THEY TRIED TO TAKE THIS DOWN!! Rob Moore of Progressive Property

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Touchstone Education

Touchstone Education

3 yıl önce

Our Public Response to Rob Moore of Progressive Property. Progressive tried to file a copyright strike on this video but FAILED. Our response is back up and running - Sounds like they have something to hide doesn't it? Want to learn the truth about Progressive? Look no further.
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Touchstone Education
Touchstone Education
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Bo Molloy
Bo Molloy 3 yıl önce
This has really upset me too. You both were at Progressive when I started my education in property there. Touchstone has more of a boutique feel to it, and a heart which has spurred me onto actually starting my career in property. Thank you Paul for showing us you can be a good person as well as being a super professional business person, and thank you Aniko for believing in me when no one else would.
Richard Blake
Richard Blake 3 yıl önce
Watching that reminds me why I have and will continue to take training from Paul and Aniko - honesty and their genuine desire to help (something that can't be faked)
kukesh chawda
kukesh chawda 3 yıl önce
It's incredible how insecurity brings out the worst in people. In some ways, you should be glad that he considers you a threat. That means you're more successful than him. That said, you were honorable in your approach... Best wishes to you both and may you succeed beyond your imagination.
Ola Odup
Ola Odup 2 yıl önce
It appears I am 1 year late to the party. There couldn't have been a better response to such a cruel act. Thank you for teaching me how to deal with unreasonable competitors.
Jeremy Payne
Jeremy Payne 3 yıl önce
Really sad that this has happened I've always thought highly of both Rob, Mark and yourselves and have attended Progressive events and always felt Rob had expounded the law of abundance and that there was room for everyone, with competition just helping to drive everyone to a higher standard. It sounds from this like some scarcity thinking has kicked in. I feel for you. Best Jeremy
Diamond Life Ltd
Diamond Life Ltd 3 yıl önce
Really sorry that you’re forced to do this. There will be positives and the situation will balance itself out. Best wishes Atb Pete & Penny
richard nutbrown
richard nutbrown 3 yıl önce
Well done Paul. Very sad you've both been treated like this. What you do is amazing.
Jon Hart
Jon Hart 3 yıl önce
Classy response. It puzzles me why people make slanderous or defamatory comments about their competitors but don't have the guts/balls/integrity to follow up their claims when challenged. I was meant to go to a MSOPI event back in November last year but cancelled for personal reasons. Now I'm kind of glad I didn't bother because I wouldn't want someone who resorts to these underhanded tactics mentoring me. Paul is one of the most approachable, helpful, honest and genuine property trainers I've ever met.
White Property Solutions Ltd
White Property Solutions Ltd 2 yıl önce
This is a real shame Paul and Anika, I watch all your blogs and have called the office to find out about training and will be setting a date soon. I'm very excited on meeting you both. I just cant believe how some people can be so jealous. Keep it coming you too are great. Thanks Adam
MrChapsie 3 yıl önce
There’s no amount of attack against Paul & Aniko that’d make us discredit their vision. Cheer up guys, you have accomplished so much for yourselves that not too many people would be happy about. Sad to say, not even your ex-mentor. Now that’s some success!!
Sarah Marsh
Sarah Marsh 3 yıl önce
Good response to crass action. I have trained with you, and look forward to training further with both yourself Paul, and Aniko! You both come across to me, like you are on a mission to help me (and others) achieve success in property. I would be so angry about the article from Rob, I do hope it backfires and turns people away from them, like myself. However, I can agree with one thing he says, people should do their own due diligence when looking for trainers and mentors. I will look forward to further training with you Paul and Aniko!
Sb Tatineni
Sb Tatineni 3 yıl önce
A very honest response from Paul & Aniko. I have been to one of your 6-figure summits and learned good stuff. I would certainly not believe the article my self but thanks to you both for clarifying it and re-assuring :)
Sarah C
Sarah C 3 yıl önce
Hi guys, I am sorry that you are having to deal with this. I am sure at the moment you feel betrayed and rightly so. To be honest I am sure looking back that this will reflect more negatively on Rob and show you to be the more ethical company - and will only help you in the long run. I am unshaken in my confidence that you are Property rockstars and I am sure that other people will see that as well.
Nazish Akhtar
Nazish Akhtar 3 yıl önce
That is truly shocking that Rob would do such a thing to his mentee, I have personally spent time with Paul on a course and can attest that he is genuine and a great business leader and is one of the best speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Keep it up Paul you are very inspiring and extremely intelligent and I am happy that you have put this video out for people to listen to
Arthur Wormington
Arthur Wormington 3 yıl önce
I am shocked and absolutely disgusted by Rob Moore and Progressive, will not have anything to do with them ever again. Paul and Aniko, I have worked with you and will continue to going forward, have found both of you and the team to be nothing but professional, friendly and helpful, he is a sad man!!
Marion O’keeffe
Marion O’keeffe 2 yıl önce
So sorry for your experience, what a nasty little man and what a shame you paid him so much! Hope the backlash for him is extremely fierce!!! ❤️x
Boe Jiden.
Boe Jiden. 2 yıl önce
I think this was great courage of you to come out and do this video, that's commendable
Robin Kritz
Robin Kritz
Well done guys, chin up, we deal with these kind of people in our journey to enlightenment, it shows your making great strides towards greatness.
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas 2 yıl önce
Dear Aniko and Paul, Sorry to hear this happened to you. I love the fact that you both took the high road and showed real character rather than the salacious SEO based tripe in the letter.
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