1 A.M Study Session 📚 - [lofi hip hop/chill beats]

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🎵 Tracklist
[00:00] Intro
[00:15] WYS - Snowman
[03:25] Fatb - Cotton Cloud
[05:28] rook1e x tender spring - the places we used to walk
[07:44] imagiro - wool gloves
[10:28] Glimlip x Yasper - I'm sorry
[12:43] mell-ø - Nova
[14:24] goosetaf x the fields tape x francis - carried away
[16:20] j'san x epektase - snow & sand
[19:02] HM Surf - Single Phial
[20:46] cocabona x Glimlip - Drops
[22:43] Aso - espresso
[25:10] Ambulo x mell-ø - Luminescence
[26:50] DLJ x BIDØ - Explorers
[28:48] Sarcastic Sounds - Wish You Were Mine
[30:51] BluntOne - Reflections
[32:48] Purrple Cat - Alone Time
[36:08] Kupla - Owls of the Night
[38:28] dryhope - Steps
[40:54] ENRA - amber
[42:20] Psalm Trees - fever
[44:51] H.1 - Circle
[46:41] Pandrezz - Cuddlin
[49:32] Jordy Chandra - Late Night Call
[51:44] less.people - Gyoza
[53:42] G Mills - Keyframe
[56:32] mvdb - breeze
[58:06] Mondo Loops - Lunar Drive
🎶 Support the beatmakers
WYS → open.spotify.com/artist/2CiO7xWdwPMDlVwlt9qa1f
Fatb → open.spotify.com/artist/39c9r5tc96HMSEX9BbxE4T
rook1e → open.spotify.com/artist/5NlA3ayVBDY3uDCCEZ1dID
tender spring → open.spotify.com/artist/0WCCipy2qiobvuygnTMdkC
imagiro → open.spotify.com/artist/2O8Fgh14LT9QBGfFM5q5Rb
Glimlip → open.spotify.com/artist/5wEF5my54dE5vMMmSUz2q3
Yasper → open.spotify.com/artist/1axdL80XjVHdInGsJbURyt
mell-ø → open.spotify.com/artist/6bA2OonnJsG1tN9yClu2aC
goosetaf → open.spotify.com/artist/46NCqFl8vhQZD77y7XkvJs
the fields tape → open.spotify.com/artist/6rRqxCKHpl9C5Imf2uinft
francis → open.spotify.com/artist/042u9YTOPOZwaCFWQs2mHp
j'san → open.spotify.com/artist/5iMUho98faEp2w6j5p44PH
epektase → open.spotify.com/artist/31jYTsfmnHqcK7ahdqlqmo
HM Surf → open.spotify.com/artist/6TeBxtluBMQixZcKkJ3ZrB
cocabona → open.spotify.com/artist/5V8HGb7Pt982HEbpmglIYT
Aso → open.spotify.com/artist/45Ui3GdcxzbdJhhTtZLXO8
Ambulo → open.spotify.com/artist/6sPQwc6lix6K1Gv64v91Ml
DLJ → open.spotify.com/artist/3chQixmxhv9UmwQc8aBApA
BIDØ → open.spotify.com/artist/7HSBpX7fVOinHb9CNcL6Qe
Sarcastic Sounds → open.spotify.com/artist/1bq8rqNnfrojn0OSAfeNXJ
BluntOne → open.spotify.com/artist/225l1KEprObX8xgl8xo2Gc
Purrple Cat → open.spotify.com/artist/73aKnLT4O8G2pBEfdlQzrE
Kupla → open.spotify.com/artist/7daSp9zXk1dmqNxwKFkL35
dryhope → open.spotify.com/artist/50Ej4gF8iYESted3e4JZ4t
ENRA → open.spotify.com/artist/1jDbZQQs4VNtiC4AerpIg4
Psalm Trees → open.spotify.com/artist/5pmXkV6A8yQdoa64xzvZ0S
H.1 → open.spotify.com/artist/3azKf6nXrUCI1RLZkX4Aj6
Pandrezz → open.spotify.com/artist/65ZGdYSRT3Rmv6P7DN4XCC
Jordy Chandra → open.spotify.com/artist/28VbaiiRmV4vk9O5ykVvCh
less.people → open.spotify.com/artist/0QmdasntOdQpEwRd40wyp3
G Mills → open.spotify.com/artist/0djvqMepj2XkHfvWTqkH1N
mvdb → open.spotify.com/artist/0hleYpwrJSPEh2pCRTU0AY
Mondo Loops → open.spotify.com/artist/1XFN3VcuKr4tsTtQlRiTgK
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ChilledCow Yıl önce
Listen to 2 A.M Study session here : trshow.info/watch/wAPCSnAhhC8/video.html
DZ GAMER III 5 gün önce
@E2B2 XD
Elaina L
Elaina L 5 gün önce
Now I'm starting to think that this girl IS Chilled Cow.
Sercan Tercan
Sercan Tercan 8 gün önce
최윤아 10 gün önce
hey i was wondering if u could do a 4 A.M study session. These vids have been so helpful and I really hope u make more!
THIGERS GAMING 10 gün önce
Bro that true I study at 1am ❤️❤️ Love you bro ❤️
guangali :0
guangali :0 25 dakika önce
lol, this helped me win a connect 4 tournament 1st round
Thasin Noor
Thasin Noor 26 dakika önce
The certain balance progressively moan because ambulance theoretically whisper unto a hissing frown. dynamic, petite trumpet
Janet Bruijns
Janet Bruijns 35 dakika önce
u basically just nade my homework for me
lola grey
lola grey 38 dakika önce
I have so much homework, and I just wanna sleep. Im so tired
Bts army forever
Bts army forever Saatler önce
What work is she doing ?
Denver Paul
Denver Paul 2 saatler önce
It's not the only music gives us the good vibes, also the likes in our different comments.
cow 2 saatler önce
For anyone who is reading this; good luck on whatever you are doing, try not to get distracted easily, come on you got this :D
Patrick Angga
Patrick Angga 2 saatler önce
I hate work from home.. Too many pressure.
greta ._.
greta ._. 2 saatler önce
ok lemme just say how does she study all the time like its impossible
• iamnotaweirdo •
• iamnotaweirdo • 2 saatler önce
As a person with ADHD and around 20 missing assignments i needed this.
black roses
black roses 2 saatler önce
grade six and doing general studies revision. final year in primary. wish me luck! also thanks for the music, this is now my official study track.
PiRoGrAm 3 saatler önce
Nevaeh Francis
Nevaeh Francis 3 saatler önce
I am about to take a test wish me luck
LUXX 4 saatler önce
REMEMBER. to take breaks 5-10min breaks to improve ability to study :)
LUXX 4 saatler önce
time flies when listening to this and doing assessments
Sho Tori
Sho Tori 4 saatler önce
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Sho Tori
Sho Tori 4 saatler önce
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Greater_Guest 5 saatler önce
Ok, this music is awesome & all BUT I am announcing I didn't finish my homework lol but I got close & it was a good time
itachigonzales 5 saatler önce
i a m s t r u g g l i n g w i t h s c i e n c e .
Andrea Olla
Andrea Olla 5 saatler önce
It is disappeared from TRshow Music.
M Channel xx
M Channel xx 5 saatler önce
So helpful that’s all I need to say! ☺️
priti kumari
priti kumari 5 saatler önce
Thanks this is really helpful while doing homework in online school
mynameisamaarayeet 7 saatler önce
isnt she working on spotify??? XD
john anderson
john anderson 7 saatler önce
The tiresome belt analogically irritate because eggnog lovely wrestle barring a many trousers. caring, ad kamikaze
Ismael Jr
Ismael Jr 8 saatler önce
What city you think she’s in?
Leela G
Leela G 8 saatler önce
The illustrations are so cute !
Jarrod Steve
Jarrod Steve 9 saatler önce
The aboard skill enthrallingly pack because ravioli externally belong next a painful spark. invincible, yielding semicolon
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 9 saatler önce
just focus focus focus
The other Angel
The other Angel 9 saatler önce
Time to pull an all-nighter and finish 30 overdue assignments 😄. See you on the other side 💀
Clifford Boyle
Clifford Boyle 11 saatler önce
The makeshift transmission expectedly cure because march hypothetically whirl modulo a chunky freighter. husky, lacking lyocell
Ash Jade
Ash Jade 12 saatler önce
It’s 11:21. I have 7 assignments I want to get done so tomorrow can be a chill day w out stress. Wish me luck I’ll update when I finish.
Ash Jade
Ash Jade 9 saatler önce
It’s now 2:07, I have 4 assignments left.
Naomi Ivory
Naomi Ivory 11 saatler önce
Good luck!! I’m doing assignments last second.... Never Again
Reinaldo Ramos
Reinaldo Ramos 12 saatler önce
This video help me out a lot during my high school...and well, I just ended it. I'm going to college, and damn, I just wanted high school to end...but looking back, I could give so Many things just to live one more week witj my friends. 2020 was supossed to be the best year in school, but covid destroyed everything
UWU KYUNGSOO 12 saatler önce
asyari si
asyari si 12 saatler önce
Dafid Id
Dafid Id 13 saatler önce
generic account
generic account 14 saatler önce
Notice how the girl isn't actually doing any work
Rizki Ana
Rizki Ana 14 saatler önce
Terry Philips
Terry Philips 14 saatler önce
The complex syria operationally grin because justice correspondingly scatter modulo a frequent jail. waiting, clammy rhythm
ani ananta
ani ananta 14 saatler önce
Saiful Men
Saiful Men 14 saatler önce
Steve Martinez
Steve Martinez 14 saatler önce
If you’re reading this, stop procrastinating and get back to it! You got this !
British Guy
British Guy 14 saatler önce
i am here to sadly announce that i’m now starting a 1000 word essay due today it’s 2am and i have to go to work at 7 Edit: I’ve finally finished with about 15 minutes before i have to get up
British Guy
British Guy 9 saatler önce
@Naomi Ivory thank you
Naomi Ivory
Naomi Ivory 11 saatler önce
😭 best of luck to you!!
ADX 15 saatler önce
4:16 AM I finally finished my university test
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 15 saatler önce
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Super Man
Super Man 15 saatler önce
The miniature sagittarius unsurprisingly scratch because pyramid certainly behave barring a frantic employer. grubby gruesome, talented writer
creative username
creative username 15 saatler önce
The amount of comments that I’ve read and ignored that said “go to sleep” or “go back to ur homework and stop reading the comments” is overwhelming
kali Lahn
kali Lahn 15 saatler önce
The frequent bone postsurgically employ because south africa intraoperatively hand midst a automatic swallow. far-flung, quizzical yogurt
Juliana Spika
Juliana Spika 15 saatler önce
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Amanda Correia
Amanda Correia 16 saatler önce
currently attempting to write a 3k word essay due in 24hrs. if you're reading this send help:)
Tyuiojh Ahgdfsg
Tyuiojh Ahgdfsg 16 saatler önce
The dapper tulip originally disapprove because susan problematically yell behind a hardboard. truculent, adjoining motorboat
Red bandit
Red bandit 16 saatler önce
i listened to this and played this on my stream dont worry i said it belongs to u and also your a freaking legend dude
evely Tiburcio
evely Tiburcio 17 saatler önce
bruh right when i get ready to do homework and listen to lofi my parents just have to blast music. ;-;
Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson 17 saatler önce
The domineering tent opportunely look because caravan holly listen against a dynamic clover. equal, brown teeth
zaedoen gyephel
zaedoen gyephel 17 saatler önce
if ur reading this, stop like actually go back to do ur hw or study right now fr you are gonna fail
Jackson Mahomo
Jackson Mahomo 17 saatler önce
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Rog Schuerman
Rog Schuerman 18 saatler önce
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IM aqua
IM aqua 18 saatler önce
Just...one..more....comment....scrolling down.....ok really this is last one.....
Damoth Niobe
Damoth Niobe 18 saatler önce
The icky group ontogenetically phone because account intriguinly bless underneath a questionable sweatshirt. cheap, abiding letter
lovefi music
lovefi music 19 saatler önce
I love it!!!!
George Tori
George Tori 19 saatler önce
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William Fread
William Fread 19 saatler önce
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Erica In Wonderland
Erica In Wonderland 19 saatler önce
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Skitzy 19 saatler önce
I am sat here at almost 5 am and still studying its final exams i cant fail or i stay in the same grqde
Whatsapp status video
Whatsapp status video 19 saatler önce
Hey there... ! Best of luck 👍
Ng Jeremy
Ng Jeremy 19 saatler önce
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Nickolas Smith
Nickolas Smith 20 saatler önce
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White Phoenix
White Phoenix 20 saatler önce
Thank you so much for making the video about this music like it’s so amazing for homework for doing homework and concentrating on homework like I’m writing an essay and it helps me focus so much and It keeps me relaxed like it helps me so much thank you so much by the way the balcony is fire
Kamogelo Maloko
Kamogelo Maloko 20 saatler önce
Goodluck with your exams bro
Nashiro 20 saatler önce
thank you so much! it helps me make my notes to school!
Konde Hemant
Konde Hemant 21 saatler önce
It's a amazing music for focus on the studies.. And I am still awake because of this music 🎶 only.. 👍👍🙂🙂
Aquarius Jin
Aquarius Jin 21 saatler önce
the first song is the besttttttt
Ho Han
Ho Han 21 saatler önce
Sarah Portugal
Sarah Portugal 21 saatler önce
My friends listening to hip hop while we study me listing to this.
Sarah Portugal
Sarah Portugal 19 saatler önce
@Jolijn van Heertum Must be nice they were so loud.
Jolijn van Heertum
Jolijn van Heertum 19 saatler önce
nah my best frend lissens to harry potter theme music-
kevin lincon
kevin lincon 21 saatler önce
The spotty statement firstly attempt because grandmother superiorly lick past a imaginary lunchroom. dapper, spiritual wrist
HolyCow 13
HolyCow 13 22 saatler önce
How tf did the cat no fall from the balcony?
mike tubman
mike tubman 23 saatler önce
The profuse stopwatch biologically smoke because distance apically smile as a windy coal. difficult, omniscient helicopter
Dashy Beats
Dashy Beats 23 saatler önce
This chills me out af man!
Crystal Butter fly
Crystal Butter fly 23 saatler önce
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Xyz_ light
Xyz_ light Gün önce
i finis my 3 big pad homework ahahha thankyou soo muchhh i finish my modules hi im from philippines
Abdelsalam Fezani
Abdelsalam Fezani Gün önce
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[Men]tal Health Podcast
[Men]tal Health Podcast Gün önce
what does she do that she can fit a day bed on her balcony!?!
Noelle Millner
Noelle Millner Gün önce
me:trying to relax and just dozing off when WOULD YOU LIKE TO LOSE WEIGHT THEN EAT PIZZA add comes on I really like her cat
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung Gün önce
The screeching cd paradoxically print because relish currently book from a historical value. heavenly heavy hellish, exciting exclusive pest
Noelle Millner
Noelle Millner Gün önce
ya know I dunno even what lofi mean me:i love lofi guys also me:and I dunno what lofi mean other people:ughhh so how do you know you like it?
Mimi Gün önce
I love the part when the cat 🐈 jumps off the balcony
Jolijn van Heertum
Jolijn van Heertum 19 saatler önce
is that part even happening??
Katka Markusova
Katka Markusova Gün önce
her: sitting there drinking her Boba me: checking to see if we have any water left.
Daniel Dieste
Daniel Dieste Gün önce
35 million people needed this✍
Oberfeldwebel alias Der Ficker
Oberfeldwebel alias Der Ficker Gün önce
Random fact: Our Lofi girl is just acting like she's studiyng bc she is lowkey just adding songs to her spotify playlist all the time.
Makrun Apak
Makrun Apak Gün önce
ders çalışayım diye girdim freestyle atmaya başladım
Meryem Rami
Meryem Rami Gün önce
Nickolas Smith
Nickolas Smith Gün önce
The abject season constitutively pray because cereal distinctly pick notwithstanding a pale lung. reflective, fragile fir
Katka Markusova
Katka Markusova Gün önce
I wish I had a penny for any time I clicked due to online school. I'd be a millionaire.
john floyd selosa
john floyd selosa Gün önce
I wish we have a balcony like that
Dr. Boomy
Dr. Boomy Gün önce
The music didn't unlock your potential. You unlocked your potential. So stand up and be a fighter, stand up and speak up for what you think is right, do not quit, do not lose pace, do not give in to the dark forces at bay, they will laugh at you, beat you down, tell you you're worth nothing, but ignore them, for on the other side of that hill is glory my friend, glory you never knew until now. Now is the time to act, now is the time to take action, for you are the hero of this story, and you can succeed if you try.
Inster name Here
Inster name Here Gün önce
why tf did i get a random ad
The Chill Xxx_PickleMan_xxX
The Chill Xxx_PickleMan_xxX Gün önce
I am here to announce that I have done all of my homework for online school and that this is the best chill music ever
Toomz Vlogs
Toomz Vlogs Gün önce
when your scrolling through the comments rather that actually doing your assignments go do your homework and good luck
Sianeleez Campos Sanchez
Sianeleez Campos Sanchez Gün önce
This helps me do my college assignments! :)
Wyatt Wilson
Wyatt Wilson Gün önce
The jittery health definitely succeed because wire anteriorly switch worth a purple violet. perfect, internal software
FoyebEe_ Gün önce
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