IZ*ONE (아이즈원) - 'FIESTA' Dance Practice

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IZ*ONE (아이즈원) - 'FIESTA' Dance Practice
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Hyunjin roll his eyes
Hyunjin roll his eyes Gün önce
But no one is talking about the ripple in the intro? Damn it it's like impossible or something lol
Yeonjun’s Girlfriend
Yeonjun’s Girlfriend 19 saatler önce
the ripple at the very end shocked me...like WHOA. their choreos are my fave they’re so cool
winter belles
winter belles Gün önce
next time put your cam outside of the dance practice room HAHAHA
Kim Taeyong
Kim Taeyong 2 gün önce
Ever since chaeyeon lift her pants a bit, others began to do the same. Does anyone noticed that?
긴자 4 gün önce
Angana Samanta
Angana Samanta 5 gün önce
Okay but why are they in the Pledis Practice Room?
Pupper Doggo
Pupper Doggo 4 gün önce
They were previously handled by OTR which was a subsidiary of pledis and cj. Then they were handled by swing ent because there was an issue with han sung soo, the pledis’ ceo.
Reza Setyawan
Reza Setyawan 6 gün önce
Everyone was so georgeous, but Eunbi, Chaeyeon, Hyewon, Yujin, Nako, Hitomi, Yena, Minju, Wonyoung, Sakura, and Yuri was the most georgeous😍
Janine April
Janine April 5 gün önce
What about Chaewon?
윤민태 7 gün önce
Looking back at izone choreography.. it's similarly hard as boy group routine..and it's impossible to make it into 2x speed challenge ( even though I'm pretty sure they can pull it off)
justina situil
justina situil 7 gün önce
If somebody hate IZONE we'll try to beat this dance first😌
The one who is michelle
The one who is michelle 7 gün önce
missing bluejinie
The one who is michelle
The one who is michelle 7 gün önce
fiesta song of the year,
Winda _BoLLoo2_V
Winda _BoLLoo2_V 7 gün önce
Izone ZOZI gak ikhlas demi apapun😭💖💖plis permanent
Aulia Wulandari Koesnarka
Aulia Wulandari Koesnarka 8 gün önce
It's just because i only stan talented group (read: izone, svt) And omg, do they just share the same dance practice room? I just realized it when rewatch some of them *crying*
Phoen1x 9 gün önce
1:40 - 1:45 what is the bame of that part?
吉澤 11 gün önce
1:25 2:47 左手で肩を触る振り付け、どの動画みてもチェウォンが一番綺麗な三角形になってる チェウォンは細かいところもすごく忠実に踊るメンバーだと思う
Saythename 17
Saythename 17 11 gün önce
Isn't this pledis practice room ?
Jeysushi 8 gün önce
is it.
실루Silu 13 gün önce
Who's the tiny one with the orange skirt? She's so smol and cute🥺
Becca Tian
Becca Tian 12 gün önce
@실루Silu ikr she's adorable!
실루Silu 12 gün önce
@Becca Tian Omg! She really is tiny
Becca Tian
Becca Tian 12 gün önce
@실루Silu about 149cm or 4 11 ft
실루Silu 13 gün önce
@Becca Tian How tall is she? She looks shorter than me
Becca Tian
Becca Tian 13 gün önce
Her name is Nako :)
블룸아이즈 곡 왜 다 좋아???
블룸아이즈 곡 왜 다 좋아??? 13 gün önce
면봉인줄... 진짜 멀리서 찍긴했다.. 워낙 넓어서
TXT deserves better
TXT deserves better 13 gün önce
Best girl group when it comes to dancing
TXT deserves better
TXT deserves better 13 gün önce
비르효 13 gün önce
저때도 지금도 무척 성실하고 열정적인 모습이네요....^^
ningningsthetic 13 gün önce
it's my fiesta~ i luv the dance
Aaron Calhoun
Aaron Calhoun 14 gün önce
im trying to learn this for a party T^T and im not a good dancer please wish me luck T^T
하콩이 14 gün önce
저기 플디 연습실 아냐..?
Junkyu for Main Visual
Junkyu for Main Visual 16 gün önce
It's almost a year but I still don't know to dance this without breaking my bones.
Becca Tian
Becca Tian 13 gün önce
Best username :)
jeno's nipple that slipped
jeno's nipple that slipped 16 gün önce
they really said 🎃💀
kuan helen
kuan helen 17 gün önce
Rose Kim
Rose Kim 17 gün önce
Cata P
Cata P 17 gün önce
Who’s the girl with squared shirt and short hair?
Pupper Doggo
Pupper Doggo 4 gün önce
@Cata P she really started to get famous in this era
Cata P
Cata P 17 gün önce
@Chaewon International Forehead I like izones songs but I have never taken the time to get to know them, but that girl dances really good! Actually I was watching the video with my mom lol and we both were like :o she dances really good she caught our attention
Chaewon International Forehead
Chaewon International Forehead 17 gün önce
She's Chaewon, BTW She's Mine :)
terimakkura 18 gün önce
kalian mau goyang syopi kah :v
Maitrayee Singh
Maitrayee Singh 19 gün önce
The girl in orange crop top, black bottom and black hair dance so well. Is she the lead or main dancer
Maitrayee Singh
Maitrayee Singh 18 gün önce
@Lester Ian Mendenilla 😮
Maitrayee Singh
Maitrayee Singh 18 gün önce
@Lester Ian Mendenilla really !!!??!!!
Lester Ian Mendenilla
Lester Ian Mendenilla 18 gün önce
she's Sakura. She's not the main nor lead dancer.
はゆ 20 gün önce
eee lee
eee lee 21 gün önce
7 518 059
ItzSiimplyCloudx 21 gün önce
あるちゃ 22 gün önce
Chaewon International Forehead
Chaewon International Forehead 22 gün önce
Jonathan Daniel N
Jonathan Daniel N 23 gün önce
OMG iconicas reinas talentosas
jichuuisbae 23 gün önce
timestamp for newly born WIZ*ONES hehe :) hope this help and welcome to the fandom ^_^ 0:00 Yujin the puppy 0:02 Eunbi the leader 0:03 Chaewon on fire 0:04 Yena the duck 0:06 Sakura the sweet gamer 0:07 Wonyoung the giant baby 0:08 Hitomi the bread 0:09 Yuri the hamster 0:11 Nako the lil one 0:12 Hyewon the visual foodie 0:14 Minju the frog 0:15 Chaeyeon the feather
Hao Layl
Hao Layl 23 gün önce
I just realized that this place is the same as a pratice seventeen dance place😂😂👌
moana moana
moana moana 24 gün önce
This room is so familiar, than I realized it's pledis
La vie en rose :3
La vie en rose :3 24 gün önce
0:52 Por un momento pense que era Chaeyeon 🤡
nzns dhhs
nzns dhhs 26 gün önce
Jang Won-young owns all the centers that start and end. Even if I don't, I keep pretending to be pretty and pretending to be cute and I hate to look at it. The reality is that even a face like that is not surprising anymore.
Ara Sal
Ara Sal Gün önce
girl fix your english first even wonyoung can speak english better than you😎😭
hidden camera
hidden camera 22 gün önce
Ecdreamz 26 gün önce
I want to crop this whole video. So far lol
변종 27 gün önce
피에스타 파노라마 환상동화 시퀀스 때문에 아이즈원 좋아하는데.. 더이상 [휘몰아치는 아름다운 폭풍] 같은 노래가 안나와서 안타깝다
moon 27 gün önce
Oh I just realise that svt also use this dance practise
Chaewon International Forehead
Chaewon International Forehead 28 gün önce
I just literally Broke My Legs Because of the Splitting Parts LMAO HERP ME HERP ME
KpopIsTrash 28 gün önce
I kinda just realized that the Jo Yuriz are the only ones wearing black shoes
Rachell Diane
Rachell Diane 28 gün önce
때가 왔어 오랜 기다림을 끝내 움츠렸던 맘을 일으켜 활짝 기지개를 켜 난 ah 눈빛은 어느샌가 짙어져 있는 걸 나의 시간이 됐어 아침에게 말해 oh 오늘이 좋을 것 같아 이젠 아득했던 꿈들이 멀지가 않아 오직 나를 위한 woo 축제를 열어볼 거야 좋을 때란 거 그것 역시 내가 정해 색색의 꽃을 피우고 꽃가루가 흩날리면 축제는 절정인 걸 끝나지 않을 이건 climax 나의 모든 순간이 아름답고 눈부셔 이거 하나만 기억해 지금이라고 Fiesta 내 맘에 태양을 꾹 삼킨 채 영원토록 뜨겁게 지지 않을게 이 모든 계절 나의 모든 계절 매일 화려한 이 축제 한 번쯤은 꼭 놀러 와 It's my fiesta 온통 축제니까 It's my fiesta 이제부터가 난 시작이야 더 기대해봐도 좋아 더 뛰어올라 더 소리쳐봐 이건 신기루가 아냐 오래전부터 계속 상상해 왔던 걸 특별해지는 너와 나 별들에게 말해 oh 내일이 더 좋을 것 같아 이젠 펼쳐지는 일들이 겁나지 않아 오직 나를 위한 woo 축제를 이어갈 거야 날 감싸 안은 낯선 향기 더 새롭게 색색의 꽃을 피우고 꽃가루가 흩날리면 축제는 절정인 걸 끝나지 않을 이건 climax 나의 모든 순간이 아름답고 눈부셔 이거 하나만 기억해 지금이라고 Fiesta 내 맘에 태양을 꾹 삼킨 채 영원토록 뜨겁게 지지 않을게 이 모든 계절 나의 모든 계절 매일 화려한 이 축제 한 번쯤은 꼭 놀러 와 Fiesta 눈을 감아 멈춰있던 나를 깨워 내 안의 나를 천천히 안아주면 여러 색깔들로 더 내가 빛날 때면 매일 그려왔던 진짜 내 모습 가까이 woo yeah 지금이라고 Fiesta 내 맘에 태양을 꾹 삼킨 채 영원토록 뜨겁게 지지 않을게 이 모든 계절 나의 모든 계절 매일 화려한 이 축제 한 번쯤은 꼭 놀러 와 It's my fiesta, ah ah 날 비춰줘 지금 날 온통 축제니까 지금 이 순간 나를 춤추게 해 It's my fiesta
Chaewon International Forehead
Chaewon International Forehead 29 gün önce
The Lightstick is My Bias,So much Center What a Queen
Krista Estrella
Krista Estrella 29 gün önce
wait, is that their light stick on the ground or nah?
noa Aylar önce
i love their clothes here
おにぎり Aylar önce
KVDC Aylar önce
IZ*ONE Music Show Wins: 1) SSOTS + Violeta: 7 2) Panorama: 5 Wins 3) Fiesta: 4 Wins 4) La Vi En Rose: 3 Wins Total: 26 They Are In The 4th Gen Group And Second Amount Of The Wins Congratulation IZ*ONE And WIZ*ONE
김사랑 Aylar önce
너희들은 진짜 최고야
ちあ Aylar önce
Elene Vadajkoria
Elene Vadajkoria Aylar önce
is this the same dance practice room where seventeen have practices all their choreographies ?
NomzoBom Aylar önce
Qyradelisyia Aylar önce
Wait wut this is seventeen's practice room
Alizar Yudha
Alizar Yudha Aylar önce
Please vote iz*one on 2020 mubeat award ❤️
jamal islamuddin#28
jamal islamuddin#28 Aylar önce
来世に期待ちゃん Aylar önce
ちょっと倍速かかってる気がする 披露する時verなのかな
landofmomo Aylar önce
I’m so proud of Hyewon. I know some people get mad when you say a certain idol improved, but she really did improve so much. Her dancing is so much smoother and impactful then in her P48 days, and I have no doubt she worked really hard to get to this point. She’s really inspiring
#Apink_PERCENT PandaID
#Apink_PERCENT PandaID Aylar önce
HUWAAA I love this version of this sound here than original MV Anw I use my headphones :D
em ha
em ha Aylar önce
8 396 426
Izmi Aliff
Izmi Aliff Aylar önce
Why so far....
호호아 Aylar önce
gbx Aylar önce
Ttomi's kicks are fire
na Aylar önce
I'm here bcs of the practice room hehehe
Rainne Villostas
Rainne Villostas Aylar önce
izone was like: let's all wear long sleeved shirts and not tell sakura
SS L Aylar önce
46 usakinaco
46 usakinaco Aylar önce
1:08 3:23
Peek a Chuu
Peek a Chuu Aylar önce
8.352 - > 8.400
eight Aylar önce
yeong wontolog tteugeobge 👏👏 jiji anh eulge
mii Aylar önce
SM Channel
SM Channel Aylar önce
To: 205k+ people who like this video Please vote IZ*ONE on SMA 2020 for Main category At least we can reach Top 15 or Top 10 pleasee...
JoseTV Aylar önce
I love my IZ*One girls.
thekpopmaster Aylar önce
em ha
em ha Aylar önce
Kaio Gouveia
Kaio Gouveia Aylar önce
Nako >>> you
aguacate Aylar önce
I love this song
aguacate Aylar önce
hello, what are you doing?
{ Rip Jinsoul’s Scalp }
{ Rip Jinsoul’s Scalp } Aylar önce
Why do they look so tall but Nako-
Hamzah 8000
Hamzah 8000 Aylar önce
A work of art
My Japsy
My Japsy Aylar önce
Why is the ad Hyewon's Fancam? I can't skip it, what to do? 😭
Han sul Bak
Han sul Bak Aylar önce
2:42 What's Sound!
Mathew Aylar önce
Stream MV!!!!
Mathew Aylar önce
Chance Pallorina
Chance Pallorina Aylar önce
I just wanted to tell you all that I got a Hyewon Panorama fancam advertisement for this video.
Adli Hilfy
Adli Hilfy Aylar önce
The lightstick really said "I'm the center honey"
P S Y C H O Aylar önce
3:35 Chaeyoung!!!
Rexanne Morales
Rexanne Morales Aylar önce
Joyuriz wearing are the ony once wearing black shoes I just realized it now
wooyeong Jung
wooyeong Jung Aylar önce
저기 플레디스 연습실인가
부라우니 Aylar önce
네~ 20년 3월쯤에 스윙으로 옮겼고 피에스타활동까지는 플레디스가 매니지먼트했던걸로 알고 있습니다~ 저 피에스타 안무영상은 그 사건이 일어나기전에 찍은거여서 어차피 플레디스연습실일 수 밖에 없죠~
현진 Aylar önce
0:14 이 순간에 김민주한테 입덕
JH p
JH p Aylar önce
김채원 올타임 레전드ㅠㅠㅠ단발 여신 쌈무 춤선 왜이리 예뻐 김채원이 최고다
Arsyiella Yuniarso
Arsyiella Yuniarso Aylar önce
I'm here because of pledis building...
William K-pop
William K-pop Aylar önce
Yuri Her Legs !!?!?! 2:17 ? Is there something wrong?? The girl in black in the right
landofmomo Aylar önce
She is okay, don’t worry! That is just a part of the choreography, where she has to wait “off-stage” for the sake of the dance formation, but since this is a dance practice room and not an actual stage where she can go off to the sides without being seen, we just see her here. But that is nice of you to be concerned! :p
gidikfkkck Susuvjujcejjfkkc
gidikfkkck Susuvjujcejjfkkc Aylar önce
nothing’s wrong wdym?
riiin rin
riiin rin Aylar önce
오징어 Aylar önce
하늘위로 연습영상 보고왔더니 9개월만에 성숙해진거 같은 아이즈원을 보니 신기하다. FOREVER IZONE
Emily Michue
Emily Michue Aylar önce
La chiquitica me da ternura
Carmelo Lelo
Carmelo Lelo 2 aylar önce
which one is Nako?
Stay Me
Stay Me Aylar önce
The small one with orange skirt with ponytail
luiz 2 aylar önce
i tried doing the move at 3:38 but my knees started hurting so bad wow
luiz 2 aylar önce
who else keep replaying 1:42 like crazy? like the beat here is dope and the dance is so satisfying, don't tell me i'm the only one!
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