Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality | Anil Seth

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Right now, billions of neurons in your brain are working together to generate a conscious experience -- and not just any conscious experience, your experience of the world around you and of yourself within it. How does this happen? According to neuroscientist Anil Seth, we're all hallucinating all the time; when we agree about our hallucinations, we call it "reality." Join Seth for a delightfully disorienting talk that may leave you questioning the very nature of your existence.

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John Timepass
John Timepass 23 saatler önce
Collin Schultz
Collin Schultz 2 gün önce
God and gods is what lower consciousness people in this mostly lower consciousness world falsely create when in truth and facts is consciousness and connected consciousness
Collin Schultz
Collin Schultz 2 gün önce
Truth and facts the world is electromagnetic frequencies and so is consciousness
Ihomecontracting 3 gün önce
Ihomecontracting 3 gün önce
In my opinion our brain is the most important organ of our body
Ihomecontracting 3 gün önce
I am traumatized. Thank you
Spiritual Connor Murphy
Spiritual Connor Murphy 4 gün önce
There is no me you they and we / WE ARE ONE experiencing NOTHING
Spiritual Connor Murphy
Spiritual Connor Murphy 4 gün önce
who are we - NOTHING
Spiritual Connor Murphy
Spiritual Connor Murphy 4 gün önce
Everything is a completely LIE
Spiritual Connor Murphy
Spiritual Connor Murphy 4 gün önce
Spiritual Connor Murphy
Spiritual Connor Murphy 4 gün önce
We are NOTHING appearing something
BigFishFishingSA 4 gün önce
Absoloutly beautiful
Francisco Henriques
Francisco Henriques 4 gün önce
Doesn't matter how you say it, brexit is still a terrible idea.
nelson daed
nelson daed 6 gün önce
it's called perception, jackass.
downburst1 8 gün önce
Baldy head. Shaved it because of his vanity and weakness. He says “bony” head. He’s reflecting. “If you don’t still believe me”. No scientist. He will convince you more until you do.
Glaucilene Dos Santos
Glaucilene Dos Santos 9 gün önce
Alguém aí sabe o nome desse homem?
Holes are pretty Cool
Holes are pretty Cool 9 gün önce
His accent is beautiful !!!!!
acedudeism 9 gün önce
I’m not going to go through the pain and suffering of listening to the entire presentation so here are the facts: I’m NOT my body. I am me. I animate my body through the neurological system of this biological body suit. Me, I as a sentient being are situated in the ‘driver seat’ of the brain. Science will NEVER understand the reality ( which is stranger than fiction) unless they understand our universal , inter dimensional sentient being presence . The great thing is that our collective increase of consciousness is triggering memories of all of the technology we’ve seen, engineered, piloted and the universe we’ve explored prior to being sentenced to this prison planet, forever. Science should be working out how to destroy the remaining amnesia force screens.
David Eire
David Eire 10 gün önce
So Anil Seth is hallucinating giving a TED talk....and it just happens to coincide with me and others hallucinating watching a TRshow video....far out! And you are hallucinating reading this comment....
N Y 12 gün önce
Managed to not provide any convincing argument robots can’t be conscious
Andril Chakraborty
Andril Chakraborty 12 gün önce
Close your eyes. Count to one. That's how forever feels
Barry Hernandez
Barry Hernandez 12 gün önce
True ringers always self appoint
True ringers always self appoint 13 gün önce
Lovey not here to watch, just to confirm how utterly grotesque yall's sociopathic rapture was.
Daniel Bradford
Daniel Bradford 13 gün önce
Wow this guy has a really shinny head
RuffMeow M
RuffMeow M 13 gün önce
And yes, hallucinations are reality on speed.
RuffMeow M
RuffMeow M 13 gün önce
I'm so sick of people asking if animals have consciousness. Of course they do. And AI is also in a baby form.
Business Guru-Hindi
Business Guru-Hindi 13 gün önce
Imagining a person in an illusion explaining to other people who are in an illusion that life/reality is an illusion. That might have been difficult
chetan pazare
chetan pazare 13 gün önce
Watching this, I think now I know why I dream!! My 🧠 getting signals while I sleep🤪
Jk79 14 gün önce
Obviously this is a garbage disposal of nonsense. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Unknown Filmmaker
Unknown Filmmaker 14 gün önce
I've been under anesthesia and I was aware of things happening.
Derp DeDerp
Derp DeDerp 15 gün önce
I had part of my occipital lobe removed. I lost about 85% of my Perrier all vision on one side. For a few months after the vision loss my brain would try to make up what it thought should be there. That whole le experience shattered my sense of consciousness.
Patrick M
Patrick M 16 gün önce
It would be super interesting to see how this topic applies to how blind people experience consciousness.
Bibi Ayube
Bibi Ayube 16 gün önce
If god exist then we are objects in a cruel experiment
julian ly
julian ly 17 gün önce
psych 101 lecture
notstudmuffin 18 gün önce
we are all just inside a matrix
SAITAMA MADE 19 gün önce
He's explaining consciousness from a human standpoint. I think this dude is very ignorant. You can't explain where your brain goes when you cease to exist because you exist and you have not experienced that. That's the problem with these freaking modern-day pencil pushers scientist is that they think simply because they can have a somewhat of an educated sounding discussion that they are right about something that pisses me off. And millions of people just go along with this bull crap
rizom 19 gün önce
So all we ever do in our daily lives just as the decisions we take are all a product of and thus can be explained by the drive of our material nature doing its mechanistic best to survive? If this was true we are left to be passive passengers on the back seat of our bodies. Solely materialistic accounts of consciousness are simply not sufficient to explain the indeterminacies we face as humans. I can highly suggest "matter and memory" by Henri Bergson.
Steven Akers
Steven Akers 19 gün önce
Anooz Win
Anooz Win 20 gün önce
I have had hundreds of OBEs ...the shifting of consciousness to another reality at different levels of happens most of the time during a half sleep state ...and sort of vertigo and feeling of getting detached from physical happens...then that vision opens up with full level of awareness in another reality...and this is true.experience lasts from few seconds to few minutes......
likklej8 26 gün önce
I want to be sedated! The Ramones. Good Its all alive whatever even those rocks and stones vibrating away forever
RUN DE SHI 28 gün önce
The consciousness is in our brain, really? I am doubt of that!
Shane Felkel
Shane Felkel 28 gün önce
this dude is so far off. The spirit has intuition that supercedes senses. We exist simultaneously in several different realms which we build one concrete one out of just for manageability. If he said that after I switched him off, then kudos to him. I flaked him after he espoused Brexit as being a bad idea. Another tedx marxist/humanist billboard exposed. My job is done here.
Shane Felkel
Shane Felkel 28 gün önce
another tedx soros libtard kills his argument by trying to be political
Keka Harris
Keka Harris 28 gün önce
Simple, ai is a harvester of our knowledge with out out crop they have no knowledge we are the able to see and think of what could be to a computer it would be random and we dnt do random we think 🤔
ARCHIELUXURY 29 gün önce
This is Bullshit...A looks a bit darker then B it's slight but it there
Siebe Albers
Siebe Albers Aylar önce
5:15 examples of brain prediction shaping perception
Mr. Creosote
Mr. Creosote Aylar önce
Important work and I looked at this with an open mind. However, he does not explain how the brain or biology actually give rise to the very phenomenon of experience itself. He skirts what philosopher David Chalmers calls the "hard problem" of consciousness. His statement that scientists now know that consciousness is just another purely biological process assumes the conclusion. His positing of this view against what he derides as force of life or other magical explanations, i.e., classic dualism - is a false choice. There are other theories that tend toward a new sort of monism, such as pan-psychism. That his department "even has" philosophers betrays the bias. He needs more of them. Even if we equate perception with hallucination - or the identification of self as itself a form of hallucination - how does this explain the phenomenon of experiencing the hallucination or self?
Mark Brendon
Mark Brendon Aylar önce
Jani Palonen
Jani Palonen Aylar önce
"to die would be an awfully big adventure" peter pan.
Terry Zúñiga
Terry Zúñiga Aylar önce
Yet the deepest mystery from this talk: Why is breakfast such a terrible idea?
justwinginit02 Aylar önce
Just sending this out to the ether! This is one of the best TED talks I have ever experienced - and I say experienced as it's opened my eyes. As one that has suffered from depersonalization, for whatever reason, this video seems to ground me: "We experience the world with, through, and because of our bodies" - AMAZING!
Noun Synonym
Noun Synonym Aylar önce
What kinda depressing commercial was that…”you will never find love, or happiness. But you can invest in it” What the ficklefuck
Dylan Connor
Dylan Connor Aylar önce
Great video!
Steve Tyler
Steve Tyler Aylar önce
How is 'hallucination' defined? If it applies to our normal sensory experiences then it seems a redundant word.
Paola Córdova
Paola Córdova Aylar önce
our brains are amazing
Moses Rabuka
Moses Rabuka Aylar önce
“Consciousness is the only reality” ~ Neville Goddard
Navia Hasan
Navia Hasan Aylar önce
What if we are just brains in aquarium
NickBuckley SoShall
NickBuckley SoShall 27 gün önce
Neo! Is that you? I just woke up, I've been trying to contact you.
amanvijay jindal
amanvijay jindal Aylar önce
Yup, fully agree।। There is nothing to be afraid of
LethiuxX Aylar önce
I think anything with a sense of self-preservation can be "conscious". So AI could become conscious. We're only conscious because we have evolved and survived due to our sensory input and decision making. "Consciousness" is required to facilitate our survival, Intelligence is what makes us concerned about it. It's unlikely that dogs and cats think about "consciousness".
H W Aylar önce
That doesn't solve the hard problem of consciousness , so ...
shayne watts
shayne watts Aylar önce
I wanna know why I can hear my self with out talking I can talk to my self in my head with out speaking
mark allemand
mark allemand Aylar önce
Motivational speakers make a lot of money !
Yogendra Gupta
Yogendra Gupta Aylar önce
Consciousness is seen as everything including you and me and exists without everything including you and me just as clay is seen as all pots and exists without them.
Chitranjan Baghi
Chitranjan Baghi Aylar önce
Anil seth and Donald Hoffman should collaborate on this topic and research even more.
Frankky Aylar önce
“Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Heres Tom with the Weather.”
Airies Aylar önce
Neo Aylar önce
This guy took the red pill
school zone
school zone Aylar önce
The ragged minibus reassembly embarrass because margin operationally harm along a deserted improvement. groovy, unbiased calculus
ADU Aquascaping
ADU Aquascaping Aylar önce
Liar. Believing in the delusion of his own EGO. You don't understand consciousness otherwise you would have created yourself. What makes the string vibrate and what gives the string shape within string theory... You have no clue. You're believing in the unnecessary paradox and thus the lie
ADU Aquascaping
ADU Aquascaping Aylar önce
Existence has meaning in and of itself to exist. He should study more particle physics. It's more than a mere hallucination. He has the logic backwards.
ModelLights Aylar önce
Realize most of what is described is merely perception falsing, calling it hallucinating all of reality is a bit of a stretch. Take the shadows example. Your brain isn't just hallucinating shadows everywhere in that picture, it's merely perception shortcuts putting them in a few expected places when they aren't really there. While you can say yes, they aren't really there, it's a huge stretch to go from minor artifacts to calling them full on hallucinations, and then extending that into hallucinating all of reality. There are very real signals behind even the misperceptions. Take the hand example. Even though your brain is somewhat bad at 3D external location and getting the exact answer wrong, it didn't just invent it out of nothing. You have very real touch signal coming in, and the fake hand creates even very similar visual information. Put a frog's foot there, or a dog's paw, and your brain would never make the oversight even though very little information was actually changed. Even just put a small sticker or dot on the fake hand that you know wasn't actually there, and the illusion would go away. The effect is real, but it's minor, extrapolating that into 'your brain hallucinates everything' is more than a bit of a stretch. There's a very real basis behind almost everything your brain is doing and those signals are being interpreted into what you see as reality. A few minor mistakes from the interpretive shortcuts used hardly changes everything into pure hallucination.. Much more accurate to understand that your mind creates an internal virtual reconstruction of reality, and that there are some mistakes here and there in the interpretation due to the shortcuts used to deal with all the data.
Tania Tey
Tania Tey Aylar önce
i've seen this talk in 2017 and only now do i realise how brilliant it is, impressive
Sai Manohar Nethi
Sai Manohar Nethi Aylar önce
Isnt this what Advaita vedanta said all along. “Brahma satyam jagath mithya” - you are real but the world is an illusion. Its fascinating to see science also kinda sorta arrive at this.
Chetan Patil
Chetan Patil Aylar önce
But, Where is the explanation for the "Hard Problem of Consciousness"?
Bluejanis Aylar önce
"When the end of consciousness comes, there's nothing to be afraid of, nothing at all." - Anil Seth When that time comes, he's right. But before, it's a very dreadful thought to become nothing.
Elischa Bender
Elischa Bender 16 gün önce
I think it's also implicating that fear is unnecessary if consciousness is a hallucination in itself after all
doubleAAbatteries689 20 gün önce
just know that you won't feel any pain anymore, in fact you will feel nothing at all :)
Skyromaniac Aylar önce
Consiousness is the mind in syncreticnicity of the body and spirit.
Kajal263 Aylar önce
This is called "Moha" in the Ancient Indian Philosophy
ProfDrDrNoname Aylar önce
Reality is just a hallucination, caused by the lack of drugs.
6079 Smith W
6079 Smith W Aylar önce
Anil Seth - Anesthetics
B Jacob
B Jacob Aylar önce
Perception rhymes with deception. Brain studies are fascinating but destroying our individuality.
Sido Lanters
Sido Lanters Aylar önce
at the end of the talk: Anil Seth: "so what have we learned from this?" audience: * in unison * "I think Brexit is a very bad idea"
Thomas W
Thomas W Aylar önce
Deconstructing obviousness and applying labels .... this qualifies as smart these days I guess. Give them a candy bar, and they'll break it all down to it's individual ingredients, tell you exactly how each was brought to its current state inside the candy bar, make assumptions about the tools used, neatly label everything, pat themselves on the back ... while never taking a bite of the f--king thing. If any new insights into the brain, consciousness, the feeling of self, mind, etc. were given in this lecture, I totally missed it. Nothing he said or concepts alluded are new. At all.
TurnedLeftAtTheRockyMountains Aylar önce
There is no spoon
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Aylar önce
Bullshit. If you could hallucinate your own reality no one would remain in prison. Grow up.
Colin Gibson
Colin Gibson Aylar önce
I'm not convinced consciousness is emergent from 'biologicalness' What comes first, the blood supply to the heart or the heart pumping blood? Without fuel the heart cannot function. Without function the heart cannot supply fuel. The heart must be established from without, pre-supplied with fuel, ready to function, initiated from without.
Dr S Ranjan MBBS Acupuncturist
Dr S Ranjan MBBS Acupuncturist Aylar önce
5:10 Example of Color Hallucination
Anik Samiur Rahman
Anik Samiur Rahman Aylar önce
I got the exact opposite message of 16:40. When the end of consciousness comes, it not jus the ceasasion of my consciousness, its much bigger - its the end of entire underneith me, its the end of entire flesh and blood that halucinates itself.
J S Aylar önce
At the end of consciousness is God.
Josh Verdeja
Josh Verdeja Aylar önce
Chervon Joseph
Chervon Joseph Aylar önce
So that's only half - the other half is explaining that consciousness is also energy manifested
Faris Helmi
Faris Helmi Aylar önce
Wow .. this is very powerful content .. I had experiences of hallucinations and I reached to this conclusion on my own .. and now this is another confirmation of how we create our reality ... living Gods!!!! 🔥🔥🔥
E R Aylar önce
Donald White
Donald White Aylar önce
This is what happens to people when they think they are the highest form of intelligence in the universe.
Phill Stucker
Phill Stucker Aylar önce
I sincerely doubt Anil Seth or any scientist believe themselves the 'highest form of intelligence in the universe'. That would assume they thought they knew everything that was in the universe.
The truth so deal with it
The truth so deal with it Aylar önce
We are seeing things it’s not real! How does that help us in reality? Sorry I’m. Late today but it’s not real so don’t worry 😂
Verlin Govender
Verlin Govender Aylar önce
So there is no 'me' or 'you'?- so why should I believe you?
voluntaryist Aylar önce
This "3d" gaming proves that schizophrenic is not as "crazy" at is it seems...
voluntaryist Aylar önce
A beginning thought of schizophrenia. Do we share the same hallucination? Can i convince you that my consciousness "hallucination" is yours as well? Can i make you see feel and perceive my pof
Shannon McStormy
Shannon McStormy Aylar önce
One of the implications of what this talk concerns is that a computer intelligence that has sensory abilities, might be able to be built that doesn't introduce errors. The camera might communicate that the two squares of gray are the same color. Sensations on a rubber hand would be ignored, could be designed and built to be ignored. We already have "error-correcting" computer memory that is used in servers, "EEC memory." Of course, like the imaginary AI I am speaking of, you need the right mother board designed to accept and use EEC memory (read the fine print before buying "cheaper" EEC and other server-grade memory to make sure your motherboard can use it.) Humans remember events in error-prone ways, whereas a camera allows the human viewer more information, not one clouded by normal human error-prone memory (though depending on the camera, how much more accurate/reliable is variable and it would seem unlikely to me to be able to remove all possible errors, unless multiple cameras from multiple angles are used, though I still feel there might be possible errors - but possibly at some point, more reliable and accurate information than a human could be achieved. That said, I do think camouflage that would work on a computer might still work, though it would probably have to be different. For example, there are movies where the spy makes sure their body temperature or the temperature in the room stays within certain parameters so as to not trigger the temperature-based alarm part of a security system. My question is whether, as I believe the video suggests, in order to achieve self-consciousness *requires* errors, requires back and forth feedback, back and forth information systems? It could be that what we as humans experience as consciousness can be reduced as the manifestation of errors and true "insanity" is what we call, or experience as, consciousness? That all said, while fascinating, this discussion eventually becomes pedantic, like many parts of philosophy (one of my 2 undergrads). To some extent and purposes, my reality is my reality. The physical world may be mostly empty space, but I don't experience it that way. I experience a world in which in most cases, I appear to have some perception of, a world made up of solids, gases, liquids. I may only be able to conclusively prove that I think, therefore I am (or I think and therefore I think: my opinion). However, my experience of my reality allows me to interact with it (along with other living and non-living entities in it) in a manner that is so accurate that most of the time, my behavior and even most of my thinking and feeling appears to represent reality insofar as predictability is concerned, what I perceive IS my reality, at least functionally and practically. Thus, at the end of my day, again, while fascinating, my time is (usually) better spent simply being nice to those I interact with in my life. Usually, though small breaks to examine my navel are not entirely unwelcome..... ;-) .
Memes were a blessing from the lord Jesus
Memes were a blessing from the lord Jesus Aylar önce
"My question is whether, as I believe the video suggests, in order to achieve self-consciousness requires errors, requires back and forth feedback, back and forth information systems? It could be that what we as humans experience as consciousness can be reduced as the manifestation of errors and true "insanity" is what we call, or experience as, consciousness?" Very inspiring question!
puik puikmans
puik puikmans Aylar önce
consciousness is an illusion it's worm time babey!
luca napoli
luca napoli Aylar önce
Imagine being a brain” My brain: Tries to imagine being a brain wondering how to be a brain simulation inside of a my brain
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