Easy Acrylic Painting | Moonlight Waterfall Scenery | Painting Tutorial For Beginners #71

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Chloe Art

Chloe Art

Yıl önce

Hello :-)
Today I painted moonlight waterfall scenery 🎨

I hope you enjoy watching my video 🎬
Don't forget to subscribe and like 🙏🏻
Please look forward to the next video 👀
Thank You 😘
Have a good day 💕🎈

cameliathechicken 3 saatler önce
ASMR!! Edit: Or is it just me?
MB festas ...😚🍃
MB festas ...😚🍃 13 saatler önce
MB festas ...😚🍃
MB festas ...😚🍃 13 saatler önce
Você vende eles??
Cathaleya Oasa
Cathaleya Oasa 13 saatler önce
It’s too beautiful 😍
Vijaya Lingam
Vijaya Lingam 15 saatler önce
Hi how is it 🙏 ♥ 🇩🇪 biggest thanks 👶 🤗 amen nanri 🏵 so cute brilliant 🎨 🥀 🤞 🇻🇳
Fathima fejina Mc
Fathima fejina Mc 16 saatler önce
Super dear l like it
Krati Tiwari
Krati Tiwari 19 saatler önce
Hey Chloe This is fantastic. I just want to know on which you've drawn this. Is this is a canvas pls let me know ! 🙂
Bloodstone Playz
Bloodstone Playz 19 saatler önce
Step one:put the paint on the canvas Step two: get frustrated Step three:burn the house down
Painting hobby
Painting hobby 22 saatler önce
I also have started painting and have some paintings in my channel but your painting really is amazing and beautiful. Thanx. 🙏❤️
Julia Dunlap
Julia Dunlap Gün önce
Only if your paintings where real life🤍💙
Julia Dunlap
Julia Dunlap Gün önce
Just imagine the moon wasn’t tape 😳
Charanjeet Kaur
Charanjeet Kaur Gün önce
Incredible Art
Jangbir Singh
Jangbir Singh Gün önce
Nice 👍🤗👆👌🙏❣❤♥️😮🌹😲
Yedek Hesap
Yedek Hesap Gün önce
Çok güzel
山本奈実江 Gün önce
Aya あや
Aya あや 2 gün önce
Тетяна Постіка
Тетяна Постіка 2 gün önce
Очень красіва маладєц😇👏
Chloe Li
Chloe Li 2 gün önce
Wow this is amazing 😍❤️👍
Lkon99 2 gün önce
I think you may be overestimating our talent. 😅
Aura Rahma Fadillah
Aura Rahma Fadillah 3 gün önce
jinn two
jinn two 3 gün önce
isabella 3 gün önce
Titulo :español Comentarios : ingles Yo: 👁👄👁
alexci 3 gün önce
its probably bcz you set ur default language to spanish in yt:) bcz the title for me English
Rachid Back
Rachid Back 3 gün önce
wela1201 3 gün önce
So... I don‘t paint a lot so I really don‘t have a clue. So someone please explain: In the beginning she doesn‘t spread the paint with a brush but with this metal thing. But then she continues spreading with a brush. Why? Couldn‘t she just use the brush right from the beginning??
Звездочка 3 gün önce
Это очень красиво.
JW 3 gün önce
When you realize this cant be done in 13 minutes 😶
S. Nabi
S. Nabi 3 gün önce
The moon should be more silvery
dhanishka k
dhanishka k 3 gün önce
Trust the process🙂🌻
Edil Alejandro More Chumán
Edil Alejandro More Chumán 3 gün önce
Bellísimo ,hermoso .
Saad Imtiaz
Saad Imtiaz 4 gün önce
Please tell me name of all instruments and colors that used in making this painting
Ua2020 Ua
Ua2020 Ua 4 gün önce
Да уж, есть у людей природный талант. Такому не научишься. Он или есть, или его нет. Молодец парень!
Наталия Масоха
Наталия Масоха 4 gün önce
Класс, талант.
Do Do ASMR 4 gün önce
Very beautiful👏👏👏
Ada Barbosa
Ada Barbosa 4 gün önce
Despertou em mim o desejo de voltar à aprender e criar . Amei ! ❤
Thiago 4 gün önce
A bicha arrasa, viu? 🥂🥂🥂
Анастасия 4 gün önce
Очень красиво 😍👍
JesusSaves! 4 gün önce
Very nice! - Just a note - if flowers grow on the side of a hill - they still grow straight up
Aasma Shaikh
Aasma Shaikh 4 gün önce
It's so awesome 😍😍
Farah Sayed
Farah Sayed 4 gün önce
Aleksandra *******
Aleksandra ******* 5 gün önce
Как красиво, слов нет ,удачи вам ,делайте побольше такие чудеса .
apshita verma
apshita verma 5 gün önce
what us the name of the sheet on which these drawings are drawn
mikeysrose 5 gün önce
That first happy little tree felt like a plot twist. lol
Teresa Gardner
Teresa Gardner 5 gün önce
Breathtaking! So beautiful 😍 💖 Thank you for sharing.
gk tau yoi
gk tau yoi 5 gün önce
Assalamualaikum kak, kak klo blh tau itu kain atau apa kak?
Nurhazimah Saadon
Nurhazimah Saadon 5 gün önce
Why artist brush is never look clean? Are they supposed to not clean at all especially using acrylic ? Is that so? Can someone tell me?
Enrique De Guzman
Enrique De Guzman 5 gün önce
Pangit Ng ads hays
ناديه عادل الشافعي
ناديه عادل الشافعي 5 gün önce
اسم الالوان
Sha B
Sha B 5 gün önce
Lovely...thank you!
RHN GH 5 gün önce
Anshika Tyagi
Anshika Tyagi 5 gün önce
EREL TT 6 gün önce
Lacie Musson
Lacie Musson 6 gün önce
This is so calming and relaxing I love the picture you work is truly amazing
Black Night100
Black Night100 6 gün önce
Hey! Bob Ross would be proud of this
Bussi 6 gün önce
Эла Лисова
Эла Лисова 6 gün önce
Как красиво
Софи Знает
Софи Знает 6 gün önce
Нафига ёлку рисовать ? Ёлка все портет! А так БОЖЕСТВЕНО!
Angela Waits
Angela Waits 6 gün önce
I really wanted to show this my daughter. Such relaxing music and a great tutorial but she has ASD and couldn't tolerate the scratching noises.
Анна Мария Эрна Сулис
Анна Мария Эрна Сулис 7 gün önce
Could you please tell where the music is from? It's such a wonderful statement for this heart touching pictures 💜
Carmen Soaresl
Carmen Soaresl 7 gün önce
Que lindo !!!! Maravilhoso ❤️👏🤩
Terezinha Spohr
Terezinha Spohr 7 gün önce
Que lindo !!!!!!
Hannah Vaught
Hannah Vaught 7 gün önce
Hi I'm learning anime face's and land scape. I don't have anyone to help me I just try to picture in my head every time I draw it end's too fast it feels like there is supposed to be more with it and in doesn't look right. Land scape I suck at it. I'm gonna follow you're way it's just I don't have the confidence that I can do it.
Lourdes Sales
Lourdes Sales 7 gün önce
Como eu gostaria de tet um quadro desses
Behzad 7 gün önce
Very nice ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
RaioEstrela 8 gün önce
Samiksha Deore
Samiksha Deore 8 gün önce
Soo nice👍👏😊
Creoleni Maria Silva Ferreira Fidelis
Creoleni Maria Silva Ferreira Fidelis 9 gün önce
Perfeito encantada ❤️❤️
May Loo
May Loo 9 gün önce
This is beautiful. Liked the way you carefully blended all the colors.
liana Galstyan
liana Galstyan 9 gün önce
Princesa Valquiria
Princesa Valquiria 9 gün önce
Incrivel como um sonho .emocionante😭😊😊😉😃😃😃😃
Giselle Alcala
Giselle Alcala 9 gün önce
Alguien por favor podría decirme con que líquido le quita la pintura a los pinceles por favor??
Adwitiya Singh
Adwitiya Singh 9 gün önce
Which colours do u use?
Luna Rip
Luna Rip 9 gün önce
WoW! It Really turned out GORGEOUS… 🥺 So relaxing and peaceful to watch and listen to. TYSM for sharing your amazing talent with us..🥺 It really will be enjoyed and helpful to a lot of ppl..🥺 🧐👊
vascha inghrid21
vascha inghrid21 9 gün önce
then can you use poster paint or not?🙏🏻❤️
Sandy Banks
Sandy Banks 9 gün önce
Wow !!!!!!!!!!
ItsHerobrine2 9 gün önce
Artist: starts tree Me: BOB ROSS TREES!!!😃
dar1201 10 gün önce
I'm teaching myself how to paint with videos like this. I was wondering if you could include the colors of the paints you use and maybe the sizes of the brushes, PLEASE. and, THANK YOU :D It's absolutely beautiful.
fifa_juliet 10 gün önce
Natalia Elberg
Natalia Elberg 11 gün önce
Garfield Dexter
Garfield Dexter 12 gün önce
Anastasia Theodorou
Anastasia Theodorou 13 gün önce
you are so good !!!! Thank you for the lessons !!! I ll try ...
NÁGILA OROCHI 13 gün önce
Status Queen
Status Queen 13 gün önce
Look like orginal
Team sanju official
Team sanju official 13 gün önce
U have golden hands
Darween Elira
Darween Elira 14 gün önce
I reeaallyy love you chloë.
Echo 14 gün önce
I'm still learning colour theory and usage, so these have been immensely helpful. Plus, these videos are immensely calming, so thank you so much for making them
I Dream Color Art
I Dream Color Art 14 gün önce
Love everything about your video, the music, your artwork. It is calming and mesmerizing. Love it.
Stuti Chaudhary
Stuti Chaudhary 14 gün önce
It's so good 👍🏻
Anu Vin
Anu Vin 14 gün önce
What kind of brushes you are using please share that with us too
Vih Paz
Vih Paz 15 gün önce
Kayla 15 gün önce
Pengen mewarnai pake acrilic tpi dah pensi
Evania Torello
Evania Torello 16 gün önce
Anna Laskowska
Anna Laskowska 16 gün önce
Jak? Tak się nie da. To jest za ładne.
Mich Glades
Mich Glades 16 gün önce
So clever it time you put paint I was trying to figure out what it was , then by magic it came into a beautiful painting. It expires me to grab a paint brush again thank you x
Sanika Padalikar
Sanika Padalikar 18 gün önce
Very gud.🌈Looks easy,but believe its difficult.
Ava Webber
Ava Webber 18 gün önce
Rodah Yu
Rodah Yu 19 gün önce
Alex Jönsson
Alex Jönsson 19 gün önce
Du är duktig
Kathleen Ramsey
Kathleen Ramsey 20 gün önce
Absolutely beautiful and I love it!
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