Lenin & The Russian Revolution Documentary

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The People Profiles

11 aylar önce

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@PeopleProfiles 11 aylar önce
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@markwebster5749 11 aylar önce
Could you do the butcher of Lyon K.Barbie
@mattmcconnell1838 11 aylar önce
I will when I can. I'm learning so much. You're doing something important
@ennardfan8080 10 aylar önce
A sanitised version of the life, omitting a great deal that should have been included, for instance atrocities like mass killings, torture and famine.
@jim2376 10 aylar önce
FUN FACT: "One of those who cooked for Rasputin during the Great War was a chef at Petrograd's luxurious Astoria Hotel who went on, after the Revolution, to cook for Lenin and Stalin. He was Spiridon Putin, grandfather of President Vladimir Putin." Simon Montefiore, "The Romanovs", Vintage Books, 2016, footnote, page 600.
@setco6536 10 aylar önce
Interesting! Thanks for sharing
@joeschmoe435 10 aylar önce
Sabbateans are a close knit group
@evelynmccabe3855 9 aylar önce
Interesting. I did not know that.
@timeforchange3786 9 aylar önce
Very interesting. I am wondering Putin's true opinion on the communism in the US/Britain and the WEF plans for world government. It seems strange we are fighting Russia unless we are just in the process of redistributing wealth. I don't know much about him.
@-HULK_SMASH_THAT_ASS 8 aylar önce
@@timeforchange3786 his views on the subjects tou mention are well documented? Are you being sarcastic or have you genuinely just not looked into his opinion on the matter?
@user-ld9hx7eh8b 2 aylar önce
"Достучаться до справедливости в ворота дворцов можно только прикладами винтовок" В.И Ленин
@user_tom Aylar önce
@JeffBezos-pb1zv 12 gün önce
​@@user_tom The gun is instant, the pen kills in time. -some guy
@pitchforkpeasant6219 4 gün önce
@@user_tomall laws are backed by the barrel of a gun at best. Said maybe by someone other than me
@jerry42023 3 saatler önce
"communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy." ~mAo
@segovia5758 11 aylar önce
Hugely impressed by this clear, concise and well balanced program. Congratulations.
@housinauthority5258 9 aylar önce
British documentaries tend to be of a high standard.
@johnweerasinghe4139 Aylar önce
​@@housinauthority5258 no they aren't
@gertvanniekerk46 3 aylar önce
I read the history of Russia since I can remember- this video filled many gaps. Thanking you for a very informative and brilliantly compiled part of history!
@andrewbeane5044 4 aylar önce
Marx described how a proletarian state would arise, not what it would look like. Lenin didn't abandon Marxism, but he was forced to "wing it" as the Soviet State was breaking new ground by simply existing
@jonathanmccartney5809 Aylar önce
Well said
@ISO8Legionaire Aylar önce
He was greedy and power-hungry
@errrkt Aylar önce
i think most people perceive marxism as a fully fleshed out ideology with political and governmental prescriptions due to the fact that stalin called his "marxism-leninism" when in fact marxism is nothing of the sort. it would be more accurately described as marxist thought or analysis.
@JeffBezos-pb1zv 12 gün önce
​@@ISO8LegionaireYeah, Stalin was a piece of work.
@peggypieters661 11 aylar önce
This was an excellent documentary; step by step historical insight in to Lenin and what led to communism. Thank you!!👍👍
@PeopleProfiles 11 aylar önce
Glad you enjoyed it!
@justinrichardson4456 11 aylar önce
The documentary was good but you should do MORE RESEARCH. The Russian experience under communism is a helluve lot more than an hour long documentary. But I appreciate the videos author for bring this to light. It was WORSE than any of us in the west can imagine. Go read The gulag archipelago, by Alexander solzhenitsyn to get a true scope of the horror that was the USSR.
@justinrichardson4456 11 aylar önce
@@nemo2203 somebody who knows...
@MrMeisterWerk 3 aylar önce
A great narration, unadulterated history, no political bias, only facts.
@lindyswing4368 3 aylar önce
Lol....ya right
@heaven-is-real 2 aylar önce
commienish bstardos
@DevRSVR 2 aylar önce
@@lindyswing4368which parts are inaccurate? I’m no major historian but it seemed pretty even handed to me. Very enjoyable documentary.
@geminimars7704 9 aylar önce
I learned about Lenin in high school as my country was then ruled by a socialist and learning the Marxist-Leninist political theory in school was a requirement. I was always fascinated by his ideology. However, I didn’t know about his childhood and overall upbringing until today. This is a well organized & informative documentary! Thank you.
@raddkahnengels 9 aylar önce
The two things that really helped me put this all into perspective were 1) 50% of the Russian population in 1905 was illiterate and worked in agriculture, 2) This whole revolution happened while the Soviets were being invaded on 14 fronts at the same time and won
@-HULK_SMASH_THAT_ASS 8 aylar önce
There's countless books on his childhood, I'm surprised people seem not to know about this in 2023.
@owenlindkvist5355 8 aylar önce
@@raddkahnengels Incorrect on both accounts.
@andreyevsv 7 aylar önce
@@raddkahnengels 1) Much more then 50%. 2) Revolution happend during WW I, during civil war the country was invaded but there were not do many fronts of course.
@sovietbanana4589 7 aylar önce
@@andreyevsv I’m pretty sure he’s talking about the 14 nation coalition that came in the help the whites during the civil war. That’s why he’s saying 14 fronts.
@j.d.snyder4466 10 aylar önce
Extraordinary presentation. Many decades ago I pursued a graduate degree in Russian and Soviet history so I know a little something about Lenin. But your bio here expanded my knowledge. I would only add that there's a school of thought that Krupskaya had a significant hand in Lenin's final testament and I expected something on that issue. But overall I am deeply impressed with this superb presentation.
@AtticusHatzis23483 10 aylar önce
what's that meaning?
@TM-xq9ju 10 aylar önce
@@AtticusHatzis23483 It is proved that "the last letter" was not 100 % originally dictated by Lenin, but was slightly edited by (probably Krupskaya) in favor of Trotskiy.
@AtticusHatzis23483 10 aylar önce
@@TM-xq9ju Its more accurate to name it The Testament of Lenin. I got Synder's point, but I just want to know whether it is propaganda or fact.
@davebrayfb 10 aylar önce
Also Lenin & the Bolsheviks were to the right of internal socialist politics, once they seized power in 1917 they presented themselves as centrists within the Soviet Union but really they were on the right.
@AtticusHatzis23483 10 aylar önce
@@davebrayfb Politics is inherently right.
@bradfordlandrum29 10 aylar önce
This is a truly excellent program.Well organised and unbiased.
@dudebro3250 7 aylar önce
It's almost as good as Europa the last battle.
@davidkuder4356 6 aylar önce
This is a Very helpful summary of Ulanov's development in the sociopolitical context of his times--and, very well presented. Thanks
@historylover7355 11 aylar önce
"History will not forgive us if we do not act now," Chilling quote.
@user-jk4yp6fh4h 11 aylar önce
very appropriate with regard to Russia-Ukraine dispute and NATO expansion.
@seanohare5488 11 aylar önce
Yes world history ins sentence
@zowaeh1829 11 aylar önce
Probably the most ironic quote of all time
@conzmoleman 11 aylar önce
He was and is one of the greatest heroes of the 20th century.
@liverpool666 11 aylar önce
Russia always suffered the most by own rulers. From Ivan and Stalin to Putin always regular people pay the price.
@user-gc7si4jq3n 3 aylar önce
Really insightful. Thank you for the history lesson. This is a truly excellent program.Well organised and unbiased..
@voice_from_pizza 5 aylar önce
These documentary presentations are indispensable. Thank you so much.
@MeYatata 3 aylar önce
Great documentary. It’s impressive Russia didn’t completely lose its sovereignty after what it went though in 1917 and 1918.
@v.g.r.l.4072 2 aylar önce
This documentary is a proof of the balanced standpoint of the creators. I congratulate them.
@Draxtor 7 aylar önce
Fab doc. One issue: Bulgakov is mentioned early on but he did not start publishing until after WWI with his debut novel “The White Guard”
@midnight-angel6719 8 aylar önce
This has to be one of the best and most importantly comprehensive documentations I have seen in quite awhile. Thank You.
@terrybardy2848 11 aylar önce
Wonderful video!!!! 👍👍👍👍 I didn't know that Russia have royalty until I was in the fifth grade. They didn't teach much about the Russian Revolution either! I read the book, Nicolas and Alexandra and saw the movie version from that book when I was nine. Keep up the great work!❤️ Bravo!👏👏👏👏
@vkrgfan 10 aylar önce
Most Westerners don’t know much about Russia, that’s why you make a lot of ignorant statements.
@user-zj6jc6qy9f 8 aylar önce
@@vkrgfan even russians did the same😃
@manugamer9984 5 aylar önce
@@vkrgfan looking at the conditions of the Russian state, I wonder if the Russians know any better than us... but I must admit that Russia did an incredible job faking itself as a great power and a military behemoth. A steel and marble facade held together by duct tape: hopefully they will start focusing more on improving their federation, other than their appearance... otherwise, they will either fall behind or fall completely.
@liyalynn3846 4 aylar önce
Well, there was Russian Empire, and it’s an accurate way to call this country of that time. It’s unprofessional for historians to call it Russia. Because that was another country and another thing.
@sweetwater156 11 aylar önce
Love these profiles! The narrator is superb and the content is very interesting! Cheers!
@schweikwang6778 9 aylar önce
It's important to know what happened in history, thank you very much for presenting!
@SpeakerBuilder 6 aylar önce
Thanks so much for this wonderful and exceptionally well done documentary on Lenin.
@zaozao1984 10 aylar önce
the first Soviet Constitution of 1918 was adopted; instead of a unitary state, the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) appeared; the capital was moved from Petrograd to Moscow; the abolition of estates, the Soviet man became a citizen of the republic; introduction of the Western European calendar (Gregorian); established 8-hour working day; a regulation on the social security of the elderly and disabled was adopted; laws have been passed to protect women's and child labor; free education and free medicine were proclaimed; the church is separated from the state and the school; nationalization of banks, industry, railway transport, sea and river ports; land socialization.
@mariajesna 10 aylar önce
I love your biography videos. Especially on the throughness of representing the people and the history explained. I wish you could make a video on Che Guvera.
@judeonyeka366 7 aylar önce
Really insightful. Thank you for the history lesson
@gb-jg1ud 11 aylar önce
This video was excellent...especially in his and Russian relationship to Germany in the early years. The one thing it did not go into enough i feel was to mention the role of Germany facilitating his return to Russia and rise to power during the war
@user-jk4yp6fh4h 11 aylar önce
No. I yhink it was clearly stated enough that Germany did provided Lenin and some of his comrades a "seaaled train caridge" to go to Russia and the reasons Germans had in renedring this sort of assistance. This is enough on this issue in this film.
@seanohare5488 11 aylar önce
Good point by a Jewish financier
@jeffbrewer1580 10 aylar önce
Well they generally keep these videos to an hour. Considering the length it was pretty good
@aloha6736 3 aylar önce
About turn! March! Away with a talk-show. Silence, you speakers! Comrade Mauser, you have the floor. Down with the law which for us Adam and Eve have left. We'll ruin the jade of the past. Left! Left! Left!
@jim2376 10 aylar önce
"[As Tsar Alexander] approached, the police arrested three young People's Will terrorists carrying bombs to perpetrate a second 1 March outrage. Five terrorists were hanged, including their bomb-maker, Alexander Ulyanov, aged nineteen, whose execution had a decisive influence on his younger brother, Vladimir, the future Lenin." Simon Montefiore, "The Romanovs", Vintage Books, 2016, footnote, page 470.
@ruthcherry2974 9 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing and posting this informative video that explains clearly a complicated subject.
@CaptJackAubreyOfTheRoyalNavy 10 aylar önce
It seems that Lenin was less rabidly idealistic and more pragmatic in his latter years, especially compared to Stalin; a bit less power hungry as well. I imagine if Lenin had lived to rule for another 10-20 years, the Soviet Union may have developed quite a bit differently and history could look quite different.
@josephrusso4828 8 aylar önce
"a bit less power hungry as well." More like, a LOT less power hungry.
@andreyevsv 7 aylar önce
Stalin was faced with upcoming war, and he new it. It was his burden to prepare SU for the war, and he has done good. Stalin and Lenin was pragmatic because Marxism means dialectical materialism, it is about since and not about ideas. Idealistic is to believe in capitalism that is sentenced to devore itself.
@herbert6407 7 aylar önce
​@@andreyevsv 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️
@josephrusso4828 7 aylar önce
@@andreyevsv Stalinist
@gaminggabe 11 aylar önce
Yay!!! Russian history starting! Always been fascinated with soviet Russia
@jonfranks6902 11 aylar önce
Hey same! Especially Soviet military history. Now I’m not a supporter of communism or socialism but it is fascinating to hear in documentaries
@hazelwray4184 11 aylar önce
@@jonfranks6902 'Now I'm not a supporter of'.... But you used to be? Lol
@user-gg3bq5hm3n 11 aylar önce
USSR first demokratik peopl Repablik !
@joeschmoe435 10 aylar önce
@@user-gg3bq5hm3n Nonsense. There were plenty of other slave societies prior to yours
@ivanj.conway9919 8 aylar önce
I want to thank you for this very informative, balanced and insightful, documentary. I feel that absolutely, everyone utterly, ignorant of what true and proper Communism is all about, should, really, watch this and learn something for a change. Again; Thank You. 🙂🖐🏼
@evelynmccabe3855 9 aylar önce
Excellent documentary - I learned so much. Thank you.
@muhammadalam6892 10 aylar önce
It was impressive and unbiased and full of knowledge documentary …. The narrator himself has a balanced personality really impressive step by step provision of knowledge and events…. Thumbs up for the great job.
@AnthonyChinaski 10 aylar önce
Thank you for producing a historically objective documentary. I’m so exhausted going through other channels with their blatant revisionism and neoliberal/fascist propaganda.
@markeedeep 10 aylar önce
A few notable propaganda type errors here and there, however. One being the characterisation of the October Manifesto reforms as a stage managed charade by the emperor's court. Could not be further from the truth; Russian parliamentarianism, from 1905-1918, was actually further ahead in some aspects than in most Western European countries, during the same period. The economy also grew exponentially since the reforms were officially inaugurated. Most if not all of Lenin's grievances, were entirely ideologically based. Historical enemies of Russia simply used his many rantings as material for propaganda purposes, to discredit Russia.
@Paulius-lb4ng 3 aylar önce
@markeedeep Nobody is discrediting his barbarism and his statistic passion to execute Nuns. In all the Soviets executed 250,000 Clergy and closed 50,000 Churches.
@namenotavailable7365 3 aylar önce
I hear ya. Often though 1 man's objectivity is another man's propaganda. Still, one can usually find the presentation minus the bias.
@AnthonyChinaski 3 aylar önce
@@Paulius-lb4ng lol did you get that from the Black Book of Communism?
@philipchurchill6508 10 aylar önce
Best book on this period is "Red Victory " by W Bruce Lincoln , about the civil war of 1918 - 21 , my favourite book of modern history along with Shirers "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich , Lincolns book is best for its character descriptions eg] Zinoviev and kamenev as "political Siamese twins" , the description of Dzerzhinsky is brilliant , the anecdote of the Llubyanka food enough to give one nightmares , " horse hair and hide with sticky floating globules all culminating in a foul evil smelling liquid " is what I can remember from reading it way back in 92 , also the discriptions of some of the horrible cossack attamans like Kalmykov and Ungern Sternburg not to mention the anarchist leader Makhno ,if anyone likes modern history books you will love this !
@mrexpress8002 10 aylar önce
Your name is Churchill lol you couldn't make it up
@michelney2915 10 aylar önce
Are you related to Alexandra Churchill, the historian?
@Southlander1000 8 aylar önce
Another great book on this period is The House of Government: A Saga of the Russian Revolution, by Yuri Slezkine. It's 1,200 pages long, but worth the read if this period interests you.
@Freedom_Spirit7 10 aylar önce
This was a very interesting documentary. I knew nothing about Lenin. Thank you for posting.
@simonapascariu2243 8 aylar önce
Brilliant: clear, focused, and deep at the same time. Thank you!
@RootlessNZ 6 aylar önce
Excellent exposition and narration. Thank you for such an interesting and balanced presentation of an intricate historical period and subject. We can never know how the USSR might have evolved had Lenin lived beyond 1924 but even if he had, Stalin would have been there, waiting, and all the time engaged in building up his power base. As ruthless as Lenin was, it is arguable that Stalin was more so, and would have, come what may, emerged victorious in any subsequent power struggle.
@LeninWokeUp 4 aylar önce
I know! It was my biggest mistake dealing with Stalin! Should've sent him off to Siberia! You know I was sent to Siberia for 3 years. I would send Stalin for 100!
@nellyv1566 2 aylar önce
Ruthless Lenin? This is a stereotype that has been imposed on you. Get rid of it.
@LeninWokeUp 2 aylar önce
@@nellyv1566 I need to build the soviet reunion first. Sadly my plan isn't going well. Wagner is dead and I am competing with Stalin and trotsky for power. Putin is gonna be easy to topple when it's time. But we're losing the war in Ukraine so not good timing.
@AverageUsernames Aylar önce
​@@LeninWokeUpHey, Lenin how are you still alive and still kicking? I wonder if that same guy who invaded the ussr fled to argentina is still alive as well and planning something on world conquest once again.
@LeninWokeUp Aylar önce
@@AverageUsernames i was so well preserved in red square they came up with a cure to my ailments and it worked.
@joanandersen4351 11 aylar önce
Lenin was an interesting figure, at first I only knew him as the founder of communist movement and the reason for the downfall of the Romanov though several problems in the country contributed to the downfall of the family. Lenin led an interesting early life he was highly educated and intelligent and had great visions for Russia such as the workers'Rights. But his later life is not the case it sums up turmoil, chaos and instability.
@joshhoodrat451 10 aylar önce
1) “We must hate-hatred is the basis of communism. Children must be taught to hate their parents if they are not communists.” - Vladimir Lenin 2) “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” - Vladimir Lenin 3) “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” - Vladimir Lenin 4) "The way to crush the bourgeoisie [middle class] is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” - Vladimir Lenin 5) “Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.” -Vladimir Lenin 6) “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.” - Vladimir Lenin 7) “It is necessary-secretly and urgently-to prepare the terror.” -Vladimir Lenin 8) “The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.” - Vladimir Lenin 9) “Surely you do not imagine that we shall be victorious without applying the cruelest revolutionary terror?” - Vladimir Lenin
@joanandersen4351 9 aylar önce
@@joshhoodrat451 thank you for sharing this
@andreyevsv 7 aylar önce
​@@joshhoodrat451 "Josh Hoodrat believs everything they told in the Internet" - Vladimir Lenin. And statements 5, 6 and 8 is completely true.
@Leotv19 5 aylar önce
@@joshhoodrat451sick copypasta brah, so much accomplished by it lmao
@goswamigeeta 10 aylar önce
Russian history is very engrossing. Thank you for this narration.
@user-ti6xm4rz4f 9 aylar önce
Россия повлияла и продолжает влиять на развитие всего Мира.
@miareynolds1174 3 aylar önce
​@@user-ti6xm4rz4fda ladno)))
@mugishagabriel6074 6 aylar önce
The tsar was a very naive and clueless man. I believe that it is he himself that is responsible for what happened to his family
@garjabenjefferson7611 11 aylar önce
Thank you very much for such well put together documentary
@seanohare5488 11 aylar önce
I agree
@robertwill23 10 aylar önce
I think one should also mention those three assassination attempts on Lenin in connection with his change of mind in regards to constituent assembly and hardening of his overall position early in 1918. Counter-revolution emerged immediately after 1917 and Lenin felt that communists had to harden their approach so that they were able to deal with it better and save revolutionary gains for Russian society. You have to tie assassination attempts to Lennin's change of position in regards to the form of governing. Of course, forming of Cheka was a mistake as this monster was impossible to delete after the end of civil war. But one cannot judge Lenin here too much as conditions in which he and communists found themselves after 1917 were extreme and clear and 100% right solution was impossible to see. Situation must resolve quickly during volatile post-revolution year if one wants to have success. Add to this lack of resources for new commmunist government in terms of dealing with emergence of counter-revolution reaction. I also think that well-functioning bourgeois capitalist democracy wasnt possible in Russia at that time. It would've meant opening yourself to developed western capitalism that would have turned Russia into appendage, another "Africa", source for the rich European capitalism. Nobody would've let Russia to develop calmly into developed industrial capitalism. Russia would've gotten into same situation it got in 1990s. But way worse. So Lenin's idea was correct and only way at that point. To develop Russia into industrial country via centralized state governing. Russia would've never developed so quickly into industrial nation via capitalist profit-making logic. And people shouldnt forget the hostility of all European and Western nations towards Russia in 1920s and 1930s. Capitalists didnt want to have socialist state so close to their borders. And in 1930s Stalin really thought that England would invade Soviet Union any minute hence his paranoia.
@Achill101 10 aylar önce
Lenin was not correct when he established a murderous regime. And Stalin didn't fear England in 1930s that had more problems on its own by then. But Stalin feared he could lose power internally and killed his opponents preemprively.
@alexeyb6129 9 aylar önce
@@Achill101 Also who released 8- hour working day law first in history ( in USA only in 1938, in 1920-x striking miners were killed by US army) and made total electrification. Also women emancipation law
@vskotar 10 aylar önce
@5:20 the video mentions the writer Mikhail Bulgokov (sic) ... the reference likely is to the revolutionary anarchist Mikhail Bakunin (1814-76), rather than to Mikhail Bulgakov (1891-1940), who was obviously not a contemporary of Dostoyevsky or Kropotkin.
@michelney2915 10 aylar önce
"The Master and Marguerite "
@nadiam6194 3 aylar önce
It couldn’t be bulgakov. He was born in 1891.
@GetGwapThisYear 4 aylar önce
I don’t think this is as objective and unbiased as many have suggested in the comments, but it’s still useful/informative. Thank you.
@GiacomoDelfin 3 aylar önce
Very clearly biased against Lenin, but still more "neutral" than most western bourgeois documentaries. Giving Lenin a fair opinion by putting his historical role and the context of tsarism
@jerrysmolkin9619 11 aylar önce
Finally!!!! I was waiting for you guys to release a video on Lenin. Thank you so much!
@PeopleProfiles 11 aylar önce
Our pleasure!
@soookimbo6571 11 aylar önce
It is
@ReySchultz121 11 aylar önce
They did Stalin, makes sense that this was coming, bless.
@Kleermaker1000 3 aylar önce
Let me say only one thing here. The video says that it was likely that Lenin did not know of his mother's Jewish heritage. But in a recent Dutch podcast I heard a professor of history say that Lenin was proud of his part-Jewish heritage, because he admired some intellectual Jews and had a high esteem of them. So my point is: so many things are said on the internet without any reliable source and many of those 'facts' or strong assumptions are not true at all.
@nellyv1566 2 aylar önce
at school we were told that Lenin's mother was half German, half Russian, Orthodox.
@CharlieHill_26 4 aylar önce
Superb documentary, very informative!
@historicshooter 3 aylar önce
excellent and very informative documentary. thanks for your effort..!
@heathcliffearnshaw1403 10 aylar önce
Answer elicited by narrator at end ( “ If Lenin had lived longer might a more benign Soviet regime have emerged?” : depends upon what the imperialists did , and most likely the latter would have combinedly resolved to overthrow the regime, and would have more likely succeeded in doing so to a less dictatorial one. Moreover, history since has told us how avaricious many influential foreign eyes have been upon Russia, right up to the present historical moment as I write of January 2023.
@owenlindkvist5355 8 aylar önce
English is not your first language, is it?
@v.g.r.l.4072 11 aylar önce
Excellent. It has given me both an intellectual and biographical ground of Lenin. Thanks.
@mohammedsaysrashid3587 11 aylar önce
Most informative & highly qualified, introducing the creation of communist states in Russia 🇷🇺 at 1917-1918.. & leading effectiveness existences of ( Linine) for that state settlement in Moscow until ... a great introduced by ( the People Profile )channel a lot thanks
@MiddleLane658 10 aylar önce
First and foremost i must mention what a great documemtary this was! Thank you! Considering the question weather or not Lenin would have become as brutal and ruthless as Stalin. I honestly don’t think he would. Few leaders have with their own handwriting send as many people to death as Stalin did. Whilst Lenin genuinely cared for the cause before anything else. Unfortunately though, it is in the nature of Communism or by any totalitarian regime to always end up in bloodshed. Right from the start in 1917 they encountered the fact that people are democratic by heart and won’t succumb to anything else or that one fixed opinion should apply to all. Someone will always be thrown under the bus so the only way to maintain a totalitarian state is through tyranny or by executing it’s opponents. Just as it so happend in any totalitarian regime or Dictatorship throughout history and up to this day.
@owenlindkvist5355 8 aylar önce
"Considering the question weather or not Lenin would have become as brutal and ruthless as Stalin. I honestly don’t think he would." Not a student of history, are you?
@JimBelushi-qm4lc 2 aylar önce
@daltonfoster4984 6 aylar önce
I only knew Vladimir Lenins full name thanks to the Big Lebowski. The movie buff in me is proud, the historian in me is ashamed.
@Viktor-bb 27 gün önce
Ульянов владир ильич его полное имя
@pigflyrain7296 19 gün önce
Can someone please make a timeline for this documentary, it is such a pain to scroll back and forth every time when I am trying to find something.🙏🙏🙏
@ViVeriVniversumVivusVici 3 gün önce
This isn't a socialist world. Pay me.
@damienkarney2251 11 aylar önce
Can you do one about Trotsky? He was quite interesting.
@dablarts9384 11 aylar önce
There's one from about a year ago
@damienkarney2251 11 aylar önce
@@dablarts9384 thanks
@robrekkit2132 11 aylar önce
Quite interesting? He was followed like a demi god. The cultural Marxism of today was learnt at his knee
@user1138 11 aylar önce
@@robrekkit2132 Cultural Marxism isn't a thing Rob
@warsawuprizing6700 11 aylar önce
@@robrekkit2132 please expound more upon your assertion
@TheBiancap 10 aylar önce
Sooo much to learn from all this, thank you
@Amadeus8484 11 aylar önce
Lenin and Stalin both did a lot of necessary change but they also contributed to a top heavy system that was not very accountable to itself and was unable to remain as adaptive and beneficial as it had started out.
@Amadeus8484 7 aylar önce
@@martinwhite5076 Yes he did all that and more. He also reinforced the top down structure of the USSR that led to its downfall.
@Georgina-lv9bt 5 aylar önce
@@martinwhite5076 He defeated fascism in the Europe and practiced it in his own country.
@John20204 7 aylar önce
Can’t believe it’s on been 10 years since this man ruled
@colinglass1342 Aylar önce
As im not Russian I dont know what others think but my greatest liking of russia is the Great classical music from the Great classical composer's of Russia and the novalist as i admire all classical music be it Russian or any other country
@VolunteerAbroadForFree 10 aylar önce
Amazing doc , i loved it thank you so much for sharing
@pistongreg 6 aylar önce
Can you do a biography on Nicholas the second the last Czar?
@russellniebolt1493 10 aylar önce
Yea, this was really informative and unbiased. Hats off.
@RunninUpThatHillh 10 aylar önce
what bias could there be? there are historical facts. they can either state them or ignore them.
@user-ve9xl9uo2c 10 aylar önce
@@RunninUpThatHillh there is always a bias. If you don't agree then you cannot detect it. Both sides are biased but we should be aware of it.
@user-ve9xl9uo2c 10 aylar önce
@@RunninUpThatHillh you could show what people thought of him and only show his critics
@Art-ey7xj 9 aylar önce
It is somewhat biased, presenting the early Soviet Russia in a more negative light than it was. They don't mention many progressive policies like women's suffrage and political representation of non-Russian nationalities - it was under Soviet rule and in line with Soviet policy when most of Ukraine's population actually began speaking Ukrainian, for expample. They praise the supposed 'free market' of the NEP, which wasn't actually a free market but a mixed system, and ignore the fact that under a later planned economy USSR was also one of the fastest growing countries. They overstate the totalitarianism, not mentioning the white terror, plundering of the countryside and authoritarianism of the White forces etc etc
@mikeb5372 4 aylar önce
​@@Art-ey7xjI get the impression the bias is yours
@tonyagos1172 11 aylar önce
I'd love to see a video on Viriato or Henry the Navigator. Def have a few Portuguese individuals that would be great to watch!
@Achill101 10 aylar önce
Yes, I would watch a video about Henry the Navigator.
@nahomgselam4292 10 aylar önce
A well designed documentary about Lenin which leaves viewer's to decide whether he can create a totalitarian or a flexible communist country. In conclusion as I have understand from Lenin collected works Volume 1 ,2 ,3 if lenin had lived longer communism will never be collapsed I believe he can make a capitalist idea in a communist form
@owenlindkvist5355 8 aylar önce
Judging by his performance, it would have fallen sooner.
@dhanushkailash 8 aylar önce
This is as productive as it can get. Thanks a lot!
@ericksonodhiambo9535 10 aylar önce
Very educational and informative
@johnfernleigh1352 10 aylar önce
These films are excellent: fact-filled, well-narrated and well-illustrated but the scripted English isn't great. In many places the words are ordered incorrectly, which could cause confusion. For example, at 11:35 the narrator says: '...as he began working on a book titled 'The Development of Capitalism in Russia While in Gaol',...". Obviously, the book didn't have this title. What was meant was that while in gaol, Lenin began working on a book titled 'The Development of Capitalism in Russia'. Pedantic, I know but when you spot it, it is annoying and sometimes confusing.
@Viktor-bb 27 gün önce
Энгельз и , читайте книгу капиталл
@aijazahmed2018 10 aylar önce
Best book on this period is "Red Victory " by W Bruce Lincoln , about the civil war of 1918 - 21. Thanks for your efforts to portray this important political figure who definitely impacted history. On the question of whether he would have become as brutal of a dictator as Stalin became, nobody really knows the answer but I think he would have gone in that direction. He was a " True Believer" and as such had a Totalitarian mindset which couldn't allow dissent. moreover, it will help us understand viladimir putin mindset and ukrain war. my favourite book of modern history along with Shirers "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich , Lincolns book is best for its character descriptions eg] Zinoviev and kamenev as "political Siamese twins" , the description of Dzerzhinsky is brilliant , the anecdote of the Llubyanka food enough to give one nightmares , " horse hair and hide with sticky floating globules all culminating in a foul evil smelling liquid " is what I can remember from reading it way back in 92 , also the discriptions of some of the horrible cossack attamans like Kalmykov and Ungern Sternburg not to mention the anarchist leader Makhno ,if anyone likes modern history books you will love this ! best wishes aijaz from pakistan
@griparbelli 7 aylar önce
Lenin a Great revolutionary who changed the course of the Colonialist World . His work and ideals will be pushed ahead for a long span of time in the human history.
@alexrecalde3420 2 aylar önce
I think Lenon dying so early was an absolute disaster. But also, had he lived longer without health problems, Stalin may have just had him killed at some point as he most assuredly would try and take power somewhere down the line.
@Dri143 7 aylar önce
Excelent video. It congregated many of my known facts about Lenin and added more on top to build a continuous image of him. By the way, what is the outro melody?
@Bored4280 5 aylar önce
Some mistake in video - 5:24 Mikhail Bulgakov was born in 1891, 10 years after death of Dostoevsky.
@Mjdeben 5 aylar önce
I was hoping for a more in depth look at Lenin's personal/professional life rather than an overview of the Russian Revolution but it was very interesting nonetheless. Thanks!!
@ethanramos4441 11 aylar önce
“Freedom in capitalist society always remain the same as it was in Greek republics: Freedom for slave owners” Vladimir Lenin
@josephrusso4828 8 aylar önce
Is that an actual quote?
@andreyevsv 7 aylar önce
@@josephrusso4828 Yes, it is from his work "The State and Revolution".
@Georgina-lv9bt 5 aylar önce
Lol.....I'd like to know about the freedmos of the people in the USSR, didnt seem so free to me.
@andreyevsv 5 aylar önce
@@Georgina-lv9bt May be you do not know enough.
@-www.chapters.video- 4 aylar önce
00:04 Vladimir Lenin's early life and family background 01:25 Vladimir's childhood and early education 02:14 The impact of his father's death and his brother's involvement in a conspiracy 03:56 The political landscape of Russia in the 19th century 06:27 Vladimir's radicalization and involvement in protests 09:28 Vladimir's move to Saint Petersburg and involvement in revolutionary groups 10:12 His arrest and imprisonment 11:52 Exile to Siberia and marriage to Nadya 12:57 Continued activism and relocation to Switzerland and Germany 14:47 Lenin's involvement in the early history of the Russian communist movement 15:08 Split between Bolsheviks and Mensheviks at RSDLP's 2nd Party Congress 16:31 Bolsheviks acquire control over the central committee of the RSDLP 17:39 Revolution of 1905 and Lenin's return to Russia 18:53 October Manifesto and the end of the Revolution of 1905 20:07 Lenin and the Bolsheviks consider their options during the political crackdown 21:31 Lenin's return to London and resuming control over the RSDLP 23:19 Formalization of split between Bolsheviks and Mensheviks into separate political parties 23:45 Opportunity for Lenin to re-establish himself during the outbreak of the European war 24:49 Lenin's time in Switzerland and the publication of Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism 26:34 Lenin's theory of transitioning straight from autocracy to socialist revolution 27:30 Disaffection, food shortages, and social unrest in Russia during the war 29:38 Bolstering the Bolshevik cause and the 'April Theses' 30:36 Tensions and violent demonstrations during the July Days 31:04 Suppression of the Bolsheviks and Lenin's plotting in Finland 31:40 Tense political situation and Kornilov's military takeover attempt 32:03 Lenin's return to Petrograd and the rise of the Bolsheviks 32:50 The October Revolution and the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks 33:39 Establishment of a new socialist government and the Declaration of the Rights of the Peoples of Russia 34:38 Introduction of economic reforms and major legislative changes 39:00 Formation of a one-party state and consolidation of power by the Communist Party 39:19 Assassination attempts on Lenin and his declining health 41:05 Transformation of the social and legal landscape of Russia 44:25 Lenin's government seeks peace with Germany 45:38 The rise of the White Army 47:16 State terror and the Cheka 49:04 The use of blocking units 50:28 The Red Army goes on the offensive 51:19 The end of the Russian Civil War 52:36 The establishment of the Comintern 53:23 The New Economic Policy 54:51 Lenin's political thought and legacy 59:28 In March 1923 Lenin suffered another stroke, as a result of which he lost the ability to speak.
@ChirpywaraTofu86 2 aylar önce
thx for making this
@NobuhleMposula 2 aylar önce
They must pin 📌 this😊
@kiaora7214 Aylar önce
Fantastic documentary 👏
@rocco1458 8 aylar önce
Very detaily explained. A great video. Thank you very much. Lenin's work were disastrously continued by Stalin.
@user-se1dm7fw1t 8 aylar önce
Не сказал бы. Сталин был вернейшим учеником Ленина, разве что действовал даже менее радикально, чем Ленин бы хотел. Тот же НЭП продлился намного дольше, чем того хотел дедушка Ленин.
@marcelcicort9671 6 aylar önce
I wish they would also discuss finances. How were all these people able to survive, move, travel, pay rent, eat, etc??
@theAmazingblumpkin 11 aylar önce
Very well done!
@seanohare5488 11 aylar önce
I agree
@jimijojokk2072 10 aylar önce
I saw him in 2006. He is an remarkably good shape and when they pickled him they put him in a pinstripe suit and they shave his head he was in much better shape than chairman mao of china who i saw before i went to moscow
@user-im9um1tx5y Aylar önce
In a conversation with Steinberg (a left-social revolutionary), Lenin presented his views at length. Seeing that his advice did not touch Lenin in the least, a desperate Steinberg shouted."so why are we struggling with the Commissariat of Justice, let's call it short and clear: "Commissariat for Social Extermination" and that's the end of the story. Lenin's face lit up at those words. "Well formulate, that's exactly what he should be. To bad that we can't say that publicly"
@xolanikhumalo9267 4 aylar önce
I'm addicted to Soviet docs❤❤❤
@washubrain 10 aylar önce
One of the most comprehensive overviews of the 19-20 centuries of the Russian history. Some sources suggest that even though less obvious, Lenin was just as a cruel dictator as Stalin was. Summary executions and the de facto abolishment of the justice system serve as a good argument to this end.
@dante.paradiso 4 aylar önce
The people who did this documentary should teach how to do them to Deutsche Welle and BBC. This was an unbiased documentary.
@stefanhall3219 3 aylar önce
Usually when there is a documentary about Lenin it fails to be objective and it is strongly biased against Lenin. This doc is an exception. It does present a balanced and accurate veiw.
@Viktor-bb 27 gün önce
Ленин знал отлично 24 языка
@armorv1531 3 aylar önce
Mikhail Bulgakov wasn't even born until 1891. he wasn't discussing anything with anyone in the 1870s, 80s, or 90s. On the other hand, Mikhail Bakunin was relevant at that time as the father of anarchism makes more sense in the context you were refering to.
@jonathanmccartney5809 Aylar önce
This video should indicate that a great deal of the footage of Lenin doesn’t actually depict Lenin, but instead actors portraying him.
@bsr8255 Aylar önce
Well presented doc.
@katherinecollins4685 10 aylar önce
Very well presented
@steveharvey2102 11 aylar önce
In the viewing of this channel and it's expertly crafted content, we are experiencing a revolution as well. A revolution of high quality content, that surpasses most of what has been seen on TRshow, in the past. Long live the Revolution!
@PeopleProfiles 11 aylar önce
We were one of the first historical channels, if not the first, to start making half hour plus content in the form of independent documentaries in 2018. The goal was and is to produce broadcast quality material. Which we feel we are now close to doing twice per week. Viva indeed!
@user-jk4yp6fh4h 11 aylar önce
Hello from Moscow and thanks!
@MrPatrickslovell 10 aylar önce
Well done. Thank you.
@Joseph-fw6xx 11 aylar önce
Narrator's with a British accent always sound better I don't know why but they do
@Rebelartist83 5 aylar önce
Its interesting to know that some of Lenin's last words was Don't let Stalin take over.. That says something there
@azharjamil7795 10 aylar önce
I don’t think Lenin would have taken the Soviet Union in the direction Stalin did.Hewas too intellectually advanced and far too confident of his power to have to Stalin’s repressive methods.He even offered investment opportunities to western countries who declined under pressure from the Anglo-Americans.Lenin despite his ideological orientation was above all a pragmatist.Pity his last will condemning Stalin, his intellectual inferiority and citing his lack of judiciousness in the exercise of the enormous powers the General Secretary of the Party enjoyed,could not stop Stalin’s rise,for which the senior leaders at that time, Zinoviev and Kamenev(due to their differences with Trotsky)were basically responsible.And grieviously did they and the Soviet people pay for it!In my view Lenin combined the capability of both a Mao Zedong and Deng Xian’s Ping.
@hammadhaider 10 aylar önce
Great editing and narration
@crhu319 11 aylar önce
43:54 "a new Ukrainian state" requires the extreme clarification that it was only the Lwow/Gallicia/Volynhia region that was ruled by the self declared state in Lwow. When Germany collapsed it became a very venal anti-Jewish anti-Russian proto Nazi state that had only 13% or so literacy. There were competing and even more vicious racist bandit states in Kiev (Petlura) and Zaporozyhe (the so called anarchists who were basically rapists and marauders), plus Tsarists still in Rostov whose first move was to attack northwest to reconnect with Europe. The Lwow proto-Nazis were defeated by Poland. The others by the Tsarists. Then the Red Ukraine forces from Kharkov and the side-switching bandits - as at that time "Ukraine" did not include any Black Sea coast -took over from Tsarists whose last gasp was attacking Petrograd from Estonia in 1922.
@googleuser2609 11 aylar önce
The self-declared 'historians' of YT vids always provide for a good laugh,
@jonglewongle3438 11 aylar önce
Ali Shariati had the progression something along the lines of primitive - feudal - dynastic - capitalist - communist. He had it that after this progression you then get into the metaphysical, but not religion for the sake of religion, not religion as the opiate for the masses, but a form of spiritualism which transcends the materialism of communism and capitalism. Shariati had Iran skipping the capitalist and communist stages and thus leaving feudal / dynastic for the metaphysical. Hitler, on the other hand, would have it that you transcend the feudal, the dynastic, capitalism, and communism for Nationalism.
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