INTERIOR DESIGN | 10 Clever Home HACKS (Part One)

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Want to watch part two of this video where I share TEN more home hacks I've implemented in my home, click here to watch:

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How to make your home look more expensive! Many of you follow my channel for the amazing home reveals of my client projects. Today, I'm going to share with you 10 things I did in my own home to look more expensive than they really are. Reality strikes when we buy our first home and have little cash left over for improvements. Sound familiar? Well it should. Most people fall into that category but watch as I explain how I overcame obstacles and faced challenges without breaking the bank!
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Directed and Produced by Robeson Design.
Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound

Budget friendly Home Remodeling Ideas, DIY Home improvements, Home Decor, Interior Design .

Kinwoven - Robeson Design
Kinwoven - Robeson Design Yıl önce
Hello my friends. I'm so glad you're here. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this video, I've made a PART TWO video sharing 10 additional Clever Home Hacks for you. Watch now to get even more relatable ideas you can use in your home. Sadly, I'm about to sell my home in San Diego and move to Tulsa Oklahoma. I will have a FULL HOUSE TOUR video coming soon... so keep your eyes open for that. Spoiler alert :-) I've remodeled that dated Kitchen!! WOO HOO!!! RR
S.h힘내 4 aylar önce
Lady Haiti
Lady Haiti 6 aylar önce
What else would you recommend at the end of a hallway instead of a 10ft tall mirror?
Mare MT
Mare MT 9 aylar önce
I just found you today. You are BRILLIANT :) and CUTE :) and WHAT A SENSE OF HUMOUR!!! :)
Мира Махсатова
Мира Махсатова 9 aylar önce
Bat older design had soul,sorry
neveen jo
neveen jo 10 aylar önce
Rebecca, I watched the video of your new kitchen that Scott uploaded 2 months ago. I loved it. Can you walk us through it and tell us how did you organize the cabinets? Please ☺
Mayra Flores
Mayra Flores 3 gün önce
Beautiful house😍
Daisy Werts
Daisy Werts 4 gün önce
Heidi Patterson
Heidi Patterson 5 gün önce
Designer beautiful! Luv luv thank you
josephine cabarrus
josephine cabarrus 12 gün önce
Beautiful! You're such a genius. 💝
Arianna Sydney
Arianna Sydney 15 gün önce
OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i got resources from 💜 DOLY.BAR/LAEDRH 💜
Gabriela Karl
Gabriela Karl 17 gün önce
The mirror wardrobe is FANTASTIC! And the staircase of course!
Alfred Alfredo
Alfred Alfredo 19 gün önce
TD Barton
TD Barton 24 gün önce
Every clever hack was ingenious. I think the big impact changes were just as important as the small ones. My favorite bigs were the staircase and master wardrobe system. The smalls were the linen closet and entry. Well done, I learned a lot!
N K 28 gün önce
Beautiful colors and combinations of dark and light thing's,loved lamps ,counter top and everything 😍superb
Laura Swann
Laura Swann Aylar önce
The transformation of the entryway and the staircase is amazing ! The stairway is so beautiful, the beautiful metalwork and the dark wood are awesome ❤
William Warren
William Warren Aylar önce
YOUR staircase was art deco spectacular - love your former home but your new one is pretty spectacular too :) glenda
Mary C Garmon
Mary C Garmon Aylar önce
I saw a window treatment that I want to use in my home. I liked the mirror between curtain panels to simulate a window. Looked great
yoshani fernando
yoshani fernando Aylar önce
Just lovely
Noella Hosken
Noella Hosken Aylar önce
OMG !!!!! What an amazing transformation. I love the staircase, the bedroom, is gorgeous. Heck, everything is absolutely unique. How to pick just one. Oh, the kitchen, the trick of the eye with the shutter, brilliant.!! You are a great designer. Love your tutorials Ty for sharing your tutorials,and tips.💞💞
Gulmira Aylar önce
3:04 если-бы не консоль, я бы врезалась в зеркало ;)
Robin Rios
Robin Rios Aylar önce
Donna Miele
Donna Miele Aylar önce
I am in awww of your idea's on how to decorate. You house from what it was to what you did is absolutely stunning. My big house days are over I now live in a small one bedroom apartment. But I have been thinking about redecorating. Although I can't make big changes there are some changes I can make on a budget. I love Kathryn from Do It On A Dime, she is amazing. I watched the video of you both doing over her dining room. It came out gorgeous. I see she did get you in Dollar Tree to show you some of the things you can create on a budget and Habitat for humanity. That piece you bought in there was waiting for you...Right now my colors are dark gray couch and recliner with light grays blacks and pops of aqua. Basically that is the whole apartment's color scheme. But I would love to maybe incorporate pops of burnt orange in for the fall and some beautiful art work on the walls on a budget. You have my mind thinking....I love the window you put in the entrance way, along with the staircase, Love how you opened up the kitchen by taking down those cabinets, I absolutely love your mirror closet wall in the bedroom, everything is right up my alley....
RN Keta
RN Keta Aylar önce
Big fan
Couzina. Net
Couzina. Net Aylar önce
Rebeka I have juste seen your video it s amazing. It a beautiful mixture between old and modern furniture ' with amazing harmony
Georgie Smith
Georgie Smith Aylar önce
Recall Newsom. ****Vote for Larry Elder****
Stillness 2 aylar önce
Don't think any of these design ideas will work on my 562 Sq ft condo. I still think it's too big for a couple with 2 cats and a dog 🐕 😐.
Mildred Rodriguez
Mildred Rodriguez 2 aylar önce
You are truly an inspection!
Richard Neil
Richard Neil 2 aylar önce
Melissa Ashton
Melissa Ashton 2 aylar önce
I am brand new to the channel and I am learning so much! I have a long living, dining, kitchen loft style apartment with one bedroom , I have never had such a difficult time with furniture placement!!!! I have 2 really big issues. The first is my long, leather sectional with a chaise lounge. The second issue is no walls. The one wall with windows is great but everything else is a nightmare!!!! Please help! My husband walked in yesterday and fell on his butt because I moved his favorite chair again!!!! Help!!!!
Åsa Lindström
Åsa Lindström 2 aylar önce
I’m still in chock that the house is not all brand new and with the most expensive materials and furniture. Definitely refreshing to see from a designer with +1M subscribers and type of clients that she has… wow 🙌
Perviz Pirizade
Perviz Pirizade 2 aylar önce
bad desing
Carol Houghton
Carol Houghton 3 aylar önce
Ok, I think you are simply wonderful! Oh how I wish I had quality people like you in my life! God bless you!
mary davis
mary davis 3 aylar önce
Beautiful but that staircase alone probably cost more than my new car.
Lisa Sanders
Lisa Sanders 3 aylar önce
Love the hacks u did! This is the video that inspired me!
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith 3 aylar önce
I can watch this again and again - THANKS U!!! it makes me see spaces differently in my home. While I still have no ideas o. What changes I can start to see dated looks that need changes. The camo’d door, the kitchen island and ikea wardrobe made to look like 1million $$$$ 👍🏾👍🏾
SC1234 SC
SC1234 SC 3 aylar önce
My favorite ideas, the big mirror just framed, it’s gorgeous! The little “window” in the foyer, the handrail in the staircase, your mirror closet and the linen closet. Well, I think it was the entire video…lol… Great job!
Amy Miller
Amy Miller 3 aylar önce
*"OH MY GOODNESS"* *"this is the thing u need"* *"**FeRoY.ClOuD/TkG/zfhct**"* *"**FeRoY.ClOuD/TkG/zfhct**"* *"**FeRoY.ClOuD/TkG/zfhct**"* *"There are no limits here, Am I right?”* *"完璧"*
Dee A
Dee A 3 aylar önce
Those stairs….AMAZING
Dee A
Dee A 3 aylar önce
Shutter accent..noooo
Don't Ask
Don't Ask 3 aylar önce
Wow! Does she look like Patricia Heaton or what?!?
Jane Freeman
Jane Freeman 3 aylar önce
I love all these designs ideas!!!!
Sarah Sloan
Sarah Sloan 3 aylar önce
Very clever. 😍
Lee Auslander
Lee Auslander 3 aylar önce
How brave you are! The end of a forty year marriage would crush most people, you are lovely and so are your designs🦋
Kisserlisser626 Mills
Kisserlisser626 Mills 3 aylar önce
Had such fun watching this. Thank you.
Lee Auslander
Lee Auslander 3 aylar önce
You are so talented!
Donna Hardin
Donna Hardin 3 aylar önce
Loved the mirrored closet walls - you are so amazing...I am so glad I found you!
Jessica Barnes
Jessica Barnes 3 aylar önce
I love this video. Glad you’re back. 🌸
Ben Ammar Amine
Ben Ammar Amine 3 aylar önce
Beautiful house beautiful woman beautiful decor
citticat2 3 aylar önce
Unfortunately someone design a bathroom off her dinning room. Drapes with a mirror? Don't like mirror walls and good luck keeping those clean. Don't like furniture to sit in front of windows. Love the glass bathroom shelving.
FM VTampa
FM VTampa 3 aylar önce
I wish I had a place for the stair case
Shari Cook
Shari Cook 3 aylar önce
The staircase is my favorite!
Shari Cook
Shari Cook 3 aylar önce
Bettyx 3 aylar önce
Sonia Lola
Sonia Lola 3 aylar önce
Loved what you did in your house your staircase banister is exquisite that huge mirror absolutely phenomenal a great day and the usage of the leaded glass window love it love it love , and let’s not forget the linen closet Woo hoo girl, it all right I still want to hire you when I get my house please be available.
Sonja Bjelica
Sonja Bjelica 4 aylar önce
Are you really proud of the curtain in front of the mirror and the shortened legs on the vintage chests of drawers? Still, I like the solution for the staircase, although the style is not something I would apply myself.
Iyen Arian
Iyen Arian 4 aylar önce
I really like your design style. I was just thinking what if you would remove the two buffets and place a waterfeature on each side of the fireplace?
Masooma Khushal
Masooma Khushal 4 aylar önce
Love the lillen room
jean sandhya awn
jean sandhya awn 4 aylar önce
Very interesting to watch! Lots to learn from this Great Lady! Thank you so so much. Wish you happiness n strength to Keep adding more videos please.
Sanju das
Sanju das 4 aylar önce
Help me to arrange my home I m really upset
lowbrow thailand
lowbrow thailand 5 aylar önce
all very good ideas and well done, but the fire place is awful imo, thanks for the tips
White Christina
White Christina 5 aylar önce
thats amazing transformation
Ram Kumar
Ram Kumar 5 aylar önce
I love each and everything and I am desperate to see your kitchen transformation.
ETLexus400 5 aylar önce
Total ugliness
Coach Shweta
Coach Shweta 5 aylar önce
I have recently discovered your channel and must say that I am so hooked on to your amazing work. You do impart a lot of value to your viewers. Thank you.
M A 5 aylar önce
I am so in love with that 10 ft tall mirror
HousingIsAHumanRight 5 aylar önce
The mirror in table in the entrance way is my favorite thing of all.
HousingIsAHumanRight 5 aylar önce
I fell in love when you said "easy peasy." Lol
Jerry Ngobese
Jerry Ngobese 5 aylar önce
Beautiful and smart design plans
Ironsides In
Ironsides In 5 aylar önce
”this is the thing u need.” " ** " ”Am I right?” "2:59" 垃圾。 -Lord
Ramesh Natarajan
Ramesh Natarajan 5 aylar önce
Lola Ottinger
Lola Ottinger 5 aylar önce
I’ve already watched this a couple of times at least, guess I’m going to watch it every time it pops up! I actually used grass cloth in my entry including the entry closet, I didn’t do any baseboard though, however now I’d know that I should use one. I hid the button to open the garage door in that closet, not sure if it was a great idea or not.
Liz Sanchez
Liz Sanchez 6 aylar önce
The kitchen shutter is cheezy, you have great taste, except the shutter, lol
Mary McMilleon
Mary McMilleon 6 aylar önce
Rebecca, you are one of my very favorite designers! Your work is very dramatic and classy. Most people would not have seen the potential in that home. But you had a vision and brought it to life. Well done and so unique. My favorite is very hard to choose. I'd have to say it was the mirrored wall and staircase combined because it makes such an impact. However, everything you put your hand on turns to magic. I've really never seen anything you've designed that I didn't like. God bless you in all you do!
M e
M e 6 aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful!
T Wize
T Wize 6 aylar önce
Wow! So creative and talented! Definitely have ideas now for the “visually challenging” areas of our small home. Thank you so much!
Lynnard Baker
Lynnard Baker 6 aylar önce
I still love this video!
Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson 6 aylar önce
Thank you, thank you...I just purchased a home where the kitchen is small and has a jut out for the stairs going downstairs (door one) , with a door to the dining room on one side (door 2) and a door to the front room on the other side (door 3)-3 doors in a small kitchen. Your idea of the hidden door is exactly what I needed and would never have come up with that. WOW. Like the linen cabinet idea also.
Paul Graf
Paul Graf 6 aylar önce
Well... not ugly, but quite mediocre 🤔 expected something of "WOW-class"...
Shay F.
Shay F. 6 aylar önce
The shaving off the back of the legs was brilliant! New subbie.
Jaylin Brandi
Jaylin Brandi 6 aylar önce
”this is the thing u need.” " ** ”Am I right?” *"**5:21**"* 垃圾。 -Lord
Transformational Piano Life Coach
Transformational Piano Life Coach 6 aylar önce
U r very likable
Donna Eastridge
Donna Eastridge 6 aylar önce
I really enjoyed all the changes and ideas. You are funny
Ben Ammar Amine
Ben Ammar Amine 6 aylar önce
Hello. Your design and look are very good. Thanks alot for this video
Adrianne Jackson
Adrianne Jackson 6 aylar önce
Great Job!!! Thanks for sharing,
Zary Hamid
Zary Hamid 6 aylar önce
Hi my name is Zary I always watching your show on TRshow and I became in love with your work you are so beautiful and remarkable I’m not a rich person I’m Afghan American for the last 40 years I work day and nights and finally I am in process of buying a house for me and my family and I save 160 thousand to finish and design my house. I am embarrassed to ask you if you could help me but I take my chance the house needs kitchen cabinet flooring bathroom to be fixed and furniture I have some but I don’t know if that’s good or not if you could help me I really really appreciate it and pray for you for the rest of my life because this is the only wish I have to have a nice house please helped please me but if you don’t that’s OK , God bless you and I wish you all the best my telephone number is 916-862-7529 my deepest regard to you Zary ❤️🙏👍 excellent job
M A 6 aylar önce
I just re-watched this video and, once again, was inspired to tears. How lovely! How creative! You are so inspiring, and with most of my kiddos starting their own homes now, I actually can't wait to see what I can do to make my home lovely and not just functional. The practical side of homeschooling all these years has taken its toll on the "loveliness factor". I ESPECIALLY love your linen closet and glass doors upstairs. I am trying to figure out how I can approximate that on my single income shoestring budget. So thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me pause to (re-re-re-)consider how I might make my home a lovely haven (and not just a school...) Blessings to you! :) :) :)
One Love xoxo
One Love xoxo 7 aylar önce
What is the square footage of the home
grandma and tamana
grandma and tamana 7 aylar önce
Wow your house is beautiful.
blookoopa 7 aylar önce
*-”this is the thing u need.”* ” - * *-”Am I right?”* "2:01" *垃圾。* *-Lord*
Teresa Reddy
Teresa Reddy 7 aylar önce
Hi great video .I love your style.i changed a lit of things since watching you.thank you so much ❤
Ebenezer Sam
Ebenezer Sam 7 aylar önce
The jealous preface fundamentally pretend because gladiolus weekly touch toward a amusing basketball. jealous, general gentle friday
LaVonda Brown
LaVonda Brown 7 aylar önce
She's fabulous.
Cristina Casale
Cristina Casale 7 aylar önce
I want to copy your two tone floors, i have dark down stairs, when I do the upstairs I want a lighter color and carry it down the stairs.
marcy 7 aylar önce
What is "Ghost Coating"?
Ferial Mallah
Ferial Mallah 7 aylar önce
Karen Hernandez
Karen Hernandez 7 aylar önce
Wood trim and casing are NOT cheap.
Osama Saeed
Osama Saeed 7 aylar önce
Truly Inspirational
T T 7 aylar önce
Love the espresso cabinets in your kitchen! Those beat the basic cold white ones any day! Great job!!
lili M
lili M 7 aylar önce
I do not like those countertops even after remodeling, those small looks like white stone too old fashion . probably granite or other type would be better. But i like the staircase
Lauryn Trevin
Lauryn Trevin 7 aylar önce
My opinion: "This has helped me out!" Link: “ 𝘼𝙋𝙋𝙄.𝙍𝙀𝙎𝙏 ” Final conclusion: “I'm glad I tried it.“ 5:13 -Lord Buddha
Kai West
Kai West 8 aylar önce
❤❤❤ it... catching up on viewing your videos
Beth Russell
Beth Russell 8 aylar önce
Where did you get the sweet island in the kitchen?
Phina 8 aylar önce
I’d be bouncing off that mirror after a few drinks.
Tamila Art
Tamila Art 8 aylar önce
You are amazing 👍👍👍
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