine what the world would be like right now if Tesla's technology had NOT been hidden!
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Beats By The KILO - Hip Hop Beats, Music & Media 7 gün önce
@Joseph Otieno how can one be AHEAD of time... u mean technology would be advanced 100 years? He died 80 years ago, so idk, I believe more than just "his" technology was hidden during these times, from Hemp Paper to Big Pharma , it's not hard to tell, u better pick a side if your going to make that much money in this world!! Good or Evil, now imagine if religious leaders weren't filled with corruption and if their "discovories" were NEVER HIDDEN! MAKES 1 THINK..... ONLY TO SPECULATE, and waste time ⏲ wondering (wandering) with NO destination!
Pyotr Beria
Pyotr Beria 7 gün önce
@Rolando Manuel , People have been predicting an imminent apocalypse for 2000 years. It is hard to keep taking it seriously.
Rolando Manuel
Rolando Manuel 7 gün önce
Our entire planet is heading for a massive apocalyptic scenario not only with our climate warming but plastics in the ocea nuclear weapons automated war machines expiremental gene therapies but yea for sure lets imagine where our planet is heading i will tell you this the western continent is heading for the very bottom. that is guaranteed 10000%. I mean listen to this who had the brilliant idea of putting 56 nuclear reactors in a country the size of texas(FRANCE)
RALO Ed. 7 gün önce
@dank allew we are not ready because the same elite who hide this technology have brainwashed the minds of the people to ensure they are not ready.
Pyotr Beria
Pyotr Beria 9 gün önce
@Dondo62 , I can see that the people who worship Tesla are those who know the least about him. Tesla was granted 300 patents thought the World. Two were for useful devices, which he sold to Westinghouse. Neither was an original invention.
Robert Johns
Robert Johns 6 gün önce
What I had heard about why the Wardenclyffe project ended was not just to do with funding being stopped, it was also that Tesla had found a way to amplify electricity by bouncing an electrical wave-form between two boundaries of the atmosphere picking up charge as it went & then having the ability to focus where that electricity would discharge, essentially along with discovering a possible way to have electricity generated and made available to all wirelessly he had also discovered a way to make a "superweapon" capable of delivering an enormous electrical discharge - something with the power of a nuclear weapon, maybe even greater, that could strike without warning anywhere on earth - so he destroyed whatever could be used to replicate his work after figuring out its destructive potential. All that could just be urban myth but it seems at least plausible that he might have felt wireless energy had too much potential for abuse even if it unltimately wasn't going to be achievable.
ironKurgan 12 gün önce
I think the single most important quote that I remember as an adolescent by Tesla was, If you understand frequency and vibration, you understand how the universe works. That quote has stayed with me for over 50 years, and I believe was the foundation of most of his great works. This well-made video touches on those two things.
TheCastedone 20 saatler önce
@Terry Hayes one more time...
Maurice Moss
Maurice Moss Gün önce
Shows how far advanced he was, he guessed String theory 100 years before it was discovered.
Michael Venezia
Michael Venezia 3 gün önce
Energy, freq. Vibes.
Terry Hayes
Terry Hayes 4 gün önce
firstbornjordan 5 gün önce
@neovxr A sobering and realistic comment. Thank you.
Ok Ok
Ok Ok 2 aylar önce
Tesla did change the world with his alternating current and induction motor. He harnessed the power in electricity.
Pyotr Beria
Pyotr Beria 11 saatler önce
@David Lloyd-Jones , I thought I was the only person on TRshow who knew the real story of Tesla. So where did the Tesla cult come from. A lot of people attribute every 19th and 20th century invention to Tesla. As well as some inventions that do not even exist.
David Lloyd-Jones
David Lloyd-Jones 13 saatler önce
@Ray okeedoki Edison electrocuted *one* elephant. Cruel and stupid, but not quite your story... Tesla, a prolific inventor of useless junk, was a PR man for Westinghouse, who actually developed the long before invented alternating current for municipal use. His promotion business petered out after the Plaza Hotel asked him to pay his bar bill. Edison's useless DC developments failed -- despite this cruel, and fake, promotional demonstration. It was fake because it used 6,600 volts, a voltage much higher than was proposed for household use. It failed because AC travels and DC doesn't.
David Lloyd-Jones
David Lloyd-Jones 13 saatler önce
@Ray okeedoki Typical Tesla fanboy horseshit. Crazy talk about electricity with a soupcon of conspiracy theory about "them," the Forces of Evil who keep us enslaved by hoarding The Secrets. Your "GROUND the lines" squib is one more data-point for the theory that inappropriate use of caps is a typographical metaphor for frothing at the mouth.
David Lloyd-Jones
David Lloyd-Jones 13 saatler önce
@Pyotr Beria Correct on AC. Faraday was the main of the several "inventors" who developed alternating current. Tesla, being a prominent and capable loud-mouth (with a ready drink for the press which went on his often unpaid tab), was a prominent supporter to Westinghouse -- the main developer of alternating current in municipal power systems. His many many patents are all variants on stuff other people had already invented -- mostly useless and trivial variant auto parts. His transmission of power through space was a total fraud, useful only for extracting investments from suckers.
Pyotr Beria
Pyotr Beria 21 saatler önce
@Dark killer77 , You are missing the point. Tesla never claimed to be able to produce free energy. He never claimed to be trying to achieve that. Tesla's "free energy" is a myth.
D.C.J. News Media
D.C.J. News Media 22 gün önce
The world owes Mr. Tesla a great debt of gratitude. Excellent video. Thank you so very much
Impartial Observers
Impartial Observers 6 aylar önce
Absolutely the scariest part of Tesla’s ideas was the way in which key breakthroughs have been kept away from the public eye, put into black projects and used against us for dark and sinister purposes. Tesla would have given them to mankind for good.
Lew Later
Lew Later 5 gün önce
JCT343 9 gün önce
@David Kramer Not trying be a downer but given how government and those in power tend to act, you honestly think what you said is the case?
CBC News.
CBC News. 11 gün önce
@IGotUFOInformation im saying keep all your knowledge in a vault at lt all out when ur old.
IGotUFOInformation 11 gün önce
@CBC News. what??
James Magruder
James Magruder 16 gün önce
Could the pyramids be used as energy plants to the other pyramids in the world mexico etc.
JOe merlino
JOe merlino Aylar önce
How would you contain the power sending that amount of focused energy across the globe ? I'd imagine it would have pretty devastating effects,given the earth's polarity and own energy production.
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 6 gün önce
@Ted martian ​ But Tesla was still learning how to focus the energy when Tunguska happened.
Ted martian
Ted martian 27 gün önce
It did have devastating effects if you believe that the Tunguska Event was caused by such a power sending device created by Tesla
andreaTRY2FLY Aylar önce
Freeflowing electrons will mess with all kinds of electronics.
Giovanni Djuric
Giovanni Djuric Aylar önce
@andreaTRY2FLY Why not, if you could explain?
andreaTRY2FLY Aylar önce
We wouldn't have anything digital if that happened. So no phones, pcs, tvs
Derek Gorman
Derek Gorman Aylar önce
If Tesla was around today and struggling to get funding, would the masses be willing to assist and micro fund him? If Tesla was around today and big corporations were keeping him from developing his ideas, would the masses be willing to protect him? If Tesla was around today, would people be willing to listen to his ideas and give him an opportunity? I believe the answer to each of those three questions is tragically "NO". A part of me thinks that the masses would not be willing to help him, they would not do what is needed and that is boycott the large corporations, and they would insult his character and label him a madman.
Bruce_V 2 gün önce
Masses are just masses....even at this day and age.... Helpless and totally indifferent to each other....so they continue to be exploited and ruled by ruthless governments and corporations...
Toni Koqi
Toni Koqi 5 gün önce
I guarantee you if he would live today Elon Musk would have him in his company. Elon Musk is the difference between current generation and past generations, and I am curious to know how far he is allowed to go with his way.
danny hernandez
danny hernandez 10 gün önce
Yes. You put it precisely. Many are brainwashed to believe the majority, instead of thinking for themselves.
Energy Researcher
Energy Researcher 10 gün önce
His technology would have completely freed the world of people's dependencies on big cooperation along with giving everyone access to unlimited amounts of power wherever they were on Earth.
Ari Aylar önce
Tesla already changed the world when he invented the AC motor. If his learnings were not hidden and was actually released to the world, then I think the world will become a little better.
kelly6739 3 aylar önce
Its unforgivable what the rich and powerful did to this great man.
Supa Dupa Hilton
Supa Dupa Hilton 8 saatler önce
Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country did to you. - Nicole Blackman
Keith Richards
Keith Richards 17 saatler önce
What is unforgivable is nothing has changed. The same holds true to this day. Nobody, down to the average Joe has any control over those controlling wealth. These mass of humanity has power lie no other IF, united to the common good. Thus it can never be, to easily fractured, divided. So it remains the status quo.
RuneRhaido 008
RuneRhaido 008 Gün önce
@Pyotr Beria The opinion you’re hold are misguided in my opinion. What happened to Tesla, same happened to Bruce DePalma, Paramahamsa Tewari and “ they” even tried to kill Adam Trombly. All these mentioned names were threats to the NWO. You don’t have to take my word on it, do some research, you will find the truth. One of your latest comments/question, who are “they” ? They are known as the “ Elite” or “Deep State” or Aluminate also the NWO (New world order) The organizations that controls everything, everything! Still today.
genesio mata
genesio mata Gün önce
From time to time people create new technology capable of makes life easier, but the minority that controls the world don't let this to become popular, look at the guy who travel from NY. to California driving a car that using water (hydrogen) for combustible, he dye of exposition of radioactive material..😳😳
Swerdo Teso
Swerdo Teso Gün önce
Not just to him but to whole humanity.
S Allthings
S Allthings Aylar önce
I’m adoring this series. Well done! Expanding minds.
andreazo2 Aylar önce
If pyramids were generating electricity for a particular region or even the whole planet, then people must have known it. If they knew, why can't we find a single piece of equipment using that free, everywhere available electricity? Or did we?
Rebecca Mæd
Rebecca Mæd Aylar önce
This was a neat experience. I felt like the water pulse generator was exactly correct.
Shiban Kak
Shiban Kak Aylar önce
Praveen Mohan Bhai you are amazing and your detailing of these features and archeological marvels are mind boggling. It gives us the peep into the kind of technology, engineering and knowledge of materials that our ancesters had so long back as a millinia. Hats off to you and your research on Indian temples and the technology behind them.
Bruce_V 2 gün önce
Where is praveen mohan...here...? That idiot with outlandish theories is not there in this video.... This video is about Nicola Tesla...not praveen mohan... Please don't consume so much spirits...that you cannot stay in your senses...😄😄😄
Philip Lowe
Philip Lowe 6 aylar önce
It is sad that this brilliant inventor, theorist, and scientist has been relegated to the back shelf of history. Free energy scares capitalists to death even today.
Bob Kinney
Bob Kinney Dakika önce
@Pablo Sanhueza I was talking history. Giving credit where credit was due. Tesla was never mentioned in history or science class. Now he is.
Pablo Sanhueza
Pablo Sanhueza 4 saatler önce
@Bob Kinney I doubt credit was on Tesla's mind. I also doubt he would care about that if he were still alive. Taking away credit when alive and giving it to him while dead, and none of his works being shown, seems like an insult to me. But that is just my opinion.
hosseiyn 11 gün önce
We could end capitalism by Communism.
Loneboy._ Aylar önce
@Keegan's Life we’re talking about the people who have control over oil. If free energy was allowed, those powerful people would have as much control because the competition would be massive.
Joffre Charlebois
Joffre Charlebois Aylar önce
It would scare communists even more, as it would provide freedom to people around the world like we have never known. It would scare any elitist power.
Wm Petroff
Wm Petroff Aylar önce
Thank you for this remarkable video. Twas very easy to follow. The experts Christopher Dunn, Danny Kerr, John Cadman and Carmen Boukter truly contributed genuine intellectual insight. Mr. Amr Waked is a fabulous host.
Oskar Vom Himmel
Oskar Vom Himmel Aylar önce
You cannot "send" electricity over the air...the electricity is ALREADY there...you just have to "purpose" it... Btw, I think variability in most aspects is a given, implied...should be "expected" etc etc Great Aljazeera video too! 👍👍
Brad Ellsworth
Brad Ellsworth Aylar önce
Tesla was a genius, it's a shame that the Muts of the world brought him down
Troy Anderson
Troy Anderson Aylar önce
There are some technologies that must be suppressed (for safety) and I think that some of Tesla's inventions fall under this thought
royalspin 3 aylar önce
He was truly a beautiful human being and practically a saint . His mission in life was to elevate the human condition and to help others. He didn't belong in that time. The way he was treated by this government and many of his peers was absolutely disgusting. He was truly unique and because of that was treated like a freak by some people and many feared him and thought he was an evil wizard. I highly recommend that people look at his writings if they're interested in knowing more about this individual who created much of our modern world.
Toni Koqi
Toni Koqi 5 gün önce
@nerzhul Hahahaha! If they (westerners) were slavic orthodox serbs and he an Anglo-saxon maybe they would think so. Do you realize that with this mentality you never will become civilized? "Everyone hate us, we are the golden race, the mighty Serbs..." Tesla was far far from these cliches, go on man, if "mighty" Serbs were so grate and everyone hated them because of their "majesty," why then Tesla came to USA to live with "Anglo-saxons" and didn't stay in his "mighty" Serbia with his Slavic none-hating brothers? And yes, he died in poverty... while living in a 5-star hotel... how poor he was, I am crying.
-][][- 7 gün önce
It's obvious to me that our species is simply not ready to acquire the wealth of his knowledge. To put it another way... We're too stupid and would annihilate ourselves (and possibly the entire planet) well within a single lifetime should we come into possession of a knowledge that is capable of intruding on nature's 'power station' We need an understanding, not knowledge. This understanding is still well beyond the accomplishments of Nikolai Tesla and unless the understanding was introduced into our civilization universally, we would all kill each other fighting to secure the understanding for ourselves, lest the other secure it first and use it to kill us. THAT is why we're STILL simply too stupid to acquire and possess such knowledge...
nerzhul 13 gün önce
He died in poverty and was hated in west because he was slavic orthodox serb, and not anglo-saxon. He even complained his ideas getting stolen
DaMusicMan. 14 gün önce
M. B.
M. B. Aylar önce
He did not belong to any time. He was/is timless, above and beyond time. And people are today as they have always been and will always be- stuck in time and little, limited thoughts.
Goten San
Goten San 6 gün önce
tesla's knowledge about frequencies and how it could affect our emotion and way of think was the most dangerous.. we could be controlled without notice without knowing without a clue...
genuinemillerdraft 16 gün önce
Excellent video … well done and straight to the point. Thank you 🙏
Teresa Long
Teresa Long 10 gün önce
The first Edison lightbulb was designed to work forever... there is one still working in a museum. They took it off the market as they knew they would not make $$$ if you didn't have to buy additional bulbs from time to time.
caspar harte
caspar harte 10 saatler önce
8:50 He discovered a new form of electricity beyond magnetism and dielectric (current systems), where there was no positive or negative currants in operations. Pulse electricity, that works in scalar. Thus how he could be able to then extract energy directly from the earth. This was mean to be humanity's next set in electrical knowledge but shamefully not being studied. See; Eric Dollard - History and Theory of Electricity for more.
Derek Stiles
Derek Stiles Aylar önce
I believe Einstein and Tesla were equally geniuses in their respective fields. *Albert Einstein* the epitome of genius pertaining to revolutionizing *Theoretical Physics* *Nikola Tesla* The epitome of genius pertaining to revolutionizing *Applied Physics*
99Olivewood972 2 aylar önce
Wonderful documentary! Thank you Al Jazeera for creating this video.
Jimmy Jennings
Jimmy Jennings 25 gün önce
If i see a video about Tesla i watch it, something about this guy is amazing to me, i believe Tesla got messages from the spiritual dimension and was receiving his visons for his inventions from there, he even said he would see the invention in his mind and it would be working, ive never heard of anyone else say they had that, i believe Tesla was actually in touch with the spiritual dimension nobody can claim that but Jesus.
Cheryl Anderson
Cheryl Anderson 14 gün önce
Nicely done. Informative with a touch of mystery, plus a few doses of the host's impressive guitar skills.
JA dP 2 aylar önce
Yes, he could have, but as you even mentioned in the video, there are powerful and moneyed people, who would lose more if petroleum became insignificant. They have invested family fortunes on oil, so they will allow no one the chance to come up with a free energy source. Good video!
Edward Elric
Edward Elric 6 gün önce
@Jack Jones you just might be on to something
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 6 gün önce
@courtney furr Tesla wasn’t killed and no one alleged that he was. The water engine guy… well… I don’t have the poison vial anymore…
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 6 gün önce
@Edward Elric I’ve never heard about Tesla’s hokey pokey banana! Did he succeed? And what does “and that’s what ‘it’s’ all about” really mean? A NWO dog whistle to reptilian aliens perhaps????! I do love me some good conspiracies! Yes, I do!
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 6 gün önce
@Pyotr Beria LOL, sure you can make wild claims but relevant wild claims would be better. 😅
Pyotr Beria
Pyotr Beria 15 gün önce
@courtney furr , Tesla was not killed. He died at the old age of 86. Long after he stopped inventing things. The water car guy died long after his investors sued him and proved in court that he was a fraud.
Charles Hines
Charles Hines Aylar önce
The way I see it, considering how valuable his papers would be someone must have them somewhere. Even if they are in a vault somewhere I know someone possesses them. My logic is that it would be unbelievably dumb to just destroy them. Nikola Tesla was a genius and someone whos name must always be remembered. I am not referring to the car maker Tesla BTW, I am referring to the Tesla who made much our daily lives as they are today possible. Those papers would be worth a huge amount of money to universities and museums. They are the sort of thing that if someone had them, they would have a hard time living a normal life if anyone found out about it because of fears of being robbed and other unfortunate things. Who knows what was in those papers that we don't already know?
caspar harte
caspar harte 10 saatler önce
12:14 Very interesting that Tesla's last design for his motor is only used contemporarily as a water pump,,, while Teslar's ultimate end goal was for it to become an electrical motor. Again another failing of people not willing/able to carry on his work with pulse electricity.
James Gan
James Gan 8 gün önce
Great story and a great production.out of the box thinking.congrats to Al Jazeera for this video..I hope there is a part 2 of this
Stephen Burden
Stephen Burden Aylar önce
He memorised the details knowing that someone would steal it, when he died the details were hidden with him we are now on a different technological path.
Geoffrey Stevens
Geoffrey Stevens 5 aylar önce
Tesla was a brilliant man with a mission, but that mission didn't suit those who made money from electricity. At least we have the benefits of his discoveries of AC and wireless transmission.
Elevator Mechanic
Elevator Mechanic Aylar önce
@QueenMarifa Tartaria, yeah if you look at the old pictures from the 1800s they all had the metal rods for electricity. I think they were more advanced than we know and for some reason it was demolished and hidden from us
JOe merlino
JOe merlino Aylar önce
You'd also have to consider the possibilities of it being weaponized in the form he was shooting for....Like literally just imagine a non-fictional super being going "electro Lazer beam go" and then "boom" I mean it is bad enough that the 3-6-9 theory is nothing more than the Volkswagen logo.
InformationOverload Aylar önce
@C Renaud clean unlimited energy not possible. You think if the Egyptians had unlimited energy they’d have had such economic turmoil which required them to rob their own tombs to keep the economy going?
InformationOverload Aylar önce
@C Renaud Or maybe you should consider how unrealistic Tesla’s ideas were. How would you get wireless energy? If you wanted wireless energy for your house how would you get it? That’s right you’d have to buy equipment capable of harnessing it. The industry could produce adapters that means money. They could even limit how much of the wireless power each adapter could harness so you’d have to buy upgrades. That’s even more money!!! So let’s review. Is their any such thing as free energy? No.
C Renaud
C Renaud Aylar önce
@InformationOverload JP Morgan only stopped funding because he couldn't make a profit on it, as Tesla planned to allow FREE USE of energy for the world.
Dyne's Lair
Dyne's Lair Aylar önce
Yea so the craziest part about all of this is from an engineering standpoint there is always an electro potential or voltage from 2 separate points in the air. It is just usually at such small levels that it can't be harnased or used in anyway by technology that we have. At times though such as during a lightning strike the potential difference in the air is massive. Such a large structure if designed in a clever way, the only missing piece is if it would of been able to actually collect or build up that charge. Even more interesting to me having 3 pyramids in such close proximity could of been a way to leverage and build up a charge as 1 pyramid building a charge would increase the difference in voltage across the others. I also believe it was mentioned the pyramids originally had an outer layer that's mostly worn away but that the top cap stone was brilliantly gold in color. If the material was a good conductor it would only be another piece of evidence towards the pyramids potentially having more purposes than what we originally thought.
TheCastedone 20 saatler önce
It was layered in gold
Dyne's Lair
Dyne's Lair Aylar önce
"During Egypt's Old Kingdom, pyramidia were generally made of diorite, granite, or fine limestone, then covered in gold or electrum; during the Middle Kingdom and through the end of the pyramid-building era, they were built from granite."
Kay 11 gün önce
Everyone draws energy from an energy source outside i think. Every idea we have, every dream we get, they are not quite our own. The difference between some ordinary people that talks about their dream like si-fi idea around the kitchen table and Tesla is that, he was briliant sientist and knew exactly what he sees and how to build it. While most of us calling it daydream. Once i had verry strange such moment lets sa . I cant say it was my idea because it felt like i imagined it but we got final exam in our univercity and the exam was in 3 parts and each part has its own topic. Every studen chooses it blindly from 3 cups with more then 30 variants per part. One day i was home studying on that subject, i was so focused on a problem that probably my ADHD kicks in so i can get distracted and i started imagine things, scenarios lets say. Usualy it happends some times , these imaginary cases of mine take 10-15 min before i realise what im doing and get back to doing real work in the real world . But this was was a little bit more real then a dream if i can describe it that way. I imagined going on the final exam drawing the 3 specific tickets. The verry same moment i draw them on a the paper infront of me and start studying it every day until the exam day came. I knew i would never learn all of them anyways so it was a nice shot. So i learn those three topics i imagined and went on the real exam. And guess what it was those exact topics i saw. 5 years later i become engineer and started solving real problems. But since then similar things happend to me till that day. Its like extra feeling that i get , about what will going to happend and like it or not it always happends, even if you trying to avoid it, taking different path only will slow it for a while. Weeks, months but not more then a year forsure. So i have no other explanation then some people work as transmiters and others like recievers. Some better then others. I am preety sure many people had the same ideas at the same time as tesla got it. But the difference was that he knew exactlly what he is looking at in his mind .
Susan Akrey
Susan Akrey 10 gün önce
Fantastic..love new thoughts! Even this info not new but makes you think and that's important. Tesla was a true visionary and one out of time as he was way ahead of most. For the last30 + YEARS or so I have been a strong supporter but recently I wonder what this reality may of been like without his tech? If he never existed what other ideas, tech and other wonders would of filled the gap? Great ss his contributions are many are gross polluters as well as the tech created downstream too. Could the subtle energy been rediscovered
Magic mushrooms beautiful buds
Magic mushrooms beautiful buds 29 gün önce
When Tesla tested his energy device he sent the energy to Tunguska. That is what happened there. Not an asteroid or uke. Tesla knew no one would get hurt and sent it there.
DOGAMÍ (DOGA) 6 aylar önce
Another perfect example of who the enemy really is. The governments and those in power.
Esteves Martins
Esteves Martins 11 gün önce
Unfortunately we are stuck with them. Even if they are toppled, there’s only a brief period of respite before new power structures are created. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the fragilities of the human ego and the thirst for power and notoriety that is ingrained in every single human being.
Bill Morris
Bill Morris Aylar önce
Key word? POWER, and not electric power.
Lee Teplitz
Lee Teplitz Aylar önce
Our government does not know what the truth really is
Andy Sawyer
Andy Sawyer Aylar önce
@DOGAMÍ (DOGA) yes and no. Jesus is the symbol of renewal. It's from Kemet and is apart of Atum.
InformationOverload Aylar önce
That’s stupid. You think if Tesla succeeded in unlimited energy that the government would have stopped its development? Tesla failed and it’s not the government’s fault.
Bob White
Bob White 5 gün önce
Aside from several minor set backs like pulling funding from him, correct me if I'm wrong, but whatever Tesla thought would work, he made it work. So if he thought he could do all of it, clean power, produced and transmitted for free, he could have if he wasn't stopped or blocked by powerful people who stood to lose a great deal if Tesla succeeded. In other words, we would have had a very much different world today if greed wasn't involved.
Use your brain
Use your brain 16 gün önce
Nicola Tesla is the greatest scientist that ever lived ❤️
Mikal Sweeny
Mikal Sweeny Aylar önce
Thank you for presenting very good content.
Ariful Islam Anik
Ariful Islam Anik Aylar önce
I'm no man of science but the tunnels underneath the pyramids are more convincing as water flow generators.
Marlon Magdadaro
Marlon Magdadaro 5 aylar önce
"Does that mean Tesla could have changed the world?" Well, he did, actually.
Nikolashka Borzoi
Nikolashka Borzoi 2 aylar önce
yeah he did... it is like us now without his full lives vision. Right when he started to hit the exponential growth. Slime bags in other industries... so If he had protection against the big money, we wouldn't be fighting wars all the time. So in a sense, we lost our irreversible time to the Elite few on the world over profit... so in another sense, it is like having Biden as President now, old ways out stay their welcome and that leads to destruction. Greed.
The Uneducated Professor
The Uneducated Professor 2 aylar önce
@Calliastah prostate cancer cure ohio
Alex aoeu256
Alex aoeu256 2 aylar önce
@Lisa Kolb Other than nuclear fusion (which can be started from nuclear fusion as in a hydrogen bomb), replicators are a good way of getting clean energy. A replicator can be a 3D printer, 3D sculptur, or a complex of a hand and origami printer, they grow in number exponentially and they can print out energy collectors. One good energy collector is the yakhalt/wind tower of ancient iran which is made of mud, but can collect solar energy and create vacuums. I think solar, wind, and geothermal energy is possible if you could have the 3D printer that makes the energy collector self-replicate using available materials, you would need an autonomous robot-hand and some materials that can't easily be collected onsite.
Calliastah 3 aylar önce
@samuel shin Bruh, he jump-started scientific development by decades upon introducing DC and AC, he's arguably a greater contributor to science than Isaac Newton if you take into account the amount of breakthroughs he achieved.
E 3 aylar önce
@learn nevergiveup that isnt enough clean energy
SK Aryan
SK Aryan 5 gün önce
Yes, Tesla would've changed the world, if supported by then rich human well wishers.
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 2 aylar önce
With today’s AI database, it could easily replicate what Tesla started,… if this is true.
k y
k y Aylar önce
I wish Tesla would reincarnate and continue his energy work to bring that change in our world
Debbie M
Debbie M 13 gün önce
The scary part is that he didn't want to monetise it!!! He wanted to help humanity . Its others greed that has kept his genius secret
Man in Black
Man in Black Aylar önce
Decoded by amr wked must be a seperate show this is 🔥
Maurice Moss
Maurice Moss Gün önce
" If you understand frequency and vibration, you understand how the universe works." 100 years later mankind catches up and discovers String Theory.
Aloha Jim
Aloha Jim 2 aylar önce
"IF" they went with broadcasting energy. Would we have radio, television or any other wireless devices? That much energy being cast around the world would have to have caused a lot of interference. No?
Graeme Day
Graeme Day 23 gün önce
Teslas discovery of the SCALER WAVE field was his most dramatic find and possibly most impacting
HFM Leasing
HFM Leasing 7 gün önce
Excellent and extraordinary piece of work. Thanks Thanks a lot for the lovely journey.
The Green Xeno
The Green Xeno Aylar önce
Tesla was a genius for discovering new scientific principles and creating the engineering knowledge to use them. He was not a business mogul. Creating the science and tech is only 5% of getting it to the public. It's like eggs. They need to be incubated for a while before they hatch. Tesla laid a bunch of eggs. Some of those eggs still haven't hatched. Tesla was not capable of doing everything, which is part of why he went to work for Edison in the first place.
Olteanu George
Olteanu George Aylar önce
I couldn't think for a better person to present this kind of informations. 👍✌️
Thor Aylar önce
My favorite part was the music at the end. It really fit the subject matter, & was very unique & memorable!
Doc Lex
Doc Lex 5 aylar önce
like Tesla once said; energy should be used from creation, not destruction... and all we ever do is destroy things to create energy (coal, oil, atoms...) while Tesla simply sought the way of just tapping into existing natural sources (water, wind, sun, EM waves and so on)
Marisa A Montalto
Marisa A Montalto 22 gün önce
@O-funkadelic I S. I am so happy to hear that I am glad that your children have an aware parent who understands the seriousness if this time! blessings to you and yours
O-funkadelic I S.
O-funkadelic I S. 23 gün önce
@Marisa A Montalto exactly how I raise my 2 daughters and the oldest which is 6 is already in STEM program.
Marisa A Montalto
Marisa A Montalto Aylar önce
@O-funkadelic I S. If only it were to be used for the good of everyone we would all be happy! It all boils down to greed, and feelings of superiority which compels certain individuals who make it their life purpose to find ways of having power over others (Agendas) so they can take for themselves. That is why it is important to teach kids to share and that we are all equal in the grand scheme of things.
O-funkadelic I S.
O-funkadelic I S. Aylar önce
@Marisa A Montalto oh I knw the government is way ahead of us i come from a family with military background I also happen to work in the field of energy 😉
Wayne T
Wayne T Aylar önce
@Marisa A Montalto: Thanks..you have a very unusual natural gift. Have a happy life!
Berzerk _ocr
Berzerk _ocr Aylar önce
Thanks for an inspiring and interesting journey.
Donna Farina
Donna Farina Aylar önce
Thank you for this Excellent video. I'm looking forward to more from this group. I also like your Guitar playing and would like to hear more of that.
Gene Smolko
Gene Smolko Aylar önce
OK, my question is what did Egyptians use this energy for? Have any artifacts made to utilize this energy been discovered in tombs? It seems any such device would have been seen by Egyptians as useful in the afterlife. Is there any depictions in hieroglyphics of pyramids producing energy or this energy being utilized? If this theory had any merit, the scientific community would be very excited about it, but it is limited to a few scientists and engineers. Every field has it's cranks. As for the world pyramid, it has Greek origins, not Egyptian.
Wm Petroff
Wm Petroff Aylar önce
You know, that is a darn, good question! Suppose the Pyramids created power/ energy. Then for what? There should be left over evidence of something like machines, generators and the like. I am suspicious that extraordinary findings throughout the ages are kept hidden.
Reeks Reeks
Reeks Reeks Aylar önce
The scariest part for them was that he was gonna give the energy away meterless.
MIHMediaInc 6 aylar önce
Tesla did change the world. Not just in the way he would have really liked to. AC that the world runs on is all because of him.
InformationOverload Aylar önce
@Karin Larsen No.
Karin Larsen
Karin Larsen Aylar önce
Didn't God create it for him to discover?
Wayne T
Wayne T Aylar önce
That's just a small part!
InformationOverload Aylar önce
AC as in air conditioning? First off that’s ignorant. Most of the world doesn’t have access to AC. Second off Tesla wasn’t the soul inventor and instead co-inventor to many different things. The telephone was the basis for the cellphone. Tesla was one of 3 inventors involved in the radio. And more.
Prometheus 2 aylar önce
Serb change the world!
ang radu
ang radu Aylar önce
Wow, keep digging guys, love what you found out so far, and love that guitar music, beautiful
InformationOverload Aylar önce
Hertz waves are hertz waves… hertz was the first person to discover proof of electromagnetic waves. Tesla waves are high frequency waves. Tesla is one of 3 people credited with inventing the radio.
noj remlock
noj remlock Aylar önce
I have always pondered this very question. I mean, I may have not found the information I look for, so then my question is : the pinecone looking object the statuary are holding, the band around the wrist and biceps with a possibly metal object connected between, "AND " In the other hand a bag or possibles pouch that is obviously containing something important. These Object, along with a scepter, seem to accompany all of the Ruling class of that Era. Wireless energy ? Has there been a study of these object ? Sure would like to know if there is a possible link
Live free or Die trying
Live free or Die trying Aylar önce
Has anyone ever made a scale model of the pyramids to see if they actually produce it energy??
Cosmicblast77 6 aylar önce
They once asked Einstein, "What's its like to be the smartest man in the world" Einstein replied, " Go ask Nicola Tesla"
milan vesovic
milan vesovic 6 saatler önce
Einstein was a drunky philospher. All inventions and work which world nowadays consider as his, was not his but his wife, Mileva Einstein (another serbian).
LeWard Johnson
LeWard Johnson 12 saatler önce
Not a real quote, internet fiction.
David Lloyd-Jones
David Lloyd-Jones 14 saatler önce
@Loop I haven't seen any evidence that Tesla invented anything at all. I've read his patents and I don't think any one of them qualifies as an invention: they are mostly design variations on common auto parts. The famous "Tesla Coil" is not an invention of his. Its several variants are among a number of high-voltage static electricity devices used by magicians in the post-Victorian era. They've gone out of style now because they are utterly unimpressive in the presence of electric lighting. Tesla's claims that he could project electric power without wires is utter bullshit, though it served to gull a lot of suckers out of their money to build him a "laboratory" with a big wooden dingus on top of it in New Jersey. His wisest investment seems to have been his bar bill at the Plaza Hotel, which he ran up while telling the press what a genius he was. Like a number of other hotels, the Plaza eventually asked him to pay up. The Clinton Hotel unkindly refused to accept his death ray as payment for a $20,000 room bill, and threw him out. He died in a well deserved poverty, and is today much celebrated by the gullible.
David Lloyd-Jones
David Lloyd-Jones 14 saatler önce
@3DManShadowland Half right: most of the stuff Tesla is incorrectly given credit for was invented by Faraday roughly forty years before Tesla's birth.
Josepher Castor
Josepher Castor Gün önce
@Bryan Uecker ask hendrix
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 6 gün önce
I hope another Tesla video will follow this one! I want to hear more!
Sir Loin
Sir Loin 12 gün önce
I was skeptical why the author of Record of Ragnarok chose Tesla as one of Humanity's representatives. Now I understand how special this man actually was.
Power Electronics
Power Electronics Aylar önce
Back in 1780 The Pyramid of Gisa Had a Golden Apex on its Top and the Inner Chambers was Filled to the Brim with Quick Silver (mercury)
Armani Webb
Armani Webb 15 gün önce
Tesla was a God fearing man. Alot of these revolutionary hyper intelligemt humans oddly believed in god...and went as far to claim that was the source of their knowledge. Food for thought
Dr Larken
Dr Larken 4 aylar önce
The script, the topics, and the production of the series is freaking outstanding! I hope there’s more to come! And more how do you say controversial as well as important education/content to come!
Donnamytec 13 gün önce
There is
Handyman Inside
Handyman Inside Aylar önce
Energy used to flow through the atmosphere freely and you didn’t need wires to use it.
the most High one source God king of all
the most High one source God king of all 2 gün önce
He was connected to a higher intelligence that would send him blueprints
Zakaria Hysoka
Zakaria Hysoka Aylar önce
This series reminds me of Netflix documentaries; they keep you watching till the end meanwhile they never answer the title of the episode
Investfoxy Crypto
Investfoxy Crypto Aylar önce
The life we are living today is a gift from this legends
Jennifer Henderson
Jennifer Henderson 6 aylar önce
Tesla's works could still change the power structure of the world. We just have to work together to make it happen.
Assembly Required
Assembly Required 2 aylar önce
Doesn't the basic idea of wireless energy transfer still work? Perhaps the advances in modern technology would make it easier to experiment on a smaller, more efficient scale. The only obstacle that I see is that I've noticed is that apparently, using a longitudinal wave should be impossible, but played an essential role in the pyramid-type reactor. I'm just thinking that if he could figure it out, modern engineers probably could too, and new-age modern eco-friendly communities could definitely use another clean energy option.
NotUr AverageHermit
NotUr AverageHermit 2 aylar önce
@Amy Dobson Same here! the thing is I was also taught how to make something to go beyond this planet in a flash. But because of the system that we live in it will never happen for a person such as myself.
Octagon9 2 aylar önce
@Amy Dobson so u see big or little green one brethren
Amy Dobson
Amy Dobson 3 aylar önce
​@Dubem Mba Ain't it 😂 As a man who has seen extraterrestrial craft I know humans are full of lies.
Dubem Mba
Dubem Mba 5 aylar önce
@green koko it’s still funny that some people think the people in power work for them lol
Eric T
Eric T Aylar önce
CLEARLY whoever is running this joint knows what they’re doing. They’re saving all the good tech for when humans as a civilization deserve it. And that will probably be… never.
Chloe West
Chloe West Aylar önce
This makes me laugh before even seeing a film series called Stargate I was already considered and had in my own head begun to unravel the mysteries of the great pyramids without even knowing it buy a certain ideas and if anything I would say laws of physics also what should have been simple mathematics was not making sense the world didn't see the world as it should have been and will be which is futuristic and always and also medieval if we are out so what is magic to the unseen I it is just a parlour trick not true magic is just technology we do not come close to comprehending or understanding signs are there the government's play war whether it be technological I just plain and simple economics crazy conspiracy theory maybe but what seems to be conspiracy theories these days soon turn into facts which are printed on black and white paper as seen and talked about on certain unnamed TRshow channels so to all those in the now to all those you think and see the world in a way cuddle may well be without other tyranny and misery created by the world's governments get ready as you the public will soon hold in your hand the will and the capability to eradicate the government's and start afresh no more nuclear bombs no more new killer power just clean energy created by our planet and generated by its own magnetosphere Tesla only stumbled on what I'd already been thought of every time there is a great disaster on our planet we revert back to our natural instincts our will to then it starts and we start again things are rediscovered technology acquired again and slowly but surely the way forward is shown to out kind once more just saying these things even makes me wonder if I'm crazy but I've known these things since I was younger I can thought and idea something I could barely understand let alone explain or put down on as I believe the ideas that are in printed in to humanity maybe about more than ideas for economic growth EG the way to farm etc ideas for stew Natalie and printed into our DNA again just another crazy idea but is it so crazy when they are now telling us that they can put more information in a capsule of our DNA hidden the more pieces of the puzzle I see or hear of the bigger the picture the longer the line of history that has been told because history is told by those who win you don't have to be good or evil to distort the truth twisting what actually happened into looking like you were the heroes and they were the easily done our governments do it nearly everyday just to convince us that we are in danger from various things such as threatening aggressive groups of radicalist or a virus doesn't sound so impossible when you take everything into account what unfolds on a daily basis ...... Are you scratching your head yet lol 🤯🤯🤯👁️🤣🤣🤣🤣👁️🤯🤯🤯
ghetto cowboy
ghetto cowboy Aylar önce
I really enjoyed your video, it really grabbed my attention, and held it very intensely . good work ..
Easy Hacks
Easy Hacks 2 aylar önce
You think about it. Greed is what made them stop him. If we had given free energy to everyone world won't be balanced they claimed.
Bear Post
Bear Post 3 aylar önce
Great job on a summary of Tesla. Just goes to show that we should always accept ideas and criticisms from out-of-the-box thinking and ideas, as potentially viable. A good point would be not to tear down what we've already built and knowledge we've attained, but to compliment it with new, functioning ideas and instruments.
Bear Post
Bear Post Aylar önce
@Evan_Vangelis Skoupras I grew up with NASA Plumbrook nuclear fusion test area in my backyard. Due to dumping, the area is forbidden to develop. So it isn't so "clean" as you might think.
Bear Post
Bear Post Aylar önce
@Evan_Vangelis Skoupras I'm afraid the powers that be, the UN Council on energy has deemed nuclear fusion and fission to be "clean". As far as the waste goes, we can put the used rods into diodes that can provide energy for at least 50,000 years. If we can get around the politics of the issue. And that's been testing for 30 of the last 50 years.
Evan_Vangelis Skoupras
Evan_Vangelis Skoupras Aylar önce
@Bear Post Fusion is clean(in theory). Fission isn't.
InformationOverload Aylar önce
@Bear Post it’s really… not.
Bear Post
Bear Post Aylar önce
@InformationOverload Nuclear is clean.👍
Sheila Jordan
Sheila Jordan 15 gün önce
Nikola Tesla, was an amazing Creator, of all time, other's who came after him, were nothing like Tesla, who done it for the people, as other's done this for themseleve's and money, for power and control. however they stole all his stuff including all his paperwork, to claim this has their own. Nikola Tesla, said that energy should be made free for every home. Nikola Tesla, was one amazing man who should have alway's been remembered sad how those other greedy men truned their back's on him and stole from him when he was still alive, never mind when he died. Nikola Tesla, created save Energy those in control today, they have made the energy harmful. The Pyramaid's where used for energy , I have never believed that there ever was any bodie's inside of them. that was a big lie made up by these Elite's. Nikola Tesla, knew this, and these fact's are writen within the paper's that were stolen on him. 2022/.
Sam [‘80 GS750]
Sam [‘80 GS750] 10 gün önce
Amir, you are a great researcher and a great guitarist!
the most High one source God king of all
the most High one source God king of all 2 gün önce
the actual 3 pyramids of the 3 kings are actually constructed to be power generating objects there is Crystal's underground and a network of grids 12 lateral lines that come out from the centre of each pyramid and at the tip of each of the 12 lateral lines is 16 lateral lines that break out from there which form a grid across the world in the crystal way line and places like stone hinge are just places to show the geological alignments of these places it forms the Pyramidal sphere grid around the world I could explain for hours but its beyond the time I have before i sleep lol
Lou Vé
Lou Vé 6 gün önce
I haven’t seen a TRshow video constructed this refined and interesting in a while, props.
Suzanne 2 aylar önce
I have literally just been trying to explain to a friend about Tesla ...his work, genius and how there are so many conspiracies and theories surrounding him. His work on electricity/energy for all. This brilliant episode explains it all much better than I did!! Excellent show.
InformationOverload Gün önce
@Jimmy Pee there have been hundreds of inventors way smarter and more innovative than Tesla since he died. None of them have come close to unlimited clean energy. Because it’s not possible. But feel free to try to prove me wrong.
InformationOverload Gün önce
@Jimmy Pee didn’t think so. Feel free to explain how the government still needs oil if they have Tesla’s unlimited energy. Or why they’d rather let the economy collapse than invest in it.
InformationOverload Gün önce
@Jimmy Pee Your inability to provide proof that something exists is what empowers me to say that it isn’t real. Do you see any unlimited wireless energy generators around?
InformationOverload Gün önce
@Jimmy Pee See it starts like this. Someone sets out to do something impossible. They fail. They live out their life and eventually die. Then people theorize after their death,that the reason they failed was because the government… if Tesla knew how to unlock unlimited energy the government wouldn’t be able to stop him. He could have found funding from literally anyone else if it were possible. Since it’s not possible, he failed.
InformationOverload Gün önce
@Jimmy Pee If they involve the pyramids, government coverups, secrets to unlimited power. They’re conspiracy theories. That’s as classic as a conspiracy theory gets… pyramids, government coverup, and power. I developed alot of things.
Striker Aylar önce
What if we discovered electricity and achieved electrical production 2000 years ago, but humanity has repressed those events?
Eric Aylar önce
If ever someone had traversed parallel universes, it was Nikola Tesla into our universe. We didn't deserve him.
Jill Zentmyer
Jill Zentmyer Aylar önce
We need to implement the forms of energy that pyramids and Tesla found.
Gaston Shutters
Gaston Shutters Aylar önce
I think the power of teslas hidden inventions would’ve ended the human race by now like every technological advancement finding it’s military purpose in the first place.
johan grobler
johan grobler 6 aylar önce
Nicola tesla was one of the best inventor and a true genius, one of the best we hadas a civilization. If only people could have invested more in him and his ideas
Play Time
Play Time 2 aylar önce
@Shanaaz Abrahams Free dumb
Ellena. 3 aylar önce
@Shanaaz Abrahams The Tesla tower parts have all ready been delivered around the world,thats why there will be no more gas or nuclear power.
mike289 homebuilt
mike289 homebuilt 3 aylar önce
It does seem to be a bit of a travesty, and Sad. Tesla worked tirelessly to bring us better things that is a amazing way to think its probally good to study people who are able to overcome obsticals or contribute great solutions what a blessing these people are.
Mile Dobrić
Mile Dobrić 3 aylar önce
Shanaaz Abrahams
Shanaaz Abrahams 4 aylar önce
@Ellena. karma
Pontificate Rebal
Pontificate Rebal Aylar önce
Once you realize the earth is a giant magnet its easier to think of ways to harness the energy.
TheDougMan3 Aylar önce
The powers that be were threatened by his inventions and his morals, he wanted a sustainable energy solution for the world and it looks like he was onto it for real but we shall never know
Joey Olag
Joey Olag 2 gün önce
This guy would of made the world into the best . It all work to make one and you see unlimited sources of free energy
Air is a reasonable conductor depending on the voltage. The problem is the break down ( of oxygen) and you get ozone ,very nastie if you breath it in.
Scarlette Stanley
Scarlette Stanley 6 aylar önce
I love your show Amr! Not only is this one of my favorite topics(Tesla being my lifelong hero!) But the charm and style in your presentaion makes your doc SO MUCH FUN to watch! Thanks, love your works!
Reptilian Brother
Reptilian Brother 3 aylar önce
This isn't a documentary. They even distance themselves from the opinions expressed in the video in the disclaimer.
KlubMusiX Aylar önce
Tesla energy upper is spot on but it is nothing compare to the dark quantum energy all around us and I think I might accidentally know where to find it
pseudonymous dude
pseudonymous dude 12 gün önce
enormous trompes, bubble energy. relief air blast went to kings chamber. antiquities dept covered up a small diameter line and destroyed a check valve leading to queens chamber so it’s quite difficult to imagine how it operated. the compressed air blast went to the king chamber, a granite room. granite has high quartz content and exhibits piezoelectric properties accordingly under mechanical stress. at a certain voltage the structure would gap with the ionosphere, there are electrons sitting on it. the exchange between ground current and atmospheric electrons yields electricity, electricity that was probably being oscillated through the planet in a resonant circuit. my recommendation is starting thought experiments at the dismantled retaining wall which held a substantial volume of fluid for the trompe system to utilize
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