I Bought an Abandoned Tiny House

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George Dunnett

George Dunnett

8 aylar önce

I converted an abandoned building into my first (tiny) home.
Here's the full process of that renovation.
Instagram: orpatchy 👨‍🦰
In 2020, I bought my first home... an abandoned building in my village which was filled with old car parts and tools. Over the next year, I had the building renovated into a nice little tiny house cottage which I now live in and am very pleased with! I hope you enjoyed the process.
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To make this video I used:
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Products I showed in the video:
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As a architectural student this is so satisfying to see. Love what you did with the space. I wish that transforming older buildings for new purposes was done more often instead of demolishing them.
JimsEquipmentShed 14 gün önce
It’s always harder to bring something back to life than to just start fresh.
Elena Latici
Elena Latici 21 gün önce
I don't know how this came to be on my TRshow page this evening, but I'm so glad it did! What a lovely thing you did, rescuing that sad little building and turning it into a charming, romantic cottage. I got the impression that the house kept getting happier as you went ahead, Your choices for the interior were/are inspired--all white with the blue gray accents. If you ever get tired of editing videos you could easily become an interior designer. I love all of the windows, and especially the window seat, the perfect space to curl up and read all of those books you gathered into the old window niche. The glass table was an inspired choice. A wood table might have made the room seem cramped. Your clothes storage is minimalist to say the least. I wish mine was. The built in drawers are beautiful.
As a lazy homeowner who has half a dozen unfinished projects in my house, this inspires me to consider thinking about planning to finish them someday. This is beautiful man good work.
Conor Flaherty
Conor Flaherty 21 gün önce
Dude, this is genuinely one of the coolest tiny homes I've come across! Congrats on this build man, love what you've done to the place and awesome use of revitalising pre-existing architecture!
Andy Urry
Andy Urry 21 gün önce
As a 3rd generation builder and being in the trade 45 years myself , predominantly in renovation very well done indeed , I would not change a thing , excellent use of space and what more would you want , total respect to you George and thanks for posting ..!!!! 👍
Paul Smith
Paul Smith
That first building you didn’t know who owned it, it used to belong to my grandad, it was his workshop. They lived in Broomfauld Cottage, the first house on the row of cottages. The building used to be part of the old piggery, but he used it as storage and workshop when he kept chickens just further up the hill. Amazing to see The Cobbles again, many happy weeks spent there. Commenting from Australia.
GeminiCricket 21 gün önce
The rug balances out with the couch. The table balances out with the red pillows. I think y’all did a good job.
Danielle Taylor
Danielle Taylor 21 gün önce
This is beautifully done. Most places like this get torn down so happy to see a restoration. I was expecting the typical exposed brick/wall but I’m guessing that would affect temperature control and cost you in the end. Great use of space all around. You’re right on changing the rug & coffee table, they are off
Mary Young
Mary Young
You truly transformed this diamond in the rough to a cozy and comfortable home.
Jeanette blessed
Jeanette blessed 14 gün önce
Hello I’m new to your channel and I’m so happy that I found you I absolutely love the fact that you restored an old building back to life it is so beautiful and charming it was worth every penny in my opinion ❤❤❤❤
J Reverie
J Reverie 28 gün önce
The ceiling windows for light was a 10/10 idea, what a difference they make!
Evan Laios
Evan Laios
I love the coffee-table. You've got limited space so the transparent table makes the living room feel less cluttered, like you've still got more space.
ELAINE LESSACK 7 saatler önce
George, I am so pleased that you rescued and rehabilitated this little house into such a lovely, charming home! And the pink and transparent table adds some pretty and compatible color and gives the illusion of space! 🌸
joey 14 gün önce
Tamara Carter
Tamara Carter
Beautiful! I’ve restored a 600 year old cottage in the English countryside, so know just how rewarding saving historic architecture can be. Well done.
Ruby Shame
Ruby Shame 21 gün önce
this actually turned out so well. i dont think you could have done anything better. perfect.
TheHuntsmanbuh 21 gün önce
I love this style, it respects the shape and size of the house while transforming the inside to something modern but simple
shiran duarte
shiran duarte
It's adorable. The glass table, by being translucent, kinda transparent, allows it for the light to go through and make the space look clearer and roomier. I would call it a perfect choice.
Dominic Joseph
Dominic Joseph 14 gün önce
Absolutely stunning home. Great transformation. And I love the coffee table. Hope you kept it.
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