I spent a day with people w/ BIPOLAR DISORDER

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I spent a day with people w/ Bipolar Disorder to learn the truth about this stigmatized disorder.
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AnthonyPadilla 2 aylar önce
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Elroy Satria wijaya
Elroy Satria wijaya 24 gün önce
My sister has this disorder and yes this vid sums up my experience and suffering
shazzza banazz
shazzza banazz Aylar önce
Im bipolar we r normal most of the time it's normally a clue we need r medicine upped,, my manic stage I get People asking me am I on something ,, talk so fast n have all these ideas ,,my lows r now been in bed for few days now just riding it it out
lepakking26 2 aylar önce
SO is DID the same as bipolar? I just watch the DID video so now I'm confused
Storm Boy
Storm Boy 2 aylar önce
I love it when you do I Spent A Day With interviews with people with disorders and different disabilities. Me being one of those people, it feels good to be represented by a big TRshowr! Thank you, Anthony! Request: I spend a day with Transgenders ( if you haven't done it already )
Cha$m 2 aylar önce
Any chance you could do, i spent a day with nihilists. Nihilism isnt as black and white as most people think
Kousuke Masuhara
Kousuke Masuhara 3 gün önce
My partners boyfriend at the time several years ago had Bipolar Disorder and was unmedicated. (We lived in a garage apartment connected to the main house so we'd hear things going on sometimes.) He would get paranoid, he also drank so the outburst were intense. At some point she had told him to leave - and he thought that she was cheating on him so he snuck back into the house and hid under the bed to 'catch' her. Got angry at her when she was upset about him hiding there, scaring her obviously. Some further time down the road it escalated to him throwing things, broke her wrist once, stealing her things, and things like that until she finally ended it for good. He was completely fine when on the high but the lows and what triggered them was insane to live around.
Charissa Robieson
Charissa Robieson 3 gün önce
I have avoidant personality disorder. I'd love to see you shine some light on that. it's rare for people to have heard of it..
Olivia Butler
Olivia Butler 3 gün önce
Maybe I just have a super serious diagnosis of bipolar disorder being diagnosed at just 7 years old which isnt that surprising but I honestly did not relate to anything that any of them said and it tends to be like that for me every time I listen to someone else talk about it. Mania can either be black out violence and the most intense anger for me or just super strong and seemingly positive energy things like grandiosity and giving higher expectations for myself than I can ever actually achieve. My depression is pretty much 100% seasonal. September through February during the hard winter here in Northern Indiana I fall to my absolute lowest even if my life at the time is perfect. I had the worst experience going to school because of this. Id miss weeks of the semester unable to move just struggling to exist but Id have small pops of mania inbetween that I used to catch up with work by hyper focusing sometimes working as long as 7 hour straight not looking away for anything. It affects my daily life 100% but most people never experience all that from me cuz you have to live with me every single day to really notice it in full.
Vanessa 3 gün önce
Hi there! As someone with this diagnosis, I thought I'd mention a significant difference between bipolar 1 and bipolar 2. Someone with Bipolar 1 has had a severe manic episode (and may not have had a major depressive episode) and a person with Bipolar 2 only will experience a hypomanic episode (a less severe manic episode) and also will experience a major depressive episode. Bipolar 2 can have more "ups & downs" generally without going completely manic while bipolar 1 experiences the "ups & downs" while in their manic (and possibly psychotic) break. Hope this helps :) xx
sapphoe 4 gün önce
I met some people with bipolar disorder. They told me that during mania they would travel to other countries just to shop in a grocery store
BurnItUpp2009 4 gün önce
Rivkah was in School of Rock! Thank you for shedding light on this disorder, Anthony!
KenzieeBear 4 gün önce
I'm overly familiar with bi-polar disorder because my stepdad has it. So I understand it isn't easy dealing with it. He's been in my life since I was 2, and I'm currently 22. Even with the ups and downs, I still care for him. He's a great person.
IndigoSunflowerLove 5 gün önce
I have bipolar right now I’m like day 3 of being in bed. Something like losing a job can trigger us to go into deep depression it won’t last forever just at the moment it feels that way
Anna Harrison
Anna Harrison 6 gün önce
Can you spend a day with people who stutter? Not just the occasional anxiety of speaking in front of a big audience stutter. An everyday problem that occurs even when you're speaking alone. I have a very severe stuttering problem and it's not talked about enough!! Everybody just thinks that we're scared or something like that which isn't the only reason why we stutter. Many people don't even recognize it as a problem/disability and just think that we're weird. It would mean a lot of you made a video on this topic
Gingerose Willowheart
Gingerose Willowheart 7 gün önce
Do one about people who suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum!
Jessica Campbell
Jessica Campbell 7 gün önce
Lol, making mental health issues funny again...omg
ihateeveryone 7 gün önce
awe the girl from school of rock is here
Ikine 8 gün önce
Yeah, I'd imagine mania isn't fun. I have ADHD and often hyperfocus. It's not some magical experience where I can do anything and/or focus exclusively on the things I love, it's like being in a prison. I feel totally out of control.
Jeff 9 gün önce
Hi Anthony my name is jeff
Shannon Weidinger
Shannon Weidinger 9 gün önce
Is that the girl on school of rock?!
flat screen TV wearing underwear
flat screen TV wearing underwear 9 gün önce
I thought this meant gay polar bears
samiamato 9 gün önce
It can be manageable, for sure. But it’s exhausting
Elise Lee
Elise Lee 10 gün önce
On the contrary with my mom, even after me getting diagnosed with bipolar, she still keeps telling me I’m just dealing with with teenage hormonal mood swings and it’s totally normal for people my age to be like this🥲
SchwartzandSockz 10 gün önce
I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and adhd and everything just kind of clicked. Knowing what’s going on now it makes so much sense, it’s still really hard trying to process what to do now, but knowing that I’m not alone in dealing with these things and that there are ways to get through it helps more than I could ever say. Genuinely, thank you for giving people a platform to speak about this, it means a lot
Alyssa Fuller
Alyssa Fuller 11 gün önce
I would love for you took make some scary paranormal videos for Halloween coming up !! Spending a day with paranormal survivors, or spending a day with people who have experienced some sort of ghost or paranormal activity ! Or even spending a day with mediums, that would be amazing !
Betty Grable
Betty Grable 11 gün önce
I have bipolar and schizophrenia plus PTSD. It's fun.
Betty Grable
Betty Grable 11 gün önce
Welcome to my world.
DrDessau 11 gün önce
My sister got diagnosed bipolar disorder 2 years ago, and since I'm what you would consider a minor, she doesn't really like to talk to me about her problems and what she is experiencing. That's why I love this series, it can really give a good sense of understanding towards different issues, and I feel like I have learned a lot more about my sisters problems and what she goes through on a daily basis. And for that I just wanna say thank you Anthony.
Plaesu Adela
Plaesu Adela 12 gün önce
,,I spent a day with people with Social Anxiety" wold be great.
A 14 gün önce
this felt so validating, im so glad you did this.
Animation Expert Geek 01
Animation Expert Geek 01 15 gün önce
I had an abusive bipolar aunt and mom.
Umbre 16 gün önce
id like to see "i spent a day with people with generalized anxiety disorder (anxiety)".
^-𝙿𝚘𝚝𝚊𝚝𝚘-^ 17 gün önce
TW//suicide and mentions of self harm As someone who lives with my soster who has bipolar 2 disorder it's hard. I've seen my sister have terrible downfalls and highs. There's times where her and my parents will fight telling her too kill herself infront of me. Theres times where she tried to unalive. Sometimes my parents would walk into her self harming, etc. Bipolar disorder affects more the person with the disorder. But it also takes a turn with families and siblings. I am the youngest and I have multiple triggers. I have anxiety but also now how to comfort my sister.
مدى الشهري
مدى الشهري 17 gün önce
Did she just say خصوة in Arabic ?!??
Grace Archibald
Grace Archibald 18 gün önce
Amazing representation thank you! I’d honestly like to add another way to look at a prevalent symptom some bipolar individuals, such as myself, experience: ‘mixed states’=manic energy and depressive thoughts. These states see some of the worst suicide rates. For me, having a title for this situation has made it much easier to communicate where I’m at from a safety standpoint with my family! Just thought I’d share🤷🏻‍♀️👻
audmo 19 gün önce
5:57 the way she said it made me giggle
Emilee Birchall
Emilee Birchall 20 gün önce
I think i have bipolar disorder. ive thought so for a while but i dont want to say anything to my parents besides they dont believe anything i say and i doubt theyd care.
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba 19 gün önce
I don't have it, but I have disorders similar to bipolar.
Wynter Sparrow
Wynter Sparrow 21 gün önce
know there's too many comments for Anthony to see this so this is for new commenters wanting to know a bit more about what it feels like. This is my personal experience with bipolar 2. It's weird because you don't get full mania. Hypomania is intense but it's not the same thing as regular mania. For me personally it feels like I'm exhausted but my chest + shoulders feel like somebody strapped me to a roller coaster track with roller skates and no brakes and just gave me a shove. I'm standing up going at top speed trying to stay upright. The physical feeling is like when you get that brief moment of weightlessness when you go over a hill or bump really fast. But instead of excitement it's like you're falling off a cliff so it's infused with this sense of terror like I'm dying something, is going to happen to me today. Mixed episodes feel like you have 75 computer tabs open 16 are playing different music 7 are playing interviews of people talking your mouse is frozen and the music keeps getting louder and louder. There's usually a high pitched radio static in the background. Every sound is too loud, too fast and too harsh. The smallest thing irritates me because I have 75 different emotions. I usually settle on irritability because I get tired of being so over stimulated. If you suffer from migraines and get sensitivity to noise it's like that but with out the pain in your head. It's like when somebody startles you so hard it almost physically hurts but the entire mixed episode which could last for a day or a week or more. The depression has layers endless layers. Even when I think I'm fine I'm not actually happy I'm just numb. I forget what true happiness feels like. Days where the depression is just numbness are my best days. Good days are the absence of bottomless sorrow. If you've never felt depression for me it physically feels like somebody is sitting on my chest. Think about when you felt so physically hungry it hurt. That feeling but in your chest. Then think about a time when you were so heart broken your stomach hurt. That sadness there's a dragging feeling as well. Put it all together and add like you have a massive black hole in your chest that is sucking your motivation energy joy any emotion besides sadness into it. Then there's all kinds of distorted thinking like I'm a pos, I'm a burden, I don't deserve to live. No one will ever love me. My personality sucks, I'm a bad person etc. There's a deep deep guilt for me of just being alive. I feel like I'm wasting space and resources. Theres also a slight resentment toward my mother for planning to have me like she forced me into being alive what have I done with my life. I'm not currently working so when people make comments about free loading and, "people are just looking for handouts." Those statements are really triggering to me. I had a good work ethic when I was able to work I was never lazy at work. I spend my life in a haze of knowing at some point I will likely end things. I just don't know when. I can function well enough to pretend I'm ok for brief periods of time but when I'm home alone I'm lost in my mind. Theres also compulsive behaviors anxiety and panic attacks which is an added road block. Obsessive compulsive behaviors really take over. Most mental illnesses over lap so many have similar symptoms. As bipolar 2 I don't have psychosis but I do get paranoia and distorted thoughts. I'm aware of the paranoia and distortion but it's hard to change my thoughts I know I'm probly being influenced by imbalanced brain chemicals but the severe anxiety kicks in and says what if it's not paranoia. What if it's my body trying to alert me of real danger. My therapist said my internal alarm system is stuck on def con 1 so it perceives everything as a potential threat. So I go through a cycle of terror, sadness, anger, numbness, over stimulation, guilt and hopelessness. I never really feel ok. Edited to add I don't have issues with substance abuse though I can get a little bit much with cannabis. I live in canada and often start out using cannabis for short periods of time for pain then go for a while where I'm just using it because it helps lighten my whole mental state. I take 4-8 month breaks though and I can recognize ok you're getting a little much with this put it down for a while. So I wouldn't consider it a true issue. I have experienced hyper sexuality when I was in my 20s and ended up in some dangerous situations. I was very boy obsessed when I was younger because I needed validation that I was loveable. Unfortunately none of the boys I got involved with actually loved me so it backfired. I don't date anymore because I have pretty severe endometriosis and it puts a huge nope on intimate relationships. That was an absolute novel sorry. Hopefully that helped you understand a little bit about it. Most of that is my experience but many people have similar experiences maybe not all those things but bits and pieces. If you have a loved one with bipolar please be patient. Many of us are trying to navigate the world like this and relationships can be hard.
atznoise 21 gün önce
my mother has bipolar disorder and i never understood why the way she was but i never questioned it. she would openly tell me that she's doing drugs or that she wanted to commit suicide as well. i always had the burden of her responsibility on my shoulders whether it was watching my little sister right after school, making dinner, cleaning the whole house since my mom was a single mother with 3 children and had to work night shift. i don't live with her anymore but i'll be an adult soon so just having that thought of what i'm going to do next is scary, because i honestly don't know what to do. i always took others responsibilities and did them. i want to hate my mother but at the same time i can't blame her at all. She had to suffer alone and never told anyone her own thoughts until i got separated from her.
ᗩᒪᒪY TᕼE ᑭOTᗩTO ᗯOᒪᖴ
ᗩᒪᒪY TᕼE ᑭOTᗩTO ᗯOᒪᖴ 21 gün önce
I want to see I met tommyinnit
raccoon404 X
raccoon404 X 22 gün önce
The way this shapes someone’s life is…weird. My sister in law has severe bipolar disorder. She’s never going to have a “normal” life. Some weeks it’s bad and she’s not her. It’s like this hurricane of emotions took over and you just need to get out of the way or be blown away. Other weeks, the brain juices and meds are working and you can see her personality shine through. It sucks this is life. It affects everything and everyone around her
Char 23 gün önce
I dropped out of college because of undiagnosed bipolar 2. Hypersexuality and reckless behavior during manic episodes put me in the position of being r-worded a good few times. I missed classes once I crashed after trauma occurred, and would stay in bed for a week or two straight. I ended up coming home because I began rapid cycling between mania and severe depression. I attempted suicide a year later, which led to my diagnosis. I decided to stop my meds cold turkey after 6 months on them. Started up with more reckless behavior, ended up in a situation wherein I was afraid for my life, and eventually found myself pregnant a year later. I’m happy to say I found a psychiatrist who knows what she’s doing, and was put on the PERFECT combo of meds. I’m stable, I’m happy, and now have two happy, beautiful children and a partner who understands and loves me unconditionally. I still visit with my psychiatrist regularly to adjust my meds, but man. I never would’ve imagined things could be this amazing. I never would’ve imagined I’d end up being such an amazing mom, or that I’d love it sooo much! Therapy is next on my list. This is one of my favorite videos on this channel, just because I resonate with their stories so much 🥺❤️
24 gün önce
I've had a friend who has bipolar who was terrible and a teacher who has bipolar who was amazing. The disorder doesn't make the person. The person makes the person.
S. Hause
S. Hause 24 gün önce
Ideas, spend a day with people who have: DID/OSDD Imposter syndrome Depersonalization/Derealization
Elroy Satria wijaya
Elroy Satria wijaya 24 gün önce
My sister has this disorder and yes this vid sums up my experience and suffering
Dern 24 gün önce
As someone who works in mental health, these are amazing insights ngl thanks for the content
Crystelle Griffith
Crystelle Griffith 25 gün önce
My mother is borderline and my father a bipolar I have never been diagnosed with either but I can say with the ~20 therapist that I saw that I have ptsd, strong anxiety and depression. Also I was wondering if you could do an episode on fibromyalgia. It's so hard when they say that it's all in your head,etc. And I think it would spread the word of that illness that nobody knows Also sorry English isn't my first language and you know 😉 ~*brainfog*~
Clovis 27 gün önce
I started watching this when it came out, just finished. I was a rapid cycling bipolar for a long time and got so bad I was having schizophrenic like episodes. This really resonated with me. Thank you for this. There is help though and things can get better! I am now a straight A student and a really great RN. I get to help so many people everyday.
Samantha Brumberg
Samantha Brumberg 28 gün önce
please do a video on hypochondriacs
Angela G
Angela G 24 gün önce
Omg yes
Ashtyn Jones
Ashtyn Jones 29 gün önce
I love this - I finally feel connected to people omg
Natalia Restrepo
Natalia Restrepo Aylar önce
you have no idea how much this helps me
Zitlalic Verduzco
Zitlalic Verduzco Aylar önce
Please do I spent a day with refugees! 💕
Megan Norlin
Megan Norlin Aylar önce
What's up School of Rock basist!
Megan Norlin
Megan Norlin Aylar önce
Wait... I recognize Joshua from his stories on Snap Judgment. He's amazing! Glad you got him for this. :)
Meadow Rae
Meadow Rae Aylar önce
I have found that as a femme with bipolar disorder that my symptoms are seen as "quirky" and not the life-threatening roller coaster they actually are. It took until my 30's to be prescribed meds that help. The worst part of it for me was the insomnia. It was worse even than the suicidal ideations. I remember crying in my bed as young as 13 years old because I hadn't really slept in days and I just...couldn't. Started self-medicating with alcohol around 16. Found weed at 19. I had a WILD schedule in college. Worked pretty much full time and attended school full time. I had a huge break down at 24 and nearly ended it all. I was put on depression meds that didn't help much. Finally, at 30 I told my doc I couldn't sleep. She talked about melatonin, etc. I said NO. You don't understand, I'm drinking 2 bottles of wine every night just to get 4-6 hours of sleep. I think I'm bipolar. She put me on Seroquel. I wish to all the gods someone had given me that at 19
Neon Green
Neon Green Aylar önce
I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, (I say misdiagnosed because I really don't think I have it, and neither does my family or therapist, but my therapist told me she doesn't have the power to do that and that I'd have to see another psychiatrist to see if they'd remove it
Caroline Aylar önce
I think that girl might be borderline instead of bipolar, bc she always says something trigger her before her mood changes, for me I just feel it changing and don't know why
taeyong cherri
taeyong cherri Aylar önce
please do a segment on PTSD!! it’s really important to understand the complexities of how trauma affects us, and how people are now using trauma as a buzzword based on a misunderstanding of these effects.
hannavuorio83 Aylar önce
I have always been open about my mental disorders. First diagnos was deep depression. Reality was, under that there was bipolar disorder. So many times it's treated as depression, but be careful (and be TRUTHFUL to your treating contact!!!) that's not treated only with antidepression meds: it's easily catapult to overall mania... This is not only disorder what I have (also aggressive borderline personality disorder, ptsd etc) and everyone of us need really good care that we can live as "normal" life as possible. Love U all ♥️
Shannon Lavery
Shannon Lavery Aylar önce
I was emotionally abused by a partner for a few years with bipolar disorder so I’m coming here hoping to challenge my fear of someone with BPD and learn about it more.
NoOne Aylar önce
I HAVE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS VIDEO. As someone with BPD seeing someone break the stigma on it is amazing
J rudblom
J rudblom Aylar önce
id love to see "i spent a day with people with ASPD" aka what was previously known as sociopath and psyhopath
Emillie Aylar önce
My mum has bipolar and it's a wild fucking ride, even as an outsider to the feelings. It has been a very sad and scary experience for me personally. Love to all
Candace Long
Candace Long Aylar önce
My best friend is bipolar. It doesn’t affect our relationship but it’s insightful to know what she goes through.
Lala H
Lala H Aylar önce
I spent a day with ex-escorts ✋🏻
Lala H
Lala H Aylar önce
Aww I would of loved to be in this one. I got bipolar ll. Everyone’s bipolar is a little different.
Faith Dye
Faith Dye Aylar önce
I would absolutely love to see a video featuring Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder as the main topic.
Celine D. G.
Celine D. G. Aylar önce
I am honestly a littld bit disappointed by this video. I love the "i spent the day with..." videos. But there are a lot of misconceptions and missinformation about bipolar disorder that were not mentioned on this video. Most of my friends don't know what mania even means.
bnylz Aylar önce
I spent the last two months in a hospital and got diagnosed with bipolar. I'm absolutely baffled that some of their descriptions, especially Rivkah's, are IDENTICAL to what I told the psychiatrists
Haley O’Kelley
Haley O’Kelley Aylar önce
Please do a growing up with hoarders for parents. I grew up in that situation and have come to realize where my anxiety stems from and what weird personality traits I’ve gotten as I bi product from it.
Malandan Aylar önce
9:49 **Everybody liked that.**
Ari McKellin
Ari McKellin Aylar önce
As someone w Bipolar 2, I'd like to add that for me, at one point, depression lasted months. There were a few days here and there that were good or ok, but I'd fall back into a depression literally within seconds. At night, once it hits midnight, for some reason, almost on the dot, not looking at a clock, I would crash onto a depression. I'm a lot more stable now with therapy thank goodness, but I still have episodes but not as severe. My hypomania (not as manic as full mania) comes in the form of racing thoughts or jumping from thing to thing, wanting to do everything at once, wanting more time to do all these things, but then I'd slow down. Now with medication and therapy, I'm more often at a stable state, functioning just fine most of the time and the mood swings are definitely less drastic. But my depression can reach (TW) suicidal thoughts, self-harm, not wanting to get out of bed, and just wanting to disappear. But for me, as I have continued therapy, I am much more stable and, as I said, the swings aren't as dramatic. If anyone has any questions for me about bipolar 2 or about bipolar 2 in general, I'm more than happy to talk about it, just leave a comment below! :)
Nonja Vusness
Nonja Vusness Aylar önce
Ex inmates would be a cool episode
Weaver DC
Weaver DC Aylar önce
Bipolar runs in my family. My mother was unmedicated for my entire childhood and constantly lashed out at us physically and mentally. I spent my entire life being so adamant that I didn't want to be like that and that there was no way I'd ever have bipolar. When I got the diagnosis I had a mental break where for a week reality was just broken for me (other stuff was happening as well but it was the straw) After that week I was fine but it took a while to come to terms with my diagnosis. And I made promises that I would stay on the medication no matter what so I'd never be like that. I still am very paranoid about it and have had to research the condition to understand that I won't get to that point. But the fear is still there and might always be.
TheSh4d0w Aylar önce
my dads bipolar so this hit hard, its hard to control i wouldnt say its something that wouldnt make an impact. honestly, it has an impact on everything. thank you for making these videos, illnesses like this really need to be understood.
Ryn O
Ryn O Aylar önce
This was very comforting to watch thank you for doing such a great job on this video bipolar is very stigmatized and something I have delt with since I was 6years old videos like this on such a big platform really does mean a lot to people part of the community
bigman dankey keng
bigman dankey keng Aylar önce
As someone with bipolar disorder, I was happy to see this.
saltyzy t
saltyzy t Aylar önce
I'm 15, most of my family has bi polar disorder, half have killed themselves, h have never been to a psychiatrist, this may help save me for a little longer, thank you for everything Anthony
Internal Optometrist
Internal Optometrist Aylar önce
My husband’s first wife was bipolar. She was a good woman, a good mother when she was okay. She gave custody to her ex-husband(my husband) and me in a family meeting when our son was young. I am so glad that happened early on. She struggled a lot. She didn’t make it. But I will always remember her as a fighter. She didn’t choose her mental condition. I never think it was her fault. She wanted to be a mom. But her biological makeup made that so hard for her. So my son is her son even though she is not with us. I do everything for our son, always. It’s weird. I know. It’s like living with a ghost, but it’s a friend that cheers you on.
Natalia Orchard L.
Natalia Orchard L. Aylar önce
I’m so thankful for this, but as a person with bipolar disorder my self, I really think this video doesn’t help to break the stereotype. I understand this isn’t supposed to be a class or a form of diagnosis, but it’s so important that this spaces deliver the correct information. People will continue thinking that bipolar is just changing your mind in half and hour. Also, in the very beginning of the video he says something like “can you live normally with bipolar disorder?” and nowhere in the whole video talks about a stable bipolar. People need to know that with the proper medication, medical supervision and therapy to create the tools necessary, you can have a more than normal life. You really should talk to a psychiatrist or therapist beforehand, so you don’t misinform through your guests.
amr2002amr ™
amr2002amr ™ Aylar önce
I would love to see "I spent a day with people with sensory processing disorder" I have sensory processing disorder and want more accurate awareness about it.
amelietannermua Aylar önce
i would love if you covered bpd, i feel like it has the worst stigma around it and in reality we're just hypersensitive people (thats probably an oversimplification but still) a lot of people live with tendencies of BPD and never know and i think it would be good to educate to relate to people who feel lost concerning their mental health
hanna Aylar önce
he already did, though! look up anthony padilla bpd
Mimi Draws
Mimi Draws Aylar önce
I do not have bipolar BUT, I do actually have a childhood friend who does. Uh, yeah around this time I can't remember if she was diagnosed with it just yet. I believe she found out more when she got more older. Having a bipolar friend me as a child I was confused but also kinda felt something was wrong, my childhood friend was definitely hyper so happy bouncing off everywhere but it was nice but there were times where she'd just crash. There would be days that she wouldn't be happy or didn't feel while, would cry get upset throw tantrums out of nowhere and it was just hard for her I could tell. Now looking back knowing that she is I can see it I understand now and it makes sense due to her behaviors. It also caused her to be clingy when she was sad she won't want to move for a while and I just remember her in her grandparents arms laying down not looking well you could see in her eyes she was sad even though sometimes not that long ago we were just playing you know and then next thing she says "hey, no I don't want to do this or that" and we'll try different things or encourage her but she'll break and just say no she doesn't want to and go to her grandparents. Now that she is older though her mother did take her to see what was wrong she is getting help with it I actually got to see her recently because I had moved away from her it's been years me and her have grown. It was weird but we connected again towards the end I was happy that I got to wish her a happy birthday in person so that was nice. She did have her down falls though but I was happy I was actually able to help her cheer up especially on her birthday, dance with her to make her happy got hugs when I was anxious it was nice. I do of course have other experiences with her and having bipolar but of course I'm not going to share it. It's personal for her and me who saw things in action so this is as far as I go! For those who struggle with Bipolar I just want you to know that you are doing such a great job, keep on going I am here cheering you on and I am definitely sure that my childhood friend is cheering you on as well! Love you so much!💖💖💖💖
A Comment
A Comment Aylar önce
Thank you for this I don’t know many people that also have bipolar and this helps a lot ❤️
Jenna White
Jenna White Aylar önce
If you ever want to do a medical conditions episode on endometriosis, which 1 in 10 women have, I would love to be on. I was diagnosed at 17, but was lucky yo be diagnosed quickly. I am 35 now, and have had a very traumatic journey, due to the disease.
maggie sucks
maggie sucks Aylar önce
id loooove to see “i spent a day with diabetics.” both type 1 and type 2.
ginny may
ginny may Aylar önce
I might have bipolar but I’m not sure.. recently I just started to take quetiapine, seroquil XR.. I’m on very low dosage at the moment and I’ve been on it for 4 weeks right now.. and nothing has changed.. I still get very high energy and I know it’s not good.. I have been overthinking and researching a lot of things that I could have like I have looked up ADHD, OCD, Aspergers, bipolar, depression, autism.. you name it! I have researched it all… well not all just the ones that I think is close to what I think is wrong.. I over analyse things and overthink things and I have been trying and trying to understand it all but nothing really seems to help me.. unless I get an offical diagnosis.. which so far I have only found out that I have mild intellectual disability.. I’m not sure what that is but I’m on quetiapine so that must mean something.. right? Depression.. probably.. but I already knew I had depression.. there must be more.. something! Please just… something!! I’ll be talking to a psychologist soon so I guess that’s a step forward..
Lyn_Nettie Aylar önce
I was hesitate to watch this as I was concerned that I wouldn’t relate or that it would feel more alienating if my experience was different than those in the video, but I actually related an insane amount with Rivkah and their experiences. I really appreciate you opening up this conversation and listening to their experiences without judgment.
anthony paul
anthony paul Aylar önce
i think it’d be better if you didn’t just put rivkah’s pronouns in the video but everyone’s. that way it doesn’t make their pronouns stand out and look like something special or unusual. bc just form looking at the other interviewees, you can’t determine their pronouns just like with rivkah. idk, i just thought it’d be better
hanna Aylar önce
he already said somewhere that it's the guest's choice to have their pronouns displayed or not
Calmlychaotic_KT Aylar önce
Can anyone tell me what the healthy mind, free of any kind of disorder is like? Because I'm confused , since these “disorders” is my normal.. Because everyone I see has a “disorder”. Even the celebrities have a “disorder” , be it depressive issues, anxiety . I say “disorder” b/c that's what people know. To me, it's not a disorder, it's just who you are. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Justarandomgirl Aylar önce
My mom has it. And its really hard since I don’t have a dad as back up when my mom goes through a bad period.
Cath Bruce
Cath Bruce Aylar önce
I can’t describe how helpful this video has been for me as someone recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and still coming to terms with that
Honey Jam
Honey Jam Aylar önce
Would it be possible to make a video about psychopaths/sociopaths?
Juliet Monroe
Juliet Monroe Aylar önce
! You Should Spend A Day With People Diagnosed With Erythrophobia This Is A Very Serious Mental Health Issue.
iFatality16 Aylar önce
I'm glad you touched on this topic Anthony, a lot of my friends don't understand my bi polar, they say i use it as an excuse but honestly that is not true i just wish they would understand me better i don't mean to lash out at them on purpose its just things i can't control sometimes like you have to realize people with this disorder can't always control their emotions so therefore they have to be medicated, whoever else is suffering bi polar like me i feel for you like i wouldn't wish this on anyone, I've prayed to god to take it away but sadly this condition will always be in my life, there's no escaping it, its okay to ask for help don't be afraid.
Nina Aylar önce
I would love a "i spend a day with people with dissacociating disorder"
Flora M. Horta
Flora M. Horta Aylar önce
I have been dreading watching this video ever since seeing the thumbnail, as someone who is affected by this disorder, but I am taking the dive, I can see by some of the comments you have done a good job, let's find out if I agree. I do like your other videos on mental illness and other difficult topics to talk openly about, but somehow when it's about something that affects you directly, you always hesitate to see how others handle that discussion I guess. Thank you for at least making these attempts at having those difficult discussions. I may edit this comment after watching, we'll see. EDIT: A job well done once again. Some things could have been discussed more in-depth, sure, but in general a good start for open discussion.
kmlaw Aylar önce
Bipolar Disorder Type 2. Love the video. I don’t think enough people understand this illness and more people need too.
runia 18
runia 18 Aylar önce
How to deal with someone that dont what to accept that she has a bipolar?
i love food
i love food Aylar önce
My mom has anger issue and likes to hoard things. That's how all of us have mental illness
Camera Mike
Camera Mike Aylar önce
I used to have a girlfriend that was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I did catch on that she had it before she was officially diagnosed as she would have manic highs like text me almost every minute or depressive lows where she would get triggered by something her ex-boyfriend did that upset her and I needed to comfort her. We eventually kind of decided to end things so she could get help for her disorder. I really wish I knew more about her disorder so I could approach dealing with it in a better way. There’s unfortunately so much misinformation about it.
Eve Aylar önce
im new here , why do you always fall from the ceiling? anyone?
BabyTron 31
BabyTron 31 Aylar önce
does anyone else watch anthony bc we just miss him
chlo bo
chlo bo Aylar önce
you should spend a day with people with eating disorders!
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