First 24 Upgrades & Mods for my Ender 3 Pro - Part 1

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Scott Yu-Jan

Scott Yu-Jan

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Part 2 -
Part 3 -

All music by Cameron Luck:
My Instagram: scottyujan

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Creality (cheaper) -
Amazon -

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Some links below are affiliate links. It doesn't cost you extra to buy through those and I just get a tiny commission. Thank you!

Tools and Hardware:

Bolts and Nuts used:

Red PLA -
Red PETG -

STLs / tutorials / resources for all upgrades:
1 - LCD screen cover

2 - LCD circuit cover

3 - Control knob with skirt

4 - V-slot covers

5 - Minimal scraper holder

6 - Front rail cover

7 - Ender 3 pro power supply fan baffler

8 - Z-axis motor spacer

9 - Lead screw stabilizer
- No longer recommended! I learned that trying to stabilize the lead screw can actually risk more ghosting and issues. Thanks to @kiemplant for sharing this explanation video

10 - Z-axis knob

11 - Filament guide
- bearings -

12 - Cable chains
- Original tutorial from the designer:

13 - Dual drawer
- NOTE: No support materials are needed for this. Print with the openings of each part facing up!

14 - Bed handles

15 - Glass bed

16, 17 - Bed springs and leveling knobs

18 - SD card adapter holder
- eBay: (cheapest
- Amazon:
- My remix:
- Original:
- 90 degree USB adapter:

19 - All metal dual gear extruder
- Creality:
- Amazon:
- Banggood:
- E-step calibration tutorial:

20 - Bowden tubing
- Creality:
- I heard capicorn ones are better so here's a link to that too:
- Amazon:
- Luke Hatfield's hotend fix:
- Video tutorial:
- Original STL:
- STL I used:

21 - BL touch
- Tutorial:
- Amazon:
- For stock main board:

22 - SKR mini E3 V1.2
- Full guide:
- Amazon: (make sure to get an E3 version)
- There are newer versions of this available but from what I've heard there are still some issues being worked out
- Banggood:

23 - LED lights
- LED lights got discontinued. Watch part 2 for updates on this one:

24 - Raspberry pi
- My remixed part for Raspberry pi 4
- Original:
- 90 degree USB -
- Buck converters (amazon):
- Buck converters (ebay):

Leave suggestions below for other upgrades and mods and maybe I'll make a part 2.

Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan Yıl önce
Part 2 - Part 3 - Get this 3D printer for $189 with this affiliate link: and discount code: RP3ROMP10 ~~~~~ Here are some FAQs, updates, and disclaimers - 08/30/2020: ~~~~~ - I removed upgrade #9 - Lead screw stabilizer. Details in the video description. I'm sorry for including this one, I'm honestly a newbie at this and didn't know of the issues around this upgrade. thank you all for educating me on this and sharing resources with me. - Cost for all the upgrades (not including the raspberry pi): $138 Q: Why did you buy a 3D printer just to print upgrades?!? A: Because I'm a gooof.... and I just like to get the upgrades all over with at the start so afterwards I can focus on my projects and not have to worry about printing issues. In fact, just to make sure I don't get addicted to making upgrades, I'm forcing myself to make at least 2 videos that are non-upgrade related before I make the part 2 video for this. Q: When is part 2 coming? A: Sooooon-ish? I'm still waiting for a few upgrade parts to arrive in the mail and working on a few other projects at the moment so it'll take a while. I'll give updates in my next few videos. Q: What's your printing profile? Can you share it? A: I'm using Maker's Muse's profile from this video: I'm also using that profile for PETG too with just modified temperature settings. Q: Why would you do this when the Ender 3 v2 and CR-6 SE already have a lot of these upgrades pre-installed? A: Because when I bought the Ender 3 Pro, the v2 and CR-6 SE hasn't been released yet :( I still really like the ender 3 pro but I would also highly recommend the Ender 3 v2 if you're looking to buy Associate link (cheapest): Amazon: Q: Why the baby? A: Why not the baby? I'll add more as more questions come in. Cheers!
C DON 3 aylar önce
Where can I buy this printer with all the upgrades already done? Anyone know? Help me out pls and thank you 🙏🏾
doctorfloc 8 aylar önce
Thank you very much!
Wave 9 aylar önce
Could you make a video about upgrading an ender 3 V2? (I've noticed that the motherboard on the V2 is better than the one used on the Pro version, is it still worth it to upgrade to the one shown in the video?) also, would you make a video about upgrading the ender 3's size (e.g the Ender Extender kit) or some interesting 3D printed projects?
Pop Cat
Pop Cat 10 aylar önce
Actually, my ender 3 pro came with #8
Haydar KIR
Haydar KIR 11 aylar önce
So many people probably purchased this 3D printer after watching your content. I’ll be one of them.
Brian Janiszewski
Brian Janiszewski 5 aylar önce
12:13 Set these switches up to be run by the Pi using an onboard relay board. Then use PSU control or enclosure plugin in Octopi to turn them on/off automatically when you run a print.
Daz555 2 aylar önce
Loving these upgrades and I've done a load of similar or the same ones myself. Have to say though the best upgrade I got for my Ender 3 V2 was a 2nd Z motor and screw assembly. It stops gantry sag completely and really squares up your prints - noticeable on taller prints or when you really really need things to be perfectly square.
CouscousKingpin 9 aylar önce
This has got to be the most well put together, clean video I've seen on upgrades. This was SUPER helpful.
Cory Stowell
Cory Stowell 10 aylar önce
Your editing is just simply amazing. After watching an unimaginable amount of 3d printer videos yours takes the cake. By far.
SaltyGamer Yıl önce
How did I not see you before? Your editing, jokes and overall explanations are so well done! Hope to see more of you dude!
Erik RiBBler
Erik RiBBler Yıl önce
Yeah great show. Someone recently recommended you
sy5tem Yıl önce
exactly i went an looked if he had other video. just 3 total. his video are instructional but are just plainly entertaining! he must be doing video professionally in life . man you make more video about anything lol
Chris Toxz
Chris Toxz Yıl önce
Because it is his first 3d printing video.. Anyway, very good. Hope to see more from him.
Electric Based Joe
Electric Based Joe Yıl önce
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan Yıl önce
haha thank you so much!
Sam Wittman
Sam Wittman 11 aylar önce
I've never said this in the tens of thousands of videos I've watched on TRshow, but this guy's editing is CLEANNNN. Thoroughly impressed and enjoyed it greatly, as well as really really good content. Well done!
failtolawl Yıl önce
"shouldn't we fix this design issue?" "no, the user will use our product to fix the design issue"
gamingknight 47
gamingknight 47 2 aylar önce
@Gravewolf ok but the one where the rod slightly bends seems like a huge oversight on ender's part, no?
Gravewolf 3 aylar önce
More like they let the users customize the printers. I've been 3d printing for 7 years now and most companies just give you the basic printer cause it will keep costs down. These printers work out of the box even without the mods. I only added a few mods and customizations to all my fdm 3d printers but for my resin printer there's almost very few you can mod it with except for maintenance.
Tactical headlamp with strap
Tactical headlamp with strap 4 aylar önce
I thought the same thing. I was thinking dang I bet printer accessories are a tough market. Most of the extras can be printed lol.
Th0mas 8 aylar önce
One of the reasons I love my CR-10s over some more expensive but less open source printers😆
Christrix 9 aylar önce
why not give the machine an AI and internet access and it will upgrade itself :D
The Mouse Lady
The Mouse Lady 9 aylar önce
just got my ender 3 a few days ago, and am incredibly overwhelmed by all the info that i have to learn. this just made me even more overwhelmed but damn was this cool to watch!!!! love your editing style too!
Christopher Kostic
Christopher Kostic Aylar önce
Love this video and all the cool suggestions to make the E3P look and feel the part! However, I must tell all those new to the sport...the most important part of printing anything, is the slicer settings. Don"t get "overwhelmed" HERE! The stock E3P has done right by me as long as I level the bed, manually or otherwise, and set the slicer settings appropriately. If you keep that in mind...then you can allow this video to do what it does...inform you that there are no limits to the customization and improvement of the E3P. Then, with no fear of risking performance...your journey can be as long as you wish it to be.
Hate Me B1tch
Hate Me B1tch 2 aylar önce
just ordered mine, im overwhelmed too! xD
Minifishy 2 aylar önce
@T N mines coming in today. Any progress? I'm overwhelmed too lol
T N 3 aylar önce
@verses Zero, hey, same here :/
TotallyNotPaul 3 aylar önce
@verses Zero this whole video had, "if the handle on my axe breaks and I replace it, then the axe head breaks and I replace it, is it still the same axe?"
Nathaniel Powell
Nathaniel Powell Yıl önce
I just got this printer three days ago. This has been INCREDIBLY helpful. Thank you Scott! Also very solid and entertaining video, keep it up!
Agent 47
Agent 47 8 aylar önce
This was a very well done video, I wasn't expecting much from a simple upgrade video but I'm impressed. Now I gotta print all of these things now lol.
#Shorts 3 aylar önce
Scarlett Grey
Scarlett Grey Yıl önce
Good set of upgrades. Although, I bought all of the stuff before I even got my E3pro so I guess you could say I've never really had a stock one. Put in the SKR 1.4 Turbo first thing. I'd already modified and compiled the Marlin firmware for it. With the 2209 stepper drivers it is super quiet while printing. The only noise is the fan in the power supply. Have you moved your electronics to the rear and mounted your Pi back there as well. Just did the hero me 5 as well. Not going to lie. I was floored by the print quality now. On .2 layer height, no lines at all. Very close to my Prusa in quality.
Brandon Duckett
Brandon Duckett 5 aylar önce
Your editing and sound design are next level. like at 5:11 when the tools appearing in the drawers each make unique appropriate sounds, loved it.
Nippelfritten Yıl önce
First off all, this is a really entertaining great produced video. The upgrades you've done are really cool and your way of showing them is really insightful. I will try to incorporate some of these into my Creality CR-10s. Thank you very much for this video!
Thomas Langley
Thomas Langley Yıl önce
There's something SO satisfying about the fact you're 3D printing parts for your 3D printer
Ethan Katz
Ethan Katz 10 aylar önce
@James Mills You have no respect. Printer owner here, I love reprap and the idea of self replicating printers, but maybe we were tryna have a joke?
Mr. McKinnon
Mr. McKinnon Yıl önce
If Ford pickup trucks could do that, I'd be out of a job.
AlexWithAStar Yıl önce
@Lying Figure to me that would be even more satisfying. I love metal so much, and in general I tend to want something made of metal VS. plastic, so I’d enjoy it even more if I had a lathe and did that.
Artist and Camera
Artist and Camera Yıl önce
That's how the RepRap started!
Zachary Clarke
Zachary Clarke Yıl önce
@James Mills imagine being this sweaty about comments on a youtube video
Euan Beaden
Euan Beaden Yıl önce
The way you edit your videos is amazing. It must take a long time being able to edit myself! I would love to be able to learn how you film/edit some of the shots and time lapses! Also- great content too. I’ve watched this about 3 times now and can’t wait for my printer to arrive!
Rainbow3D Yıl önce
My printer didn't even came with a magnetic film, but it has 8 clips (4 small, 4 big) and both aluminum and glass beds already in the box. It's nice that the creators look at what people do to the product.
Steve the Pirate
Steve the Pirate 6 aylar önce
I'd recommend looking into one of the main board upgrades rather than the sd card adapter personally. Get a model with USBA and/or ethernet. E: upgrade firmware, and make sure the firmware has thermal runaway protection active. Mixed reports on whether or not that's included let alone enabled in many ender 3s stock.
Quarteg Yıl önce
I absolutely love the video and keep going back to it over and over. I've been sharing it with my wife and anyone that needs to see it. You know, everybody. My Ender 3 Pro is still in the box as I am trying to make room for it. :-) Can't wait to see the next upgrade video. I just found the Engraving attachment today on their site. (I had to take a look at it after you mentioned it.) lol
Integza Yıl önce
I really love the way you edit, your videos just flow like a superfluid
jdniedner Aylar önce
Yeah, his videos make me enthusiastic to try 3d printing. Tomatoes are delicious
Integza 5 aylar önce
@Sangita Sharma no
Sangita Sharma
Sangita Sharma 5 aylar önce
Give me a 3d printer integza
dik purnomo
dik purnomo 5 aylar önce
@matei ciobanu then kill em wtf r u doing
Jake Hurwitz
Jake Hurwitz 8 aylar önce
Hi integza (kill tomatoes)
dancedj2k2 9 aylar önce
This has to be one of the best videos I have seen on TRshow as far as the edits and the direction. I know it probably took a day or 2 to edit. I have been debating on getting a 3D printer for awhile and couldn't decide on which on. Then Naomi Wu (sexycyborg) told me about this printer. I see why she said it was the best printer for its price. The customization and ability to upgrade this printer is un-matchable compared to other printers. I gave you a follow for all the hard work.
Piet Gelderblom
Piet Gelderblom 11 aylar önce
Hi Scott Thanks for your great ideas for mods on the Ender 3D. A question, do you also happen to have experience with the installation and especially which firmware you should use for the BigTreeTech SFS v1.0 smart filament detection sensor. Kind regards Piet
ChrisBow Piloto
ChrisBow Piloto Yıl önce
your info and storytelling here are great! I am curious why you went from a magnetic base to glass? I just did the exact opposite! I will be doing some of those other upgrades though
thescinema Aylar önce
This is wonderful. I just got a 3 Pro for Christmas so I'm really looking forward to modding/upgrading. Thank you for this.
TechTune Yıl önce
Watched this video over 10 times by now, so much better quality then the average youtuber with way more subs. Also very straight to the point.
Cody Wilkins
Cody Wilkins Yıl önce
@Scott Yu-Jan could I send you mine and you do all this for me?! I’ll pay! Lol.
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan Yıl önce
thank you. really glad you enjoyed it so much! cheers
Ryan T
Ryan T 10 aylar önce
Thank you so much for an extremely well presented video that has more upgrade suggestions thatn anyone else. I decided 4 days ago to order an Ender 3 v2 (which has the upgraded mother board, quiter drivers, glass bed). The past 2 days I have printed many of your suggested upgrades. I also bought a BL touch, an all metal extruder in a kit that also had Bowden tubing, nozzles, higher quality fittings. I also upgraded my bed springs, a SD card extender and printed your remix SD card adapter. I have watched so many videos about Ender 3's and Fusion 360. You videography is perfect, excellent editing, you are thorough, and you present yourself with an easy going fun attitude. Just 2 days into owning my Ender and I am so far ahead. Thanks
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 10 aylar önce
wow, that’s impressive ryan! very productive, nice job. glad my video is as helpful! cheers.
Rock Your Brand®
Rock Your Brand® 9 aylar önce
Fantastic video. I just got my first 3D printer (Ender 3 V2). I haven't even unboxed it yet, but I can see me doing a lot of these mods that are suitable for my version. I'm a black and red colour scheme fan as well. So this is all perfect. Amazing editing work as well.
Tim Walsh
Tim Walsh 4 aylar önce
I just picked up an Ender 3 Pro and getting started. I love some of these mods, especially the toolbox! I'm looking forward to getting started with this! that Raspberry Pi mod is way cool!
Leo Li
Leo Li Yıl önce
Scott this is more than amazing. I am a total 3d printer beginner I really want one but I have a lots of concerns abt durability, bugs & etc that I won't be able to fix ; would you sell the whole set-up of this as a package? Or would you upgrade the ender 3 pro and resell it?
BrockPlaysFortnite Yıl önce
That was awesome...
Rogg02 8 aylar önce
Fortnite is cringe
Game Thrillers 2
Game Thrillers 2 Yıl önce
Probably one of the only other Fortnite players I would catch watching a 3D printer video. Haha nice bro!!
Sipos Tamas
Sipos Tamas 10 aylar önce
Such a great content! No timewasting parts, enjoyed every bit of your video. Thanks a lot Scott Yu-Jan
#Shorts 3 aylar önce
Stefan Smiljkovic
Stefan Smiljkovic 6 aylar önce
Hey SCott, great videos, watched all parts. I am wondering how did you make those time-laps while printing without seeing the printer head?
LMCG 10 aylar önce
Nice video, so many useful mods. I just got this printer the last week and made a few prints, still learning but I'm loving it. One of the things that drives me crazy the most is the noise from the fan that's always running at 100%. It there any mod to reduce that noise?
awsomecrossing 3 aylar önce
Great Scott, great video!! But it brings up a question: All these mods for a budget printer, is it worth spending all this time fiddling around with it instead of buying a printer that's less flawed for a higher price? What would that price be and what 3d printers come to mind for you?
lambdaman Aylar önce
I don't think you understand. The entire point of 3d printers is to print upgrades for the printer. If you paid more for a better one with fewer flaws, there wouldn't be anything you could even do with it. It would be a waste of money.
Donny Ferris
Donny Ferris 7 aylar önce
AWESOME VIDEO!!! Well produced and as entertaining as it was informative. So glad I found this! THANK YOU! Can’t wait to print all this stuff! (Especially that snack holder!) Love your presentation style and really enjoyed the humor. You have a new subscriber!
CoastGhost 9 aylar önce
Dude your editing is SO good! The way you matched the timing at 5:12 to the music was 👌👌
MrRedstone Yıl önce
Ah yes, the cable chains were one of my earliest prints. Right after I installed Marlin and did manual (sensorless) mesh bed leveling because my bed is warped and has an almost 1mm dip in the center. I also bought a raspberry pi 4 with the Argon One all metal case, safe shutdown and fan control included. Powering the pi directly from the power supply is unfortunately not a good idea. Remember, you're not supposed to cut power to the pi without shutting it down first! That's how you corrupt the pi's SD card. Trust me, I did it twice and it actually *destroyed* one SD card in the process. I couldn't get windows to recognize it anymore.
MrRedstone 3 aylar önce
@Ares274(SHYMEYO) Sweet! Don't forget to add bed leveling in the starting Gcode. I actually bought the EZABL kit as well as Ezboard Lite. Works great.
Ares274(SHYMEYO) 3 aylar önce
Bro i got ender 3 pro with preinstalled skr mini E3 v2 bl touch and marlin
Liam Miller
Liam Miller 2 aylar önce
Awesome and inspiring video man! Slowly working on these mods for my Ender 3 v2. At 10:32 what gauge wire did you use to take the 24v 14.6a power from the PSU to the buck converters? I only have 24AWG and I'm concerned 14.6 amps might be a little too heavy for what wire I have.
Douglas Lewis
Douglas Lewis 2 aylar önce
Great video. Entertaining and informative. Great mods that you made with 3D items you printed! the printer looks like an excellent choice.
Ernie 11 aylar önce
Thank you for the video. It was very informative. I just bought my very first Ender 3 Pro and I am not very tech savvy. I feel like I have a long way to go before I get anywhere near to your level.
Seth Laske
Seth Laske 7 aylar önce
I keep coming back to these videos. I love how you did the LEDs, Im just nervous about trying to replicate that styling with the wiring and such
#Shorts 3 aylar önce
Cam 3 aylar önce
I’d love to do this as well but I feel the same way. Then again there’s not much you could mess up
Colin Chilibeck
Colin Chilibeck Yıl önce
Really well done video. 14 minutes flew by. The effort you put into the editing payed off. Nice work!
Frank Simon
Frank Simon 4 aylar önce
Some great stuff in here, I could have used a little more background information on a few of those things but you seem to have talent for producing useful videos
SirFpvALot 10 aylar önce
I enjoyed very much how you thoroughly made sure to make the video go with the beat. I'm all about that life. very nice. Almost makes me want to get an Ender instead of a anycubic mega pro just so i can do all these neat upgrades you shared. mainly the one for adding rasberry pie so i can do sexy time lapses available through Octoprint ! thanks for being so cool.
Ifeanyi Donatus
Ifeanyi Donatus 11 aylar önce
Wow...Your upgrades on your Creality Ender 3d printer is overkill. I just love it.
Work in Progress
Work in Progress Aylar önce
honestly, this 3d printer is a work of art now! insanely clean mods!
Max 10 aylar önce
Love how you edit. Also how you put work into it even when you didn’t have many subs
Fusion 360 School
Fusion 360 School 13 gün önce
This is great! I did not expect such production quality for a video on 3D printers.
Dale Woodruff
Dale Woodruff 2 aylar önce
I really really really like your videos. I get that it may not be feasible, but I would love for you to make more content. I love the video editing and the dry whit. Also it appears that if there is any theme outside of your printer builds, it's creating content for content creators (video production etc) and either of those themes would make me super happy to see more of. If nothing else please consider this a compliment. You are one of the best (and underrated) content creators on TRshow.
therealtiamat 2 aylar önce
Really cool DIY video!!! Amazing result, makes me want to order an Ender 3 Pro immediately... and do all the Upgrades like you did...🤩
WingMan_Nate Yıl önce
Great stuff man, only had my ender 3 for a month now but definitely will be doing some of these mods! appreciate the time you put into organizing all the links and stuff in the description as well :D
Teorik-0 8 aylar önce
2:48 I think it is to protect the rotor, in the part of the extruder the rotors are covered, I suppose to prevent them from touching and / or between less dust or things like that.
Rafael Diaz
Rafael Diaz Yıl önce
Very sweet upgrades! Enjoyed the visual graphics on the builds.
Wade Tingley
Wade Tingley Yıl önce
Hey Scott! This video is fantastic! I got an Ender 3 Pro for Christmas, and have practically printed your entire list of mods. (I'm heading down the proverbial rabbit hole head first) Thank you sir...looking forward to seeing more videos. :)
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan Yıl önce
Nice! that's awesome wade. just make sure to read the updated list in this video's description since there are a few upgrades now that I no longer recommend. Good luck!
Masterpiece Tools
Masterpiece Tools 10 aylar önce
Part of the reason I bought an Ender was that there were so many additional upgrades, that if nothing else, showed that the design was the main one people were buying. So as soon as I got it, I implemented the upgrades. In the end I got rid of all of them. The printer worked better unhacked. That said, it would be preferable if there was a meter card accepter than the one that come with mine, that can literally eat the card. But other than that I get great prints without messing with a thing, and some of the fixes actually made the machine work worse.
Will Crockett
Will Crockett Yıl önce
Outstanding work there young man! I like your attention to detail and appreciate the high production quality of your video. Thank you very much for these terrific ideas. As an old retired engineer, who is also a newbie when it comes to 3-D printing, you have taught me a lot sir. Much appreciated sir.
Samad Abdul
Samad Abdul 2 aylar önce
I haven't even bought the printer yet and I want these upgrades already!!! This is insane!! Great work. The question is, is the pringle still in there?
Jon Stern
Jon Stern 11 aylar önce
I don't own an Ender 3 Pro, and I don't intend to, but this was fun to watch. I've modded my printers in the past, but not to this extent. Nice work and nice video.
DJRonnieG 11 aylar önce
Perhaps I've done something wrong; the dual-z motors has been a pretty worthwhile upgrade but I do have to re-align the left and right side every week or so.
BroBryce64 9 aylar önce
Heya, I'm from Portland! Moved to Reno a few years ago, but I still get up there a couple of times a year and usually end up somewhere in Vancouver once or twice a visit. I love this video. Very inspiring. I feel like I really need to master the use of what comes stock in the box before I do a huge bunch of upgrades. I bought mine with both the glass bed and the mag flex bed, I like the glass better at the moment. But I see the urgency of getting at least the USB/SDcard thingy going and getting OctoPrint set up. But I love the finished look of everything you've done. It's pretty epic, and something like that would look incredible in my arcade room with an IKEA enclosure :))))))
malign4nt 6 aylar önce
I got an ender 3 pro because of this video and you, thanks for the inspiration, looking forward to starting a new hobby during a rough time
Lep 9 aylar önce
Wonderful video! Just a quick PSA, I printed out the cover for the display PCB. It looked really nice but it caused some issues with the menu during prints (see for a description of what I'm talking about). Apparently one of the screws on the PCB helps ground it on the printer's frame, so putting the cover on it can interrupt that. I just removed the cover completely, but if you're having a problem the reddit link I mentioned said they "edited" the cover (which I suspect means they just enlarged the hole around the relevant screw to allow it to properly contact the PCB), so you could try that as well.
Orlando Oliveros
Orlando Oliveros Yıl önce
Hey! Really enjoyed your video and the upgrades you did, I kept wondering... do you happen to have the link to the laser you bought for your printer? if so, I would really appreciate it if you could share it. Thanks
Alex Robles
Alex Robles 10 aylar önce
Great vid and something I am using to enhance my new Ender 3 Pro. My question is I noticed you started with PLA and then moved to PETG? Is there a reason for it? Do you use an enclosure? how is is printing now almost a year later.
Sony Yıl önce
Great video! The upgrades were cool and you have a really nice presenting style! Seeing as you've already got the fancy new controller board, have you looked into replacing the stock Ender 3 LCD with a TFT35 touch screen at all? I've heard good things and I'd love to see your take on it. Cheers!
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan Yıl önce
The TFT is honestly SO tempting. My favourite part about it is that you can even customize all the icons and skin of the interface too! i feel like i would have a lot of fun with that haha... i've gotten close to ordering it many times but honestly, since I added the raspberry pi, i rarely ever use the LCD on the printer anymore so.... probably not going to get that upgrade anytime soon. I also heard on some online threads that it can make troubleshooting things sometimes trickier? I'm not sure though. If you get it, let me know what you think. Cheers, and thank you for the kind words.
0m3n Yıl önce
This is awesome, I've always wanted a 3D printer and I think the time is now. Would you buy another Ender 3 pro if you had to or is there something else similarly priced you wish you had gone with instead?
alwise 10 aylar önce
Get an ender 3 v2
Nakedlunch02 9 aylar önce
Thanks for the great videos. I am getting my very 1st printer delivered today, but have virtually zero experience with 3d printing. Assembly should be no problem I hope, but after that I have no idea where to get started on how to begin printing. I have a thingeverse account, and know how to get STL files from there, but after that I am lost. I hear people talk about fusion 360 and slicer programs... are there any good tutorials you could recommend for a beginner like myself?
cri8tor 11 aylar önce
After reading that all the new printers will be coming with a 32 Bit processor and watching your video, I decided to order the Ender 3 Pro from the Creality Website. Really appreciate the effort to share all the great upgrades you've made to your printer and hope to see more videos on upgrades you make in the future. You just received another subscriber. Cheers brother
Rob H
Rob H Aylar önce
Thank you for putting this together. I can't wait to do some of this to my ender.
Riley Peterson
Riley Peterson Yıl önce
I watched this video and I have actually done almost all of these things. A few must-haves are octoprint, it is sooo much better than having to take an sd card out of your pc and putting it into your printer every time you want to print. Another must-have is the glass bed and the metal dual gear extruder thing. Also if anybody thinks that the time lapse thing is cool, I believe he is using a plugin in octoprint called octolapse.
Dexter's Woodshop
Dexter's Woodshop Yıl önce
Great video! Question: why do you not need smoothers if you upgrade the board?
Bob Owen
Bob Owen 8 aylar önce
Wow, Pretty Awesome job you did! Great explanations! Question for you is it better to buy the V2 now and do the upgrades or get the pro? Had to subscribe so i can keep up to date.
James A
James A Yıl önce
I find it odd and mesmerizing that the 3d printer can print it's own stuff like armor. First thing to make when getting a 3d printer, armor.
Andratos95 11 aylar önce
Hey beautiful video! I'm gonna print some of that stuff too! I have two questions: 1) What brand is that red filament? It's beautiful 2) I have problems with printing PETG (lots of stringing). You mentioned that you use Maker's Muse PETG profile with modified temperature settings. Could you please share where you can find your profile? I'd really appreciate it! Thank you and keep making nice content!
Pixel Yıl önce
You've only uploaded 3 videos, but each one feels like so much time and effort was put in, and they all flow amazingly well. You're an extremely talented (content) creator! Hope to see more stuff you make in the future!
Hydro Drip
Hydro Drip Yıl önce
@Scott Yu-Jan can you put a link to the filament you used in this video (bright orange) thanks!
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan Yıl önce
thank you so much! i do really enjoy making videos too so stay tuned! I’ll definitely be making more :)
Laffy Laurence
Laffy Laurence 11 aylar önce
This video is amazing. The edits, the music, the content. Everything. Superb job.
Mago Yıl önce
Thanks for this. Just getting started with my Ender 3 Pro and this is invaluable. Just one question - I printed the enclosure for the snazzy tool drawers and the print took 23 hours! Is this normal or am I missing something? Was the default E3P and PLS profile in Cura.
Mine took that long too
Manny F
Manny F 8 aylar önce
Bro because of you I decides to take the plunge into this... Watched this video late last night, woke up and ordered everything on this list including my first printer... My first shipment of stuff just came in right now!
Fgo. Carlos Eduardo Gomes
Fgo. Carlos Eduardo Gomes 10 aylar önce
Sensacional! Incrível! Parabéns e obrigado por compartilhar.
Fgo. Carlos Eduardo Gomes
Fgo. Carlos Eduardo Gomes 10 aylar önce
Mark Yıl önce
Great Scott! Thanks, brother. My first printer is on its way and I feel confused on what to do first but this video helped me a lot. I appreciate the time and effort on this video as well.
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan Yıl önce
glad i was able to help. good luck with your first printer!
Derd's Backyard Garage
Derd's Backyard Garage 3 aylar önce
Awesome video! Thanks so much for all the info and linking the upgrades to print 🙌
Blake Findlay
Blake Findlay 11 aylar önce
I don't even own a 3d printer but this entire video is just pushing me to get one. Nice job!
Groovy Smoothie
Groovy Smoothie 4 aylar önce
Great stuff my man; sub'd. Love your work along with the quality/effort you put into this vid.
HiImBrando 9 aylar önce
I only meant to save your video to watch it later, but the flow of your edits and great choice/volume level of your music drew me in and before I knew it I finished the video. Thank you for not only making this video, but doing it so damn well.
Dae T.
Dae T. Yıl önce
that rhythm at 5:11 was sooo satisfying - I appreciate the work you put in to add that small detail that really improves the feel of the video :). Like someone else said in the comments, this channel is destined to blow up fast
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan Yıl önce
the extra effort needed to put in those small details is completely worth it when people like you notice :) haha thanks dae
Greg Koshinsky
Greg Koshinsky Aylar önce
This video was my guide. I've probably watched it 20 times. And like 4 weeks later it seems so basic. Thanks for getting me through the first wave. Now I'm editing firmware and have replaced 80% of this machine. Science.
ShaunPX1 10 aylar önce
Love this video!!!! Do you have a wiring diagram for buck converters and raspberry pi? or the voltages you used to distribute from the power supply to the pi? I just printed and added all these mods plus a few extra. We are adding a pi V2 camera attachments and a servo with a swivel mount that can be controlled from the Raspi in octoprint. This will allow me to cover different angles and shots as I print. I also am redesigning a tool holder for the scraper knife to hold a few extra things such as clippers and stuff. I will be sure to make videos and upload designs once we are finished. The wiring diagram of input and output voltages would be helpful and the pins you are using to input power to the pi?
Tango 8 aylar önce
i love how we can upgrade out printers with our own created stuff
Keith Brown
Keith Brown 18 saatler önce
Great video my second time watching it I’m a 69-year-old retired electrical engineer my wife got me this for Christmas cause I’m bored but I’m having fun now thanks for sharing your stuff guy
Rawjaat Yıl önce
I'm in the market for a new printer and I've watched multiple vids for ender mods and THIS video compiled ALL the best mods, while keeping the video short, and adding some dope music. You get my respect, my subscribe, and I'm gonna get this printer now. update: order placed, printer, mod 19, 21, & 22 on the way update 2: I got the 3d touch, which is a knockoff of the way better BL touch. DO NOT BUY THE 3D TOUCH. The measurements it takes are so inaccurate that parts of your bed will be too high while other parts are too low, so it's basically useless. The BL touch is a bit more expensive, but worth it!
Justin Luark
Justin Luark Yıl önce
You can pin your comment so it stays at the top.
Rawjaat Yıl önce
@Jalen MichalsLevy no prob. All the specific things I mentioned are things that took me a while to figure out, so I figure others will have the same problems. If you have any problems find me on twitter or insta @rawjaat
Jalen MichalsLevy
Jalen MichalsLevy Yıl önce
@Rawjaat really nice of you to write this all out :) getting mine soon and will come back here when i run into problems
Rawjaat Yıl önce
@David Garcia Follow this guy's guide to set it up and it'll work perfectly, unless you get the problem where you can't lower past the z-axis zero point, which means you need to change the firmware settings. If you need to change anything in the firmware then follow this guide to install the required editing program IMPORTANT STEP if you get the skr mini board Scott recommended, then download the Marlin that the board is currently running instead of the official marlin that the above video suggested, which can be found on github here in the firmware folder > v1.2 > Marlin-2.0.x-SKR-Mini-E3-V1.2. You'll have to download everything, and then go to that specific folder in the package. Once you build the firmware with your edits, the new "firmware.bin" file will be in "Marlin-2.0.x-SKR-Mini-E3-V1.2 > .pio > build > STM32F103RC_btt_512K" Put that file on the micro sd, plug it into the printer and then turn it on, and then once you see the start up screen then it should be ready to go ALMOST FORGOT: You'll probably get an error when trying to compile. That's because you have to change something in the "platformio.ini" file. Go here And mIRACLELive1 mentions that you have to change it from "platform = ststm32" to "platform = ststm32@
Rawjaat Yıl önce
@James Pendergast I just set this up a few days ago. If you have the skr mini, the bltouch should work without requiring any change to the firmware as long as you replace the z-stop with the bl touch. One problem will be that when manually homing the z axis, you might not be able to go low enough, so that would require some firmware edits. They show how it needs to be plugged into the board on this github page. If you want to change firmware settings, you'll have to install visual studio code and I found a few good videos that guided me in the process of editing, compiling, and loading the new settings to the printer. If you want specifics message me, but I'll try and link the most helpful videos. Edit: I just remembered it's not 100% plug and play for the bl touch, you just have to flash the firmware that's on bigtreetech's GitHub. No coding required, just upload to micro SD, plug in ender, and turn ender on.
Neurotic Ninjah
Neurotic Ninjah 9 aylar önce
So i love your videos and i love the music and transitions. That being said I can't recommend the skr mini e3 v1.2. I have been having tons of issues with them from flashing issues to power and heating issues and im on my 4th replacement and yeah I hope it's not you as well but I would be careful with them.
jsc 8 aylar önce
that DCDC converter can be modified by adding a a TTL control line, you can tie it to a RPI to control the light on/off at start and end of each print;.
P for Project
P for Project Yıl önce
Really cool mods, and professional editing! Thanks for sharing
Phil Howard
Phil Howard 10 aylar önce
@Scott Yu-Jan. Can you provide more info, sources, or wiring diagrams for hard wiring the Pi and light to the power supply? I like the clean look and not needing an additional outlet to plug in my pi and a light source! Great video! Bought an Ender 3 pro because of it!
MrGuyGoneGamer Yıl önce
Quick Question: Mine is on the way, and am building a cabinet for it to rest on. My question is how much space does the printer take? Not in means of dimensions, but more on the surrounding area it needs to work properly. One concern is the cords in the rear. I would like to have the cabinet done before it arrives, and any input helps! Thank you, happy printing!
Vamp 6 aylar önce
Is the Z axis only an issue for the 3 Pro? Or does it also affect the ender 3? Thanks for this compilation and great video. Video editing and content skills are legit.
Rameez Zahid
Rameez Zahid 6 aylar önce
Hey Scott, first of all I have seen your videos like a million times and I totally love them. I watch them over and over again. We wana see you mod creality ender 3 v2.
Mouataz Kaddoura
Mouataz Kaddoura 7 aylar önce
I love your content Scott! Just a quick question- do you know where I can grab the STL files of the LCD screen PCB ? like where can I grab the STL files for all ender 3 pro components ?
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 7 aylar önce
ooh, whoops! that is available online. i remember coming across it a while back but i'm not sure how accurate the model is. here's one that looks pretty good:
Mouataz Kaddoura
Mouataz Kaddoura 7 aylar önce
@Scott Yu-Jan what in the video discription is the upgraded designs. I was asking about the original creality component stl files. Do you know where I can find them ?
Scott Yu-Jan
Scott Yu-Jan 7 aylar önce
thank you! everything is linked in the video description 👍🏼
haitianboy420 8 aylar önce
I would love this video but with the Ender 3 Max. im sure a lot of these can be reused, but would still be awesome if we had a max version of this video
Caige Spade
Caige Spade Yıl önce
This is lovely. Your editing is well done and your humor is funny without derailing the video from your topic. This is a wonderful balance of entertainment and enlightenment. Good job
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