Did LeBron Say He'd Shoot With His Eyes Closed? 😅

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Amuri One
Amuri One Aylar önce
MJ didn’t missed that 😅😅
Eazzy-EA Aylar önce
@calvin skinner just look at the stats
calvin skinner
calvin skinner Aylar önce
@Eazzy-EA Cap Jordan literally in the 3 point contest
Euty Aylar önce
@Artavius Simpson yoo das not what the man ment he never said anything about percentage of points he commented on 1 shot
Euty Aylar önce
@Eazzy-EA cares
Euty Aylar önce
@Eazzy-EA who
Slumpbuster Podcast
Slumpbuster Podcast Aylar önce
Pretty bold for someone that shoots league average from the charity stripe
Joe Hawkins
Joe Hawkins Aylar önce
Nigga said charity stripe you watch to much tv
49 Lakers
49 Lakers Aylar önce
Bro, you can’t shoot a free throw with em open 😒
Only Facts
Only Facts Aylar önce
thats why he did that...now he has an excuse.
Jae K
Jae K Aylar önce
Jordan: Makes free throws with eyes closed Kobe: Makes free throws betting $500,000 LeBron:
Esaw Franco
Esaw Franco Aylar önce
Kobe also makes them with a torn achilles
KingKlutch13 Aylar önce
The GOAT debate in a nutshell.
Sole Magus
Sole Magus Aylar önce
@GOAT. When averaging out for pace and era.. Both Bron and MJ are average from 3. Not excellent, not garbage from 3.. just average.
DC Aylar önce
Best comment ive seen
Ryuk Aylar önce
@Edwin Ayuso Bro, both are just at 35% 3P% and its not the focus back then. Glen Rice in one of the best 3pt shooter in 90's and he shot 4K 3PA in 15 seasons while Steph is 7K in 12 seasons.
GOAT. Aylar önce
@Edwin Ayuso MJ fans have the dumbest arguments. There were 3 point specialists in the 90s too. MJ just wasn’t a good 3 point shooter, it’s that simple. Accept it.
Edwin Ayuso
Edwin Ayuso Aylar önce
@No time 4 no ho I would've liked to see Jordan's 3pt % if that was something that was popular back then like today's game.
Jose Gerardo Cervantes
Jose Gerardo Cervantes Aylar önce
He isn’t quite on Jordan’s level yet 🤷‍♂️
No time 4 no ho
No time 4 no ho Aylar önce
Maybe one day.
lydnar zenaby
lydnar zenaby Aylar önce
Look at how his nerve goes while doing it, MJ did it naturally with so much smile b4 and after hitting close eyes free throw.. But this guy, he was troubled b4 doing it!!!.. And it was terrible.. Hahaha.. Lebron needs to be true to himself, no doubt one of the greatest but needs to stop tryna wanna be goat, coz that will never be..
Brendan van Rensburg
Brendan van Rensburg Aylar önce
Just goes to show he ain't in the same league as Jordan.
Kanye Westbrook
Kanye Westbrook Aylar önce
🤣 No lebron, just no.
Andrzej Wydrychiewicz
Andrzej Wydrychiewicz Aylar önce
He thinks he’s Jordan, lol
Aubazette Aylar önce
Lebron the type of guy to do this then complain “but my eyes were closed” as an excuse for missing
Kevin Kieti
Kevin Kieti Aylar önce
spot on🔥
Steven Bergeron
Steven Bergeron Aylar önce
Lebron said, I’m just as accurate with my eyes closed.
J-PhoeniX Aylar önce
How do we know his eyes were closed ???? 🤣🤣
TROLL Aylar önce
He can't even shoot them with his eyes open
Nime Productions
Nime Productions Aylar önce
@freepro smith ok? At least he can make shots when it counts the most, it’s not how u start it’s how u finish, plus he had over 1k threes
freepro smith
freepro smith Aylar önce
@Nime Productions Then another game he goes 2-13 from three against Sac last month and . one game and another game goes like 1-11
Only Facts
Only Facts Aylar önce
@Nime Productions just because you make one shoot that doesnt mean you can shoot.
Nime Productions
Nime Productions Aylar önce
TROLL Aylar önce
@Nime Productions we are now cool
Nikko Aylar önce
He almost add one to his airball ft compilation.
Delbert Grady
Delbert Grady Aylar önce
Lebron still 5 no question!!!! For me it’s MJ, Kobe, Kareem, Bird, and Lebron.
thong daddy
thong daddy Aylar önce
those are both some of the worst top 5 lists i think ive seen
Michael Bustillo
Michael Bustillo Aylar önce
Oh wow. I nearly had the exact same 5 in another comment section but was bombard by bronsexuals. I have MJ, Kareem, Kobe, Lebron, and Bird
Palm Trees
Palm Trees Aylar önce
Thas a great 5
Venil Jackson
Venil Jackson Aylar önce
MJ did a few times against the Knicks and Denver when he called Dikembe Mutombo and said "this ones for you"
Counter Strike
Counter Strike Aylar önce
Still trying to be Jordan, and still failing.
Travis Scott
Travis Scott Aylar önce
Lmaooooo now way he even close to Jordan’s GREATNESS
Mike Lamb
Mike Lamb Aylar önce
“I wanna be like mike.” Song lookin ass. Get this man some milk
Som Pratap Singh Tomar
Som Pratap Singh Tomar Aylar önce
He said he would shoot not make with his eyes closed 🤣
Sole Magus
Sole Magus Aylar önce
( Air Balls Free throw ) ( Creed Voice ) 🎶With eyes wide open! 🎶 🤣😂
riverofcustard Aylar önce
He missed that on purpose, so you'd think he's human
Sole Magus
Sole Magus Aylar önce
You seen the one's he's airballed with eyes wide open?
No time 4 no ho
No time 4 no ho Aylar önce
Bold of you to assume he wants us to think he’s human. Maybe he wanted to miss it on purpose to show he’s a Greek mythology god who is truly in control of everything.
Yumi Tokushige
Yumi Tokushige Aylar önce
He must be tired or feel tired of playing. I do have one of my eyes closed while walking from time to time and used to do that while running when I was young. I'm/was sleepy.
Rizz Dizz
Rizz Dizz Aylar önce
Trying to be MJ 🤣
The everything Channel
The everything Channel Aylar önce
Me just getting an ESPN notification saying that he’s entered health and safety protocols as soon as I click this video-
Josh Wallace
Josh Wallace Aylar önce
You should probably know how to shoot a free throw before you try shooting without looking. That's just common sense. But I already knew LeBron doesn't have that.
Literally Aylar önce
Lmaooo He’s so corny tho.. “ iMa shOOt ThIS WITh mY eYeS cLosED”
GtownOriginalPhillyboy Aylar önce
😂😂😂😂 fucking hilarious
F V Aylar önce
Still chasing the ghost in Chicago I see 🤔
Ali Ikram
Ali Ikram Aylar önce
Ive never seen a bigger MJ wannabe 😭😭
SupremeKai129 Aylar önce
Bruh, his eyes were open, u lot think in dis cuz he did the same breath and shot movement as mj when he did it wit his eyes closed.
Hieu Tran
Hieu Tran Aylar önce
he thought he was curry...not at the ft line though :D
Nasirel Oursson
Nasirel Oursson Aylar önce
Smh broni you not Jordan you cant shoot with your eyes open n how you gonna shoot with your eyes Close 🤦
Sonnel James
Sonnel James Aylar önce
Damn, this man is desperate lol
Billy Boal
Billy Boal Aylar önce
I need to see his eyes closed.
Lonny Breaux
Lonny Breaux Aylar önce
'You're not that guy, pal'
Louie Marinda Jr.
Louie Marinda Jr. Aylar önce
SHAQTIN A FOOL Wanna be like Mike edition.
Cyrus Gill
Cyrus Gill Aylar önce
Yeah he did
kingMambaBryant_24 Aylar önce
can shoot well on threes but not on freethrows
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan Aylar önce
This is a certified h00d classic
MRtiktikSMASH Aylar önce
Getting old buddy is this all utype
Secession Now
Secession Now Aylar önce
Omg the biggest woke beach of all time
XxIDLK999Xx Aylar önce
I mean he did it a game winner on the Warriors with 1 eye
reignmans Aylar önce
yeah right. 1 eye. while seeing 3 rims 8 glasses and 24 basketball courts tfoh
Derrick Harris
Derrick Harris Aylar önce
This guy still trying to be JORDAN 🙄 😂 🤣 🤦 😒 😑 🙄 😂 🤣 🤦 😒
Sagewise Loner
Sagewise Loner Aylar önce
Lebron doesn't have the legs of a basketball player....he should have tried extreme ironing
Amari Wade III
Amari Wade III Aylar önce
This is why LeBron James Is the greatest player of all time
Counter Strike
Counter Strike Aylar önce
Larry Bird is better Lebron admits that.
RhyloHylo Aylar önce
The greatest made his shot with his eyes closed
XxIDLK999Xx Aylar önce
2nd greatest*
No Aylar önce
“Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment”!
lll lll
lll lll Aylar önce
LeFlop never reached at least 80% Freethrow Season Average in his 18yr career but still have the guts to dare someone that he can shoot a freethrow with his eyes closed, I mean, the guy is really delusional just like his claim that he is the goat...lol.
Dionte Russell
Dionte Russell Aylar önce
Goofy 🤪
SB3 Aylar önce
Damn lol
Ruck Fules
Ruck Fules Aylar önce
still trying to be jordan
Kadarius Green
Kadarius Green Aylar önce
Technically LeBron is the 3rd best Because Jordan has 6 rings and Kobe had 5 rings.
Kadarius Green
Kadarius Green Aylar önce
@Swagymicswagger well 4th. 🤣
Michael Bustillo
Michael Bustillo Aylar önce
Personally I rank based on skill and accolades. Lbj is 4th all time in my book
Counter Strike
Counter Strike Aylar önce
4th, Bird first.
Swagymicswagger Aylar önce
Bill Russell has 11 rings
ZenWrldBetrippin Aylar önce
Yeah that's if we are going off of rings
NewYork975 Aylar önce
Fake Jordan. 😂🤣😅😆
Red Lobster Inc.
Red Lobster Inc. Aylar önce
Why is he trash talking the pistons
AH25 Aylar önce
LeBum thinks he’s MJ 😹😹😹
Senor Guapo
Senor Guapo Aylar önce
You aint MJ bay bee
Alex Brown
Alex Brown Aylar önce
My made his
Jose G
Jose G Aylar önce
He is not that guy
Do Do
Do Do Aylar önce
Listen pal your not that guy
PapasJimmy 6 gün önce
Wannabe MJ
Michał Pham
Michał Pham Aylar önce
Yeah you're not that guy pal.
Bob Lansonfig
Bob Lansonfig Aylar önce
Y’all hilarious we still don’t know if he shot with his eyes closed we assuming . They zoomed out so we won’t know unless a player says so
Nix Aylar önce
Can't wait until this fraud is gone from the league.
Counter Strike
Counter Strike Aylar önce
First he needs to fake an injury to recharge and rest.
Jim James
Jim James Aylar önce
Fred Greene
Fred Greene Aylar önce
He's only playing for the Lakers cause Kobe was there, he'll never be Kobe!!! And he wants to be like Mike... Never gonna happen%!
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