I spent a day with SYNESTHETES (Neurological condition aka SYNESTHESIA)

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I spent a day with people with synesthesia to learn what it’s really like to live with this neurological condition in which stimulation of one sense activates another unrelated sense at the same time.
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Shut Up I Am Your Mother
Shut Up I Am Your Mother 29 gün önce
I have a genuine question What color is math For me it’s blue
Customer Jacky
Customer Jacky 4 aylar önce
Have a pole dancer ever kicked someone in the face
Marlies 9 aylar önce
time-space synesthesia is another fascinating concept - I have it and it's unique
xXStarlight GachaXx
xXStarlight GachaXx 9 aylar önce
I can actually know the melody of a song before I ever hear it. Does that mean I have Synesthesia?
xXStarlight GachaXx
xXStarlight GachaXx 9 aylar önce
@DarkCookies Yes! I have mild Aphantaisa
Caitlyn Engelbrecht
Caitlyn Engelbrecht 2 gün önce
I don't have this but i can tell when people are sick before they show symptoms because they smell and taste nasty. Idk how to explain it but i cant handel it i hate sick people. Like people can probably smell and taste when someone is very sick but for me its when someone is even just like a bit sick i cant handel it. Also i feel intense "vibes" ig before i even talk to people but thats just being able to read people
Julie Jackman
Julie Jackman 2 gün önce
I have not heard of this. I wonder if it has a frontal cortex or lobe connection. I see people and the whole room as all green or all blue. But that's a result of my brain tumor surgery.
Peaceful Creativity
Peaceful Creativity 3 gün önce
i'm gonna write what i see the numbers as for fun then 1 - the coolest guy of the bunch 2 - responsible, no gender, businessy, friendly but serious too sometimes 3 - wise, witty, stand-offish, loner 4 - four is just four? 5 - teacher, chill, fun, kind 6 - mischievous, hilarious, secretive, cool 7 - know it all, studious, too cool for u, smirks a lot, observes more than interacts 8 - caretaker, comforter, realistic and practical, busy, reliable 9 - knowledgeable, soft spoken but sometimes blunt 0 - robotic lol
Alice 4 gün önce
I have it too 😃 just recently realized lol I see colors in mubers, names, names of the months, also I see months always in the same order in my head. I thought everyone has it 😂
JadedSphnix 6 gün önce
My son (6) has told me he see's colours, so this was really interesting to help understand his world
YoTIGA 9 gün önce
i have it too. I can see color
Worm 9 gün önce
I had no idea about this condition until i met a girl who had it - but i didn't know that there were so many different types of it! And yes, I had a colour and taste. The colour was like a faint lavender and i apparently tasted like Dove soap... I personally dislike that that scent so bad hahah, can't imagine how it was for her to taste it omg
Leah Christensen
Leah Christensen 10 gün önce
You should do “the wonders world of reality shifting”
Ventenna 10 gün önce
i hear colors and read peoples names as colors! its lovely but also so annoying lmao
Sickdodo 11 gün önce
Anyone who has ever had a little bit too much LSD knows exactly what these people are talking about
Beets 12 gün önce
Someone should make like an animated film where the main character has synesthesia and it just like follows them during a regular day showing how they perceive the world. That would be really cool
C FIVE 14 gün önce
Yo I have this. I see words, letters, and numbers with colors. Not when I read but when somebody says them to me or whenever I think about the words or numbers themselves. I don’t know how to explain it without sounding strange.
Tania P.
Tania P. 16 gün önce
This is seriously the coolest
Let'sArt 16 gün önce
Wow. I'm 29 and I've never heard of this but I might have it. I've always associated colors and shapes and feelings with certain numbers. Numbers have a certain feel and identity to each one. I also used to this quite often, but not as much anymore, but I could go into this state where I could feel textures even though I was doing absolutely nothing but thinking about the texture. It's like running a knife through different things. Some things have more give, and are softer. And I could make my body feel a sensation if I thought about it enough. I could make it feel like I stepped on a cinder block, or that a wire was pressed against my leg. I also used to visualize pain as like a teabag under my skin and I would visualize pulling it out and removing the pain. And it worked. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like that? Added: I've also always been a really good speller despite starting school late in 3rd grade because I can visualize the words in my head vividly and they also have identities, colors, feelings and shapes associated with them.
Suhayb Mahad
Suhayb Mahad 16 gün önce
The moment u realize u have synesthesia
Lexy Huffman
Lexy Huffman 16 gün önce
reminds me of ratatouille. and the tiktok trend where math is red, english is blue, science is green, and history is yellow yano
devRat 17 gün önce
So that's why 6 is afraid of 7...
sam belle
sam belle 17 gün önce
... so ur telling me that smells having colors isint a universal experience....
Lonely.Jay0411 20 gün önce
I used to gender colours but that's because I was a toxic little 6 year old
Araceli Perez
Araceli Perez 21 gün önce
Ive always hated J😫
Becca C
Becca C 25 gün önce
When he said everyone has a tiny bit of synesthesia : I thought to myself about how I was SO SURE the red notebook was math , the green was science, the blue was history and nobody could ever talk me out of it 😆
Becca C
Becca C 25 gün önce
When he said everyone has a tiny bit of synesthesia : I thought to myself about how I was SO SURE the red notebook was math , the green was science, the blue was history and nobody could ever talk me out of it 😆
Zal God is Good
Zal God is Good 29 gün önce
✨☄️Jesus is King for ever and ever. Dont forget it, becuase its always going to be true. You get two choices onto how to live your life, with Jesus or with out Jesus. You have to pick there’s no avoiding it. So figure it out, to be with a holy and kind God, Or go with something else. Your free will, you free choice. Make one. ☄️✨
Zal God is Good
Zal God is Good 29 gün önce
✨☄️Jesus is King for ever and ever. Dont forget it, becuase its always going to be true. You get two choices onto how to live your life, with Jesus or with out Jesus. You have to pick there’s no avoiding it. So figure it out, to be with a holy and kind God, Or go with something else. Your free will, you free choice. Make one. ☄️✨
Zal God is Good
Zal God is Good 29 gün önce
✨☄️Jesus is King for ever and ever. Dont forget it, becuase its always going to be true. You get two choices onto how to live your life, with Jesus or with out Jesus. You have to pick there’s no avoiding it. So figure it out, to be with a holy and kind God, Or go with something else. Your free will, you free choice. Make one. ☄️✨
David LZ
David LZ 29 gün önce
6:13 that was the most beautiful note I have ever heard
Juhaa Aylar önce
The person who saw brown spots for Anthony... I'm sorry but synesthesia isn't hallucinations. You don't ACTUALLY see the color of someone or something, you just feel it, like when you think of a color, but it's involuntary. You don't "see the aura" or "see color coming out of a mouth". You just don't. And also, even if you experience a bad taste or smell with someone doesn't mean you're gonna avoid them...
CherryBlossom 109
CherryBlossom 109 4 gün önce
Actually some do it’s called projective synesthesia
toad the gamer boy
toad the gamer boy Aylar önce
he doesnt know what a cello is? cringe
TheGreyGhoul Aylar önce
Idk if you have done it yet, but i think interviewing extreme body moders would be super interesting. They are often severely misunderstood and hated for some reason and I feel you could help bring some light to them
Dr. Hemlock
Dr. Hemlock Aylar önce
I’ve been questioning if I have synesthesia for a little while since a cousin got diagnosed with it. This video really helped! I can definitely see scenes when I listen to music and people’s voices definitely have colors. Reading words can also have overall colors or color schemes
Luis Guillen
Luis Guillen Aylar önce
The editing on this is amazing.
Laura'sLyricalLife Aylar önce
I sort of found out i had perfect pitch in 4th grade just like the girl saying "why dont you write your name in your color??" when she was in 4th grade. I always thought the other kids could hear things in music notes like me. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ it's interesting how our brains can interpret sound/the world around us.
Drip Godxxx
Drip Godxxx Aylar önce
Take LSD and you’ll experience synesthesia for sure.
brooke Aylar önce
i can taste tennessee
Mushy French Fry
Mushy French Fry Aylar önce
My best friend has mentioned how she sees numbers with colors in the past,,, wait a sec- *texts* Edit: she has light graphemic synesthesia, PogChamp
ClaraBell3452 Aylar önce
My friend thought everyone had synesthesia till she was like 12 haha.
RiftWalker Aylar önce
The only thing I have is that I get a metallic/burnt feeling in my mouth and nose when I sharpen images too much.
D3VILE LIVE Aylar önce
That guy that sees taste when he was a kid must be like: Mom can I have a chocolate? No sweetie, it’s bad for your teeth JOKES ON YOU I CAN SEE ITS TASTE 😈
Skateboard Girl
Skateboard Girl Aylar önce
That must be cool, you don't have to eat stuff to taste it, you can look at something and taste it!
Sun Flower
Sun Flower Aylar önce
Some of this sounds like utter BS.
Anya Cantor
Anya Cantor Aylar önce
for me 1 is black 2 is light green 3 is orange 4 is purple and 5 is light brown
America’s Favorite Fighting Frenchman
America’s Favorite Fighting Frenchman Aylar önce
19:23 omg same 5 is a stuck up brat
phleef Aylar önce
In honor of this video, if you type "awesome" while the video is playing, the red section of the time bar turns into a bunch of different colors :)
Ryland Carmichael
Ryland Carmichael Aylar önce
i'd trade my tritanopia for synesthesia
More freckles than sense
More freckles than sense Aylar önce
I have this... I've always felt weird about similar things they've explained throughout childhood like shit... I've got synesthesia
Brian Yach
Brian Yach Aylar önce
Loved this video man. A friend had told me about Synesthesia one time and I had no clue what it was. I did some research. It was very interesting. Been watching documentaries on it ever since, and that was about 7 years ago. It was interesting that people can use it as a memory enhancer. They can keep track of, and remember things that would boggle the mind. Loved the video man.
Emily Foster
Emily Foster Aylar önce
Back when I played soccer I would get sooo irrationally angry when a team's jersey color didn't match the team names color. My team thought I was nuts
Hexa Angel
Hexa Angel Aylar önce
I first heard about synesthesia in the children's book series "The Secret Series" by Pseudonymous Bosch. It's a great read! I like the part where they discussed whether or not everyone has a little bit of synesthesia. It made me think of when I was in high school and how I chose what color to label different school subjects for my notebooks and folders and stuff. Like, math was red. I'm not sure why (probably because I don't like math so it makes me angry and red is angry lol). Science was green because biology was my favorite science and it's about living things, which are green. And English was purple or blue because those colors reminded me of royalty. But I guess that's really more about associations made based off life experiences and knowledge rather than synesthesia.
Eliza 1000
Eliza 1000 Aylar önce
How can she taste people i don't get it like does she taste stuff as if it's her tounge tasting I'm so confused i mean seeing colors is i can see how that might work but taste!! or does she taste stuff through her nose I'm sorry but i have so many unanswered questions 😅
Many ._. Names
Many ._. Names Aylar önce
I have synesthesia, i don't talk about it much to any one cause i don't really mind it to much cause like i've have it for a long time and it's just normal to me, but sometimes i accidentally say something to a person about like how there voice taste like cotton candy or how a circle is blue and i have to explain everything about myself. i don't like when i do this cause than word gets around and people start asking me about their 'fade' (a term i use for my synesthesia, i don't know how accurate it is. its just what i call it) its annoying, especially if i avoid some of these people for a reason. Also its awkward telling someone that their voice taste like chalk 🤣🤣🤣
Skateboard Girl
Skateboard Girl Aylar önce
What do I taste like? : 0 idk I'm just curious
Itz_NormallyOdd! Aylar önce
Itz_NormallyOdd! Aylar önce
Susan is green
Itz_NormallyOdd! Aylar önce
Thursday is blue and Tuesday is orange. Change my mind
Luna Mae
Luna Mae Aylar önce
sound is a feeling for me and I just found out today so that's cool I didn't know that wasnt normal
Grace Song
Grace Song Aylar önce
I love those people I need more friends who have it
The Third Person With John S. Terpin
The Third Person With John S. Terpin Aylar önce
I thought that 9 was a middle aged woman, and that 7 was her younger protege, while 8 was a dude about the same age as 7 when I was little.
Amy Aylar önce
Now I am interested, if I taste the same for everyone who has synesthesia
Andrei I
Andrei I Aylar önce
No you don't
Mia D
Mia D Aylar önce
Ok hear me out All numbers and letters have a color and gender. When I see a name but don’t know what the person it goes to looks like I already have my own picture in my head of what they look like. Example the name Jackson, he has dirty blonde hair and sun kissed skin and red is his color. I think I’m broken
Kei Star
Kei Star Aylar önce
As someone who has synesthesia, i just cant remember street numbers or phone numbers cos if they aligned in a way they're not supposed to in my brain, i can't memorize it cos my brain won't like it.. let's say 69 and people be like "hell yeah" and I'm like "hell no" cos it's like pairing cinderella with the two evil sisters.. all of numbers have colors and personality of their own so you can guess how i do at math
PurryProductionsInk Aylar önce
Its so interesting to hear others' experiences with synesthesia! I personally experience emotion-colour and sound-colour synesthesia
Saima Sarwar
Saima Sarwar Aylar önce
People fascinate me so much! I remember events and memories by the scent or smell. It's sooooo striking with me I cannot escape!!!
TiredTurtle7 2 aylar önce
OK I ALWAYS THOUGHT I COULD FEEL MUSIC AND I NEVER KNEW HOW TO EXPLAIN THAT. I don't think I have synesthesia but it's nice to know that they're are people out there who know what I'm talking about. Whenever I've tried to explain this feeling to people irl they never get it. Maybe I have a really super mild version of it tho. That would explain some things, like how I see all my childhood memories in strong vibrant colors. They all have moods to them.
V. U.
V. U. 2 aylar önce
One time when I was little I just remember imagining “tomorrow” as like a magical/fantasy purple door
The Ecstatic Fool
The Ecstatic Fool 2 aylar önce
The girl who sees people colors and can taste their flavors... That should be her business. Just doing color/flavor "readings" for people.
Clarissa Lopez
Clarissa Lopez 2 aylar önce
I hear pictures 🙂 and I would never want that to be taken away
Emily Lingle
Emily Lingle 2 aylar önce
i wanna know how psychedelics are for them
kristin 2 aylar önce
I dont have this but boy just thinking of hot dogs makes me nauseous especially when thinking of the pink wHeEnIe🤢... just thought i’d share how terrible hot dogs are. But not the bacon rapped those things are sent from heaven
Stephanie R
Stephanie R 2 aylar önce
You can't sneak that S-bomb past us, Anthony. lol.
just some dude
just some dude 2 aylar önce
What if someone had BO and also had a sweet smell which do they smell first or is it a mix?
Jennyverse 2 aylar önce
I have this. I had no idea it was anything other than normal until a colleague commented it might not be; then there was a documentary on the BBC not long after at which point I realised!
AriLovesToast OwO
AriLovesToast OwO 2 aylar önce
As a person with Synesthesia, I just have to say that YOUR ALPHABET IS WRONG!! A IS RED AND B IS BLUE AND THATS FINAL!
CherryBlossom 109
CherryBlossom 109 4 gün önce
AriLovesToast OwO
AriLovesToast OwO 2 aylar önce
@Team ACIO Yeah, Same with letters. Sorry if the way I typed it sounded harsh; I was just joking.
Shannen 2 aylar önce
Millie bilish has this 2
Danielle Thompson
Danielle Thompson 2 aylar önce
The description of 5 is exactly how I perceive Christmas trees. I don't think it's synaesthesia, but I really hate Christmas trees because of it.
Yael Levi
Yael Levi 2 aylar önce
Imagine this, then add adhd.
Lincoln Koenig
Lincoln Koenig 2 aylar önce
i think i have SYNESTHESIA
Raincoat 2 aylar önce
I realized that I might hear color by watching this video. I often recognize/identify people by the "color" of their voice. (Ex: "Oh that's Arthur cuz he's the guy with the orange-ish voice!") I also recognize songs in the same way. Whenever I play the violin or listen to music, colors always pop up automatically in my head. I don't see it physically, but more in a "third-eye" kind of way). When playing the violin, I kind of know if my fingers are off not only by just hearing the notes and hearing that they're off, but also because I don't hear the right "color". But I'm not sure if I'd be able to answer people if they asked me something like "So what does B flat sound like?". Although I see colors in notes, often I feel like my "hearing of colors" is more of a "spectrum" rather than specific colors attributed to notes. I honestly don't know if I have synesthesia, but I have a feeling and don't know how to check if I'm right.... Thank you Anthony for this informative video :)
little person
little person 2 aylar önce
@Raincoat most of liszt's pieces arent very emotional (lots of emotion in music is common with synesthetes) if i had to guess at any composer have synesthesia i'd guess chopin but idk i think its pretty cool u play violin im classically trained on piano
Raincoat 2 aylar önce
@little person true true
little person
little person 2 aylar önce
@Raincoat it mentioned it in the video in a screenshot and its pretty likely he did
Raincoat 2 aylar önce
@little person oh really? I didn't know haha. Maybe he had it
little person
little person 2 aylar önce
thats cool, i get smells off of sights. this is kinda unrelated but franz liszt always had odd descriptions of his pieces like the mephisto waltz no 1 and i think that might have had something to do with his synesthesia
Purple Silk Durag
Purple Silk Durag 2 aylar önce
Turquoise smells bad everything else is normal
Purple Silk Durag
Purple Silk Durag 2 aylar önce
@little person damn no chicken?
little person
little person 2 aylar önce
i cant eat brown foods
Dawnlight Star
Dawnlight Star 2 aylar önce
So... Does everyone else not look at something, and know what it'd taste like?
little person
little person 2 aylar önce
no they dont, but i cant look at certain things bc of the smell and taste i get from looking at them
Isabella Robinson
Isabella Robinson 2 aylar önce
i didn't realize synesthesia was a thing until i saw this video. like i have synesthesia and i thought this was normal
Clark V
Clark V 2 aylar önce
can people smell my comment
MAOR VLOGAMING 2 aylar önce
bruh this helped me figure out that I have synesthesia whaaat thanks
Bryan Gallows
Bryan Gallows 2 aylar önce
@AnthonyPadilla I know I've commented a lot for just one day but there's just tons of things I'd love to see discussed like the number version of dyslexia. I believe it's something like calculaxia. It's funny to me that I can't remember the name when I have it lol.
Midnight Animates
Midnight Animates 2 aylar önce
Okay, but M is maroon.
UsernamesForDummies 2 aylar önce
I always thought the number 2 is red, 7 is purple, 4 is green and 5 is blue. That’s the extent of my synesthesia.
Dj Puggy
Dj Puggy 2 aylar önce
That moment when a video teaches you that you have synesthesia.
Shannon Lavery
Shannon Lavery 2 aylar önce
Before watching this video: If so didn’t have sensitivity to noise, I would LOVE to be able to taste or hear things that I could define as colors. I could make colorful art based on my favorite songs! After watching the video: Yeah no this sounds like it could be annoying and overwhelming to experience.
Ghost Peppered
Ghost Peppered 2 aylar önce
24:16 "So you're constantly getting to experience the feeling of eating cake or some kind of junk food? [She nods affirmatively.]" This is the real question! I think it relates to the prior one about why are synesthetes commonly artists... I want to know the followup: SO, do you have a collection of art that TRIGGERS the sensations you enjoy the most? ie. sound bytes, colors, numbers, etc. framed on the wall? Essentially synesthesia porn? haha. Does it ever get old to experience your favorite things? lol That's what I want to know!
Harry Coombs
Harry Coombs 2 aylar önce
So there like physics
Meee2456 2 aylar önce
so i can't figure out if i have synesthesia. like when i see people's or song's colors i dont actually see them, they're just kind of in my head behind my mind if that makes sense, or if they're really strong they're behind or in front of my eye. words and letters and other things have very specific colors that are really hard to pinpoint as one thing... anyone who has synesthesia know anything? thank you!! :)
Meee2456 2 aylar önce
dang i have a whole rant and it almost sounds all official and stuff lmao
Meee2456 2 aylar önce
if i do have synesthesia it's probably a really toned down version of it because i can't separate the sound of the music from the color, but if i made a pie chart of which parts are more dominant in the experience then the sound would be a much larger chunk
Meee2456 2 aylar önce
i have adhd so i space out a lot, and when i think back on or focus on colors, i see them in the space where i go when i space out
Alexandra Dingman
Alexandra Dingman 2 aylar önce
Now I want to have a synesthete friend
Elixir 2 aylar önce
i feel like uno would make them even more angry then regular people
Marina H
Marina H 2 aylar önce
wait.. seeing words and letters and numbers in specific colors in your minds' eye isn't normal??
desiismassacre 2 aylar önce
Sometimes when I look at letters or numbers, I give them ages, and personalities, I noticed that it would happen in school or just randomly!
Sun 2 aylar önce
To all people with different conditions, or disabilities. (All just a normal person) We are all human and you are all amazing people. Don't be afraid, don't be scared, you are all amazing and we all love you. It doesn't what you look like or what condition (if any) you have, what matters, is how you behave, and you should be respectful to other people. We all love you :-) (Sorry for my English mistakes and or repetitives)
R W 2 aylar önce
I think I have it because my cat sounds like the texture of filled licorice and loud sounds make my neck feel covered in sticky, thick liquid also heat and weird light make my forehead and eyebrows itch Edit: if I listen to music while reading the lighting in the story changes as the song does
Zachary Gudmundson
Zachary Gudmundson 2 aylar önce
So could you see music?
Gacha Trixic
Gacha Trixic 2 aylar önce
I randomly thought about the fact I see pictures for words. I don’t mean that I see an image of the actual words but rather some different image. For example, if I see, hear, or think about the word death, and I think of a black silhouette diving into a deep, black abyss that’s fading from white. I don’t think it’s synesthesia, but it did remind me of this.
Suzette Lafontaine
Suzette Lafontaine 3 aylar önce
The sticky accordion successively hate because discussion currently spoil per a evanescent donkey. pushy, pathetic stocking
Ramon Momono
Ramon Momono 3 aylar önce
I don't believe I have it but, everything has a picture in my head. If I hear "frog" then I will get the colour green and this one picture of a frog, aleays the same picture. I might have never seen this picture in my life but i have created it in my mind. Then weekdays has colours. Monday: green Tuesday: blue Wednesday: white Thursday: brown Friday: yellow Saturday: pink Sunday: red
teagan epic
teagan epic 3 aylar önce
numbers have colors for me haha
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