When The Suspect Is Smarter Than The Detective

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Dr Insanity

Dr Insanity

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Interrogations like this don't happen often where the suspect outsmarts the detectives and knows EXACTLY what to do... This is the story of Jeff, who is one of the people who got out of an interrogation better than he went in.

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@LegendofJeffJCS 8 aylar önce
What a great 39th birthday present
@Kwastaken 8 aylar önce
Happy birthday Jeff!
@snowman2834 8 aylar önce
Did you actually rob the store
@jacobvanausdeln1696 8 aylar önce
sober life and keep moving forward. You’re doing good
@favd7181 8 aylar önce
Happy birthday sir jeff from your fan here in the PH.🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
@rayirth.upside-down 6 aylar önce
Detective: "You have the right to remain silent" Suspect: * stays silent * Detective: 😠
@chelskaf 6 aylar önce
right and that comment of " we are getting paid more than you are" was so unnecessary there was no need for that at all
@rayirth.upside-down 6 aylar önce
@@chelskaf America's justice system is so messed up. How can someone just get through violating someone's constitutional rights over and over and face no consequences?
@jefolson6989 5 aylar önce
"you have the right to an attorney. So are you just gonna sit there and not say anything? It will be easier on you if you just tell us what you did. " Um....I'm gonna wait for my lawyer. Why don't YOU remain silent?
@MbongeniMhlanga 5 aylar önce
@Bug504 5 aylar önce
Im pretty sure you need to invoke the 5th to use it
@Mekose 4 aylar önce
Kind of terrifying that he asked for a lawyer and hospitalization and yet the police continued to interrogate him. Isn't that a violation of constitutional rights? Couldn't Jeff sue the department for breaching those rights?
@abe-eba 4 aylar önce
That kind of treatment is nothing compared to what used to be done in that room before the cameras and all
@shawndashno6022 4 aylar önce
Not the department. However, Jeff could certainly bring a civil suit against the individual detective, but he would need money for court fee's, lawyer costs, etc. They don't make it easy, but he absolutely could.
@jamesellison5906 4 aylar önce
Worse treatment happens DAILY
@ryanisbelle6107 4 aylar önce
​@@shawndashno6022Individual cops can't be prosecuted. They have qualified immunity.
@mrlahjr 3 aylar önce
@@ryanisbelle6107Not from the Lord though. They’ll pay for sure.
@bryanpeed5334 6 gün önce
Praise God. Glad to hear Jeff's getting clean, I'm an ex addict and no matter what a person has done to start using drugs no one else can imagine the nightmare sickness that an addict feels and goes through. It is its own prison of death.
@sadcholaclown9163 2 aylar önce
You may surprise yourself with how strong you can be in difficult situations. I was 24-36 hrs into heroin withdrawal when I was taken into an interrogation room like this. I kept my mouth shut. The corrections officer in my pod told me that I had a "lawyer visit", but then instead of taking me to the visitation room, two plainclothes undercover officers took me down into the basement of the jail to an interrogation room with a two-way mirror. When I wouldn't agree to give them info about any of my dealers in exchange for being released, they handed me their business card and told me to call them when i changed my mind. They were counting on my getting sick and desperate enough that I would contact them later to make a deal. When that didnt happen after a couple of weeks, they tried to get me to sign for a rehab center run by the jail where I would get to "eat better food and wear my street clothes and have more freedom" (the rehab center was just a glorified jail and the county received money every time they convinced someone to go there). They kept trying to get me to sign paperwork that would give them permission "just to see" if I qualified for this supposed rehab program. It was all very shady. I ended up spending months in jail, refusing to talk or sign anything. Typically, the grand jury has 90 days to indict you, and then they have to let you go if they don't indict you. Otherwise, you can file a writ of habeas corpus. However, I happened to be in there when some major winter storms hit and the courts kept being closed down due to the weather (this was in Texas where the entire state basically stops functioning if there's ever a lot of snow or ice because they're not equipped for that kind of weather😒). FINALLY, after almost 6 months, the grand jury met, didn't have enough evidence to indict me, and I was released the next day. If I had just confessed to something or signed something out of desperation to get out of jail, I'd have that felony on my record right now. NEVER admit to anything. Never talk to the cops. If you ARE ultimately convicted of a crime, NEVER sign for the first or second offer just because you want to get it all over with. The prosecutor will ALWAYS give you a better offer down the line with less time. Usually, they'll also end up offering to bump a felony down to a misdemeanor (unless it's, like, murder or something). It's all a waiting game. They're counting on people being desperate to move things along so they can just get it over with. You have to find a calm place somewhere within your mind and try to be as zen as you can. You have to find a way to be patient while being locked up, which is hard to do because nothing is more panic inducing than being locked in a cage, ESPECIALLY while going through withdrawal. Just keep reminding yourself that waiting it out and not giving the police and prosecutors what they want, no matter how hard it may be in the moment, will save you SO MUCH in the future and will ALWAYS be worth it in the long run. You'll thank yourself later.
@ugliestmfalive 2 aylar önce
That was quite a read. Well done 👏
@stevemeters3090 2 aylar önce
i read it all and thank you for the advice. hope you're doing well now friend.
@chaytonhurlow840 2 aylar önce
I can hardly deal with kratom withdrawal. I take it for pain, but I wasn't responsible with my dosages and 3 years later I'm dependent on it. Kratom is great, but don't take it everyday and don't take more than 10 grams in a day. I will never touch heroin and I don't even want to know what that withdrawal is like.
@jessejordache1869 2 aylar önce
Been through that. Not your story, but.. you know. The pain is one thing; the terrors would be really hard to keep my head through.
@GMIX1 5 aylar önce
He'd probably make a great criminal attorney considering he knows all the tricks from both sides. It's always nice when this type of story has a positive ending.
@charwil3380 5 aylar önce
The irl saul goodman
@83wasagoodyear 2 aylar önce
Yeah right 😂
@BiologyIsHot 2 aylar önce
Yeah but any prior conviction would make bar association reject you. Even if he had cleaned himself up and proven a propensity for rhe betterment of society. The criminal system tends to marginalize people for life.
@mauricefricke6236 2 aylar önce
@@BiologyIsHot Exactly. People also generally think it's easy to become something if you just set your mind to it which couldn't be further from the truth. Try becoming a criminal attorney under any circumstances, even if you've had a decent upbringing with loving parents and a good financial situation, it's f*cking difficult and nerve-wrecking. A lot of people fail at it but they are not talked about because it's considered detrimental to the individualistic propaganda.
@Cullengirl231 Aylar önce
It's sad to think the type of life he could've had. He's clearly super smart and would've gone places had he not made the wrong choices in the past
@UnleashedTraining101 2 aylar önce
Jeff is a likeable and intelligent guy. I truly hope he’s doing well in life now.
@bosschic888 6 aylar önce
It's insane to think that exercising your basic constitutional rights can be considered outsmarting the cops, but that's exactly what happened in this situation
@LesioJunior1 6 aylar önce
well that's america
@WhitePerson- 6 aylar önce
Mostly people will spill beans under stress and mental pressure and bait questions.
@danka4960 6 aylar önce
He never ask for a lawyer at 10:45 Only part this channel got wrong. He asked why does he need a lawyer.
@aymanehrouch2891 5 aylar önce
​@@danka4960 10:18 "I'm not talking to you, I want a lawyer"
@arghjain3749 5 aylar önce
​@@danka4960he said "I don't know why, I need a lawyer." There is a comma there, that got lost because of his tone and this channel's inability to caption properly
@Addy-745 4 aylar önce
It's heartening to know he got his life straight and is off drugs got me all teary eyed up here he's genuinely nice kind person i will pray for him he remains on the right path 🙏🏼
@Carvalho182 2 aylar önce
Unless he did actually rob the store? I'm not saying he did, but also. It's possible he did.
@leorodriguez9211 2 aylar önce
Get sober from drug's or alcohol is not an easy thing to do. But it can be done,
@yarus5889 2 aylar önce
​@@Carvalho182guilty till proven otherwise. For us to assume he was guilty is unfair
@bingbong6323 Aylar önce
@@yarus5889 you mean innocent until proven otherwise?
@PokkoJaj Aylar önce
@@bingbong6323 in America it ain’t. “Guilty until proven otherwise” is a really shit system, and unfortunately it is endemic to not only America.
@StrawberrySunday212 5 aylar önce
It's not up to the suspect to prove his innocence, it's up to the cop to prove his guilt.
@dmnhntr86 2 aylar önce
I wish it actually worked that way
@danpang5404 2 aylar önce
Wow, what a powerful quote from someone who calls them self “strawberrysunday”. You just changed my life with what you said.
@billanderson3192 2 aylar önce
Damn straight. We seem to forget this!
@405capo8 Aylar önce
@@danpang5404what does a name have to do with wisdom of it was received
@seangaw6429 Aylar önce
What's amazes me the most is that the system is so broken that we are witnessing criminals with badges, badgering a man into a confession without evidence.
@felixhedberg4873 5 aylar önce
Good going jeff, you're an inspiration to us all.
@user-us6pj8rm2y 3 aylar önce
Speak for yourself
@night._.kitten Aylar önce
i don't aspire to become a junkie
@poisonouspotato1 Aylar önce
@just_peace 2 aylar önce
What a brave and smart man. Not gonna lie, the ending almost brought tears to my eyes. So happy to know his life is getting better compared to the point in the video. He deserves every bit of praise he got in the comment section.
@kishascape 2 aylar önce
Almost, still goofed up a bit by talking about what happened slightly with the spotlight stuff, still kept talking after requesting lawyer. Other than asking for food, bathroom, or medicine he should've kept completely quiet.
@CantTellYou Aylar önce
Kind of a genius 😂 drinks a bunch of coca-cola, immediately spits repeatedly to produce a dark reddish brown color & ask to go to the hospital because it’s “blood being coughed up” lol
@TheSportsPROgram 8 aylar önce
It is scary that someone innocent could pay for a crime they didn't do because of someone in law enforcement know how to exploit their fear and get false confessions.
@mitchhifi9192 7 aylar önce
This is a massive issue in Japan
@Kliq_X-factor 7 aylar önce
its guilty till proven innocent. dont let anyone tell you anything different.
@hearswhos 7 aylar önce
Happens all the time, it’s sad really
@akash02k 7 aylar önce
Yeah,they don't care as this is their daily job also they will face issues if they don't solve the case, so they do whatever suits better to them. Just want to solve the case anyhow
@manictiger 7 aylar önce
@@mitchhifi9192 Japan is perfect and Katanas can cut tanks. Don't make fun of my fedora, or m'lady waifu pillow. Japan is flawless. Nani! (It hurt to type this.)
@theburningpen 5 aylar önce
My family has always supported the police individually, not collectively, but even I was raised to know that you ask for a lawyer immediately in an interrogation room and never speak until it's provided! Good job, Jeff!!!
@johnfisher8199 Aylar önce
Nice! I have a lot of respect for Jeff. I’m Canadian and I’m no where near as smart as Jeff, but I did two pharmacy robberies back in 2011. I tried to get away but the owner and customers sat on me until the pigs arrived so there was no question of my guilt on that one. The other robbery they have no evidence but knew I had done it but I would say shit or sign anything. After about a week in Maplehurst my lawyer got me out and then it was a long wait for my hearing. The crown contacted my lawyer and gave me a deal, if I’d admit to the second robbery I’d only do 6 months in jail ( really only four months ). My lawyer said it’s a good deal and I should consider it. So that’s what I did, I considered it. With two robberies I was looking at spending time a lot of years in a hard ass prison so I took the deal. Thankfully I’ve been clean for a few years now. At that time I never thought I’d do 2 pharmacy robberies for the oxy.
@timkittelle2836 2 aylar önce
Awesome way to handle yourself when they tried to trap you as an innocent man. Also a HUGE congrats!! As an addict and alcoholic in recovery I know how hard it can be at times. Keep up the good hard work.
@redtortoise 2 aylar önce
Nah he should apologise for being an addict
@CSAcrazy 2 aylar önce
He most likely wasn’t innocent but good on him excersizing his rights and it helping him in not getting prosecuted and put in prison.
@jungojerry1658 2 aylar önce
Glad to see Jeff was smart. And even more glad to see he turned his life around and is now helping others in similar predicaments.
@caitlincondon4711 2 aylar önce
My respect started at “You’re the good cop” “No usually I’m the prick” “You look like a prick” Edit: Highest level of respect when Jeff got clean ❤ I’m so happy to hear that 🙏❤️
@jimbrewer5048 27 gün önce
Ur the type to take Jeff in and he leaves a week later with every penny you own
@caitlincondon4711 27 gün önce
@@jimbrewer5048 lol how do you know that?
@sergedeclerck1458 21 gün önce
Ok but at least wear a Condon
@eric123120 7 aylar önce
Crazy how he 'outsmarted' the detective by literally just exercising his constitutional rights lol
@nt0027 7 aylar önce
Crazy how went asked for a lawyer they didn't provide any😂
@uncledaddy9207 7 aylar önce
@@nt0027 ikr
@juggy2006 7 aylar önce
​@@nt0027 he even asked for medical assistance and didnt get any, thats messed up.
@jib7793 7 aylar önce
That’s how they get people they act like they’re your friend and going to help you and then ask you things that they’re not allowed to do without your permission but since most people don’t know their rights and what they can and can’t do they get scared into telling them yes you can do that and boom just like that they’ve given up some of their rights.
@syrthdr09sybr34 7 aylar önce
Cops get trained on how to talk people into incriminating themselves, so I say it is about time the people start educating themselves on how to not fall into that trap.
@destinymydestiny5449 4 aylar önce
I’m happy for you Jeff you are recovering and I hope this was a great wake up call for you, because to be arrested for no reason and to deal with police officers which I don’t think they learned in school anything, you had that power in bad shape to teach them a lesson. Good luck in your life men🥂
@BasicBobby 5 aylar önce
Yeah, from personal experience, even when you aren’t a suspect, you can get other *innocent* people in trouble, regardless of their innocence our your good intentions. I was 19, I thought telling the truth after an awful car accident, was the right thing to do. My dad who was a cop and later a lawyer, always warned me against talking to police. I had been wise up until that point and after, but on that one day, I let my guard down. My good friend was driving me to the airport on the early morning, going home for the holidays from college. Right in front of the Pentagon, on 110, a police officer was walking across this freeway, from Reagan airport to the Pentagon. Obviously we were not expecting someone on foot in the middle of the left land of the road, where there are no sidewalks, three lanes, and a 50 mph speed limit…. My friend tried to swerve. He started to swerve left, but there was a jersey barrier and no space-unfortunately the officer tried to jump in that same direction…. He slammed on the breaks, but at that speed, when the officer was only 30 feet in front of us at that point, it was hopeless. He tried to swerve the other way, and again, while skidding,but he hit the officer. She smashed against the windshield right in front of me, and was flung into the middle of the road, over the top of the car. We slammed into the barrier, and airbags deployed. Immediately, I was worried that the officer had been killed, and if not already, would be if I didn’t get to them, and prevent another car from running them over. I ran out of the car, almost got hit myself, as a car narrowly swerved to miss me. I got to the officer, she was about 60 feet away, motionless. To my horror, it was a female, and she looked dead. I jumped and waved my arms to keep an airport van from running us over. My friend ran out about 10 seconds later. We called the police. A helicopter came and paramedics. The officer, had a broken femur, broken ribs, a broken wrist, a broken jaw and a concussion. She was in the icu, but survived. An investigator took me in for questioning that day. He told me that there was no evidence we did anything wrong, that he just wanted to get the story straight. However, he also made me feel terrible, telling me it appeared the officer would die. I was 19, and in shock. In error, I said my friend was going what I thought was the speed limit - 65. In truth, I had no idea how fast he was going, was trying to rest my eyes and not paying attention. When asked, during a three hour interview, I just said 65, because I thought that was the speed limit. But it wasn’t. Well, that error, paired with the fact that my friend had a radar detector in the glove compartment was enough to bring a felony reckless driving charge. He had his blood tested-no drugs or alcohol. There was no record of him speeding. And the entire accident was on camera because it was adjacent to the Pentagon. It clearly showed her walking across the freeway, and us trying to stop and swerve. It also showed me running out of the car, practically while still in motion, almost getting run over myself, to save her. My mom still has a DVD of the tape. The local district attorney at the time, was seen as anti-police, so he wanted to use this case as a way to win them over. I tried to correct the record, by saying under oath that I don’t believe he was speeding, had no idea of the actual speed, wasn’t paying attention, and that I made a mistake during the interview because I was in shock. You know how the DA responded? By trying to embarrass and intimidate me, sending US Marshall’s to escort me from my classroom at college to another interview. From insisting I come in during my final exams, but then refusing to give me a note until I had a lawyer call him. Finally, at trial, I told the truth again, and my testimony was helpful for the defense. But unfortunately, because the jury was from an area that didn’t particularly like out-of-state college boys, and because of my initial mistake of talking to the police, my friend ended up getting a 9 month sentence in jail. It ruined his career plans. On my side, the awful ordeal, and awful court cases-civil and criminal-that I had to be a witness in, ended up with me leaving school for 2 years. I went back and finished, but it was a terrible time. The officer made a full recovery, actually made it back on duty, but then retired early and received a heap of insurance money and benefits. I don’t blame her, I feel terrible for her. But, I also don’t feel it was my friend’s fault-she made the decision to cross a freeway on foot at 7am, in low visibility, on a turn, right near an underpass that obstructs the driver’s view…. Don’t ever talk to the police without a good lawyer present.
@TheScytheMoron 3 aylar önce
Dude ... text too long. This is TRshow, not freaking Harry Potter.
@IRINAPOPA-vg3jr 3 aylar önce
I actually liked it a lot. He’s a very good writer I find!
@fraggergaming5259 3 aylar önce
​@@TheScytheMoronit's up to you to read the full comment 😉 it was a very interesting story
@TheScytheMoron 3 aylar önce
@@fraggergaming5259 Nope, don't care.
@mothy2485 3 aylar önce
​@@TheScytheMoronimagine complaining about writing you didn't even read.
@wootle 2 aylar önce
A masterclass in how to handle the dumb dirty cops. Heartwarming ending to this video. Glad you got your life back Jeff! Onward and upward my friend!!
@kylieb6849 4 aylar önce
What a legend. God, I feel for him watching the withdrawal symptoms start to come on. Heroin is such a brutal only-solution to the unimaginable problems we all had before it started. I’m so glad he’s free from it, and that he is sharing his experiences to help others.
@IoNs.Stonio 2 aylar önce
Whenever I was in withdrawal, I could only sleep uncomfortably, while mentally depressed and just not want to be conscious. It was a horrible experience and that was at the comfort of my home, I could only imagine it being hell if you had to go thru w/d IN JAIL! For Jeff to make these cops look like buffoons, while making them fetch him a Coke and Butterfinger LOL, while on withdrawal most likely more severe than I have ever experienced (due to use history and tolerance), I am amazed at how well he handled himself. Jeff, you are a legend and I hope you maintain sobriety and enjoy life playing music!
@FEWGEE1 2 aylar önce
I couldn't sleep a wink during withdrawals.
@bobshenix Aylar önce
@@FEWGEE1 pretty much just rolling around feeling like you want to crawl right out of your skin.
@josephringling769 8 aylar önce
This guy is highly intelligent and has a ton of willpower. He beat the two detectives at their own game while withdrawing from heroin. Hats off to that fella. He's one strong man.
@ws641 8 aylar önce
we saw the video aswell joseph
@yosonimstuckinthetwilightz286 8 aylar önce
lol, its not that hard. If they trying to get a confession out of you, that means they dont have enough evidence. All you need to do is just shut up
@mathprodigy 8 aylar önce
​@@yosonimstuckinthetwilightz286 good way to put it
@justsaying5633 4 aylar önce
How is the detective able to continue the interrogation when the guy asked for a lawyer? Good for you Jeff. Stay strong 👍🏾
@YouGotTheFlue 2 aylar önce
He never asked for a lawyer. He only replied why would I need one to the cop
@justsaying5633 2 aylar önce
@@YouGotTheFlue listen to and read what the officer said at 10:49. Pay attention
@YouGotTheFlue 2 aylar önce
@@justsaying5633 U should. He says qi don’t know why i need a lawyer. That’s 1 sentence, not 2. That’s not asking for a lawyer, but questioning the claim he should need 1 since he didn’t have anything to do with the robbery. If u can’t even understand semantics, just don’t comment on YT at all. What the officer says is completely irrelevant in that regard. I sincerely hope English isn’t your native language.
@kurtschlarb9762 5 aylar önce
When someone quits doing something that is harming them; especially addictive substances, they should be admired. I admire and respect this guy. Good for him.
@TheGoodChannel480 4 aylar önce
Hahaha it’s not like it was by choice
@helenedaly474 Aylar önce
I have to say that was impressive.. gotta give credit where credit is due.. he literally and figuratively owned this detective 👏🏻
@leeharcus7001 5 aylar önce
Good for you Jeff. I'm happy you are doing better in life. You are a genius on so many levels.
@reginaflores9878 Aylar önce
Loved the video most calm cool collective attitude I've seen when dealing with being interrogated absolutely brilliant well-done Jeff
@AkronJosh 8 aylar önce
Here's all u need to understand: the technique used by the detectives all around our country was developed by a guy who got false confessions 🤣
@MrSpacelyy 8 aylar önce
They said that in de video
@Slikk0201 8 aylar önce
​@@MrSpacelyy think this comment was meant for people like me who go straight to the comments
@davidperrier6149 8 aylar önce
@@Slikk0201 I thought I was the only one that did that
@trailertrashdezTroy 8 aylar önce
Reid, everyone or anyone who plans to do a crime should know about this. the best bet is to not murder or hurt anyone but if u do find yourself in this sit just realize your not going h9me right away and ask for a lawyer and last but not least do it by yourself because whoever you think won't tell. they will but just don't hurt people it will never be a good decision for you it will end your life and destroy so many others.
@furyano1251 4 aylar önce
The Golden Rule is to stay silent. The most important thing to keep in mind while interrogated “You are being interrogated because they have nothing on you or not enough evidence”. If they had Rock solid evidence, you wouldn’t be interrogated. So important to remember that the entire time and stay silent. Although he spoke a little more than necessary. He kept the boundaries tight with what he said “I didn’t do anything”. Notice when the detective asked “what time did you go to your friends house?” Guilty or not, answering that question alone could have resulted in a prison sentence. If that is answered incorrectly guilty or not could have given detective room to start picking you apart till you are cornered in a bad situation. Remain silent, ask for lawyer. I can’t express how important that is. Listen to the part 6 mins into the interrogation played perfectly. Nothing absolutely nothing needs to be said beyond that. What you say can cost you your life because in all honesty “They only want a signed confession so they can get promoted. They don’t care if you did it or not they just want a Remember if you are interrogated, that is good sign you will probably be cut loose free of charge very soon in most states. Stay solid not stupid. How many people end up screwing themselves by answering small questions like specific times and locations. -Am I understand under arrest -I need a lawyer -I don’t know why I’m hear -I didn’t do anything Is the thin boundary of what needs to be said. Nothing absolutely nothing more. Cops don’t care if you did it or not, they just want another confession under there belt to get promotional closed cases. Sad truth. It’s not what they know it’s what they can prove. Do not panic do not sing like a Canary. Why help someone who is trying to put you behind bars. Don’t be stupid be smart, your life is worth it.
@mysteryace10 2 aylar önce
The story just kept getting better and better with a perfect ending, I'm glad to see people turn their lives around.
@user-yk6ps2lu2d 2 aylar önce
Great job Jeff and I will be praying for your recovery. You knew what they was trying to get you to do. You had the right to remain SILENT, GREAT JOB 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@michaelfesta9289 4 aylar önce
Way to go Jeff you are stone cold soldier and everyone thinks junkies and addicts are stupid people but Jeff just showed that he just has a medical condition and that is it!!good luck Jeff stay strong
@kylieb6849 4 aylar önce
No one chooses this, it’s a medical condition for anyone who becomes able to put a needle in their arm.
@user-mw6fq2mb5l 2 aylar önce
Junkies are some of the brightest people you'll meet
@dutchmilk 2 aylar önce
stone cold soldier? that sound like a murderous one. Unlike the those murderous soldier, the one in the video is not some gun murdering idiot stealing resources from other country.
@Johnnywhamo 2 aylar önce
This shit usually starts as soon as you're busted and they have you in the back of the car. The arresting Det start peppering you with questions while the other Det is driving you to jail all the while your head is still spinning from the take down. Don't say a word from the second they slap the cuffs on you. The main thing that really stands out here is when he said "you're not my friends and you're not here to help me" He is 100 % on that as well, no matter how kind they may sound they are there to get a conviction against you, plain and simple!
@mdkaff 7 aylar önce
A cop saying "now you've handcuffed me" to a guy *actually* in handcuffs is the height of absurdity
@gh6sttrash769 7 aylar önce
usa moment
@Rudeboycycles 7 aylar önce
@barneystinson4289 7 aylar önce
​@@uberedblackwolf4438 Weird ahh comment
@deml8553 7 aylar önce
@@barneystinson4289 yeah wtf his bro talking about
@goingoutsad 7 aylar önce
@@uberedblackwolf4438 bros just chatting at this point💀
@NYchic73 4 aylar önce
Coming from a criminal profiling and forensics degree, this guy is a genius!
@lordkinesis4432 5 aylar önce
I'm sorry. They arrested a heroine addict with a gun. Did they proceed to ask the store if the person appeared to be under drug influence? Did they bother checking the house to see if there were any bullet holes? Did they ask the presumed friend Jeff spoke about if he wasn't invited in or showed lethal intent to him? ALL of these things could've made it easier to convict him, but they went right into interrogation assuming pressure and intimidation would work, and then violated their own rules?! They are SO lucky Jeff never countersued for infringing on his own rights during questioning!
@randythompson4006 2 aylar önce
Ah yes the "I have enough evidence, but" line. This right here is a turning point. The police don't have enough or any evidence and are fishing for anything that gives them the upper hand. This is where you tell them to stop and wait for your lawyer.
@milliondollarshaft 5 aylar önce
Was he smart, or was he previously arrested enough that he finally decided to stay silent because he was actually innocent? He has a record, so he wasn't so smart in the past. I think he chose to turn his life around during this interview. Enough trial and error helped him finally make some good decisions, and I'm glad he's off drugs now and making music. The best thing is, his story will help others in the future. He can now be a huge inspiration, so I applaud him for turning his life around.
@klarissasauceda7792 3 aylar önce
Wow the amazing update at the end literally made my heart smile! Great for Jeff !!! Keep doing great things buddy !
@georgestevens1556 7 aylar önce
Hearing Jeff cleaned up his life after this and was able to remove that evil drug from his life is truly truly inspiring. GOD Bless you Jeff.
@NoticerOfficial 7 aylar önce
I met Jeff about 4 months after this footage was taken.
@francislalremruata3776 7 aylar önce
​@@NoticerOfficial E
@francislalremruata3776 7 aylar önce
​@@NoticerOfficial 😢😅wse ek😅😮😮
@anzai5552 7 aylar önce
@@dylldobaggins4594 why you blaming other mistake to the God lol
@seniorcochino7333 3 aylar önce
Jeff,man your my hero bro. I'm happy to hear you started to change your life around for the better. Stay up bro.
@Dudeyoureajoke Gün önce
I knew someone who was very young and forced to confess to a crime. They did not do the original crime they were apprehended for but admitted to a smaller unrelated less criminal misdemeanor. The police exhausted after hours of coercion to get this person and their friends to admit to the much larger crime, in which they had no involvement or notion of, were booked on mischief charges. They were arrested after confessing and signing the affidavit of their crime then “officially” charged. Their rights were then read to them after the sworn statements. Once they went home and sought legal council for their charge, the lawyers told them “it’s your word against a police officer and the judge is very unlikely to rule in your favor.” Unfortunately these minors were overshadowed by the allegations originally made by police and rumors spread throughout the neighborhood. All parents should include a “don’t talk to police” in addition to their sex education discussion while they’re still young to ease any embarrassment one may feel. Not saying crime is okay or justified but just incase your child falls into the wrong path.
@philmorse348 3 aylar önce
I get it Jeff, I drank & used whatever I could get my hands on from the age of 10 until I was 28. The life came to a head when after watching friends die for years; I lost someone with the same problem die after he done all he could to convince me I could find a reprieve. The guy had the exact same problem & I had even used with him, but his desire to help me without wanting anything from me. I was a go getter & peeps always wanted things from me because I could deliver. I stopped in 98 & have not found anything so bad that picking up could not make so much worse. I never thought for 1 moment that I would be clean 25 years later, It seemed impossible; through funerals & all manner of things I would have used before getting clean. My health right now is horrid, but my life is not. I have something now I could not have dreamed of; Hope. My sincerest wishes for your welfare Bud!
@MalakaIsrael-gi8po 2 aylar önce
May God bless you! I’m so proud of you!! You have endured and overcome a lot! Commit your way to Christ, and He will make your paths straight! So sorry about your friend.
@Jbsutt Aylar önce
Actually, the withdrawals were likely helping him be silent and defiant. I can tell you from experience that, if he was even in the early parts of wd, all he wanted on the planet was to go lay down somewhere. That's some deep physical/mental misery that most people will never experience in the slightest way.
@CT-ho3no 6 aylar önce
This guy is super smart. And to think he was doing it while he was sick and in pain. Imagine what he could do when he’s feeling great. Good luck, Jeff!
@bryanmarks608 6 aylar önce
He’s an addict. He’s extremely skilled at manipulation and lying.
@josea5600 6 aylar önce
He turned his life around if y'all watched to the end
@lancevance8215 6 aylar önce
How’s the boot taste?
@abocas 6 aylar önce
Imagine what he could do as a law abiding citizen ... .
@chocolatesquirrel2002 6 aylar önce
​@@abocas truly a functioning member of society
@Hazmat7784 5 aylar önce
This guy is a role model. He deserves the freedom he has. They need to teach this kind of stuff in school
@MrPainolympics 2 aylar önce
During drug use or withdrawal, a person can become more paranoid. Being paranoid is generally seen as something negative, but it comes with a big benefit as well. Being paranoid makes the suspect even less likely to trust the agent. Paranoid people are experts in finding out if the other person is being dishonest.
@colbyandbrennen3543 4 aylar önce
Judging from the views on this video I think it's not just me who's always wanted to see someone finally play the game better than the cops
@DoesMamaKnow 2 aylar önce
Lead your best life, sir. It's all there for you.
@Xerex9999 7 aylar önce
warms my heart to know he turned his life around, way to go Jeff!
@goodlord6092 7 aylar önce
is it just me or he does look like zlatan ibrahimovic in the interrogation video
@EB-Ghost6 7 aylar önce
good for him ik its hard work
@porschetarga4s 7 aylar önce
Indeed, that is the most ironic part. Stood up for his rights trying to frame him, made him think don’t want this bs anymore, turns around his life. If he went to prison he would rot away, actually denying him to turn his life the other way.
@Rubberbandfan1 7 aylar önce
@@goodlord6092 He looks like Niko Bellic from GTA 4.
@svampebob007 7 aylar önce
"wam bam, thank you for the coke, now put me back in the cell, cause that's my home" This is what makes me want to slap the living shit out of everybody that says "junkies deserve to rot in prison" Jeff is obviously not dumb, there was probably other factors that lead him to that point in his life because I'm pretty sure anybody that "knows what's best for them" wouldn't say that to the cop with a straight face 🤣 He has obviouly been through the system and already learned what "it" was after, what "it" was meant to be/do. Jeff was and is better then that.
@andrewmiller4885 3 aylar önce
Good for Jeff. So glad to hear he has turned his life around. He is too darn smart to be doing heroin. Good luck jeff and God be with you man.
@MisterNiles 3 aylar önce
"When The Suspect Is Smarter Than The Detective". Let's be honest. This happens all day, every day. There is a dead squirrel on the road near my house. I just went out and administered an IQ test on the aging corpse and it scored higher than our entire local police force, combined. If I was ever read my miranda rights, I would be obligated to answer with a question: "Does the Supreme Court understand my miranda rights?" The fact that there are still cases being heard that throw the interpretation of the rights into question. I just found a list of dozens of cases relating to clarification of Miranda rights. So... it seems to me that nobody understands them and no one should answer in the affirmative when asked.
@jaredbezes7806 17 gün önce
Every time I watch an interrogation I’m like yelling at the screen; “STOP TALKING”. And finally I get a video of a smart dude who did not talk. Ironically he’s the last person I would’ve known to do that.
@rogelioaraujogomez8939 2 aylar önce
I’ve never rooted so much for a junky in my entire life. Or should I proudly say, ex junky. Way to go, Jeff!
@Stuart-mc1ez 2 aylar önce
what a great story Jeff well done corrupt police everywhere
@saltymonkey7021 7 aylar önce
The moment he asked for a lawyer, that lawyer needed to be present for all other interrogations. His rights were clearly violated. Unbelievable.
@cmasterson 7 aylar önce
Yep he said so at 10:55
@fuzzamajumula 7 aylar önce
Not really unbelievable.
@TheMessanger 7 aylar önce
3:15 YEAP this is good tips but money talks I got out of jail in 5 hours and gangsters though it was because I was a shola with the police but it was money and lawyers
@stevenbagwell7855 7 aylar önce
​@@TheMessanger 100%
@DOESNTMATTER87 13 gün önce
Jeff needs to be a lawyer 😂
@gamerguy425 2 aylar önce
To think this man's attitude and bravery is all that separated him from like potential decades in prison.
@sleep-gl1gs 16 gün önce
either the detective is just so thirsty and hungry for that confession or jeff is a serious genius.
@QuotesYouNeed-yq6qn 5 aylar önce
Jeff I hope you get well we need minds like yours in this sh'ty society
@MuscleNGas13 2 aylar önce
This is absolutely amazing!! Way to go buddy 💪🏾💪🏾💯💯🔥🔥
@jashton8710 7 aylar önce
So let's put all of this in a nutshell. If you're ever arrested and detained, the only words to ever come out of your mouth should be, "I want a lawyer'.
@nikolaifinukov3375 7 aylar önce
Wham, Bam, thank you for the coke, put me back in the cell is a great 2nd alternative.
@airplane3359 7 aylar önce
And ask for something to eat and drink.
@amysmith3247 7 aylar önce
But but but if you do they assume you guilty 😔😂😂😂
@sakabula2357 7 aylar önce
​@amysmith3247 don't worry about what the cops think...worry about what a judge or jury think..
@buddyrojek9417 7 aylar önce
@@sakabula2357 exactly
@strongislandautoenthusiast841 2 aylar önce
Stay clean Jeff and stay out of trouble, they go hand in hand!!
@MindBehindTheCrime1 5 aylar önce
Man the justice system is so messed up… we literally base it off of a method that was PROVEN to get FALSE CONFESSIONS out of innocent suspects😂
@chrismancini5645 16 gün önce
Most people are so focused on convincing the detective/interrogator that their innocent that they wave their right to the protection of an attorney and detectives know this and feed off it!
@jl9088 2 aylar önce
We all need to try our best to do good, even if we might be great at convencing our selves that we can't do good (like Jeff with the cop.) We always have the ability to stop or prevent things from becoming worse and to make things better in this world.
@nemono-won7712 Aylar önce
I'm glad these pieces of EVIDENCE prove how deceptive and manipulative POLICE REALLY ARE
@lelandunruh7896 8 aylar önce
I only worked as a defense attorney for a very short time but I learnt an important lesson: *never* talk to the police. It will almost never help you, and can really hurt you.
@patrickthenomad 8 aylar önce
Glad you learnt it
@justinsellers9402 8 aylar önce
As a fellow defense attorney, I 95% agree with you. Remove the almost and you're golden.
@lelandunruh7896 8 aylar önce
@@justinsellers9402 Other than lawyerly habit I included the "almost" because I think there is an extremely thin slice of interactions (traffic stops?) where just being cordial and saying the absolute minimum probably has better returns in the long run than being completely silent does. But I don't actually have numbers to back that up.
@lelandunruh7896 8 aylar önce
Michael B You'd be shocked at how many people believe the old canard "if you've done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear".
@SouthernArawak 2 aylar önce
I never understood why anyone would talk to the police. You want to talk to the people who actually do things for you (judge, lawyer, clerk, etc) and not those who take and exploit you (the police). "Anything you say CAN AND WILL be AGAINST you."
@SaeedAcronia 4 aylar önce
Also surely he's smart but what I believe saved him here was emotional control and stress tolerance. So even though he's probably high-IQ, he definitely has a remarkable EQ.
@seancolmes7527 2 aylar önce
Every time I'm arrested they put me in front of a magistrate and an unsecured bond gets set. I get an overworked, apathetic court appointed attorney whose bond motion gets denied a few days later. I sit in jail for months while my case gets continued again and again. My lawyer ignores the letters requesting that he come talk to me. Eventually The lawyer visits me and tells me that the DA will let me get out on probation if I plead guilty to a lesser offense. If I don't enter the plea then I will go on the "trial calendar" and continue to sit in jail for months. Do everything you can to avoid addiction. PEace.
@jeffrowisdabest 4 aylar önce
I'm a recovering addict, and the crazy thing is, he probably would've answered questions if they had given him the methadone. When we're going through withdrawal we'll do anything to make it go away.
@justtoomuch5530 2 aylar önce
It’s fucked up to know that they manipulate you to confess to something they at times know damn well you didn’t do. What a fucked up system we live in.
@Bert_de_Wit 7 aylar önce
This was a seriously impressive performance. Makes you think what Jeff could have achieved if he had walked a different path in life.
@shoshannaalexandra1025 7 aylar önce
He's still alive I believe, he still has potential to do that!
@theopalacin5307 7 aylar önce
why would he ? Who are you to talk about life pathing ?
@TheVoronINC 7 aylar önce
@@theopalacin5307 Clearly someone in a better frame of mind then yourself. Look how much happier he is now.
@TheVoronINC 7 aylar önce
@@theopalacin5307 also, your music is awesome,
@MsAncients1 5 aylar önce
Jeff seems pretty darn smart! I'll be he would be a killer attorney! It's wonderful that he is getting his life together, good for him!! (I'm guessing it might take more effort for someone with a job, family, responsibilities to be as nonchalant during this kind of ordeal though) ,,
@andrewwestman2407 2 aylar önce
11:50 LMFAO. The detective told him he had all kinds of physical evidence on him and then when he was asked about it he said “Well I don’t need to tell you about it.” This instantly reminded me of a scene from HBO’s The Wire. This kid Bodie was in a gun fight and the police found the three guns they tossed away. One cop said “We even found your prints on one of the guns.” And when Bodie asked “Which one?” The cop is forced to guess which one of the three guns it was and he picks one of the guns that Bodie knew he never touched, and thus he knows the cops have nothing on him. What a rookie mistake by that detective. Yikes.
@carlosfonseca7396 2 aylar önce
Jeff certainly I did not expect the ending to be a delight. So glad you are fighting for your life and off the rocking dark times. May the Lord bless you and protect you always!!
@rsz90182 2 aylar önce
He is naturally intelligent and that cannot be taught to the next person who gets into trouble.
@user-gm4bn7ql6u Aylar önce
Jeff! Well done for turning your life around
@MaxwellMarrow 6 aylar önce
This guy probably is more inspirational than he realizes. More power to him that he cleaned up his life, recovery isn't easy but he shown that it's possible.
@EarthSurferUSA 6 aylar önce
I am no watching the vid past where I shut it off around 1.5 min. But at least that is a bit of a happy ending, depending on what he ends up doing.
@johnjordan3527 3 aylar önce
@@EarthSurferUSA Is English your first language??
@SousLieutenantLegros 3 aylar önce
@@johnjordan3527evidently not But he is surprisingly fluent still Either that or typos
@TrimTrimmer 2 aylar önce
I don’t know if it’s intelligence it is but I’d call it wisdom. Wisdom is the outcome of experiences, it’s why the youth lack it and each age group as you get older has more of it, with the narcissists gathering less and socially and emotionally tuned in people are most aware and therefore gather more of it. Take note of his “no rush” approach, the young have the least ability to do this as they still think answering quickly is a sign of intelligence (it’s not it shows weakness) but they fail to think things through and are unaware of the pitfalls, as you get older you realise what taking your time and going at the speed you choose too can do for you, and that nothing will change your responsiveness, going slow is a sign of control on your part, being in no rush allows you to think it through, it shows you are unmoved and not intimidated but most importantly you are messing with their head and wearing away their emotional control by not impulsively responding like the younger people do (as a defensive mechanism) which shows that they are unsettled and feeling the pressure. He knows what to do because he is familiar with the process, that’s definitely wisdom over intelligence and seems age on his side over them. Those coppers are well practiced, they are book educated and lack life experience and wisdom. 1. Always ask for a lawyer 2. Never engage in conversation 3. (This is where he is intelligent, and this what wisdom does that youth doesn’t) start firing a few questions their way like are you the good cop and if they set themselves up call a prick! Also ask them how long ago they started? Are they new to this kind of police work? How many court cases have they won? You don’t want to insult them unless answering back, but ask questions that question their ability almost as if they aren’t as professional or able to control the interview to a standard you would expect. Work them out too. If you find out more about them than they do about you then good job. If the only time you talk is to ask them about them they may feel like they it’s beneficial to engage. You then have control and you don’t have to give it back 😂 and remember that they are on a clock that you can run down, so go slow . They can only keep you so long. Praise the distance he keeps it just activates a response from the cop that is full of emptiness, it’s somewhat transparent and lacks any authority at all. Boss. Legend
@blakeraymond2532 2 aylar önce
Jeff turned his life around! I'm glad. Imagine what would have happened to Jeff if he went to jail.
@whcre5958 2 aylar önce
The best part of the video was him turning his life around! ♥️ Him now giving tips is just extra gravy on the side 😏
@SaintD382 Aylar önce
The best part of this video was finding out Jeff turned his life around and stopped doing heroin. I did not expect that! That's awesome, I'm so happy for this guy.
@JoseRodriguez-en8bo 8 aylar önce
Well Jeff ,I'm an ex junkie myself and just want to say that it is awesome to see one of our guys turning his life around. I am not financially stable right now but I will at least subscribe and like every one of your videos until I can contribute in some more significant way. In the meantime, stay on that road your on bro, I hope to join you soon.God bless brother.
@itsprim. 8 aylar önce
God bless you Jose.
@abby-jj7oe 8 aylar önce
keep pulling through bro, you'll get through it eventually. just remember this is everyone's first time here and mistakes are always made. every day is a new day filled with an abundance of opportunities
@nicomancinicorleone9768 8 aylar önce
God bless you José please stay clean 🙏
@roxannedumas2408 8 aylar önce
Keep fighting the good fight. It doesn't matter how slow you're going, as long as you don't stop.
@maxwellaustin5810 8 aylar önce
Day 3 right now brother. Toughest experience of my life really tested my will thank god I’m through the worst. Proud of you keep going yo.
@hakkobiggo2514 4 aylar önce
he could work for the police to deal with criminals, psychology, etc. but I'm sure he knows his worth more than being with the police which is... meh... good job Jeff! Stay clean and crime free!
@lukutiss1324 2 aylar önce
It's ironic that being arrested for a crime he didn't commit was the thing that turned his life around for the better.
@garybalranald6323 3 aylar önce
Jeff is a legend, but let's be honest, it's not hard to sit through an interview and "no comment" it. Which is the only thing you should do if you get arrested.
@lilbullet158 3 aylar önce
*_"I must caution you that anything you say also the manner by which you treat me may be used as evidence against you at a later date. Do you understand ?"_* That is what I say if I find myself in a Police interview room. Then periodically remind them that they are *_'Still Under Caution'._* They don't seem to like it... It is important to remind them You have as many Rights as they do, Including the Right to 'Caution' them.
@nicolegeorge3704 2 aylar önce
I really like Jeff. Hope he’s doing well. Many Blessing’s ❤️🙏🏼
@bmort6444 3 aylar önce
What this fails to highlight is that opiate addicts can at times have amazing patience. They’re used to waiting long periods of time. I know this first hand. Most other people would freak out and say anything if they thought they’d be let go. He knew he’d be let go if he’d have some patience.
@MrGtoriginal 8 aylar önce
Legend has it Jeff went on to become a great criminal defense attorney.
@mattmatt6572 8 aylar önce
I heard he became a salesman for coke.
@latonyaking8294 8 aylar önce
@JohnStopman 8 aylar önce
@robert.m4676 8 aylar önce
I heard he opened a burger chef!
@mythai05 8 aylar önce
He also sued this police department and won! He was awarded a lifetime supply of Butterfingers.
@dawnburnett4733 2 aylar önce
This is a good lesson that whether you are guilty or innocent. You have the right to REMAIN SILENT! Period. It is never helpful to talk to the police in any circumstances. As it says in the Miranda rights. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. No matter how innocent your words or how helpful you think you are being.
@ddrlear 2 aylar önce
Every time i see a video pop up regarding this instance of Jeff, I can’t help but watch it all over again and laugh at how badass Jeff is through this whole ordeal.
@crf59 2 aylar önce
So the guy is a junkie, steals to support his habit, has enough experience with being in trouble that he knows how to game the system, and he's badass? He's a punk. I admire that he exercises his constitutional rights (and I fully support that), but he's not "badass". He's sad.
@ake0100 Aylar önce
​@@crf59 proof that he steal and also he is trying to recover
@twn2rbo Aylar önce
One thing I learned about addicts is they are generally highly intelligent. Seems like a counterintuitive statement as they self destruct their lives, but once they put their mind on something they ultimately achieve it. Jeff demonstrates this here, his mind was set on not talking to the police and he achieved that no matter what lol
@townfool6859 5 aylar önce
Cops: I'm trying to help you out. Suspect: Why are you "trying to help?" Cops: Let's hear your side of the story. Suspect: Why are you saying I'm in a "story?" Cops: I've got evidence. Suspect: Is that contagious?
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