First 24 Upgrades & Mods for my Ender 3 Pro

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Scott Yu-Jan

7 aylar önce

All music by Cameron Luck:
My Instagram: scottyujan
If you decide to buy an Ender 3 Pro or other products from Creality, please consider using my affiliate link to help support my channel:
Creality (cheaper) -
Amazon -
Some links below are affiliate links. It doesn't cost you extra to buy through those and I just get a tiny commission. Thank you!
Tools and Hardware:
Bolts and Nuts used:
STLs / tutorials / resources for all upgrades:
1 - LCD screen cover
2 - LCD circuit cover
3 - Control knob with skirt
4 - V-slot covers
5 - Minimal scraper holder
6 - Front rail cover
- NOT sure about this one anymore. My bed started to hit this cover after a firmware update. Not sure why.... but be careful with this one. Use it at your own risk! It does look pretty sweet though :/
7 - Ender 3 pro power supply fan baffler
8 - Z-axis motor spacer
9 - Lead screw stabilizer
- No longer recommended! I learned that trying to stabilize the lead screw can actually risk more ghosting and issues. Thanks to @kiemplant for sharing this explanation video
10 - Z-axis knob
11 - Filament guide
12 - Cable chains
- Original tutorial from the designer:
13 - Dual drawer
- NOTE: No support materials are needed for this. Print with the openings of each part facing up!
14 - Bed handles
15 - Glass bed
16, 17 - Bed springs and leveling knobs
18 - SD card adapter holder
- eBay: (cheapest
- Amazon:
- Banggood:
- My remix:
- Original:
19 - All metal dual gear extruder
- Creality:
- Amazon:
- Banggood:
- E-step calibration tutorial:
20 - Bowden tubing
- Creality:
- I heard capicorn ones are better so here's a link to that too:
- Amazon:
- Luke Hatfield's hotend fix:
- Video tutorial:
- Original STL:
- STL I used:
21 - BL touch
- Tutorial:
- Amazon:
- eBay:
- For stock main board:
22 - SKR mini E3 V1.2
- Full guide:
- Amazon:
- There are newer versions of this available but from what I've heard there are still some issues being worked out
- Banggood:
23 - LED lights
- I can't find the ebay link for the USB lights I used sadly but here's a similar one
- eBay:
- Maybe try remixing my part?
- Buck converters:
24 - Raspberry pi
- My remixed part for Raspberry pi 4
- Original:
- Buck converters (amazon):
- Buck converters (ebay):
Leave suggestions below for other upgrades and mods and maybe I'll make a part 2.
#Ender3 #3Dprinting #Upgrades

Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 6 aylar önce
Thank you all for the likes, subs, and comments! I started with 12 subs before this video.... this is crazy! the ender 3 community is amazing! ~~~~~ Here are some FAQs, updates, and disclaimers - 08/30/2020: ~~~~~ - I removed upgrade #9 - Lead screw stabilizer. Details in the video description. I'm sorry for including this one, I'm honestly a newbie at this and didn't know of the issues around this upgrade. thank you all for educating me on this and sharing resources with me. - Cost for all the upgrades (not including the raspberry pi): $138 Q: Why did you buy a 3D printer just to print upgrades?!? A: Because I'm a gooof.... and I just like to get the upgrades all over with at the start so afterwards I can focus on my projects and not have to worry about printing issues. In fact, just to make sure I don't get addicted to making upgrades, I'm forcing myself to make at least 2 videos that are non-upgrade related before I make the part 2 video for this. Q: When is part 2 coming? A: Sooooon-ish? I'm still waiting for a few upgrade parts to arrive in the mail and working on a few other projects at the moment so it'll take a while. I'll give updates in my next few videos. Q: What's your printing profile? Can you share it? A: I'm using Maker's Muse's profile from this video: I'm also using that profile for PETG too with just modified temperature settings. Q: Why would you do this when the Ender 3 v2 and CR-6 SE already have a lot of these upgrades pre-installed? A: Because when I bought the Ender 3 Pro, the v2 and CR-6 SE hasn't been released yet :( I still really like the ender 3 pro but I would also highly recommend the Ender 3 v2 if you're looking to buy Associate link (cheapest): Amazon: Q: Why the baby? A: Why not the baby? I'll add more as more questions come in. Cheers!
Swank’s Cabinet
Swank’s Cabinet 24 gün önce
Have you seen the new front rail cover that the guy designed? It looks epic
Oliver Gollapudi
Oliver Gollapudi Aylar önce
@Printed Props Now 31.6!!!
TheRedTeam Aylar önce
Cameron Weller
Cameron Weller Aylar önce
Yo what chair is that in the background ? Do you like it ?
J Lee
J Lee Aylar önce
This is a great video man. I'm in the process of upgrading my Ender now. I actually made my first thing from scratch, it's a toilet paper roll holder that I designed with smaller nubs to fit the mount in my bathroom that's built into the tile. I just made a series of tubes with holes in them using the free version of Fusion360, but I'm really proud of it. I just wanted to say, that watching your video was what convinced me to finally pull the trigger on an Ender 3. I really like the spirit of upgrading and personalizing things, and I think you do a great job embodying that. Looking forward to more content man.
Mark Vasquez
Mark Vasquez 11 saatler önce
Awesome upgrades! just got my ender 3pro so m gonna try a few of these. Cheers.
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller 20 saatler önce
A really good video. I'd like to see one on your setup for the time lapse capture.
Gabriel Arias
Gabriel Arias Gün önce
I know this might sound like a dumb question but for the buck converter that you use for the raspberry pie do you lower the voltage same amount as you did for the lights
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan Gün önce
yup! they both run on the same amount (5 volts). you COULD probably just use 1 bucks converter for the two of them but i’m an amateur with this stuff so i always prefer to keep things safe and simple.
Kristopher Swaniawski
Kristopher Swaniawski Gün önce
The raspberry pi needs a passive cooler on his cpu, otherwise it will go really hot
Ennar 2 gün önce
I would love to know what slicer generates those sick support structures!
DJRonnieG 2 gün önce
Perhaps I've done something wrong; the dual-z motors has been a pretty worthwhile upgrade but I do have to re-align the left and right side every week or so.
Sam Carmel
Sam Carmel 2 gün önce
Which filament did you use for these upgrades?
cri8tor 2 gün önce
After reading that all the new printers will be coming with a 32 Bit processor and watching your video, I decided to order the Ender 3 Pro from the Creality Website. Really appreciate the effort to share all the great upgrades you've made to your printer and hope to see more videos on upgrades you make in the future. You just received another subscriber. Cheers brother
Gabriel Arias
Gabriel Arias 2 gün önce
Yo you should definitely do an update your video is a lot of hub thanks for all the info
RedStride Technologies
RedStride Technologies 2 gün önce
I cant wait for you to start using the 3D printer
DracoEX 2 gün önce
Sooo just got my ender 3 pro last weekend, got it put together, leveled it out, and tried to run the cable chain print but started running into issues with the pla sticking to the magnetic bed. any tips?
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 2 gün önce
@DracoEX if you need to print at 30% speed for the print to stick, it means your bed adhesion just isn’t good enough and 99% of the time it’s due to an unleveled bed. i recommend following this tutorial: another thing too that might help is to clean your bed with alcohol in-between prints since grease from your fingers or dust on the bed can also lead to these problems. when i’m lazy i just use hand sanitizer. that also works. good luck!
DracoEX 2 gün önce
@Scott Yu-Jan not sticking enough. i reduced the printing speed to %30 and it seems to be sticking now, though it has been 8hr though and its still printing.
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 2 gün önce
is it sticking too much or sticking not enough?
Monscent 3 gün önce
Covering fans seems like a horrible idea.
geb 3 gün önce
at what temperature do you print the pla and at what temperature do you put the printing plate? thanks
geb 3 gün önce
@Scott Yu-Jan Ok, thanks again
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 3 gün önce
@geb depends on your own printer, settings, and the prints you’re making. you’ll just have to test that on your own.
geb 3 gün önce
@Scott Yu-Jan and at what speed do you print?
geb 3 gün önce
@Scott Yu-Jan Thanks
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 3 gün önce
depends on the brand of PLA but you should always aim to print at the lowest nozzle temperature possible. so i print at anywhere between 190 to 210 nozzle and usually 60 for the heated bed.
Ernie 3 gün önce
Thank you for the video. It was very informative. I just bought my very first Ender 3 Pro and I am not very tech savvy. I feel like I have a long way to go before I get anywhere near to your level.
Oz 3 gün önce
I never thought 3D printer and sexy could be used in the same sentence.
AzNightmare 3 gün önce
*lol, when you have nothing to print, just print stuff for your printer. I think I'm gonna go buy a 3D printer now to do the same thing.*
Landon Song
Landon Song 3 gün önce
I’ve watched this video every since it came out like every day at least onece
Payge Smith
Payge Smith 4 gün önce
I printed #7 on the list and the bolt holes were in the wrong spots like they had flipped. Did anyone else have this problem?
ranska 5 gün önce
step 3 / mark its birthday ! What a cool idea (^_^)/ +1
kingkao 5 gün önce
glad i stumbled onto this vid. i was looking for some more upgrades for my ender 3 pro. thanks!
Sam Wittman
Sam Wittman 5 gün önce
I've never said this in the tens of thousands of videos I've watched on TRshow, but this guy's editing is CLEANNNN. Thoroughly impressed and enjoyed it greatly, as well as really really good content. Well done!
hanz2lk 5 gün önce
I ended up buying the Ender 3 v2 last night.
Silence105 6 gün önce
I've done the sd-card reader update with the exact same sd-card adapter but it doesnt work properly somehow. it only works or recognizes the inserted card, if I disconnect and reconnect the micro sd adapter from the printer itself. the adapter works fine on a pc so it must be an issue with the printer. I have marlin 1.0.1 on my ender 3 pro. does anybody know how to solve this problem?
floris lamarque
floris lamarque 6 gün önce
Pourquoi imprimer en PETG les cable chain? Le PLA ne fait pas le job ? Ou est-ce à cause du bed chauffant ? Désolé mon anglais est très mauvais, c'est pourquoi je préfère poser la question en français.
modeling corner
modeling corner 6 gün önce
Your video was awesome. I found it calming, educational and inspiring. You are very talented and creative. Will definitely be implementing some of your ideas on my printer.
legit crack
legit crack 7 gün önce
your eyelashes are pointing down, weird
Mateusz Siwik
Mateusz Siwik 7 gün önce
And 24 mods without improving print cooling ducts etc xDDDDDDDD pathetic
Mateusz Siwik
Mateusz Siwik 7 gün önce
Funny part - there's no need for upgrading. I have changed maybe 5 things and there's no need to change anything else. It's just working, printing quality is good. Rest of it is kinda waste of money, if you don't want to go for specified filaments, that require chambere or direct drive.
Milton Delaney
Milton Delaney 7 gün önce
Awesome video! Great info. Fantabulous production value. I’m subscribed!
Ivan Stoichkov
Ivan Stoichkov 7 gün önce
Gracias por los tips
Kabar Dunia Channel
Kabar Dunia Channel 7 gün önce
awesome... bro
blackhawktim12 8 gün önce
Hey Scott, how do you tell the machine what you want printed if you want something that is not already on the display panel? Thanks
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 8 gün önce
you put it on an SD card and plug it into the machine and access the file via the display panel.
Tibus Gic
Tibus Gic 8 gün önce
Great!!!! You ars a genius
Gene NightThunder
Gene NightThunder 8 gün önce
It would help if you priced every Upgrade. Pricing would help justify buying a cheap printer as opposed to a more expensive one that doesnt need to be Upgraded or Modded. It looks like you took a $300 3D Printer and made it look like $1,000 or more
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 8 gün önce
that’s a good idea. I’ll definitely do that for part 2 and 3. thanks!
C Scott
C Scott 8 gün önce
damn printer looks like a pimp
ashley nery
ashley nery 9 gün önce
wait , you blocked up the fan as it was too noisy? OOOKKKK pretty sure fans are for air flow, a cover of that stops it surely? or did i miss something
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 9 gün önce
haha i should have clarified this one more. it's a popular design on thingiverse and it doens't really cover the fan. it simply redirects the airflow going through the fan so it's more muffled. there are more details about it on thingiverse.
Blake Findlay
Blake Findlay 9 gün önce
I don't even own a 3d printer but this entire video is just pushing me to get one. Nice job!
DaudHTM 10 gün önce
im too lazy to do any of em
The Dwarven Gaming
The Dwarven Gaming 10 gün önce
what was the total end cost of all the upgrades?
Chandler Woodruff
Chandler Woodruff 10 gün önce
Please make more videos. This was very informative an easy to watch. Now time to get to printing.
Logan Terrell
Logan Terrell 10 gün önce
Dude I want a 3-D printer really really really really really really bad
Ricen 10 gün önce
That dual gear extruder destroys itself over a few months. The steel gear first eats into its axle(a screw, threaded through some bearings) then it eats into the aluminum. Do not recommend. The springs with the bed leveling knobs are likely too strong as well. It'll end up warping the plate after a while.
Paul Manolis
Paul Manolis 11 gün önce
You used the 3d printer to create a 3d printer
Antoine Baud
Antoine Baud 11 gün önce
Hi Scott, your video is very well. Merci from France.
Simon Bianco Muss
Simon Bianco Muss 11 gün önce
Wow Amazing! Fantastic job
Ramazi T
Ramazi T 11 gün önce
now i know which printer im gonna buy
Even Haug
Even Haug 11 gün önce
Would be cool if you printed indication of birth date and L1 P1 instead of the white pen
marthamarine 12 gün önce
My guy, you put this together well. For the love of God please get a heat gun instead of the lighter. I know it works but good lord
christian teijeiro
christian teijeiro 12 gün önce
Step 2: add baby oh ok
Ifeanyi Donatus
Ifeanyi Donatus 13 gün önce
Wow...Your upgrades on your Creality Ended 3d printer is overkill. I just love it.
Linus Persson
Linus Persson 13 gün önce
I really really like this video
Ike Karlas
Ike Karlas 13 gün önce
I watched this video 3 times!
Mike 13 gün önce
You're insane. Like in the best way possible
Tag You're It
Tag You're It 13 gün önce
Omg thank you!
Jens Development
Jens Development 14 gün önce
Ik heb ook een Nederlandstalig groeiend TRshow kanaal genaamd "JendDevelopment" neem zeker daar ook een kijkje voor de Nederlandse kijkers maar ook voor de engelse kijkers
Paul R.
Paul R. 14 gün önce
Looking forward to the laser engraving update!!
Masta_ _
Masta_ _ 15 gün önce
where do you get the print designs
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 15 gün önce
thingiverse! :)
RayZXA 15 gün önce
Very interesting and well done video. I don't have an Ender, but a Longer LK5 Pro. I'm glad that he doesn't need so many upgrades😅
ROBLOX GAMER 15 gün önce
lol I guess you love your chipyes
Hunter Biden's Crackpipe
Hunter Biden's Crackpipe 15 gün önce
What's up with the baby on the extruder... lol
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 12 gün önce
watches over my prints LOL your username 😂
Rik Vermeer
Rik Vermeer 15 gün önce
Piet Gelderblom
Piet Gelderblom 16 gün önce
Hi Scott Thanks for your great ideas for mods on the Ender 3D. A question, do you also happen to have experience with the installation and especially which firmware you should use for the BigTreeTech SFS v1.0 smart filament detection sensor. Kind regards Piet
Ronaldo Nardao
Ronaldo Nardao 16 gün önce
Excellent video.
LOSTJAX 16 gün önce
Should I install a lead screw straightner
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 16 gün önce
haha NOPE! added some information about this in my video description. does a lot more harm than good apparently.
Wonder Reef
Wonder Reef 16 gün önce
Does it print PETG good or is that all PLA?
Wonder Reef
Wonder Reef 16 gün önce
@Scott Yu-Jan Yes, thank you but really hard not to buy the same one you have and doing all those sweet mods you did lol
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 16 gün önce
​@Wonder Reef i see, yea. PETG is definitely a bit of a hard material to work with for your first printer. still doable though! just a bit more troubleshooting. i suspect it's probably not the filament's issue honestly. 99% of the time it's something hardware related. i would recommend posting the issues you're running into on the Creality facebook groups. many experts and friendly people on there who are very helpful. that's what i did too early on when i first got this printer. good luck!
Wonder Reef
Wonder Reef 16 gün önce
@Scott Yu-Jan I am a beginner in the hobby, this is my first printer.
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 16 gün önce
@Wonder Reef that’s odd. what do you mean can’t? like what are the issues you’re running into? maybe i can help. i will say though, PETG is definitely more of an intermediate material to work with. PLA is usually a LOT easier.
Wonder Reef
Wonder Reef 16 gün önce
@Scott Yu-Jan I just bought a CR10 V3 and just can't get it to work with PETG. Spent about 10hrs on it today and I'm very close to putting it back in it's box and sending it back to Amazon lol
Anton Bagin
Anton Bagin 17 gün önce
3:35 question what if the rod is not perfectly straight is there something I can do with it except just buying a new one?
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 17 gün önce
nope, just leave it and it will still print perfectly fine. its designed to be unconstrained at the top. I’ll give more details on this in part II coming up soon.
Navid 17 gün önce
Nice edit
Alex Schumacher
Alex Schumacher 17 gün önce
Some of your mods are draining down the printer quality. Example: Ender 3 Lead Screw Stabilizer. Hell what a mistake to do that.
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 17 gün önce
well, i had that one installed for most of the prints in this video actually so i don't think it affected me too much but yessss, someone did educate me about the reasons not to do that one so i removed it recently and added some info about it in my video description 👍
robonxt 17 gün önce
That cable-stuck-in-print image sold me. I guess I really need to print some cable chains...
Jon Stern
Jon Stern 17 gün önce
I don't own an Ender 3 Pro, and I don't intend to, but this was fun to watch. I've modded my printers in the past, but not to this extent. Nice work and nice video.
Eitan Weinberg
Eitan Weinberg 17 gün önce
all metal hotend with direct drive extruder
Laffy Laurence
Laffy Laurence 17 gün önce
This video is amazing. The edits, the music, the content. Everything. Superb job.
Xonaar17Art 17 gün önce
well, I know what I'll be doing to mine lol
Revive your Soul
Revive your Soul 18 gün önce
Moral: The printer is lucky!
Wonderbrow 18 gün önce
i havent got a 3d printer yet. (though i've been looking at them for years) and this does clear up and inspire a lot.
Olivia Banfield
Olivia Banfield 10 gün önce
@Wonderbrow I hope you enjoy it.
Wonderbrow 18 gün önce
and i legit just bought it after posting this comment. :) cant buy any of the upgrades from the website because of my aus' location but i'll make do for now
Ronan Tolla
Ronan Tolla 18 gün önce
Edits and music and appearance are all just so smooooooooth. This is why me and everyone else keep rewatching it.
parker Azz
parker Azz 19 gün önce
I cut up an old credit card and used that as a spacer for the Z axes
Wyatt L. Brauer
Wyatt L. Brauer 19 gün önce
What bearings did you use for the filament guide?
Khalil Burno
Khalil Burno 19 gün önce
What a great video Scott you so talented,👍
Epic Blender Tips
Epic Blender Tips 19 gün önce
buy 200$ printer spend 2000$ worth of time modding it make a youtube video to recoup the 2200$ you have a free printer
JonathanA 20 gün önce
it's my 15th time watching this from start to the end. great job!
Robert Heffernan
Robert Heffernan 20 gün önce
EPIC!! I just ordered myself a Ender 3 Pro, and I will 100% Be doing some of these mods!
Alden240 20 gün önce
I dont understand this but still i like the baby
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 20 gün önce
probably something to do with evolution
Danh Phan
Danh Phan 21 gün önce
I have a question. My team have a idea of reverse engineer where we add a stepper motor on the rail or remove the feeder and replace with the stepper motor. Do you think it possible do that and change the program?? Because we want it to rotate only 10-15 degrees but repeated for certain about of time.
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 20 gün önce
ummm not sure what you guys are trying to do but the feeder is already using a stepper motor so i don’t think you need to replace anything and yes, the code is quite tweak-able. people have modified the ender 3 to be milling machines, plotters, laser cutters, and even chocolate printers so i’m sure it’s open sourced enough to allow for the kind of hacking you’re describing.
AllBrainNoBraun 21 gün önce
I'm completely new/a noob at this so kinda dumb question. Whats the point in adding a raspberry pi?
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 21 gün önce
when you use a regular laser or inkjet printer you know how you can print from a USB or with a computer plugged in feeding the printer the documents to print? well it's the same with a 3D printer except the document is a bunch of code called "Gcode" that tells the printer how to print the 3D model. Well the ender 3 can print 3D models from using the gcode either from a computer plugged in or an SD card. the benefit of a raspberry pi is now that's a dedicated small computer integrated into my 3D printer and it's connected to the internet. So i can now control my printer from any computer in my house or even my phone and monitor prints remotely. i can upload files to for it to print and it also allows for interesting settings like manipulation of the Gcode. that gets into more complicated spaces but just think of it as a small computer that's now connected to the 3D printer allowing it to go online and do a lot more stuff haha hope that helps
Phillip Leathley
Phillip Leathley 21 gün önce
This may seem a very simple question but why go to all this trouble when you can buy a printer that has most of these upgrades as stock and gives a bigger build volume for less than a ender 3, like i said with more features.
CaptainTiefling 20 gün önce
A lot of printer don't have these features even if they cost more. Some of the features are so cheap that adding them to the stock printers would be a waste of ressources.
Officer Kono Kalakaua
Officer Kono Kalakaua 22 gün önce
Im a little late but wich screws did you used? And also got it from Amazon?
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 22 gün önce
yup! links are all in the description. good luck!
Petrache Andrei Liviu
Petrache Andrei Liviu 22 gün önce
i just came here and i just enjoy the vid. n1
Daniel Wood
Daniel Wood 22 gün önce
Does anyone know the size of the ball bearings. If so, let me know.
Nippelfritten 22 gün önce
First off all, this is a really entertaining great produced video. The upgrades you've done are really cool and your way of showing them is really insightful. I will try to incorporate some of these into my Creality CR-10s. Thank you very much for this video!
Paul Burns
Paul Burns 22 gün önce
Dude is like a casey neistat from wish
Tebla 22 gün önce
There is something oddly satisfying about upgrading a 3d printer with 3d printed parts!
VirusWar 22 gün önce
The joke "buy a 3d printer, print your own 3d printer, refund the bought printer" is getting more and more real.
Rubafix989 22 gün önce
To the point, great editing
Quarteg 22 gün önce
I absolutely love the video and keep going back to it over and over. I've been sharing it with my wife and anyone that needs to see it. You know, everybody. My Ender 3 Pro is still in the box as I am trying to make room for it. :-) Can't wait to see the next upgrade video. I just found the Engraving attachment today on their site. (I had to take a look at it after you mentioned it.) lol
Ian Rajkumar
Ian Rajkumar 22 gün önce
11:52 Then, everything changed when the ANTS nation attacked
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 22 gün önce
Dylan Tyler
Dylan Tyler 23 gün önce
YO, wtf I am from Vancouver, WA too
poss1blymabey 23 gün önce
I’ve come back to this video like ten times just to watch the dude’s face at 4:30. Cracks me up every single time
Eddie Fuller
Eddie Fuller 24 gün önce
Please add the "Back to the Future" fridge magnets to your list of where to buy things. Thank you. :D
Eddie Fuller
Eddie Fuller 23 gün önce
@Scott Yu-Jan Redbubble to the rescue, then. :D
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 23 gün önce
i got it at an art event many years ago and i don't remember the artist's name anymore :( sorry
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