How to find and do work you love | Scott Dinsmore | TEDxGoldenGatePark (2D)

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TEDx Talks

10 yıl önce

Scott Dinsmore's mission is to change the world by helping people find what excites them and build a career around the work only they are capable of doing. He is a career change strategist whose demoralizing experience at a Fortune 500 job launched his quest to understand why 80% of adults hate the work they do, and more importantly, to identify what the other 20% were doing differently. His research led to experiences with thousands of employees and entrepreneurs from 158 countries. Scott distilled the results down to his Passionate Work Framework - three surprisingly simple practices for finding and doing work you love, that all happen to be completely within our control. He makes his career tools available free to the public through his community at
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This talk was shot shot and edited in stereoscopic 3D by Golden Gate 3D and Area 5.
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QuickTalks 7 yıl önce
RIP Scott - Very inspiring fellow. Here's the summary of his talk "What is the work you CAN'T NOT do?" [1st step is to become an expert on yourself] -Analyze your strengths, find out what you naturally enjoy doing. -Discover your values: What is "Success" for you? Is it being very rich? Very healthy? Having a big family? [2nd do the impossible] -Challenge yourself more and more. The more you accomplish, the more you realize you CAN accomplish [3rd surround yourself with the right people] -Make friends with people who are positive and doing the things that you wish you could be doing. Your environment is definitely something you can change -Do you have any negative people in your life? Get rid of them - they're not helping you These are all things you can control, so figure out what it is you need to do and do it.
Hunter Hemingway
Hunter Hemingway 9 aylar önce
@Fady Safa2y maybe you got your answer. But it’s “What is the work you CAN’T NOT do?” What that means is, what is the work you can’t go through life without doing. For example, I’m always working on a project that I want to build. From that question, it’s clear to me that project management is work that I CAN’T NOT do, because It’s clearly what I do even when not being paid.
strawberryLover 10 aylar önce
I'll make this my wallpaper, thank you 🙂 ✨
Fady Safa2y
Fady Safa2y 11 aylar önce
What does he mean about “what is the work you can’t do ?” Something like you don’t enjoy or what exactly as I didn’t get his question
MetalBere Yıl önce
Free Man
Free Man 6 yıl önce
This is great info... IF... you don't already have a family to support or you have parents that are financially well off. Sometimes the things we hate doing keep a roof over your head and food on the table.
serious Aylar önce
@Choo69 who in their right mind wouldn't prioritize their family over everything else?
Let's Read Textbook
Let's Read Textbook 3 aylar önce
That's commendable way to live too. Tho you might want jordan peterson as yout motivational speaker instead
Sam Antha
Sam Antha Yıl önce
@vwbyrd3 I admire your tenacity. How have things gone for you guys?
saintbees Yıl önce
@vwbyrd3 keep dreaming and working to make your dreams real!
saintbees Yıl önce
@fairlyagile the best time to start a business is when you are looking for a job.
Sarthak Joshi
Sarthak Joshi 2 yıl önce
2012 - gives very motivating ted talk 2015- dead after a accident 2020- his ted talk is just superhit since 2012. Hope god gives this men rest in heaven
Martin Williams
Martin Williams Aylar önce
He inspired me and I’m glad he gave this talk, may he rest in peace
Kari Sterling
Kari Sterling 4 aylar önce
At least he was doing something he dreamed of doing!
MetalBere Yıl önce
Emma Noel
Emma Noel 5 yıl önce
I think Scott and his family should be proud that even after his life ended, he is still inspiring others to live their lives and achieve their dreams. Their success is in a small way Scott's success, and I think that is a legacy to be proud of. R.I.P.
Abby Garrett
Abby Garrett 7 yıl önce
Scott died this past weekend while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro during his extended vacation and world tour with his wife Chelsea (I don't have details yet). I never knew him personally, only through being Facebook friends online. He was truly someone I thought of as invincible--larger than life. Such an inspiring guy and such a beautiful soul. His light will undoubtedly continue to shine on through his legacy and the lives he touched along the way. Please keep his wife in your thoughts and prayers.
Eric Swain
Eric Swain Yıl önce
Wow ! sad to hear but happy it was doing and pushing his limits, Well done Scott Dinsmore practicing what you preach sad to hear you're gone. Quite often the right and inspiring die young that in itself for those who have heard Scott speak will be inspired to push onward and upward.
Jai J
Jai J Yıl önce
I just found this TEDxTalk today and I got so pumped! I just knew in my mind that this young man had a book released, so I began to Google it. After a couple of seconds of research, I realized that this man passed away while hiking mountains making his way around the world. I just broke down and cried. What a wonderful soul to give us this short, yet powerful message before ascending. I believe he fulfilled what he was meant to do in this life and that he'll be back.
Mister F
Mister F 7 yıl önce
"If you don't know what you're looking for you're never going to find it" Well that's me fucked.
Suren Xavier
Suren Xavier 4 aylar önce
@paul tess Well said.
Suren Xavier
Suren Xavier 4 aylar önce
@Daniel W We can all relate; honestly. To a certain degree of course.
Suren Xavier
Suren Xavier 4 aylar önce
@aeron uy Find out. Test and Examine.
ice man
ice man 7 aylar önce
Well say "let's find what I like" I think it helps
ChotCo! Все буде ЧОТКО!
ChotCo! Все буде ЧОТКО! Yıl önce
Not true, “what you don’t know you can feel somehow, it’s a beautiful day” 💜🌸🌞
Marie Voigt
Marie Voigt 7 yıl önce
Out of total shock and sadness and utter empathy for Scott's wife Chelsea and his family, I have come to realise this: If there is anything we can do to make Scott’s totally unfair sudden passing not a complete tragedy to mankind it is to take what he started and make it into something even more massive. Because I’m sure that’s what he would have done if he was still here. So let’s all do (more of) what we love and let’s not waste our potential. Let’s inspire more and more people around us to do the same and by that help make the world the much better place it can be. And let’s take his and Chelsea’s example and live life to the fullest. Let’s make the most of the now and enjoy the little things no matter how busy we may be. Let’s always be brave enough to be the best versions of ourselves and thereby giving our loved ones and beautiful planet what they deserve. Let’s live following the excellent example Scott set. Let’s all live our legend and make Scott proud.
Lucas Pitcher
Lucas Pitcher 7 yıl önce
Another inspirational talk. So sad that losing his life on Kilimanjaro recently was what it took to bring Scott to my attention - then again, following your passion is the only way to go!
ThriveSkill Training & Consultancy
ThriveSkill Training & Consultancy 5 yıl önce
So gr8 points covered in short time that highlight the importance of doing what one like to do..
anonymous 5 yıl önce
Lucas Pitcher oh thats sad :( rest in peace....
Milzi Jex
Milzi Jex 5 yıl önce
not really the way to go, following a passion entails responsibility. I cannot follow his rash advice...
Invester Tiger
Invester Tiger 5 yıl önce
Lucas Pitcher he died?! 😲
Umberto Eco
Umberto Eco 6 yıl önce
Andros And I suppose to conquer Fat, you must first become Fat. Or was it fear? The original question was What About Those Who Feel No Passion? Who are not inspired by anyone or anything. Who do not know this thrill or joy of which you speak. Who are no more interested in any one thing than any other one thing. The question stands..
LaTanza Lashay
LaTanza Lashay 4 yıl önce
Very informative. I ask myself everyday what am I afraid of? What is stopping me from doing something that I love. I can strongly agree with you when you mentioned surrounding yourself with positive individuals who share the same passions as you because you can learn from them and it will only help you expand your dreams.
Ms3200Runner 7 yıl önce
I... really needed this. Taking a break from school to find some answers is what I thought (and still think) I need. But overly concerned parents and friends are making it difficult to do anything other than find a job to take place of school. So it was wonderfully motivating to hear this. Thanks, Scott:)
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 7 yıl önce
I've done the same, i dropped out of university and am currently in the process of trying to figure out what I want to ne doing with my life. It hasn't been easy
Amada Randisi
Amada Randisi 4 yıl önce
Rest In Peace Scott! I know this is years later, but your words will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for the inspiration...and helping me understand my legend. 🙏
Brenda B
Brenda B 8 yıl önce
Love that! "What is the work you can't not do." Double negatives, yet, still very provocative, very inspiring. I want to get my certification to be a personal trainer to help other people see that they don't have to resort to surgery to lose weight. Your body can do so much, it's your mind you must convince.
Brenda B
Brenda B 2 aylar önce
@Aviwe Mahanjana Thank you for taking the time to comment. I didn't get certified as a PT. My dream career as a linguist (fluent in 6 languages) found me! I have helped several people get into better physical condition, because I care, their progress was payment enough, for me. Most people would rather pop pills than do the work to get off the meds. That's their prerogative. Also, with the rise of scammers, I started helping others to see the truth of who they are dealing with. People sometimes contact me, online for help, when a loved one is being asked by a scammer to send money. I love that "aha" moment when the target finally gets it.
Aviwe Mahanjana
Aviwe Mahanjana 2 aylar önce
That is really needed in this day and age when people are undergoing life threatening procedures to feel beautiful. I hope you have made progress towards your dream
Alicia Z
Alicia Z Yıl önce
This was the talk I needed to see and hear 20 years ago. I just found it, and to learn this inspiring person is not with us anymore is so sad. Thank you, Scott. May you rest in peace.
Savannah Reina
Savannah Reina 4 yıl önce
This was an AMAZING talk. People say it's fluff because it's more of a philosophy, purpose is not something that can be answered for you. Like he said it's not about doing something crazy, it's about making life something that matters to YOU. Surrounding yourself with people that inspire YOU. It's going to look different for each person. Really think about the fact that life can be gone without warning at any second, just like this young man. Each second you have, fill it with something that feeds your soul. He did live out HIS dream- he wanted to help people discover their passion and purpose. Understandably, not everyone can switch their environment or quit their day job...I don't think that was the point. For example, if your family means everything to you, supporting them is doing something that matters to you. That's the point. Also, it's never too late to begin projects or to change your lifestyle- even if it's just in small ways. I mean no one has life "figured out", we all just have to try our hardest to make it work for ourselves.
Gods Child
Gods Child 5 yıl önce
I feel blessed because I love teaching children. To not be apart of that 80% feels good. He put things in a great perspective too. Great video!
Andrea Daye
Andrea Daye 7 yıl önce
I watched this for the first time on Saturday and to hear of your passing today is sad. But you lived and were able to do what you loved which enables me to remember you through this talk as a strong and brave individual. Your fearlessness to take the road(s) less traveled speaks wonders!
Anuja P
Anuja P 7 yıl önce
Thank you Scott! You came through this video at the right time in my life. You moved on too quickly, but I guess you learned what you came here to learn and lived it! And then it was time for you to move on. But before moving on you taught us and showed us the lesson you learnt, practically, by living it. Your moving on just drove home the point - Life is too short and unpredictable. And that we need to follow the way our heart tells us to. Then we can leave this planet without any regrets. God Bless You! RIP.
Natalie Palmer
Natalie Palmer 9 yıl önce
Loved this! Scott's passion and enthusiasm is so inspiring. I can totally relate to his story about the advice he heard about building his resume. When I was 20, many moons ago, I heard the same ridiculous nonsense. It's worth spending 17+ minutes to watch…you won't regret it!! Thanks.
Carter Gomez
Carter Gomez Yıl önce
I am taking my college of education capstone for my Bachelor of Arts degree in cognitive studies and I'm about to graduate this May, so I'm preparing my elevator speech. Yesterday I prepared my cover letter and the day before that I submitted my resume. I've done it all before but having the University's help is very beneficial.
Trish Schmidt
Trish Schmidt 7 yıl önce
What I like most about this Ted talk is that he talks about doing the " impossible" doing YOUR best.and also the importance of who you surround yourself with and your environment. So true!
Tom Briggs
Tom Briggs 7 yıl önce
Miss you Scott. Rest knowing that you packed a whole hell of a lot into 32 years. Prayers for your family.
zombienow 7 yıl önce
There's something so earnest and honest in the way he talks, does it so naturally and I guess that is why he is believable and so inspiring. Rest in peace Scott
Matt Klinger
Matt Klinger 4 yıl önce
Finding a passion is so important. When you meet equally passionate people you get to know a positivity like you've never known before. That can allow you to go after greater passions and once you do that you're your own force
Alyssa Bonnau
Alyssa Bonnau Yıl önce
💕 It’s hard to imagine how young and how much of a passionate life he left behind on earth. His legacy will forever be engraved in my soul. Thank you Scott ❤️
Ryan Kingsley
Ryan Kingsley Yıl önce
This guy changed my life and outlook with this talk, I was so sad to hear about him passing. Few years back. Literally changed my career!
Bryan K
Bryan K 9 yıl önce
Great Ted talk, maybe one of the best I've seen so far. I would like to thank the presenter for this, I'm someone who is struggling to find a career path to go down, and this really helped. Thank you! A lot of great things to take from this.
erina chi
erina chi 11 aylar önce
@Lois Mayette can you please tell me your thoughts about what I told you here? I wanna get some more advice, I hope.
Lois Mayette
Lois Mayette Yıl önce
It found me!!!.. passion
Lois Mayette
Lois Mayette Yıl önce
bzb72 7 yıl önce
Watched this a few times. Great presentation! Couldn't resist watching it again after hearing about Scott's tragic death. RIP, Scott. You were a true Legend. You'll be missed.
Phoenix Jones
Phoenix Jones 7 yıl önce
God bless you Scott for inspiring a lot of people, including me. You certainly helped to make the world a better place when you were still here.
Professor Heather Austin
Professor Heather Austin 5 yıl önce
Nice work Scott! I especially like that you mentioned the importance of performing a self-assessment. I now recommend the book "Strengths Finder 2.0" to those that I work with. Thanks so much!
Onji 6 yıl önce
The ultimate problem for motivation is listening to the wrong voice in your head. The mastery of ones emotions leads to freedom and motivation to achieve. Learning to recognise the ego is primarily the way to achieve all Scott speaks on with out the strategies required to motivate oneself and find true purpose. When you recognize and know who you really are motivation and purpose comes naturally. It is not something you need to work at. Blessings.
Kevin G
Kevin G 5 yıl önce
Onji Help I’m not ambitious and I have no idea what to do for my career but I’m only in highschool is it too soon to be thinking about this?
Hnin Oo Wai
Hnin Oo Wai 4 yıl önce
3 things 100% in our control 1) surround yourself with passionate ppl 2) Learn about yourself 3) Learn your own impossible and push that. I do agree for 1 and 2 you said as I tested in self. I discovered and surrounded with passionate ppl who inspire me and it is real in our control and learning about self as well and now I am ready to test for 3 . Thank you
Carter Gomez
Carter Gomez Yıl önce
That's why I'm surrounded by only affiliate marketers on my Facebook because I want to excel in that. I am constantly learning about myself as well. As far as impossible, I'm training for a bodybuilding competition in October and recording my own music. I'm going hard starting tomorrow, doing a walk, a combination of walk/run and then a whole hour of running after that. So, 3 hours of working out.
Jarrett Herold
Jarrett Herold 9 yıl önce
This is the best TED talk I have ever seen. Its what I am ALL about. I think a majority of us have our passions and find this environment, but whether or not we dive in head first really gauges that rate at which we can challenge our own impossibilities. I know personally I have gotten a taste for what it feels like to be the least qualified in a room or less athletic on a team. It puts you in a position where you're willing to feel humility, to learn and grow. These situations let you set your bar on reality much higher than if you had placed your self in a more comfortable situation. Its hard to continually pursue that environment that forces you to expand your realm of possibilities, but that's why it is so rewarding.
Ruustic 4 yıl önce
This is so helpful to me right now. Thank you for sharing this! I especially appreciate his story about hanging out and learning from successful people in his field..
Agatha Penney
Agatha Penney 7 yıl önce
I think Scott that everyone would understand your presentation from their point of present perception, and that's why media are so powerful. One day we can see, hear or feel something that won't affect us at all, but on another occasion the very same thing will impact greatly our whole being...Loved your video:-)
Bilal Kaya
Bilal Kaya Aylar önce
Scott's speech mentions very good point. Most people work without any meaning. Having sense of meaning brings you different point from where you are. In the same time meaninglessness comes with dissatisfaction. Live Your Legend is very courageous slogan. As a university student, I hope I can find the ideal career path for me.
Dream Careers
Dream Careers 8 yıl önce
Such a great message! Finding a company and a job that you are passionate about with transform your entire life.
dadsonpowermode 7 aylar önce
Love this video, Scott continues to inspire, Rest In Peace always
김대경 Yıl önce
After listening to this lecture, I decided to become an expert on myself. People are divided into 20 percent of people who change the world with passion, and 80 percent of people who just live in desperation. I think only those who are experts about themselves and those who understand themselves can find the life they want and live passionately. 'What kind of person am I?' I kept asking this question during the lecture. There is a goal for me. And I am working hard toward this goal. However, I don't know if I really like this goal 100 percent. Because I don't know who I am completely. The most grateful thing about this video is that it taught me the importance of having my own time. My own time taught me how to find a way to enjoy myself, and taught me about my special strengths, my values, and the importance of experiences. From now on, I will test my limitations by doing things that seem impossible, and I will challenge whatever I want to do. I will also live my life passionately checking what I can or cannot do. My life is only mine, and only I can change it. This lecture made me regret my previous negative life with limitations. Come to think of it, I wonder why I set limits on my future in the past. The pressure and gloom that I didn't know was blocking my way. My life is long and I still have a lot of time left. Now I want to say, 'There's nothing I can't do.' I feel like the dark clouds in my head have gone through and become a clear, blue sky.
Miguel Lopez Santos
Miguel Lopez Santos 7 yıl önce
I find this video very inspiring and motivational. I work for management at a company and the pay is fair but i am very unhappy doing what i do. It makes it hard to quit a job without having the money coming in weekly. My shift is 3rd which is horrible and the stress in this job is incredible. I cant take it anymore and just about everyday i keep applyin for other jobs that i could like doing and with good pay. No luck so far but im at the point i cant take my current job anymore its too stressful. I dont know what else to do. I dont know what other options i could go to...if anybody happens to be able to help or suggestions for me, it will all be appreciated. Thanks.
Ronan Ryan
Ronan Ryan 7 yıl önce
+Miguel López Santos i was in the same situation Miguel. A sales job where the pressure is relentless. I stressed about everything and the more stress I felt the worse my performance became. I would be so exhausted coming home that all I wanted to do was watch tv and sleep and drink at the weekends. Then I broke it down for myself and started asking myself questions 1. do i enjoy meeting people and the sales interaction - actually the answer is yes , true there are some not so nice people out there but most are at least ok and some are very nice and the job can be fun 2. was i doing my best at the job - the =honest answer here was no i was probably giving 70 per cent and achieving middle results 3. was my boss horibble - actually no he wasnt but he was under pressure to achieve results too 4. could i do better - yes I could make more phone callls, I could procrastinate less, I could prepare my sales leads better and be more organised and know exactly what i would be doing on a day to day basis - in short i could take control and once I realised this and put it into practice the stress began to dissolve to very normal levels and my figures and commission improved. I was controlling the things I could control and giving it my best and while I feel I could be happier doing something else at least I wasnt going home with that horrible knot of tension in my stomach. take control of everything that is in your power to control and you the stress will dissolve
Dania 7 yıl önce
Miguel López Santos I feel your pain Miguel. Keep me posted on your journey.
Carlton Clarke
Carlton Clarke 5 yıl önce
Thanks for the video! Great to have people like you who serve to inspire and impact the world around you.
Kat Ross
Kat Ross 7 yıl önce
So glad I'm enrolling my son into Steiner education next year as they focus the majority on the child's creativity, individuality and passionate strengths... This is a big hole in the school system. I remember having a meeting with a career advisor in yr 8 which was a 5 min talk with a class full. I don't know how they think that will set students on the right career path. That day actually led my life astray for 10 years!!!! until I had the maturity and confidence to reassess my life and career choice to figure it out myself... Defiantly need to create more basis on advising kids to make a good choice..
Rahul Ruia
Rahul Ruia 7 yıl önce
Great work sir...Especially the enthusiasm with which you presented...Clearly reflects the amount of work you have put inside to reach that stage... Thank You V Much for All Your Efforts. Will definitely try and inculcate your ideas in my work...
Michael Oliver
Michael Oliver 7 yıl önce
this is a very good motivational lecture for people who struggle with finding their passion in life, Exceptional examples, and point of views in my opinion.
Danny Gleason
Danny Gleason 7 yıl önce
RIP Scott. You were truly an inspiration.
Kisuke323 Yıl önce
@Beauty He was literally killed by his passion.
Schrödinger's Cat
Schrödinger's Cat Yıl önce
@Kisuke323 I was replying to Kiera, stating facts of his tragic fate. But, you're right... It's as if his Dungeon Master was fed up with his Mary Sue of a character, perfect and happy in every way, and was like "That's it! Rocks fall, you die! No more fun for you!"
Kisuke323 Yıl önce
@Schrödinger's Cat This is almost funny.
Beauty 2 yıl önce
Omg, I had no clue. I came across his blog bc I was trying to seek answers on passion, purpose, or a career that suits me. I am so confused & now I am saddened to hear he passed away. Thank you for sharing! May he R.I.P.
Schrödinger's Cat
Schrödinger's Cat 4 yıl önce
He was hit by falling rocks while ascending Mount Kilimanjaro -- doing what he loved and living life to the fullest.
MrRgarcia2010 7 yıl önce
R.I.P. Scott. Your articles always left me thinking. After hearing about your passing, you leave me thinking a lot more. Your advice/articles/lifestyle will always be in my thoughts. I think it's time I finally take some action instead of just listening and pondering what might be. Thank you Scott, you will be missed!
Storyweaving with Joshua
Storyweaving with Joshua 7 yıl önce
So inspiring, thank you for your work Scott!
ashley westwood
ashley westwood 2 yıl önce
Lockdown has gave me lots of time to think and how unfulfilled my career is. Work in Marketing and know I’m destined for work in mental health. I am an INFP and all I think about is how people are doing and feeling. I’m looking into a masters degree and how to take the next steps 🙏🏽
Michael Work
Michael Work 7 yıl önce
God bless and Godspeed Scott. loved your Ted Talk so much that I recommended it to everyone I knew that had the life, purpose, meaning questions burning in them. A friend that I shared this video with texted me the news and he found out because he was following your journey. It occurred to me that you made a dent in the universe; I discover your message then tell others, then they follow and tell others ..... your message is more impactful than ever, live your legend, or as another legend Wayne Dyer (who coincidentally passed this month) said, "don't die with your music still in you." The moral of the story is success in life isn't measured by how many days we are on this planet, it is measured by how we live every day. Let's honor Scott by being as authentic as we can be, living fearlessly.
TheHeat 5 yıl önce
Just two videos of TEDx and I already know what I am all about Really love your efforts , TEDx
Anthony 5 yıl önce
I can't express in words how I feel right now after watching this. I found this because I've been desperately trying to figure out what color is my parachute. Because of this I'm going to follow my passion being a history nerd and build a business with it. Thank you so much.
Mr. Work Hard Play Hard
Mr. Work Hard Play Hard 9 aylar önce
@Anthony I wish you the very best in your future endeavors and know you will be successful
Anthony 9 aylar önce
@Mr. Work Hard Play Hard due to life altering events I had to put it on hold but I’m still working on making my dream coming true. Thank you for the update.
Mr. Work Hard Play Hard
Mr. Work Hard Play Hard 9 aylar önce
How is the history business going
Avanti Haque
Avanti Haque 8 yıl önce
Thank you Scott! This is one Ted talk that is a must watch for any college grad/graduate student or one looking to change careers.
Jonathan Medina
Jonathan Medina 6 yıl önce
Thank you for this. I am on a journey to pursue my passion and hearing things like this only bring me closer to my intuition. We are on the same page and I hope I can inspire people in the future, the same way you have inspired me.
Hannah 2 yıl önce
I needed to hear this Ted Talk so badly. I'm graduating from college soon, and I have so many possible ways I could pursue my future career. I've always wanted to follow my passion, but it's a scary thing to do if everyone around you has a completely different mindset. Grateful for this wake up call!
Nargiz23 8 yıl önce
Thank you! Great speech and exactly on spot for me, as my problem is the first step, finding what I am passionate about and what I want to do, and you elaborated on that. I will try to apply your tips, let's see if there something that interests me ))
Vikki Brown
Vikki Brown 5 yıl önce
Inspirational doesn't come close to describing Scott's talk. For me, my passion is what wakes me up in the morning wanting to do it better every day. Once you find the work you can't not do - you'll find that it not only inspires others, it inspires you. Thanks Scott
Vikki Brown
Vikki Brown 5 yıl önce
Hi Ze: Please help me understand how your comment adds to the discussion. If you think it's fluff, that's ok but communicating effectively with others means not offering one's opinion "nothing more" as fact. It closes our minds to the possibility not only of what might be but also what insights others might have that will benefit us. If you can help me understand the value your comment added, I would be interested in further discussion. Thanks
Ze Bunker
Ze Bunker 5 yıl önce
LOL. It's a TED X talk. Its fluff. Nothing more.
Josef Kubicek
Josef Kubicek 7 yıl önce
I think you can find it even without knowing that you are looking for it, its more natural way. But to let that happen you have to learn to step out of routines, stop, open your mind and listen to your intuition in the back of your head whispering. Do what you enjoy doing, explore staff which fascinates you, stop planning your life and make use of everyday opportunities, do unexpected decisions, become a yesman sometimes and don't be afraid of failing, because failure is there to show you the right direction.
Biasednexus 7 yıl önce
Gosh goosebumps! Wonderful speech. That line "do what you can't not do" powerful.
Tom Nicolle
Tom Nicolle 7 yıl önce
Thank you Scott for this heartfelt talk. Loved it.
Linda Ament
Linda Ament 3 yıl önce
What a wonderful, clear and informative video. Some high schools are actually introducing Career Education Courses. Thank you for validating that decision.
Nakamoto 5 yıl önce
no words could describe how much your speech inspires me at this stage of my life. thank you scott rip
Kelli Sholer
Kelli Sholer 7 yıl önce
Thank you Scott, I used this video in a career exploration seminar I taught at UC Davis this quarter and the students find it helpful!
Martina Dimitrova
Martina Dimitrova 6 yıl önce
So persuasive, so intelligent! Thank you, Scott!
Pasang Lepcha
Pasang Lepcha 7 yıl önce
RIP Scott. You will continue to be an inspiration. You are an example in life and in truly inspire
Van Mars
Van Mars 3 yıl önce
17:09 - 17:43 Goosebumps! Thank you Scott, what an amazing person you were in this world.
GGH 11 aylar önce
RIP - He passed walking the talk! That is a real tribute to his own legend!
Jesula Marcellus
Jesula Marcellus 7 yıl önce
It was s wonderful presentation, well prepared, and also well presented. You got the audience attention. Thank you.
Robert Grant
Robert Grant 2 yıl önce
RIP Scott Dinsmore. Thank you for the inspiration. It is too bad I only learned of you after your passing. I hope your wife and family find peace and good fortune in the future.
Pepins Spot
Pepins Spot 5 yıl önce
I am so touched and saddened by his death. So young, charismatic and full of life. It's hard to accept that someone so young is gone. But what better way to go that knowing you made your great work come true, to help others. In that way he is not truly gone part of him lives, his legacy lives. RIP my friend.
Bsweeney1206 8 yıl önce
This is one of the best TED talks I have seen, great delivery, captivating and really inspirational and passionate. It was an absolute pleasure watching that, Gonna keep track of Scott Dinsmore going forwards. Thanks Tedx
Yammy Patchaya Teerawatsakul
Yammy Patchaya Teerawatsakul 8 yıl önce
Right after I finished watching this vdo, I went straight to the website, subscribed, confirmed, downloaded, and started filling out the 27-question form... My tears started to drop when I reached Question 9 or 10..... they were definitely tears of ecstasy... something I really cannot even explain to myself. I know I broke the rule of not connecting to the internet but I just can't wait. I just want to go and THANK YOU and HUG YOU Scott for doing this for us, at least for me. I will continue till the end of 27 questions with my open mind. The questions (and the concentration I put in) together has already made something phenomenal in my heart and my mind. Thank you. Thank you indeed.
Stephen Witt
Stephen Witt 5 yıl önce
I really liked Scott's presentation. I liked the "find your strengths" and "what are you really good at" parts. I'm 66. I think there's also a part that says do what other people won't do and figure out why you are doing what you do. I finally figured out what I was good at near 40. All my experiences helped me get there. 5 years ago we went into our own business and we are enjoying life and having an impact. I believe life is about growth and having the strength to get better every day although not necessarily living the dream. I'm sad that Scott's gone. His presentation lives on and will help many people find thier way in a confusing world.
Jeehoo Ahn
Jeehoo Ahn 7 yıl önce
I heart this so much. The value this delivers is what I've been aching, wondering, yearning for throughout college and afterward.
Jolene Lin
Jolene Lin 6 yıl önce
So inspiring: take-away from this video- nothing is impossible when u put your mind to it; choose your friends wisely; do the work you love (which is something you can't not do). :)
Pablo V
Pablo V Yıl önce
Despite this man died at a young age, he probably lived a more fullfiling and intense life that most people who live long to 80 years.
Angela G. Gentile
Angela G. Gentile 7 yıl önce
So inspiring to see this Live Your Legend speaker. So sad to read of his tragic passing only a couple days ago. My condolences goes out to his family, and his beautiful wife, Chelsea. R.I.P.
Randy Dandy
Randy Dandy 8 yıl önce
very inspiring video and i agree with your advice! thanks for sharing :) many of the negative comments on here prove why most people hate their work... i think it's fear. fear of letting go of a stable job or fear of not finding a stable job. but once people let go of fear and the cookie cutter life they've been taught to live, they will feel happy and at peace with their life!
NewbArchitect 6 yıl önce
the cycling analogy, yes! individual usually will be slower than group because the group help keep pace, but also drafting helps everyone conserve more energy. nice video, thank you!
Rajesh Jaipal
Rajesh Jaipal 8 yıl önce
Hi Buddy Scott, I like your "3 Step Passion Framework" 1. Becoming a self expert 2. Find out what our unique strengths are. 3. Surrounding ourselves with passionate people. All these 3 steps are very true & are indeed tested and proven by legends. Thanks its been very helpful. Critics are always good, if we can allow it to build us up. However for the critics out there, he/ she must not forget to understand the Time & Environmental context in which the message was spoken to the audience. I think Scott Dinsmore gave a excellent speech on "How to find and do work you love". Keep it going Bro.........all the best.
Max Moore
Max Moore 7 yıl önce
This is a great TED talk, year ago I stumbled upon this guy and the "Year you get your dream job" seminar. I can't be more thankful for Scott Dinsmore & Ryan Niessen for changing my career and my life in general! Seminar was little pricey but well worth it!
Alexander Lopez
Alexander Lopez 7 yıl önce
+Max Moore Yea man, "YYGYDJ" is great seminar, it's not that pricey!
Max Moore
Max Moore 7 yıl önce
+Max Moore Oh, here is the link for the seminar ( if you are interested!
Amit Sodha
Amit Sodha 7 yıl önce
Such a great loss to the world and such a wonderful talk! I never knew you, but wish I did! Your legacy lives on...
Dasia Renae
Dasia Renae 7 yıl önce
I'm glad to have come across this video at only fifteen when I still have plenty of time to explore what it is that I want to pursue in life. I believe this is more helpful for younger people who don't yet have all the responsibility of bill paying and trying to survive on their own. Though a person of any age can watch the video and take from it what they will, a lot of working adults just aren't in the position to take his advise :/
Kira Oden
Kira Oden 4 yıl önce
I burst out in tears the moment you said they set him down in the wheel chair. I had thrown my hands up in a victory before you even said it. Thank you. It's powerful to match that connection via computer.
Ipdxcreative 4 yıl önce
watching this video wondering what it is a should truly do with myself in my career.About to grind at a job I'm not stoked about (but pays the bills) but take this time to really learn about myself. Dope talk. RIP my dude
Flying Geese
Flying Geese 7 yıl önce
Damn. I watched this talk like once a year. 33 years old. You never know when your time will come. His untimely passing makes this message all the more real to me. Make this life count!
Alaa Ahmed
Alaa Ahmed 5 yıl önce
I read his blog 1 hour ago and it captivated me and the only thing that came up to my mind is how to thank him back I mean he offered so much in just a blog what about the other work he participated, I can't believe he's gone, what a venerable man.
Mahmoud 6 yıl önce
"The fastest way to do things you don't think can be done, is to surround yourself with people already doing them."
These Truths
These Truths 3 yıl önce
Great talk. I'm so sorry this guy was involved in an untimely accident that took his life. He was a good soul best I can tell. He seemed to embrace good life concepts. My condolences to his wife and family. The love for someone who wants you requires friendship. The love for someone who needs you requires duty. The love for someone who opposes you requires compassion. These loves working dynamically together with cautious consideration create robust community. Allied Fathers Community Unions (AFCU) is created to foster better community.
Raghavy M
Raghavy M 7 yıl önce
Rest in peace Scott .. A true inspiration .
Kimican90 3 yıl önce
rewatching this ted talk to find out that he passed away doing what he loved. Inspiring and greater respect for those who inspire but passed on.
kirk brown
kirk brown 6 yıl önce
Thank you Scott,i am quite shock to discover he already pass away at 32 last year,he leave something monumental within his life period,thank you scott for your courages to live life out of passion! Rest in peace brother.
Cool Dude
Cool Dude 4 yıl önce
REST IN PEACE SCOTT! It is sad to know you are no more to inspire people around you.
Jahi Asad
Jahi Asad 7 yıl önce
Amazing! This put some fire under my feet. Keep it moving. Thanks Scott!
andrew godesh
andrew godesh 8 yıl önce
Am kenyatta university student-kenya Am inspired with this great motivational speeches. I have taken initiative and I always feel passion in mentoring others and transform other pples life.that is the programme am running. My greatest joy in life is to see people been successful in life that is why I decided to mentor young upcoming generation
An Huynh
An Huynh 3 yıl önce
On the last day of 2019, I watch this video because I need new ideas to determine my college major again. The speaker spoke a bit too fast but the content and the enthusiasm were great. I think this video is useful. Unfortunately, I later realized that he was passed away because of falling in a mountain. I hope he rested in peace and his video like this will be remembered!
Abe Apikian
Abe Apikian 4 yıl önce
RIP Scott. I read about your tragic passing in 2018. Sincere condolences your dear wife and family. Thank you for helping others with your TEDtalk.
Andrew Kordyban
Andrew Kordyban 7 yıl önce
R.I.P. Scott. You were an inspiration and opened ours eyes to what can be, instead of what could have been.
Topher's Inferno
Topher's Inferno Yıl önce
First do the things that inspire us, so we can inspire those around us to do what inspires them" ! Love it!
Bryan Overbey
Bryan Overbey 7 yıl önce
You've inspired me to do what I've been dreaming of doing since I was a little kid
Umberto Eco
Umberto Eco 7 yıl önce
And...kazam! You're on a list. :-}
Umberto Eco
Umberto Eco 7 yıl önce
+Bryan Overbey what, get old, sick and die? Thats what we all do, no point pretending otherwise. Hear the one about the guy who had a shit life and at the age of fifty nine he won the lottery.... had a heart attack and died. Hadn't had time to write a will so the taxman got the money. Thats how life works, don't believe the You Can Make It bullsht.
Kathy Hill
Kathy Hill 7 yıl önce
Dream big!
nick w
nick w 8 yıl önce
I just happened to love engineering. Ever since I was a kid I loved working with computers and I built my first computer when I was 13 and I had to learn how a bios worked and what the heck it was lol. Suffice to say I love building things and I'm really fortunate the field I'm in pays really well. Anyways keep your heads up guys and gals I'm sure you'll find something you love too :).
925-Hustle! 8 yıl önce
You guys honestly I find my purpose in life! I been through a lot as a child! I was abuse and seen violence at a early age! Been around drugs as long as I can remember in and out of jail after high school until I was sitting in a pod one day and I had to make a conisous effort to change my life around but through all that bullshit! It made me a stronger person and I guess I woke up and I realized that I was put through trials to make me stronger as a person! I realize I was put here to help people in there journey of life! and tell my story! Because everything I had to go through! So I guess what I'm saying is that I work a 9 to 5 40hrs a week or more to support my family and I'm fine with that! I guess happiness and success is how u define it as! Not what everybody else thinks!
Chris S
Chris S 8 yıl önce
your experience makes you a stronger person yes.. so you should try to help other people avoid the same fate.. perhaps looking at a degree program so you can work in a drug rehab program or stuff like that
SRG 6 yıl önce
I listened to this Ted talk for the first time last year as motivation whenever I worked in a warehouse as a seasonal material handler. I was hopeless and needed some type of escape from the work I was doing. This talk inspired me to never settle in a life that doesn't bring me fulfillment and happiness, and I've watched it easily over 10 times since that day. I'm sorry to hear that this man has lost his life, since he helped spark such a desire for better in mine. I hope his family and wife can find peace. Rest easy, and thank you for everything.
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