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Tom MacDonald

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lucid dreams
lucid dreams 2 saatler önce
Getting divorced and im losing my family. Lost my job and my body is falling apart. I almost ended it 3 times already I have a therapist now. Hopefully shit gets better because im losing it
Aries Parks
Aries Parks 5 saatler önce
With what's going on in my life right now... I really hope no one is going thru what I'm going thru... But if you are keep hanging on with me.. it's hard I know it for sure but don't give up ESPECIALLY of you have kids.
weathery stormrider
weathery stormrider 7 saatler önce
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weathery stormrider
weathery stormrider 7 saatler önce
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Saint Sinnz
Saint Sinnz 16 saatler önce
They say keep hanging on, there ain’t shit to hold on to I used to be strong after all that I’ve gone through I don’t feel like myself I think I need help, the people I talk to Say keep hanging on, I don’t know if I want to..
The Candorist
The Candorist 23 saatler önce
I cared until my best friend forever was gone. Tried to help and nothing made a difference
Cris 2 gün önce
My boyfriend just passed away this new year Eve, and I remembered how he always sent me a video of Tom, I know he had some issues, but was not fully aware that it was that serious 😢 now his gone and I don't know why but I started listening to Tom and I felt like I understood him more, though I know it's too late😭
Kristin Simeone
Kristin Simeone 2 gün önce
Hey dude i feel this man my friends bro died of suicide i wish he could hear this
Mouse Garcia
Mouse Garcia 2 gün önce
“And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.” Revelation 21:4. Throw all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5: 7. Please talk to God as well and pour your heart out to him, because he doesn’t want us to live in world were people are depressed, suicidal, suffering, or have anxieties. I hope this helps and that you a nice day.😘😘😘
Rocxy Lemmon
Rocxy Lemmon 2 gün önce
Ty tom!
Transport Frenzy
Transport Frenzy 3 gün önce
Your Music is Amazing. Words hit deep. Stay real. Keep spitting. You have a gift that uplifts spirits by relating to what real people go through and making poetry that you turn into the Fiercest shit Ive ever heard.
A J 3 gün önce
As a 16 year old girl I feel alone and scared in this world. Everytime I try to pull myself up, I just fall deeper into the rabbit hole.
Christopher Biro
Christopher Biro 4 gün önce
Please put this song on Spotify!
Trisha Hamzeh
Trisha Hamzeh 4 gün önce
Wow. Thank you for putting yourself out there. I needed this.
P Bella
P Bella 5 gün önce
Shit.... How Many Emotions Can You Bring Out In Me .... Love Your Story
The Lotto Tribe
The Lotto Tribe 5 gün önce
mikoss 2325
mikoss 2325 6 gün önce
Corey Hoffman
Corey Hoffman 6 gün önce
Fits my mood exactly.. but I think my strength has been sapped. I'm done fighting to live. I made a noose. But I literally don't have a good enough tree or a sturdy enough fan. I don't own a gun. I have basic meds like ibuprofen but what's that gunna do
Denise Windham
Denise Windham 7 gün önce
I've been there too you're not alone life is what you make it and you're pretty amazing
Godspeed1844 7 gün önce
My favorite song because I am there and feel every word.........
John Shank
John Shank 8 gün önce
Tom MacDonald needs to be in your playlist
Brenton Chesmore
Brenton Chesmore 8 gün önce
Dam my guy hope your doing good thanks for everything your songs have helped me a lot
thinkingspaced 8 gün önce
Why can't I buy this song?
Kimberley Wilson
Kimberley Wilson 8 gün önce
I don’t wanna keep hanging on anymore I’m done
Kimberley Wilson
Kimberley Wilson 7 gün önce
@A J no
A J 7 gün önce
Hey, are you okay?
Shawn Mendrek
Shawn Mendrek 9 gün önce
Hanging on to nothing, blaming myself for depression. Restless hands trembling when darkness sets in. A lot better at fighting it, hey a better job, but it doesn't matter. Looking for sunny days, but the clouds seem permanent lately. Wiping my face and eyes more now, but still not giving in. Giving into sin, when will it stay in the hole I dug and buried it in. Not wanting to give up to the demons, so still I sit and fight through. Feeling like there is holes in my heart, why can't I make it depart. Tearing me around and under the sun, I want to meet the son. Another day another fight, but I will never give up or hurt myself again. It's time to let the good weather in for another period. I promised myself I would never try to take my life again and I haven't, once you become good at fighting yourself, it becomes a habit. Whoever reads this, don't ever forget a new day comes if you don't give in. But you will ruin others lives if you do give in.
Edward Schaub
Edward Schaub 11 gün önce
Hey tom focus on your woman. She will be your reason.. Nova same with you too!!
Elizabeth Buttler
Elizabeth Buttler 11 gün önce
#selfie this world is pure evil. Let me go home, this isn't my home.
Steven Dowell
Steven Dowell 11 gün önce
This is amazing honestly
Christoochi 15 gün önce
My girlfriend struggles with these thoughts and your music hits a lot harder than it ever did before I met her beautiful spirit. Thank you Tom and the hangover gang.
Camden Thompson
Camden Thompson 16 gün önce
This song man... I'm 18 and a senior in high school and everyday is a struggle. I live by myself, and its hard to just keep the lights on. I barely go to school because I wake up and think man whats the point. People say that teens overreact and that they don't go through things, but I beg to differ. I got jumped at a party on new years because a drunk dude was jumping on some people I'd met for no reason. Their was 12 people on me and I couldn't even react. My 2 buddies had to tote me to the car so we could get out of there. I got hit in the face with something (a bottle maybe) and got a concussion and a fracture to my upper jaw. I still went to work all day 2 days later and thats when I realized something wasnt right and went and got a CT scan. Now I have to take antibiotics and deal with the pain for 2 weeks and go see a ENT or plastic surgeon to see if it is gonna heal right. Your music helps me so much Tom, never stop being you. It reminds us that we can keep fighting too. Hope everyone in this comment section has the best life they can, and fuck what the world thinks just do your best.
neemguy81 16 gün önce
Black Flag huh? F
Daniel C
Daniel C 17 gün önce
look how many people you have inspired!!!!.. god bless you brother
Amy Moller
Amy Moller 17 gün önce
This song actually saved my life, it made me call an ambulance the night I tried ending it. I don't remember much that night but I remember listening to this and a few other songs 🥰 thank you.
jake Radcliffe
jake Radcliffe 18 gün önce
Thank you! Your music, your lines, and fate for me finding you! I'm in a bad place but I love music to much
Scott Kauffman
Scott Kauffman 18 gün önce
Dam this on touched me . I been stuck hanging on to long
SP4ST 19 gün önce
i wish i had acces to a fucking gun. some1 please blow my brains out
Mrfixit Mike
Mrfixit Mike 19 gün önce
Cant find this song on spotify
Brooklyn Hensley
Brooklyn Hensley 19 gün önce
This was the last song my dad listened too before he committed suicide 😔 I miss you daddy
Kelsey Hall
Kelsey Hall 20 gün önce
The 'hanging' m this video is a bit much for me... I physically cant even look at it... I wish my daughters dad could have heard this before he hanged himself in a city park because we couldn't be together at the time... RDLS ❤ 9/24/78-8/3/2018
Stephanie Bowman
Stephanie Bowman 20 gün önce
Tom this song means so much to me. A good friend hung himself this summer and I just wish we could have been there to help him. You're music keeps me going. I think the best mental help is self-help (tons of resources in your local library or where-ever) though we can use a hand or a shoulder sometimes
Kristina Minks
Kristina Minks 21 gün önce
Love you just keep hanging on
Megan Arndt
Megan Arndt 22 gün önce
💔...... "I got 20 foot of rope but nowhere to hang it.." ....this song is the story of my life 12 suicide attempts since covid killed my dad Nov. 18,2020...
Dennie Madden
Dennie Madden 23 gün önce
All of your music it sets me free and I'm not a fan that comments on every video or one that raves when you post something new cause im a loner and I'm crying as I'm writing this your music has saved me its the reason I hang on it so relatable I love you bro keep on giving us these awesome tracks :)
jwysard 23 gün önce
I am glad you did hang on Tom.
casbarrod10 23 gün önce
puts a tear in my eyes.
casbarrod10 23 gün önce
this song hits me hard in my heart and mind. i know a 14 year old who hung herself. Her father found her and i never saw what was going on with her life she never reach out to my wife.and no note of any kind we are freinds of her family. her death ways heavy i hvae a 15 year old son, she could be my kid easy. Good grades good kid. i just dont know. Thanks for making this song Tom it makes you think.
FewButPlentyMusic fans
FewButPlentyMusic fans 23 gün önce
I’m so sorry sister 😖😖💔 and literally that’s how you went 😖😖 ugh I miss you Rest In Peace 11/2/20
Kody Palmer
Kody Palmer 23 gün önce
The only reason I haven’t ended it yet is because of my mother, my brother, my ONLY friend, but I lost one. My babies mother walked away because I can’t fix myself and treat her how she should’ve been since I can’t get over it. Not only I lost her, but the thoughts of giving up to see our babies we lost is hard to ignore. Each day the edge gets closer
Just a NOBODY 23 gün önce
Ha, hang on and he's hanging himself
Elizabeth Rutherford
Elizabeth Rutherford 23 gün önce
JRSinCT 25 gün önce
Tom is a gift to this hurting generation.
Dustin Bromley
Dustin Bromley 25 gün önce
God man your music really hits home to me. I know exactly how you feel.
Communist Lockdown Censorship
Communist Lockdown Censorship 25 gün önce
Can’t find it on iTunes.
Austin Hubert
Austin Hubert 25 gün önce
I wish this was on Spotify. It would help me a lot these days...
Jeff Rodriguez
Jeff Rodriguez 26 gün önce
Thank you Tom. ❤️
RainDrop Red
RainDrop Red 26 gün önce
I'm lucky I'm here today my suicide triggers bad lastnight on new years eve I was very mentally abused to the point I have ptsd suicide thoughs plans arent easy to trigger off is hell suicide depression abuse need to be more heard especially with the kids now a days
novah child
novah child 26 gün önce
.........ya know i wonder what tom is doing for his new years eve? happy new years everyone (2021) i hope your life gets better
Laurie Whittaker
Laurie Whittaker 26 gün önce
Hang on TD I love 💕 you. I hang on because of your music😢🙏
BDB 26 gün önce
Love you man. I listen to this for strength
Wubberton SmithWub
Wubberton SmithWub 26 gün önce
Thank you Tom.
Bobby Clay
Bobby Clay 26 gün önce
I want to give uppp so badd I’m currently laying down in a house full of people that made me laugh today as well as laying down with a my gril friend that loves me and I feel so broken inside still I want to give up I want to quit I wish I had someone who understands me and how I feel they just say your just sad you’ll be okay they don’t understand depression I hate this crap I wish
Jay Havok
Jay Havok 26 gün önce
I could use some help right about now😭
Dominick DeMarco
Dominick DeMarco 26 gün önce
Happy new year..
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 27 gün önce
Can we get this song on Spotify? This is one of my favorite songs to bump when I'm feeling down
Julien Vallieres
Julien Vallieres 27 gün önce
Hey Tom, that's a cool song I really enjoyed it.
Laegon Waters
Laegon Waters 27 gün önce
The days are a haze of bills, chills, and echoes of “I’m crazy.” Looking for ways to kill the pain, or a thrill, everyone just thinks I’m lazy. My brain is maze of hallways leading to misery and dead ends, maybe If the sun’s rays hit my face, I could dream this was just a phase. As my mind betrays me at the steep hills on top I’ll go out in a blaze. I can’t hang on.
Brittani Parker
Brittani Parker 28 gün önce
This song was released exactly 14 days before my husband completed suicide by hanging himself. I wish so much we would have known your music then. I listen to you everyday now and your music has saved me time and time again. You truly are my guardian angel. You and Nova both! I love you both!
chris watts
chris watts 29 gün önce
Holy shit this hit me hard
Wompus Cat
Wompus Cat Aylar önce
Im sorry you felt that way Tom, and to anyone else who currently feels this way.. Theres hope. I was there, i felt all this and more, i hope anyone in this spot feels better, you deserve better, itll get better, stick around... you just might find out.
Nocturnal Singularity
Nocturnal Singularity Aylar önce
Just keep hanging on. For real it sucks and hurts and seems usless as if your actions arent consequential. But they are and everything you do lives on through eternity through the people around you and the ones around them to their children and their neighbors and will trickle through time
shaun fox
shaun fox Aylar önce
Tom's not talking about himself. He's talking about you. He's saying someone somewhere knows what your going through.
Adam Bosin
Adam Bosin 18 gün önce
Gee thanks.
Matt Krahn
Matt Krahn 24 gün önce
Ashton Armstrong
Ashton Armstrong Aylar önce
I think...everybody lives with depression. That it starts when were about 7-15 and that most of us don't recognise it, and it just gets worse as time goes on and the hardships by the time we do recognise it it's gotten really bad. and for those who do recognise right away or don't live with many hardships or just try to keep positive more often than not, they are the ones who don't have really bad depression. But in the end depression hits us all, and the longer its not taken care of...the harder it gets.
Matt Krahn
Matt Krahn 24 gün önce
That is just some made up stuff you came up with. Lol.
Diavion Gibson
Diavion Gibson Aylar önce
This guy trying his best to be other rappers
MICHEAL Denham Aylar önce
Every song hits home
Cj Foti
Cj Foti Aylar önce
Does anyone know if this songs on spotify?
Sir RageAlot
Sir RageAlot Aylar önce
i wish my best friend Sarisa, my uncle and my cousin could hear this song before they went out of this world ... song is 2 years old and it still hits me in the heart every time i hear it
Trevor Edgell
Trevor Edgell Aylar önce
I lost my beautiful baby girl 5 days ago and Im honestly trying to be strong but I just carnt Rest Easy my baby girl 🕯️🙏💔
nature lover
nature lover Aylar önce
Hang on for what? There is only one person I care about but he's too young to know I'm gone. He'll be ok without me.
Erica Abbott
Erica Abbott Aylar önce
This is the first time I've heard this... I burst into tears 😢 you are so brave and I think you just made me a little braver. ❤
Robert Inman
Robert Inman Aylar önce
I put a
Robert Inman
Robert Inman Aylar önce
Gun to my head when I was 15...I had a noose around my neck that would have ripped my head off my shoulders and a hole dug in the woods for my body to fall into...tarps over the hole with dirt on it so when my body fell in it would pull dirt on top of me....if that gun didn't misfire no song would have saved me
Mr. Toodles
Mr. Toodles Aylar önce
I know this is old but, Tom...Brother, you have to realize that your music has literally saved lives. Shit like this reminds me of when I was in a mental home for attempted suicide. Not to mention my own brother. He loves your music. This movement you created has inspired him to finally sober up and be the man he always should have been. Thank you so much.
treesporefromthefuture Aylar önce
Really feeling this song right now. The ending of this year has been far too rough.
Rie Vance
Rie Vance Aylar önce
What would one think if I thought of ending it every day. But what holds me back is the fear of screwing even suicide up , and becoming paralyzed or just to fucked up to even succeed .
Justin Maupin
Justin Maupin Aylar önce
Realist shit I've listened to all day. I used to not like you, and now I do. I struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide everyday. Always wondered why I like Chester Bennington's music so much. But I understood once he left us.
FullTimePatriot Aylar önce
Why is this toms best song and least known
Robert 8 gün önce
Fear... everyone is scared to confront their demons.
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller Aylar önce
" they say keep hangin on.. there ain't shit to hold onto.. " 🖤
Gary A Burris
Gary A Burris Aylar önce
Song hits home.. lost a child to suicide this year.
Bobby Thompson
Bobby Thompson Aylar önce
989 dislikes ? Who the fuck are you some cold heartless alien
Bobby Thompson
Bobby Thompson Aylar önce
Is odd I know how he doing that with out geting actually hanged there a strap under his clothes wrapped around his chest and there a hook on the nos
Donnie Burbach
Donnie Burbach Aylar önce
How come this song ain’t on Apple Music
Aka Arjun
Aka Arjun Aylar önce
I love you so much love for Nepal😘😘❣️
lisa A
lisa A Aylar önce
Depression, addiction, not wanting to go on ! ......Its hard living with a disease people think your a scumbag ....But the battle goes on....
James Edge
James Edge Aylar önce
I feel like this every time I wake up. Thanx tom for putting this into words
Jorge Recinos
Jorge Recinos Aylar önce
Is this song on Spotify?
Jakim Spaander
Jakim Spaander Aylar önce
Glad you're still here!
rhonda kinney
rhonda kinney Aylar önce
Swisscheese17 Wyles
Swisscheese17 Wyles Aylar önce
I struggle with my depression a lot to the point where I keep asking people if they hate me. One of them is mad at me because I asked them that a lot and now I can't talk to them for a while because I made them mad (I apologize for my horrible grammar). I wish I could just tell them that the reason why I keep asking that and the reason why is because my depression makes me think everybody hates me. My depression makes me think that everybody is against me, and I wish people would understand that. Hopefully everybody understands my comment and I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Bye.
Affliction of A Christian
Affliction of A Christian Aylar önce
grimey soul darkness fleeing cause of this vibe keep fighting thank you tom
Angie Baumgartner
Angie Baumgartner Aylar önce
My friend just lost his 14 year old son to suicide. I only wish he would have turned to someone before thinking he had only one choice..😢
Brian Rosenberger
Brian Rosenberger Aylar önce
Keep hanging on.. 😞
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