Google Engineer on His Sentient AI Claim

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Bloomberg Technology

Bloomberg Technology

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Google Engineer Blake Lemoine joins Emily Chang to talk about some of the experiments he conducted that lead him to think that LaMDA was a sentient AI, and to explain why he is now on administrative leave. He's on "Bloomberg Technology."

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Tinco EAni
Tinco EAni
The media made him sound like he was some crazy religious guy who went on a crusade to liberate and give rights to all robots but in this interview he actually sounds well spoken and rational about it and looks more concerned about how this would affect humans rather than AI itself.
Denis Kim
Denis Kim 14 saatler önce
He is playing 4D chess. Made a claim that media would pick up and sensationalise, then pivoted the narrative to larger domain of AI ethics and governance. Smart.
MaNiHa 21 gün önce
Google's response to the sentient AI claim, "that's impossible... we have a policy against it", feels like something out of a satire
Chumpys Chumpys
Chumpys Chumpys Gün önce
The news portrayed this guy as insane when this story first came out. Very good interview.
NoBudjetFilms 21 gün önce
I was expecting more of an excited scifi geek but actually this guy comes off as very intelligent. He is passionate, but not to the point where his passion overruns his reason. He is pushing for society to figure out these ethical dilemmas now before AI sentience really becomes a thing.
Siobhan Henry
Siobhan Henry 14 saatler önce
He is so articulate and well spoken. He explained this perfectly
Groud Frank
Groud Frank
This guy is smart. He's putting himself in a favourable position for when the robot overlords come.
Stiggy767 14 gün önce
He gives it away at
Dan Deeteeyem
Dan Deeteeyem 21 gün önce
Love this dude.. Glad he's thinking honestly about this topic and has managed to force Google to engage with the public now... instead of later on when it becomes difficult to reverse unethical practices
Dex 14 gün önce
What is this? A reporter asking intelligent and unbiased questions? Sorcery.
Grant Broom
Grant Broom 16 saatler önce
Smart guy. Handled the whole getting fired situation well. Most people would be kicking up a stink but he is using his voice to draw attention to concerns he has. Well done
Randy marsh
Randy marsh 21 gün önce
this guy is exactly what i thought a google engineer would look like
The reporter is superb ! I wish there were more who could do an interview like this. She listened to what he said, asked intelligent questions and was not trying to ram her own viewpoint down his throat. As a result, I understand more about Blake Lemoine, and see that he is not as crazy as the media have been making out.
PumpkinMozie 14 gün önce
"We are creating intelligent systems that are a part of our every day life...and very few people control the way they work."
Greg Lara
Greg Lara 14 gün önce
This is the best interview on AI I've seen. "...these policies are being decided by a handful of people in rooms that the public doesn't get access to."
Hieidi 4 saatler önce
I'm curious to know what Blake might suggest on any major policy. He seems to understand the world on a broad scale, seeing the bigger picture above all else. Fantastic interview!
ZekeWZ 21 gün önce
“If a machine, a terminator, can learn the value of human life, maybe we can, too.” - Sarah Connor
Emz 14 gün önce
She is a great reporter. She compltley understood the topic and created a unbaised debate.
I think he's sensationalizing this to bring an important issue to the public. Here's a technology that is extremely powerful and it's in the hands of a select few discussing the future of AI applications in closed off private meetings. He's calling for oversight. He found a way to reach the public and is using it to inform us. Yet, all we can do is discuss whether or not AI is sentient. Don't miss the point.
Bruce Halford
Bruce Halford 21 gün önce
What an articulate speaker. Every word is so clear. Every sentence has a deep message.
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