UPSC Topper Mock Interview, Akshat Jain (Rank 2, CSE 2018)

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Drishti IAS : English

Drishti IAS : English

3 yıl önce

We extend our heartiest congratulations to Akshat on this great achievement and are gratified to have been a part of his journey to success. Wishing him all the very best for his future!
Presenting to you here, his mock interview video to provide you an opportunity to imagine yourself in a similar interview setting, going through the same questions.
Mock interviews help not only in familiarizing with interviews in general but they also help identify areas that a candidate needs to work upon. Even though one can imagine oneself in an interview setting, it is strongly advised that you watch these videos and learn from the experiences of other people. The interviews being uploaded here are real interviews and not scripted.
Hope this video helps you in your preparation and we look forward to your feedback in the comments section - don’t hesitate to ask!

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Drishti IAS : English
Drishti IAS : English 3 yıl önce
Hindi medium students, please check this link:
kendre Aditya
kendre Aditya 2 gün önce
Bro he is an IITian
Bhuban Rongmei
Bhuban Rongmei 11 gün önce
Hindi mei bolo
Bhuban Rongmei
Bhuban Rongmei 11 gün önce
Touheed Anwar
Touheed Anwar 22 gün önce
@Drishti IAS : English Kya is video ka english subtitle mil skta...? I mean english subtitle k sath
mritunjay Kumar
mritunjay Kumar Aylar önce
@Md Aadilhussain hota hai bhai
Mohammed Amaan
Mohammed Amaan Yıl önce
He’s 23, the confidence he has built in is truly commendable. 💯
D.K Aju
D.K Aju 7 gün önce
@Neil Menon that's the truth otherwise no chance
Anurag Saxena
Anurag Saxena 9 gün önce
February me kon si fasal hoti he puchte hi chehre ka rang or conference dono ki lag gyi..😂😂🤣🤣
Bhuban Rongmei
Bhuban Rongmei 11 gün önce
That's also known
Bhuban Rongmei
Bhuban Rongmei 11 gün önce
Hindi is must
Bhuban Rongmei
Bhuban Rongmei 11 gün önce
Hindi bolo
N.Prasad Gün önce
Probably he didn't use his family background in unnecessary stuff to get deviated nd i think he knows well how to Create his own identity to get his place as a all time appreciable candidate..That amount of inspiration nd appreciation with support he had from his parents thats why today he is like this..ya Money nd effective family support always he had but Only that intensive Consistency in his work nd impeccable commitment bought him to this position , even we have all support like money , Status or influence ,we can't do anything if we didn't think about who am i nd what i have to do with my inbuilt sources..Anyway Hoping More real upsc servants will come into society from anybackground doest matter
posa vamsi
posa vamsi 6 aylar önce
Father - IPS Mother - IRS and you - IAS Congratulations on your incredible success! I'm incredibly proud of you. I'm so thrilled to hear that you reached your goal. You inspire by having such ambitious dreams, then putting in the hard work to achieve them
Son will be a politician
Achu Bai vlogs
Achu Bai vlogs 16 gün önce
@chitti5240 hi
Achu Bai vlogs
Achu Bai vlogs 16 gün önce
Achu Bai vlogs
Achu Bai vlogs 16 gün önce
@posa vamsi be like I also Want to become a IAS
Rohit Lenka
Rohit Lenka 17 gün önce
Rich gets richer and poor gets poorer 😶
Heisaidmi Suchiang
Heisaidmi Suchiang 5 aylar önce
"When you have knowledge you have confidence"
ASPIRANT (CGL) 4 gün önce
I have knowledge But but don't have confidence 😐
Music masters
Music masters 7 gün önce
vanshi rathod
vanshi rathod 3 aylar önce
Watch other interviews also
Siddhant Das Senapati
Siddhant Das Senapati 3 aylar önce
Not true
R Perry
R Perry 11 aylar önce
This young man is only 23 year old and very talented. English is his second language but he has a good command of English. Hats off for this young man.
Shakti Agarwal
Shakti Agarwal 4 aylar önce
TravelShoot-#-Manisha 5 aylar önce
His vocabulary in IAS interview... Was awesome....
Sunil Bala
Sunil Bala 6 aylar önce
Madhavi Latha
Madhavi Latha 10 aylar önce
Looking very notty also.. Great
Gee Jay
Gee Jay 6 aylar önce
This boy is from a very privileged background but he is very capable of achieving a status up high. I hope you got selected👍🏼
Tech Suk
Tech Suk 2 aylar önce
2018 batch ias
Bec Khan
Bec Khan 5 aylar önce
@The Gaming Thrill sooo young!
The Gaming Thrill
The Gaming Thrill 5 aylar önce
Now, he is an IAS Officer
Shivam Jha
Shivam Jha 6 aylar önce
AIR 2 tha bhai wo. Ofc he got selected.
AMD 4 aylar önce
Father IPS , Mother IRS and the son is IAS who have also attended IIT. Family Goals Accomplished
You Go! ;)
You Go! ;) 7 saatler önce
He graduated in BDes from IIT and not in Btech🙄
Prateeksha Nautiyal
Prateeksha Nautiyal 10 aylar önce
I will always admire those who had confidence and courage like him. He is truly a gem👏🤍
Shakti Agarwal
Shakti Agarwal 4 aylar önce
RP CFHK 4 aylar önce
Useful Tips
Useful Tips 10 aylar önce
He has the advantage of both his parents being in civil services. Charity begins at home; the home is the best educational institution when it comes to nurturing children to realise their aspirations. Add to it, the encouraging environment at educational institutions where this boy must have had the good opportunity of steering his career development. A promising young boy who must get the opportunity to join the administrative ranks of the country. He would prove to be an asset to the organization in which he gets placed. IF YOU HAVE A CLEAR DREAM, COUPLED WITH SHEER PERSISTENCE TO PURSUE YOUR DREAM, YOUR SCHEDULE STEADFAST, YOU POSSESS AN UN QUENCHING THIRST TO ACQUIRE KNOWLEDGE & YOU PLAY A CLEAN GAME ALL THE WAY THROUGH; NO FORCE ON EARTH CAN STOP YOU TO REALISE YOUR AMBITION. THOSE WHO AIM AT STARS GENERALLY SHOOT HIGHER THAN TREES !
Mo~ Yıl önce
In my opinion he's one of the best IAS officer UPSC ever had in history 😌✨❤️
ankit sachdeva
ankit sachdeva Aylar önce
Ravi kumar sihag also a briliant ias
Rita Deshmukh
Rita Deshmukh 2 aylar önce
Bro his mother and father both are civil servant's , do you know ansar sheikh ? He is 21 years old and his father is auto driver. He cracked the exam in 1st attemed and now he is collector of jalna district maharashtra 👍
Mo~ 2 aylar önce
@mark gaming yeah
mark gaming
mark gaming 2 aylar önce
I think you are girl
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 2 aylar önce
@aryan xx ur name is indian
Pro Gamer RAF
Pro Gamer RAF 6 aylar önce
This guy has very rich vocabulary👏 He is also making his parents (who are both civil servants)proud. After watching this video even I am inspired to study harder and make my parents proud ❤
Prashant Katti
Prashant Katti 5 aylar önce
He is a benchmark for youngsters. A true role model.
Dimpalvir Singh
Dimpalvir Singh 11 aylar önce
12:25 maintaining the patience and anxiety at this point was one of the key takeways
Indranee Hazarika
Indranee Hazarika 6 aylar önce
Supremely talented & his confidence is just next level, truly deserving ..proud of you sir ❤️
Shakti Agarwal
Shakti Agarwal 4 aylar önce
M's diary
M's diary Yıl önce
"In my opinion" he is very talented and confident .
Dusky 5 aylar önce
@Shaikh Soaif I got it after reading your comment.
Abhis cric shorts
Abhis cric shorts 6 aylar önce
Ananya soni
Ananya soni 9 aylar önce
Uhh Gy
Uhh Gy 10 aylar önce
Fuk ur opinion
Incognito 11 aylar önce
VK_Forever 8 aylar önce
What i learnt from this interview is that if you don't know an answer just say that clearly and don't feel any pressure. It's a personality test and it tests your patience. Pretty Confident and Nice interview by Akshat Sir...
LeoMohit 5 aylar önce
He is the only aspirant i am listening with such curiosity..such a great personality ..... he was born to be ❤
Shakti Agarwal
Shakti Agarwal 4 aylar önce
Jagrutiben Patel
Jagrutiben Patel 8 aylar önce
28:46 "give me 3 reasons why should we not select you" was fire 🔥🔥🔥
Debbie 10 aylar önce
he looked so prepared for all the questions and his way of speech holds so much confidence! good job!!!
Smitha Sasi
Smitha Sasi Yıl önce
He talks as if he is talking to some guests came to his home. What a confidence !!!
You Go! ;)
You Go! ;) 7 saatler önce
@SANGAM PATEL lol he is not an engineer
Rare Adda
Rare Adda 3 aylar önce
They are his teachers then why he will not be so confident 🤷
Preetam Vashishtha
Preetam Vashishtha 3 aylar önce
Bro his father is IPS and mother is IRS. So it is usually
you mus know 1M
you mus know 1M 3 aylar önce
Because bconfidence is essential
Dipak Singh
Dipak Singh 4 aylar önce
@Aastha Dwivedi 2×2£
Dashing Dhan
Dashing Dhan 10 aylar önce
Really a good video to show the world on what happens in interviews. Wish this was available during the 90s.
Priyansh Rathod
Priyansh Rathod 10 aylar önce
This guy is really confident and knowledgeable. I hope he gives civil services exam. He may pass it.
Harshit Bansal
Harshit Bansal 9 aylar önce
He is SDM in my city mhow MP U can google his name
Harshita Joshi
Harshita Joshi 11 aylar önce
7:33 anthropology 12:42 anthropological perspective on religion 22:40 Apple vs Samsung 22:55 3d printing 23:35 4d printing? I need to look this stuff up 23:44 plastic microbeads. I wish there was more detail on that. 24:08 polar vortex as an environmental threat I disagree on the car. What she gets from her father would be between her and her father. The whole, “Will you allow it?” is demeaning. 29:20 feedback
Shakti Agarwal
Shakti Agarwal 4 aylar önce
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan 9 aylar önce
U forget to mention 28:45
Thamizh Selvan
Thamizh Selvan 10 aylar önce
I agree with you about the car 👍👍
Mr Handsome
Mr Handsome Aylar önce
There is a lots of experience that we can learn from him ...he is the best upsc interview of Al time still
Nansu 3 yıl önce
I think our political leaders should face an interview like this 🤣
Boonam Wauk
Boonam Wauk 6 aylar önce
Yes definitely 😂
Jatin Thakur
Jatin Thakur 6 aylar önce
taking it seriously and will implement it someday :)
Chithra Desigan
Chithra Desigan 6 aylar önce
Excellent suggestion
Joseph A
Joseph A 8 aylar önce
Jelin Ingti
Jelin Ingti 10 aylar önce
Soumyashis Dutta Gupta
Soumyashis Dutta Gupta 11 aylar önce
The best IAS interview I've ever seen ❤️....Akshat Jain at his level 🔥
Atul Sureka
Atul Sureka 10 aylar önce
Hard work gets credit only when destiny allows..Talented plus blessed..Only hard work can't let you reach here😊
Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma 6 aylar önce
I saw his interview describing about his IIT Story. It was damn good and motivating..
Info Unlocked
Info Unlocked 11 aylar önce
We always make fun of toppers and the reality is that we can't be like them that's why we make fun of him, but toppers are the gem of any country. I hope I didn't spoke something wrong! Hats off to all toppers 🔥
Gitanjali Kar
Gitanjali Kar 3 aylar önce
You said nothing wrong but one thing that srikes is that "we can't be like them". Nobody is topper by birth and they are consuming exactly the same as we are. It is the dedication and willpower which leads us to the path of success, that's it.
SxyNix 3 aylar önce
@GrowTus exactly
Light Yagami
Light Yagami 3 aylar önce
@SxyNix giyu tomioka
Shakti Agarwal
Shakti Agarwal 4 aylar önce
GrowTus 6 aylar önce
@SxyNix brother bcz we only learn when we want to , but the topper memorizes everything for short term that's why we are called backbanchers
Adarsh kumar
Adarsh kumar 10 aylar önce
He definitely feel me happy while giving the interview due to his way of delivering all the answer's of each questions Nice aptitude of interview
Pranab 6 aylar önce
Outstanding confidence and perfect eye contact so very well.
Drishti IAS : English
Drishti IAS : English 6 aylar önce
Glad you liked it!
Komal Kumari
Komal Kumari 6 aylar önce
The constant expression on his face and his confidence adds a plus point to his personality
Mithun Nair
Mithun Nair 5 aylar önce
That 15:25 question was so drastic question from the regular ones, still akshat said it so beautifully ❤️
Arpita Gouda
Arpita Gouda Yıl önce
What I liked the most is at 28:55 when he said 'sir, I don't think there is any reason you should not select me..' than his smile and a confident look...😊❤️
Just A cherry OnTop
Just A cherry OnTop 19 gün önce
yeha! some girl will like that kind of irrational confidence but he was not there to propose some one, is he?
Marvel Wizard
Marvel Wizard Aylar önce
​@Papasmurf he has become an IAS already...what qualifications do you have to judge him?
chandrashekar hotagi
chandrashekar hotagi 2 aylar önce
This is the inherent confidence and the support of able parents,perhaps he surpassed them at a tender age. Wish him great career as he posses such calibre Arpitaji.
Shakti Agarwal
Shakti Agarwal 4 aylar önce
Beirangia Phiapi
Beirangia Phiapi 5 aylar önce
I wonder if his answer to that particular question would really earns him marks in actual interview if it was really asked. His answer was like a double edge sword.
nature lover 🌿🍃
nature lover 🌿🍃 4 aylar önce
I'm impressed by how he clearly explained about his project 👏👏😍
Alpana Chakraborty
Alpana Chakraborty 8 gün önce
"Sir, I think there is any reason, you shouldn't select me." At this line he shows the confidence and symbol of long hard work...
Yash Raj Pandey 11 A2
Yash Raj Pandey 11 A2 6 aylar önce
The count of only 23 and have dictionary of vocabulary and sea of knowledge and filled with maturity and skills..... Really commendable SALUTE SIR JAI HIND😊❤❤❤
Swagatam Debnath
Swagatam Debnath 11 aylar önce
This level of confidence is only achieved when you have fully prepared, like, when you have truly given your 100% in preparation.
Ananya Singh
Ananya Singh 2 yıl önce
His proposal to the Glass was so sweet!And drishti IAS! You are really helping people!Thankyou.
Islamic videos
Islamic videos Yıl önce
Sameer Bhatt
Sameer Bhatt 2 yıl önce
Love you
Deepak kulmi
Deepak kulmi 2 yıl önce
Apko propose hi dekhna ha to armed forces officer's ka dekho.. #indian army
Bittu Mishra
Bittu Mishra 2 yıl önce
@keshav jha UPSC motivation
Kakashi hatake
Kakashi hatake 2 yıl önce
@Krishnakant Singh 15:16
I don't know if i am right or wrong, but i can see perfection flowing through each word he speaks and the way he answers each questions in the starting is amazing. I am literally flabbergasted.
vaibhav palod
vaibhav palod 8 aylar önce
He has cracked top two toughest exams what a talented man...
You Go! ;)
You Go! ;) 7 saatler önce
Mohammad Redwan
Mohammad Redwan 24 gün önce
subs for subs UwU
subs for subs UwU 10 aylar önce
It's not even easy to stand infront of them at first.... Salute 🔥
Shanu vasu Shanu vasu
Shanu vasu Shanu vasu 4 aylar önce
I think our political leaders should face an interview like this...🤣🤣
Ashish Vaishnav
Ashish Vaishnav Yıl önce
he's 23 and His confidence level is 💯 and the way he addressed the question is really amazing
Rishikesh Kalal
Rishikesh Kalal 4 aylar önce
@WHITE APPLE DOWN i also learnt this word now
Shakti Agarwal
Shakti Agarwal 4 aylar önce
Garima Tiwari
Garima Tiwari 9 aylar önce
@🤟Sajal Rai🤟 thank you
salman 143
salman 143 10 aylar önce
@evergreen melody songs Sahi pakade hoo
Garima Tiwari
Garima Tiwari 11 aylar önce
@🤟Sajal Rai🤟 tqs😊
Aamir Hussain Channa
Aamir Hussain Channa Yıl önce
I am also a student of 11th class. It is quite pleasure for me to watch such this video regarding this boy who is partially at my own age, he undoubtedly has motivated and sparked me for such communication........ Thanks dear
Akhand speaks
Akhand speaks 5 aylar önce
He reply's every question answer very fluently and also his confidence is so good and he answered every question honestly 😊💝
radhika ..
radhika .. 9 aylar önce
This young man is full of intelligence, confidence and knowledge. 🙏
Gadekar kanchan
Gadekar kanchan 6 aylar önce
This is what I think UPSC is about they check your thought process and thinking. You can't just memorise answers, you need to change thought process it's about your knowledge with mixture of your intelligence and opinions
SUAR HUB  .10M views
SUAR HUB .10M views Yıl önce
The way he's talking with full confidence is something he has earned is incredible. mind blowing
Arijeet Yıl önce
True bro
Daksh Sengar
Daksh Sengar 11 aylar önce
Patent and industrial design are two different things... We studied them in cyber ethics... their meaning is different in context of IPR.
Khairul Rifat
Khairul Rifat 8 aylar önce
This Guy is really awesome . He is too much brilliant . Every time every answer he provided very clearly & this is prove that he is illegible for upsc officer. Because,, he is deserve it .
Prachet Sharma
Prachet Sharma 9 aylar önce
He is Inspiration for many aspirants!!
pamin chowdhury
pamin chowdhury Yıl önce
Sir ….. Sir …… Sir This guy should get Guinness world record for saying “Sir”
Nisha Paliwal
Nisha Paliwal Yıl önce
he is passed out from our school India international school Jaipur... We were in 11th standard.. When he visited our school once again... He had a heartwarming welcome.. I could clearly feel the nostalgia he had.. All his teachers met him.. He was very happy... He gave a wonderful speech... We all were inspired very much.. Proud of you Akshat bhaiya💜❤
Abin Eldho Sunny
Abin Eldho Sunny 3 aylar önce
Rip English 🙏
MangoTree 5 aylar önce
so that means he was the center of attention while you guys were in the corner?
Akil er
Akil er 10 aylar önce
Akankhya panda
Akankhya panda 9 aylar önce
Amazing interview salute to these ias👍 we want such ias in our country
Hrishi kesh Sanyal
Hrishi kesh Sanyal Yıl önce
All answers were correct he was so talented and in my whole life I don't see like this boy❤️
noone🇮🇳 8 aylar önce
Great interview loved it ♥️ it's a good interview for watching really very fluent English and professional talking skills loved it ❤️
Drishti IAS : English
Drishti IAS : English 8 aylar önce
Glad you enjoyed it!
Utkarsh Singh
Utkarsh Singh 4 aylar önce
The way he tackle all the questions was really good...and also the sudden proposal to the water glass was wonderful...
kandala gopala krishna
kandala gopala krishna Yıl önce
Everybody talking about boy,also appreciate the channel for supplying such a golden content..
Mohammad anas
Mohammad anas Yıl önce
@Selvaraj Venkatraman 😂
Abhishek Prasad
Abhishek Prasad Yıl önce
Yeah... It had changed my perspective towards interviews, particularly UPSC interviews
kandala gopala krishna
kandala gopala krishna Yıl önce
@Selvaraj Venkatraman 😊
Thagaram Chandu
Thagaram Chandu Yıl önce
Yes bro
Selvaraj Venkatraman
Selvaraj Venkatraman Yıl önce
Plot twist : Best way to get hear from the channel 😂🤣🤣
Hitesh Patel
Hitesh Patel Yıl önce
His preferences are: ias followed by ips & then ifs & finally irs. Thanks god there’s nothing left behind. Real smart. Wish you all the best Akshat. You are a real inspiration
Cimics Hindi Audiobook
Cimics Hindi Audiobook 2 aylar önce
Question - Why we should not select you, Give us three reason Ans - Sir I don't think there is any reason you should not select me What a great response... I don't think It's arrogance, it's only self confidence...
Santisontali 11 aylar önce
Very talented guy.... He deserves to be an ias officer....
Nakul and Ritu VR
Nakul and Ritu VR 3 aylar önce
Watching this interview for the 4th time. Great overall character and personality.
Aman Rana
Aman Rana Yıl önce
Probably the best (English) interview Given by any candidate in drishti IAS....❣️
Horror Movies!
Horror Movies! 10 aylar önce
@Dheeraj Kumar What? Sensible? I think only sensible and sincere students can clear upsc! You can't say Srushti isn't sensible! Everyone iss!! My perspective is each and every candidate is equally capable and SENSIBLE!! See bro let's not discuss more about thiss! You like sakshi and I like Srushti okay? It's alright everyone has their opinions and choices!!
Dheeraj Kumar
Dheeraj Kumar 10 aylar önce
@Horror Movies! but sakshi aggarwal looks more sensible then her and matured
Horror Movies!
Horror Movies! 10 aylar önce
@Dheeraj Kumar noo dude both the candidates did very well nobody was overconfident....
Dheeraj Kumar
Dheeraj Kumar 10 aylar önce
@Horror Movies! there is very thin line between confindence and over confidence shristi is over confident
Horror Movies!
Horror Movies! 10 aylar önce
@Dheeraj Kumar haha you talk about answers? Were you knowing the appropriate answers?? Huh how the hell you could judge someone if you yourself are not aware of that stuff? 🙂 ykw? We shouldn't judge any of the UPSC(toppers) Candidates... Hahaha ANSWERS! how cheapp!
Nikki Mittal
Nikki Mittal 8 aylar önce
wow👍👍👍 his interview was superb..... what a confidence 👍 it seems like he knew all the questions that he was asked in the interview hall... he is only 23 and he impressed the jury by giving all the answers correctly and in a very efficient manner 👍... THis is actually effect of his family background and his own hard work❤️
Laxmi Bhandari
Laxmi Bhandari 10 aylar önce
Probably the best upsc interview I've come across ❤️❤️ kudos
Excellent session - really motivating..
The Railman 130
The Railman 130 Yıl önce
28:50 This kind of confidence I need in my life 🙌🏻🔥
Samriddhie_ 9 aylar önce
Wow, the first one whom I found is a non science graduate and has a lot of caliber to be one of the most humble IAS serving in the nation✨
STUDY GRUP 3 aylar önce
Whomever is watching these interviews vedios Trust me you will become an IAS officer Drishti IAS motivates me enough And courages me to be an IAS officer
Yavishth Tomar
Yavishth Tomar 2 aylar önce
The most positive and fruitful things for me was his confidence. But sometimes it can be arrogant too. He is a worthy IS officer
sexy Viktor
sexy Viktor 6 aylar önce
How to be like him :- Answer- by staying calm and believe in yourself
Lucky Dogra
Lucky Dogra Yıl önce
Real genius this man is. Way he answered all the question show his intelligence,calmness, patience. I learned a lot from him.
Shakti Agarwal
Shakti Agarwal 4 aylar önce
Sahil Verma
Sahil Verma 8 aylar önce
IIT en
Tathagata Kundu
Tathagata Kundu 11 aylar önce
This guy ...the way he was speaking, the words he was using, really reflects upon, how finely he can show case indepth knowledge that he has in areas of Administration!
AryanSinghRajput 11 aylar önce
We totally appreciate his confidence and try to be like him
koushalmarala 11 aylar önce
His confidence level was just awesome....the way he answers.....🔥
Sanam aisha
Sanam aisha 9 aylar önce
I m a Urdu literature student. I have done my graduation recently n m also 23old but I personally likes his interview as I don't have any interest in upsc still I watched the whole interview .It was awesome he is so talented boy .
Sukanya Sen
Sukanya Sen Yıl önce
No doubt, this is one of the best (English medium) interviews in Drishti IAS ever. Damn! Look at his level of confidence and impeccable structure of words! Accent is incomparable. I hope he gets selected and be a good IAS officer!
Shri Shri
Shri Shri 8 aylar önce
@Sukanya Sen girls like u end up marrying govt clerks by paying dowry
Mobya 9 aylar önce
BFTD Brian (-_-)
BFTD Brian (-_-) 9 aylar önce
@Sukanya Sen well right but "hope" is like somethin funny didi
BFTD Brian (-_-)
BFTD Brian (-_-) 9 aylar önce
@God jyada tharki na ban samjha na, bl bla bakchodi bak ra
Arkaroop Dasgupta
Arkaroop Dasgupta 10 aylar önce
@wagh rahul are mere bhi kea bola yrr KASAM se maza a gea 🤣🤣🤣
Being:Indian•Youth 4 aylar önce
Surprisingly,We have such of great fellows who deserving our India to a higher stand...We always salute and support them to their best work 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Jai Hind ...
Shakti Agarwal
Shakti Agarwal 4 aylar önce
hardmasterrocks 11 aylar önce
Wow! The panelists are amazing. If they were so successful, they wouldn't be questioning these geniuses in the first place. Kudos to our educational system! The same british system of governance continues to this day. Just the name has changed. I hope Akshat really goes about to make a difference. God bless!
Lethal Gaming Titans
Lethal Gaming Titans 11 aylar önce
He’s 23, the confidence he has built in is truly commendable. 💯 the level of answers he is giving!
Faizan Faiz
Faizan Faiz 9 aylar önce
He is so talented and humble guy i wish i could 1% of him
sakshi koul
sakshi koul 3 yıl önce
He truly deserves this success. Confident plus intelligent 👍👍
sakshi koul
sakshi koul 3 yıl önce
@Chinmay Wagh hahaha . True😁😁
Chinmay Wagh
Chinmay Wagh 3 yıl önce
And single 😂😂😂😂that proposal question was so out of the blue
Drishti IAS : English
Drishti IAS : English 3 yıl önce
Thanks For The Comment! Hope these videos are helpful for you!
Razou Angami
Razou Angami 10 aylar önce
He got confidence from his parents... Love the way he is
Ritika Ritika
Ritika Ritika 9 aylar önce
He is the aspirations of all upsc lover ❤️👍
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 10 aylar önce
Hallelujah!!! He's just 23 with this confidence!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Just spellbound!!! Kudos to him he has my respect!!!!
K͛𝒊𝒏𝒈𝑺𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒌𝒂r̬🔥🔥 Yıl önce
Of course he is very talented and he deserves to that post in civil work 👍👍
vinayak Yıl önce
Dude I can't even think about the level of answers he is giving!
Christina 9 aylar önce
@parimtm [NIT G]✔ as the daughter of a police officer you are right to some extent but you can't entirely dimiss his intelligence and sharp answers given within an instant. Thats something majority can't do. Not to forget, the interviewer asked these questions keeping in mind that his parents are civil servants
indian 10 aylar önce
That's why you are not there
Amit Limaye
Amit Limaye 11 aylar önce
correct!! He has showcased his rank/harwork/dedicate at a very young age.
100% agree & stunned with the flavours of questions asked-WOW!!
Diganth Yash
Diganth Yash 11 aylar önce
Me to the interviewer "Are u comedy me"
Deepanshu Tiwari
Deepanshu Tiwari 2 aylar önce
I am in class 12th and I am here to get some confidence he have And thanks to drishti for giving everyone such replies 💖
Shalivahan Patil
Shalivahan Patil Aylar önce
One of the best interview I have ever seen.... 💯✌
Whatever Yıl önce
15:17 On this question, I would've left the room!! What a guy!! This guy is the best version any human being can reach upto. Hats off🙌🔥❤️
Physics Boy
Physics Boy 17 gün önce
Ye select hone ke baad interview de rhe hain ya abhi Inka interview iska baad mein hua
Fahmida Rimy [태미]
Fahmida Rimy [태미] 24 gün önce
I was shivering lol
私は'ÃRCEUS' 29 gün önce
@Ashu Sahrawat bro they are not your school's ordinary teacher they are fully experienced and the reason ask that question is how much attentive is your brain is and if you are being an ias officer if some critical happens what would you then and that question is off topic but it depends how you handle the situation 😂🗿
ABCD 2 aylar önce
When i heard the question my answer was like-"Hey,You are a glass of water and as a human, I am 72% our combination will be great"😂😂😂
Kakarot 4 aylar önce
@C∆PT∆IN ALPHA arre nirlajj, bhawnao ko samajh!
Kritika Jain
Kritika Jain 7 aylar önce
The person who makes jain community to proud always ❤️ hoping to be like him 🤗
Shaurya Aggarwal
Shaurya Aggarwal 10 aylar önce
I m amazed to see such an excellent interview for the first time....reaching there requires a lot of hardwork. Wil give a try once.:)
vidyaank 10 aylar önce
Why is it interviewers don't want to learn anything new in detail? His explanation of the UX design example of a Goldsmith was great and it needed attention to detail.!
max Bhakta
max Bhakta 11 aylar önce
Best confidence and knowledge at young age. 👍👌
NEET 360🔥
NEET 360🔥 7 aylar önce
His way of answers to questions is fire🔥🔥❣️💯 A person who always tells about his real strategy to us 😎😎 Always my inspiration #AKSHAT SIR🤗🤩❣️💯🔥🔥🤟
Anant Jain
Anant Jain 3 aylar önce
Your way of answers to questions is on fire bro 🔥🔥🔥you are top level and your confidence is top level bro.💐💐💐
Kamal Sharma
Kamal Sharma 3 yıl önce
He should be topper so much calmness and patience can be seen from his behaviour
Gaurav Shinde
Gaurav Shinde 3 yıl önce
U never saw the topper . He may be better than him or even worse than rank 10th.. Don’t judge
What'syourdream #
What'syourdream # 3 yıl önce
Kamal Sharma i strongly agree.
Kamal Sharma
Kamal Sharma 3 yıl önce
@Roses Jamir listen i just said the thing which people r appreciating.... So who d hack r u to tell me what should i think write or speak !! U r in my comment section !! If u have any problem then don't type here
Roses Jamir
Roses Jamir 3 yıl önce
@Kamal Sharma umm I just stated the fact that it was a mock interview and I wouldn't in no way complain abt the judgment made by the interviewers(they're experts ) and neither should you. And I think UPSC did a great job. I'm sure he deserved the rank he got.
Kamal Sharma
Kamal Sharma 3 yıl önce
@Roses Jamir then what's purpose of conducing interview by upsc??? I think upsc should take classes from you.... About the better selection criteria !!
Md Rabiul Islam
Md Rabiul Islam 10 aylar önce
Amazing interview indeed.
Sanjana Agrawal
Sanjana Agrawal 6 aylar önce
What a confidence ❤️