Legacy Episode 300

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Yaman's anger becomes very heavy when he learns that Canan can be a donor to him. So, what will be Yaman's decision?

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Legacy Episode 300
Seher breaks the bad news to Yaman. After learning that his relative’s life, who came to be the donor, is in danger, Yaman feels that someone is doing this on purpose. Canan, who received a clean bill of health for donorship, gets an unexpected reaction from Yaman. The words of Yaman, who tore up the report, are also very harsh. So, will Seher convince Yaman? On the other hand, Duygu and Ali make a new decision.

Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan
Sıla Turkoğlu
Berat Ruzgar Ozkan
Melih Ozkaya
Ipek Arkan
Tolga Pancaroğlu
Hulya Aydın
Hilal Yıldız
Onur Saracer
Derya Oguz Ertun
Beren Akın
Omer Gecu
Oguz Yağcı
Adnan Ali Aslan
Ozge Agyar
Binnaz Ekren
Zeynep Naz Eyupoglu
Volkan Yildirim
Ferda Isil

Directors: Ayhan Ozen, Serkan Mut
Scenarist: Basak Yazi Odasi
Production Company: Karamel
Music: Minor

Zahida Popal
Zahida Popal 5 aylar önce
Happy 300th Episode EMANET!! I can’t believe we’ve come this far… Even though we’ve been through a lot of ups and downs I’m so happy to have been watching our beloved SehYam for 300 episodes!!!❤️❤️🥰
Aparecida Soares
Aparecida Soares Aylar önce
400 capítulos de sofrimento afff
Ariadne Lucas Veltroni
Ariadne Lucas Veltroni 3 aylar önce
. E, too!!! Parabéns!
Ya haddy Ceesay
Ya haddy Ceesay 3 aylar önce
@Zahida Popal t te
Marciaandréia Figueirêdo Bonfim
Marciaandréia Figueirêdo Bonfim 3 aylar önce
Vania Menezes e Kamilla victória
Vania Menezes e Kamilla victória 4 aylar önce
E vero
Mypilar Mar
Mypilar Mar 5 aylar önce
Con 300 capítulos de Emanet me declaro una admiradora, enamorada de Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan que e disfrutado verlo todos los días sus hermosos desfiles, escuchar su voz, su gestos y sobretodo su gran actuación. Aquí seguimos por Él 💯😍❤
Zahida Popal
Zahida Popal 5 aylar önce
*ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS* (4 PARTS) PART 1 Seher: Our future home? Yaman: Yes, we’re going to build the farmhouse we have always dreamed of right here… Come… This here… This is our view… Right here is our front door… We take one step and we are in… The places where our big family and our children will run around starts here❤️… Our future starts here❤️… Come… Right here we will have our living room… In the middle will be a large dining table… Looking over the view of the lake… Because we will be crowded… We will always have our dinners here together… We will build tough guy’s room here… It’ll be closer to the living room. He can run around (RUN AROUND AND NOT DISTURB YOU LOL)… We can build a room for brother Ziya here… He can build his garden there… And us there, right in the middle… Because they would want to be close to us (ALRIGHT BUT MAKE SURE YOUR DOOR HAS A LOCK)… I saved my favourite place for last… Come… Here it is… This will be our corner where we collect our photos… Because albums will not be enough to hide our memories… This corner’s going to be our time capsule… Every time we look at this wall, we’ll be going into our past… We’re going to watch our lives together ❤️… We’re going to live here, Seher Kirimli❤️… Together, side by side❤️… (AH YAMAN!!! THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I HOPE THIS DREAM COMES TRUE!!!) Kara: Commissioner, here are the files you requested… The current information of your entire team is in here… Ali: Today is Commissioner Duygu’s birthday? Yaman: I brought you here to make you happy… Don’t cry… (I LOVE THEIR HUGS…) Shh… It’s okay… Even if it’s from happiness I don’t want a single tear falling from your eye… Seher: How can I tell you the truth now? How do I destroy this dream? (AW SEHERCIM) Yaman: There’s something wrong with you… Something has changed after Nedim’s call… I could sense it but just couldn’t name it… But now… What happened? Tell me… You can’t talk… That means something bad has happened… And it’s bad enough to break you down like this🥺… Is it Mr. Zeki… Is there any progress on Mr. Zeki? Is he okay? Seher: He fell down from the balcony💔… He is in intensive care now… Nedim is taking care of him… He told me but I couldn’t tell you… I’m so sad… Both for Mr. Zeki and for us… (AH YAMANCIM! THIS IS SO HEARTBREAKING… HE LITERALLY HAD TO WALK AWAY AFTER GETTING THE NEWS BUT I LOVE HOW HE CAME BACK AND HUGGED SEHER!!! IT WAS SO SWEET TO SEE THAT) Kara: What happened Commissioner…Why did we go out? Ali: I just noticed it now when I was looking at the documents you just brought… Today is Commissioner Duygu’s birthday… Kara: Ah, what a nice coincidence!... Ali: Exactly… We almost missed it… Maybe we could have a small celebration with a cake and gifts… But I will not be included in this plan… You know, I made her mother a promise… Kara: I will make the arrangements for the cake and gifts Commissioner… By the way you thought very well… Maybe this will boost her morale too… Ali: That’s what I’m hoping for anyways… She’s had a hard time recently… Even if it’s for a bit, I want her face to smile… But don’t forget Kara… I am not a part of this, okay? (AW HOW THOUGHTFUL ALI… THIS IS MOST LIKELY NOT GONNA END WELL BUT I GUESS IT’S YOUR THOUGHT THAT COUNTS LOL) Neslihan: Welcome… Mr. Nedim came, he is waiting for you in the living room… Nedim: So you have learned… Seher: How is Mr. Zeki? Is there any progress? Nedim: Not yet… Yusuf: Aunty, you came? Can you help me with my homework? Should I come down? Seher: Go to your room sweetie, I’ll come right away… Yusuf: Okay… When you come can you bring me some lemonade? Seher: Okay, I will bring it… Witch: Was Yusuf speaking with Seher? I guess they have come back… Yaman: How did this happen Nedim? How could something like this happen? Did someone push him or was it a coincidence? Nedim: I am as surprised as you Yaman… I’m still looking into what happened… Yaman: That man came all the way here for me without thinking twice… What did we do? We couldn’t protect the man who was going to give a piece of his liver to me… Whether it was an accident or not, a stone wasn’t even supposed to be thrown at his feet… I entrusted him to you… (YAMAN THAT WAS EXACTLY YOUR PROBLEM, YOU ENTRUSTED HIM TO OUR BELOVED USELESS NEDIM WHO IS WRAPPED AROUND ZUZU’S CHICKEN FINGER) Witch: Seher… My dear, what’s going on… Why is Yaman so angry like that? Did something happen? Seher: The man who was supposed to be the donor… Mr. Zeki… He had an accident… He fell from the balcony… Witch: What are you saying my dear? How did that happen? Zuhal: I don’t believe it… So, what will happen now? Yaman’s treatment? Seher: The priority is Mr. Zeki’s health… Let him be fine then everything else will be solved… We will pray and look for other solutions… Nothing is over… (YES GIRL! IT’S NOT! YOU GUYS WILL FIND A WAY FOR SURE) Zuhal: I understand… Of course, you are very right… But Yaman also needs to start treatment as soon as possible… I mean this uncertainty is frightening me… (AND WHY YOU HAVEN’T BEEN CONVICTED OF MURDER YET FRIGHTENS ME) Witch: I went to the hospital today for a report… Seher: Let’s talk later Ms. Canan, okay? Now is not the time… Witch: You’re not letting me talk now… Soon you will be my slave (LOL YEA OKAY CRUELLA)… Ibo: Kirpik sent a message… He says the cake is ready… Everyone is here but Commissioner Ali isn’t… We should wait for him… Kara: Commissioner Ali has work to do, he won’t come… Ibo: Why not? He can just be here for the cake and then go… Kara: I’ll bring the cake… (SO VOLKAN GOT DUYGU A GIFT? HMMM, INTERESTING… ) Duygu: Do you have the address for tomorrow’s operation in your files? I couldn’t find it… Volkan: Uh, it should be here, let me check… Duygu: Kara? What’s going on? Kara: Happy Birthday Commissioner… (NO OFFENSE BUT YAMAN’S CAKE LOOKED BETTER LOL) Firat: To many more happy years Commissioner… Ibo: Happy Birthday Commissioner… Kara: Commissioner, are you okay? Duygu: I… I haven’t celebrated my birthday for 7 years Kara… I decided it to be that way… Please, don’t take it the wrong way… Really, I’m so happy… Thank you so much… Kara: It’s not a big deal Commissioner… Duygu: You guys eat it though… Enjoy… Kara: At least, accept our gifts?... Duygu: Kara I’m really sorry… Kara: Please Commissioner… It’s just a little memory from us… Duygu: Okay… I’m so embarrassed. Thank you so much… Nedim: Whatever you say, you are right Yaman… I’m not in the state to defend myself (NO YOU ARE NOT NEDIMCIM)… I couldn’t protect Mr. Zeki… I’m so sorry… Yaman: Do whatever that needs to be done… Mobilize everyone to get him healed… Nedim: I’m looking into the situation… It’s still too early to think bad… And Mr. Zeki’s liver condition is still not clear… Yaman: The condition of his liver? Do you think I care about what will happen to me? Whether he can be a donor for me is not my concern… Just let him live… It is enough if he gets better… Zeki needs to survive… That’s all we need… (AW YAMAN! BLESS YOUR KIND HEART, HE DOESN’T EVEN CARE ABOUT THE LIVER, HE JUST CARES ABOUT ZEKI… I SERIOUSLY DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW THAT MALICIOUS TUMOR GAVE BIRTH TO SUCH A DIAMOND) Witch: It is very difficult for that Zeki man to live… Yaman will see this soon… Very soon he will need me… (HE WILL NEVER NEED YOU) Zuhal: Let whatever happens happen… This tension is starting to tire me out… Did you come Cicek? Cicek: I bought everything you wanted… I saw Mrs. Seher… In the stairs… She looked like she was crying… Do you guys know what happened? Witch: Don’t even ask my dear, don’t ask… If only you knew what happened to us… Cicek: What happened? Witch: The donor that was going to give Yaman a piece of his liver fell from the balcony at the hotel he was staying in… He is in intensive care now… Cicek: Ay I feel so bad for the man… What’s going to happen now? Witch: I mean they are going to have to find another donor… Cicek: Oh God… Everyone was so happy it was found… Hopefully they find another person as soon as possible… (CICEK, WHEN WILL YOU OPEN YOUR EYES GIRL? CAN’T YOU SEE THROUGH THE LIES OF THESE TWO DEMENTED HYENAS?) Witch: Hopefully my dear…
neena baruah
neena baruah 7 gün önce
@Zahida Popal thanks once again.
Defne Aslan
Defne Aslan 4 aylar önce
@Zahida Popal Thank you ❤️
Aira Ejaz
Aira Ejaz 5 aylar önce
@Zahida Popal@mihirile @mscleo thank you and all the translators uptill now.. we international fans can't be able to see this series without you guys..All the translators play a role of north star for us..thanks alot again
L Iswarya
L Iswarya 5 aylar önce
@UCeJ2O-dtT4fzU9SXGKZhEA your comments were tooo good 👍👌
Maria Tillery
Maria Tillery 5 aylar önce
@Zahida Popal Thank you!😀
H S 5 aylar önce
We are here for Sila, Halil, Ruzgar and Tolga. We miss Arif baba's character too .❤️
Daughter of the King!
Daughter of the King! 5 aylar önce
Also Kiraz. I don’t imagine Ali with any other girl beside her. I loved the way she said my chief every time she spoke to him. 🥺
Cruz3485 5 aylar önce
Me too
Doctor R
Doctor R 5 aylar önce
And uncle Usama with Kiraz
Nana Kafes
Nana Kafes 5 aylar önce
Totally 👏👏❤❤
Salwa Medicine
Salwa Medicine 5 aylar önce
Lidia Kaszkewska
Lidia Kaszkewska 5 aylar önce
Gratulacje dla całego zespołu Emanent Yaman Shere Yusuf Ziya jesteście Super ❤❤❤❤
I. Navarro
I. Navarro 5 aylar önce
Felicitaciones a todo el equipo EMANET por esos 300 capitulos, seguimos fieles a esta serie, bueno yo soy fiel a los avances desde el capitulo 250, pero no puedo faltar a mi cita con esta mi serie favorita y ver a esos pedazos de actores geniales commo son Sila y Halil, cada dia emocinan más. Amigos seguimos en la serie Montaña Rusa de Emociones q es está serie. Y si lee la escritora decirle que todos queremos ver más escenas donde el amor, la ternura, el respeto y el buen rollo nos llegue y deje de lado tanto Dolor, Violencia, Maldad, es algo que no se acaba. Mis deseos es ese Pero.....................................
Lucia Zappia
Lucia Zappia 5 aylar önce
Por favor un Besos de enamorados 300 capitulos y ni un beso☹️☹️☹️ni hablar de sexo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zahida Popal
Zahida Popal 5 aylar önce
TRADUCCIONES AL ESPAÑOL (4 PARTES) PARTE 1 Seher: ¿Nuestro futuro hogar? Yaman: Sí, aquí mismo vamos a construir la casa de campo que siempre hemos soñado... Ven... Esto de aquí... Esta es nuestra vista... Aquí mismo está nuestra puerta de entrada... Damos un paso y estamos en... Los lugares donde nuestro una gran familia y nuestros hijos correrán comienza aquí❤️... Nuestro futuro comienza aquí❤️... Ven... Justo aquí tendremos nuestra sala de estar... En el medio habrá una gran mesa de comedor... Mirando hacia la vista del lago... Porque lo haremos estará abarrotado... Siempre tendremos nuestras cenas aquí juntos... Construiremos la habitación de los tipos duros aquí... Estará más cerca de la sala de estar. Él puede correr (CORRE Y NO MOLESTAR LOL)... Podemos construir una habitación para el hermano Ziya aquí... Él puede construir su jardín allí... Y nosotros allí, justo en el medio... Porque ellos querrían estar cerca de nosotros ( ESTÁ BIEN, PERO ASEGÚRESE DE QUE SU PUERTA TENGA CERRADURA)… Guardé mi lugar favorito para el final… Ven… Aquí está… Este será nuestro rincón donde recogeremos nuestras fotos… Porque los álbumes no serán suficientes para ocultar nuestros recuerdos… Este rincón se va ser nuestra cápsula del tiempo... Cada vez que miremos este muro, estaremos yendo a nuestro pasado... Vamos a ver nuestras vidas juntos ❤️... Vamos a vivir aquí, Seher Kirimli❤️... Juntos, lado a lado side❤️… (¡¡AH YAMAN!!! ¡ESTO ES TAN HERMOSO! ¡ESPERO QUE ESTE SUEÑO SE HAGA REALIDAD!) Kara: Comisionado, aquí están los archivos que solicitó... La información actual de todo su equipo está aquí... Ali: ¿Hoy es el cumpleaños del Comisionado Duygu? Yaman: Te traje aquí para hacerte feliz… No llores… (ME ENCANTAN SUS ABRAZOS…) Shh… Está bien… Aunque sea de felicidad no quiero que caiga una sola lágrima de tu ojo… Seher: ¿Cómo puedo decirte la verdad ahora? ¿Cómo destruyo este sueño? (AW SEHERCIM) Yaman: Hay algo mal contigo... Algo ha cambiado después de la llamada de Nedim... Podía sentirlo pero no podía nombrarlo... Pero ahora... ¿Qué pasó? Dime... No puedes hablar... Eso significa que algo malo ha sucedido... Y es lo suficientemente malo como para que te derrumbes así ... Es el Sr. Zeki... ¿Hay algún progreso en el Sr. Zeki? ¿El está bien? Seher: Se cayó del balcón💔... Ahora está en cuidados intensivos... Nedim lo está cuidando... Me lo dijo pero no podría decírtelo... Estoy muy triste... Tanto por el Sr. Zeki como por nosotros... (¡AH YAMANCIM! ESTO ES TAN DESTROZADOR... LITERALMENTE TUVO QUE IRSE DESPUÉS DE RECIBIR LA NOTICIA, ¡PERO ME ENCANTA CÓMO VOLVIÓ Y ABRAZÓ A SEHER! FUE TAN DULCE VER ESO) Kara: ¿Qué pasó Comisionado… Por qué salimos? Ali: Me acabo de dar cuenta ahora cuando estaba mirando los documentos que acabas de traer... Hoy es el cumpleaños del Comisionado Duygu... Kara: ¡Ah, qué linda coincidencia!... Ali: Exacto… Casi nos lo perdemos… Tal vez podríamos tener una pequeña celebración con un pastel y regalos… Pero no seré incluida en este plan… Sabes, le hice una promesa a su madre… Kara: Haré los arreglos para el pastel y los regalos Comisionado... Por cierto, pensó muy bien... Tal vez esto le levante la moral a ella también... Ali: Eso es lo que espero de todos modos... Ha tenido un momento difícil recientemente... Incluso si es por un momento, quiero que su rostro sonría... Pero no olvides a Kara... No soy parte de esto, ¿de acuerdo? (AW QUE PENSADO ALI... ES LO MAS PROBABLE QUE ESTO NO VA A TERMINAR BIEN, PERO SUPONGO QUE ES TU PENSAMIENTO LO QUE CUENTA LOL) Neslihan: Bienvenido... Llegó el Sr. Nedim, te está esperando en la sala de estar... Nedim: Así que has aprendido... Seher: ¿Cómo está el Sr. Zeki? ¿Hay algún avance? Nedim: Aún no… Yusuf: Tía, ¿viniste? ¿Puedes ayudarme con mi tarea? ¿Debería bajar? Seher: Ve a tu habitación cariño, iré enseguida… Yusuf: Vale… Cuando vengas, ¿me traes limonada? Seher: Está bien, lo traeré... Bruja: ¿Estaba Yusuf hablando con Seher? Supongo que han vuelto... Yaman: ¿Cómo sucedió esto Nedim? ¿Cómo pudo pasar algo así? ¿Alguien lo empujó o fue casualidad? Nedim: Estoy tan sorprendido como tú, Yaman... Todavía estoy investigando lo que pasó... Yaman: Ese hombre vino hasta aquí por mí sin pensarlo dos veces… ¿Qué hicimos? No pudimos proteger al hombre que me iba a dar un pedazo de su hígado… Ya sea que fuera un accidente o no, ni siquiera se suponía que se le arrojara una piedra a los pies… Te lo encomendé… (YAMAN ESE FUE EXACTAMENTE SU PROBLEMA, USTED SE LO CONFIÓ A NUESTRO QUERIDO NEDIM INÚTIL QUE ESTÁ ENVOLVIDO ALREDEDOR DEL DEDO DE POLLO DE ZUZU) Bruja: Seher... Querida, ¿qué está pasando? ¿Por qué Yaman está tan enojado? ¿Paso algo? Seher: El hombre que se suponía que era el donante... Sr. Zeki... Tuvo un accidente... Se cayó del balcón... Bruja: ¿Qué me estás diciendo querida? ¿Cómo pasó eso? Zuhal: No lo creo… Entonces, ¿qué pasará ahora? ¿El tratamiento de Yaman? Seher: La prioridad es la salud del Sr. Zeki… Que esté bien, entonces todo lo demás se resolverá… Oraremos y buscaremos otras soluciones… Nada ha terminado… (¡SI CHICA! ¡NO LO ES! USTEDES ENCONTRARÁN LA MANERA SEGURO) Zuhal: Entiendo... Por supuesto, tienes mucha razón... Pero Yaman también necesita comenzar el tratamiento lo antes posible... Quiero decir, esta incertidumbre me está asustando... (Y POR QUÉ NO HAS SIDO CONDENADO POR ASESINATO AÚN ME ASUSTA) Bruja: Fui al hospital hoy por un reporte… Seher: Hablemos más tarde Sra. Canan, ¿de acuerdo? Ahora no es el momento… Bruja: No me dejas hablar ahora… Pronto serás mi esclava (JAJAJA YEA OK CRUELLA)… Ibo: Kirpik envió un mensaje... Dice que el pastel está listo... Todos están aquí pero el Comisionado Ali no... Deberíamos esperarlo... Kara: El comisionado Ali tiene trabajo que hacer, no vendrá… ibo: ¿por qué no? Puede estar aquí por el pastel y luego irse... Kara: Traeré el pastel… (¿ENTONCES VOLKAN LE TIENE UN REGALO A DUYGU? HMMM, INTERESANTE... ) Duygu: ¿Tiene la dirección de la operación de mañana en sus archivos? no pude encontrarlo... Volkan: Uh, debería estar aquí, déjame revisar... Duygu: ¿Kara? ¿Que esta pasando? Kara: Feliz cumpleaños Comisionada… (SIN OFENSA PERO EL PASTEL DE YAMAN SE VEÍA MEJOR LOL) Firat: Por muchos años más felices Comisario… Ibo: Feliz cumpleaños Comisionado… Kara: Comisionado, ¿estás bien? Duygu: Yo… No he celebrado mi cumpleaños en 7 años Kara… Decidí que fuera así… Por favor, no lo tomes a mal… De verdad, estoy tan feliz… Muchas gracias… Kara: No es gran cosa Comisionado... Duygu: Aunque se lo coman... Disfruten... Kara: Al menos, ¿aceptas nuestros regalos?... Duygu: Kara, lo siento mucho... Kara: Por favor Comisionado… Es solo un pequeño recuerdo nuestro… Duygu: Está bien... Estoy tan avergonzado. Muchas gracias… Nedim: Digas lo que digas, tienes razón Yaman… No estoy en condiciones de defenderme (NO, NO ERES NEDIMCIM)… No pude proteger al Sr. Zeki… Lo siento mucho… Yaman: Haz lo que sea necesario… Moviliza a todos para que lo sane… Nedim: Estoy investigando la situación... Todavía es demasiado pronto para pensar mal... Y la condición del hígado del Sr. Zeki aún no está clara... Yaman: ¿La condición de su hígado? ¿Crees que me importa lo que me va a pasar? Si él puede ser un donante para mí, no es mi preocupación... Solo déjalo vivir... Es suficiente si mejora... Zeki necesita sobrevivir... Eso es todo lo que necesitamos... (¡AW YAMAN! CUÍDENSE DEL HÍGADO, A ÉL SOLO LE PREOCUPA ZEKI… EN SERIO NO ENTIENDO COMO ESE TUMOR MALIGNO DIO A LUZ A TAL DIAMANTE) Bruja: Es muy difícil para ese hombre Zeki vivir… Yaman verá esto pronto… Muy pronto me necesitará… (ÉL NUNCA TE NECESITARÁ) Zuhal: Deja que pase lo que pase... Esta tensión está empezando a cansarme... ¿Viniste Cicek? Cicek: Compré todo lo que querías... Vi a la Sra. Seher... En las escaleras... Parecía que estaba llorando... ¿Saben lo que pasó? Bruja: Ni preguntes querida, no preguntes… Si tan solo supieras lo que nos pasó… Cicek: ¿Qué pasó? Bruja: El donante que le iba a dar a Yaman un pedazo de su hígado se cayó del balcón del hotel en el que se hospedaba… Ahora está en cuidados intensivos… Cicek: Ay, me siento tan mal por el hombre... ¿Qué va a pasar ahora? Bruja: Quiero decir que van a tener que encontrar otro donante... Cicek: Oh Dios… Todos estaban tan felices de que lo encontraran… Ojalá encuentren a otra persona lo antes posible… (CICEK, ¿CUÁNDO ABRIRÁS LOS OJOS NIÑA? ¿NO PUEDES VER A TRAVÉS DE LAS MENTIRAS DE ESTAS DOS HIENAS DEMENTE?) Bruja: Ojalá querida...
juliette fabiola pedernera hernandez
juliette fabiola pedernera hernandez 2 aylar önce
@Zahida Popal Mil gracias!!!
Wiwi Andika
Wiwi Andika 5 aylar önce
Akhirnya dpt juga terjemahan bhsa Indonesia makasi
Feliciano Mesa
Feliciano Mesa 5 aylar önce
Muchísimas gracias por la traducción 👏👏👏👏👏♥️🇮🇨🇮🇨
Rita Taliana
Rita Taliana 5 aylar önce
@Zahida Popal thank you so much 💓 💗
Orieta Oliveira
Orieta Oliveira 5 aylar önce
Parabéns pra Emanet, mesmo com toda maldade sendo o enredo principal. Emanet chegou aos 300 episódio. Isso se deve os principais atores, Halil e Sila q são excelentes, e tbm os atores q fazem parte do elenco. Todas são excelentes. Se não fosse pelos os atores, Sila e Halil essa série não teria alcançado a audiência que ela tem. Apesar que essa série passar em um canal do governo, que não eszige pontuação e nem audiência alta. A audiência e a pontuação estão sempre dentro dos padrões. Mesmo assim Parabéns. 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Nulle Neves
Nulle Neves 2 aylar önce
Qual canal passa aqui no Brasil???
Ana Luiza Viana
Ana Luiza Viana 5 aylar önce
Parabéns aos atores São lindíssimo só falta as cobras pagar pelas maldades
Claudia Soledade
Claudia Soledade 5 aylar önce
Concordo plenamente 😍😍
Topaz3138 5 aylar önce
My hearty congratulations to the entire team of EMANET for reaching 300 th Episode! I am hopeful that Emanet would be widely watched by the people, all over the world and this TV series and the actors would get many awards in the future! 👏👏👏
Keida D
Keida D 5 aylar önce
Not anymore. It's become very very stupid
Ayesha M
Ayesha M 5 aylar önce
inshaAllah 🌹❤
Honey gul
Honey gul 5 aylar önce
Cleide Ranieri
Cleide Ranieri 5 aylar önce
Parabéns Turquia por trazer-nos uma série tão linda como esta!🇹🇷🇧🇷
Evinha Sousa
Evinha Sousa 4 gün önce
Uma pena não ser traduzida ou ao menos legendada em português 💔
Maria Paulo
Maria Paulo 5 aylar önce
Tomara que eles sejam felizes, e que descubram as maldades das 🧙‍♀️
Farideh Massoudi
Farideh Massoudi 5 aylar önce
Congratulations to Halil and Sila and Berat and the support actors for their great performance and keep us entertained during the pandemic , they worked so hard day after day with the danger of Covid over them . Congratulate to the fans who stood by in spite of the worst and evil script ever written , we all invested our time in 300 episodes but still hoped for better days .
Elżbieta Betlej
Elżbieta Betlej 5 aylar önce
Congrats for everyone reaching episode 300 . Those who were with emanet should be given a good pat on the backs. We cried, we laughed, we were banging even our heads from frustration. But nevertheless, we are here. I hope it will be better between SehYam as everyone wants them to finally take this last step. Deep bow to all the actors for the splendid job and keeping us here. Especially Ms Sila , Mr Halil Little Master Berat , Mr Tolga I saw it... my spidey senses were right. the drowning man will catch with his hands even the razor to save himself - the Polish proverb says. Seher went for psychological attack of Canan and tries to convince Yaman to save his life. You may guess Yaman's reaction. So you are planning to do the same as Yaman did to Seher when he wanted to save Ziya. Wow, instead of nice full of love family, we got another separation and quarell. As for Semra she should be locked in asylum. why are you so into showing abuse of the child by mother? Duygu was not even allowed to celebrate birthday because of Yasemin... thank God Ali annuled the promise and went for celebration of her birthday. Poor guy Volkan I feel sorry for him.. he is obviously in love with Duygu. and the guy is dying too.
Elżbieta Betlej
Elżbieta Betlej 5 aylar önce
@Lidia Witek Powiedzmy sobie szczerze - Yaman ugnie się. On zawsze ugina się przed bratem, nawet Seher nie ma nad nim takiej władzy. Mnie ciekawi czemu nie pośle brata na terapię bo teraz to wygląda jakby mu do reszty odbiło. Wysłać go do kliniki, Seher musi się też wziąść w garść i szukać dalej . Chociaż rozumiem w 100% jej motywację, to Yaman załamie się psychicznie. robią dokładnie to samo, co zrobili kiedy Yaman wybrał Ziyę i zniszczył Seher.
Lidia Witek
Lidia Witek 5 aylar önce
@Elżbieta Betlej Widziałam ...i tu sie z Tobą zgodzę bo już ostatnio nie podobało mi się jak matka manipulowała rozmawiając z Ziją a teraz jak nie idzie jej z Seher to uderza w Zije wiec efekt będzie taki ,że Yaman sie może ugiąć bo o ile Seher nie będzie naciskać choc jako żona będzie bo też tak bym zrobiła ale Zija to juz inny przypadek a on łatwo matce wierzy i ufa.... chyba, że coś zobaczy albo usłyszy.... to wtedy dochodzi do niego wiec może on zobaczy w końcu prawdziwą twarz matki i może być różnie, tylko kiedy ten horror z matką czy matkami sie skonczy??? Dzis moja ulubiona scena zaczyna się jak Yaman schodzi po schodach w stronę matki i ten dialog między nimi noi nic dodać nic ująć pokazał rewelacyjny występ
Elżbieta Betlej
Elżbieta Betlej 5 aylar önce
@Lidia Witek widziałaś zwiastun? Chory... to się w głowie nie mieści że można coś takiego zrobić Yamanowi i Ziyi. Czemu nie zostawią decyzji Yamanowi? Przecież zeki nie umarł. Choć rozumiem też Seher. Na tym etapie ma gdzieś rozterki męża bo dla niej ważniejsze jest jego życie. Woli go żywego i wściekłego na nią niż martwego i zadowolonego. Bo to oznacza też jej śmierć
Lidia Witek
Lidia Witek 5 aylar önce
podsumowałaś odcinek więc już nic nie dopowiem choć dodam po polsku ,że tak gratulacje dla całego zespołu Emanet a szczególnie dla głównych bohaterów, Bereta i Tolgi ale i gratulacje dla nas widzów ze wytrzymaliśmy do tego 300 odcinka :)
Alcione Silva
Alcione Silva 5 aylar önce
Parabéns Emanet pelos 300 capítulo,foram muitas lágrimas muitos sofrimentos muita vontade de da na cara de gente ruim,mas amo demais essa série.❤️❤️❤️
שרה אברהם
שרה אברהם 5 aylar önce
מזל טוב לסדרה אמנת הסדרה ה300 מאוד כייף חצפות בה יש המון רוע וסבל כאשר כולם חיים באחוזה .חבל מאוד שאין מצךמות אבטחה בכדי לראות מי הנוקם ועושה רע לימאן וסהר שחקנים בחסד עליון אני מאוד אוהבת את הסדרה כל הכבוד למפיק הסדרה וכל הכבוד לצילום והמוזיקה בסדרה .בברכה שרה אברהם
Rita Santos
Rita Santos 5 aylar önce
Alcione é duas com vontade de da cara desta serpente do mal chegamos no capitulo 300 querendo a cabeça das cobras.
Marilene da cruz silva Cruz silva
Marilene da cruz silva Cruz silva 5 aylar önce
Eu amo essa série nunca perdir um capítulo, ja chorei muito, ja sofrir, qualquer dia tenho um enfarte
Helen Daoutakis
Helen Daoutakis 3 aylar önce
I adore the passion and legitimacy you both bring to the screen I wish I could see this in many films of today! All of the actors are to be commended for their work my favourite are Seher and Yaman!💝⚘️
Magdalena Las
Magdalena Las 5 aylar önce
Gratulacje dla całego zespołu EMANET!!! To już 300 odcinków... Gratuluję wytrwałości , zapału do pracy i systematycznego działania w tworzeniu tego obrazu każdemu, kto przyczynia się do powstania tej serii - twórcom, całej ekipie filmowej, a przede wszystkim - wspaniałym aktorom! Choć nie znam języka tureckiego oglądam Emanet codziennie - codziennie z tym samym zapałem, jak przez 300 odcinków wstecz. I nie zamierzam się poddać! Serdecznie pozdrawiam wszystkich z przepięknej Polski 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Michalina_świątek 5 aylar önce
Ja też.Kocham ten serial.Widziałam wszystkie odcinki... niektóre nawet wielokrotnie oglądałam.😄I będę oglądać dalej....dla wspaniałych aktorów.Halila i Sily.💖💖💖
Tânia Aparecida
Tânia Aparecida 5 aylar önce
Agora vemos o sofrimento de Seher com Yaman,para completar a mãe da comissária perseguindo Ali. Mais uma louca pra nos stressar .😠😠😠🐍🐍🐍
Aliete Alves Bezarra morena
Aliete Alves Bezarra morena 5 aylar önce
Não entendo nada em turco mais adoro Yaman ele é um ótimo ator 💕💕
María Gladys Lopez Lara
María Gladys Lopez Lara 5 aylar önce
ya somos dos, tampoco entiendo nada en turco pero miro todos los capítulos
jeane freire
jeane freire 5 aylar önce
Quero parabenizar a todos da equipe e principalmente aos atores que se chegaram ao episodio 300 com êxito, belo trabalho e ótima atuações...👏 👏👏👏
Michalina_świątek 5 aylar önce
Kocham ten serial bardzo 💖 i jestem szczęśliwa. 300 odcinków... To jest coś.😉😉😉Mam nadzieję że będzie dobrze, że Jaman i Seher będą szczęśliwą rodziną,bez węża jadowitego🐍i bez Zuhal.👹Kiedy one w końcu zostaną ukarane.😡😡😡 Czekam ten odcinek bardzo.😠ps.Jestem katoliczką i wierzę w Boga...wiem że to tylko serial,ale nienawidzę tej kobiety.Tak złej matki,jak ona to chyba w świecie nie ma.😠
Lidia Witek
Lidia Witek 5 aylar önce
zgadzam sie ze wszystkim co napisałaś i czekam tak samo na rozwiązanie tego niekończącego się problemu i może się wspólnie doczekamy w przyszłości ........oby nie w 3 sezonie...:)
Teresa Motyl
Teresa Motyl 5 aylar önce
Zgadzam się bardzo lubię Emanent po każdym odcinku nie mogę się doczekać co dalej... węży już dość.
Maria Mich
Maria Mich 5 aylar önce
Masz rację ja też czekam końca tych węży
Manorama Tripathy
Manorama Tripathy 5 aylar önce
Congratulations to Emanet team for completing 300 episodes. Eagerly waiting every night to see Halil ,Sila nd Ruzgar. A special congratulations to them. You all became a part of our life , thank you very much for your magnificent acting . God bless you all.
Maria Luiza Ferrão da Silva Silva
Maria Luiza Ferrão da Silva Silva 5 aylar önce
Halil Ibraim é impecável na arte de atuação ele é perfeito amo ver esse ator atuando além de ser lindíssimo já assisti várias séries com atores turcos mais Halil Ibraim é insuportável atuando amo adoro
Oziane Soares
Oziane Soares 3 aylar önce
Vdd ele é lindíssimo já assisti algumas entrevistas dele em espanhol ele é encantador tô apaixonada por ele seu talento com ator é maravilhoso Deus abençoe sempre 🙏💕😍😍❤️💖💖
Liana Gina
Liana Gina 5 aylar önce
URAA, am ajuns la episodul 300 ,și suntem la fel ca la început. Toată lumea ,și din interior și din exterior se luptă, se luptă cum să-l distrugă pe Yaman, și acum și pe familia lui .Ca a fost Camgoz,Soughiraz,Ikbal, Selim,muzicantul profesor ,Zuhal, Canan, toți, dar toți având același scop. Care este acțiunea, acestor 300 de episoade aceeași, care vă fi urmarea altor 2-300 De episoade cred că identic dacă nu îl omoară scenarista intre timp pe Yaman. Eu una cred că batem pasul pe loc ,fără acțiune propriu zisa, dar cu multe intrigi ,minciuni teroare psihică, alte crime inutile ,la fel ca și până acum. Dacă scenarista nu poate mai mult de atat ce putem face ?????
Anii Stefanescu
Anii Stefanescu 5 aylar önce
@camelia drut Cat adevar ai spus! Chiar daca iubim pe Halil&Sila & Ruzgar, nu este bine sa ne lasam abuzati de bolnava echipa de scenaristi, incapabili sau ieftin intentionati deoarece, vand numai suferinta prosteasca si nerealista. Felicitari pt sumarizare! 😀
camelia drut
camelia drut 5 aylar önce
Începe să fie plictisitor,mai întâi episoadele cu Filaret si acum ce cele două vipere,doar durere si tampenii cu boala ce nu se mai termina,sincer am ajuns să urmăresc episoade in reluare cu cei doi frumoși,totul are o limita chiar dacă iubim actorii principali,in conac toti sunt surzi si orbi ,doar viperele își fac jocul!
Rocchi Pantis
Rocchi Pantis 5 aylar önce
Liana ai perfecta dreptate. Pacat
Anii Stefanescu
Anii Stefanescu 5 aylar önce
Un singur lucru putem face :sa nu mai urmarim serialul. Oricum scenele Yaman - Seher totalizeaza, in cel mai bun caz ~15 minutely, in S2. Eu am ajuns doar aceste clipuri sa le urmaresc, daca au traducerii. Pacat, producatoarea face profit mare, si vinde doar scene violente fara nici o legatura cu ceea ce reprezinta un scenariu. Desigur, parerea mea. Nu vreau sa supar gusturile nimanui. 😀
Teslaru Angela
Teslaru Angela 5 aylar önce
Adevărat, urmăresc acest serial de dragul lui Yaman și Seher (în mod special ptr performanta lui Halil ibrahim ceyhan)
Ana Darc Silveira
Ana Darc Silveira 5 aylar önce
Feliz demais por ter chegado firme e forte aos 300 que agora em diante seja alegria..chega de maldade e dor💓🙌
Almudena Martín GARCIA
Almudena Martín GARCIA 5 aylar önce
Ya llegamos al capítulo 300 , y aquí sigo enganchadisima a Emanet, Halil y Sila ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Johanna Ramírez
Johanna Ramírez 5 aylar önce
Verdaderamente, sino fuera por Halil y Sila no estuviera aquí padeciendo tanto😭😭 Pero los quiero tanto🇩🇴😍😍🇩🇴
Vera Alice Cardoso
Vera Alice Cardoso 5 aylar önce
Seria um afronta ela vencer essa guerra ela não vai conseguir não vai 😡🐍o Ali vai chegar na hora certa 🙏🏼
Vera Alice Cardoso
Vera Alice Cardoso 5 aylar önce
Ele não vai aceitar o fígado o Alí vai salvar ele 🙏🏼
Nivia Maria Claudia Claudia
Nivia Maria Claudia Claudia 5 aylar önce
Concordo com vc ,só assisto por causa destes três Yamam e Seher e yusyf.
Efi F
Efi F 5 aylar önce
UMA WALVE 5 aylar önce
Congratulations to Emanet Team. Specially to Halil,Sila and Ruzgar. We all were together though sometimes we get angry, sometimes we bang our heads, sometimes we get frustrate but we never stop watching this series. Let us hope we will get better storyline in coming episodes without any mishaps and disaster.
Nuala Duffy
Nuala Duffy 5 aylar önce
Well, we got too ep 300, and all we got was a script full of "Evil", ....The scene with Yaman & Shere, having a virtual of their dream house, was beautifully done, as he walked her from room to room, over looking the beautiful lake, this is his dream, his plan for the future, with Shere by his side, with Yousf, and Zyia, and an addition to their family, it was so clear to him, this is all he wants... then, like a bomb, his dreams all shattered, when Shere cried, tears of sadness, and he sensed something was very wrong... and his disbelief was written on his face when she broke the news, that the donor had an "accident".....Back at the mansion, when he found the letter on his desk, saying, his "Mother", could be his donor, his confrontation with her in the hall was brillant...He blew a fuse, while she stood there telling him, she wanted to do this for him, he was her "Son", and she wanted to give him part of her, so that he would live...Well our Yaman, reminded her she was "No Mother", and her presence in the mansion actually offended him, and that he would never accept her, and that he would choose a thousand deaths....As for Shere, well she swallowed the story, hook, line, and sinker once again, of course she wants Yaman to live above all, but she must learn to listen to her "Husband", 300 eps in, and again the writer/writers have let Sila down, can this woman still be this naive?? Apparently so...Logically it doesn't add up..."Mother", with only weeks left to her "life" due to "Cancer", all of a sudden can become a liver donor...it's complete nonsense...And having a "Medical Professional", in her pocket...is profoundly ridiculous....The scripts are so badly written, it's just as well, the actors are as good as they are....How they will pull a Season 3, out of the "Rabbit's Hat", is any ones guess....Ep 300, unfortunately for us didn't throw anything new, or exciting...05/10...We got what we expected..."Nothing New"....Anyone agree???
Antoinette Ruvo
Antoinette Ruvo 5 aylar önce
@Julie Z this series will only last as long as Halil is in it. As soon as he leaves the series it will lose most of its viewers. Naz is just horrible writer. Some of the episodes are very difficult to watch. They are so boring. The only way to get through the episode is to fast forward to the Sehyam scenes.
Antoinette Ruvo
Antoinette Ruvo 5 aylar önce
I agree with every single word. The actors and director are carrying this series not the writing. The writing is so one dimentional and repettive. Naz's trade mark is REPETITIVE. She should just thank God that she has incedible actors and a fantastic director for her series. That's the only reason the series is still on the air. NOT FOR HER WRITING!!!!!
Miranda Williams
Miranda Williams 5 aylar önce
I agree
Nuala Duffy
Nuala Duffy 5 aylar önce
@Julie Z ah, yes, but, but she's supposed to be in final stages of "cancer"...she hasn't got long, so it's unbelievable, that the writers, would write such a stupid scenario....and it's apparent the lead writer, lives in never, never, land....it's just as well, we live in the real world!!! Enjoy the madness of it all🙂🙂🙂
Fhem Almonares
Fhem Almonares 5 aylar önce
Anita Cotton
Anita Cotton 5 aylar önce
Congratulations to director, staff & most of all to actors for bringing this series to 300 episodes. I will not congratulate Naz as she doesn't deserve it. I know she is getting all excited to make Seher the bad person again by believing Canan & wanting to save the love of her life. If it was my husband I would also do everything I could to save his life & I think most of us would too. I think it's very difficult to b objective to our heros because we see the villians & their plans . Sometimes it's difficult to see what's right in front of u. Anyway, I still will follow Halil & Sila & scroll away the devils. Naz you deserve no credits for this series your love of evil & destroying innocent people is your demise.
Antoinette Ruvo
Antoinette Ruvo 5 aylar önce
I agree with you NaZ does not deserve any credit for this series. If the series is still on the air it is because of Halil's incedible acting, the chemistry between Sehyam and because of the amazing director. THAT'S THE REASON we all tune in. Naz's script, her evil plots are so ridiculous, nonsensical, infantile and simplistic. They lack complexity- they are very one dimensional. They lack creativity, imagination and most of all they are REPETITIVE. Repetitive is Naz's trade mark.
Farideh Massoudi
Farideh Massoudi 5 aylar önce
@Zahrah Omar I am curious , where did you get that information?
Farideh Massoudi
Farideh Massoudi 5 aylar önce
@Zahrah Omar Thank you , I hope it is true.
Zahrah Omar
Zahrah Omar 5 aylar önce
Naz.. bringing Ali to save Yaman ..no more difficult live disturb sehyam
Cruz3485 5 aylar önce
You're absolutely right and she's wasted talented people hail and sail are amazing actors
Assunta La Serra
Assunta La Serra 5 aylar önce
Parabéns emanet que chegou o capitulo 300 deve o maravilhoso talento do ator halilll e silaaa
Mona Bakes Cooks
Mona Bakes Cooks 5 aylar önce
The 300th episode!!!!💐 🌟🌟✨✨ A long journey, a long running series, and a never ending heartache and tragedy after tragedy for Sehyam who could never ever have a peaceful married life(nt consummated) in their one year of marriage. When will their torment end?? Anyway, we praise all the actors, actresses for their excellent acting talent for making it to this milestone. ❤️❤️❤️
Luisa Santos
Luisa Santos 5 aylar önce
Parabéns à família emanet pelos 300 episódios, às vezes entendendo outras não, por não estarem traduzidos, fiquei fã desta série, muito bem enterpretada, yaman and seher estão de parabéns pelo seu excelente trabalho. Fico esperando por episódios de paz e repleto de amor.
Sueli Santos
Sueli Santos 5 aylar önce
Série maravilhosa ❤️👏👏👏
María Dolores Estévez Bahía
María Dolores Estévez Bahía 5 aylar önce
mis felicitaciones por el capitulo 300 van para halil y sila, berat y cenger y arif baba...sobre todo para halil y sila, por su quimica, su fantastica capacidad para transmitr sentimientos sin necesidad de hablar, por su magia que te transporta a cada escena y te hacen vivir la historia, por su belleza, los ojos y mirada de sila son francamente cautivadora , la belleza, las expresiones de halil te cautivan....bravo por estos dos grandisimos actores , que consiguirieron a pesar del guion perverso, lleno de violencia, (con unas incongruencias que solo veo en los folletines de nazmiye, y juro que veo mucha serie y cine turco,) y de escenas que te trastocan el alma porque juega con sentimientos muy profundos ( madres que deboran a sus hijos con su maldad, extorsion, asesinatos, policias y medicos corruptos , niños y personas con capacidades diferentes que zarandea a su antojo para recrear escenas de pura maldad, )el ser humano no tiene capacidad para ver tanta maldad durante tantos capitulos y resistir ,si no existiera en medio de tanta maldad un balsamo de regocijo,y este balsamo es sin duda halil y sila, gracias a ellos, personas como yo que se salta muchisimos capitulos porque no soporta esta maldad innecesaria , ni la historia mediocre de ali y duigu, y solo ve los avances de sila y halil, emanet llego al capitulo 300...se que nazmiye no lee la opinion de las fans, pero si lo lee por casualidad le dire : NAZMIYE TIENES SUERTE DE TRABAJAR EN EL CANAL QUE ESTAS, CANAL DEL ESTADO, QUE TE PERMITE HACER GUIONES PERVERSOS , SIN ESCENAS DE AMOR, PORQUE SON PECADO, TE PERMITEN RECREARTE EN EL MAL, Y NO TIENES LA NECESIDAD DE COMPETIR POR LA AUDIENCIA, TIENES GARANTIZADO TU PAN...YO CONSIDERO QUE SI TUVIERAS QUE TRABAJAR EN OTRO CANAL, NI SIQUIERA HALIL Y SILA TE SALVARIAN Y TU FOLLETIN DEJARIA DE EMITIRSE DESDE EL CAPITULO 205..SE AGRADECIDA CON HALIL Y SILA Y NO LE SAQUES MINUTOS DE CAPTURA DE PANTALLA PARA DARSELOS A ALI Y DUIGU, NO SE LO MERECEN , NO HICIERON MERITO PARA ELLO, SOLO HACES TRATO DE FAVOR...Y ESO ES VERGONZOSO
Marisol Perez
Marisol Perez 4 aylar önce
Tienes toda la razón
Marina Serrano
Marina Serrano 5 aylar önce
Total mente de acuerdo pero Nazmiye lla tuvo que Acer cambios en algún capítulo por la bajada de audiencia sobre todo en Turquía también en otros países pero en Turquía más no entiendo de dónde saca tanta maldad .E leído no sé si será cierto que intenta Acer creer a los jóvenes turcos que así somos en otros países pero los jóvenes no pueden creer ésto es una escusa fuera de lugar ellos son más inteligentes que eso y todo pera salir de lo que hace con lo que podía ser una gran historia y dejar aún lado tanta maldad y dolor , una madre no puede ser tan cruel con sus hijos por dinero para una mujer lo más importante son los hijos daría la vida por ellos.
Constantina Niculae
Constantina Niculae 5 aylar önce
Agree with you👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
antonia duro
antonia duro 5 aylar önce
Totalmente de acuerdo contigo. 👍👍👍👍👍
Татьяна Десятова
Татьяна Десятова 5 aylar önce
Я с вами полностью согласна, уже смотрю не все серии, устала смотреть эту жестокость и интриги, этих никчёмный матерей. Вам бы уважаемый сценарист писать детективы вот там бы раскрылись, такая жестокость которую вы придумываете, там была бы уместна.
Marina Serrano
Marina Serrano 5 aylar önce
Felicitaciones a todos los que an echo posible esto 300 capítulos de emanet , una serie que no puedo dejar de ver sobre todo por HALIL Y SILA dos grandes actores en realidad ellos son los que logran que tenga tantos seguidores .
Sky Blue
Sky Blue 5 aylar önce
Congratulations to Emanet team and fans for 300 episodes👍👏 We have such a beautiful journey with Emanet😍❤️
Sandra Canabarro
Sandra Canabarro 5 aylar önce
O casal merece ser feliz.Yaman vai vencer mais essa etapa.Lindos
MayaMary 5 aylar önce
We got this far! 300th Episode! Congratulations to the Emanet team and the whole international fans! 🎉 For the 300th episode I truly expected more with low hopes though. The single highlight and perfection in todays episode, was truly only to see Eski Yaman again, the fighter, angry and suspicious Yaman, who’s willing to fight the fight of his life no matter who the enemy is. Thankfully we also saw again the feisty Seher, who understands Yaman but is not willing to lose him in front of her eyes. Not for now! The trigger for the comeback of feisty, fighting and angry Yaman, was today! ❤️🔥🥰 It seems like that the celebration for the 300th episode got combined with Duygu’s birthday, that didn’t got to be celebrated after all. 🙈
MayaMary 5 aylar önce
@Nashima Altamash 😘❤️😘❤️ 300 and counting! 🙈😅
Nashima Altamash
Nashima Altamash 5 aylar önce
Always a pleasure reading your positive reviews! ❤ Happy 300 episodes to all of us! 😍
ישראלה אשל
ישראלה אשל 5 aylar önce
the writer Nazmiy spread it with boring chapters lately. we can come this way even 400!!!
MayaMary 5 aylar önce
@Fatima Hafiz EXCUSE ME!!!!! What's fake just because it's private! There should be some respect left, please!
Zahida Popal
Zahida Popal 5 aylar önce
UPDATE English Translations have been posted. I posted it twice. It’s also in the reply section of the pinned comment ❤️ Have a great weekend ❤️ También se han publicado traducciones al español. Disfrutar❤️
Nanay Luzing Vlogs
Nanay Luzing Vlogs 5 aylar önce
Zahida thank you so much I always read you comment
Nanay Luzing Vlogs
Nanay Luzing Vlogs 5 aylar önce
Enjoy Music
Enjoy Music 5 aylar önce
@Zahida Popal thanks a lot.
Twijukye Arafat
Twijukye Arafat 5 aylar önce
@Zahida Popal thanks alot
BSWORLD 5 aylar önce
@Zahida Popal 🤗❤️
Janaina Rodrigues
Janaina Rodrigues 5 aylar önce
🎉🎉 300 capítulos de amor raiva alegria tristeza e risos emanet fortes emoções é assim um misto de emoções 👋👋👋 para os atores que amamos que fazem o seu melhor para o seu público de vários lugares do mundo ❤❤❤
Aye Aye Khaing
Aye Aye Khaing 5 aylar önce
Congratulations to Emanet team and all fans around the world reaching episode 300😍❤❤❤
Debora Souza
Debora Souza 5 aylar önce
Parece que nunca vamos ter momentos felizes pois aq é assim chegamos tão longe pra nada, o que rolou nessa série, parece que cada dia que passa estamos afundando, onde já se viu essa mãe sem fundamento. Cara autora tá na hora de mudar esse roteiro, pois yaman vai acabar aceitando o fígado só para não fazer seher e seu irmão sofrer.... afff 😡😡 tá de brincadeira com nós telespectadores, tá na hora de acabar com essa palhaçada. 😡😡😡 Onde tá os momentos felizes que íamos ter... agora afundou de vez.
Marialda Reis Santos
Marialda Reis Santos 5 aylar önce
E verdade mesmo
lee roy
lee roy 5 aylar önce
300 episode Congratulations to whole team Especially HALIL IBRAHIM CEYHAN and SILA TURKGLU You people are true STARS of emanet You r the reason we watch emanet daily We love you and pray for ur future success❤❤❤❤❤ Keep shinning lion and lioness 😘😘😘
Naglaa Fathy
Naglaa Fathy 4 aylar önce
ترجم المسلسل الي لغة عربي
Dhurata Sulstarova
Dhurata Sulstarova 5 aylar önce
This movie lasted till 300 episode only because of Seher , Jaman . Jusuf and zija
Ayesha M
Ayesha M 5 aylar önce
Thiago Souza
Thiago Souza 5 aylar önce
Se Yaman e Nedim investigar mesmo vai descobrir que Canan é a culpada de tudo ja esta na hora de Alli saber de Canan
Nataly Rojel
Nataly Rojel 5 aylar önce
Felicidades a todos los actores ❤️💕
Maria Margarete
Maria Margarete 5 aylar önce
Parabéns emanet pelos 300 capítulos o elenco interpreta muito bem mais amo yamam e shere Parabéns a todos merecem 👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷
Ilma Morais
Ilma Morais 5 aylar önce
Coitado do yaman ter essa mulher sem amor perto dele que não merece ser chamada de mãe já mais.
Lúcia Ferreira
Lúcia Ferreira 5 aylar önce
Tomara que Yaman se lembre das últimas palavras de pai Arif sobre ele e o comissário..." Vocês dois"... Vai que ele investigue e descubra tudo
Lidineia Bordini
Lidineia Bordini 5 aylar önce
Parabéns! A todos envolvidos e ao TikTok do Brasil, foi lá que descobri essa série maravilhosa com atores belíssimos e talentosos 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👏👏🥰. Sucesso p vocês Halil, Sila, Berat, Zeynep e todos os outros....Brasil🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💕
Maria Aparecida Pereira dos Santos Cida
Maria Aparecida Pereira dos Santos Cida 5 aylar önce
Coitado do Yaman com dor, tomara que descobre tudo das cobras
Char Collins
Char Collins 5 aylar önce
Congratulations Emanet on your 300th episode!! I laughed, I cried, stressed out, and having many urges of throwing my chancla at the TV when something goes wrong!! But I keep coming back for Halil & Sila 🖤 and all the other memorable characters like Yusuf, Cengar, Ziya, Adelat, Nasilhan, and Arif Baba!! But I mostly come back for SerYam!! Also shot out to the fans!! You guys are the best!! I love reading your comments & theories about the show!! I’m glad that I am not he only one who loves Halil 🖤 & gets stressed out over this show!! We are all in this together for better or for worse!! Love your fan from US.
Susan Grassi
Susan Grassi 5 aylar önce
I am also a fan from the US and love this show. The acting of Halil and Sila is outstanding along with all the other actors. I have watched the first season 5 times and I am now rewatching the second season. My only criticism is the storyline of Ali and Durygu. I skip those scenes. I enjoyed seeing Ali with Kiraz but There is no chemistry with Ali and Durygu. I am addicted to this show and am looking forward to some love and happiness in the future episodes.
akki 5 aylar önce
I'm looking forward to. I still can't believe it's 300 episodes now, this is the best series and the Emanet team did a really really good job. great respect, I'm looking forward to more beautiful episodes of emanet.❤❤❤❤❤
Marlene Moris
Marlene Moris 5 aylar önce
Sempre assisto e nada perco desta série O LEGADO. Maravilhoso desempenho de Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan com suas feições com dores, ora com rapidez ou raiva, simplesmente fantástico. O tom de voz impressionando a cada momento...vive-se junto dele e Sıla Türkoğlu também excelente em seu papel. Yusuf, Cenger, a equipe Emanet, tudo de MELHOR numa história linda , mas difícil para contracenar e complicada. Espetaculares momentos que vivemos em 300 capítulos apresentados com o maior comprometimento de Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan e Sıla Türkoğlu como Yaman e Seher. Gestos, afagos, cenas de carinho passando muito AMOR ao mundo num belíssimo trabalho de todos. Sigo acompanhando aqui do Brasil, no maior interesse por tudo até agora visto nesta série O LEGADO. Parabéns pelo belíssimo trabalho e rico em exemplos que se pode levar pela vida afora. À todos, meu obrigada por tudo de esplendoroso que pudemos ter. Sigo junto com todos. Excelente até aqui.
Shahla Akhavan
Shahla Akhavan 5 aylar önce
Congratulation to Emanet team and specially to our beloved Sahar, Yaman and Yusuf for reaching 300th episode . we could get here because of the chemistry between Sahar and Yaman they could over come all the obstacle together and we could bare Nazmieh writing to reach this episode .We suffered a lot during this journey and accepted all the sad and unfair episodes to see our amazing actors and actress . I hope see more happy event in Emanet from now on. we are here because of Sahar and Yaman chemistry and brilliant Yusuf
Cris Santana
Cris Santana 5 aylar önce
Caramba!! Tomara que seja um bom episodio hoje. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
Gaby Karina
Gaby Karina 5 aylar önce
1.000.000 de felicitaciones al equipo completo de Emanet que en estos 300 capítulos nos han hecho llorar,enojarnos pero sobre todo amarlos de una manera incondicional como nunca creíamos que pasaría !!!!!💪💪👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👸🤴🏻😇🥰🖤🖤🖤🥂♾🇦🇷 gracias🙏🙏🙏
Isabel Ruiz
Isabel Ruiz 5 aylar önce
Estoy emocionada con esta pareja me hacen reír y llorar al mismo tiempo los amo porque son Geniales los dos 🥰👏👏👏🥰🥺
Sara Samardžić
Sara Samardžić 5 aylar önce
Cenger is right, this isn't the last test for Yaman, as they really cannot live in peace 😂😂
Nargiz Ismayilova
Nargiz Ismayilova 5 aylar önce
Yaman ölmiyeceğine göre saçmalamayı şu hastalık meselesini uzatmayı kesin artık tadı kaçdı .
DAKSHA KORIA 5 aylar önce
The whole episode here today was just about how to torment Yaman and try his patience. Even though the beast in him is back we love him that way , but seriously how can this writer try so hard to demean Yamans character this way and Sehers too making her so naive and blind to see the evil snakes .
N. K
N. K 5 aylar önce
I think she is forcing us to watch Duygu Ali & co and hate our reason of watching her drama SehYam, but this is not possible i prefer to watch SehYam arrgument than Duygu Ali Love scene period, and i hope most of the fans are the same opinion, Nazmye should accept that this series comes this far coz of SehYam and is nothing without them.
zana banci
zana banci 5 aylar önce
Script writer Nazmiye is dumb every thing has limit. We are in 300 episodes and still no happy ending. It’s so fiction show.
lee roy
lee roy 5 aylar önce
Well whole legacy is abt how to torment yaman
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