First 24 Upgrades & Mods for my Ender 3 Pro - Part 1

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Scott Yu-Jan

Scott Yu-Jan

Yıl önce

Part 2 -
Part 3 -
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Tools and Hardware:

Bolts and Nuts used:

Red PLA -
Red PETG -

STLs / tutorials / resources for all upgrades:
1 - LCD screen cover

2 - LCD circuit cover

3 - Control knob with skirt

4 - V-slot covers

5 - Minimal scraper holder

6 - Front rail cover

7 - Ender 3 pro power supply fan baffler

8 - Z-axis motor spacer

9 - Lead screw stabilizer
- No longer recommended! I learned that trying to stabilize the lead screw can actually risk more ghosting and issues. Thanks to @kiemplant for sharing this explanation video

10 - Z-axis knob

11 - Filament guide
- bearings -

12 - Cable chains
- Original tutorial from the designer:

13 - Dual drawer
- NOTE: No support materials are needed for this. Print with the openings of each part facing up!

14 - Bed handles

15 - Glass bed

16, 17 - Bed springs and leveling knobs

18 - SD card adapter holder
- eBay: (cheapest
- Amazon:
- My remix:
- Original:
- 90 degree USB adapter:

19 - All metal dual gear extruder
- Creality:
- Amazon:
- Banggood:
- E-step calibration tutorial:

20 - Bowden tubing
- Creality:
- I heard capicorn ones are better so here's a link to that too:
- Amazon:
- Luke Hatfield's hotend fix:
- Video tutorial:
- Original STL:
- STL I used:

21 - BL touch
- Tutorial:
- Amazon:
- For stock main board:

22 - SKR mini E3 V1.2
- Full guide:
- Amazon: (make sure to get an E3 version)
- There are newer versions of this available but from what I've heard there are still some issues being worked out
- Banggood:

23 - LED lights
- LED lights got discontinued. Watch part 2 for updates on this one:

24 - Raspberry pi
- My remixed part for Raspberry pi 4
- Original:
- 90 degree USB -
- Buck converters (amazon):
- Buck converters (ebay):

Leave suggestions below for other upgrades and mods and maybe I'll make a part 2.

Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan Yıl önce
Part 2 -
SaltyGamer Yıl önce
How did I not see you before? Your editing, jokes and overall explanations are so well done! Hope to see more of you dude!
Sam Wittman
Sam Wittman Yıl önce
I've never said this in the tens of thousands of videos I've watched on TRshow, but this guy's editing is CLEANNNN. Thoroughly impressed and enjoyed it greatly, as well as really really good content.
CouscousKingpin Yıl önce
This has got to be the most well put together, clean video I've seen on upgrades. This was SUPER helpful.
Cory Stowell
Cory Stowell Yıl önce
Your editing is just simply amazing. After watching an unimaginable amount of 3d printer videos yours takes the cake. By far.
The Mouse Lady
The Mouse Lady Yıl önce
just got my ender 3 a few days ago, and am incredibly overwhelmed by all the info that i have to learn. this just made me even more overwhelmed but damn was this cool to watch!!!! love your editing style too!
ChiliBowl20 Gün önce
just got my first printer this week and just found this great vid!! question: are all parts that were printed in the video with PETG able to be printed with PLA? is it a preference thing or necessity? thank u!!
failtolawl Yıl önce
"shouldn't we fix this design issue?"
Harry Cee
Harry Cee
Great video. Thank you for compilation of good practical upgrades. Just got my Ender 3 Pro from Microcenter for $99. After seeing this video, I am super excited to start moding.
Loving these upgrades and I've done a load of similar or the same ones myself. Have to say though the best upgrade I got for my Ender 3 V2 was a 2nd Z motor and screw assembly. It stops gantry sag completely and really squares up your prints - noticeable on taller prints or when you really really need things to be perfectly square.
Josh Barkis
Josh Barkis
Hey I would actually like to thank you for showing me 3d printing and a good starter 3d printer, this video first got me into 3d printing and I have started modding my printer in the same way. Thank you Man for your work.
Rock Your Brand®
Rock Your Brand® Yıl önce
Fantastic video. I just got my first 3D printer (Ender 3 V2). I haven't even unboxed it yet, but I can see me doing a lot of these mods that are suitable for my version. I'm a black and red colour scheme fan as well. So this is all perfect.
Steve the Pirate
Steve the Pirate
I'd recommend looking into one of the main board upgrades rather than the sd card adapter personally. Get a model with USBA and/or ethernet.
Thomas Langley
Thomas Langley Yıl önce
There's something SO satisfying about the fact you're 3D printing parts for your 3D printer
Nippelfritten Yıl önce
First off all, this is a really entertaining great produced video. The upgrades you've done are really cool and your way of showing them is really insightful. I will try to incorporate some of these into my Creality CR-10s. Thank you very much for this video!
Quarteg Yıl önce
I absolutely love the video and keep going back to it over and over. I've been sharing it with my wife and anyone that needs to see it. You know, everybody.
Ryan T
Ryan T Yıl önce
Thank you so much for an extremely well presented video that has more upgrade suggestions thatn anyone else. I decided 4 days ago to order an Ender 3 v2 (which has the upgraded mother board, quiter drivers, glass bed). The past 2 days I have printed many of your suggested upgrades. I also bought a BL touch, an all metal extruder in a kit that also had Bowden tubing, nozzles, higher quality fittings. I also upgraded my bed springs, a SD card extender and printed your remix SD card adapter. I have watched so many videos about Ender 3's and Fusion 360. You videography is perfect, excellent editing, you are thorough, and you present yourself with an easy going fun attitude. Just 2 days into owning my Ender and I am so far ahead. Thanks
Brandon Duckett
Brandon Duckett
Your editing and sound design are next level. like at
dancedj2k2 Yıl önce
This has to be one of the best videos I have seen on TRshow as far as the edits and the direction. I know it probably took a day or 2 to edit. I have been debating on getting a 3D printer for awhile and couldn't decide on which on. Then Naomi Wu (sexycyborg) told me about this printer. I see why she said it was the best printer for its price. The customization and ability to upgrade this printer is un-matchable compared to other printers. I gave you a follow for all the hard work.
Integza Yıl önce
I really love the way you edit, your videos just flow like a superfluid
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