🇺🇸 DOES YOUR FLAG FAIL? Grey Grades State Flags!

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CGP Grey

CGP Grey

8 aylar önce

Thank you to our Bonnie Bees for making this video possible: / cgpgrey
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@CGPGrey 7 aylar önce
🐝 BONUS VIDEO! 🐝 The US Territories stop by to get their flags graded: trshow.info/watch/wyF_k4pPr0s/video.html
@kimberlylewistyner2070 5 aylar önce
Can you do canda flags provinces and cities flags
@kimberlylewistyner2070 5 aylar önce
I really like canda
@johaomikaelmaringagne6179 2 aylar önce
Yeah about that. I just paid a membership but I still can't see your video for Canada's flag rating... Like is there something els I need to do?
@AndresVillacresisDretheGreat 8 aylar önce
I'm glad you S tiered our new Utah flag! Our redesign has been a long time coming.
@chrisv2107 8 aylar önce
It is a wonderful new design
@icantbeyoursuperman 8 aylar önce
It is a wonderful new design, but is it flying now? What I'm reading online is that it isn't official until next year. I hope it is flying now.
@AndresVillacresisDretheGreat 8 aylar önce
@@icantbeyoursuperman Can confirm that government buildings are flying now, the capitol flew it on the day it became our new flag.
@jebeda 8 aylar önce
It is a great flag, which I had not heard of before. Congrats!
@bettsdn 8 aylar önce
Utah understood the assignment.
@erok0809 8 aylar önce
How have you managed to actually make me care about these state girl stick figures? I felt sad when they got admonished, even if their designs deserved it
@SylentVoidkeeper 22 gün önce
Minnesotan here. Our state was so embarrassed by our clear failure to flag properly that we're changing our state flag by the end of the year. Thank you for pointing out our devistating failure
@TheMan83554 8 aylar önce
I kind of want Grey to do an "after-school group" of the Canadian provincial flags, the State's cousins meeting up and not wanting to be left out of the fun.
@ericsouthard3767 8 aylar önce
Or the counties of Liberia. 😂
@TheLordOfNothing 8 aylar önce
@@ericsouthard3767 Oh dear god no!
@glasdonjm3937 8 aylar önce
If he'd been a little earlier with this video, the Liberian state flags all getting S tier would have made for a fun April Fools follow-up.
@myislander 8 aylar önce
And the us territories!
@JohnCanadian 7 aylar önce
Yes yes, that would be wonderful! I know Ontario (my home province) would probably be graded in the F tier. Hoping we get a new flag someday.
@JessSimpson1313 8 aylar önce
As a New Mexican I am glad to hear our flag is appreciated as it seems every one here is mandated to either tattoo themselves with it, or have it as a bumper sticker.
@bozimmerman 8 aylar önce
It is a great flag. I'm a native Texan, but I have a T-Shirt with yalls flag on it. Good stuff.
@zetexztt 3 aylar önce
It's literally my favorite official flag in the world
@webbowser8834 8 aylar önce
As a Marylander, that outfit you designed for our girl is just *mwah* glorious. I love it so much.
@alexray230 7 aylar önce
I'm fairly certain I could recreate that outfit IRL if I tried. I've definitely seen a Maryland flag top hat and tie before
@FiveTacos 8 aylar önce
The little details put in each state's attitude NEVER get old. Every still has so much delightful personality in it. Also love the backdrop as a classroom. S-Tier work.
@landscaping8815 8 aylar önce
Alabama - 11:23 Alaska - 5:35 Arizona - 15:50 Arkansas - 11:42 California - 2:28 Colorado - 10:40 Connecticut - 5:13 Delaware - 8:21 Florida - 17:35 Georgia - 17:02 Hawaii - 13:48 Idaho - 9:31 Illinois - 10:18 Indiana - 9:59 Iowa - 9:35 Kansas - 1:45 Kentucky - 7:41 Louisiana - 12:42 Maine - 4:28 Maryland - 12:30 Massachusetts - 7:36 Michigan - 5:26 Minnesota - 11:01 Mississippi - 3:47 Missouri - 6:40 Montana - 1:45 Nebraska - 4:20 Nevada - 11:56 New Hampshire - 5:01 New Jersey - 15:43 New Mexico - 4:39 New York - 16:06 North Carolina - 15:14 North Dakota - 3:09 Ohio - 8:09 Oklahoma - 14:17 Oregon - 1:45 Pennsylvania - 7:47 Rhode Island - 7:20 South Carolina - 14:47 South Dakota - 3:09 Tennessee - 12:58 Texas - 17:16 Utah - 17:52 Vermont - 4:24 Virginia - 7:55 Washington - 13:20 West Virginia - 11:37 Wisconsin - 1:45 Wyoming - 8:33 Fun Fact: The most common way Grey would introduce a state is with the exclamation "Ah" Edit: Now that I've posted this and can click through quickly, I'm wrong. Most common way is the name followed by a short pause.
@FSMMicronesia 4 aylar önce
Bruh you are a lifesaver
@littlecousin5630 8 aylar önce
California’s reaction to others’ flags and to your criticism of hers mirrored my own as a Californian.
@ElectricFortune 8 aylar önce
This video is how I found out about Utah's flag redesign, and its existence gives me hope for the rest of the subpar state flags. As Roman Mars said in his Vexillology TED Talk, "In every bad flag, there is a good flag trying to get out", and Utah nails the essence of its original design in a sleek, stylized update. Bravo to you, Utah, and I hope the rest of the states may one day follow suit.
@waywardmind 8 aylar önce
As a Canadian, I'm proud as hell that Grey holds it up as the standard. (pun intended)
@TowelGard 8 aylar önce
I actually cheered when Utah got put in S. I'm so happy they finally changed it.
@gnarled128 8 aylar önce
Hearing Grey’s stern teacher voice when he said “I’ll take that, thank you!” is something I didn’t know I needed, but I’m glad I got
@lxix8035 8 aylar önce
As a Marylander, i am so glad to know that Grey also thinks our flag is so ugly that it circles back around to being great.
@RTopes 8 aylar önce
The Republic of Chicago would kindly like to request a major city flags grading. That state flag doesn't fly us.
@andrewmasin5787 8 aylar önce
Don't forget NYC. Better than NYS anyway.
@jamesgartrell4462 7 aylar önce
I love that they used Chicago's flag in Wakanda Forever, so recognizable!
@prede89 2 aylar önce
@@andrewmasin5787it’s only barely better because it had the Dutch colors in it but it’s a SOB
@EirynKatherine 8 aylar önce
I'll admit, I had no idea what the Minnesotan flag looked like going into this video and I can't disagree with Grey's assessment. Apparently there've been several unsuccessful attempts to get it changed in recent years, so we Minnesotan's still have hope of one day getting a passing grade.
@SkylerKehren 8 aylar önce
I knew it was going to get dunked going in and ouch, still hurts.
@davidalade2288 8 aylar önce
As someone who was born in D.C. and grew up in Maryland, I feel very proud of the flags in my area. The Maryland flag breaks pretty much every flag rule but that somehow makes it better.
@ender-gaming 8 aylar önce
My state only passed by a technicality but I still feel better than most the others. However, I think CGP gave North Carolina a higher score than it deserves, that N and C are basically writing our name and there are two dates on it which is quite against the spirit of the rules. I think FA.
@onedeadsaint 8 aylar önce
just wanted you to know that you've spiked google trends traffic for "virginia flag"
@CGPGrey 8 aylar önce
Delightful. Thank you for telling me this.
@deegee424 7 aylar önce
@Regendur 8 aylar önce
I love the new Utah flag, as a native Utahn. It's so much more distinguishable from the previous design.
@qwertyuoip1234 8 aylar önce
I've waited for this moment for nine years
@CGPGrey 8 aylar önce
I didn't expect it would take that long. I hope it lived up to the hype for you.
@lolledopke 8 aylar önce
@@CGPGrey I'm glad the Roman Mars TED talk is sufficiently old that you felt comfortable making this video
@TheLordOfNothing 8 aylar önce
Grey's gonna go New Mexico and Maryland for S tier.
@CGPGrey 8 aylar önce
You don't know me!
@danielsanchez4881 8 aylar önce
This is my new favorite Grey video of all time. The humor level is outstanding and nonstop. I love all of the personality that the state girls have and I absolutely lost it at Maryland.
@Regg-X 8 aylar önce
I feel like the North Carolina flag with not one, but two, dates and letters on it got a LOT of pardon here. Should be in the F Tiers for the same reason as Florida.
@ArnolddeLeon 8 aylar önce
I think Grey succumbed to sentimentality
@thomaslane1547 7 aylar önce
True, but at least it's only got initials rather than the whole name.
@alexanderlemieux7492 8 aylar önce
As a citizen of Maine, I am required to tell you about the original Maine flag (1901 - 1909) and how it is better than our current one.
@prede89 7 aylar önce
That is a wicked cool flag
@thomaslane1547 7 aylar önce
I wonder what folks in 1909 were thinking, to drop the simple tree and star?
@ribbongraph 8 aylar önce
The bias in choosing North Carolina over South Carolina is ridiculous by every measure you gave at the start. SC's flag: - Completely different from any of the other flags - Has no writing on it - Difficult to draw perfectly, but easy to draw a sketch of if you simplify the palmetto - The navy blue is a bit boring with all the other navy blue flags there I'd say A or B tier since it could be much snazzier and easier to draw. But it could comfortably fit on the international stage. NC's flag: - Copied from Texas (copying from a good design is the best part of it) - Has the initals of the state on it (breaking the writing your own name rule), not in the worst way possible but still there - Has other other writing - Banners aren't the worst to draw, but they're nontrivial And that's it. FA tier at best. Sorry Mr. Grey, it's just not good. I simply cannot accept that you can in good conscience put those two flags side by side and said "NC's flag is better than SC's".
@a.z.p. 8 aylar önce
I'd love to see a redesign of WA. Keep the green, stylize a pine tree, maybe some visual acknowledgement that half the state is desert. We have volcanoes! Do something with that. Orcas. Otters. Rattlesnakes. Someone please get to work on this.
@josiethompson5739 8 aylar önce
An orca as the centerpiece of the Washington state flag would be dope af. Especially if it was in the Salish art style - easily an s-tier flag
@Sunnybrook1 8 aylar önce
This got me thinking what had already been done for it, and the first result was from FlagsForGood, lots of pretty green hills (a bit reminiscent of our evergreen trees) with a dark blue sky and five white 6-pointed stars. From the site - "The Design: Since DC took the Washington family crest, I decided to take the flag of George Washington's military HQ and use that as a base. Then, with a little help from Tiktok, I decided to incorporate a light to dark green gradient that can be found so much in the nature around Washington. The five stars, representing the five active volcanoes in Washington, make a subtle "W" in the sky and the mountains mirror their shape."
@MatthewCSnow 8 aylar önce
The most identifiable but probably not a good idea, I can think is have Mt. Saint Helens with it's crater top on the flag
@karlkewbz 8 aylar önce
Maybe to represent the desert they could divide the flag in half with one side keeping the green and the other being yellow, I'm not sure on what to divide it with though.
@CatherineLu 8 aylar önce
The thing that stuck out to me most when I first moved here was that the state route signs all have the shape of Washington’s head on them. The flag would be so much better just changing out his face for that same silhouette.
@algaesachel8551 8 aylar önce
As a Michigander and someone who loves vexillology I hate that my state has a worse flag than Ohio
@Xatzimi 8 aylar önce
There have been more Grey videos in the last month than are usually in a year. Should I be worried?
@CGPGrey 8 aylar önce
@fanq_ 8 aylar önce
not usually, just last year, but I do expect it'll be a while before we get a new one now
@mesieurt2 8 aylar önce
I love the emotions on the state cartoons. The SHAME depicted by some of them is priceless 😂
@BulletproofNerd72 8 aylar önce
I loved this so much! The continued development of the "America State Girls" is so well done. I had to pause the video and take a screenshot when Flordia showed up with her pet alligator.
@derekheld1427 8 aylar önce
Wow, I didn’t realize how many state flags were blue
@xdjrockstar 8 aylar önce
I never thought we would actually get a flag video from Grey. Never have I been so happy to be wrong because this was a fun watch! Plus, as a New Jerseyan, it's fun to dunk on New York for a change.
@prede89 2 aylar önce
That was amazing
@MatthewCSnow 8 aylar önce
"Wear it with pride Maryland" How dare you imply that we don't already have pride in the best flag of the Union?
@jeffsynn 8 aylar önce
1:43 Kansas/Montana/Wisconsin/Oregon 2:28 California 3:09 North Dakota/South Dakota 3:46 Mississippi 4:20 Nebraska 4:24 Vermont 4:28 Maine 4:36 New Mexico 5:00 New Hampshire 5:13 Connecticut 5:25 Michigan 5:32 Alaska 6:40 Missouri 7:18 Rhode Island 7:31 Massachusetts/Kentucky/Pennsylvania/Virginia 8:09 Ohio 8:21 Delaware 8:34 Wyoming 9:26 Idaho/Iowa/Indiana/Illinois 10:39 Colorado 11:01 Minnesota 11:21 Alabama 11:37 West Virginia 11:42 Arkansas 11:56 Nevada 12:30 Maryland 12:42 Louisiana 12:58 Tennessee 13:20 Washington 13:49 Hawaii 14:17 Oklahoma 14:47 South Carolina/North Carolina 15:42 New Jersey 15:50 Arizona 16:06 New York 17:02 Georgia 17:16 Texas 17:35 Florida 17:52 Utah
@Jeffertoya 8 aylar önce
Thanks! Right now in Utah, there is a big fight about the flag change. People weren’t paying attention for the past three or four years while it worked its way through the process and now they’re upset. But I think you really hit the nail on the head about these flag designs. And many of these states with poor designs could take another page from Utah‘s book… Utah is not actually replacing its old flag. It just has a second official flag now that doesn’t suck add an official Flag for like ceremonial crap that does suck
@alexray230 8 aylar önce
If you hadn't put Maryland in S tier, you would have pissed off 6.165 million people
@StarlightNightflame 8 aylar önce
Poor Nevada never got assigned a grade audibly, but for those who did not spot it on the graphics later in the video (like myself, having to scan for it: 12:34) it ended up lost among the other blue flags as an FC. For some actual flag commentary, why does the so-called "garden state" not have the color green feature more prominently in its flag? I got some serious Japanese rising sun flag vibes from Arizona's flag, but it certainly works. As for Iowa... not sure how that is "much 'murica", it just looks like the French flag with a seal on it. Sure, eagle seal, but still. And finally, absolutely agreed that Minnesota should have been some variation on the Scandinavian country flags.
@ReneSchickbauer 8 aylar önce
Nevada could do a really bad-ass move and put the symbol of a mushroom cloud on the flag. Sort of a cross between "help, we are the most nuked place in the world" and "Don't get any fancy ideas with the water rights, California. We have bigger bombs diplomacy."
@vgzwymux8569 8 aylar önce
I did not know Utah was redesigning their state flag and I have to say I really like the new look. Also the end scenes of all the state girls lining up for the bus evoked a strange nostalgia for elementary school shenanigans.
@saizai 8 aylar önce
How many of Grey's redesign proposals (WI 2:14, OR 2:21, ND/SD 3:37, CT 5:22, DE 8:31, WI 9:09, IN 10:01, MN 11:18, NV‽ 12:27, SC 14:58, NC/SC 15:40) are (a) actually proposed to their respective States, and (b) licensed to allow it? How about making them official ballot measures? 😉
@TheRealTronGuy 8 gün önce
Minnesota's getting a redesign - and Grey has a (locked, doggone it) video out on the six finalists - but none of them lean into the Scandinavian thing at all. They all lean into the L'Etoile du Nord (Star of the North) state motto, instead.
@CarlosZ34NSM 8 aylar önce
Grey was right about Texans having a lot of state pride and we really do deserve the S tier rank! Awesome video I really enjoyed it!
@CGPGrey 8 aylar önce
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It is over bot bro's😢
@TheNinja131 8 aylar önce
What about the Bonnie Bees that sign up through TRshow?
@jj003333 8 aylar önce
@@TheNinja131 thats what I want to know
@cgibbard 8 aylar önce
tezzzt comment, pleazzz ignore 🐝
@ArnolddeLeon 8 aylar önce
@@TheNinja131 Grey's minions will approve you
@elizamelody 8 aylar önce
Loved it! Texas and Maryland S tier flags! It'd be great if Utah started a trend of states redesigning their flags.
@dojomaster5481 8 aylar önce
You did Colorado dirty. The flag breaks almost all vexilogical rules, yet still looks good. That should be an s tier just due to how well it works while breaking all the rules. (From a biased Colorado native)
@prede89 7 aylar önce
I think most people like the Colorado flag. Grey was a little too picky in this haha
@sarahbybee8546 8 aylar önce
So happy for the Arizona flag. Love the copper star!!
@matthewdepaula9833 7 aylar önce
Thank you for giving Texas the “S” Tier we deserve 🤠⭐️ (I also love the little “Guess that Pokémon” nod 😂) - great video and fun to watch!
@IgthornOfDrekmore 8 aylar önce
I know you hate Purple (the most magnificent of colors I have you know!), but in this case I'm with you. Either own the purple on a flag whole cloth or don't bother at all. :D
@Maladictem 8 aylar önce
Grey, did you actually manage to make a simple video, that didn't balloon out into months of research for once? Good for you! Who am I kidding, you probably own about twelve new books on state flag history.
@Hemigoblin 8 aylar önce
4:48 Fun fact: The music playing here is “Morning Mood”, from Grieg’s Peer Gynt suite. It seems like an odd fit for a desert state, though Grey matches it up with some astute flag praise to make it fit well. You might recognize the song as the one that often plays behind pastoral pictures of flowers opening and fauna frolicking in a forest. HOWEVER, in the play that this piece was composed for, the scene it’s written for is a sunrise in a desert. So it is being used here it here exactly as intended.
@rogen8094 8 aylar önce
I love to imagine Ohio running around with a cape like a Superhero! Making us Ohioans proud :) Well done, CGP Grey - quality as always!
@cogspace 8 aylar önce
As a native of California I've always felt our flag was such a near miss. The symbolism is solid, but the text and the poor execution of the overly complex bear brings it down so much. Here's hoping Utah's awesome new design will inspire a wave of long-needed revisions from sea to shining sea. 🐝
@kevinsabellico7608 8 aylar önce
Grey, I want you to know I personally texted several California state legislators this video in hopes they would heed your advice.
@CatherineLu 8 aylar önce
Some of these stick figures just have such cute outfits and personality. Like, Ohio looks so good!
@cobaltblue42 8 aylar önce
Consider a simplified cross section of Washington State (looking north): a deep blue ocean and tannish grey sandy beach, a dark evergreen forest broken by the deep blue fjords of the Puget Sound (ignore the urbanization for now), a black and white glaciered stratovolcano (Mount Tahoma preferably) rising above smaller but still impressive mountains (the Cascade Range), a broad blue river (the Columbia) and black basalt scablands amongst golden tan fields (representing both native sage brush prairie and the immense and productive farmlands of eastern Washington). Also consider the native cultural symbols such as totem poles, and Coast Salish Art of Orca's, Salmon and Thunderbirds. Then of course you have agricultural products of the state; from the salmon, shellfish, and cranberries of Western Washington, to the apples, wheat, and cherries of Eastern Washington (obviously not all inclusive). Not to mention industry and tech, from Boing airplanes to Microsoft and Amazon web services (for better or worse). Definitely not saying you should put all of that in a flag (shudders at the overcrowded mess that would become), but Washinton State has so many identifiable things to choose from it's a crime that we're stuck with a seal of a President that had absolutely nothing to do with our founding or is even representative of our region other than sharing a name. And yes, as much as I love it, while the Cascadia Doug Flag is very nice, it's Douglas fir tree can be mistaken for a California redwood, and further, the Cascadia flag represents the entire Cascadia bioregion, an area spanning from southeast Alaska to northern California, it would be a bit presumptuous (and lazy) of Washington State to claim that flag all for itself. Anywho, to any vexillographer's out there... feel free to develop some better flags for Washington State (no George Washington please, thanks), just please make sure you follow Grey's rules. : )
@Blackacre438 8 aylar önce
Well done Utah, more states should follow in your footsteps!
@879PC 8 aylar önce
I renewed my membership because I desperately had to comment! The baby Bison and Gator! The outro with all the little states referencing each other. Ohio and Maryland just being so unique. Animators! You've outdone yourselves!
@SupahSpongeCake16 8 aylar önce
I loved all the little details the states' stick figures had but my favorite was Florida's alligator. It was so cute! 😍
@thomaslane1547 7 aylar önce
Belongs on the flag.
@mystbs6612 4 aylar önce
unironically the presentation and characterization of the states as school girls, being grouchy at F’s, excitedly running the halls, etc…. makes this so rewatchable
@coldes97 8 aylar önce
Honestly, the Utah is a fantastic design, not just because of the bestagon and bees, but it's simple and very recognisable as well, 10/10
@singinkid9942 8 aylar önce
As a Wyomingite I can indeed confirm that EVERYONE in the state is one step ahead of you and removes the seal from EVERYTHING. Its so prolific that I literally forgot the seal was on the Buffalo... and I work at a state building where I see the flag like nobody's business. Love the shoutout even if we technically failed.
@TheQarnage 8 aylar önce
What an animation on the Utah flag, that was so hopeful
@ActivelyMike 8 aylar önce
Brilliant, hilarious, and informative! Also anything with flags in an auto donate in my book 😁
@sario27 8 aylar önce
I'm so happy Utah made the flag change, as Utahtan myself I know there are more important issues but you see it, it's a simple fix that honestly matters. I actually want to fly a Utah flag now
@CapriSjonnie 8 aylar önce
I'm not an American but I still really enjoyed this video. Mostly because of this fun format of the classroom. Well done 🎯... S tier!
@MangoMotors 8 aylar önce
Did Grey have a bad vacation to California or something? All the jabs at it makes it feel like he's taking a grudge out lol 😂
@merrybot101 8 aylar önce
I knew you loved Maryland already, but I love the extra fancy outfit you gave her. All of the states had so much personality and little quirks that identified them. The attention to detail in these videos is amazing❤
@Relkond 8 aylar önce
Many of these were probably designed without the input of a graphic designer. we’re lucky there weren’t more stick-men on the flags.
@WanJae42 8 aylar önce
Woot. I've lived in 3 states with either A- or S-tier flags. People should look at Japanese prefectural and city flags. Some of them are great examples of design.
@mikegibson2279 8 aylar önce
Overall, this was one of my favorite Grey videos in years. HOWEVER, the take on South Carolina's flag was just plain blasphemous. The flag incorporates the state's revolutionary war history in all three elements. The color was the color of the SC state militia uniforms at the beginning of the revolution. The crescent moon was the insignia worn on their caps. These two elements were the basis of the "Moultrie Flag," designed by Colonel William Moultrie and flown over Fort Sullivan during the Revolutionary War battle of Sullivan's Island, in which a hastily constructed, partially finished fort made of palmetto logs and sand, commanded by Moultrie, held off a British invasion fleet, sparing Charleston from British occupation for the first four years of the Revolution. The Moultrie Flag, with the obvious addition of the palmetto tree (weak to hold the ignorance of others against SC) later became the South Carolina state flag, and has remained mostly unchanged since its incorporation. In addition to its historical nature and its simplicity, the flag is heavily recognizable, and, like the Union Jack, is very popular - it widely visible flying across the state, and you'll find it on stickers, t-shirts, and all other manner of merchandise. And unlike other southern states, at least SC's flag doesn't reference the confederacy! Sure, the blue isn't original, so I understand keeping the flag out of the top tier, but this flag deserves at least a B ranking.
@mrwalronda 8 aylar önce
New Mexico's flag is my favourite, easy, creative and absolutely stunning
@thelonewolfspirit 8 aylar önce
I've never looked at all the state flags together before. Most of them look like they tried way too hard, now I want to see some re-designs!
@YuYuYudotpsd 25 gün önce
New Mexico's flag is so unique, and distinct from others, color wise and design wise Utah is popping off with their new design, well played!
@wild_lee_coyote 8 aylar önce
State flags have more seals than Sea World, and they are not as cute. The problem with Alabama is is just a copy of the St Patrick Cross of Ireland. Out of all of them I do think New Mexicos is the best. It’s simple, unique, and easy to recreate and bold with its colors.
@gosephjoh 8 aylar önce
Thank you Grey for bringing visibility to the Oregon flag beaver 🦫
@jacorp7476 25 gün önce
Minnesota is getting a new state flag soon! Looking at some of the submitted designs, we could go from F tier all the way to S tier...
@myislander 8 aylar önce
Also, it's clear you should retire just across the state line from Wyoming in Utah, so you can fly the Bestagon flag.
@myislander 8 aylar önce
Or maybe right on the border, so you can fly your custom Wyoming AND the Bestagon side by side.
@Zedbie 8 aylar önce
It's been a long night and I am still irate at South Carolina's ranking in relation to North Carolina (what with NC's blatant writing and copying Texas's homework and what not).
@TheDantepizza 8 aylar önce
This video is fantastic. I have wanted to sign up for your Patreon for a long time, but I was a student and I was really touched when you told me to focus on school. As someone who grew up lower income, it was a surprise when I wanted to give you money, then you said that and it made me want to cry. Thankfully, I finished law school last August and am now a Lawyer and can afford to pay back! Right now I am a Bonnie Bee (because housing in Seattle is expensive), but you make education fun and I love it. Thank you!
@BlueRedGooGoo 8 aylar önce
Really feeling the love for Wyoming. The flag we print on everything is just the bison, but I also remember this conversation by heart so it was as expected.
@ZephWraen 8 aylar önce
The whole blue background thing probably wouldn't bother me so much if it was uniform. If all 50 states had it as an easily identifiable "this is a state flag of the US" thing, I wouldn't mind it. But knowing that that's not a thing and never will be, I too loath its very existence and wish only for the blue to go away, or at least be a rare thing. I hope to one day see my home state of Indiana do a redesign. So close to greatness, yet so far.
@kaloka521 8 aylar önce
I am so glad our "cantons" got this right. Here basically everyone can (more or less, kinda sorta) identify and even draw all cantonal flags. I could even draw the flags of towns I've lived in, as they are all destinct and simple. Towns will usually fly town, canton and the federal flag in order next to each other on / in front of municipal buildings. I assumed this was universal, shared by all nations and administations alike. Like cmon you are tryna run a serious operation, it's really not that hard to slap a flag together. I know about the cali, texas, Alabama and that's it. Will remember Alaska's flag from today onward but holy cow, your state flags are terrible. I always thought I just never saw them, and had never questioned why. Oh boy, now I know why. The "state seal on navy blue" ... 26 of them???? Wtf
@Castlefortress 8 aylar önce
Happy to see Arizona getting an A. Makes me feel warm inside (and outside, it's getting hot in the desert again) to see our state flag be appreciated.
@superkh12 8 aylar önce
I just love how you give each state their own personality. I love these girls, especially Ohio.
@olivianava5422 8 aylar önce
As a californian, I am personally slighted by this video.
@CoffeeVector 8 aylar önce
I can't help but feel my buttons pushed. What do I write on which ballet when?!
@wantless 4 aylar önce
I don't know why, but watching the New Mexico flag being placed into S-Tier brings tears to my eyes 🥲
@CatherineLu 8 aylar önce
Single tear at the evisceration of my home state’s beautiful flag 🥲 you gotta admit the bear is cute tho. Update: Alaska does deserve the best bear award though.
@danmorgan712 4 aylar önce
Watching this with my fiance for the fifth time and we're still in tears laughing, repeatedly. Might be the best video on the internet.
@Redsox4444443 8 aylar önce
It was coming one day! And that day has arrived!!! I’m ready for Kansas to do poorly because our flag is against all that Grey stands for!
@Redsox4444443 8 aylar önce
And yep, double F. Yep.
@m3grim 8 aylar önce
This, together with Roman Mars' TED Talk on city flags, should be required viewing for any and all local governments. You can do so much better! A decent flag might seem trivial, but it's as good a place to start as any!
@wolflegion_ 8 aylar önce
I’d be very interested in Grey’s opinions on other countries state/provincial flags haha. The Netherlands’ provincial flags are in general quite good in my opinion, if somewhat boring.
@RainaRamsay 8 aylar önce
Hey, Grey -- Since I have the opportunity to send a comment you have to read, let me just say that your channel is the first thing I ever found that made me think TRshow was a cool place with interesting things, and not a pointless waste of bandwidth. So thank you for making awesome content that is _easily_ worth the money I put into it. I'm grateful for all you and your team do.
@oxygen41 8 aylar önce
Of all of the Grey videos, this one is in my Top 5. The emotion of the class is excellent, and it's incredibly well written. Maybe someday my beloved Wisconsin will do something better with our flag (the bar is very low).
@ActivelyMike 8 aylar önce
I bet Mississippi is pumped it got a makeover in time for this! 😂
@startrek2365 8 aylar önce
As someone from Wyoming who has VERY deep roots in Colorado I want to 100% agree about the Wyoming flag and say I feel the Colorado flag should be a B as there is a lot of symbolism behind it. Also, Colorado put the C on their flag because at the time they adopted it there were several other states that looked like that were going to do something with the same Blue White Blue patten so they were worried it would look like the rest of the flags. Simular to the everything is blue problem.
@ericfang2666 3 aylar önce
This is honestly one of my favorite youtube videos ever. I actually come back to watch it from time to time just because I like it so much.
@wyzeguy6 8 aylar önce
I've never been so excited to see a tier list done before! So many options!
@LuisRomero-sx6kw 8 aylar önce
I love angry little California at 3:10 lmaooo Also I've been using the term "the Maryland flag of -blank-" for so long, I legitimately forgot where that came from
@frankwu4747 8 aylar önce
You're thinking of Hello Internet, and Grey and Brady's take about the "Maryland Point"
@NightHound1337 8 aylar önce
Very enjoyable! We had an American visit once. He was most surprised of how we consistently rock the worlds oldest flag at every celebratory occasion. I never thought about that until then.
@tenthz 8 aylar önce
I was in Juneau, Alaska during their 50th anniversary celebration, and BOY HOWDY that flag was EVERYWHERE.
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