Times Referees RUINED The Snooker Matches..

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Times Referees RUINED The Snooker Matches...
In the video we have controversial decisions and heated exchanges between top players like Judd Trump, Ronnie O'Sullivan, and the referees, showcasing some of the sport's most intense moments.
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@SNOOKR 4 aylar önce
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@Joe-cx4mv Aylar önce
It could have been so much better if you let people know the reason Jimmy was upset was because the referee choose what Colour ball Jimmy was going for, before Jimmy NOMINATED the Colour ball he was going for which is standard practice.! Also the frame where Ronnie didn't want to pot the Black to get a 147 was because it was only worth 5000 English pounds....!! But what you didn't show and what is most impressive is...??? Ronnie asked the referee how much the prize money was for a 147 after taking just one shot....!! But you never showed that...!! Ronnie predicted he was going to get a 147 after one shot..! But he was also right, 5 grand for a 147 is an insult to snooker!!
@alanhargreaves-thevoiceofr2361 22 gün önce
@@Joe-cx4mv snookers finished in Britain anyway ,,,,its a chinese sport now . . .Let em have it . . .
@kwilson5832 4 aylar önce
Michael Holt double checking the blue at the end was my favourite part. Everybody makes mistakes, including referees, so this lighthearted gesture was good for both Michaela and the audience.
@waltsmith4554 4 aylar önce
Love watching how Ronnie let's you know by expression how he feels about each interaction. Keeps me watching.
@scruffypage 4 aylar önce
Favourite Moment: Loved how you counted down from #12 then to #10, totally disregarding poor #11. Fantastic moment!
@np9119 2 aylar önce
I cant believe you are that attentive
@benhughes7892 12 gün önce
​@@np9119I can believe it, because it's stupid (I mean, how OTT is that, wondering why a video skipped from number 12 to 10?). I did exactly the same. Not much point having a countdown if you don't include them all.
@mjhmaster7476 4 aylar önce
My favourite part was when Neil pointed to the black ball as the ref was just causally stood there 😂😂
@ryansmith240992 4 aylar önce
My favourite part was Ronnie telling the ref to get his eyes tested! 🤣
@richardpeddie2060 3 aylar önce
But the referee is the referee not him, doesn't matter what he THINKS
@Richard56er 3 aylar önce
I remember Alan Chamberlain advising me when I started refereeing in the 80s, "When you buy new gloves be sure wash them before you use them because the snooker balls will slip from your hands". He was right.
@dhruvilpatel550 4 aylar önce
Ronnie’s protest to not do 147 was the best 😂
@mosheb7160 4 aylar önce
When Ronnie O'Sullivan stood by Jimmy White's side because Jimmy really didn't understand what the referee was laughing at and he was right because he made a gesture of what do you want from me, thank you for investing so much in the videos, it's really fun to watch
@AnthonyLee-op4ug Aylar önce
Number 3 Ronnie o sullivan telling the ref to get his eyes tested was my favourite part
@jemopriest 4 aylar önce
Ronnie is a legend.. and legends think differently.. they have their own minds
@ronnieherd9247 4 aylar önce
You spelled wanker wrong.
@GG-ml3vr 4 aylar önce
​@@ronnieherd9247So you dont like snooker then🤣
@alanhargreaves-thevoiceofr2361 22 gün önce
@@GG-ml3vr not since it finished . . . .
@GG-ml3vr 22 gün önce
@@alanhargreaves-thevoiceofr2361 Care to elaborate?
@user-vr4cj9gq7e 3 aylar önce
I just knew Ronnie(then 17) was going to be The Best ever when he beat Steven Hendry in 1993.🎉 I had a bet with a Scot, when I went to collect he had the note pinned to his lapel. Greatest respect Ronnie ❤
@user-ig5di9wc6l 4 aylar önce
Favourite moment must be when the referee picked up the white ball for no reason, it left me jaw dropped 😂
@Non-Stick_Pan Aylar önce
Snooker is a sport played in such a way at such a pace that any small error by the referee can be magnified disproportionately. Look at football for example and referees make many more mistakes that go unacknowledged if not unnoticed. I have a lot of respect for referees in any sport because in general they need to be more focussed and often fitter than any of the competitors.
@mourgielasbjj8957 2 aylar önce
I thing the worst referee decision was in the Alex Higgins - Cliff Thorburn match (1984 UK Championship). Where he didn't listen to Cliff calling the Green ball and causing chaos (and ultimately turning the table in favor of Alex). My favorite part though in the video was Jimmy hugging the ref. Jimmy is amazing !
@Antcasta608 3 aylar önce
When Ronnie says you saw nothing 😂😂
@antonioshandurkov5761 4 aylar önce
My favourite part was when the ref just left the black ball in the pocket and stood there like nothing is wrong. Your channel has very intresting content, keep it up.
@warrenmartin2032 3 aylar önce
Ronnie defending Jimmy shows a mark of respect between players
@yashaskumarkr 4 aylar önce
Ronnie telling the referee to get his eyes tested 😂😂 is my fav part
@facesoffearbrewing1229 4 aylar önce
I think it is very disrespectful.
@richardpeddie2060 3 aylar önce
But the referee is the referee not him, doesn't matter what he THINKS
@inixofficial 4 aylar önce
Favourite moment: "Get your eyes tested". was the best 😂😅
@SerbAtheist 3 aylar önce
So many referees make a mistake of taking a ball out of the hole and putting it right back on the table! I mean what's up with that? It's a wonder that the players treat it with grace instead of getting angry.
@wynlewis5357 4 aylar önce
What do you mean by RUINED in the title ? .. a rather heavy word isn't it ?
@timcrook2231 4 aylar önce
@lukeshepherd1044 4 aylar önce
It's the photo shop at the start of what you would assume is a referee shouting at a player that really gets me. Of all the years of snooker is this really the worst any ref has done? It's nothing
@MattiK2609 4 aylar önce
just clickbaits everywhere...
@stompingliger 4 aylar önce
Yeah, agreed. Like in the pink ball placing in 3:33, the players were laughing and nothing was ruined.
@saltychips7627 4 aylar önce
Some of these refs think the camera is there for them. Doughnuts
@benhull5042 4 aylar önce
Where Ronnie tells the ref “don’t start”🤣🤣
@gabrielc6252 Aylar önce
what was that all about ?
@Duffyyy94 4 aylar önce
In almost all these, they were harmless mistakes that rarely happen or even just a bit of fun (like the one with Robertson and the ref forgetting the black). Refs are human, and snooker has some of the best in all of cue sports. You guys don't know how good you have it (coming from American pool).
@oleggorky906 Aylar önce
I agree. This guy is really pedantic. I bet he thinks his own 💩 stinks sweeter than most. Ruining snooker by persuading Ronnie to make a 147? How many people have seen one in such a situation? Dropping a ball? A little bit clumsy, but mistakes happen. I think this guy majors in the minors.
@Threadnaught 3 gün önce
​@@oleggorky906 146, one less than the maximum. It was a bit of a controversy, because some people bet on him getting a 147 and the prize money wasn't enough for him to consider it worthwhile.
@oleggorky906 3 gün önce
@@Threadnaught I hold my hands up. I had totally forgotten that he did that. Oh well. Even better. Just imagine that you’re that good, that you ‘only score 146’ as a protest. And still, that one point makes a statement. A big statement. The ref did his bit. It’s on the organisers for being tight.
@jasonrutenberg6020 4 aylar önce
Ronnie saying “don’t start” to the ref 😅
@Reetzweet 3 aylar önce
#6 Jimmy was totally right in my opinion. Giving that warning is abuse of power. Love that he stood up for himself tho!
@leeward971 3 aylar önce
5:52 Not only did she pick up the wrong ball, she also put the cue ball back in a different position by about 6 inches.
@ryanlee5290 4 aylar önce
I like it when Ronnie took off his shoes, it was a funny moment 😅
@jakehughes191 4 aylar önce
Jimmy White smiling and laughing with the referee about moving the black on a free ball👍😁
@josephrinehart2934 4 aylar önce
I liked the part when the referee told Ronnie did not make a gesture with his cue. What about the refs that stole a game from Rodney and smiled afterwards?
@villehugovalo 4 aylar önce
Favorite moment was when referee takes the white ball instead of the black one haha
@aksharalama7686 4 aylar önce
I loved the moment roonie defended jimmy white
@simon1593 4 gün önce
For me Whites reaction / Ronnie backing him up is the best. That refs was clearly being disrespectful and White was in the right to call him out on it it’s just a shame the ref couldn’t admit to he’s own mistake and just apologise rather than trying to make White out to be the bad guy just wrong but I guess authoritarians never think there wrong was good to see Ronnie the genius back a fellow player up !
@nippyslippers1856 4 aylar önce
I was in the first round of the 1956 World Championship when the referee came over to me and said, "Now look here Nippy, you can't wear your slippers here!" I told him to go fuck himself! He disappeared for about 10 minutes and then came back and said, "Thanks Nippy, that was a good idea of yours!" I won the match 123 frames to 118 but went on to lose to Pocket Rocket Hurricane in the 2nd round 456 frames to 1! Those were the days of real snooker when everything was great so it was! Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed watching it, many thanks.
@markboyer4221 4 aylar önce
Desislava dropping the blue across the table was hilarious .. but she’s a good sport ..
@Duffyyy94 3 aylar önce
And great ref
@markboyer4221 3 aylar önce
@@Duffyyy94 brilliant she is .. 👍👍
@ibrahimmaassarani9252 4 aylar önce
#10 it's nice how Trump supported Ronnie even though they're two rivals and told the referee that it could have waited for later.
@user-fv1ob7ix9y 4 aylar önce
The best bit was the bit ronnie was sure the balls weren't touching but the ref thought otherwise just so good
@bilbobaggings 4 aylar önce
Loved the touching ball and Ronnie's comment.
@DerekEmerson 4 aylar önce
Best bit was when the humour came out in the last clip when holt checked the blue ball
@sharperimage8698 4 aylar önce
my favourite part was the intentional 146 from Ronnie
@chrisclode6410 4 aylar önce
every clip tells its own story about each player and referee
@jonasroger-ny3gm 4 aylar önce
Fav monent when the referee takes the queueball without any reason 😂
@ejones8583 4 aylar önce
Favourite moment was the replacement of the pink in the awkward position. Not easy to do especially under the circumstances and the pressure of the environment.
@TheRip72 2 aylar önce
How exactly was that 'ruining the game'? The rules are very clear as where it should go. What is the alternative, just make something up on the spot? That would give an unfair advantage to one player or the other. The players know they will need to wait for their next shot. If they do not like that, then try to play for another colour.
@TheJammerman 4 aylar önce
Not one single instance of a ref ruining snooker.
@NickJay 4 aylar önce
I was just about to say the same!
@serloinz 4 aylar önce
seems to me like an AI voice/transcript and filled with bot comments
@henningschrader5004 4 aylar önce
my favorite moment was where ronnie had to put the black ball even though he doesnt want to
@alpiekaar 4 aylar önce
so why didn’t he just send it down the table
@richghost2897 4 aylar önce
Ronnie telling the ref to get his eyes tested haha
@kingstrap8159 4 aylar önce
Poor girl tried her best! She had trouble reaching and had a fumble! We are all human even when some people think they are more!
@Duffyyy94 4 aylar önce
If you ref as many matches as these people do, no matter what you are gonna have some slip ups. We are all human, and they truly do a incredible job in snooker. Really set an example for all other cue sports.
@stefanshaw621 4 aylar önce
My favorite part is the referee is trying to place the pink ball on the table.
@jmez07 4 aylar önce
Jimmy did well to keep cool with the ref!
@playerknownbattledrown1221 4 aylar önce
Best part was when the ref was trying to place th pink in place in middle of other red balls ..smth that is actually satisfying to see for how accurate snooker should be ..
@ss-md3vj 3 aylar önce
6:00 Ronnie's the one that started it.
@JamesofQPR 22 gün önce
Yes, extremely entertaining video, my favourite part probably when Ronnie gets accused of making a gesture with his cue by the refeereee,
@deiuch 4 aylar önce
Probably the most interesting case was having that pink ball spotted inside a bunch of reds. Awkward to do any mistake, and amazing to actually spot it correctly.
@deiuch 4 aylar önce
Also that empathy to the referee when black was spotted after free ball was declared...
@IAmTheEg7 4 aylar önce
Mark Williams proceeded to make a joke by saying "can you clean the pink for me please?" Getting the commentary and audience all laughing.
@Openeye86 2 aylar önce
Best Moment, Ronnies controversal 146 😊
@motivationalmoments3444 4 aylar önce
Protest against 147 by ronnie O'Sullivan. I am a great fan of Ronnie O'Sullivan. ❤❤😢😢
@seyumaiayami3536 4 aylar önce
10 where Judd is like you could have said that after the game he is completely right and good for him.
@meik4008 4 aylar önce
Where Ronnie tells the ref “don’t start”
@chasebob8327 3 aylar önce
my favorite part was Jimmy white was warned by the ref, what an arrogant ref ref! it was very vindicating to see ronnie felt the same way.
@douglaswilson3978 3 aylar önce
Intense game sometimes..❤❤
@KarJac187 4 aylar önce
Ronnie's protest of the century
@detectivefunguy1961 2 aylar önce
That moment at number 12 wasn't ruined the lady made a honest mistake and fixed so technically that's not ruined
@OrSNCucumber 4 aylar önce
My favorite is #7. So intense 😝
@Misteryowl 4 aylar önce
My favourite bit is 1:52. Ronnie knows what he's done!
@stewartmcrae8007 4 aylar önce
It was no big deal typical woman making a fuss about nothing
@zIJarIz 3 aylar önce
What even happened?
@stewartmcrae8007 3 aylar önce
@@zIJarIz nothing at all she claimed that he was making a rude gesture with the cue
@arthurz24_63 4 aylar önce
My Fav was Number #3 after Ronnie said it wasn't touching.
@jasoncrook1 4 aylar önce
The touching ball issue is easily solved with the Rizla paper , if it slips in between its not touching 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻
@bonkersbeast 2 aylar önce
I can't understand why the referee can't see the screen when replacing balls rather than someone else looking at it and trying to explain it to them.
@arjunparasramka6373 4 aylar önce
When Ronnie tells the ref don’t start
@andrewclifton9772 4 aylar önce
And then after Desi had finally managed to get the pink in place, Mark Williams asked her to clean the pink ball, please!
@cynik5009 4 aylar önce
when the refree picked up the white i started rolling
@mightyquinnproductions8672 4 aylar önce
There's no doubt in my mind with the Jimmy White Situation with the referee laughing he didn't like Jimmy saying why you laughing and made up the finger gesture a sinister ref !
@TheRip72 2 aylar önce
What happened: Jimmy declared a colour. Most players mumble when they declare colours which is frustrating for a referee. (The rules define declaring as a verbal nomination). The referee heard him say something, but could not hear what. The referee is not allowed to help a player make a decision. Guessing which colour they have declared can be considered helping, so referees are trained to deliberately repeat the wrong colour, which is exactly what he did. Jimmy then declared the correct colour & made a humorous remark to the referee. The referee laughed. Jimmy made a sarcastic reply. He was warned for that. I don't think I would have done so.
@iqsh._ 4 aylar önce
Blunder of ruining the free ball and than realising wtf i just did 😂😂😂
@donovan2663 4 aylar önce
My favourite is the first video where the ref drops the ball
@MatthewBluefox 4 aylar önce
When Desi makes a mistake, everybody forgives her.
@lawrencetarget3059 4 aylar önce
We'll miss him when he retires, love the cue
@garethrichards9572 4 aylar önce
If youre gonna post a video, dont make so many mistakes. Michaels Tab??? Ronnie refusing the black for a 147??? Shoddy.
@Willturner9 4 aylar önce
@elrondsch 4 aylar önce
Ronnie actually refused to pot the last black on a 147 twice... both times begged by a ref to pot it for the fans. Since then he became sneaky and just potted one pink instead of a black to make a 146. You cant force a shot choice=)
@arjunrana6796 4 aylar önce
Favorite moment- Ronnie argues with Ref- Marteel sayng you saw nothing....😂
@gullygully69 4 aylar önce
#4 Michaela Tabb picking up the cue ball in error. And she put it down with a look on her face as if to say “don’t say anything”
@ceriphillipstalks5091 4 aylar önce
the Jimmy White incident at number 6 was the most interesting, as I really don't know what the ref was thinking
@KrisLXR 4 aylar önce
My Favourite part was where Jimmy Hugged the ref after he moved the black...
@Shahzadsindhi509 2 aylar önce
2:32 Actually that man was depressed 😢
@justtowatch111 4 aylar önce
Still annoyed that there was no tv angle to show what the ref thought Ronnie was doing that caused him to warn him! At least not one I've seen!
@taylortisaac Aylar önce
There probably was one but they intentionally don’t show it because snooker is so British and proper and Ronnie’s always been a little crude haha
@Shmedium 4 aylar önce
My favourite is probably when you showed off a cue signed by Ronnie
@NylonStrings83 4 aylar önce
Even the pros dream of scoring just one 147 and Ronnie is like heck the prize is not good so I will go for 146. Instead of such an attitude he should try to get as many 147s as possible so that his total 147s record will get higher and higher and impossible to break
@willknight83 4 aylar önce
I thought the same you dont like the prize money fine but make a 147 for the people that bought a ticket to watch you and if you dont want the prize money donate it to charity
@rockylionheart884 4 aylar önce
Yeah ,if you don't want to do a 147 ,it's up to you ,olys i like the way ,she dropped the blue on the table ,classic
@jeffalcorn3622 4 aylar önce
I love all things Ronnie O'Sullivan and I just found out that I like this channel
@LethalShottonGaming 4 aylar önce
the bit where ronnie rubbed the cue on his leg i do that if im nervious in a match coz my hands get sweaty dont mean anything from it but a good clip though
@mehdiknidiri1011 4 aylar önce
the best part is the one where the ref cannot put the pink in its place xD
@TommyReid147 4 aylar önce
the jimmy moment was unfair but my favourite
@allancoull9163 4 aylar önce
Michael's Tab 😂😂
@eddymcpre 4 aylar önce
Hahaha was funny that
@kfircohen2930 4 aylar önce
Haha the moment the referee take the cue ball instead of the black. I want and need this snooker stick please😬🙏🏼! And I like all of your videos a lot!!❤
@odumisprime5948 4 aylar önce
This is awesome. Some people need to be taught before they can ref. This isn't just a "game" this is life too us! ❤
@alanhargreaves-thevoiceofr2361 22 gün önce
chinese are you .. ?
@user-hk2xk8qw3c 4 aylar önce
Jimmy white incident with ref for me was the best
@robertoseveno 3 aylar önce
My favourite was Jimmy the Legend Whirlwind White 3:45. He sounded like a character from a Cray Twins movie and was about to wrap his cue around the ref's neck. Heh. Ben was out of line and should've shown more respect I feel.
@jamessutherland4926 4 aylar önce
Wrong clip at the end. You played the clip when he got a 146 on purpose and not the best where he actually tried to refuse the black until the ref asked him to pot the black for him
@dharnamobrien7498 4 aylar önce
Definitely when Ronnie supported Jimmy White.
@theworldfromryanseyes4224 4 aylar önce
My favourite part is when the lady ref dropped the ball
@TheRip72 2 aylar önce
I've done that with the pink, right into the pack of reds. I apologised to the players then asked them to help guide me to position them. Once we agreed they were ok, we got going again. Dry gloves give very little grip on the balls. The solution is to keep them damp, either with a wet cloth or a pump spray. The drawback is that you don't want any dampness on or around the table.
@user-wy1vz3xj6h 4 aylar önce
Hey guys take it easy. Referees are human
@essarahimi1062 4 aylar önce
Lovely moment was Ronnie with a lady referee 😊😅
@leeharvey1892 2 aylar önce
When the ref dropped the pink knocked the red
@journeyman6752 4 aylar önce
I love Desislava!! In every time she appeared. Multiple entries )))
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