Northern Monkey Punter Horse Racing Tipster Review - 2021 Proofed Tips

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Northern Monkey Punter is run by Wayne Finter. He has been proofing his selections to Racing-Index since 2010. From the start of January 2021 I've also been monitoring his bets based upon advised prices. These prices are verified using the Oddschecker website. In the video I look at what his service has to offer, the types of bet he provides and the 10 reasons why he feels you should consider joining his service. I also look at how his selections have performed since the start of 2021 and why now is as good a time as any to join the service.

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Via the Racing-Index TRshow channel I'll be looking at all aspects of horse racing in the UK and Ireland, but the main focus will be products and services related to horse race betting, such as tipsters, systems, form ratings, software and betting bots.

Racing-Index has been proofing the selections from horse racing tipsters since 2005 and I'll be delving into the results, for the tipsters who proof, to show how to get the most from the proofing. How to use the filters to identify areas where the tipsters are most profitable and find those that best suit different betting styles.

Racing-Index is a completely independant website. It is in no way affiliated with any of the tipsters, who's tips are proofed and receives no payments from the tipsters for proofing their selections or reviewing their services.

From time to time there maybe other horse racing related products or services we feel are good and maybe of benefit. When recommending those products Racing-Index may receive an affiliate commission. It will be made clear if a commission is received when a product or service is recommended. We will only recommend products or services we feel are worthy and will never recommend anything just to receive a commission or any other form of payment.

If there’s a horse racing product or service you feel would be of benefit to others, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to either mention it in the comments below, or contact me at

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