Top 5 Most Powerful Ottoman Sultans Explained in 13 Minutes

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Simply Explained

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The role of a sultan during the Ottoman Empire was to make sure that they keep the country under control, while continually trying to expand and increase the exposure of the Ottoman Empire. Sultans were all members of the Ottoman dynasty. Sometime during its height, the Empire was covering a region that had Hungary in the North and Yemen in the South, Iraq in the East and Algeria in the West. Clearly, the empire tried to expand as much as possible, and it was quite the undertaking and challenge to maintain that huge exposure. As time went by, other nations started to emerge and they regained control over those regions. But it’s still amazing to see how impressive and powerful the Empire was. And to think it was all thanks to some amazing Ottoman Sultans. Here you have a list with some of the most powerful and influential Ottoman Sultans that made the Empire what it was and something to remember even during today’s day and age.
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Bumbala rides MTB
Bumbala rides MTB Yıl önce
You forgot Orhan Gazi (2nd sultan) who expanded the empire massively in the early ages. He was very generous and treated his soldiers very well, that's why his soldiers did not hesitate to die for him. The actual title for Suleyman was Lawgiver because he built a perfect fair justice system.
Tomolo 7 aylar önce
@Umit Sar haha playing ignorant is not an Argument!
Umit Sar
Umit Sar 7 aylar önce
@Tomolo 13 th apostle is Saint Mathias who replaced Yehuda. You are uneducated. Why do you wear cross as symbol ? you don't even answering my questions
Tomolo 8 aylar önce
@Umit Sar Education helps! There were only 12 apostles! The number 13 is just the unlucky number because on a Friday the 13th the Knights Templar were destroyed by a coordinated treachery!
Cenk Tüneygök
Cenk Tüneygök Yıl önce
Selim was a military genius. He would often start the battle with close engagements, only to retreat later and pull his unaware enemies into the range of firearms which instantly devastated their ranks.
Yaman 3 aylar önce
@Cenk Tüneygök Sultan Selim, the greatest sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Algeria, Kurdistan, Egypt, half of Iran, half of Turkey, Mecca and Medina, he is a Brutal Conqueror
Mehmet Can
Mehmet Can 6 aylar önce
The greatest sultan of the Ottoman Empire is Yavuz Sultan Selim Egypt Syria Palestine Israel Mecca Medina Kurdistan took all the Arab lands and became the caliph
Mehmet Can
Mehmet Can 6 aylar önce
The state is sacred, power does not accept weakness
Burak 10 aylar önce
@Yaqub Leis Seljuk Empire, Ottoman Empire, Golden Horde, Timurid Empire, Ghaznevi Empire, Babürs (Mughals), Turkic Khaganate, Khazar Khaganate, Uygur Empire, Safavi Empire, Afşar Empire, Europa Hun Empire, Asia Hun Empire, Wei dynasty, Zhou Dynasty
Alvira Rahman
Alvira Rahman Yıl önce
Bayazid I was neither poisoned, nor did he commit suicide (which is Haram in Islam). Bayazid was badly injured during the battle of Ankara. He lost his eye, and after a year of illness, his life ended. Taimur Lang never disrespected or tortured him. Taimur treated him with respect.
Kürşat Yıldırım
Kürşat Yıldırım 3 aylar önce
He was not injured during the war. Due to the depths of despair after he was captured by Emir Timur, he passed away
Gaming Of The Lone Wolf
Gaming Of The Lone Wolf 6 aylar önce
@Alvira Rahman lol
William Davis
William Davis 7 aylar önce
@Shahin Vahmanzadegan It actually is.
Ak 7 aylar önce
@T S Nobody cares
Okan Yılmaz
Okan Yılmaz Yıl önce
If Mehmet had lived ten more years, he would have conquered Italy.
Ryu Hayabusa
Ryu Hayabusa 3 aylar önce
Eventually he would have undoubtedly.
Hilmi Partal
Hilmi Partal 4 aylar önce
@Amr 001 his name is Mehmet,foregieners call him Muhammed
Mythical Umut
Mythical Umut 4 aylar önce
@Jared you know the truth. Whenever you go to a surgery you should thank the Ottomans for that. The renaissance happened mostly because of us. After Constantinople fell alot of scholars fled to Italy with their knowledge. Of course as you have said before every empire has had its flaws. But if you think the Ottomans contributed little to nothing to the human race then you really are delusional.
Jared 4 aylar önce
@Mythical Umut I don’t hate Islam. You hate facts and the truth.
Muhammet Çakıroğlu
Muhammet Çakıroğlu Yıl önce
I heard a story about Sultan Murad IV. When he was patrolling in the city he decided to go to a boat. When he got into the boat, the rower was a person who drank wine. And he asked him what if the sultan hears about it. The rower was comfortable and said sultan can not see him in the sea. When they get to the shore, Sultan revealed his identity. The rower begged for mercy and he gave him a chance. He said, if you make a guess and it is right, I will let you live. He asked him, which door will I enter the city from? The rower said, whichever I tell you, you will use a different door. So I will write it on a paper and you will check it after you enter the city. Sultan agreed and told him to write it down. The rower wrote it down but he still had him executed. He ordered his people to make a new gate to the city that he will enter the city through that gate. After he entered, he checked the paper and read it. It was saying ' Congratulations on your new door, Sultan. Now, in Istanbul, there are many gates to enter. One of them is named 'Yenikapı'. Yeni means new, and kapı means door. And story says that this was the door that he had built. You never know if these kind of stories are true but it is a fun thing to know. :)
Tomolo 2 aylar önce
It is very easy to refute Islam! Because the God of Islam does not know that according to Christianity God incarnated True love = the love of God! *God himself went to the cross for you out of love for you as a human being* Philippians 2:5-8
Mister Yolo
Mister Yolo 2 aylar önce
@Tomolo go read the Quran
William Davis
William Davis 7 aylar önce
@Minakshi Chaudhari No where in that story did it mention the guy being poor. Leave it to an Indian to hear a story like this and automatically have their brain to go social status. There was no caste system in the Ottoman empire and since the rower was employed in one of the richest regions of the planet at the time, he was surely not "poor."
Conserz Tasfia007
Conserz Tasfia007 9 aylar önce
Dont care if it's real or not but cool story lol
kefkahkefkah 9 aylar önce
@Rolanzi Rozavian ah yes ok sorry now i see, i dont know surely but if i guess why he do that because some where in the new bible it says spread the word 24/7 and also there is reward for it, so the door is what he would knock on to tell you about jesus if in reality.
Simply Explained
Simply Explained Yıl önce
Hello everyone! Thank you so much for watching! Which subjects should we explain in future episodes? What is your Top 5 powerful Ottoman Sultans list? Comment down below! If you like our content please consider supporting our work on Patreon. So we will be able to produce more frequently and more high quality videos. Thank you so much for the support! Patreon link:
Shahnazzz Farajiii
Shahnazzz Farajiii 10 aylar önce
‌واقعا محمت راکشتن ازاو بچه بجا نماند بیشتراز سلیم بگویی وچندتا، بچه،داشته از بایزید بیشتر بگویید بچه داشته یا نه کلا از بچه های خرم سلطان بگویید واز نواه های خرم سلطان بگویید
Kaushik Sheshnag Raj
Kaushik Sheshnag Raj Yıl önce
Bro you should pinned it.
Subham Omm
Subham Omm Yıl önce
I liked your videos so much your channel is my favourite in TRshow your videos are so much knowledgeful and educative your channel is a inspiration for other history TRshow channels I get various Knowledge from your videos I am your old supporter and subscriber from 5k so I have a humble request for you can you make a video on Skanderbeg please please
syahirah othman
syahirah othman Yıl önce
THe most powerful sultana
RUTH gaming
RUTH gaming Yıl önce
What if murad 4 lived more rather than dying in young age? Plz make a video on this
ahmet sertel
ahmet sertel Yıl önce
Among others, Murad I is a notable sultan who established an efficient strategy to conquer Balkans and defeated the powerful Balkan armies such as Serbs, Bulgarians. To add up, Murad IV, had a reputation on weight lifting. He was a very strong man, the mazes he was swinging by one hand was over 90 kgs which still is being displayed at Topkapı Palace And it was witnessed that by one swing he could split a donkey into two pieces.. Selim, the Grim respected the scholars so much that he had a will to be buried by the kaftan that his mentor's horse splashed a mud on. Other man would be executed if he was splashed mud on his clothes accidentality.
Onder Gun
Onder Gun Yıl önce
Well done, that is a surprisingly correct list. There is no doubt about 1 and 2. Some might think Suleiman should be 1, 2 or at least 3, but as great as he was, last years of his reign actually paved the way to Ottomans' decline and resulted the stagnation of the empire. Murad however, came into power as a child in a very, very difficult situation and the empire was almost disintegrated. He successfully restored order and he did in a bloody way, nonetheless according to Hammer the historian: "he added at least more than a century to the lifespan of the empire". Nobody in that list tested like he did
Burak B
Burak B Yıl önce
Certain facts you might wish to include; Mehmet the Conquerer, took the throne at an early age, but seeing the Balkan states forming up a coalition again in order to take advantage of his youth, asked his father, who was in retirement, to take charge, he retook back throne when his father died, to this day, historians argue whether If it was Mehmet himself or the Çandarlı Halil Pasha that convinced Murad II to come back, and the infamous letter that was sent to him by Mehmet II, simply saying; If you are the Sultan come and lead your armies, If I am the Sultan, I order you, come and lead my armies. Selim the I, Grim, actually dethroned his father, Bayezid II, rumour has it Bayezid cursed his son, saying; Son, let your sword be sharp and your reign be swift, which happened, in a way. Murad IV., saw his older brother Osman II, get dethroned by the revolt of Janissaries, Osman II was a reformist and wanted to take the empire further in terms of scientific and structural terms, he wanted to get rid of the Janissaries who grew too influential and saw the western countries advancing in terms of military might, and realized the shackles that kept the Ottoman Empire standing still, wanted to change that, Murad IV. saw all of these incidents first hand, therefore ruled with an Iron Fist, in order to not end up like his older brother. All Ottoman have some early life experiences that shapes them, even the Suleiman the Magnificent, almost fell victim to assassination of his own father, Selim the Grim, If it was not for his mother saving him from a gift Caftan, laced with poison.
Hayase 6 aylar önce
as someone who fan to the ottoman empire, what would u recomended for me to read book about the empire?
Burak B
Burak B 7 aylar önce
@Musa Chaudhary kaftan laced with poison, aka poisoned kaftan, is both an expression in modern literature, meaning a gift that is precious and charming but also deadly, and also an ancient method of assasination used by royalty and nobility alike, since kaftan was considered as one of the most exquisite gifts that could be given to someone and it was subtle and unsusceptible and it was Selim the I that tried to kill his son, due to sultan being too harsh on punishing failures gained him many enemies and he thought his own cabinet would try to dethrone him much as the same way he did it to his own father and put Suleiman on the throne.
T S 7 aylar önce
*The ETERNAL GOD would do anything for you!!* Even out of love for you he went to the cross as a human!! Philippians 2:5-8
Musa Chaudhary
Musa Chaudhary Yıl önce
Wasn’t it Mustafa with that gift caftan eh I was saved instead of selim?
Shinjinee Sen
Shinjinee Sen Yıl önce
5. Bayezid I, d a captive of Timur, conquered much of the Balkans 4. Suleiman the Magnificent/the Lawgiver (r. 1520-1566) 3. Murad IV (r. 1623-1640), son of Ahmet I and Kosem Sultan 2. Selim I The Grim (r. 1512-1520) built up the Ottoman army, conqueror of Middle East (the Levant, Arabia, Mesopotamia, and Egypt) 1. Mehmet II The Conqueror who took Constantinople in 1453, aged 21
Tomolo 2 aylar önce
It is very easy to refute Islam! Because the God of Islam does not know that according to Christianity God incarnated True love = the love of God! *God himself went to the cross for you out of love for you as a human being* Philippians 2:5-8
Kienbe Yıl önce
Mehmet the Conqueror also wanted to take Rome so he took Otranto. But after his death the plan was abolished sadly.
Dragonborn Yıl önce
As a Bangladeshi 🇧🇩.. 1.Mehmet The Conquer 2.Selim the Grim 3.Sulieman the Magnificent 4.Bayezid 1st 5.Sultan Orhan
teuku fadel
teuku fadel 10 aylar önce
@Big boy Rambo it's always easy to critique one's policy when one is never actually in the position that he critiqued of Delusional
Dragonborn Yıl önce
@StealArts Yeah he had turk blood mix With persian & indian ... He was a Great Sultan even Delhi Sultanate admire. Talking about Babur he forefathers was Taimur Long & actually From Samarkand ferghana Area ( Uzbekistan) he defeat Delhi Sultanate 100000 army with his 15000 Army ( First battle of panipat) Mughal defeat strong Hindu rival Rajput then later marry their Princess & ally With Them. His grandson Sultan Akbar the Great on of the best indian King of all time very strong King even Hindu loved him. He marry a Rajput Princess as well. He First attack Bengal Sultanate but defeat by Musa kha of Bengal but Akbar's son Jahangir conquered us ( Bangla) though they were invaders but It's good Time for all Bangla. Bengal produce 50% gdp of all Indian. We were the richest state of that Time.
StealArts Yıl önce
@Dragonborn Yes, I have some information about the Bengal Sultanate. I know they fought Babur. I had heard that the dynasty founded by Ilias Shah was half Turkish half Indian. What do you think about Mughal and the British? Or do people from Bangladesh like Babur?
Dragonborn Yıl önce
@StealArts Sultan Sulieman should be there... He defeat Hungry Austria... But It's your Opinion... I'm From Bangladesh ( South Asia) Bengal Sultanate was one of the rich Empire of all Time. Shamsuddin iliash shah was called Alexander of East. Our most popular Sultan. Then Mughal Empire conquered us after 200 years later but still that time produce 15% of world gdp. Then british came & loot... 🙂
StealArts Yıl önce
​@Dragonborn Yes I'm turk. For me ; 1. Mehmet II 2. Selim I 3. Murat IV 4. Bayezid I 5. Osman I so where are you from ?
Ahmet Cumhur
Ahmet Cumhur Yıl önce
1- Selim I 2 - Mehmed II 3 - Murad II 4 - Murad I 5- Mehmed I Empire wasn't built in 10 days all of them was Marshal, all of them brave enough to fight in the battlefield and all of them succeed more than any other Ottoman ruler
Chehabeddine 90
Chehabeddine 90 6 aylar önce
@Ahmet Cumhur Suleiman became a prominent monarch of 16th-century Europe, presiding over the apex of the Ottoman Empire's economic, military and political power. Suleiman personally led Ottoman armies in conquering the Christian strongholds of Belgrade and Rhodes as well as most of Hungary before his conquests were checked at the siege of Vienna in 1529. He annexed much of the Middle East in his conflict with the Safavids and large areas of North Africa as far west as Algeria. Under his rule, the Ottoman fleet dominated the seas from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea and through the Persian Gulf.[4]: 61 and more ......its a golden age
Chehabeddine 90
Chehabeddine 90 6 aylar önce
@Ahmet Cumhur they didn t called him magnificent for no reason chekspear even wrote abt him like 50 years later or watever i am not into this but google it
Chehabeddine 90
Chehabeddine 90 6 aylar önce
@Ahmet Cumhur yet he should be in the list and he conquered many lands all of europe was afraid of him i think ur mistaken
Ahmet Cumhur
Ahmet Cumhur 6 aylar önce
@Chehabeddine 90 his biggest achievement was beign son of Selim I, ruled for almost 46 years with not much of accomplishment compared to others on my list.
Chehabeddine 90
Chehabeddine 90 6 aylar önce
Habibi where is sulaiman?it is called the golden age
Tasnia Ahsan-Bangladesh
Tasnia Ahsan-Bangladesh Yıl önce
I am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩, I don't know turkish history a lot, but I like to watch turkish history-based serials , I really feel very proud of our Muslim empires and I'm really grateful to those heroes who did a lot for ummah.May Allah grant them Jannah.
Umair Tahir
Umair Tahir 5 aylar önce
watch payitaht sultan abdul hamid
نعيمة عبد الله
نعيمة عبد الله Yıl önce
yunus dundar
yunus dundar Yıl önce
Beyazid wasnt humilated, he was treated with respect. Beyazid' son thanked Timur for that with letter. Mamluk sultan Qansuh al Gawri died in battlefield when he witnessed his whole army was gone, he couldnt bear it's sorrow. It not easy to lose everything you got. And i dont think he would suicide. Timur was planing to release him. Yet there is posibility.
Nneka Nwizu
Nneka Nwizu Yıl önce
Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent remains my Icon. Followed by Murad IV. I call him Murad the Serious. Nothing amuses him. Always serious. All the names that made the list deserve it.
Nneka Nwizu
Nneka Nwizu Yıl önce
Men that are larger than life. In the ancient of times they would have been called demi-gods. Sultan Suleiman's actor is indeed a man worth looking at. I see similarities between him and Murad his great grandson. 😍🥰
F. oe
F. oe Yıl önce
People forgot Mehmed 1 (Çelebi Mehmed). He fought for political unity and enemies as well. He reunited Ottomans in a big struggle.
Awwal borodo
Awwal borodo 6 aylar önce
Absolutely. Mehmed I prevented the empire from disintegrating after the civil war.He is considered as the 2nd founder of the Ottoman empire.
teuku fadel
teuku fadel 10 aylar önce
Yeah and also the era of sheikh badreddin's fitnah which he actually prevented from being emerged and spread
eminus romanus
eminus romanus Yıl önce
Selim the Grim was a real badass ,If he lived longer he could overtake all persia and even maybe city of rome too...
William Davis
William Davis 7 aylar önce
@tkendirli He Pope didn't call him Selim the Tiger. He called him Selim the Lion.
kefkahkefkah 9 aylar önce
Yes Selim defeat safavi takeover when shah ismail was imam (not more after selim defeat him) and kill all turkmem in anatolia before becoming a problem. But he could never take persia as it was not possible to happen due to situations and also how politics worked, not even thinkable sultan could become shah and vice versa, and thats why they always fight for middle east and caucusus, no water for navy. he did kill all turkmen in turkey and made so suleiman easy reign, but this must have been a big number. I think if he live longer he will do same thing yearly ghazi and local massacre then leave, his death spare the turkmen of caucusus from death. Selim write he kill children in letter so short reigh for him maybe good thing. Its like isis caliph for leader
Arishem Ghoul
Arishem Ghoul Yıl önce
good thing he didnt
tkendirli Yıl önce
Actually as far as I know the Pope issued a relief letter for his dead. Something like "God sake Selim (the Tiger) is dead"
Dragonborn Yıl önce
He was ruthless & cruell but you are Right
Tushar Khan
Tushar Khan Yıl önce
You should have included Sultan Osman I and also Sultan Abdulhamid II :)) In summary, it is a good video packed with quite a lot of infos.
D.Haokip Yıl önce
No wonder Murad IV is on the list, raised by Kosem, She's such a great and brave mother. Hats off to her.
Necati Alper Yıldız
Necati Alper Yıldız 6 aylar önce
@Darth Plato :D Persia and Europe were equal strenght in XVII century. Also he died so young and it took too many years to get outhority. Im completely sure that now you really don't know anything about XVII century Ottomans :D
Darth Plato
Darth Plato 6 aylar önce
I said that Murad was an effective battlefield presence. I said that was a weak sultan overall. The Ottoman state declined after Suleiman in comparison to Europe. In comparison to Europe--not Persia.
Necati Alper Yıldız
Necati Alper Yıldız 6 aylar önce
@Darth Plato LOL! Murad IV was weak? Bro you don't know anything about janissaries, sipahis, XVII century Ottoman rebels, Safavid wars, Ottoman dynasty or government type... As a Turk i know very well and i can tell easily Murad IV was so powerfull. He was paranoid because his brother Osman II killed by janissaries, there was a big fires in Istanbul in his time because of cigarettes. Every declines had a reason. You must read more about Ottoman's XVII century history, economic style (TIMAR), Army style (not just janissaries also sipahis and what they doing at normal type also they known as TIMARLI SIPAHI), also why janissaries and sipahis rebeling against sultans... You don't know anything about the conditions of the period xD
Oi 8 aylar önce
@Darth Plato Thanks. Glad to read this
Darth Plato
Darth Plato 8 aylar önce
Murad IV was weak because he was never in full control of his government. He was extremely paranoid. He resorted to brutality, not as an excuse, but because he wanted to. He tried to correct problems, such as the military decline of the empire, by outlawing the symptoms of the decline--alcohol, etc. Selim II did the same after the Ottoman defeat at Lepanto--his solution was that the empire needed to pray more. Murad IV understood one thing--brute force. Yes, he was a formidable battlefield presence--but he was not a good ruler. The Ottomans continued to decline before and after Murad. And the size of the treasury doesn't necessarily mean anything. Louis XIV was one of the greatest statesmen of all time, and he died with very little money left in the French treasury.
Z world
Z world Yıl önce
You missed a point of Mehmed Al fatih .He made ships which could go through land. Eventually he used those ships to conqueror Constantinople. It was his personal idea. He was an expert of Cannons. He made some blueprint himself(Howietzar type)
T S 6 aylar önce
True love = the love of God! *God himself went to the cross for you out of love for you as a human being* Philippians 2:5-8
Deuswinum Yıl önce
In 12.21 the chest in front of him is arc of the covenant
musicx xa
musicx xa Yıl önce
Mehmed Al Fatih was number 1 ruler in the world at it's time. He was very well educated, genius and ambitious. His death changed A LOT of things in history.
Abu Bakhar
Abu Bakhar Yıl önce
He was one of the best sultan in the history he defeated the Byzantine empire which had rule for over more then 1400 years
salman illustrator
salman illustrator Yıl önce
Murad 4 was a beast for real if he lived longer he would have done all those things which Suleman the magnificent couldn't
Tural F.
Tural F. Yıl önce
@Chocolate Shah Abbas the Great useless?? That guy was a great king - created new advanced army, defeated ottomans and portuguese, took lost territories back, made safavids relevant again. However he was also ruthless that he killed and blinded his own sons with fear of losing his throne.
{sbrina} Yıl önce
Dust to dust....
Erna Dwi
Erna Dwi Yıl önce
Murad IV VS king sulayman al qanuni..😍😍😍✊✊✊the power of ottoman empire
Yaqub Leis
Yaqub Leis Yıl önce
Chocolate Shah Abbas the Great beat the Ottoman, peoples of Central Asia , Mughal , Europeans and others never lost personally
Yaqub Leis
Yaqub Leis Yıl önce
Chocolate Let’s compare the best ruler of Sassanid to Ottoman Sassaind Empire was the biggest and most powerful and one richest Empire of is time and among the best Empire in history Shapur I the Great >>> Mehmed II Shapur I the Great destroyed and won way more battle and Empire than him Shapur I the Great is clearly better than any Turkic ruler and military commanders in history Shapur II the Great >>> Murad II Shapur II the Great destroyed the Roman , Iranian Huns like Xionites and beat all the Arab tribes Khosrow I the immortal soul >>> Suleiman I Khosrow I beat the Byzantium Empire at there best he beat Aksumite Empire and completely destroyed the Hephthalite Empire Ardashir I >>> Selim I Ardashir I won more battle and destroyed more Empire for example he destroyed Parthian Empire with is son and Indo Parthian Empire alone won many battle vs Rome at least 3 vs Rome Selim I won 3 battle all is life LOL Kavad I >>> Murad IV Kavad I won more battle he ruled the biggest and most powerful empire of is time Bahram V Gor >>> Bayezid I Bahram V Gor very great warrior he beat the Romans , Indic peoples, Iranian Huns and Africans Armenian Empire was once for all abolished by him Bayezid was captured alive LOL
Barocco Yıl önce
As a Turkish , My Favourite 1= Sultan Mehmed The Conqueror 2= Sultan Selim the Grim
Ali Azhar
Ali Azhar Yıl önce
What about osman think about it if he wasnt here there would be no ottoman empire none of these mehmets would exist
Aleks K
Aleks K Yıl önce
@Yaqub Leis you were good warriors against the Romans and Ottomans , but you were bad against Greeks.
Yaqub Leis
Yaqub Leis Yıl önce
@Aleks K Iranian immortal king Shapur I the Great = Rome worst nightmare
Aleks K
Aleks K Yıl önce
@Yaqub Leis You have great victories against the elite Romans . I respect Also you did well against the Ottomans. I think you won 5 wars. Greece, on the other hand, won maybe 3 wars against Ottomans/Turkey. Greeks lost shit ton of wars against the Turks. 1071, 1453, 1897, 1922(epic), 1974 and some other.
Bilal Koç
Bilal Koç Yıl önce
In 1480, the conqueror sultan mehmet started his Italy expedition. otranto is conquered. but the sultan died in 1481
Estelleeeeee 6 aylar önce
thank God he didn't then. Because Italy managed to go through Renaissance and give all this great art which is out there, whereas all the nations under the ottoman empire lived in medieval times for more than 4 centuries. So they couldn't develop. You need to understand that nations which are under occupation can not develop, unless the whole empire develops as well. Thats why all nations that broke free from the ottoman empire are still developing ,even Turkey still develops.
Terence Yıl önce
@The_six_paths the theodosian walls were crumbling and the city was still a shadow of its former self from 1204
Teuku Raja Hitam
Teuku Raja Hitam Yıl önce
Mehmed II The Conqueror and his grandson Suleyman I The Magnificent are two most powerful leader in Ottoman Empire history
Erdal erşahince
Erdal erşahince 2 aylar önce
suleyman is not the grandson of mehmet 2 :) the grandson is selim 1 :) mehmet/beyazıt /selim /süleyman
Yaman, 5 aylar önce
Selim The Grim 💪🏹
William Davis
William Davis 7 aylar önce
Selim the grim outdid them both.
Munim Habib
Munim Habib 9 aylar önce
I see lots of strong similarities between selim the grim and Murad ( the fourth ) both were real hardworking along with serious vibes , and executed numerous statesman for various reasons
Kayser 4 aylar önce
Thats right, Murad IV respected Selim the grim the most and even tried to think and act like him
Oi 8 aylar önce
Actually Murad lV was the reflection of Selim l.
Tahir ÇELİK Yıl önce
Okey so here is some interesting things about these sultans ; 1-Sultan Selim was a rebellion to his father Bayezid and got the throne by a rebellion . Also he is father of Suleiman The Magnificent and he is the first Turkish Chaliphe. 2- Suleiman the Magnificent was only prince that can inherit the throne because all of his older brothers was killed in war or plague. He was also very scaried to thrown from the throne because of his father. He always scared of his strong sons to start a rebellion against him. For this reason he killed all his succesful and skilled princes like Moustapha and Bayezid. 3- Murad IV was grown up by Kosem Sultan which was a regent for Murad many years. Even Murad was banned caffe tobacco and alcohol some history tellers (most of them not Turkish) says Murad usually drinks coffe alcohol and was uses tobacco. 4- Mehmed The Conqueror claimed the title of Ceasar of Rome and he was planning to conquer Rome directly also. Because Constantineople was capital of East Roman Empire and Rome is capital of West Roman Empire . He made a campain for Otranto city in Italian peninsula and he conquered the city.When he was planing his big campain to Rome he was poisoned and dead. His son Bayezid III was a very smooth and nice sultan. For this reason he did not continue to his father's plans. He focused internal problems and some global politicas like Jewish problems in Iberia. Bayezid III was the man who saved most of the Jewish people in Iberia from Castille and Aragon kingdoms.
Those who founded and developed the Ottoman Empire had "Turkishness consciousness", of course, they also did not neglect that they were "ummah". One of them is "national" and the other is "religious" identity. The two reach perfect together. Famous Ottoman historian and Shaykh al-Islam Hodja Sadeddin Efendi uses expressions such as "Turkish heroes", "Turkish soldiers whose victories are shadowed" while describing the Ottoman conquests in his work titled "Taj al-Tevarih". On the other hand, Mustafa Ali from Gelibol, one of the most important historians of the 16th century, underlines the "Turkish" identity with the definitions of "elite nation, beautiful ummah, Turkish nation" in his history titled "Kühn-ul Ahbar". Solakzade Mehmet Hemdemi Efendi, one of the historians of the 17th century, mentions in his works "the son of the Turk who conquered Constantinople" ... Almost all palace historians attribute the Ottoman Dynasty to Oghuz Khan and Central Asia. They repeatedly repeat that the Ottomans are descended from the Oghuz lineage and the Kayı tribe. Fatih Sultan Mehmed, to his grandson from Cem Sultan, "Oğuz", II. He calls his grandson from Bayezid "Feared". Sultan II. The name of one of Abdülhamid's grandchildren is “Ertuğrul” (I think it was the poet Eşref, when they said “Sultan Abdülhamid became a grandson, they named him Ertuğrul”, he said, “When we say that the dynasty is over, are they starting again?” Known: Osman Gazi's father's name was "Ertuğrul". When the Timur State claimed to be "Turkish", Sultan II. Murad feels the need to emphasize that the Ottoman Empire is also a "Turkish State" and puts Kayı Boyu's stamp on the coins and balls. Again, Sultan II. Turkish comes to the forefront during the Murad period, Yazıcızade Ali not only translates the "Selçukname" (Ibn Bibi) in which the Oghuzs and Turks are told into the Turkish of the time, but also enriches it with some additions and additions. In the period of Fatih, many religious, literary, moral, medical, political, dictionary and encyclopedic works are translated into Turkish. All official correspondence in the state is already in Turkish. Europeans are always the Ottoman "Turkey", the Sultan "Sultan of Turkey", in the Ottoman Empire "Turkey," he says, the Ottoman Empire in the map of Europe, "Turkish Empire" is shown as. So much so that Europeans call someone who is a Muslim, "he became a Turk". That is how Turkishness and Islam are identified. Although some of the grand viziers are "devshirme", the overwhelming majority of senior bureaucrats are "Turks". At the head of the administration, there is already a "Turkish son Turkish" Sultan. But the Ottoman State is never a "nation state". It was a multi-religious, multi-lingual, multiethnic formation. Therefore, top managers do not practice "Turkism", but they are never ashamed of their "Turkishness". As a matter of fact, the harsh response of the Magnificent to the famous Grand Vizier Pargali Ibrahim Pasha, who joked with Kanuni as "Big Turk", is famous: "Yes, I am Turkish, do you have something to say?" You can imagine that Pargali fell to the ground in the face of this answer. Many Uighur Turkish texts thought to have been written in the period of Fatih are available today. It is obvious that Uighurs are also used in miniature. In addition to this, Bostancı aghas and custodians, who could speak privately to the sultan, were chosen especially from the Turks. A medal portrait made by Yavuz Sultan Selim in 1517 in his name after taking Cairo. It says "Turkish Emperor Selim" in Latin. Kayı Han, the great ancestor of Osmanoğulları from the Turkish tribes… In the eyes of the enemy, every Turkish sipah was a brave like Efrasyâp and a wrestler like Zaloğlu Rüstem. Hodja Sâdeddin Efendi - Taj'üt Tevarih The hero of the battlefields is Sultan Süleyman, the famous Turkish ruler. Celâlzâde Mustafa Çelebi Tabakātü'l-memâlik ''We Turks are faithful muslims" - Mehmed the conqueror. Source: Meral State-i'aliyy to Volume I, Turkey Isbank Cultural Publications
Henry Aybaz
Henry Aybaz Yıl önce
Fatih is the undisputed best. He turned state into empire. Yavuz could not have been annihilated the Mamelukes or Suleyman the Hungarians without Fatih's military genius. Ottoman canons with janissaries changed the history. Otherwise it could have been a stalemate with Mamluks or even Hungarians. Also Mehmet brought the state back from its ashes.
Şinasi Özkan
Şinasi Özkan Yıl önce
Actually Suleiman the Magnificent was the mod strong Padishah. The strongest both in Ottomans and Europe.
Musavi 6 aylar önce
During the reign of Selim I, the imperial territory was 6.5m km2 (Except desert lands... If we include the Sahara desert, which is between the active lands, 15m km2)... AAAND In this period, crossing the Sahara desert and conquering the land there is also a sign of majesty.
Calin Niculescu
Calin Niculescu Yıl önce
1 Suleyman the Mgnificent 2 Mehmed the Conqueror of Constantinopole 3 Bayezid Yldirim(Thunderbolt) 4 Selim Yavuz(the Grim) 5 Murad Hudavendigar
frank salz
frank salz Yıl önce
Murad IV was a badass! He was over 6ft tall broad brave and ruthless its well known he could wield a 60KG mace in one hand he went to war with the saffavids who were busy massacring and forcing people in iraq to shia'sm and Murad IV utterly defeated them and returned iraq back to the ottomans triumphantly i feel alot of prayers were answered from the iraqi people suffering because this leader murad was the best leader since sulieman the magnificent that was over 70 years before he only lived to retake Iraq and died in his 20s imagine if he had lived long what he could have achieved but maybe he was brought to rule to free the iraqi sunni people who knows God knows best
Abu Saad Ahmed
Abu Saad Ahmed Yıl önce
My list would be 1. Sultan Osman (Founder) cause he established an empire originating as nomads 2. Mehmed The conqueror 3. Sulieman The magnificent 4. Selim the Grim 5. Bayezid the first
Life Never Ends
Life Never Ends 6 aylar önce
Totally aggree with your list, bravo❤️
Abu Saad Ahmed
Abu Saad Ahmed Yıl önce
@D1ingo This comment was posted 10 months ago, but further research till now has helped me realize the contribution of Sultan Murad perhaps I may switch him with Yilderim Bayezid. But I would like to point out to you that when Sulieman was entroned the ottomans thrived in both power and wealth however you cannot undermine the fact that the conquest of Baghdad is not only his contribution he had conquered additional 352 castles during his reign which proved to be the Golden era of the ottoman empire in my opinion
D1ingo Yıl önce
you know it was because of Murad IV that The ottomans managed to survive for 300 more years right? He managed to save the Ottomans from a Shambolic and ruined state to Power and wealth again. He conquered Baghdad and Revan and was physically the most powerful Ottoman Sultan. Suleiman was a good sultan but when he got the throne the Ottoman was thriving in power and rich , Murad took the country in a miserable condition and saved it.
Abu Saad Ahmed
Abu Saad Ahmed Yıl önce
@Barocco You are right, he is considered the restorer of the ottoman empire, without his efforts the ottoman would not regain its power
Barocco Yıl önce
Sultan Mehmed 1 ( Celebi ) is second founder of empire He is living critical time for Ottomans, The Empire havent a Sultan many years , Because another one a Turkic empire ( Timurids ) are conquest Anatolia and Bayezid khan be taken from Timurids , after 8 years later Sultan Mehmed celebi can saved the empire …
Chatterbox Taha
Chatterbox Taha Yıl önce
My List: Fifth Place is Sultan Bayezid I Fourth Place is Sultan Selim I Third Place is Sultan Murad IV Second Place is Sultan Osman Ghazi I Joint First Place is Sultan Muhammad Al Thani, Al Fatih (Mehmed II, The Conqueror) & Sultan Suleyman Al Awal, Al Kanuni wa Al Aziz (Suleyman I, The Lawgiver and The Magnificent)
الوارثون The inheritors
الوارثون The inheritors Yıl önce
Abdul Hamid II was also a great sultan, accomplished so much although he got the power in a very bad situation and was the last sultan with authority.
teuku fadel
teuku fadel 10 aylar önce
@İşinde Gücünde it's widely known that the era of Sultan Mahmud 2 and beyond is the era of Ottoman Empire's downfall
Sa Ren Na
Sa Ren Na Yıl önce
@İşinde Gücünde look at the debts of the empire before and after his reign
Fatıma ÇON
Fatıma ÇON Yıl önce
bürütüs sezarı öldüren
bürütüs sezarı öldüren Yıl önce
my favorite 1-osman gazi 2- bayezid 3- mehmet the conqueror 4- yavuz selim 5-1. suleiman 6 2. abdulhamıt These are my favorites but I love all Ottoman sultans
Yiğit Yılmaz
Yiğit Yılmaz Yıl önce
Mehmet the Conqueror was waayy beyond his time. He was going to conquer Rome if it wasnt for the spies that poisoned him. (He started a campaign shortly before he got poisoned and most of the sources say that he was leading his army to the Italy. Unfortunetly he got sick and died before he could managed to leave the Istanbul)
Nita Lopes
Nita Lopes Yıl önce
We should not forget Osman Gazi founder of Ottoman empire magnificent warrior even his father not a Saltan but a huge part of this part of history 👏just a mention would've been great
hellcat Yıl önce
Although i liked the video, it could have been with more detail. Nearly each of the sultans in the video had remarkable achievements that you didn't mention. For example; 5: Bayezid the Thunderbolt: He is widely know for being one of the first Ottoman sultans(forth) and he doubled the borders of his country. One of the common thought about Bayezid I is he would have conquered Constantinople if it wasn't for the invasion of Timur(yet another turkic/islamic ruler, stationed in the middle east) 4:Suleiman the Magnificent : He is the longest reigning sultan of Ottomans(45 year). He is also known for conquering hungary in less than 2 hours.(Mohac war) 2: Yavuz the Grim: His biggest accomplishment is filling the Ottoman treasury nearly to full capacity mainly thanks to his conquest of Egypt. He is the father of Suleiman the Magnificent and most people think that Suleiman owes much of his accomplishments to his father 1: Mehmet the Conqueror: His strategies in siege of Constantinople is pretty cool. Despite the military power of Ottomans and weakness of Byzantium, the city's walls were very strong for that year. Knowing this, Mehmde also knew that he would need something extraordinary to breach those walls. He needed to attack both in sea and land. He ordered the build of those time's best cannon(known as The Bassilica) and he attacked by sea by ordering the ships to be pulled over land. These were pretty harsh and time-consuming orders but in the end, he got his win thanks to his brilliant mind. I dont know much about Murad IV
Oi 8 aylar önce
Actually Murad IV restored the authority of the Ottoman empire. He is considered the best sultan at the stagnation period of the empire. After Suleiman l, the rules and regulations of the empire was started to broken. Rebellion, bribery was gradually increasing.The treasury was almost being empty. When Murad sat on the throne, he noticed almost all pashas and jannissaries were corrupted. They were hardly loyal to their sultan. So Murad lV decided to put strong discipline in his divan and council. He executed many pashas and jannissaries for corruption like Selim l did. He banned tobacco,coffee,wine,prostitution,dance bar. Whoever disobey this ban, he was given death penalty. He strongly stopped corruption and rebellion. But he is one kind of cruel. He often raided in the street of Istanbul and found out the law breakers. His biggest successful is he reconqured the city of Baghdad. He is kinda one of the most underrated sultans. At the end of his era, the Ottoman treasury is soo rich, ottoman treasure at his reign is number Two during history of Ottoman after Selim I, even much more than Ottoman Treasure during the peak in reign Suleiman I . One thing should be mentioned in case of other sultans ( Mehmed ll,Selim l,Suleiman l, Bayezid l) listed in this video, aftet their succession, they found the empire stabilized. But Murad lV was exceptional.
Bilal Koç
Bilal Koç Yıl önce
murad ıv re-conquered the cities of Baghdad and Yerevan occupied by Iran.
cherry lovers playz this
cherry lovers playz this Yıl önce
Bayezid never commited suicide, he was killed by Timur slowly. I have the story here in Uzbekistan
Linda Marzuki
Linda Marzuki Yıl önce
This people are true heroes, they go to war , not like the modern leader. 👍🏻❤️ i love to read ottomon history. They are like movies.
Menahil Hassan
Menahil Hassan Yıl önce
All the credit goes to SULEYMAN SHAH for placing the idea & than Ertugrul carrying it forward for 0sman to start Ottoman Empire 🔥😍
Arishem Ghoul
Arishem Ghoul Yıl önce
@Menahil Hassan he stated nothing but the truth
Menahil Hassan
Menahil Hassan Yıl önce
@Avrakehdabra I'm just going to say that read some books & learn some history
Avrakehdabra Yıl önce
this is about ottoman sultans and Osman was merely a leader of a small beylik and not a sultan. Also the drama dirilis ertugrul is mostly fictional and the identity of Osman's parents is even in dispute.
Noyan Striker
Noyan Striker Yıl önce
Mehmed The Second and Suleiman The Magnificent were the most powerful!
Kagan Alp
Kagan Alp 7 aylar önce
No suleiman fathers yavuz selim was the powerful and brave
Karishma Ahmed
Karishma Ahmed Yıl önce
@Myrah Naif Mehmet the second is the conqueror of İstanbul. Not Hürrem's son, who by the way died of an illness in real life. Don't take your history knowledge from TV shows.
Myrah Naif
Myrah Naif Yıl önce
Mehmet was killed mahidevran during his young age...
ghufran uddin
ghufran uddin Yıl önce
My brother's even osman was not called sultan at his time but he was called osman gazi. Becoz this ottomans empire was very small at his time. Later orhan his son expanded his territories & it was formed as a empire then he was named orhan sultan. So actually ottoman empire (sultans titles) started from orhan. But Osman name is also included because he was the founder of the Great Ottomans Empire...
Halil Mencütekin
Halil Mencütekin Yıl önce
Sultan titles starts from Murad I not Orhan. Orhan's title, like Osman's, is Bey. They are both included of course, because it is the same state.
Sabrass Quotes
Sabrass Quotes Yıl önce
Suliman The Magnificent, my ideal hero..
Fancyface Fancy
Fancyface Fancy Yıl önce
@Yousaf Raza Osman 1 was a Warrior, he never claimed the Sultanate title. He was the father and founder of the nation. His son Orhan was the very first Warrior to acclaim the sultanate title.
Bilal İsaq
Bilal İsaq Yıl önce
Abdülhamid han
bashir sheikh
bashir sheikh Yıl önce
@Yousaf Raza but can he beat goku
Eurech Yıl önce
@M Shaan Both Ibrahim and Mustafa conspired against Suleiman. Leave Hurrem out of it.
Aarij Kamnani
Aarij Kamnani Yıl önce
Everyone forgot about the establisher, Osman Ghazi
Arishem Ghoul
Arishem Ghoul Yıl önce
@Mangnificent Edits well this list is about Sultans which he wasnt and outside of creating the foundations the guy did nothing compared to the sultans on this list
Mangnificent Edits
Mangnificent Edits Yıl önce
@Arishem Ghoul Does it matter? Whether it was a sultanate or a beylik, it'll always be named as "USMANIA"..✋
Arishem Ghoul
Arishem Ghoul Yıl önce
@Mangnificent Edits it became a sultanate during his grandson Murad reign before that it was called a Beylic
Mangnificent Edits
Mangnificent Edits Yıl önce
People say he only established ottoman empire and wasn't a Sultan...LMAO!😂 That is why the saltanate named as "SALTANAT_E_ USMANIA"...😌💥💅
Arishem Ghoul
Arishem Ghoul Yıl önce
@itz gacha Lizzy tiger lol yeah he was real but the show is fake theres nothing real about it and all we know about him is he was the father of Osman thats it . the guy is relevent
Syed Muzammil
Syed Muzammil Yıl önce
Sultan Murad 4th was My favorite sultan 🥰
Milos Kovac
Milos Kovac Yıl önce
Honestly this is the first time I am hearing some name 3 let alone 1 person ahead of Suleiman the magnificent. Its usually well accepted that he was the greatest sultan they had. I mean his accomplishments were unrivaled.
Mazakan TC
Mazakan TC Yıl önce
No Suleymans father Selim the Grim, Yavus Sultan Selim, was by far the greatest Sultan he prepare the empire in such way it was impossible for Suleyman to be unsuccesful, ask Turks many will say Fatih the conqueror or Selim the Grim. not Suleyman
musicx xa
musicx xa Yıl önce
Indeed Suleiman was great but i think he was also a bit of lucky and fortunate. Mehmed The Conqueror and Selim The Grim made the way. Especially the Mehmed was well educated, wise and ambitious man. These sultans plant good seeds. Suleiman didn't.
Milos Kovac
Milos Kovac Yıl önce
@Jon Snow To an extent. You can say same thing about Alexander the great. The reality is its harder to stay on top then it is to get there. Suleiman did things his father never would have
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Yıl önce
But it was thanks to his father Selim I . He filled up the state treasury and expanded the empire in south and built the greatest army of that time although he ruled only for 8 years and died. So the Empire was almost at it's peak even before Suleiman.
Onurhan Kavas
Onurhan Kavas Yıl önce
Selim was a military genius. He would often begin battle in close combat, but would later retreat and pull his unaware enemies into range of firearms that instantly devastated their ranks. so you will understand your mother :D
ahmed farhan
ahmed farhan Yıl önce
Sultan Murad 4 and Sultan Mehmmet 2 are my favourite
Socrates II
Socrates II Yıl önce
Long live Sultan Osman!! His number 1 in my opinion.
Socrates II
Socrates II Yıl önce
@Tural F. Do you know they meaning of my opinion and in ganeral?? What you say is in ganeral, what i say is in my opinion. Learn how to differentiate first
Karabiner98 Yıl önce
Well, he died 700 years ago hehe
Yorkshire Woodworkers
Yorkshire Woodworkers Yıl önce
All the credit should go to Halime Sultan because she was the one who gave birth to Osman Ghazi therefore without Halime Sultan this would have never happened!!!
nathan ruben
nathan ruben Yıl önce
Out of 36 ottoman sultans first 7 were exceptionally talented. At laast 15 were very capable so that state could last 600 years.
Shehroz Akhtar
Shehroz Akhtar 7 aylar önce
Sultan selim ruled like a lion that's why suleimain is magnificent 👌
Br محمد anis
Br محمد anis Yıl önce
I'm currently reading books about the Mughal Empire, it would be amazing if you do the same video about them.
Misy Jane
Misy Jane Yıl önce
Mughals were Turks. They were not Mughal mongals. They were Turks.
MALIK Yıl önce
Akbar the great is the undefeated Commander like Amir Timur who never lost a single battle. Comparison can be like Murad 2 and Mustafa Kemal Pasha both were also undefeated.
Saddam Hussain
Saddam Hussain Yıl önce
ottoman empire was something political not religious, so its better to read Quran during ramzan than history, don't mind its just a humble suggestion.
Ivalix Yıl önce
the reason why the süleyman known as law maker in turkey is that much succesfull is his father selim because before he dies he left him an empire that have a lot of treasure army new made ships and chaliphate and he made it in only 8 years so yeah yavuz sultan selim was the most succesfull emperor. and you should research about when he was a prens he did alot of things back than to
Rabitul islam Rabit
Rabitul islam Rabit Yıl önce
For me 1.suleiman the magnificent 2.mehmed the conqueror 3.murad Baghdad faith 4.selim the grim 5.osman the warrior
T S 8 aylar önce
***True love = the love of God!*** God himself went to the cross for you out of love for you as a human being Philippians 2:5-8
kefkahkefkah 9 aylar önce
Why soleimam for hurrem soltan? He is much brought upp i think. His father selim in 8 years make more and make it possible for him to rule like he did. Selim first to defeat ismail shah before he was imam, mamluke and take caliph. Selim must be nr 1 for stopping safavi takeover. When suleiman come to throne all turkmen im turkey selim killed, no worries for him. Sadly suleiman not make much of this.
Ghost1761 :D
Ghost1761 :D 11 aylar önce
1. mehmed the conqueror
zayn Muhammad
zayn Muhammad Yıl önce
Mehmed the conqueror ❤️
Askar 3strings
Askar 3strings Yıl önce
(1) Sultan Mehmed Fateh (2) Sultan Salim Yawuz (3) Sultan Sulaiman the magneficient.
doc saaid
doc saaid Yıl önce
May Allah bless our sultans ameen
Yahya YILMAZ Yıl önce
Fun fact : u had 50% of chance for death when sultan selim 1 was calling you
Emma Dwatson
Emma Dwatson Yıl önce
True :-D:-D:-D
Lonystal Yıl önce
Osman Gazi should've been here. I mean he's literally the founder.
Tural F.
Tural F. Yıl önce
@Sheikh Momin I guess those numbers come from your non existent brain. Romanos couldn't even gain 50k troops in Manzikent against Alparslan. The army was undisciplined, byzantine clans were hating and fighting each other, half of his army generals (other clan memebrs) betrayed him. Alparslan was a great ruler and military genius, but romans were way past their prime.
NK Yıl önce
@Outlaw Hellhound the origin of the name ottoman derives from his name ‘osmanlar’
gamer boyyy live
gamer boyyy live Yıl önce
@HEXAN Osman was the first sultan of the ottoman empire, he ceated the empire in 1299
mahamud mahamed
mahamud mahamed Yıl önce
@HEXAN he was the first sultan of the ottoman empire
Myrtle Yıl önce
Thank u guys i learnt many new things from ur comments 😂😂😂
Shehzaan Khan
Shehzaan Khan Yıl önce
You could have mentioned Osman Gazi he was the one who brought the Ottoman Empire
Inyene Oxford
Inyene Oxford 8 aylar önce
Osman Gazi whose father was Ertugrul?
gamer boyyy live
gamer boyyy live Yıl önce
@Mehmet Alperen Osman was the founder of the ottoman empire
Shehzaan Khan
Shehzaan Khan Yıl önce
@Mehmet Alperen Osman was the founder of the Ottoman Empire
Ahmet Cumhur
Ahmet Cumhur Yıl önce
@farida harid hell no Orhan I was the founder he named his beylik after his father
farida harid
farida harid Yıl önce
suleymam shah is the founder osman is his grandson..
Battal Gazi
Battal Gazi Yıl önce
WHEN SULTAN SELIM and SULTAN MURAT the 4 lives 20 years longer , the WORLD ruled 100% by the ottomans .. Murat the 4 died he was 27 years old. Sultan Selim died so fast... RIP My grandfathers !!!!! 🔥🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🔥 and dont fear , the OTTOMANS now is STRONGER and BIGGER !!! SELAM to our Brothers AROUND the world !!! Say Huuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!
Battal Gazi
Battal Gazi Yıl önce
Abbas Abdullah thats not right ... Murad have ABSOLUTLY more Killer Instinkt as Mehmet , Süleyman or Selim. Murad is a real Warrior , Mehmet Selim and Süleyman real Sultans .. Murads carakter is NO MERCY , He killed thousends of Istanbul people ! He going as a Citizen in the City of Istanbuls streets and Show , how many people Respect his laws. In this time , thousends of Istanbul Citizen was killed by Murad. Thats not all , Just one of the facts of Sultan Murad. The reason for murads grazy stupid carakter was his Brother Sultan genc osman ( Young osman ) , He was killed By yanitschars and Murat going to aggressiv and grazy. But iam sure , Sultan Selim was the greates qonquerer in the History of Ottomans and History of human. He lived to short , He Said to his General : lets Go to marocco , after qonquer spain , france , Germany , Austria and come Back to Istanbul ! He have realy big Plans , but He died to fast ... And Europe is lucky
Thunderliar Yıl önce
Suleyman the magnificent the boss and he’s the real man
Mert Çelik
Mert Çelik Yıl önce
@Bilal İsaq worst one he is lost lots of lands also he was addicted to marijuana you not gonna believe it but its say on archives in topkapı palace.
Bilal İsaq
Bilal İsaq Yıl önce
My fav is Abdülhamid Han
Flower Magnolia
Flower Magnolia Yıl önce
@Z world but he made it a wonderful place ,the golden age duh and Suleiman ruled the longest
Z world
Z world Yıl önce
his father selim offered him a disciplined state.
Obaid Yıl önce
So nobody is gonna talk about Osman gazi. The one who laid the foundation.
M. Utku KARA
M. Utku KARA 6 aylar önce
Kanuni. That how we know Süleyman the first. The Magnificent used europe historians and tv series names. Also Mahmut the second was very important. He recreated outfit, army and broke the religious organization. Progressive and absolutely powerful like Fatih.
Ibrahim Khan
Ibrahim Khan Yıl önce
Mehmat the conqueror🔥🔥
Bilal İsaq
Bilal İsaq Yıl önce
Abdülhamit han the genius
Darth Revan 🏳️‍🌈⃠
Darth Revan 🏳️‍🌈⃠ Yıl önce
@ꀤ Legion ꀤ wrong
RAIROOD Yıl önce
@deniz erdem shsjjsjs farketmedim
RAIROOD Yıl önce
2.mahmut or 1. Mahmut ıam türkish :)
ꀤ Legion ꀤ
ꀤ Legion ꀤ Yıl önce
tasfia tabassum
tasfia tabassum Yıl önce
Murad IV wasn't under control of his relatives but to his mother. Queen mother Valide Kösem Sultan.
Eurech Yıl önce
@MARIA MELINA She had a lot of power but she was weak at the same time. The Empire was constantly being invaded and rebels were stealing lands and she couldn't do anything to stop it (which is why Murad took away her regency and took the Empire in control for himself and he did manage to shut down the revolts and rebels) She was regent, but she was not a monarch, which means that she was limited to a lot of things and needed her sons' signatures on every order she gave. She was still very powerful and influential but she was not as people want to portray her.
@Eurech she was not that weak my dear she knows what she was doing.
D.Haokip Yıl önce
@SPECTATORES CRAFTER I would say it's because of the situation but yeah she became a bit evil, but I love her because of what she did in the past too
@D.Haokip me too I love her but at last he become little evil
mek mak
mek mak Yıl önce
@Syed Riyan aha, i felt like i read these on Wikipedia before thats why i asked . I personally study ottoman history as a side subject in University. We can never know for sure what happened back then . Even the ambassadors relied only on what the eunuchs would tell them. And source is very important when talking about history especially when it comes to Kösem Sultan. Such a powerful women. There have been a lot of controversies about her . One must be careful what to believe and learn from reliable sources. I'd recommend Ilber Ortaylı. All the best to you!
Awwal borodo
Awwal borodo 6 aylar önce
This list is incomplete without Mehmed I who is considered as the 2nd founder of the Ottoman empire. Mehmed I prevented the disintegration of the empire during the civil war after Bayezid I captured.
Le Blade
Le Blade Yıl önce
You should’ve also added the shows that you took the clips from to the details alongside the music, I’ve watched a few episodes myself and they get really complex and interesting
ChasingHaze Yıl önce
Suleiman part is taken from Magnificent Century, and mehmet II is used from Rise of Empires: Ottoman
gülser özsakarya
gülser özsakarya Yıl önce
Mehmed the Conqueror , Selim the Grim , Suleiman magnificent , Mahmud II , Murad IV
Sayın CEVİZOĞLU Yıl önce
Mehmet the Conqueror was the greatest. In his 1st rule, a crusader army attacked, let me correct the video, not Mehmet but his father Murat won the battle. Because Mehmet was just 12-13 years old in that time and had no experience. So he called his father to the throne again, but Murat refused. Then Mehmet wrote a letter to his father, saying: "If you are the sultan, come and rule your army. If I am the sultan, I command you to come and rule my army"
Rajarsi Yıl önce
People being stuck in puberty, always very cute.
Azmiri Shikder
Azmiri Shikder Yıl önce
The real lion was my favourite Sultan Murat (IV)🔥🔥🦁🦁
Rajarsi Yıl önce
Aamir Ayub
Aamir Ayub Yıl önce
Wow murad 4 was genius sultan and one of the powerful sultan agreed with top 5 list
социопат человек
социопат человек 8 aylar önce
@Oi yeah, even tho i studied these at school i still cant remember
Oi 8 aylar önce
@социопат человек oh bro.. Don't worry. Actually the Sultan's names are very confusing.
социопат человек
социопат человек 8 aylar önce
@Oi sorry
Oi 8 aylar önce
@социопат человек slightly misunderstood. It was Murad lll, son of Selim ll, who had 100+ kids. Not Murad lV. Murad lV had 10 sons, 5/6 daughters.
Aamir Ayub
Aamir Ayub Yıl önce
That was sultan murad 3 son of sultan selim 2 I am.talking about murad 4 sultan of sultan ahmed son of kosem sultan murad 4 was one of the legends kind of sultan
Hande Erçel
Hande Erçel Yıl önce
1. Mehmed 2 the Conqueror. 2 Magnificent Suleiman 1. 3 Bloody Murad 4. 4 Founder Osman. 5 Selim the Terrible
LadyWeaselLou Yıl önce
Can I make a friendly suggestion? You used scenes that were mostly from the Turkish show Magnificent Century (best ever show lol) use the show on English subtitles as a kind of guide for translation and pronunciation it will be a big help to teach yourself the pronunciation of names, titles, etc. that way you can be sure to say then correctly. I know how difficult it can be. I can read and write a couple languages but have a horrific time trying to actually pronounce a lot of the words, names, titles and such but using shows like these that are from the countries of the languages I am trying to learn is a great teaching tool. When I was a young teen I would use music. I would get a Spanish or French CD and then find the same songs in English, it really helped a lot.
Sultan Abdul Hamid II is also Great Sultan
AL EL Yıl önce
In my opinion : Mehmed II & Abdul Hamid II The Great Sultans, Salam From 🇲🇨
Kaan Erdem
Kaan Erdem Yıl önce
Abdulhamid II was a smart one but we lost most of the ottoman territories durring his own reign, the serial made is full of propaganda
MALIK Yıl önce
The only commander in the world was Sultan Selim 1 who could have defeated the World's #1 Conqueror Amir Timur.
Tural F.
Tural F. Yıl önce
hahaha Yavuz wouldn't have defeated Timur even in his dream. You're talking about Amir fucking Timur - arguably the greatest military genius in history. Selim is nobody in front of him. And history doesn't work with "ifs", "buts".
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Yıl önce
@musicx xa exactly
musicx xa
musicx xa Yıl önce
@Jon Snow he might be top 1 for km2 per year lol
musicx xa
musicx xa Yıl önce
@MALIK 2 of them turk, one of them had turkish-mongol mix army. interesting.
MALIK Yıl önce
@Jon Snow True. As per American Historian Herald Lame top 5 conquerors are; Alexander the Great Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi Genghis Khan Amir Timur Yavuz Selim 1
Nirmal Vikas Mishra
Nirmal Vikas Mishra Yıl önce
Osman is missing. He was the first time establish ottoman empire
someoneonline 10 aylar önce
Murad literally owes everything to kosem
JinBo Himself ( Sudan Suleiman )
JinBo Himself ( Sudan Suleiman ) Yıl önce
When I am in academic places , always happy always ! When I was in chaotic places , sadness comes
Sridhar Saru
Sridhar Saru Yıl önce
Please create a video on the history of Chola, Pandiya, and chera dynasties... History of South india
Rukia Essack
Rukia Essack Yıl önce
just love these Turkish series wish it could all be in english subs we are missing out alot
E001 Yıl önce
their is english subs and many others
Richis_LV Yıl önce
Honorable mention is Suleiman I granson Murad III who conquered big parts of safavid persia
Syed Riyan
Syed Riyan Yıl önce
and suleyman’s son, selim ii, who conquered cyprus & tunisia.
Erna Dwi
Erna Dwi Yıl önce
Outlaw Hellhound
Outlaw Hellhound Yıl önce
The last Sultan had alot of losses while trying to conquer albania as it was held by a pasa whose origin was from there. His name was Skenderberg . He was taken when he was a young child and brainwashed by ottoman empire. They trained him really good. But once he got mature enough he escaped from the empire and returned to his homeland (albania) and he raised alot of rebel armies who freed albania form ottoman empire for a few years. Even Sultan him self took place in some campaigns and still couldnt take down the last castle named "kruje" which was skanderberg main castle. After many years of holding ottoman empire back. Skanderberg died of old age and ottomans took down every single castle. They held balkan for 500 years.
Ghufran Yaseen
Ghufran Yaseen Yıl önce
I think that Sulatan Abdul Hamid 2 would be in that list if he would not be dethroned he was most intelligent and powerful last sultan
özgür aşık
özgür aşık Yıl önce
sorry as a Turkish only that I can say that he can be on this. He was one of the bad sultans in the ottoman. Ottoman lost half of country with his leadership
UnknownUchiha Yıl önce
Sultan Seleiman is literally the #1 ruler of the ottman empire...theres TONS of statements that confirm that
harshitha s
harshitha s Yıl önce
Sultan Suleiman❤️❤️👌
Taha Ahmed
Taha Ahmed Yıl önce
My top 5 Ottoman Sultan are 1:Murad l 2:Mehmet ll 3:Selim l 4:Sulaieman 5:Abdulhamid ll
Ahmet Ckmkç
Ahmet Ckmkç Yıl önce
4.Murat olsa tam olacakmış
Eşref Yalınkılıçlı
Eşref Yalınkılıçlı Yıl önce
If I need to name top five of the great Ottoman sultans, my list would be like: 1- Fatih Sultan Mehmed II (Mehmed the Conquerer / Muhammad al-Fatih, 1451-81) 2- Yavuz Sultan Selim ( Selim I, 1512-20) 3- Abdülhamid II ( The Sultan Caliph, 1876-1908) 4- Kanuni Sultan Süleyman (The Magnificent, Le Grand Turc, 1520-66) 5- IV. Murad (Murad the Fourth, 1623-40)
Arishem Ghoul
Arishem Ghoul Yıl önce
@Umer Ehsan he did lost a battle against John huyadi
Havi Yıl önce
Abdulhamidmi DNBOIQIDGBASP9UDBAVSPDUIQPDQA9U lan abdulhamid en başarısız padişah
StealArts Yıl önce
@Aragon Aga ilk iki belli 3. 4. 5.'yi tartışmak gerekir mesela bana kalırsa Murat 4 Kanuni'den iyiydi Kanuni'nin hanedana yabancı sokması ve Mustafa'yı öldürtmesi bile zaten çok büyük eksiler bana kalırsa Kanuni ilk 5'e girerse aldığı büyük topraklar nedeniyle girer. Zaten o topraklarıda babasının doldurduğu hazinenin içine sıçarak aldı. Bana kalırsa underrated olan Osmanlı'nın ilk 6 padişahı çok daha fazla şeyi hakediyor. mesela Osman gazi elinde devlet yokken koskoca Bizans'ı yenmiştir adamın svaşta yaptığı stretajiler falan deli dehşet şeyler. Osmanlı ilk 6 padişahından hepsi çok büyük maraşeller çok büyük adamlar sonrasında ise Yavuz ve Mehmed dışında hiçbiri onların seviyesine bile yaklaşamaz.
StealArts Yıl önce
@Umer Ehsan I think Fatih is a name that will be in the top 5 of the best leaders in the world.
Juvy and Migz Unlimited
Juvy and Migz Unlimited Yıl önce
BEST RULER.....💖💖💖SULTAN SULEIMAN Magnificent💖💖💖
Bonu Yıl önce
Sultan Mehmed was realy big sulton, he was genious, very god👏👍
Nana Wiklauro
Nana Wiklauro Yıl önce
Murad deserved the first place❤(p.s my opinion)
Kağan Yıl önce
Your idea doesnt matter all historians knows that Fatih the Conqeuror one of the most powerfull, intelligent and unique sultan of the Ottoman Empire
TheLegitNetwork Yıl önce
My List: 1. Fatih Sultan Mehmed (Mehmed ii) 2. Sultan AbdulHamid ii Han 3. Osman Gazi 4. Suleiyman Kanuni (Suleiman Magnificent) 5. Sultan Selim the Stern (Selim I / Selim the Grim)
Kök Böri
Kök Böri Yıl önce
Abdulhamit olmamis abartmayin artik
Arbaaz Khan
Arbaaz Khan Yıl önce
All are right but you forget to mention Osman Gazi the 1st ottoman sultan He is the founder of that empire If he didn't founded that empire This sultans are also common people 😀
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