Dressing like K-pop Idols! Outfits Inspired by BLACKPINK, TWICE, and more! 👗

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Sana's Outfit #1
Floral Short-Sleeve Midi A-Line Dress - YesStyle: shrsl.com/2h9rt
Buckled Knee-High Boots - YesStyle: shrsl.com/2h9rs
Belt - Amazon
Jennie's Outfit #2
Puff-Sleeve Off-Shoulder Denim Cropped Top - YesStyle: shrsl.com/2h9ry
Cuffed Denim Shorts - YesStyle: shrsl.com/2h9rv
White Sneakers - Adidas
Hair Extension - YesStyle: shrsl.com/2h9rw
Chunky Alloy Necklaces - YesStyle: shrsl.com/2h9s2
Irene's Outfit #3
Long-Sleeved Lace-Up Cropped Bustier Top with Front Cutouts - YesStyle: shrsl.com/2h9rz
Mock Two-Piece Maxi Skirt - YesStyle: shrsl.com/2h9rx
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Video Edits by Lisa Rhee (@imlisarhee)
Music by Ari Chi - I Don't Dance - thmatc.co/?l=829C0C08
Music by Mark Generous - Meganne - thmatc.co/?l=00594F42
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I Can't Stop Me
I Can't Stop Me Gün önce
Miara Miara
Miara Miara 15 gün önce
Manan Khandelwal
Manan Khandelwal 22 gün önce
You didnt make an effort for recreating Jennie's outfit
jaethebaeby 23 gün önce
Can you boygroup edition?
ME ROSE 28 gün önce
The dress of BLACKPINK didn't match......
Harjiwan Kaur
Harjiwan Kaur Aylar önce
Her red velvet outfit was the best
Nicole Ashline
Nicole Ashline Aylar önce
I really like irene's outfit because you did very good with the outfit @imlisarhee
somet naro
somet naro Aylar önce
Wow😍. Please do another video like this 😅
Anshulika Aylar önce
All the outfit looks nice...💜
Gita Rahimizadeh
Gita Rahimizadeh Aylar önce
Lisa you are so perfect at those dresses i like your first and 3rd out fits you are so sexy I love you lisa❤❤❤❤❤
Isabele Pereira
Isabele Pereira Aylar önce
does back door stray kids dance cover
Pramita Miranda
Pramita Miranda Aylar önce
Beautiful 😍💯
momo sorn twice
momo sorn twice Aylar önce
Heeeeyyy we want clc helicopter it's been 3 weeks heyy can you notice me a little bit?
solchu quagliariello
solchu quagliariello Aylar önce
you are so pretty
K M Aylar önce
Loved this video! Make this a series please ❤️
Thais Cordero
Thais Cordero Aylar önce
Hi! It would be great if you could make a video tutorial of "back door" of stray kids, please could you make a video of the choreography, besides that the dance is incredible if you dance it would be perfect, I hope you read my message thanks anyway 😊☺️
Giovanni Bato
Giovanni Bato Aylar önce
U stan here
Jasmine_Soo Aylar önce
4:29 it's really similiar.... and I just proud to hear RV was one you fav. girl group
Mahi Raj
Mahi Raj Aylar önce
you are from Korea
{ Häzüki chän }
{ Häzüki chän } Aylar önce
I love yr videos they are sooo cool
Iman Syuhadah
Iman Syuhadah Aylar önce
I like Sana's outfit
laly 12.
laly 12. Aylar önce
you’re really beautiful
EUNJUNG SEO Aylar önce
I love your outfit
Juan Pablo Chacón Serrano
Juan Pablo Chacón Serrano Aylar önce
Angelina Rauseo
Angelina Rauseo Aylar önce
I really wanna see your closet or even a vlog on how you choose your outfits for your covers
Winter Bear
Winter Bear Aylar önce
Ka_ya 198
Ka_ya 198 Aylar önce
I love number 1
za zzie
za zzie Aylar önce
More of this please 😍
Kirsten Aylar önce
I really enjoy lookbooks, so I'd love to see more content like this!
Marethi Yashaswini
Marethi Yashaswini Aylar önce
Lisa Your Awesome And Cute Every Dress Suits U at Anyway!!!❤️❤️❤️
Marethi Yashaswini
Marethi Yashaswini Aylar önce
All are awesome but sana's outfit was similar dress
jung su
jung su Aylar önce
We're waiting for mamamoo's wanna be my self dance cover and tutorial❤❤❤fighting
Ng Le Yi
Ng Le Yi Aylar önce
pls cover lovelyz obliviate💞:) thank u!
橱ྉღѕєσкʝιи;;ღྉˎ頹 Aylar önce
Kiero k pongas subtitulos en español :(( ya vi tus videos de tus rutinas pero no les entendí :''c pero me encanto tu vídeo uwu,💕🤙🏻💓saludos y besos u3u
Kiara Liz Canas
Kiara Liz Canas Aylar önce
OMG My bias in Twice is Sana In Blackpink it's Jennie And in Red Velvet it's Irene I love it
Kiara Liz Canas
Kiara Liz Canas Aylar önce
1:09 I remember jimin "Sexy Cutie lovely" Lol
Jonnelyn Alburo
Jonnelyn Alburo Aylar önce
komal sao
komal sao Aylar önce
Who all are indian watching it Agar h to mere niche k comments padh lena
komal sao
komal sao Aylar önce
Yaha sab jhooti tarif kr rahe h muje 1st wale k alava sare dress jhandu dik rahe h or bahut Kam match kr rahe h And I'm writing in hindi language because I don't want that Lisa mam will read it.
komal sao
komal sao Aylar önce
Bahut ganda Who all are indian they will only able to read tha👆👆
Versy Kiowo
Versy Kiowo Aylar önce
I want more videos like this one 👗
Pari Chaudhary
Pari Chaudhary Aylar önce
Mam you are a kpop idol😍😍😍
Park Mina
Park Mina Aylar önce
Lisa unnie, can you do irene and seulgi Naughty if i ask you? I want to learn this dance very much but the moves are a bit complicated so I ask you please do❤❤❤
slmvn 01
slmvn 01 Aylar önce
please make a tutorial for the song: clc-helicopter.
Anahi Kreusch
Anahi Kreusch Aylar önce
I loved Irene outfit
TWICE WORLD Aylar önce
make Russian subtitles, please ...
Claudia Ding
Claudia Ding Aylar önce
Please do CLC helicopter!!~
M J Aylar önce
What size were you wearing for the floral dress? It’s so pretty but I’m worried that I’ll get the sizing wrong😩
Sana’s outfit are so cool their look so similar wow.
Sarto, Joyce B.
Sarto, Joyce B. Aylar önce
You're very amazing Ms.Lisa.
『 N i g H ᝨ C ᝪ R E 』
『 N i g H ᝨ C ᝪ R E 』 Aylar önce
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Rhome Perez
Rhome Perez Aylar önce
Iz one pls
Abirami Rajan
Abirami Rajan Aylar önce
Mam pls post BTS GOGO dance tutorial
Rimi paul
Rimi paul Aylar önce
I liked the red velvet one. It's really very similar. But the other ones were also very adorable
Rimi paul
Rimi paul Aylar önce
abbada alhossin
abbada alhossin Aylar önce
تشبه صوت روزي 😳
neha dhingra
neha dhingra Aylar önce
She will s more like a k pop idol.......👍
Gab jogo hyun army
Gab jogo hyun army Aylar önce
🇧🇷amo seu canal
Gianisa AF
Gianisa AF Aylar önce
More&More outfit❣️
Gwen Stacy
Gwen Stacy Aylar önce
Pensé que era coreana &_&
Jin Hit exclusive
Jin Hit exclusive Aylar önce
I think sana is good❤❤❤💕✌🌚
Helo Reale
Helo Reale Aylar önce
i love it!!!!
소피아 Aylar önce
I don't understand what you're saying but yes, I love you (I'm from Colombia 🇨🇴 xd, you're beautiful Lisa)
Linh TRAN Khanh
Linh TRAN Khanh Aylar önce
Sana's outfit is dope !!!
Bts Army
Bts Army Aylar önce
كل فيديوهات حلوه كتير
Ketevan gimbaro
Ketevan gimbaro Aylar önce
Lisa eonni i really love it, you look so pretty. Lovyu from Indonesia
Ridhima Tiwari
Ridhima Tiwari Aylar önce
If you were in a K-POP group I swear you would be the centre of group😚
Mira Rai
Mira Rai Aylar önce
Plz do a tutorial of yooa bon vouage
DUBU ONCE Aylar önce
Gökdeniz Köreken
Gökdeniz Köreken Aylar önce
New face please
Ania Boubeker
Ania Boubeker Aylar önce
It will be so cool if you do a music video 💜💜💜
raiza Mae D.
raiza Mae D. Aylar önce
I like the first one caused its fit you well
Sona Raju
Sona Raju Aylar önce
Red velvet was similar to you
Uni Kate
Uni Kate Aylar önce
Those outfits are beautiful, just like You!
Carmina Fernando
Carmina Fernando Aylar önce
Helicopter cover and tutorial plsss
Ê eu gosto dos dos grupos
Hyemin Kang
Hyemin Kang Aylar önce
Can u do a home workout routinr where we dont have to use equipment?😂💖
S a R a H
S a R a H Aylar önce
GracieLuvGaming Aylar önce
Even if the outfits Arnt The same She Can still Rock ANYTHING
Anna Huston
Anna Huston Aylar önce
Okay but like... that first outfit was literally made for you
Arahm Lee
Arahm Lee Aylar önce
Lisa looks beautiful in anything, and that's a fact.
Ραφαηλια Περράκη
Ραφαηλια Περράκη Aylar önce
I have to say that you look amazing with all the outfits and that I LOVE YOU LISA RHEEEEEEE!!!!!! You are so pretty!!!!!!!
India Ching
India Ching Aylar önce
Lisaaaa!!! Please cover SoRi’s Initial S if you can! She needs more recognition
isabella hernandez
isabella hernandez Aylar önce
Hey Lisa, when will you show your exercise routine? I am very eager to do it
kim kpop
kim kpop Aylar önce
Oh i love you so math😱😱
YOKE GIRL Aylar önce
Are you stupit jennie dress wtf
YOKE GIRL Aylar önce
Juanita Sandoval
Juanita Sandoval Aylar önce
I loved the Irene outfit omg
Destiny Destin
Destiny Destin Aylar önce
16. Grita Kusuma Putri
16. Grita Kusuma Putri Aylar önce
I hope you dance KARD gunshot ❤️
Fatema Zannati
Fatema Zannati Aylar önce
You're very beautiful..I really like you
QueenDami • [Tr InSomnia]
QueenDami • [Tr InSomnia] Aylar önce
Boca dance cover ?
Jayziol Mae Lagat
Jayziol Mae Lagat Aylar önce
binika das
binika das Aylar önce
You are so cutee and pretty Lots of love from India😘😘💜💜😊😊🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Park chuhei
Park chuhei Aylar önce
I love you 😘❤️ so much 🌈
ธนทรัพย์ ลี้กุล
ธนทรัพย์ ลี้กุล Aylar önce
Everyone , I think her face look like seungyeon in CLC in some pose in Helicopter dance focus clip .
Suxuan CHEN
Suxuan CHEN Aylar önce
Lisa you look so gorgeous in those outfits
Dance to Mike Drub's song
jennie OwU
jennie OwU Aylar önce
Jennie osnt lookliked but its too good
Kuldip Raj
Kuldip Raj Aylar önce
1st one was the best
Yassmine benhcine
Yassmine benhcine Aylar önce
Oh I love you Lisa . you are so beautiful .I like the look of sana
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