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9 yıl önce

In "Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation," Michael Pollan explores the previously uncharted territory of his own kitchen. Here, he discovers the enduring power of the four classical elements-fire, water, air, and earth- to transform the stuff of nature into delicious things to eat and drink. Apprenticing himself to a succession of culinary masters, Pollan learns how to grill with fire, cook with liquid, bake bread, and ferment everything from cheese to beer. In the course of his journey, he discovers that the cook occupies a special place in the world, standing squarely between nature and culture. Both realms are transformed by cooking, and so, in the process, is the cook.

@linguinegirl 6 yıl önce
Love Michael Pollan - he is always so engaging, personable, and open-minded. His research is thorough, his writing both clear and poetic, and his advice sensible. He just seems like a super-intelligent guy who is also down-to-earth and humane. I wish he was my neighbor and I could hang out with him!
I would still call myself a foodie for one reason : I enjoy exploring cultures through their food. The fact that I agree completely that food from certain areas is highly unique is exactly why I think it's important, and fun, to sample a little of everywhere. You learn so much about other cultures through sharing their food
@GemmaSeymour 8 yıl önce
Three very powerful observations in this talk:
@Gerimichau 8 yıl önce
Michael inspires me to cook at home. We haven't eaten out in over a month. My husband and I are feeling so much better! Thank you Michael!
@steinijg 7 yıl önce
Micheal Pollan is such a great guy and so interesting to listen to! I lived in China and he's right, stinky tofu tastes pretty awful but they seem to like it. The Chinese also seem to think cheese is horrible, except on pizza which they tend to like.
@cbigskies5310 9 yıl önce
Ever since I read "The Omnivore's Dilemma," Michael Pollan has been one of my heroes!
@sde876 Yıl önce
Cooking engages your five senses, including intuition in ways you may not be aware. I taught cooking and students improved their overall writing and speaking skills.
@Hardycore7 8 yıl önce
This is a GREAT talk! The culture parts were VERY interesting.
@eduardomena4418 2 yıl önce
Buena informacion,si lo tradujeran en español seria de mucha ayuda,muchas gracias.
Спасибо! Во благо всем живым существам!
@tomfusia2345 8 yıl önce
Engaging, informative, thoughtful and entertaining! Thoroughly enjoyed this!
@shriibrahim4424 Yıl önce
TOTALLY agree with him..... you can eat whatever if you cook it yourself.... .
god I could listen to Michael speak forever. such a brilliant cool dude
@deborahrose6949 7 yıl önce
You will be glad to hear, that fermentation changes everything! Traditional sourdough breads do not have gluten issues. I know you will do the research and find this truth, quickly, you just needed to be pointed in the right direction! ;) Thanks for all you've shared.
@adriennetoth7586 7 yıl önce
Excellent presentation!
@adbills 9 yıl önce
Very interesting talk. Thank you
@darinrmcclure 9 yıl önce
Don't eat anything that your grandmother wouldn't recognize as food... love that.
@SourovKabirII Yıl önce
loved the intro. great talk.
@RyanParker 9 yıl önce
Eastern Carolina Barbecue is the most like our ancient ancestors cooking with fire style. Pretty interesting.
@GuillermanCompany 4 yıl önce
substitulos al español please!!
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