Amber Angrily Speaks Out, AB6IX Leader DUI, TWICE Accused, Momoland Sad DM's, & More

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Talking about: TWICE More & More Music Video accusations. AB6IX Leader Youngmin DUI incident. Amber speaks out after pregnancy rumors. Momoland JooE shares hate sent to her Instagram. DIA coming back next week but without Jung Chaeyeon and Somyi.
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KPOP Junkee
KPOP Junkee 7 aylar önce
So just to clear up any confusion, the pic at the end is Suzy (that she posted for fun). No Chaeyeon is not. And no Suzy is not. If you're confused you'll understand when you see the ending 😆😉
j0Jø 7 aylar önce
@kokonoott nu the pic was to comemorate(i cant spell) the movie she acted in, ashfall. its a fake belly, she was pregnant for the movie only
hnhs subs
hnhs subs 7 aylar önce
@kokonoott noo, she's not, lol! it was for a role in a movie or kdrama (i'm not sure)
hnhs subs
hnhs subs 7 aylar önce
we love a good prankster haha.
Imogen Kemp
Imogen Kemp 7 aylar önce
Peeta Mellark as an exo-l blink and army I feel like all the fandoms are so toxic towards each other which makes me sad, but I really wouldn’t put it past the toxic ‘fans’ to do something like that
Ailee Accent
Ailee Accent 7 aylar önce
Hi guys. I hope someone will respond. Do you guys know how I can report malicious comments to JYP entertainment? It's not just usual bash comments. A certain post is being repeated and members are being sexualized and objectified. It's getting trendy. I don't want another member in JYP to develop ANXIETY because of this.
Otaku_호랑하 _Kpop
Otaku_호랑하 _Kpop Aylar önce
I will miss youngmin forever 😔✊❤️
Kdramanatic IOTNBO
Kdramanatic IOTNBO 2 aylar önce
I don't know anything about the leader guy from AB6IX and my opinion is kind of two sided on this. I think that driving under the influence is a horrible thing to do. At first, you may not think much of it but it could turn into a huge problem. You could very possibly kill someone. Even if ur not completely drunk and u think ur fine, you could momentarily feel a little tipsy and take your concentration off the road and then BAAM, u hit someone. That one little mistake could turn someone's life upside down as well as ur own life. So I think that he did a really bad thing and I hope that he learned from his mistake and that he won't ever do it again. On the other hand, I don't want to hate on him, I don't want to criticize him any more than this because he might be feeling terrible right now about this. I can relate. Ive done some things in the past that I regret deeply. I felt so horrible for what I did because it hurt someone precious to me that I even considered killing myself. I could not live with the guilt. But I learned that I should live with it, that I should suffer a little more and take my time to show how sorry I am to that person. He might be feeling like me so I know that it feels like torture. Bad memories stay with you longer. I want him to suffer a bit so that he remembers this for the rest of his life and doesn't do it ever again. And I'm not just talking about him. I hope that no one in the world drunk drives. Plan ahead. Call a taxi. Ask someone to pick you up. Don't be stupid cuz it's a matter that could mean life or death.
_Izzy _
_Izzy _ 3 aylar önce
I respect Amber. Yes, she’s made mistakes but she seems to actively be making changes and learning from her mistakes. She is a celebrity where you can actually see a lot of the change. I am not black however, so I can’t claim that I really have a right to decide. I do respect Amber for being amicable when apologizing but daring to speak up when she’d had enough. People are so quick to judge and with cancel culture so rampant nowadays (the toxicity oml) I’m glad she did what she did. Idols are humans, they make mistakes. Nobody is perfect and imagine how hard it must be to be attacked and bashed all the time for your mistakes. It would be horrible. I respect Amber for saying no to cancel culture.
Remus Pierre
Remus Pierre 4 aylar önce
Yap Kien Keong
Yap Kien Keong 4 aylar önce
im so sad for Youngmin:( he was so cute, talented (i wouldnt say handsome cause ppl may think im being weird.) he did this because he didnt want to ruin his group's reputation:(. bless him.
Aville Macalinao
Aville Macalinao 5 aylar önce
Not at how it was only temporarily not promoting here, but now, Lim Youngmin is not anymore coming back...
SKJ9Nrox 5 aylar önce
Let's take a step back and wonder, does anybody here or around you has an opinion that 100% agree? You're always going to have people disagreeing, and in those people, you're gonna have the random 1% who's gonna be extreme and start talking a lot of shiat. The only reason WE dont face those hates, is because we are not on the spot like they are. Anyways, I dont think people should apologize unless they admit they were wrong or lacked information on the matter. Thats why I think, imo, it should be resolved thru conversation rather "cancellation".
Jeza Sulit
Jeza Sulit 6 aylar önce
Amber don't deserve all that hate😢😢😢
Et Han Sasori
Et Han Sasori 6 aylar önce
Jknews made it let’s go check out jknews great people
lalalisaBae 6 aylar önce
Omg 2:06 I love her We bare bears shirt....
Carat,MOODZ, and Monbebe for life
Carat,MOODZ, and Monbebe for life 4 aylar önce
@lalalisaBae Lol! 😂💗
lalalisaBae 4 aylar önce
@Carat,MOODZ, and Monbebe for life we have the same biases lol😂😂
Carat,MOODZ, and Monbebe for life
Carat,MOODZ, and Monbebe for life 4 aylar önce
I thought I was the only one 😂! Btw, my bias is pan pan 🙃
Hox 6 aylar önce
Mind if I add, how do you expect the world to be a better place if you keep slamming people down for making mistakes and forsaking them forever as evil people. By practicing cancel culture like this you're going en-route to polarize almost everything and never allow a golden middle road to be took. Plus you're gonna put more people in your opposition, because there is no salvation for them is there? Forgive Amber. if you are unsure about her sincerity or still upset, then learn to leave her alone and just "out of sight out of mind".
Ashley Tomkinson
Ashley Tomkinson 6 aylar önce
Kpop idols are going to keep committing suicide if the hate comments don't stop. If you feel like an idol is in the wrong then educate instead of belittle and ABSOLUTELY DO NOT tell them to kill themselves.
XiaoLan Li
XiaoLan Li 6 aylar önce
The e-mail sent by Amber looks to me like a form e-mail sent by organizations working on the cause to supporters to e-mail to their representatives. Things also moved very fast in the response to George Floyd's death and the BLM movement and protests. At first, calling for the highest possible charge was a way of pushing away from historic and recent murders of black people by police and others that were never held accountable. So at one point in the BLM movement, it was a general consensus to push for the highest degree possible for the cop who murdered George Floyd. Then, after legal analysts were able to share their thoughts publicly, people could consider shifting their mindset to a game of legal strategy. Even so, the people can still call subjectively for the punishment they feel fit the crime given the point in history in which we stand; lawyers can make the strategic call in court. This is not an uncommon dynamic in US politics/legislation and responses by activists with how fast the news cycles run. The agitated backlash towards Amber is too much - she comes from a place where online hate has been severely detrimental to people she loves. So I stand by her standing up for her apology - receiving constructive comments is great, but it's not ok when it gets unhealthy. Amber's doing good work.
J L 6 aylar önce
Some people are just dumb. They take things so personally and want instant apologies and "proof" that someone has changed or whatever and yet, they'll be quick to call someone's outfit ugly or tell others to kill themselves. Pu-lease get over yourselves. I swear, the generation now won't live long. They'll kill each other before they're even 30.
elena arevalo
elena arevalo 6 aylar önce
VeryRed 6 aylar önce
People are messy idc I’ll always love amber
Baevidg 6 aylar önce
Why do they open negative Dm's and not everyone else's?
Gaisho 6 aylar önce
... when you say DUI it always sounds horrible, but it doesn’t mean drunk. It can, but the blood alcohol level in South Korea is only 0.03%... that’s like two cans of beer or a single shot. You wouldn’t even be STARTING to feel tipsy. I would pay the fine since I would have broken the law, but I wouldn’t feel sorry since no one was is any more danger had I been sober and there is nothing to be sorry about. I’m not saying this dude was just barely over their legal limit as I don’t know, but y’all don’t know that he was piss drunk either; I’m just saying that it’s not fair to criticise (or completely forgive) when the details are unknown.
Ceila Flores
Ceila Flores 6 aylar önce
Damn you really take you time to do research and educate yourself. I’m glad you talked about the black lives matter movement in a really clear way. Lots of respect.
Mars N
Mars N 6 aylar önce
I'm looking for comments about the More & More incident lol.
Berry 6 aylar önce
This is why Amber is a kween.
ruddiko 6 aylar önce
This is not new behavior on amber's part, she's been racist and homophobic before. I LOVED her but I mourned the bitch, she won't listen or shape up to the times and place she's living in, she just lalalas with her hands on her ears
Angela Han
Angela Han 6 aylar önce
There will always be haters for kpop idols. Even though I was not the biggest fan of Fx, I respect Amber for being openly expressive. Idols are human too and its bold to admit, "I'm human. Idols are humans too." :)
ItsEkettee 6 aylar önce
I support amber!!, people do realize that others were also saying they should give him 1st degree. Not just her!!
RoMayDrako 6 aylar önce
Amber handles hate in one of two ways. Makes the hate a joke, or she makes a stand refusing to let people continue to shove her. Mistakes happen, if a person doesn't keep living by those mistakes there is no need to dig them up and continue to use against a person. Let us NOT teach people it's okay to never forgive and forget - that it's okay to cancel. To error is human.
J Black
J Black 6 aylar önce
Amber is lit 🔥
Sophia Torres
Sophia Torres 6 aylar önce
Ok so honestly I love amber and fx so much She had every reason to be mad, As most of you know she was cancelled for being racist, even tho she didn’t know the race of the man and later apologizes Also it is an old video and she has changed for the better I’ve you’ve seen her streams and lives she talks abt blm and HAS changed She is attending protests, donating and spreading awareness I have no idea what people want her to do,she handled it very responsibly.
yuthakon chou
yuthakon chou 6 aylar önce
Not a fan of momoland but bruh why the hate and just in general STOP......IT (Its stuck in my hair)
dIsGusTeD 7 aylar önce
One question. Is Youngmin just resting for now or dod he actually left?
fategrandoroder2 7 aylar önce
In the US everyone becomes lawyers, experts and scientists in the internet. Lol
L L 7 aylar önce
I'm sorry but what that Ab6ix member did was stupid. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing. If he knew he was going to drink, he should've planned ahead on how he was going to get back home (by calling manager or asking his friends to take him back home) He shouldn't have brushed his condition off by assuming he was going to make it safely. If he's old enough to drink, then he should be old enough to have common sense on this kind of situations
Cyther Vapora uwu
Cyther Vapora uwu 7 aylar önce
I’m actually ashamed to live in this world. Amber’s member committed suicide because of the same toxicity that is being spread around. Yes. She made a mistake. Yes. She was ignorant. But that doesn’t mean you can just degrade her, make fun of her appearance, make up random rumours and tell her to off herself. No. You’re just a bully. You’re just an asshole behind a phone or computer screen, typing away because you’re a coward and has nothing better to do in their life but to hate on someone who is actively trying to be a better person. It’s a shitty world. I actually fucking hate being alive.
mayte Ortiz
mayte Ortiz 7 aylar önce
Charlotte Verdonck
Charlotte Verdonck 7 aylar önce
About the JYP thing, the music compagny NAIVE messed up. You don't take "inspiration" from a *existing* piece of art to replicate a copy in a clip lol They're lucky the artist seems chill because he's in the right to ask for a lot of money ... then I don't know Korea law about intellectual property but in my country the guy would be compensated for sure >
Clare Yan
Clare Yan 7 aylar önce
Omg ur like a second dispatch Annoying and nosey
Maria Mendes
Maria Mendes 7 aylar önce
Hey Youngmin. Did you see this? Someone put you on a US TV Birthday Announcement Show.
kpopcoffeebeans 7 aylar önce
It’s amazing how everybody got the chance to be born, and has a very short amount of time to experience life, and this is what everybody chooses to do with it. You’ll never get these seconds back, so I hope you all are confident in the ways you spend your time.
5yberGigi 7 aylar önce
From my perspective, I don't think Amber deserves this extreme hate. It's completely unnecessary. How are we gonna fight for equality if we can't even treat others how we want to be treated? She's fighting for rights, not against, yet she makes a mistake and y'all hate her like she killed someone? She's trying to be active in the situation. You are causing more inequality by continuously hating. She was furious and she has the right to be angry, everyone needs to let their anger go. Maybe it wasn't in the best way, but she's human. We all are. She's absolutely right, this is indeed fucking stupid. This world needs to change a hell of a lot. Like MJ said, "I'm talking to the man in the mirror, I'm asking him to change is ways." fix yourself before you try to fix another person's or a worldwide problem.
kuroshi masshiro
kuroshi masshiro 7 aylar önce
What I know is Amber's pregnancy is a joke. She is trying to make herself to be better but, those haters has duplicate themselves to make her kill herself and thought that she is pregnant. What a joke for this haters...
Dancinfanz 7 aylar önce
All I can say on drinking and driving is this. All it takes is one time. It only took one time for some plastered frat boy to take away my most beloved person. It took one time for some MF to plow his way through my mother’s Honda and take her from me. Took one time for this stupid boy to kill a 25 year old grad student and a mother of two. So no I will never forgive a drunk person driving while under the influence. That stupid boy killed my mother and because of that he tore my world apart because of a stupid decision. Especially in this day and age when Uber or a friend is a phone call or text away hell no.
Waffle Tae
Waffle Tae 7 aylar önce
Ok with the youngmin situation just think about the amount of stress and pressure is thrown at him on a daily basis every idol is under HUGE loads of stress. All idols are pressured to be perfect and have no flaws. They barley get sleep a lot of them are underweight from not eating due to stress and anxiety. I’m not surprised that it happened. We all knew it was gonna happen to an idol or celeb one day. Things like stress, anxiety, and hate cause people to lose it as an example jonghyun (rest in peace angel🥺💔) he suicided because of all the stress he was under and the hate he got from stupid and idiotic People. Now I’m not saying it was alright that youngmin did what he did as it was a bad decision made by him. It was big mistake that shouldn’t of happened but you can’t just blame him he’s under so much stress trying to be perfect for social media. A lot of people forget that idols are humans and humans make mistakes and not only that but people learn from mistakes. I’m not saying you have to forgive him but at least give him a chance to learn from his mistake and become a better person. Again I’m not saying what he did was good as it wasn’t but at least give him a chance. Have a nice day/night😊💜.
LemuresXL 7 aylar önce
Well in general KPOP fans are vile people. Not shocking people would do that. I dig Korean music, but it's obvious when you look at comments that most of the fans are disgusting trash. They say things like "bop", "queen", it "slaps", "stan", "bias". F'n idiots.
Guage Henthorn
Guage Henthorn 7 aylar önce
I remember seeing a few videos about amber being one of the nicest kpop idols out there and then I probably got distracted by something else. So all I knew about her is that she was super super nice according to what i saw. That is why I felt the feeling of betrayal for the very first time when I found her ignorant comments. She fucked up and I’m never going to forgive her but the amount of hate she’s getting is way too much!
Lullaby Luna
Lullaby Luna 7 aylar önce
It’s funny bc no matter what amber does she gets hate....sound familiar? certain idols?....
Lillian Lugo
Lillian Lugo 7 aylar önce
Amber is a kind person. 😙😙😙😙😙😎😎😉😉😘
Sakina Godwin
Sakina Godwin 7 aylar önce
That YG driving rule doesn't sound so bad, does it?
Water Witch
Water Witch 7 aylar önce
It's amazing how people have the time to criticize others for mistakes, when they aren't doing as much for change as the one they are criticizing.
Ash Conday
Ash Conday 7 aylar önce
The Amber "Scandal" in the past was actually edited wrongly, I think the TRshow channel it was on even admitted that at one point. Also all the "Black Lives Matter" is utter bullshit tbh, people are using George Floyd as a example but are ignoring all the charges that George Floyd had against him and even the fact that he was fucking high when he died.
krabbiekassie 7 aylar önce
Christy yeptho Christy yeptho
Christy yeptho Christy yeptho 7 aylar önce
Do channels like this can get monetize and earn money?
honey bee
honey bee 7 aylar önce
the case with Amber was fucking horrendous jfc... people out there saying "she deserves to get bullied"/"should shut tf up" and even going as far as to say she's better off dead... like holy shit. no one is obligated to forgive her but no one should be allowed to bully the shit out of her either. just block and her go! for the record, in the racism" scandal, she didn't even say shit about the man's race, in fact she didn't know his race.. when she asked and it was clarified she took it all back. also am i even surprised that it was Bl1nks who started that pregnancy rumor? *sigh*
Hilma NH
Hilma NH 7 aylar önce
Idols are humans! They made mistakes! However DUI not so much mistakes, but more like reflection of what kind of person you are who disregard other life for you convenience. Wanna get drunk? Don't bring your car. Not planning to, but end up drunk anyway? Call a f-ing taxi.
hanselism3k 7 aylar önce
Gotta love the human race✊🏾
ann susi
ann susi 7 aylar önce
actually amber is adult not underage, so what if she pregnant?
katy ö
katy ö 7 aylar önce
my brother was killed by a drunk driver 15 years ago & back in February my father was too. drinking & driving is not acceptable and theres no place for that shit. smfh
ɒɪaɴa 7 aylar önce
Are you gonna talk about seljia the kpop killer
Camille 7 aylar önce
Korean fans are sooooo weird
Emma Huffman
Emma Huffman 7 aylar önce
I'm so sad.. first wonho, Woojin, youngmin?? He's so young :(
GenOblivion 7 aylar önce
If you see things from ambers perspective what she did might be the most non-racist thing ever. korea isn't that multicultured to the point where you would notice police discrimination so she's probably never seen it before. which means she probably was under the assumption that the guy must've done something (because why would a police officer arrest someone for any other reason right? < her point of view probably)
Eminenur Topaloglu
Eminenur Topaloglu 7 aylar önce
If I only have that deathless,eternal energy haters have...They r amazing(!)
이은아 7 aylar önce
The haters really need to stop they're going too far idols have feelings too, they're not robots, Sulli and goo hara was attacked with haters. Im very sorry gor the hater's because they have wasted a lot of time on hating idols and not hating themselves (for hating idols) and ! Why did the haters even joined when idol's make lives ? Or vlive or anything ? And even follow them on ig or twitter You should've just left (haters)
suji park
suji park 7 aylar önce
No wonder TOP will not do comeback to korea
Superior Speed
Superior Speed 7 aylar önce
I just want to say Stop hating in momoland...... And also I love you Amber lui
Cinnamon Pirate
Cinnamon Pirate 7 aylar önce
1st picture - she's pretty as f! Amber's not believable. She wasn't stuck w/o information & frequented US to film w/her sister & on tour. Why's she trying so hard to fix a country she doesn't care that much about? It just seems weird moves. AB6IX - DUI drivers get too much of a pass. They kill people & he's only sorry he got caught! There should be tougher punishments for people who drive intoxicated!
netta9581 7 aylar önce
There was one thing that bothered me in this video... You said forgiving DUI is connected to wether you suffered from it before. I disagree. I will never forgive DUI though I was lucky enough to never get hurt or know someone who got hurt because of it. DUI is an act of stupidity, carelessness. A person who decides to DUI is knowingly risking not just themselves but anyone else who could be outside! This is not just stupid, it is some kind of evil! So even if he is sorry, it just tells me something about his personality and values. I can never become a fan of someone who did it, let aside forgive them. So yes, I’m glad he left the group and I’m sure I would feel the same way even if I was a fan of AB6IX.
KitKatxK 7 aylar önce
I am just curious who the picture of the guy on Jooe's phone is? He looks like someone famous I recognize byut can't remember the name of.
aros 7 aylar önce
Leonardo di caprio😂
Dil Afroz
Dil Afroz 7 aylar önce
Ab6ix guy... what did he do?
aros 7 aylar önce
Drunk driving and he already left the group😔
joke, half-meant
joke, half-meant 7 aylar önce
The world is infested with Karens
geri911 7 aylar önce
No matter what people say I will never forget how Amber in the middle of filming a show would be willing to get up right then and there and leave just to donate blood to someone she doesn't even know personally. She may make mistakes but she is in no effing way a bad person. You people need to stop spreading hate. Also if you wish to be understood then you in return should also be more forgiving and understanding. Be the bigger person, all this I will never forget and I will never forgive is so elementary it shoes how immature you most are. I am out!
geri911 7 aylar önce
Sorry KPop Junkee are you defending cancel culture? Not cool.
arsha wijaya
arsha wijaya 7 aylar önce
IDOL IS HUMAN BEING TOO, is human some time can do mistic and they have their own opinion, "but they are idol they have to show just good think", to everyone has that opinion are you human...??? are you love to see a pretender...??? or you like to see who you like can show a little thing the truth about their self..??? you always want to show around you about your self but you don't want to see the other true self...??? the idol is human they always do their best even they just have a short time to sleep cause they know they have a real true fan who always waits for them and supports them, not a fan who hates or disturbs them...
G S 7 aylar önce
If you up the charges to first-degree murder, he will absolutely walk free. Upping the charge doesn't mean you take it more seriously. Charges have specific definitions that mean very specific things. Charge the man with what he did-- third-degree murder/manslaughter. If they try anything else, he very likely will not be charged. Please, everyone, stop trying to increase the charges.
Maplenerd22 7 aylar önce
@G S - No it's not terrible. They upgraded the charge to 2nd degree unintentional murder under Minnesota law. Both 2nd degree unintentional murder and 3rd degree murder are very similar in that both don't require intent. The only difference is for 2nd degree unintentional murder, it has to be the result of an assault (felony) which can be argued as. And because the two charges are very similar in nature, even if they don't convict him of that 2nd degree charge, the jury can still convict him of 3rd degree. This was actually a smart move by the prosecution. Aim high for 2nd degree, but if that doesn't work, they still have 3rd degree to fall back on.
G S 7 aylar önce
@Maplenerd22 That's terrible. The public has no idea what they're talking about, and the prosecution caving into ignorant public pressure is incredibly irresponsible and counterproductive. They're going to let him walk free due to their mind-numbing negligence and kowtowing to the uninformed mob.
Maplenerd22 7 aylar önce
They already increased the charge to second degree murder, in addition to the third degree.
alzer1a 7 aylar önce
Stephanie Hart
Stephanie Hart 7 aylar önce
F$#! YEA go Amber
alzer1a 7 aylar önce
Disgusting, they all have feelings too, why would you DM someone that? that's literally ridiculous
akiheavenly6 7 aylar önce
Kpop stans are such hypocrites it's infuriating. They cancel someone over wearing cornrows or over a remark made, but when an actual law is broken.. oppa is sorry. Oppa didn't mean it, he's only doing soft drugs etc etc. 🙄 Quit kicking up a fuss over the most trivial thing and then go excusing a legal offence
chelecovers 7 aylar önce
As a former fan of amber's, I really do not forgive her for what she said nor do I believe she is sincere now. I cannot get over the fact that she is an american, and should know just how often the cops butcher people in the streets like animals and she still said what she said, so bafflingly and maliciously. She should not be using this current tragedy to rehabilitate her destroyed image. She BEEN cancelled. I am proud to be who I am, an african american, and I am tired of seeking validation from these Asian artists that obviously want our rhythm but not our blues. I am also tired of having to just accept the conciliatory and obligatory apology after these people do racist colorist shit. No she is not sorry, and no I do not believe her. I will be placing my time and energy into unproblematic kpop artists going forward.
Emily Bellis
Emily Bellis 7 aylar önce
Hell yeah Amber, they deserve 1st degree murder charges let’s goooooooo!!! I support you queen
Cereal•before•milk 7 aylar önce
i really don't want to lose another idol this year, you guys should stop hating on innocent people. leave momoland alone. We already lost like half of the group just let them be. I'm sure your favs wouldn't want you to send hate to their colleagues and if your an army doing this, the boys would be extremely disappointed in you, especially since your going against their main goal. which is to spread love
Hayley Hayes
Hayley Hayes 7 aylar önce
Im so disappointed in youngmin. I lost an aunt in a crash because of a drunk driver, and he was never prosecuted. I dont think he deserves actual jail time, but he should definitely be sentenced to some kind of community service. He could've killed someones kid, mom, grandpa, aunt, etc. I may be overreacting, but it makes me angry that all they did was revoke his license. What will he really learn from that?
Ailee Accent
Ailee Accent 7 aylar önce
Hi guys. I hope someone will respond. Do you guys know how I can report malicious comments to JYP entertainment? It's not just usual bash comments. A certain post is being repeated and members are being sexualized and objectified. It's getting trendy. I don't want another member in JYP to develop ANXIETY because of this.
Ailee Accent
Ailee Accent 7 aylar önce
Hi guys. I hope someone will respond. Do you guys know how I can report malicious comments to JYP entertainment? It's not just usual bash comments. A certain post is being repeated and members are being sexualized and objectified. It's getting trendy. I don't want another member in JYP to develop ANXIETY because of this.
stan LOONA peasants
stan LOONA peasants 7 aylar önce
Girl Group Warlahan tlga mga Amber Buntis Posting Enthusiasts🤣
pinkyqi 7 aylar önce
I lost someone due to drunk driving. I’m not an Abnew. But i forgave Youngmin...he was really sorry..
Lisa Gibson
Lisa Gibson 7 aylar önce
damn wtf momoland do? Everyone's talking shit about them. Did they do a Kemy?
Emotional-trash 7 aylar önce
The way this person transitions from topic to topic is so smooth it’s amazing
I don't edit my playlists
I don't edit my playlists 7 aylar önce
I hope brand new music is getting youngmin some help. Drunk driving is serious, and I'm glad youngmin seems to be taking it seriously before he hurt someone else or himself.
Mr Pantsu
Mr Pantsu 7 aylar önce
Kinda understand if amber blowed up like that. I wouldnt be surprise that she cant tolerate n try to reason with people who sent hate since she just lost one of her close friends to this types of people. I saw the tweets that was sent by these people to amber n its disgusting. Fake pregnancy? Telling her that she deserves to die? Really???
Justine Rina Vidad
Justine Rina Vidad 7 aylar önce
Twice is known for copying other artists. I'm not surprised LOL! They don't know how to be original. I don't hate Twice but i'm just saying what is true...
Maplenerd22 7 aylar önce
You can say that about every single KPOP group including BTS. LOL.
Farid Zaki
Farid Zaki 7 aylar önce
Maybe JYP will change production house for their next mv after Naive make mistake for copy other artists art
Brittany Chandler
Brittany Chandler 7 aylar önce
Twitter is just a cesspool of hateful people.
Goodmorningdaiseuki 7 aylar önce
The fact that they took time out of their day to write all that bs clearly means that they must be going through their own shit and decided take out on other people.
monbb 7 aylar önce
i love momoland and i must say im guilty for judging the girls when that issue of them being rude came out but after watching tons of fancams and finding out that they're just being themselves i finally came to realize that these girls are just being hated on bc theyre showing their true selves on camera and in public 😅 lets do the right research guys life is too short to hate on someone we do not know personally even if they're a public figure, lets try not to judge the book by its cover. 😊❤
Aaron Vogt
Aaron Vogt 7 aylar önce
Taj Tucker
Taj Tucker 7 aylar önce
No one is forced to accept an apology just like no one is forced to read their comments. She did the shit in late 2019 not 1950. She deserved the hate ( other than being told to khs), she deserved to get cancelled. If she opened up her mouth to post shit in public she can publicly get backlash.
Maplenerd22 7 aylar önce
Not accepting an apology is different from spewing hate stupid. One does not neccessitate another. Try using that little brain of yours for once.
thativygirl 117
thativygirl 117 7 aylar önce
Stan twitter disgusting as usual 😒
Chloe T-T
Chloe T-T 7 aylar önce
can you talk about i land too in your next video?
Jae 7 aylar önce
I really like AB6IX and have been a fan of them all since they first appeared on P101, so when I heard about Youngmin's DUI I was so frustrated. I absolutely hate when people drink and drive. I know people in real life who do it, and they think it is only okay because they think they are not drunk enough that it would impact their driving. Ultimately, it is NOT okay, and I wish there was more that could be done to deter these people from taking such a risk. I'm glad that BNM handled it the way they did. I was happy to hear that he had his license revoked, BNM took no time in addressing the issue and announcing his hiatus, and Youngmin apologized. Obviously that doesn't make everything instantly okay, though. The only way for him to be able to earn forgiveness would be to prove that he has learned from his mistakes, and that's not easy. It would take time, and how much time would depend on the person, and even then some people may never be willing to forgive him. Since we don't know him personally, there's no way for us to know for sure what he truly feels and if he has truly learned, so it's hard to know at what point he should be forgiven. It's all about whether you'd be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he is a better person now. As a fan, of course I would've liked it if he stayed on hiatus for longer, and maybe returned to the group eventually so long as he did not have any more trouble. But who knows how long that would be. AB6IX are still rookies, people are still learning about the group. If they become more popular while Youngmin is on hiatus, and then suddenly he returns one day, it may be weird, and people may not like it. And by the time he would rejoin the group, of course not everyone would have forgiven him. The scandal would always follow the group, even if he went years without anymore trouble. So unfortunately, it's a fact that his actions would hurt the group, and the only way to truly fix that is for him to leave. It's sad, because even though I know that I and many other fans would be willing to forgive him eventually, there are others who would not, and they have every right not to, as what he did is extremely serious, so ultimately it is the best decision for him to leave. I'm glad that the consequences of this are hopefully severe enough for him that he would never even think of drinking and driving again. Even though he is no longer in the group, and I don't know if he is still in the company and will try to return as a soloist in the future, I just really hope he has learned from this and will never put others in that kind of danger while driving again.
Bri L
Bri L 7 aylar önce
I personally feel bad for Youngmin. I'm not in any way defending him because yes what he did was wrong, but clearly he's learned not to do it again. Also he's human, we all make mistakes. I hope things turn out well for him and I hope we'll be seeing his face again soon.
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