Religion in Ancient Mesopotamia

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Let's Talk Religion

Let's Talk Religion

9 aylar önce

In this episode, we finally explore the vast and important religious tradition of ancient Mesopotamia!
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Let's Talk Religion
Let's Talk Religion 9 aylar önce
Support Let's Talk Religion on Patreon: Or through a one-time donation: Also check out the Let's Talk Religion Podcast:
Let's Talk Religion
Let's Talk Religion 9 aylar önce
Buddy Guy You'd have to ask a theologian.
Mike Melcher
Mike Melcher 9 aylar önce
@Let's Talk Religion if you have an open mind it's all right there on the earth itself. It took me a few months before I actually started to believe some of what Mudfossil University on TRshow has to say. I have no idea what it means but I have seen these stories on my own after really listening to what he says. Gets deep into spirit as well. There's a video about dragon tales. Check it out. If you can see what he sees I'd suggest looking at the holy land. It's easy to say Roger is nuts. I did for months.
kiran 9 aylar önce
Sumerian religion practice similar to today living Dravidian religion practices
A . Q . U . A
A . Q . U . A 9 aylar önce
Thanks, even though we were taught some of these at school it was superficial. Nice to learn more about the history of my home
Zurlan 9 aylar önce
It's interesting that at 9min 37sec the image has a solar system in the background with 9 planets going around the sun (guess they hadn't gotten the memo about Pluto yet). Seriously though for being possibly the first civilization it's crazy that they understood a heliocentric model of the solar system, and basically had the number of planets correct. People in the 1600s thought Columbus would fall off the edge of world...humanity definitely fell in intelligence.
L kriticos
L kriticos 9 aylar önce
I love that we got a spoiler alert for literally the oldest piece of literature in the world.
Doug Fife
Doug Fife 3 aylar önce
Lmao, I hadn't seen it yet though
Maggie Norris
Maggie Norris 3 aylar önce
Perhaps the oldest KNOWN article of literature. Homo sapiens was fully developed at least 200,000 years ago. Who knows what stories and poetry existed during those many millennia?
Chris Noone
Chris Noone 3 aylar önce
@irabouchard1501Nobody cares
Stephen Spackman
Stephen Spackman 3 aylar önce
@Chris Noone I think that's very much the point.
the marid
the marid 9 aylar önce
Fun fact: the Name "Iraq/Irak"(العراق) is the Arabicized name for the name of the sumerian city of Uruk(عوروق/اوروك) And the name Iraq give the same meaning as the greek word Mesopotamia
Wali Mohmand
Wali Mohmand 8 aylar önce
I always thought it was that عروق meant "veins" referring to the rivers that supplied the area?
Rima Calid
Rima Calid 8 aylar önce
السومرية كلمة غربية ، لا تخلي فرنسي يعلمك شيء عن نفسك. كلهم عرب من أصل واحد ، اختلفت لهجاتهم و أساليبهم في أرض صغيرة بين جبال إيران و جبال الانضول و البحار الثلاث و المحيطين و الصحراء الواحدة
Rima Calid
Rima Calid 8 aylar önce
@the marid yes Australian and American is totally different
Haider Ali
Haider Ali 9 aylar önce
Man, you have got next level of understanding and comprehension of religious ideas and practices. Your every content is a master piece. However I am wonder to see the limited number of subscribers as I think you should have millions of subscribers. By the way I wish you luck
A\O Digital
A\O Digital 9 aylar önce
That is based on your perception, it just shows that you have a lot to learn is all, you too can achieve the "level" you speak of my friend.
Masood Hasnain
Masood Hasnain 9 aylar önce
Imparting knowledge is the best service to humanity, all the best.
Jamie Ammar
Jamie Ammar 9 aylar önce
Religion is a niche topic. Unless of course one's a zealot. That's a good way to get followers.
MicaiahBaron 9 aylar önce
A lot of people see religion as either something they want to be following or something someone else will be following. Not as many people are interested in religion academically. It's not a coincidence that some religious videos are more popular than others, and he gets a lot of "if you were religious what religion would you be?", plus of course religious debates in the comments.
Experience 9 aylar önce
@MicaiahBaron sometimes i find this kind situation.
Pedro Victor Alves
Pedro Victor Alves 9 aylar önce
You just made me happy for providing 44min of Ancient Mesopotamia's religion in this episode. Thanks!
Let's Talk Religion
Let's Talk Religion 9 aylar önce
I made myself happy by doing it, too!
MrBlazingup420 9 aylar önce
@Let's Talk Religion @27:52 This is when you read something about the temple at the top of a ziggurat, something about Ursa Major. They are talking about placing the sword of Orion on the Horizon this is when the Gold and the Silver Gate are on each of the horizons, your 2 mountains and alula the Paw of Ursa Major is at midheaven 7 hours later it will be on the horizon, the seven main stars of Ursa Major was known as the seven oxen pulling the plow, Orion seeds the Earth with his sword, 7 hours later Ursa Major comes down to plow, 7 hours later you'll see Ursa major sit down and take a rest. When Ursa Major is standing on the horizon this is when Vega the harp star in Lyra is at midheaven. Between Gemini and Taurus is the Silver Gate of man between Scorpio and Sagittarius is the Golden Gate of the Gods they are on the East and West Horizon when the sword of Orion is touching the horizon the jaw of Taurus is below the horizon this is in late November and now the sun will soon be in the Golden Gate of the Gods which are the seven main stars of Ophiuchus that forms the shape of a cave door or a pyramidal at the top a Temple. I've left much out because I'm having to use my phone to leave this comment but basically that is what they're talking about
Al Iranian tv
Al Iranian tv 9 aylar önce
Please do vedeo on madeins sabiens of mesoptomia and thier present way of life are they knower of stars and zodiac because it orihinated in mesoptomia
Hugo Desrosiers-Plaisance
Hugo Desrosiers-Plaisance 5 aylar önce
34:25 "And prayer atones for guilt." Sounds like an Ancient way of saying that dutiful introspection is the way to a peaceful life. Our Ancient ancestors definitely had a wisdom beyond what most modern people would think. I love some spiritual brain-food and your channel always delivers top quality material.
T0X!cΛN† 4 aylar önce
I agree, the bare academic discussion of these concepts is almost more compelling than hearing them in the context of a believer preaching them, because it gives you a chance to objectively appraise the value of any given teaching and decide how it makes you feel or what it could potentially "mean" without being told those things explicitly from a so-called "authority".
Jeanette Waverly
Jeanette Waverly 9 aylar önce
Very interesting and clearly presented. I appreciate your comments on the differences between non-Abrahamic mythology and the linear, “one-version-fits-all” approach taken by the current dominant Western religions.
Let's Talk Religion
Let's Talk Religion 9 aylar önce
It's an important key to better understand ancient mythologies!
Cody Of Athens
Cody Of Athens 9 aylar önce
One of the big reasons for that "one size fits all" approach in Judaism and Christianity, is because the myths we're canonized. In this video, he mentions how there were multiple versions of the different myths, and we can see some evidence of that in the Bible as well, but the authors of the Bible picked versions over others, and wrote them down in their books, codifying which versions were true and accurate, and the others fell by the wayside. There were (and still are, in some cases) multiple versions of the myths of Judaism and Christianity, they're just not canon. **I can't remember the source for this, so if I get part of it wrong, I'm sorry. I'll go check my last paper and edit this with the citation.
J. Lingle
J. Lingle 4 aylar önce
Agree, but note that the Abrahamic monotheistic religions the West iare accustomed to are originally from BASICALLY the same area, so less a “western” thing than a monotheistic “Abrahamic” thing.
Stephen Spackman
Stephen Spackman 3 aylar önce
I dunno, this thing about consistency in scripture seems to be a meta-myth in its own right. The christian bible has superficially conflicting creation myths at Genesis 1, Genesis 2, Job 26, John 1 and probably others I can't recall. (Not to mention Darwin, who, while not canonical, is held in high regard by many.)
Mcchickenz 3 aylar önce
​@Stephen Spackman interestingly enough the church of england i believe actually liked darwins book of species because as they put it the bible was not meant to be taken litterally.
Sabra 9 aylar önce
Always happy to see popular channels provide in-depth information on Mesopotamia, something that was severely lacking in most of our education despite it being a foundational civilization. Also glad to see sources like Van De Mieroop, and excited to check out Tzvi. Very good job all :)
Kat Ryan
Kat Ryan 3 aylar önce
This is my 1st time watching you. Very good. Thank you so much. I'm American Indian and I am SO FASCINATED that many tribal creation stories are similar. Animism, yet celebrating the Great Spirit/Father or the Great Mother.
An0ma1y 3 aylar önce
I really respect this guys unbiased approach to ancient Mesopotamia. You just see so many videos where they fill in all the gaps with conspiracy theorys. It's appreciated that he states that where these gaps are in their culture and mythology. He also states the facts how there commonly known amongst historians and anthropologist. You've earned yourself a new fan! Great work 👏
Papa Squat
Papa Squat 9 aylar önce
This is excellent timing. Just had my first session of my first history class in college on ancient Mesopotamia and one of my favorite youtubers makes such an excellent video on the topic. Thank you so much, love your channel
Rob Gau
Rob Gau 9 aylar önce
This was a great refresher course for me. I had taken for granted how long ago I learned all of this. It was nice to be sort of reintroduced to the Mesopotamian deities. I spend most of my time being on the fence about whether or not these gods are technically extraterrestrials or ultraterrestrials or just ancient deities.
Aching Zeemeek
Aching Zeemeek 9 aylar önce
History and the myths of the antiquities captivates me. And your channel with quality contents is a treat. Have you ever conaidered about making a video on Totems?☺️ would love to see you making it.
Heqaib 9 aylar önce
Filip: This was quite an overview of a super complex topic. Every sentence in your video could be expanded into hours of academic research. It was an excellent summary and introduction at the same time. I took several courses on Mesopotamia for my MA in ANE; hence I have a background in the material. I have one minor objection, the use of the Yazılıkaya relief from Hattusa. AFAIK, there is no connection between the Hittite and Mesopotamian gods. An image of Oannes would be a good addition. Congratulation on a tour de force presentation!
0ther Un1t
0ther Un1t 9 aylar önce
This culture is extremely interesting to me and I'm happy I found you, thanks! I wish we knew more about cultures that are even older, like Gobekli Tepi, and how the same types of construction and symbolism are connected all over the ancient world. I think it's interesting the Sumerians understood the role of sperm and eggs, when people after them didn't.
Lg moses
Lg moses 9 aylar önce
Gobekli Tepe is Armenian heritage.
Med Student Sarah
Med Student Sarah 6 aylar önce
The video is about Mesopotamia. Gobelki Tepe is Mesopotamian. The British gave parts of Mesopotamia to Turkey and Syria which made Mesopotamia smaller in what is called Iraq.
Sunrise Sparkle
Sunrise Sparkle 3 aylar önce
25:57 correction Gilgamesh doesn't realize that achieving immortality is impossible. It is very much possible within the context of the story he is just thwarted in his endeavour. And then he comes to a realization that the true immortality lies in being a good king and being remembered as such.
KX 2 aylar önce
... And he was a good King as is remembered as such ☝️ so in fact Gilgamesh did achieve his goal 😮
José Pedro Z.
José Pedro Z. 9 aylar önce
This was my favorite video of the channel so far, and probably the most sober and inspiring account on the mysteries of the mesopotamia, I really loved this. Thank you so much for your work, clarity and generosity
zach! 9 aylar önce
Have you ever thought about doing a video on the Christian mystic Hildegard von Bingen? If you hadn't heard of her I suggest you check it out, not only was she an influential medieval mystic and visionary (thus the nickname Sibyl of the Rhine), she was also a very influential musician who composed many pieces inspired by her visions. She is also considered to be one of the few female Doctors of the Church within Catholicism.
Ngo Nfinda
Ngo Nfinda 9 aylar önce
I believe esoterica did a episode on this subject.
Jeanette Waverly
Jeanette Waverly 9 aylar önce
@Ngo Nfinda He (Dr. Justin Sledge, creator of Esoterica) did indeed. Check it out!
khony 'el eagle' fergumedov
khony 'el eagle' fergumedov 9 aylar önce
thanks brother i just found what i might need for my spiritual journey
Let's Talk Religion
Let's Talk Religion 9 aylar önce
I have thought about it many times, in fact! And I probably will! So keep your eyes peeled!
12SPASTIC12 9 aylar önce
We have a bus stop named after her in Luxembourg!
JDG602 9 aylar önce
I have been waiting for this one. Mesopotamia is one of my obsessions and the religion in particular. Wish I had this video when I was learning for the first time. Great work man you never disappoint.
S 9 aylar önce
So much interesting stuff, but I have to say I think one of the most fascinating aspects is how prosaic the origin story of humanity is in their mythology. A lot of religions try to romanticize human beings as having some sort of grand purpose to the divinity of said religion, but in this case it was popularly understood that humans were created to be servants, like a roomba or something.
Castadiva Norma
Castadiva Norma 9 aylar önce
I love all the videos you make,so I am sure this one will be as good as all the previous ones
Let's Talk Religion
Let's Talk Religion 9 aylar önce
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker 9 aylar önce
Really great stuff. Thank you. It’s amazing that such substantial information is available for the public.
LuckyDobby 9 aylar önce
Thank you for this clear, educational video and all the work you do, it's very helpful! Please do more videos on this topic, I'm fascinated! *!*
J. Curtis
J. Curtis 9 aylar önce
A truly wonderful, uplifting history lesson, thank you! Your mastery of the material, clarity of expostion and richness of graphical content put your channel in a league of its own. I hope you will consider future episodes tracing the diffusion of ancient Sumerian theology, mathematics and astronomy/astrology throughout the region and indeed around the world. They are with us still. It's wonderful that you are bridging the past and the present with such probitive elegance and clear respect for our ongoing spiritual search on Earth. Bravo!
L H 9 aylar önce
Wonderful episode. You cleared up a few things for me about the Mesopotamian religion that hadn't been clear to me before. Thank you!
JON-MARC YADEN 9 aylar önce
Fantastic overview! I love the design of your lecture, with pictures, useful source material, as well as scholarly quotes. Thank you for compiling this information and sharing it online!
harry walker
harry walker 9 aylar önce
your being lied to..
JON-MARC YADEN 9 aylar önce
@harry walker You mean, lied to about this information from the historical record?
Yuri Neri
Yuri Neri 9 aylar önce
24:33 a very interesting explanation I have seen for the similarities between the Mesopotamian flood story (Atrahasis) and the biblical one was that Noah's Ark was supposed to be an alternative telling Atrahasis (which would have been well known at the time) to serve as a version of the story that would have key differences that would help promote the religion and explain the differing theological positions and points for example: -in Atrahasis there are various gods (in Noah's Ark there is only one) -in Atrahasis the flood happened because the humans were annoying to the gods while in Noah's Ark one it happens as just retribution for the humans being bad -in Atrahasis the humans were saved because of an opposing god while Noah's Ark god takes action to save some of his creations -in Atrahasis at the end of the story the humans are cursed while in Noah's Ark god enters a covenant with the humans great video by the way :)
Phillip Rude
Phillip Rude 9 aylar önce
This is what really happened.
Neckashi 69
Neckashi 69 7 aylar önce
Similar story comes from hinduism (Vishnupuran) where the flood is pralaya(destruction) and lord vishnu's incarnation of a fish rescues manu(men) along with seven celestial/sages (saptarishis) in a boat to start a new beginning or a Mahayuga/Satyuga. It's gonna happen because humans will turn evil and bad becuz of demon/satan named kali ruling people in their minds through his powers. First, lord vishnu's 10th incarnation (kalki avatar) defeats demon kali and establishes dharma/righteousness/humanity which is the foundation of hinduism then lord shiva the destroyer of the universe starts pralaya to start a new yuga(period) called mahayuga or satyuga after the destruction.
sb 6 aylar önce
To add to this the book of Enoch goes into the nephilim (fallen angels), some compare them to the annunaki, who taught humanity about the stars and many other things. Gram Hancock and Russell Carlson have a theory that the sphinx has water damage and could be far older than people think and the damage came from the floods. This is a stretch bit what if the sphinx was built by the nephilim/annunaki and got wiped out by a water based cataclysm. Also the sumerians have statues that look like the sphinx, human head on an animal body.
Elsa Salah
Elsa Salah 5 aylar önce
And story of Nuh AS from Islam is similer to Noah's ark. Also I've heard about a chinese legend similer to Noah's ark as well...
Arturo Castillo
Arturo Castillo 4 aylar önce
Our Ancestors across the world were trying to warn us in the facts that they witnessed a phenomenon in the sky coming down and changing our world in a violet way. This disaster caused the flood and shift of landscapes around us
Tabitha Sayegh
Tabitha Sayegh 9 aylar önce
My great grandmother used to bake bread in the sun as an offering to Shamash, even after our family eventually converted to Christianity.
Paul Gibbons
Paul Gibbons 2 aylar önce
Great pace, great content. Very educational. Thank you.
Guy the Goth
Guy the Goth 9 aylar önce
I am so grateful for this video. I am writing philosophical fiction and this video has given me precisely the correct food for thought to impart into the story I am writing now, which includes a lot of religious world building. Your work, along with that of your friends on other channels is invaluable to us who are lost in thought and attempted understanding so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope to become a patron some day soon.
therealParisHilton 9 aylar önce
Been waiting for this episode for a very long time next should be the role and influence of ancient Egyptian religions and beliefs on today's world religions namely the ibrahmic religions
S C 9 aylar önce
It seems very likely to me that Akhenaten's version of monotheism and conception of God as an almighty yet benevolent force heavily influenced Jesus's conception of God. How he perceives God is so radically different from the God described in the Old Testament that it seems to me as though it is inspired by a totally different philosophy. The inclusion of Akhenaten's Hymn to the Aten in the book of Psalms seems to suggest that this non-Jewish monotheism was influential has been retrospectively incorporated into the Old Testament.
Liam Brown
Liam Brown 9 aylar önce
@S C I have to disagree. Atenism was 14 centuries before Jesus, it was only state religion for about twenty years, records of it were largely destroyed after its decline and it happened in different country to Jesus's own. Atenism was basically a brief anomaly so I can't see a Judean carpenter having knowledge of it. Jesus's teaching is much more grounded in the Apocalyptic Judaism of his own time.
S C 9 aylar önce
@Liam Brown I appreciate your reply and I appreciate your perspective. I'd draw attention, again, to the fact that Akhenaten's Hymn to the Aten is incorporated (in ammended form) into the Torah (Psalm 104). It's only a theory of mine, but it seems to me a probable reason. If you have any thoughts as to why Jesus perceived of God as possssing such a different character, nature, temperament and intentions to the Jewish God described in the Torah - the God which Jesus was supposedly raised to believe in - I would honestly be interested to hear them. It is not my intention to propose false theories. I am sincerely curious about the discrepancy and genuinely seeking a better understanding. All the best.
Liam Brown
Liam Brown 9 aylar önce
@S C Thank you for your respectful discourse. Regarding psalm 104 firstly, I think the connection is possible but not certain. If it is based on the Hymn to Aten, then it depends what we mean by it having an influence on Jesus. It influenced the psalmist and the psalms in turn influenced Jesus, but I would have to consider that a secondary influence and I think Jesus would have had little chance to know of the original source. Consider that today most Jews and Christians don't know the connection to the Hymn to Aten even with access to such information freely available. Admittedly I didn't know of the connection until this discussion, so thank you for bringing that to my attention.
Liam Brown
Liam Brown 9 aylar önce
@S C Then regarding Jesus's view on God, I think it's best to look at what his points of difference are with the Judaism of his own day. He quotes scripture, visits synagogues and the temple so I think it's reasonable to assume that his background is Judaism, but it's certainly worth looking at his differences in views. I think the main difference is that Jesus views the kingdom of God as being a cosmic event to occur at the end of the age, rather than a strictly nationalist view that God's kingdom will be the restoration of a temporal kingdom of Israel. Related to this would be Jesus including the gentiles in salvation. Other main differences would probably be an emphasis on keeping the spirit of the law rather than the letter, and promoting the spiritual benefits of poverty. My point is, I think that Jesus's teaching makes most sense if you view it as an offshoot of the way Judaism was practised then. In the differences listed I don't think any of them contradict the nature of God in the Old Testament. God created heaven and earth, is sovereign, is loving, but will ultimately bring judgement on sinners. I don't feel there's evidence to suggest that Jesus viewed God as being a sun god. YHWH has many more traits related to a storm/sky/war god, which makes it more likely that the primary source of early Hebrew theology is Indo-European in my view.
Neva Nyx
Neva Nyx 9 aylar önce
Please continue with Mesopotamian religion! You're the first to throughly go over what the area believed with absolute respect to the science backing it all up. Thank you so very much.
Mike Tacos
Mike Tacos 9 aylar önce
I love your videos, I always learn more about things I thought I knew a lot about.
Progressive Libertarian
Progressive Libertarian 9 aylar önce
So helpful to understand the religious mindset of ancient people! Thank you!
Beegee 2 aylar önce
That was fascinating and informative. Very well done. Thank you!
mik carrillo
mik carrillo 4 aylar önce
I love this presentation. Different religions , show to me anyways. What it means being human. The mysterious of life, trying to explain life, questions on what is morality. Subjects that may never be resolved, buts that’s okay.
Hung Su
Hung Su 9 aylar önce
Very fine video. Well researched and presented. I enjoy your scholastic offerings very much.
spitwings 9 aylar önce
Love it ❤ thanks for the great content!
Allegra 9 aylar önce
I think this is a great introduction to this huge and complex topic :)
Cen Blackwell
Cen Blackwell 9 aylar önce
Fascinating stuff as usual. Great work!
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson 5 aylar önce
Another excellent presentation from Let's Talk Religion. Very informative.
RJ Eckardt
RJ Eckardt 9 aylar önce
Superb! Thanks so much. Endlessly interesting. I love that you refer to these religions as cults. Very accurate I think...pretty much with all religions.
R 9 aylar önce
It would be very interesting if you could do an episode on the old stone age animistic religions that proceeded polytheism or the trsnsation period between animism and religions with Gods that we know from written history. What human needs and environments made people give up animistic religions and take up polytheism in almost all places in the old world? And was polytheism an idea that one civilization came up with and others influenced by or was it a natural evolution that every region went through independently?
Lori Jernstedt-Wilson
Lori Jernstedt-Wilson 9 aylar önce
I now have a much better understanding of these amazing people and their God's. Thank you very much for putting this together for us...
Wafi Al-Safi
Wafi Al-Safi 9 aylar önce
Fantastic episode Filip! Thank you so much for covering this. I have been enthralled by Mesopotamian religion for some time, it's pretty amazing stuff. You mentioned briefly witchcraft, and this is something I have also been trying to research myself. I wonder how intertwined, if at all, some of these very ancient belief systems like the Mesopotamian peoples had were with what we now call witchcraft. I've always viewed witchcraft as more or less one of the earliest roots of what would later become "religion". A kind of folk religion even. Do you think this could have been something of a source or seed for some of the older belief systems, like that of the Mesopotamian peoples?
S C 9 aylar önce
There is indeed a link in their use of deliriant plants to induce mystical visions. Mesopotamian statues frequently depict people with dilated pupils - a side effect of the use of datura and related plants - mandrake; popular with medieval witches etc. There's a good book by Christian Raasch called Witchcraft Medicine, if you're interested.
S C 9 aylar önce
Ratsch - Excuse me.
Wafi Al-Safi
Wafi Al-Safi 9 aylar önce
@S C thank you for that, I will most definitely look for that book!
S C 9 aylar önce
@Wafi Al-Safi You're quite welcome. I have similar interests and theories on the origins of spiritual/mystical thoughts - and hence the origins of all religions. I'd also recommend Gordon Wasson's book The Road to Eleusis concerning the Eleusinian Mysteries of Ancient Greece - a ritual involving consumption of Ergot wine or similar. Also Wasson's writings on the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms as the central sacrament of Aztec and earlier central and South American religions. Also the Hindu Rig Veda refers to the use of 'Soma' as a vision inducing intoxicant. It seems to me that most religions stem from the use of an active 'sacrament'. Best wishes.
Let's Talk Religion
Let's Talk Religion 9 aylar önce
I don't think there is a single "root" of religion. Religion in itself is a modern western concept that is applied to various phenomena around the world. I tend to lean to the Durkheimian idea that what we call religions essentially stem from sociological factors and inherent behaviors of human beings.
Musa Musashi
Musa Musashi 9 aylar önce
Great presentation as usual, Filip: your talent for synthesising complex issues in short and yet articulate videos, stands out every time.
Let's Talk Religion
Let's Talk Religion 9 aylar önce
Thanks man!
dale blue
dale blue 9 aylar önce
You're a gem bro!!!!! Long live Enlil, Anu, Inanna and all the ancient Gods of Mesopotamia.
ns 4 aylar önce
What a fantastic presenter and superb content.
Sleep Is For Everyone
Sleep Is For Everyone 9 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing your research and understanding of this topic. Ancient Mesopotamia culture and religion have always been fascinating to me, and there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding it. You did an excellent job at explaining it!
Let's Talk Religion
Let's Talk Religion 9 aylar önce
Thank you! There sure is a lot of misinformation, and I hoped to counter that with this video
0lAllan 9 aylar önce
Good video. If anyone is interested the Fall of Civilizations pod cast has several in depth historiographies on ancient civilizations.
Guilherme Piper
Guilherme Piper 9 aylar önce
I recommend anyone who wants to learn more about this to look for Irving Finkel's lectures, there's a lot of them available on youtube, they're a delight to listen to partially because Dr. Finkel is hilarious and insightful in equal measures. I particularly recommend his lecture on exorcism and necromancy in Akkadian culture, its just fascinating
Philipp 9 aylar önce
so fascinating. such necessary knowledge. fantastic video, love all the images. incredible!
Lia 9 aylar önce
Very interesting indeed. Thank you. I found very interesting the correlation between the word marine and the name Mariam. Is it possible they derive from the same root? So many mysteries in this world
Semein Washington
Semein Washington 6 aylar önce
In Gobekli Tepe, in Anatolia, there's evidence that the settlements had been sites of worship before they were made permanent, and perhaps before the people who used it were primarily agricultural. When I hear that Mesopotamian cities grew from their centers of worship, it makes me wonder if the area was used ritually even before the establishment of a proper Mesopotamian civilization or the farming groups that preceded it.
Hamza Ahmida
Hamza Ahmida 9 aylar önce
This video is just amazing! I have a muslim background and for the whole video things ringed bells in my head like i have heard this somewhere. This video is so interesting, it helped me understand more how the ideas people believed in and still believe in came to life.
Experience 9 aylar önce
Another great video filip. Thank you for presenting about ancient Mesopotamia. because i always interested in ancient Mesopotamia.
Amjad Almendilawi
Amjad Almendilawi 9 aylar önce
Amazing as usual with precise and focused session. I don’t know if you have read the book by Fustel de Coulange “the ancient city” . Has a theory about the origin of religion, it starts with all religions but ends up with the Greeks.
Let's Talk Religion
Let's Talk Religion 9 aylar önce
I have not read it!
NoahtheeArcETect vsTheSuicideKings
NoahtheeArcETect vsTheSuicideKings 3 aylar önce
If you practice different religions, to see what you experience, I found it beneficial for seeing patterns emerge. And storytelling is like a nuemonic that unfolds wisdom to true seekers. 🚫⏳🥳🎁
Ahmed Rufa'i
Ahmed Rufa'i 6 aylar önce
If you continue on this mode, you surely be an authority in this field.
Frances Bell
Frances Bell 2 aylar önce
Very clearly explained - thank you
Hollylivengood 9 aylar önce
This is amazing. Have you done a video on Hinduism? I'm just finishing up the Mahabharata, and here is a religion that is so complicated, the gods mentioned in the book are confused about it. Be interesting to see a video on this intricate religion.
Neckashi 69
Neckashi 69 7 aylar önce
This video told things that are very similar to Hinduism
Hollylivengood 7 aylar önce
@Neckashi 69 I don't see it. Unless it's that the gods want to fight all the time. That seems to be the founding theme in all religions.
Kelly Robinson
Kelly Robinson 2 aylar önce
I would love a time trip back to when Sumar was at its height.
Ashurbanipal ܕܒܝܬ ܩܠܝܬܐ
Ashurbanipal ܕܒܝܬ ܩܠܝܬܐ 8 aylar önce
Wonderful job. Absolutely brilliant.
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F Marrero 6 aylar önce
Sublime as always, thanks a lot for your videos
MMcCabe9502 9 aylar önce
Absolutely great episode. I hope you do more on astrology and Mesopotamia.
troy ward
troy ward 4 aylar önce
Interesting topic might be to expand on this and discuss in further detail the religion of the Babylonians at the time of Alexander’s entrance and conquest, a further detail on the religion of Alexander at that time, and then a section on the Hellenization of the Babylonian system, impact, syncretism, etc.
Latifa13 9 aylar önce
Thank you for your colossal research and work, there is so much to take in ...
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Rande Colley 9 aylar önce
Very interesting and well done! Thanks for the information
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Hamish Clifton 9 aylar önce
entirely fascinating, and so well researched and clearly delivered, thank you
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Anwer Al Qattan 9 aylar önce
I really admire your work
TheShah 9 aylar önce
Thank you! Assyriology isn’t covered enough
John Pick
John Pick 7 aylar önce
Thank you for filling many holes in my knowledge of Mesopotamia.
Am Awesome
Am Awesome 9 aylar önce
So, essentially, according to the oldest civilization known to man, the human race is a genetically engineered slave race, created for the sole purpose of providing labor for the gods. That is a fascinating, if not controversial take on the creation of humanity.
Sundar 9 aylar önce
A nice support material for modern globalists like Klaus Schwab. 😂
Am Awesome
Am Awesome 9 aylar önce
@Sundar I'm not sure what you mean and I googled Klaus Schwab. According to google he is a German engineer, economist and founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF). I can't make the connection. My comment was in reference to 22:20 of the video where the presenter talks about the creation poem that was written in Babylonia.
James Biggar
James Biggar 9 aylar önce
@Sundar Some things never change eh?
Sundar 9 aylar önce
@James Biggar Interestingly, your detailed comment seems to have been shadow banned by TRshow.
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joanne cassidy 9 aylar önce
Look forward to a deeper dive into this subject, coming from your wonderfully pragmatic approach 🙏💖
Richard Earnshaw
Richard Earnshaw 5 aylar önce
Brilliant 👏! This looks like family 👪 ❤️ Firstly I loved your tone all the way through - even in the middle of such beautiful poetry I had to laugh at the lonely traveller (merchant) out in the open at night who prayed to his God though his God was even asleep 😴 💤 🙏 ❤️ ♥️ I got the feeling that to honour the gods was really to show dedication to the 'state' that had been created in their shade and protection that of course was built by humans and long before the 'egigi' (?) The 'freedom' to follow a different line of the pantheon on a domestic level gives a modern dare I say Catholic and/or Anglican ( at least in Christianity ) flavour where Saints and the like can take on the meaning of an exhalted personal talisman - and something to announce ones reputation before you. The imagery is superb and has so much movement and life as compared to the hieroglyphics of Egypt. That alone makes me think a great deal was lost to later civilisations much as likely happened twixt the pre-Mayan pre-Inca and the Aztecs etc. I am getting old myself and can't possibly relate to my extended family all that I would like to on the relatively rare occasions we are gathered together for. Sadly something lovely will be lost. But I would be emmanently glad and satisfied if someone had a general grasp of the salient features of my generation as you just gave for the many generations you just honoured. Thank you sooo much for making religion sensible. Now I can easily dispense with the dogma and the dispicable deeds the call to salvation or of a righteous struggle where surely untrammelled progress is indicated. You have given a great picture of how religion mediates the mass of population with all the power (man hours) and productive strength and magnificence it can be put to with the exhalted personal powers invested in a ruler or head of state - someone's ear is in need of pulling even at the most settled of times. As above (in the palace) so below (in the home) - the people get to see that the ruler rules because of the rules. Great work, absolutely great 👍
J S 9 aylar önce
Great video! Hopefully you'll dive deeper into this culture!
Alan Price
Alan Price 3 aylar önce
I've been looking for a sane religion/ middle Eastern archaeology based channel. This is the first video I've seen so far,, I like what I'm seeing.
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Excellent video on a complex topic, thank you!
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The Bearded Kemosabe 9 aylar önce
I’m absolutely ecstatic. I have been so interested in these cultures and you are my favorite historian for this type of information. Thank you my friend!! All the Abrahamic religions bases.
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Paul Hurst 9 aylar önce
Great video! Thanks for doing the research.
Circling Duck
Circling Duck 9 aylar önce
How did the Mesopotamians influence Greek philosophy? I'd love to watch a video about that.
nera neraa
nera neraa 9 aylar önce
You may already know but I want to say it because I was looking for it in the video but couldn't find enough. Hittites , Phrygians and Lydians were the bearers of the Mesopotamian culture and civilisation. They brought lots of things to the West. For example, Hittite's main god is very similar to the Zeus.
Oleg Kirovskii
Oleg Kirovskii 9 aylar önce
@nera neraa Hitites were indoeuropeans, which makes their religion close to that of the Greeks' (similarly to how Viking religion is similar to the Greeks') coming back to the original question, messopotamians made great advantages in math, time counting and calendars, they also invented things like astronomy/astrology. so they laid the foundation to many Greek discoveries.
Basil of Good Wishes
Basil of Good Wishes 8 aylar önce
@Oleg Kirovskii Thales of Miletos(one of the 7 sages of Greece who were very influential to the later philosophers) is said to have used Babylonian math according to Josephus Flavius, who made it clear that the Greek themselves based a lot of their stuff on older cultures and weren't the first and best people in the world. It's even mentioned in one of his works what I said. Very interesting, they seemed to knew what Babylon was in the ancient world, don't you think?
Med Student Sarah
Med Student Sarah 6 aylar önce
Look it up on Wikipedia. Even though it's not reliable sometimes, they actually did a good job this time. They detailed how The Epic of Gilgamesh (Mesopotamian) affected Greek myths and tales for example and how some Greek Gods came from Mesopotamian tales like Ishtar/Inanna becoming Aphrodite...etc.
The scarlet king
The scarlet king 3 aylar önce
@Oleg Kirovskii hitties were mostly Assyrianized btw
Joel Hofma
Joel Hofma 7 aylar önce
Great video thank you. Very well delivered
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Please keep up the Great Work! 👍
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Susie Lynn 9 aylar önce
BRAVO! Astounding video! I was grppied and hoping video wouldnt end. Your knowledge is fabulous, and the summary was fascinating!!!
A Jung Fan
A Jung Fan 9 aylar önce
Wow Filip the Atrahasis poem gave me the chills!! Really makes me think of the possible overpopulation that resulted from humans switching from hunter gathering to farming and also the young driers flood hypothesis!
elliott prats
elliott prats 9 aylar önce
What over population??? Humanity had a severe Y chromosome bottleneck peaking roughly 2K years after the younger dryas. The worse area affected at peak is estimated to have had an 18:1 female to male ratio, that kind of bottleneck eliminates the possibility of overpopulation.
Let's Talk Religion
Let's Talk Religion 9 aylar önce
It's a really cool story!
Kartheek 9 aylar önce
Fascinating to know that it is as much close to Hinduism as possible but still so vastly different!!
Let's Talk Religion
Let's Talk Religion 9 aylar önce
The ancient polytheistic religions tend to have a lot of similarities
Neo Nationalist
Neo Nationalist 9 aylar önce
That's not possible bcoz Hinduism didn't exist that time
Kartheek 9 aylar önce
@Neo Nationalist I only meant there are similarities but never indicated anything else in my statement. Also, as Filip mentioned, there seems to be in general similarities amongst most polytheistic religions in general. I don't know how/why for that. As I was watching this video, I was just noting many counterparts in Hinduism that are part of religion of ancient Mesopotamia. I can list them if you want to I am not sure what you are disagreeing here about, that similarities don't exist? I can assure you they do exists. I was born and in India and seen /experienced them directly
alevator 9 aylar önce
@Let's Talk Religion that’s because a lot of aliens came to Earth and people wrote down stories about them
Dursun Bilinmis
Dursun Bilinmis 6 aylar önce
Dude mich Respect for your Channel and your Open minded approach .
D0NTST4RT 6 aylar önce
23:11 I like the idea that humans were invented just because the gods needed non-union labor
Basil of Good Wishes
Basil of Good Wishes 9 aylar önce
The creation myth sounds something like the origin story of Humans from the Assassins Creed series. Speaking of which, why did Ubisoft modeled the Isu after the Mesopotamia gods? Even the characters fit this mythology better than any other. Their way, good video and I love Mesopotamia religion, it feels very humble and the gods sound like very believable rulers of a people rather than just a bunch of spoiled brats like the Olympians.
Gonzo Warburn
Gonzo Warburn 9 aylar önce
Please do a video on Mesopotamian witchcraft. There is so little info on this subject, and every book I have picked up is some goofy necronomicon and/or Satanic fantasy mess. You are unmatched in depth and presentation.
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man 9 aylar önce
It's interesting how often we see religious imperialism throughout history, but it totally makes sense. Babylon made their God Marduk the leader of the God's as a way of enforcing their supremacy over other city's. The obvious political nature of this change can be seen in how Marduk just appears after Babylon takes over. The Greeks did something similar by trying to claim that their God's and the God's of other cultures were the same just with different names as a way of infusing Greek cultural supremacy into their subjects. Then the Romans, then the Christians. It's a tale as old as civilization itself.
Anthony John
Anthony John 9 aylar önce
God made man, so who made God, the answer is man made God. There is no such thing as one God, ideas of God came from the ancient people who were from Babylon, Sumerian, Egyptians, Greeks, indian and Romans.
looseyourzlf 9 aylar önce
@Anthony John People have written down many facts and additions, and this is what is proven through this research. The Creator is the One who made things and created man and gave him the ability to know and set controls and laws in this way. As for saying that there is no God, this is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard in my life. Who created things??? You are ? I ? He is a mastermind creator, the wise. people are always changing what's right and wrote what's in their benefit .
orbo Akin
orbo Akin 7 aylar önce
It's sunday and I'm currently at the last 3 hours of my Wendys shift, doing the dishes and listening to this to pass time. Love it!
Usman Isa
Usman Isa 9 aylar önce
Another Great would be interesting to investigate possible connections between Abrahmam and their myths....
Amadeu Macedo
Amadeu Macedo 3 aylar önce
Yet another excellent video, especially because it elucidates to the modern audience about the priceless, archaic Mesopotamian religion (even though, according to Professor Amanda Podery) there was no word for "religion" in either Sumerian or Akkadian since every facet of their daily life was intrinsically and indisputably intertwined with the gods. Might I suggest that you consider making a mini-video about the "adventures or misadventures" of the goddess Inanna (in Akkadian Ishtar), given that she goes everywhere and interferes with several episodes of Mesopotamian mythology (especially her trip to the Underworld, and her failed seduction of Gilgamesh)? Incidentally, you might be interested in checking this 6 minutes long video pertaining to a Sumerian song with Lyre "The Exaltation of Inanna" was composed by the fabulous High Priestess Enheduanna (daughter of Sargon of Akkad).
Diane Mottram
Diane Mottram 9 aylar önce
I would certainly be interested in a deeper dive into the Mesopotamian culture and history. I would like to learn more about the Babylonian priesthood and the symbols used in their art. For me it is about the book of Revelation. It's a part of history that is given very little attention. And yet it is the cradle of civilization. It is where Abraham began. And so much more. Thank you
James Smythe
James Smythe 9 aylar önce
It is believed that all Ancient civilisations, Persians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans etc are all connected, all created by the descendent of the Mesopotamians ( present day Iraq ) !
Diane Mottram
Diane Mottram 9 aylar önce
@James Smythe yes...and it's biblical.
James Smythe
James Smythe 5 aylar önce
@Mr. King dice Who do you think they were, they all had brown or dark-brown skin, where did they originate ?
Andrei-Cristian Ene
Andrei-Cristian Ene 7 aylar önce
Awesome video! Currently reading "The 12th Planet" by Zecharia Sitchin. Puts a lot of things into perspective
Amadeu Macedo
Amadeu Macedo 9 aylar önce
Since I have been deeply interested in Ancient Mesopotamia for the past seven to eight years, I would like to congratulate you on the solid contents of this video. However, according to Amanda H. Podany, Professor of History at California State Polytechnic University at Pomona, there was no word for "religion" in Sumerian, Akkadian, and (possibly) Elamite, since the gods were so intrinsically connected to every aspect of humanity's daily life that they could not conceptualize a "specific terminology," associated to their rituals and worship of their favorite divine entities. In fact, Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, Assyrians, and Elamites did not consider the gods of other peoples illegitimate, rather, if they encountered foreigners worshiping strange deities, they simply assumed that such entities, albeit new and strange, represented gods of which they were yet unaware. After all, there was just one Sun and one Moon, and every civilization had a different name for such divinities; and if they were to travel to a foreign city, they would endeavor to worship the local gods along with their very own... In Assyria, Aššur (Ashur) was so powerful that most of the other gods were viewed as his manifestation; the only other gods, especially in Nineveh, which were adored were Ishtar (the goddess of love, war, and - yes - "prostitution") along with Ninurta, who also represented a combat-related divine being... Moreover, every woman - including princesses - was expected to go to the Ishtar Temple in Nineveh to offer herself to any male who visited the premises to secure sexual services, at least once in her life! (I know, it is unbelievable but true). Finally, during the New Year Festival in Babylon, which you have correctly described, the king was expected to "hold the hand" of Marduk's statue, which later would be transported (for the duration of the weeklong festivities) to a temporary (vacation-like) site. BRAVO! P.S. Might I suggest that you consider checking "the Myth of Adapa," which explains why humans were not granted immortality... It's fascinating!
Anthony John
Anthony John 9 aylar önce
God made man or man made God, the answer is man made God, every nation has their God according to the languages and names. With so many Gods, some inteligent group thought and invented one God ,to make this one God powerful and true stories and concepts were copied from ancient SUMERIANS, EGYPTIANS, BABYLON AND GREESE. You can all these man made doctrines and prophesies which are man made in the bible.
stuffy dice
stuffy dice 9 aylar önce
thanks so much for this! Super interesting topic and episode.
Margaret Lumley
Margaret Lumley 9 aylar önce
Thank you so much for this intriguing and beautiful video! 😍
Michael Bates
Michael Bates 6 aylar önce
What a wonderful episode! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and learning. Your content is intensely nourishing. I give thanks to the gods, new and old, for your channel. A precious gem.
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