Ranking 100 EDM Subgenres (with examples)

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hello !

hello !

3 yıl önce

i totally did NOT steal this idea from anyone, it is an ORIGINAL idea I had MYSELF.
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intro/outro song: MUST DIE! - CHAOS

Existence Productions
Existence Productions 2 yıl önce
0:21 - Gabber 0:40 - Extratone 1:00 - Microhouse 1:20 - Frenchcore 1:40 - Speedcore/splittercore 2:00 - Aggrotech 2:20 - Eurodance 2:40 - Dubstyle 3:00 - Ambient 3:20 - Dubstep Original 3:40 - Tropical House 4:00 - Vaporwave 4:20 - Minatory 4:40 - Techno 5:00 - Lo-Fi 5:20 - Jumpstyle 5:40 - Big Beat 6:00 - Tech Trance 8) 6:20 - Electro Industrial 6:40 - Fidget House 7:00 - Jungle Terror 7:20 - Chiptune (my favorite) 7:40 - Downtempo 8:00 - Glitch 8:20 - Neurostep 8:40 - Nu Disco 9:00 - Baltimore Club 9:20 - Dutch House 9:40 - French House 10:00 - Outsider House 10:20 - Tearout 10:40 - Kawaii Bass 11:00 - Hard Trance 11:20 - Indie Pop 11:40 - Liquid Drumstep 12:00 - Future Bounce 12:20 - Big Room Techno 12:40 - Trip Hop 13:00 - Minimal Techno 13:20 - Techstep 13:40 - Tech House 14:00 - Reverse Bass 14:20 - Electro Swing 14:40 - Wonky 15:00 - Dancehall Pop 15:20 - Indie Dance 15:40 - Melodic Drumstep 16:00 - Psystep 16:20 - Darkpsy 16:40 - Trouse 17:00 - Melbourne Bounce 17:20 - Complextro 17:40 - Liquid Dubstep 18:00 - Synthwave 18:20 - Moombahcore 18:40 - Hardbass 19:00 - Hardstyle 19:20 - Liquid Drum n Bass 19:40 - Jackin house 20:00 - Experimental 20:20 - Hard Trap 20:40 - Rawstyle 21:00 - Happy Hardcore 21:20 - Deep House 21:40 - Festival Trap 22:00 - Progressive Psytrance 22:20 - Hands Up 22:40 - Hard House 23:00 - Progressive House 23:20 - Hardpsy 23:40 - Uplifting Trance 24:00 - Glitch Hop 24:20 - Neurohop 24:40 - Hardcore 25:00 - Melodic Dubstep 25:20 - Halftime 25:40 - Trap 26:00 - Synthpop 26:20 - Brazilian Bass 26:40 - Drumstep 27:00 - UK Hardcore 27:20 - Moombahton 27:40 - Jersey Club 28:00 - Big Room House 28:20 - Future Garage 28:40 - Riddim 29:00 - Dancefloor Drum n Bass 29:20 - Breaks 29:40 - Jump Up 30:00 - Midtempo Bass 30:20 - Bass House (#10) 30:40 - Neurofunk (#9) 31:00 - Electro House (#8) 31:20 - Psytrance (#7) 31:40 - Future House (#6) 32:00 - Future Bass (#5) 32:20 - Brostep (#4) 32:40 - Hybrid Trap (#3) 33:00 - Commercial House (#2) 33:20 - Deathstep (#1) Youre welcome
julie sheme
julie sheme 4 aylar önce
Here is a tech trance song Evan Pearce - Annubis I love this one it's energetic as hell ❤️
ワゴンボーイ公式 / ゲーム実況ch
ワゴンボーイ公式 / ゲーム実況ch 5 aylar önce
#83 is Sandstorm by Darude.
Dave J
Dave J Yıl önce
It's already written in this video
Tactix Yıl önce
Literal legend
DammRuv Yıl önce
Get Lemon
MroNycZ 2 yıl önce
My top: 1. Hardstyle 2. Hardcore 3. Gabber 4. Frenchcore 5. Melbourne Bounce 6. Rawstyle 7. Big Room house 8. Splittercore 9. Drum n bass 10. Jumpstyle
Meraz Bakth
Meraz Bakth 15 gün önce
My Real Top: 1.Electro House 2.Uplifting Trance 3.Brostep 4.Techno 5.Drum & Bass 6.Trap 7.Hardstyle 8.Hard Dance 9.Future Bass 10.Hardcore
Ethan Foster
Ethan Foster 3 aylar önce
This is a way better list
EpicHP 4 aylar önce
@Mitra your opinion
Mitra 4 aylar önce
@EpicHP It's definetely not the most emotional music, it's literally created for festivals. Emotional for you maybe
EpicHP 11 aylar önce
This is good, not one who listens and say this is just noise, hardstyle is the most emotional music ever created
thhrj dh
thhrj dh Yıl önce
In my opinion EDM is the most diverse genre of music
Exiliate Aylar önce
@Daniel Lozano exactly. Subgenres are genres under another genre. What is that genre they’re under? EDM
Daniel Lozano
Daniel Lozano Aylar önce
@Exiliate Title: EDM SUBGENRES.
A AM 2 aylar önce
@elo elo Learn to say that you don't know anything about EDM, much less do you know how to distinguish genres.
J42 3 aylar önce
@elo elo are you familiar with the concept of opinions?
elo elo
elo elo 5 aylar önce
No, you just invent a new tag for every slight difference. Look at hip hop for example. Tracks with very diverse types of beats and flows, but at the end of the day we just call it hip hop. Here about 20 of these genres are just techno plain and simple. Another 10 or so are dubstep, then of course hardbass that is actually distinct and unmistakeable for a change, another few are miscellaneous bangers and rest is just straight garbage.
LNR - Music Curation
LNR - Music Curation 2 yıl önce
Every time I listen to extratone it gets slightly better, I'm worried...
Pokeeeeeeee 24 gün önce
wait intil you listen to some melodic extratone, there a realy good song called stars cant shine but idk who its by
Slez IDK
Slez IDK 3 aylar önce
I just hope more extratone or supertone stylled music just like Kobaryo did with Web 33,260.8 or USB 50,176.0t, not because they don't hear like the genre means that they are not; they are supertone and are like pure gold for me, some of the best songs made out there with a "meme genre" who ending up like if they weren't made like a meme in the first place, kinda because they are not a meme, theres obvious hard work between those two. I could also point those extra, hyper or supertone songs made by Camellia, t+pazolite or even the same Kobaryo wich are really well made, but my personal opinion it's that Web and USB are by far, two of the best ones.
Sydosys 6 aylar önce
listen to musicians like kobaryo and dj myosuke not fckin diabarha. im so sick of people using the worst extratone song as an example LMAO
Felix Hauptmann
Felix Hauptmann 6 aylar önce
For real I listened to diabarha for one week straight and now it's just like any other good music genre. Help
Kimyona 10 aylar önce
@Matvey Deniko aekhloria aka sunhiausa is doing alot for the extratone genre
Yellow Slug
Yellow Slug 2 yıl önce
Hey guys, lets make high BPM songs! Speedcore: Really? Extratone: *_Really?_*
Nuno Gomes
Nuno Gomes 7 aylar önce
still waiting for Plaidcore
DammRuv Yıl önce
Halftime/House/Jungle Terror/Chiptune: **8 - bit half beat and jungle Bass**
Dave J
Dave J Yıl önce
Minatory Gabber Extrasplitterterrorcore/tone: ReAlLy?
Gabriel The Magolor Main 👁
Gabriel The Magolor Main 👁 Yıl önce
Splittercore: *_Really?_*
Kingoftheslime 5 aylar önce
my favorite genres of music are literally gabber and speedcore and i also love extatone and frenchcore. why did these have to get ranked as last :( i also produce these genres of music too! i see value in them, as they are great artistic expressions and expresss emotions of anger, rage and dissatisfaction while being fast paced and energetic. i'm sad that they're last place but i guess i can understand why as they are underground and not really what most people like, and i respect your opinion :). no matter what, i will remain a gabber and speedcore fanatic and artist! yes, my music tastes are different than most people, but that's just whatever and it's GOOD to be different. i respect all music and EDM. :) long live underground music!
Marker Lee
Marker Lee 2 yıl önce
Ah man I thought I knew enough about EDM after truly trying to learn about it for 5 years but there’s SOOO many different genres and it’s hard to tell some of them apart :( I wish someone would make a video where they kind of describe what certain music genres sound like... like sayingthat deathstep often has some kind of choir in the back and stuff like that. Anyway this list is really cool and helped me find a few more genres :)
Sulfur X
Sulfur X 2 yıl önce
These Are Some Of The Best. (In My Opinion.) 08:30 Neurostep. 10:50 Kawaii Bass. 11:30 Indie Pop. 13:50 Tech House. 15:10 Dancehall Pop. 15:30 Indie Dance. 19:50 Jackin House. 20:10 Experimental. 21:10 Happy Hardcore. 21:30 Deep House. 21:50 Festival Trap. 22:30 Hands Up. 23:10 Progressive house. 23:30 Hardpsy. 23:50 Uplifting Trance. 24:10 Glitch Hop. 24:30 Nuerohop. 25:10 Melodic Dubstep. 25:50 Trap. 26:10 Synthpop. 26:30 Brazilian Bass. 26:50 Drumstep. 27:10 U.K. Hardcore. 27:30 Moombahton. 27:50 Jersey Club. 28:30 Future Garage. 28:50 Riddim. 29:50 Jump Up. 30:30 Bass House. 31:10 Electro House. 31:30 Psytrance. 31:50 Future House. 32:10 Future Bass. 32:30 Brostep. 32:50 Hybrid Trap. 33:10 Commercial House. 33:30 Deathstep.
dead leaf
dead leaf 11 aylar önce
みのかさご那覇 Yıl önce
Loopszey 2 yıl önce
Sulfur Dioxide
Sealy Boi
Sealy Boi 2 yıl önce
Put (in my opinion) because people have differences
Ra1nSt0rm 3 yıl önce
For the people that are saying “Where’s this, where’s that” it’s a top 100 not a complete list
Matc 2 aylar önce
I'm surprised Bassline was dismissed rough.
Elias Harrison
Elias Harrison Yıl önce
Eurobeat was not in this one because its too good to be ranked with them
889_i_guess Yıl önce
@h tell me 1 example
Zephyrdian 2 yıl önce
@Pulse Just means this person likes hardstyle This is them ranking 100 genres, this is according to their tastes
Marmolejo Martinez Jose Emilio
Marmolejo Martinez Jose Emilio 2 yıl önce
@Pulse because there are as much
Irgendso eine Ziege
Irgendso eine Ziege 2 yıl önce
Personal Top 30 30: Ambient 29: Riddim 28: Classic Melodic Dupstep 27: Speedcore 26: Big Room House 25: Jumpstyle 24: Vaporwave 23: Splittercore 22: Big Room Techno 21: Chiptune 20: Hard Psytrance 19: Brostep 18: Disco House 17: Nu Riddim 16: Rawstyle 15: New Dubstep 14: Psytrance 13: Uplifting Trance 12: Classic Trap 11: Classic Dubstep 10: Hybrid Trap 9: Halftime 8: Goa 7: Minimal Techno 6: Trance 5: Classic Proggressive House 4: Hardcore 3: Dream House 2: Progressive Psytrance 1: Deathstep
Blob lizard the squished
Blob lizard the squished 11 aylar önce
Probably would’ve been my list there’s a lot with unique and engaging rhythms in there that aren’t just people trying to make a sub genre for music which is just a bland copy of another genre
Mr.Mustard Yıl önce
Thats a good list
stelooo Yıl önce
yes mandragora ❤️
Lionberry Of Skyclan
Lionberry Of Skyclan 2 yıl önce
My Top 5: 5. Chiptune 4. Melbourne Bounce 3. Psytrance 2. Deep House 1. Electroswing
Tommaso Zucol
Tommaso Zucol 3 yıl önce
Minatory, deathstep, dubstep, riddim dubstep; omg i love them
PlvgueDxctxr 4 aylar önce
Same bro
The Zo Family channel
The Zo Family channel 4 aylar önce
BTSM.... What style is it?
Karakal Tukan
Karakal Tukan 6 aylar önce
Classic Dubstep is number 1! (other subgenres of dubstep sounds really bad) Next is techno, and it subgenres.
PlvgueDxctxr 6 aylar önce
I agree
useless 9 aylar önce
minatory is noise with so much sound design that it actually sounds like deathcore or black metal, so far from simple white noise
Ao Jun Wishes You SUFFER EVERMORE 8 aylar önce
Dubstep, Deathstep, Tearout and Minatory are my favourite I used to be a big riddim fan until most of the songs started to have the 1/4 note copy and pasted over the drums And for those who think minatory is just white noise, you are right and wrong at the same time
Basti 2 yıl önce
You know it’s gonna be bad when there’s nuclear waste as an example picture lmfao
Barzenoki 11 aylar önce
@Pez ive heard Uranoid so many times ive developed somewhat of a Stockholm syndrome to it, so that might count
Pez Yıl önce
It's audio sandpaper; It makes my ears bleed in the most spectacular fashion. These genres are certainly an acquired taste.
BeatBomb Beatbox
BeatBomb Beatbox Yıl önce
its gonna be best ever*
Red1 BK
Red1 BK 3 yıl önce
I disagreed with big part of the list (for example speedcore and vaporwave so low lol) but the #1 made up for it!
Blob lizard the squished
Blob lizard the squished 11 aylar önce
@Severed Shadow78 I bet you disliked this video because he didn’t say it was an opinion every other second
gamerarcioko Yıl önce
@Severed Shadow78 it doesn’t do anything talking with yourself bud
Zoomer Scout
Zoomer Scout Yıl önce
@Severed Shadow78 projection?
AaronRockinDude Yıl önce
@Severed Shadow78 Yes they did lmao
Rhinozz 2 yıl önce
Severed Shadow78 Jesus buddy calm down
Максим Бондаренко
Максим Бондаренко 2 yıl önce
My top 10 edm genres: 1.Hardstyle 2.Drum&Bass 3.Deathstep 4.Dubstep 5.Gabber 6.Happy Hardcore 7.Melodic Dubstep 8.Future Bass 9.Trance 10.Drumstep
John-Paul Bitler
John-Paul Bitler 9 aylar önce
One of them is not like the others
Kalliboy 10 aylar önce
@Stuhler x Poebliquel You prefer Hypertone over Deathstep...
AzyMyt Yıl önce
@Stuhler x Poebliquel finally someone with a similar taste in music as me
Beatadecay _
Beatadecay _ Yıl önce
Listen to a little bit of neurofunk- you’ll thank me
Beatadecay _
Beatadecay _ Yıl önce
YES my friend!!
ABYL5 Music
ABYL5 Music 2 yıl önce
My favourite subgenres 1. Hard House 2. Drum n Bass 3. Trance & Psytrance 4. Trap 5. Breaks 6. Hardstyle
SlicerTM Aylar önce
dnb fan
ABYL5 Music
ABYL5 Music 2 yıl önce
Vini Justice ikr
ABYL5 Music
ABYL5 Music 2 yıl önce
Fokoji lol nice
Fokoji 2 yıl önce
Yodeling Sputnik Me "2"
nine 2 yıl önce
Oh wow, finally a list with Rawstyle in it, quite decently placed as well, cheers.
chorus trilogy
chorus trilogy 2 yıl önce
wouldve loved to have seen xtra raw on here, dsturb and radical redemptions testarossa is my absolute favorite
光川月 6 aylar önce
I really enjoyed this video and it had a lot of music genders varieties which I appreciate. I'm kinda sad that some of the subgenres I like, which are rhythmic noise, industrial, breakcore and weirdcore didn't enter in the video, but I understand that those are in another brench called IDM (intelligent dance music) tho, sometimes these are characterised as EDM too. But idk why "phonk", an EDM subgenre didn't enter in the video, it's a really unique one that I think almost anyone who would listen to it for the 1st time will instantly like it (a good arthist recommandation is dvrst). I also think future funk has been missed here, but not sure...
KaWoFactory 2 yıl önce
#52 is not darkpsy... It's hitech! One of my absolute favorite genres
Moises Concepcion
Moises Concepcion Yıl önce
I agree
stelooo Yıl önce
i dig almost all subgenres of psy and mandragora is my fav artist
Okku Toivola
Okku Toivola 2 yıl önce
Just my thoughts. I was wondering where is hitech until I heard #52. But I also like dark psytrance as a subgenre of generic full-on psytrance.
SAB3R Yıl önce
My top five, 1- Future bass 2-Hybrid Trap 3- Dubstep 4- Melodic dubstep 5- Trap
Dan_000 Yıl önce
Oof, wasn't expecting Deathstep as first. Also, Turmoil's second drop is sooo good
Moises Concepcion
Moises Concepcion 3 aylar önce
🤔 Un nuevo subgenero ☝️🏻😲 , una versión robotica del RIDDIM, así como el Robostep (subgenero del Dubstep) y el Robodeath (subgenero del Deathstep), pero con sabor a Riddim :)
jiittriipiin 2 yıl önce
Can we all agree that Nevve is an amazing vocalist?
KindaCringeMan69 7 aylar önce
my top 10: 10. Progressive house 9. Moombahcore 8. Drumstep 7. Big room 6. Electro house 5. Dubstep 4. Tropical house 3. Moombahton/ glitch hop 2. Future house 1. Melbourne bounce
I overdosed on spaghetti
I overdosed on spaghetti 8 aylar önce
my top 5: 1. darkpsy 2. hi-tech 3. splittercore 4. uptempo hardcore 5. frenchcore
Geo 2 yıl önce
#69 is actually pretty good. (ps. future bass sucks overall but those corgis make everythign better)
Koen Schouten
Koen Schouten 2 yıl önce
Love it, learned new interesting genres. Enriched my music experience. Thanks for sharing
FutileKhaos Yıl önce
My top 5 5: Liquid D&B 4: Jackin house 3: Riddim 2: Dubstep original 1: Night Bass
Dereenaldo Ambun
Dereenaldo Ambun 8 gün önce
Oh nice! This a great list cuz there are two of my favorite subgenres in it - Dubstyle & Deathstep!
Ginny Vore
Ginny Vore Yıl önce
My top five are 1. Melodic dubstep 2. Progressive house 3. Happy hardcore 4. Ambient 5. Chiptune
Skylo Ren
Skylo Ren Yıl önce
My favourites are Eurodance, Hardbass and psytrance but the others are so awesome to. Everything is good when you can hump to the beat 😂😉
Gerard Rodríguez Martin
Gerard Rodríguez Martin Yıl önce
Excellent video 🔥. Thanks for examples.
Psycho Imp
Psycho Imp 3 yıl önce
"Totally" didn't expect that #1 LMAO
realedna Yıl önce
Yes, I can totally see its comedic value!
Vuk Vla
Vuk Vla Yıl önce
@ModderKevin its more bearable lmaoo
ModderKevin 2 yıl önce
Definitely deserves a high ranking but it’s not so different from Minatory so I’m kinda surprised that there is such a big gap
Koma 2 yıl önce
Deathstep best
Alex Yıl önce
My top 10: #1 deathstep #2 bropstep #3 future bass #4 psytrance #5 dubstep #6 melodic riddim #7 drumstep #8 drum & bass #9 glitchcore #10 melodic dubstep
i'm ok
i'm ok 10 aylar önce
hey man i've been watching this video for 3 years now and i still like it if it was the first time thank you for introducing me in edm !
hello !
hello ! 10 aylar önce
bla dee
bla dee Yıl önce
By what measure do you decide the placement of the genres. When I look at the position of original dubstep vs brostep I get the feeling that someone wants to get hurt. Nice list tho. Found some good stuff.
WeDo Official
WeDo Official 2 yıl önce
Big fan of all the Monstercat tracks :D You got good taste, and it made me so happy every time one popped up and I knew it :))
Gabriel The Magolor Main 👁
Gabriel The Magolor Main 👁 Yıl önce
My top 10: 10: Any Garage Genre 9: Bass House 8: Experimental 7: Meldub 6: Hardcore 5: Brostep 4: Psytrance 3: Hardpsy 2: Halftime 1: Deathstep
Kimyona 10 aylar önce
My top twenty one personally: 21. Euphoric Hardstyle 20. Extratone (aekhloria is doing so much for the genre) 19. Kawaii Bass 18. Glitch/IDM 17. Noise 16. Tearout 15. Hardpsy 14. Psytrance 13. Liquid Dnb 12. Electro House 11. Future House 10. Complextro 9. Neurofunk 8. Bass Trap 7. Frenchcore 6. Drum n Bass 5. Future Bass 4. Hardcore 3. Brostep 2. Speedcore 1. Artcore
Axolox 9 aylar önce
My 5 Favourite Subgenres : 5) TearOut 4) Complextro 3) Future House 2) Drumstep 1) Brostep !!
Barzenoki 11 aylar önce
Personal Top 30: 30. Half-Time 29. Hardstyle 28. Wonky 27. Deathstep 26. Tech House 25. Cyberpunk Industrial 24. Trip Hop 23. Reggaestep 22. Chillstep 21. Glitch Hop 20. Bass House 19. Riddim 18. French House 17. Breakbeat 16. Future Garage 15. Tearout 14. Midtempo 13. Drumstep 12. Brazilian Dubstep 11. Ghetto House 10. Deep Dubstep (Classic Dubstep) 9. Fidget House 8. Electro Swing 7. Vaporwave 6. Hard Trap 5. Hardbass 4. Melodic Dubstep 3. Jungle Terror 2. Hybrid Trap 1. Drum & Bass
Robin 2808
Robin 2808 2 yıl önce
My Top 5: 5. Hardcore 4. Vomitstep 3. Glitch Hop 2. Hard Trap 🔥1. Dubstep🔥
c. 2 yıl önce
My top 10: 1. Dubstep (Modern) 2. Riddim Dubstep 3. Hard Trap 4. Dubstep (Original) 5. splittercore (XD) 6. progressive house 7. Brostep 8. Deathstep 9. comlextro 10. bass house
xPaulx 2 yıl önce
My top 5: 5 trap 4 drum n bass 3 future house 2 future bass 1 melodic dubstep btw love those chords
Supercharged autism
Supercharged autism 3 yıl önce
Really well put together video definitely subscribing with notifications on keep it up
hello !
hello ! 3 yıl önce
much love
Felix Jimenez
Felix Jimenez 2 yıl önce
Mi top 5: 1-Bass House 2-Lofi/downtempo/chillstep/funk 3-Dubstep and subgenres 4-Uptempo Hardcore 5- Rawstyle
Hxrizon // ItzChayzz
Hxrizon // ItzChayzz 2 yıl önce
My Top 5 5. Brostep 4. Drumstep 3. Glitch Hop 2. Dubstep 1. Bass House
SOWTH 2 yıl önce
You probably didn’t notice but on #98 there is some unreadable tiny text, it looks like a blue line separating the bottom text and the image
GiveIn ToSin
GiveIn ToSin Yıl önce
I want one of these 100+ subgenres of eclectro videos, but with footage of the crowd dancing to each sample. 😬
Bárbara Vitória
Bárbara Vitória Yıl önce
From the Top 100 EDM, more than five placements have Brazilian artists, Brazilian music or genres created and widely disseminated in Brazil. It just gave my country. I like EDM a lot, this top 100 didn’t include some genres and subgenres that I like, but I really liked some that I didn’t know. I loved the joke with the song number 83 on the list.
Kalliboy 10 aylar önce
Os únicos gêneros musicais de música eletrônica que foram trazidos para o Brasil foram Deep House(Foi daí onde surgiu o Brazilian Bass), Psytrance(Lá nos anos 2000) e Eurodance(Lá nos anos 80/90) Fora isso, a música eletrônica não tem representatividade nenhuma aqui no Brasil E só o Brazilian Bass foi criado por nós
elochim 2 yıl önce
Dude that's a lots of work i appreciate that
You got my full respect by putting deathstep at #1
2003 Honda Civic
2003 Honda Civic 4 aylar önce
My top: 1. Drum n Bass 2. Neurofunk 3. Bass House 4. Jump-Up Drum n Bass 5. Liquid Drum n Bass 6. UK Bass 7. Jungle 8. Dubstep (old school) 9. Psytrance 10. Brostep
ThreeFourFourFive 6 gün önce
my top: 1. DnB 2. House 3. Electro House 4. Tech House 5. Ambient 6. Color Bass 7. Microhouse 8. Downtempo 9. Whatever genre 148 is 10. Classic dubstep
keczup Yıl önce
I like : frenchcore, nu disco, hard trance, indie pop, trouse, hardbass, hardstyle, rawstyle, deep house, progressive house, uplifting trance, hardcore, melodic dubstep, synthpop, big room house, riddim, bass house, electro house, psytrance, future house, future bass
Barzenoki 4 aylar önce
6:04 now imagine if someone’s been looking for this song forever and they think they are finally gonna find out, then you do that to them
Liberty 07
Liberty 07 Yıl önce
Great selection of different styles, even though some are just god awful. Small correction though, Crazy Frog is definitely NOT Eurodance. True example: The Free - Lover on the Line
Sofia B
Sofia B Yıl önce
I'm so glad you included hardcore/hardstyle and a few subgenres. Most videos leave them out.
Jan Doubrava
Jan Doubrava Yıl önce
Since i have no life and i’m really bored at quarantine i just decided to rank all of them. 100. Gabber - 9/10, not really fan of old stuff 99. Extratone - 10/10, definitely my favourite one, however, song is terrible 98. Microhouse - 3/10 never heard it, sounds a bit boring 97. Frenchcore - 10/10 96. Speedcore/Splittercore 10/10 95. Aggrotech - 3/10 Industrial rap? 94. Eurodance - 6/10 I hate this song sm. 93. Dubstyle - 9/10 really like that one! last time I’ve heard that song was perhaps 4 years ago. 92. Ambient - 10/10 perfect to just chill out, it’s kinda strange to like extratone and ambient at the same time. 91. Dubstep (original) - 2/10 90. Tropical House - 1/10 i’m sorry 89. Vaporwave - 9/10 /insert some random meme here/ 88. Minatory - 10/10 this one’s really brutal! 87. Techno - 4/10 86. lo-fi - again, 10/10 perfect to just chill out and having a nostalgia breakdown. i used to listen to the lo-fi a lot. 85. Jumpstyle - 7/10 never heard it, even though i’m a huge fan of hard music 84. Big beat - 7/10 Classic, rest in peace 83. Tech trance - 8/10 song name pls? 82. Electro-Industrial - 9/10 the name sounds really badass! i would love to explore this genre more. 81. Fidget House - 7/10 really strange 80. Jungle Terror - 3/10 i expected some terrorcore, maybe later 79. Chiptune - 9/10 brings me nostalgia 78. Downtempo - 6/10 i don’t find it that calm as other chill genres 77. Glitch - 5/10 sounds like IDM 76. Neurostep - 7/10 noisia nice 75. Nu Disco - 9/10 like the legend of the penis 74. Baltimore Club - 2/10 i feel like this is something that was cool at 2010, but it’s ultra cringe now 73. Dutch House - 1/10 72. French House - not a really good song, but daft punk french house tracks are great! 71. Outsider House - 3/10 basically café music 70. Tearout - 8/10 brutal! 69. Kawaii House - 6/10 kinda cute (nice btw) 68. Hard Trance - 7/10 not really popular, but it reminds of "00 hardcore + psy 67. Indie Pop - 2/10 really not for me 66. Liquid Drumstep - 9/10 omg i loved that song sm many years ago! thank for another reminder 65. Future Bounce 7/10 64. Big Room techno - 4/10 rest in peace i_o 63. Trip Hop - 5/10 62. Minimal Techno - 8/10 why wouldi do drugs when this is perfect drug 61. Techstep 6/10 i don’t see difference between drum and bass and this 60. Tech House - 3/10 59. Reverse Bass - 10/10 favourite genre of hardstyle! 58. Electro Swing - 2/10 57. Wonky - 4/10 café music on steroids 56. Dancehall pop - 2/10 55. Indie Dance - 8/10 54. Melodic Drumstep - 9/10 53. Psystep - 6/10 this is crazy 52. Darkpsy - 9/10 such a overhatted genre 51. Trouse - 7/10 trouse sounds nice 50. Melbourne Bounce - 6/10 DOOT DOOT DOOT 49. Compleextro - 7/10 48. Liquid Dubstep - 3/10 47. Synthwave - 8/10 1980 and 2080 at the same time 46. Moombahcore - 10/10 first time hearing this, immediately full points, there’s something about that energy 45. Hardbass - 8/10 - Dimitri! Gimme that vodka back you mashina! 44. Hardstyle - 10/10 favourite genre again 43. Liquid drum and bass - 3/10 42. Jackin House - 4/10 41. Experimental - Experimental is just experimental, it can be neither shitty nor something new, no way to rate it (song: 7/10) 40. Hard Trap - little bit cringy, i can just imagine 12 years old brats blasting this in the public 39. Rawstyle - 8/10 i don’t really like the rawstyle kick 38. Happy Harcore - 9/10 indeed, this is happy :) 37. Depp House - 3/10 36. Festival Trap - 6/10 another song i would almpst forget about 35. Progressive psy-trance - 5/10 34. Hands up - 6/10 33. Hard House - 8/10 wasn’t this one already? really dope 32. Progressive House - 10/10 yes, i love deadmau5 31. Hardpsy - 7/10 lol, this is crazy 30. Uplifting Trance - 9/10 beautiful 29. Glitch Hop 9/10 this one reminds me of IDM 28. Neurohof - 4/10 27. Hardcore - 11/10 raise your first for angerfist! 26. Melodic Dubstep - 10/10 really nice song choice 25. Halftime - 7/10 neurostep rap? 24. Trap - 5/10 something between, marshmello sucks tbh 23. Synthpop - 8/10 of course there’s porter robinson! i love his style 22. Brazilian bass - 6/10 21. Drumstep - 8/10 pretty energetic 20. Uk Hardcore - 710 yes, this is uk 19. Moombahton - 7/10 18. Jersey club - 6/10 idk lmao 17. Big Room House - 9/10 16. Future Garage - 9/10 cloudnone is definitely one of my favourite producers 15. Riddim - 4/10 i’m sorry 14. Dancefloor drum and bass - 8/10 13. Breaks - 9/10 12. Jump up - 7/10 nothing really new 11. Midtempo bass - 2/10 10. Bass House - 3/10 skrillex really changed his style, don’t he 9. Neurofunk - 6/10 8. Electro House - 9/10 7. Psytrance - 8/10 don’t do drugs 6. Future House - 10/10 also my favourite 5. Future Bass - 4/10 4. Brostep - 6/10 3. Hybrid Trap - 4/10 2. Commercial house - 9/10 i remember listening to monstercat in 7th grade, good times 1. Deathstep - f*cking 10/10 oh ye! you know it’s all just an opinion right
Guillaume Cioni
Guillaume Cioni 2 yıl önce
Sad you didn't put Metalstep and Vomitstep on there but otherwise great top! Agreed with the most part of it
gamerarcioko Yıl önce
3:19 that was a clean transition
Lui Dubz
Lui Dubz Yıl önce
#15 is my favorite (Riddim) i also really like mid-tempo bass
joel mccann
joel mccann Yıl önce
It would be cool seeing your top 5 favourite songs in the last 5 genres
J Gaspar
J Gaspar Yıl önce
so many subgeneres. Some alike others, but they have that thing that makes them unique. Very good video
Protein 2 yıl önce
10:42 21:03 26:04 instant goose bumps gud stuff keep going :)
SkiT YT Yıl önce
You got good taste my guy
Nevermind 2 yıl önce
We got the same tastes :)
vinsan409 2 yıl önce
Yet, this is still a great list of the edm genres. Thanks.
SAUASH 2 yıl önce
Is it just me or anybody feels like Top EDM is back
Kommentator 2 yıl önce
My top 5: 1:Rawstyle 2:Frenchcore 3:Synthwave 4:drum and bass 5:psytrance
Kommentator 2 yıl önce
@Simon _T21 yes
Simon _T21
Simon _T21 2 yıl önce
player Yıl önce
Hardstyle is epic But a lot of others are also epic.
Dylan Artt
Dylan Artt 3 aylar önce
My Top 5: 1. Tropical House 2. Progressive House 3. Brazilian Bass 4. Psytrance 5. Future Bounce
Damonnanashi Yıl önce
A lot of jungle is a bit too low & slow for me, but jungle terror SLAPS.
Samuel Carpenter
Samuel Carpenter 2 yıl önce
GIVE THIS GUY MORE SUBS (cause he deserve it ;))
Xenius 2 yıl önce
So you mean I have to explore 100 new edm subgenres in my music studio? Before I die. XD I think I am already dead.... Ok, what I'm trying to say is: I am a music producer and I LOVE create new ways of making music. I love to explore new types of genres.
イ入 Asdrion TM
イ入 Asdrion TM Yıl önce
@Noah Meyer Electronic music itself has at least 250 sides.
wisecraft live
wisecraft live Yıl önce
@Noah Meyer probably around 400 if you count sub genres
Noah Meyer
Noah Meyer Yıl önce
how many more?
Austin Osborne
Austin Osborne 2 yıl önce
Xenius that’s a lot more then 100 believe me.
Moises Concepcion
Moises Concepcion 2 yıl önce
1:50 no no no no, eso no es splittercore, no todas las canciones con ese BPM pueden ser catalogadas como Splittercore, el Splittercore no es simplemente un subgenero más rapido que el Speedcore, una canción Splittercore tiene una propiedad que en mi opinión no la tienen otros subgeneros, y es ese sonido del kick ocilante, un ejemplo facil para imaginar como suena realemente el Speedcore es imaginar el sonido de un Rotomartillo
Soggypotatoes29 Yıl önce
Some of my favorites are Future Bass Melodic House Progressive House Electro Future Bounce Drumstep DnB Happy Hardcore Dubstep Trance
The1stMusicbaby7 Yıl önce
out of all the top edm genre videos, my boy Mr. Fijiwgi is finally getting some love for his masterpieces
Complex Ez
Complex Ez 2 yıl önce
You pick the right people to represent electro swing
Shiki Amabe
Shiki Amabe 2 yıl önce
So looking at this i realized i basically just like the house/bass/bounce(especially tropical house) ones,and the ones with retro vibes
Mark Of Rot
Mark Of Rot Yıl önce
this was pretty interesting, I never knew there was an EDM genre called Hardcore
Kalliboy 10 aylar önce
It's really unexpected for you not knowing this genre because it's popular as heck
AaronRockinDude Yıl önce
Well now you know Not only that its a subgenre of Hard dance so definitely check them out I recommend : Stonebank for Happy Hardcore Dr.Peacock for Frenhcore D-Block and S-te-fan for Hardstyle I dont listen to hard dance as much but these guys are memorable :D
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