7 Day Vegan Challenge Baby (solves all your problems)

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5 yıl önce

I didn't really talk about this in the video, but you guys should go vegan! (for a week) Just to see what all the hypes about. come on, do it. Supposedly, veganism does do wonders on the body like clearer skin. Have you ever seen a vegan with gross skin? (I haven't)

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Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations 5 yıl önce
i accept your challenge!
Raintheking 21 gün önce
Hi Oh I’m the last comment lol x
A X 3 aylar önce
Last comment
Discredible Mischief
Discredible Mischief 3 aylar önce
just commenting to get the comments to 500 from 499
Lightal 3 aylar önce
Bob Gopher
Bob Gopher 3 aylar önce
Rlly do
Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)
Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) 7 aylar önce
LavenderRose 21 gün önce
Last comment yay 😀
Nhlanhla Dube
Nhlanhla Dube 22 gün önce
I'm the 500'th commenter
Swati Deshpande
Swati Deshpande 23 gün önce
Oh Hello👋👋
GeneralRyGy4532 23 gün önce
@•Gello• imagine
møøn 23 gün önce
oh hey-
Mister ducky
Mister ducky 2 aylar önce
I wonder what that vegan teacher would think about this
ouchie. Aylar önce
@Hunter Billie Bruh, that's so accurate
Adam Kamran
Adam Kamran 2 aylar önce
i thought of that while watching this lol
Hunter Billie
Hunter Billie 2 aylar önce
Vegan teacher: ooo you went back to not being vegan, I'm gonna give you an X for that.😂🤣
glitter  blog
glitter blog 2 aylar önce
Vegan teacher:Be VeGaN
Explosive Turtle
Explosive Turtle 2 aylar önce
Celtia Aylar önce
"I admire anyone who puts so much care and thought into their diet" me, a vegan: haha, bean burritos go brrrrrrrr
Szymon Imiela
Szymon Imiela 6 aylar önce
For all those people that dont know being vegan isnt the same as being vegetarian
SAMTOPIA Aylar önce
Zacharia 2 aylar önce
@Nautical Novice chicken eggs contain more than 2 times the cholesterol than a Big Mac has. Consuming large amounts of cholesterol can lead to heart disease which is the number one killer of humans. There are many other ways to get protein and other nutrients found in eggs that are healthier for you and don’t involve animal abuse.
Nautical Novice
Nautical Novice 2 aylar önce
@Zacharia eggs are incredibly unhealthy? I don't think so
Zacharia 3 aylar önce
@49,999 confused bees because the dairy and egg industries kill just as many animals as the meat industry. Male cows and chickens can’t produce milk/eggs, so they get killed soon after they’re born. Also dairy and eggs are mostly fat and cholesterol, it’s incredibly unhealthy to consume dairy and eggs.
Pablo450 3 aylar önce
@Dilshad Kp I agree.
Fresh Brewed ASMR
Fresh Brewed ASMR 5 aylar önce
I've been vegan since June 2020. Fallen off the wagon plenty of times, and it's ok if you can't give up EVERYTHING that contains animal products, but if you can have a vegan alternative of just egg, then that's ok :)
Julian Palmer-Smith
Julian Palmer-Smith 2 aylar önce
@Woodilicious it’s ok, it’s better if we kept you away from the roosters. Wouldn’t want you getting hurt now would we?
Woodilicious 2 aylar önce
@Julian Palmer-Smith Yeah, as someone living in a 1000 sq ft apartment in the middle of a big city, I’ll get right on that
Julian Palmer-Smith
Julian Palmer-Smith 2 aylar önce
I advise if you want to stop buying eggs, to buy and keep hens. I get over 50 eggs a week from 9 hens. Not only do you know where they come from, but they taste so much better
Icy_Tilt 2 aylar önce
@Sigrid Pihlstrom ur 8? get off youtube
Sigrid Pihlstrom
Sigrid Pihlstrom 2 aylar önce
Ive been one 4 my hole life but im 8 soooo
Greenbean 4 aylar önce
“ in every group of people there are some that are bad” *fake coughs* the vegan teacher Yes I am watching this in 2021
Oliver jones
Oliver jones Aylar önce
Mighty Moe
Mighty Moe Aylar önce
Reyna Carrasco
Reyna Carrasco Aylar önce
StoryBoyGaming 2 aylar önce
Lol same
Angela Meunier
Angela Meunier 2 aylar önce
Chyllzi 6 aylar önce
The guy who discovered milk was doing something weird to that cow.
claire// Aylar önce
it’s still weird
Oreos be good
Oreos be good 2 aylar önce
The Raven
The Raven 5 aylar önce
me me
me me 5 aylar önce
@Meg the fish 🐟 LOL
Meg the fish 🐟
Meg the fish 🐟 5 aylar önce
Yup he was probably a drunk Anglo Saxon who thought it was his wife
Aaliyah James
Aaliyah James 2 aylar önce
5 years ago? I think a sequel would be pretty cool, you'd have more choices in food to eat :D
Harrie Goston
Harrie Goston 2 yıl önce
As a vegan, I can confirm that for breakfast every day, I eat a bowl of Reese’s Puffs with crush Oreos.
Salade Tomate Oignons
Salade Tomate Oignons 12 gün önce
Oreos ? Not very vegan fool
Meryl Anne
Meryl Anne 15 gün önce
@Avocado Emmy Almond milk is delish
Aileen Macias
Aileen Macias 7 aylar önce
Reese’s puff Reese’s puff beat m up beat em up
Shadowknight hunter
Shadowknight hunter 7 aylar önce
Ariana-Catarina Grande-Valentine
Ariana-Catarina Grande-Valentine 9 aylar önce
@Jayden Harris not every vegan is that vegan teacher
TheBowDragon 3 gün önce
I love these story time videos! Good job :)
Prithvi Production
Prithvi Production 7 aylar önce
When I heard james saying "7 days vegan challange" i thought, thats easy, but then he said, "milk and cheese counts as non-vegan", I was like, "umm, how are you meant to survive whattt"
blackberry  cookie
blackberry cookie 6 aylar önce
mary martin
mary martin 3 aylar önce
as a vegan, i respect this.
Theo Staschik
Theo Staschik Yıl önce
I'm vegetarian, so the 7 day vegan challenge is just what happens when I run out of cheese.
astek lenartowicz
astek lenartowicz 8 gün önce
@Theo Staschik S.A.D.
Theo Staschik
Theo Staschik 8 gün önce
@astek lenartowicz allergic
astek lenartowicz
astek lenartowicz 8 gün önce
but what about eggs?
Dimaster 10 gün önce
Yes I am also vegetarian.
Swayam Khandge 7D
Swayam Khandge 7D 13 gün önce
sydneity 6 aylar önce
me , that just got braces seeing james eating cereal and a big chunk of oreos : *_pain_*
ObjectRobloxSnS 3 aylar önce
I feel you brotha
alastair !
alastair ! 3 aylar önce
Person 3 aylar önce
@alastair ! you are, but it just gets stuck everywhere in your teeth
alastair !
alastair ! 4 aylar önce
i am iggs
i am iggs 4 aylar önce
ahha same here lol
Crane Brainstorm
Crane Brainstorm 2 aylar önce
5 years later: Impossible and beyond meat exists James should make another 7 day vegan challenge baby solves all ur problems
MrCalicious 4 aylar önce
Having been with a vegan for multiple years, I can tell you from personal experiennce that most vegan food is deep fried.
Sports Shorts
Sports Shorts 3 aylar önce
I’m eating Cheez-its as I’m watching this. Way to make me feel bad about myself, James
Hali 10 aylar önce
James: "the internet likes to hate on vegans" Me: **flashbacks to TheVeganTeacher**
Tommy Stewart
Tommy Stewart 5 aylar önce
Thatveganteacher hm, haven't heard that name in a few months
Nahida Sia
Nahida Sia 6 aylar önce
lol 😂
Henri Vandecasteele
Henri Vandecasteele 6 aylar önce
@Madhulima Pandey she would say you set a good first step and that you still hate animals for not already being completely vegan, sigh
Sunsanath 6 aylar önce
I am pretty sure that the vegan teacher was not......... Vegan? I guess she hates vegan so is trying to create and bad reputation? (I am a vegan and I just cannot accept that she is vegan)
Maddox Furyes
Maddox Furyes 6 aylar önce
Ohhh noooooo
Kat Juarez
Kat Juarez Aylar önce
Becoming vegan was the best day if my life! I care about animals more than myself! Becoming vegan was hard at first but the world is changing so things got easier for me ! 🙃
Brian Nichols
Brian Nichols 3 gün önce
If you're going to go vegan eat lots of fruits and vegetables you can also eat some nuts for protein and spinach I tried this before lost 25 pounds really fast
•Noel Nightmare•
•Noel Nightmare• 28 gün önce
I'm going back and watching James's old videos, and wow. he has improved so much
sevenrps 25 gün önce
I went vegan for 5 days, and when I first ate “normal” food it felt like it was sticking to my throat and clogging me up.
BlackSen 5 yıl önce
I'm like Jay's clone. XD Great job dude!
Danny Halili
Danny Halili 11 aylar önce
50th comment
Arzoo khan
Arzoo khan Yıl önce
Jay is Indian I'm sure
history at war
history at war Yıl önce
lol me too
jameillie ortiz
jameillie ortiz Yıl önce
@a bomb humanoid i don't eather lol
a bomb humanoid
a bomb humanoid Yıl önce
Do i know you?
Taras the mInEcRaFtEr
Taras the mInEcRaFtEr 6 aylar önce
People actually dislike this? C'mon man! This is good content!!!
Stick figure animations
Stick figure animations 4 aylar önce
That’s a nice argument you have there unfortunately, ur mom🤣
Ben Stenson
Ben Stenson 4 aylar önce
We need to get the vegan teacher to react to this video
Daniel Freitas
Daniel Freitas 3 aylar önce
"Oreos are vegan?!" Proceeds to put them inside milk edit: OKAY I FUCKING GET, IT'S ALMOND MILK, IT'S JUST A JOKE CAN YOU GUYS FUCKING CHILL???
Frog_plays 2 aylar önce
It was almond milk
♡ꜱᴀɪʟoʀᴊᴇn♡ 2 aylar önce
it was probably soy milk
MyDogFartsALot101 2 aylar önce
dun Dun DUN! the gov is lying! Lol jk I’m not one of THOSE people (NO OFFENCE TO ANYONE)
NotAkrshadow 2 aylar önce
It’s almond milk
ayano 2 aylar önce
bro it was almond milk?
Birb 4 aylar önce
“I admire anyone that puts so much care and thought into their diet” Vegan teacher: 🤩🥰😢😍😁☺️🥺✔️👍
king of penguins
king of penguins 4 aylar önce
@Adamya Singh as a human, we dont claim her
Adamya Singh
Adamya Singh 4 aylar önce
As a Vegan, I hate Vegan teacher
king of penguins
king of penguins 4 aylar önce
@Fluffyshep it is, but it can also be used as a shortcut for ThatVeganTeacher. it depends on the context :)
Fluffyshep 4 aylar önce
i always thought TVT was just an emoticon
DuckIsQuackingAlot 4 aylar önce
Hate,destroy, that vegan teacher
Alex Hamato
Alex Hamato 2 yıl önce
I went vegan for two months, lost a bunch of weight, felt amazing, and then realized I had no more money.
Husky Helianthus
Husky Helianthus 4 aylar önce
@eve.m where were you shopping? It can be as expensive/inexpensive as you want.
szaslefteye 4 aylar önce
@gastly31 u can get just as much protein being vegan as u would if u werent
Person on the internet
Person on the internet 6 aylar önce
@Livystars shut up
Florian Koch
Florian Koch Yıl önce
This shows a huge problem in our economy. Mass husbandry meat full with antibiotics is cheaper than non animal products. This is just sad
Oscar Zarate
Oscar Zarate Yıl önce
incredible video for u to watch: trshow.info/watch/KnEedOlQ5vA/video.html
Zoë Zo
Zoë Zo 3 aylar önce
Ralph is awesome. I love his videos.
Atharva Goyal
Atharva Goyal Gün önce
vegan teacher be like - very good! see being vegan is not so tough.
Liveinlife 3 aylar önce
I am vegetarian! I love milk cheese and vegan burgs ( they taste nice , everyone should try this ) And nice job completing the 7 day challenge
UFO Gaming
UFO Gaming 4 aylar önce
Started going vegetarian 2 months ago and I feel so much healthier and lost weight
Dark Cyan
Dark Cyan 2 yıl önce
All the people who are complaining about milk in the cereal even though there was an almond milk container right there....need to open their third eye.
Dilshad Kp
Dilshad Kp 4 aylar önce
@cool cattle yep oreos and resses are vegan
SheikahSlate 6 aylar önce
Oscar Zarate
Oscar Zarate Yıl önce
incredible video for u to watch: trshow.info/watch/KnEedOlQ5vA/video.html
Dark Cyan
Dark Cyan Yıl önce
@cheese butterface Oreos don't have cream in them. At least not the plain ones. The filling is basically sugar, oil, corn syrup and soy lecithin
groundskeeper willie
groundskeeper willie Yıl önce
But they are milking the almonds! AND KILLING THEM
TotableCorgi 6 aylar önce
My aunt is vegan but isn’t one of those “OH MY GOD YOU’RE EATING MEAT YOU HEARTLESS MONSTER” vegans
Alexa 4 aylar önce
Phuck You
Phuck You 4 aylar önce
@Alexa you just ignored what i said, abusing kids is fine but also isn't!
Alexa 4 aylar önce
@Phuck You dude, you just ignored what i said, I said abusing animals isn't fine.
Phuck You
Phuck You 4 aylar önce
@Alexa i care about kids and child abuse but abusing kids is fine
Alexa 4 aylar önce
@Phuck You I care about animals, and abusing animals is bad. But eating meat is fine
Dandelion 7 aylar önce
James' mind during the veggie burger part: DON'T THROW UP DON'T THROW UP DON'T THROW UP DON'T THROW UP DON'T THROW UP
YoonXD 3 aylar önce
Me: imma do vegan challeenge RIGHT NOW!! Also me: *thinks to do a vegan challenge while eating ham*
V12 jayz
V12 jayz 6 aylar önce
GoCrazyyPanda 2 aylar önce
@Giant Pink Cat lmfao
Giant Pink Cat
Giant Pink Cat 2 aylar önce
@GoCrazyyPanda Found the Redditor
GoCrazyyPanda 2 aylar önce
@Dobermike bro this was 5 months ago get a life fucking weirdo
Dobermike 2 aylar önce
@GoCrazyyPanda nice ratio man I wonder who’s the walking L
Juicyyz 4 aylar önce
@ThePokemonKage Ohhhhh. Welp.
YoYo 2 yıl önce
James: *sprinkles Oreos on reeses puffs* *steve has entered the chat*
OutOfService 11 aylar önce
What? The dude who puts raw steak in some rock and it comes out cocked and he gets a small green orbs?
Banana Man
Banana Man Yıl önce
Oh I get it...HA HA HA HA
Jeanette Austin
Jeanette Austin Yıl önce
I'm like Jay's clone. XD Great job dude!
Oscar Zarate
Oscar Zarate Yıl önce
Nice video for watch: trshow.info/watch/KnEedOlQ5vA/video.html
Carmelina Ordonez Pablo
Carmelina Ordonez Pablo Yıl önce
jay jackson
jay jackson 6 aylar önce
Him: is honey vegan? Me: no This is real don’t take this as a joke
Noval Chan
Noval Chan 3 aylar önce
Yeah, he did say milk so i already thought honey is a no too
Person 3 aylar önce
Tbh their whole life revolves around making it so why not use it for something... They're willingly giving it too, it's not like we are just stealing it like some evil villains
Kick Buttowski
Kick Buttowski 6 aylar önce
I Know It
Nikunj Gangwar
Nikunj Gangwar 6 aylar önce
As an indian i have been doing vegetarian challenge since i was born
Art By CRA
Art By CRA 3 aylar önce
Vegan teacher after watching this: You win youtube.
The Paper Whisperer
The Paper Whisperer 6 aylar önce
I am vegan and I love it. There are plenty of options out there for yummy meals. I cannot stand the vegan hate on the internet. Have a great day!
Gerom Larayos
Gerom Larayos Yıl önce
"The whiter the bread, the sooner you're dead" America in a nutshell
CptChuff2 13 gün önce
Or Canada
Oscar Zarate
Oscar Zarate Yıl önce
this video is fantastic for you: trshow.info/watch/KnEedOlQ5vA/video.html
Anvaka Thazit
Anvaka Thazit Yıl önce
Russia ka Vladmir
Russia ka Vladmir Yıl önce
No he's not 10! He's 8.
LeoTucan's World
LeoTucan's World Yıl önce
Shut up idiot
glacial lord
glacial lord 2 aylar önce
me a vegitarian: pathetic, i drink milk every day and eat pure veg things also no eggs aren't veg
Hshjdigli 5 aylar önce
That vegan teacher: I've won but at what cost??
Pötãtō Vïbêś
Pötãtō Vïbêś 6 aylar önce
That burger brought up forbidden memories when my sister decided she wss vegetarian for 3 years... We still have those in our freezer...
Potatooo 3 aylar önce
Emma Thornton
Emma Thornton 2 yıl önce
Roommate walks in on James making the oreo/ reeses concoction: James: *Don’t ask*
Creator Studios
Creator Studios Yıl önce
@Gem Loranger who?
Hello are you okay?
Hello are you okay? 2 yıl önce
Emma Thornton IKR I was watching that video like ten mins ago👌🏼😁🌈👍🏼
Quantum Magnus
Quantum Magnus 2 yıl önce
The Potter Girls I don’t think *anyone* cares. Meat and meat products are delicious. 😋
Handsome Squidward
Handsome Squidward 2 yıl önce
Demmaz X
Demmaz X 2 yıl önce
Tracy Moody
Tracy Moody Aylar önce
Me: *Eating a hot pocket* James: Like who eats hot pockets?! Me: I DO, DANG IT!
Baggebo Elev Alexander Skolprojekt
Baggebo Elev Alexander Skolprojekt 3 aylar önce
I challanged my Step-granpa to a challange of being Vegan for a week. He thanked me later ’cause he lost wight lol.
StarDragon 12 gün önce
I'm vegetarian (have been my whole life), and can attest that vegan cheeses and Boca burgers specifically are horrifying. Other veggie burgers are great, but Boca burgers are the worst. They have no flavor
Berry 6 aylar önce
I've been vegan for a year and I still have no idea why
Haley Gold
Haley Gold 5 yıl önce
I would probably eat peanut butter and jelly 3 meals a day lol.
tiffany 🏜
tiffany 🏜 4 yıl önce
Isn't peanut butter non vegan
Randy Culberson
Randy Culberson 4 yıl önce
Haley Gold shnen stop lol just fucking kidding (JFK)
Randy Culberson
Randy Culberson 4 yıl önce
u will clog your digestive system and you will get sick(just saying)
Dayz 4 yıl önce
Haley Gold why the hell does this comment have so many fucking likes???
Zac 4 yıl önce
Yuri Plisetsky Actually, there IS a difference between jam and jelly. Jelly has no seeds but jam HAS seeds.
francis balliet
francis balliet 4 aylar önce
james: do you think im proud i did the 7 day vegan challenge... james HETFIELD: YES I AM!!! (metallica\diamond head reffrence)
Aidan Xavier
Aidan Xavier 6 aylar önce
James managed to find the grossest veggie burgers lmao. Most of them taste fine. Bland at worst. Also don't microwave them, cook them in a pan like regular burgers
siriousgamer 2 aylar önce
"Who eats hot pockets?!" Me eating a hot pocket that second: LOL
The flibblators
The flibblators 2 aylar önce
There’s bread on the burger, bread isn’t vegan but still, i love your videos James
millennium anum
millennium anum 9 aylar önce
OREOS ARE VEGAN FRIENDLY? the more you know.
Peppa Da Best
Peppa Da Best 4 aylar önce
@Kayla Carranza yes almond or coconut milk
Mynameisnvmbecauseidonthavetimetodothatrightnowok1 4 aylar önce
You know not for me cause I only like then with milky
Kirby Netta
Kirby Netta 5 aylar önce
They became vegan in the 90s
miguelabro 5 aylar önce
Almond milk?
CyanBluedemon 5 aylar önce
Seven day vegan challenge(solves your problems)
Bianca coronel
Bianca coronel 6 aylar önce
jajaja me morí de la risa sigue así hahaha, I died laughing, keep it up
OllyBobOlly 2 aylar önce
The Demon Under Your Bed
The Demon Under Your Bed 4 aylar önce
“Doing the seven day vegan challenge will be easy!” *proceeds to eat milk*
The Demon Under Your Bed
The Demon Under Your Bed 3 aylar önce
@legendary fart master it’s sarcasm...
legendary fart master
legendary fart master 3 aylar önce
@The Demon Under Your Bed milk is a liquid you can't eat liquids
The Demon Under Your Bed
The Demon Under Your Bed 3 aylar önce
@legendary fart master with a fork, obviously
legendary fart master
legendary fart master 3 aylar önce
@The Demon Under Your Bed okay but how do you eat milk
The Demon Under Your Bed
The Demon Under Your Bed 3 aylar önce
@legendary fart master yes i do consume my oreos thru a straw. How else does one drink oreos?
Vegan by the way
Vegan by the way 6 aylar önce
"You shouldn't feel better than others because of what you eat." True, everyone can be as slim, fat or whatever they want and everyone deserves the same respect. But if you kill animals and eat them for taste pleasure you are still not an animal lover.
Kaya 2 yıl önce
Y'all complaining about him using milk with the "vegan" cereal but y'all blind as to not see the almond milk carton that's clearly visible in the shot
ermguitar Yıl önce
lol don't try almond milk if you want to go vegan, it's disgusting. Coconut milk is the best kind I've found so far.
Poppyseed Yıl önce
Kay Pelle some almond milk brands are vegan
Amanda Healey
Amanda Healey Yıl önce
@D O T That's a little harsh
Grackle LACKLE
Grackle LACKLE Yıl önce
bambi uwu bees are animals....
Rex_I_Guess Yıl önce
StealthyPower 4 aylar önce
vegetarian is a lot easier than vegan, trust.
Dilshad Kp
Dilshad Kp 4 aylar önce
still vegan is better than vegetarian
Jaxon's Cool Vids
Jaxon's Cool Vids Aylar önce
Vegan teacher: *watching his video* Vegan teacher: and I took that personally
Cameron J. Wallace
Cameron J. Wallace Aylar önce
James: If you've seen the bee movie you know bees have nothing to do outside of making honey... Me: well, that's just one type of bee, my man... Bees have a lot of pollination things to do... Also, trying to have a nice life...
INFP 9w1 😜✌
INFP 9w1 😜✌ 6 aylar önce
I literally had a salad for every meal for 8 and a half months.....and then I slept walked to the freezer and subconsciously ate a pint of Ice cream.....I woke up with the carton in my hands........yeah......that was my vegan challenge......I'm not kidding btw it was the night of January 18th 2021
Tia Here
Tia Here Yıl önce
James- being vegan is hard! Jaiden- being vegan is easy
the player within
the player within Yıl önce
I'm vegiatarain
jkdkhfyf Yıl önce
That Vegan Teacher: That's hard
Aliou Yıl önce
bro milk isn't vegan lol it comes from cows.
Pyro Fangs
Pyro Fangs Yıl önce
Differnt strokes for differnt fokes
Asukai Yıl önce
Opposite friends.
AdamGhost Aylar önce
James: I have no idea why vegans get so much hate! The many forceful vegans like that vegan teacher: Allow us to introduce ourselves
Haven Anne
Haven Anne 3 aylar önce
Who else is rewatching this video *after* being introduced to who TheVeganTeacher is 🤢😂
Gacha_Josie 2 aylar önce
Maddie Kettle
Maddie Kettle 2 aylar önce
Creeperfy 3 aylar önce
MuffinGuyChennal 2 aylar önce
James, I've been a vegetarian for a year and I have no problems
SamTheLoser 2 aylar önce
Desc: i havent seen a vegan with bad skin Me: **cough** That didn’t age well. (That Vegan Teacher)
Huggable The Panda
Huggable The Panda 2 yıl önce
*James puts Reese's puff and Oreos together* Diabetes: enters chat
Screaming Banana
Screaming Banana 6 aylar önce
Which type, they were taking about type 2
Igby the Shark
Igby the Shark Yıl önce
Oreos have milk in it FYI
Oscar Zarate
Oscar Zarate Yıl önce
amazing video for you to watch: trshow.info/watch/KnEedOlQ5vA/video.html
Hannah Hankins
Hannah Hankins 2 yıl önce
XD why is everybody watching this NOW?!?!
Brooke Turner
Brooke Turner 2 yıl önce
Huggable The Panda hhhah omg yessssas
JadeFromTarzan 18 gün önce
I wonder how The Vegan Teacher would feel about this...
Stoker Fam
Stoker Fam 5 aylar önce
Many types of bread are naturally vegan. Still, some include non-vegan ingredients like eggs, milk, butter, or honey So it depends what bread you’re using
Zacharia 3 aylar önce
@Navita Dashore not even going to comment on the fact that India is one of the biggest exporters of cow flesh and leather?
Navita Dashore
Navita Dashore 3 aylar önce
Smh we gives the calves as much as they need, while taking the rest
Zacharia 3 aylar önce
@Navita Dashore India is one of the biggest exporters of cow flesh and leather. Also if you “extract” milk from the mother cows, what do you do with the calves that need that milk?
Navita Dashore
Navita Dashore 3 aylar önce
@Zacharia ah, but that's not completely true. You see, in india, we don't kill cows or bulls or bees. We simply extract honey or milk, and take care of the bulls and cows
Zacharia 3 aylar önce
@Navita Dashore the dairy industry kills just as many animals as the meat industry. Male calves can’t produce milk so they get killed soon after they’re born. And when the mother can’t take the emotional and physical abuse anymore (because they are usually kept in terrible conditions) and she stops producing milk, she will be killed. The honey industry clips the wings of the queen bee so she can’t fly away. If bees slow down on their production of honey, the honey industry will kill them and replace them with more productive bees.
lightforaustria ❤️ Das grosse Erwachen
lightforaustria ❤️ Das grosse Erwachen 2 aylar önce
Love it ♥ greetings to all ambassadors of the new earth 🌎 #lightforaustria #5minutesinheaven lets shine ☀
Dylan the bi guy
Dylan the bi guy 2 aylar önce
Who knows what that vegan teacher will say about this
Kary's sweet creations
Kary's sweet creations 2 yıl önce
"I can feel my bones getting stronger" *draws muscles*
Adam J
Adam J 2 yıl önce
Kary's sweet creations i saw this at the exact part
Manito Dominguez
Manito Dominguez 2 yıl önce
Remember to consume your calcium
Mr Panders
Mr Panders 2 yıl önce
abducted 2 yıl önce
@TAI he literally sayed that
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf 2 yıl önce
are you kidding me right now 🤦‍♂️
Beatrice Krusemark
Beatrice Krusemark 22 gün önce
Sometimes I wish I was vegetarian, but vegan, I LOVE MILK
ZZAlligator 11 saatler önce
You used milk in your cereal! Is THAT vegan?
Hyena 3 aylar önce
*This is what Vegansim looks like* It’s beautiful. I want it
mouses 5 gün önce
Fun Fact: Did you know you can skip ads immediately by clicking shorts!
Pyro Shaniac
Pyro Shaniac 11 aylar önce
James: “who’s likes hot pockets?!” Me after I just ate my third one today: ....
♡︎ Karl ♡︎
♡︎ Karl ♡︎ 7 aylar önce
Im eating a hot pocket while watching this :'(
Pyro Shaniac
Pyro Shaniac 7 aylar önce
@skkat calm down
skkat 7 aylar önce
dont lie to yourself their disgusting
Bts world
Bts world 7 aylar önce
Pyro Shaniac
Pyro Shaniac 8 aylar önce
@Coda Dunham opinion noted
Le Charlemagne
Le Charlemagne 6 aylar önce
You mentioned, that we vegans need a lot of self control to not eat all this animal stuff and it makes sense that you say that after your experience. But actually being vegan really isnt that hard. But it’s mostly just about habit. It takes most people about 1-2 months to change a habit which is why it actually isn’t that hard to be vegan. So if you really want to try this whole vegan thing out, maybe try veganuary where you are vegan for a month. That should make it easier to stay vegan for a longer period of time.
CptChuff2 13 gün önce
Me eating beef jerky while watching this:
Vanilla Thunder
Vanilla Thunder 6 aylar önce
@Le Charlemagne I have no problem with veganism. You misinterpreted That completely. I have no issue with anyones eating preferences. I have vegan friends, I also have friends who are carnivore keto. So they eat literally nothing but pounds of meat, and they eat just once a day. They dont touch vegetables. And dont be so quick to be offended, as when I cooked for my friends, I was still in my first trimester of pregnancy so lots of smells made me want to puke. Didnt mean I hated the entire spectrum of vegans and thier diet. Just means I had a super sensitive stomach. So again, dont be so nasty.
Le Charlemagne
Le Charlemagne 6 aylar önce
@Vanilla Thunder Well you told me rather vividly, how gross you think that product was (the smell made me want to puke), which lead me to believe, that this isn´t just about this one product, but about how much you dislike vegan replacement products for meat in general. Now that might be a misinterpretation, but if you use words like nasty or puke, i think it´s rather obvious that you not only have a problem with one product, but with the whole idea that you should replace products in the first place. Maybe it´s, because it challenges your beliefs, that would also explain, why you seemed so offended (So maybe dont be so nasty.). Anyways, hope you´re having a great day, TDS
Vanilla Thunder
Vanilla Thunder 6 aylar önce
@Le Charlemagne or I didnt judge at all, just told you how gross one thing I tried to make is. As a non vegan, cooking g vegan foods for me isn't t easy, I literally dont know how to do it. So maybe dont be so nasty.
Le Charlemagne
Le Charlemagne 6 aylar önce
@Vanilla Thunder hm that sucks... But a vegan diet is just like any other diet. Just like not every meat dish is delicious, not all vegan food tastes great. There are amazing vegan meals just like there are bad ones, so you can´t really judge a whole food category just by one porduct you didn´t like, you know? Basiclly what i´m trying to say is, that you may have just judged too quickly and maybe you should try more varieties of vegan food instead of telling us how disgusting beyond meat is.
Paulius Sudas
Paulius Sudas 6 aylar önce
2:02 the reses puffs and oreos have milk in them milk isnt vegan james has officialy clickbaited and failed the vegan chalange in 2 minutes bruh
Hater Raider
Hater Raider 3 aylar önce
James! I got your Second Book today! Sadly I didn't get the first one, but I have the second one uvu. I have no idea if I can get the first one online or not, but if I can, I will definitely get it :)
Hydro_TV 5 aylar önce
Oh good, now James is safe from That Vegan Teacher.
Coco  ☭
Coco  ☭ Yıl önce
Jaiden Animations has taken part in the "Life Time Vegan Challenge"
Person Person
Person Person 8 aylar önce
@Thomas Scraire ok
Banana King
Banana King 10 aylar önce
@foody moody 😎funni big joke
Thomas Scraire
Thomas Scraire 11 aylar önce
I don't care about veganism
Helen Jones
Helen Jones 11 aylar önce
That's why I unsubbed Edit : that's a joke
ew it’s ace
ew it’s ace 11 aylar önce
@Amita kumari they actually don’t. Only a bunch of chemicals.
Sabyasachy Das
Sabyasachy Das 2 aylar önce
In Hinduism you have to eat vegan food for at least 4 days and usually 11-30 days when any of your relative dies
nicole yapp
nicole yapp 6 aylar önce
James:finally the 7 day vegan chagglence is over. me:who vegan for year. Pathic
Chax208 Aylar önce
This would be so easy today, "fake meets" and other vegan alternatives have gotten so much better
Lmanburg child
Lmanburg child 3 aylar önce
When he made the Oreos and Reece’s thing I remember in his roommates video his roommate walked in on him doing that
Seven 3 aylar önce
JJ—Hadi 2
JJ—Hadi 2 3 aylar önce
Harleen Aujla
Harleen Aujla 2 yıl önce
I’m a vegan. And I don’t feel upset after seeing this video. Btw you can also get vegan ice cream their is also almond milk
Willeam Mendez
Willeam Mendez 2 yıl önce
professional disappointment
professional disappointment 2 yıl önce
?? 2 yıl önce
Im also vegan!!
Seth Cressy
Seth Cressy 2 yıl önce
How do you milk an almond?
Matevž Snedec
Matevž Snedec 2 yıl önce
@Alisha Harris so if cows have babies is the same
Futuristic Llama
Futuristic Llama 4 aylar önce
i love how this is mire popular than the original vid of 7 days
Jelly Tan
Jelly Tan 7 aylar önce
One time I was really sick so I had to drink two different medicines one for my sniffles and one to unm probably get betters cause I forgot the sniffles medicine i can handle but the other so gross it had the texture of watered down milk and it smelled EXACTLY like vomit and it was white and thick like milk and yeah I had to cover my nos even when I already drank it lol and one time I actually threw it up cause yeah I was probably really full and I have my medicines after dinner so yeah ;-;
J. Reis
J. Reis 3 gün önce
You didn’t do it right. Ralph is a raw vegan. Nothing he eats is cooked (supposedly)
Fermin Bugallo
Fermin Bugallo 2 aylar önce
7 day vegan challenge solve my countrie's economy. Thank You! Seven day vegan challenge!
Solo Stults
Solo Stults Yıl önce
what James will eat after the vegan challange: 1.Cheese 2. *A H U M A N P E R S O N* 3. a 4x4 burger
Moopy Muffin
Moopy Muffin Yıl önce
Solo Stults
Solo Stults Yıl önce
I have no idea.
Solo Stults
Solo Stults Yıl önce
Nah, once they get out of the microwave it's too hot to eat for another 7 days
Cube Yıl önce
What about the long forgotten Sprinkle Subscriber?
HollieTheBlanketail Yıl önce
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