Grian's Shenanigans (Hermitcraft 8)

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Grian is a brutish youtuber who is incredibly mischievous. He is also known for starting Wars. Grian is extremely entertaining when he starts with his shenanigans. The Boatem Crew, mostly Goodtimeswithscar, are also the target of attacks from the chicken man. No one is safe on the Hermitcraft server from Grian's pranks. The Big Eyes Crew ,who are TangoTek, Keralis, and BdoubleO100, received two visits from the waffle man. Both concerning boats. Grian, Mumbo Jumbo, PearlescentMoon, and ImpluseSV all combined to put a massive boat over the Big Eyes Shopping District.

Hope you enjoy :)

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ok fine you can do whatever...

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Hermitcraft 8 Episode 20 - BOAT THEM!
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 19 - THE MIDNIGHT ALLEY
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 18 - MAGIC NIGHT SKY!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 17 - AFK ON HERMITCRAFT
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 16 - THE DIAMOND HOURGLASSES
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 15 - THE MAGICAL MENAGERIE
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 14 - THE GRIANGOTTS BANK
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 13 - LOSING EVERYTHING (again)
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 12 - BIG BOATEM MEETING
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Hermitcraft 8: Episode 8 - THE G-TRAIN
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 7 - STARTING THE CAVE BASE!
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Hermitcraft 8: Episode 5 - THE BASE INTERIOR
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 4 - VIC-TREE!
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Hermitcraft 8: Episode 1 - LET'S GO!
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Hermitcraft 8: Episode 9 - THE MOUNTAIN
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 10 - I'M SCARED
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 11 - FIRST STAGE COMPLETE!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 12 - END CRYSTAL MINING!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 13 - BEGIN STAGE TWO!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 14 - BRUCE WAYNE OF BOATEM INC.
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 15 - CHEST MONSTROSITY
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 16 - SPORT HORSE SQUAD
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 17 - SERIOUS BUSINESS!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 18 - THE BACK!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 19 - MY SCARIEST PROJECT
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 20 - GIANT LAVA FARM!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 21 - what am i even doing?
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 22 - MOUNTAIN TOWN BEGINS!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 23 - IT'S DONE!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 24 - CHEST MONSTER
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 25 - REDSTONE BOATEM HOLE
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 26 - MY REPLACEMENT
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 27 - THE MEGA BOAT
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 28 - FINISH IT!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 29 - GIANT TEMPLE

Hermitcraft 8 Episode 16: SPECIAL SURPRISE FOR BOATEM!
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 15: Gigabase Mountains Are DONE!
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 14: BETRAYING BOATEM
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 13: DON'T BE MAD...i had to do it
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Avengers with Hermitcraft. Avengers End Game but its hermitcraft. Grian being captain American Mumbo being iron man, Goodtimeswithscar being Thor. impulse being Antman. Pearl being scarlet witch. this is what mumbo gets for missing a meeting now he's the CEO of boatem. It will be funny when he finds that out. Avengers Assemble music and all but with the hermitcraft boatem gang. Grian assembles the boatem crew. Grian Mumbo Jumbo scar goodtimeswithscar impulse impulseSV Pearl PearlescentMoon Boatem pole boatem hole boatem goal. boatem roles The village of Boatem. Avengers with Hermitcraft. Avengers End Game but its hermitcraft. Grian being captain American. Octagon making the moon big? Evilxisuma making the moon big.

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Jacobo Blanco
Jacobo Blanco 6 aylar önce
This is the second time that Grian somehow makes Mumbo be in charge of something and it somehow leads to war.
LAUGH. COM 10 gün önce
@Jhing Adlawan 3rd and 4th
Ajolotegaming 19 gün önce
And its only 3 seasons
Jhing Adlawan
Jhing Adlawan Aylar önce
*3st and 4nd
Jhing Adlawan
Jhing Adlawan Aylar önce
Is this the 3st or 4st reply?
Iron mat
Iron mat 6 aylar önce
Alternate title: Grian being Grian, Season 8 edition
klaus.sfc01 official
klaus.sfc01 official 2 aylar önce
Thats why i am always exited for the next episode :)
klaus.sfc01 official
klaus.sfc01 official 2 aylar önce
Grace Ooi
Grace Ooi 2 aylar önce
Ah yes. : )
YOOgurT FYNgus, A Bill Wurtz Fan
YOOgurT FYNgus, A Bill Wurtz Fan 4 aylar önce
I'm the 999th like!
Patriot 5 aylar önce
Taqresu 6 aylar önce
The Hermits didn't know what they were getting themselves into by inviting Grian back in Season 6, especially Scar and Mumbo.
Taqresu 6 aylar önce
@Smit Shilpatul True. It's really just everyone in Grian's immediate vicinity. They will mess with him too, but Grian has a knack for spontaneous chaos, and throwing potatoes into the works (sometimes literally). Which is good overall.
Smit Shilpatul
Smit Shilpatul 6 aylar önce
Iskall too, although not so much this season
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
Jacobo Blanco
Jacobo Blanco 6 aylar önce
It’s never a question of if he’ll start a war. It’s just when.
Mr. Boomguy
Mr. Boomguy 5 aylar önce
@Condatore But it was a war nonetheless xD
casey pease
casey pease 5 aylar önce
@PonZieGuy yes!!!!
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
that's so true
Ranboo fan
Ranboo fan 6 aylar önce
"Pull the lever cronk!" "No- last time You said that it didn't work out" **hat becomes anvil and squishes Scar** Grian: **wheeze**
Koro Neko
Koro Neko 5 aylar önce
I thought he said "I died"
SapphireDragon 5 aylar önce
The absolute POWER MOVE grian pulled with buying Mumbos deep slate and then selling it was amazing 10/10
Always Bolt the Bird
Always Bolt the Bird 29 gün önce
Then right after Mumbo buys back his own coal haha
Charlie Gunter
Charlie Gunter 3 aylar önce
dont you mean cheapslate??
TaylorUsedToxic 6 aylar önce
What makes this even better is knowing this is exactly how they act with each other in real life.
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
they're true to character
Jorge Vazquez
Jorge Vazquez 6 aylar önce
My absolute favorite part: 14:54 Scar: Trees coming after me ᵃᵍᵃⁱⁿ Grian: Scar, did you say 'Trees are coming after me *again* .
stick 5 aylar önce
nam flashback
Doodle 5 aylar önce
scar is scarred
Iron mat
Iron mat 6 aylar önce
Scar *lore*
Gustavo Peters
Gustavo Peters 6 aylar önce
I am still looking for an answer to that lmao
Taqresu 6 aylar önce
My favorite part was Grian taunting Scar while he was trapped in the Bedrock in Boatem, remarking about his Curse of Binding Cat head and carelessly tossing Ender Pearls into the void.
anime-girl97 6 aylar önce
Grian has started two wars in 1 season that has to be a record
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
definitely a record for most wars this early in the season
Rachel 6 aylar önce
Other people's pranks: elaborate minecraft-breaking mind-melding nonsense Grian: boat go brrr
Nyankittycraft 5 aylar önce
"Familiar yet handsome engravings seem to appear in the middle of walls" - Grain 2021
Jimmy g
Jimmy g Aylar önce
@PonZieGuy it can only be lag grian wood not do somethin like that
PonZieGuy 5 aylar önce
@Nyankittycraft Lol definitely lag 😂
Nyankittycraft 5 aylar önce
@PonZieGuy very werid must be lag
PonZieGuy 5 aylar önce
sarasnowfly 3 aylar önce
Scar: *punches Grian into the hole* also scar: “I just saved Hermitcraft!”
Linnea Uusijärvi
Linnea Uusijärvi 6 aylar önce
im suprised grian havent accidentally started a big war yet
Jimmy g
Jimmy g Aylar önce
if moon big did not hapen there wood have been
someone 🆒
someone 🆒 5 aylar önce
@wasabi your hypothesis was correct
mastereverything 6 aylar önce
@wasabi big eyes
wasabi 6 aylar önce
the war has begun
MeLoNarXo 6 aylar önce
well i think he did if you watch mumbos latest episode or Impulses or Scars
CreeperBoyGaming 6 aylar önce
“Well, pluck my nose hair and send me to Alaska” My favorite quote from grian
Keystone Road
Keystone Road 5 aylar önce
LITERALLY EVERYBODY: "I've lost all my valuables, there's engravings that look like Grian, and there's FREAKING LAVA ON MY SHOP. Who did this?! Grian: Weird. Must be the lag.
Laura Stimpson
Laura Stimpson 5 aylar önce
Grian: *forgets to put another ender pearl in the chamber* Also Grian: "Why didn't it work?!"
Tom Kas
Tom Kas 5 aylar önce
Mumbo: 1 diamond = 1 chest Grian: *I'll take your entire stock*
j.oldelius 6 aylar önce
the first 46 second was just Grian teasing scar
Jörmungandr Genome
Jörmungandr Genome 6 aylar önce
...And Mumbo
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
SapphireDragon 5 aylar önce
I love it how all the comments are like “It’s not a matter of if grian will start a war but when” And “I wonder what war he’s gonna start this season” I can only imagine what would happen if he and Technoblade were put in the same server
Mr. Abacus
Mr. Abacus 6 aylar önce
Absolutely hilarious when strung together like this!
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
thank you Mr.
Bastian Mathiesen
Bastian Mathiesen 6 aylar önce
Its not hermitcraft if Grian ain’t up to something change my mind.
Jimmy g
Jimmy g Aylar önce
@PonZieGuy i cant bleave he was not a hermit from the beging thin agin he was the frsr hermit i washed but the facked pearl is a new one and i fill like she has been arand as long as grian says a lot
Bastian Mathiesen
Bastian Mathiesen 6 aylar önce
@PonZieGuy yup
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
agreed. It wouldn't be the same without grian's shenanigans
Triangle Cat
Triangle Cat 6 aylar önce
Lmao they were joking about lag at the start and where they are now?
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
they brought it on themselves 😂
Kitten Fox42
Kitten Fox42 6 aylar önce
My favorite line from grian is still: well pluck my nose hairs and send me to Alaska.
Herobrine_Playz 6 aylar önce
4:34 POV: You came out of the pool and there's a bunch of water in your mouth
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
so true
Sir o doge
Sir o doge 6 aylar önce
“You undercut me I’ll cover you in coal”-grian 2021
Sir o doge
Sir o doge 6 aylar önce
When grian stops pranking is the day the world ends
MyoMi_07 Aylar önce
The world would probably end because of one of Grian's pranks...
kell¡e1005 2 aylar önce
@CircusDremFnafSMP bro that was a joke-
quite_ribbiting_ 4 aylar önce
@CircusDremFnafSMP i cant tell if the reply is sarcastic or satire but if it isnt u certainly are not aware of the joke
CircusDremFnafSMP 4 aylar önce
@Oktober Vanderslice Grain is Grian mistyped. Grian is literally who the video is about-
Oktober Vanderslice
Oktober Vanderslice 4 aylar önce
Who's this Grain character??
Pedro C. B.
Pedro C. B. 4 aylar önce
2:23 He waited until the very last second, but he made Mumbo kill something (according to the statistics).
Christy Tina
Christy Tina 6 aylar önce
21:58 is my favorite part of the season so far.
The #6 Runaway Guys Fan
The #6 Runaway Guys Fan 3 aylar önce
hm. That was my hug noise. {they both burst into laughter}
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
LoL That's a funny moment right there
Ben germin
Ben germin 6 aylar önce
Scar without the hat looks so weird to me now
Jimmy g
Jimmy g Aylar önce
yea it is just rong
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
yeah it has become apart of his head
Samarth Merwah
Samarth Merwah 6 aylar önce
5:10 the way he yelled Mumbo
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
It's So good! 😂
DubiousTheatre YT
DubiousTheatre YT 6 aylar önce
“YOU UNDERCUT ME- I’LL COVER YOU IN COAL” is still my favorite
Jacob Keyser
Jacob Keyser 6 aylar önce
Dosnt that have curse of binding on it No… dang it
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
That's my favorite part 😂 The timing is so good!
05-7 6 aylar önce
1:08 grian's horrible assassination attempt after losing presidential election
Anomalous460 4 aylar önce
Mayoral election?
05-7 6 aylar önce
He was running for mumbo
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
I didn't know Grian was running?
Downsideupsnake 6 aylar önce
that was the fastest 24 minutes of my life. and yup, shenanigans is Grian's middle name haha
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
GothBoy UK
GothBoy UK 6 aylar önce
It's a trip down memory lane. 😁
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
pretty much nostalgia now :)
Graxin Reynolds
Graxin Reynolds 6 aylar önce
I’m anxious to see what war breaks out in this season of HC
Abunchofballoons 6 aylar önce
"Welcome to cheapslate? What's this then? 🐴🐴🐴 Cheapslate?"
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
A perfect imitation LoL
Mahogany Wood
Mahogany Wood 6 aylar önce
Well, this is just top notch!
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer 6 aylar önce
Grian bullying Scar for who knows how many minutes
Ckinggaming5 Bucket Madness
Ckinggaming5 Bucket Madness 6 aylar önce
The season hasn’t ended yet, not enough chaos and war
J3rred 6 aylar önce
Hilarious, thanks for the awesome video!
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
Glad you enjoyed it :)
Koo 6 aylar önce
and then tango brought 60+ ravangers over botaem
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
which ended the war
Thomas Holladay
Thomas Holladay 4 aylar önce
I love how Grian is just as bad at spelling "definitely" as I am (3:55)
puppybunnysquid Aylar önce
@Thomas Holladay That's usually how it goes for me too. E and I are hard on that word XD
Thomas Holladay
Thomas Holladay Aylar önce
@puppybunnysquid Took me until about the time I wrote that to at least remember how it was spelled after misspelling it XD
puppybunnysquid Aylar önce
As a college student, I still can't spell that word. It's just some words one can't spell but can spell others
‎‎‎‎‎House Of Stupidity :')
‎‎‎‎‎House Of Stupidity :') 5 aylar önce
Grian is the shenaniganiest (if I'm allowed to use that word) person in history of hermitcraft. And I love it.
A͎u͎r͎o͎r͎a͎ B͎o͎r͎e͎a͎l͎i͎s͎
A͎u͎r͎o͎r͎a͎ B͎o͎r͎e͎a͎l͎i͎s͎ 25 gün önce
theres a part of me thats really sad that this was a short season, i feel like the company rivalry could have gone a lot further and reached sahara vs concorp levels i understand why it was a short season, but man, we could have had another war, or something else super unique
Maria Ninoa Gabrillo
Maria Ninoa Gabrillo 6 aylar önce
8:08 my favorite part
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
So Funny 😂
ShaunOnlyPlays YT
ShaunOnlyPlays YT 5 aylar önce
i love how the first half of the video is lierally just grian trolling scar in the boatem hole
lizzylizardking 6 aylar önce
Ceo, entrepreneur, born in 1995 mumbooo, mumbo jumboo *clapclap*
Ocean Animates
Ocean Animates 6 aylar önce
@PonZieGuy Janitor, he sweeps the floor, born in 1995 mumbooo, mumbo jumboo *clap clap*
PonZieGuy 6 aylar önce
he can now add janitor to his résumé lol
yUm yUm rAmEn
yUm yUm rAmEn Aylar önce
I love how Grian’ arms jitter while the Timelapse goes
X orvis
X orvis 6 aylar önce
My cheeks hurt from laughing so much.
Simmerex Aylar önce
Honesty wanted 8 to go on awhile longer.
Incognitoad 4 aylar önce
4:35 I think this is the only time i've seen him act like this
Azz1e 6 aylar önce
Actual 5D chess moves that he pulled on Mumbo "Killsalot" Jumbo
Srijan Sharma 33 XB
Srijan Sharma 33 XB 6 aylar önce
Man this seems so old and nostalgic just few months
No Bitches?
No Bitches? 4 aylar önce
The #6 Runaway Guys Fan
The #6 Runaway Guys Fan 3 aylar önce
5:11 He's either saying... "MUMBO...!" Or... "MAH BAH"
jelly 8 gün önce
the grians are the most mysterious beings among the all
Terrorblazer 2 aylar önce
"well pluck my nosehair and send me to alaska"- my faovurite quote from grian
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams 2 aylar önce
Alternate title: oh! It just lagged! How weird…
Craytherlaygaming 5 aylar önce
the funniest part about the whole lag section?... lag is a issue at boatem
PonZieGuy 5 aylar önce
it became real 😂
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