Max Verstappen's Final Five Laps in Sochi | 2021 Russian Grand Prix

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2 aylar önce

He started dead last, but perfect timing and crystal-clear communication between Max Verstappen and his team mate GianPiero Lambiase helped him to an incredible P2 finish at the end. Watch and listen as they navigate the treacherous final five laps of the race!

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Kunal Ketkar
Kunal Ketkar 6 gün önce
Insane to feel the driver pov with such poor visibility... These dudes rely on their instinct and reflexes soo much... Muscle memory to the rescue
Captain Comrade
Captain Comrade 6 gün önce
Max is the real smooth operator
Rex Longfellow
Rex Longfellow 16 gün önce
5-6 ads for a 11 minute video. This is even greedier than network television FFS.
Kazami Hayato
Kazami Hayato 22 gün önce
you can be a fan of whichever driver, but Max's drive was amazing. the community needs to acknowledge that these are some of the top drivers and the "chosen" drivers for the sport. its not easy to be in there. even for those paid drivers or daddy's team as some of the comments i see. its not easy to drive these cars so mad respect for the top ones that perform at such level.
Billy 23 gün önce
Would be great if camera is on Max’s helmet
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 25 gün önce
to the erudites: what does STRAT mean? i hear that giampiero tells max strat 12, then 8, then 2...
Jeff Matulich
Jeff Matulich 27 gün önce
So funny I watch the whole "drive to survive" Netflix thing.....they sped up all of the racing clips by like 10-15%.....This was real....I have raced before. I know what its like. (not F1 but big stuff)....
Jeff Matulich
Jeff Matulich 27 gün önce
Max is great in the wet.
RGBoss 28 gün önce
outstanding!! big fan of max and greetings from germany!
Gabe more
Gabe more 28 gün önce
As a technician for honda its taken years to be able to compete glad to see the cars overall performance at optimum that engine is solidly sound nothing can touch it this year sad we be dropping out next season to focus on over energy uses
David Sánchez
David Sánchez Aylar önce
645 dislike, Hamilton fans 😂
Aquiles Caigo
Aquiles Caigo Aylar önce
Mamilk77 Aylar önce
Can we appreciate ocon's pace at the end of the race ?
Alohaman83 Aylar önce
Super clean and clear how he gives Instructions
Nawaid Anjum
Nawaid Anjum Aylar önce
Maybe just maybe this was the race that will win him the wdc
Cuong Nguyen
Cuong Nguyen 8 gün önce
Yeah looks like he needs it rn
GustavoCOD4 Aylar önce
Ocon's pace at the final laps is wonderful.
Darth Lord Raven
Darth Lord Raven Aylar önce
Lea Aylar önce
“What do you want me to do” Hamilton and Norris could learn a thing or two from Max! Trust your team and their calls, they will always have a better understanding of what’s going on outside the car!
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 25 gün önce
max fan here. lewis also trusts a lot on his team. and in this case, he followed the order to pit, when lando was a few seconds ahead (and the victory was right there). yes, he argues a bit more than max, and probably merc makes more mistakes on the strategies than rb, but still, when the team gives him an order, he follows (with exceptions, and in those exceptions, lewis is mostly right)
Charlie Aylar önce
id watch a whole race like this
ganim123top Aylar önce
Im already hyped to see the chamionship compilation and this race will be shown. what a fight max!
PDC Aylar önce
It's all about great team strategy & effort,great car. These cars are engineering Marvel's maximum credit goes to garage & engineering team who develop such a great cars which perform best in such a tough situation given maximum advantage to drivers.
Henry T
Henry T Aylar önce
how is he operating so much buttons at once lol jesus
Kalebs vlogging channel
Kalebs vlogging channel Aylar önce
F1 video:❌ last to first video:✅
Bryan Rogers
Bryan Rogers Aylar önce
Awesome content. My only complaint is it would be cool to have the live speedometer + position ranking throughout the whole video!
Aaron Aylar önce
The difference in mental composure between Norris wanting to win his first race, not knowing how often he'll be in that position in his career, compared to Verstappen who knows he's the most talented driver in the field and has won many times and knows he will win many times again in the future, is astronomical. This isn't anything new for Verstappen this far into his career, he's simply at work sounds calm as can be like hes on speaker phone on the highway for any of us.
Virgilio Lemos
Virgilio Lemos Aylar önce
Start at what time in EUROPE?
Misk Aylar önce
Potentially championship winning 5 laps here. Great driving.
Louis Wgr
Louis Wgr Aylar önce
I want to congratulate max for this one
Zaid Hasan
Zaid Hasan Aylar önce
4:42 pain
Carl Estepa
Carl Estepa Aylar önce
Using my headphone and I can hear engine roar on the left and turbo on the right
robsfooty Aylar önce
Love this type of content.
TheHidalgo99 Aylar önce
Phenomenal content! More of this please!
fiddlestickz muzik
fiddlestickz muzik Aylar önce
Incredible content, that was riveting it really was.
Erik Abee
Erik Abee Aylar önce
I just miss the moment that Lewis saw Max coming in as second.
DARK SIDE Aylar önce
max engineer didn't call perez with his first name 'Sergio' or Checo maybe he still thinks that checo is a racing point driver
Pietro Villa
Pietro Villa Aylar önce
Yeah that was quite weird
kuf geo
kuf geo Aylar önce
This is excellent content, keep it up f1
Drenwickification Aylar önce
I like how casual his engineer is after the finish 😂
Ashish Jain
Ashish Jain Aylar önce
Max is the master of mixed conditions. What a smooth driver!
DMG Aylar önce
F1 should not use noise cancelling mic..
Niemoi Kein
Niemoi Kein Aylar önce
McLaren should had mirrored Max. They should had known Mercedes would do the same.
Optica Regina
Optica Regina Aylar önce
no traducen español
Rob Van Lent
Rob Van Lent Aylar önce
Copy max! Keep it on the black stuff. Epic comment!
crxdelsolsir Aylar önce
Engineer: Keep it on the black stuff Max: Where is Hamilton
blinky Aylar önce
If F1 has top of helmet/high nose cam, no commentary, for at least half the race. I would pay a lot of money to watch.
Loveisblindness1 Aylar önce
It does, F1TV
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Aylar önce
Max got Brazil flashback when told Ocon in front of him with blue flags
Aled Davies
Aled Davies Aylar önce
"it'll be blue flags for occon ahead" *Brazil 2018 flashes before his eyes*
Max Aylar önce
Dancing with a F1 car !! 💪🇳🇱👍
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Aylar önce
Perfect strategy by the crew, perfect composure by Max. So satisfying seeing this well-oiled machine pull off such a race
JP Aylar önce
Never liked Verstappen before, but respect him more and more. He's otherworldly.
Tiemen Aylar önce
People should really stop saying Lando made a bad decision. With the information they had at that time, staying out was his best bet at winning the race. If either the rain stops again, the safety car comes out, or the race gets red-flagged, he just wins by staying out. It is a gamble either way, and (as every poker player should know) you should not judge a gamble by the outcome, but by the expectancy at the time. Therefore Lando made the right call, even if the outcome ended up the way it did.
Cuong Nguyen
Cuong Nguyen 8 gün önce
Lando made a terrible decision his team wanted him to pit and he refused
Karan S
Karan S Aylar önce
If Hamilton did a Norris then Verstappen would have won the race
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Aylar önce
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Aylar önce
Max probably had some PTSD flashbacks when he heard “it should be blue flags for ocon ahead” lol
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Aylar önce
That was an epic race for Max. Last to 2nd is mega. Feels sad for Perez who deserves podium every time.
midget Aylar önce
Being a dutchie the rain was so welcome….hoping for rain today other wish mercedes is to strong 🇳🇱🏳️‍🌈
Bruce Ali Danger
Bruce Ali Danger Aylar önce
Imagine if was Lewis. Haters"LuCky"
Rob Van Lent
Rob Van Lent Aylar önce
This is a really great clip! So honest. This is what happened. Nothing more or less! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
DriftKingNL Aylar önce
I felt so bad for Lando. But in the end it was 100% his fault not to listen to his team.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Aylar önce
Max Verstappen is the "Rain Man", the new Michael Shumacher ✔
Juan Osorio
Juan Osorio Aylar önce
HP de manejada la de Max, y el Hamilton metiendole chankleta al piso!
H.L. RAINEY JR. Aylar önce
How do these young men do this. Super human I suspect. Fantastic! Which is better, throttle or adrenaline control? I agree. Best content ever! More.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Aylar önce
Adam Hocking
Adam Hocking Aylar önce
It's amazing how much better it is to watch without David Croft's annoying AF voice dramatizing everything.
AndiousAndy Aylar önce
The pace these modern F1 cars can drive that long left hander in the wet is incredible.
Ronald Kasteel
Ronald Kasteel 2 aylar önce
Legend this will be his championship this year
Luke Murray
Luke Murray 2 aylar önce
In my opinion, this was the most entertaining race of the season so far
Angel R.A.
Angel R.A. 2 aylar önce
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Aylar önce
I can't believe anyone can drive this fast and smooth in the rain. Incredible wet traction. He finished with less enthusiasm than I do getting home during a Houston storm.
V12 Naturally Aspirated
V12 Naturally Aspirated 2 aylar önce
Please Formula 1 upload a video showing the Fastest lap: 1:24.770 on lap 39 (lap record) done by Juan Pablo Montoya in 2005 Turkish Grand Prix. Thank you very much, cheers!
Jonbow 🅥
Jonbow 🅥 2 aylar önce
I like how max always uses the word "WE" rather than "I"
DaSteira 2 aylar önce
Max 4 Champ 2021
Junaid Khan
Junaid Khan 2 aylar önce
Why wasn't Perez called in for intermediate tyres?
Luigi Pellegrini
Luigi Pellegrini 2 aylar önce
Max Verstappen is the "Rain Man", the new Michael Shumacher ✔
Pat Regan
Pat Regan 2 aylar önce
Cool, calm, and collected much?
Steven Unbekannt
Steven Unbekannt 2 aylar önce
Love it
Rizky Akbar Pratama
Rizky Akbar Pratama 2 aylar önce
Max real world championship, not ITS JAMES ahahaha
Sonofnothing 2 aylar önce
Legend in the making. Brilliant driving. Calm and collected. Bravo
lochs 2 aylar önce
this was amazing
Panneman broeker
Panneman broeker 2 aylar önce
Max , The Redbull Pitbull .
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 aylar önce
That was an epic race for Max. Last to 2nd is mega. Feels sad for Perez who deserves podium every time.
QwikKota 2 aylar önce
I can't believe anyone can drive this fast and smooth in the rain. Incredible wet traction. He finished with less enthusiasm than I do getting home during a Houston storm.
DutchRC Adventures
DutchRC Adventures 2 aylar önce
2 non-skippable-adds IN the video => experience ruined....
UFVArchive 2 aylar önce
We need this kind of engineer commentary on the F1 video game :D reminds me of rally
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 aylar önce
but what does it do Is it different engine modes to adapt to the wetter conditions?
Riccardo 2 aylar önce
GP is so chill, I actually can use this as an alternative Lo-Fi session.
Petr Štěpán
Petr Štěpán 2 aylar önce
This is Champion!
Moritz Kroyß
Moritz Kroyß 2 aylar önce
GP & Max are such a great Team together
Andrew 2 aylar önce
Wow. I loved watching this.
Juche Tony
Juche Tony 2 aylar önce
driver of the day, driver of the season. And Hamilton knows it too.
Kale Vandaal
Kale Vandaal 2 aylar önce
i felt so bad for norris, he really hat in hes pocket untill the rain started
rockersidF1 2 aylar önce
The instruction to Verstappen was clear - Box for inters. Whereas that for Perez was not the same. RB need to take some blame for Perez losing a podium position.
Hello World
Hello World 2 aylar önce
Can someone explain what is that big correction movement on the steering wheel is for at 7:54 and 10:04?
wipeout2098 2 aylar önce
Max is asking for more than the maximum grip of the tyres at these moments and must steer opposite the direction the car wants to spin for a moment until the tyres regain their grip. Search for the "friction circle" or "traction circle" if you want to know more. :)
tiga ding
tiga ding 2 aylar önce
Illumina Tech
Illumina Tech 2 aylar önce
3:54 Max be like: bjahfhjahfjkhajhfjkhajkfjkebfjea *Copy that max*
Vinod Vagadurgi
Vinod Vagadurgi 2 aylar önce
This video is so much better This is TRshow gold content
Rusher4444 2 aylar önce
Why did they cut of the minute before when Max himself decided he wanted to pit that lap, here they make it seem like the team did. Also they didn’t show the bit where he overtook Ricciardo (before Sainz)
Isaiah Go
Isaiah Go 2 aylar önce
p20 to p2
Jeff Ancelet
Jeff Ancelet 2 aylar önce
I love this! Max has always been an absolute master in the rain!
Ghulam Afzal
Ghulam Afzal 2 aylar önce
Can someone please explain what Max’s engineer means when he says switch to Strat 7 or Strat 2 I know they’re different dials/modes that he’s pressing on his steering wheel but what does it do Is it different engine modes to adapt to the wetter conditions?
Patrik Túri
Patrik Túri 2 aylar önce
What is Verstappen saying at 3:40 and 3:58?
Rob Fletcher
Rob Fletcher 2 aylar önce
Max is calm under pressure. That’s for sure.
DB 2 aylar önce
Max: “Heavy rain here, mate. Heavy rain.” GL: “Copy, mate. Copy. Keep it on the black stuff.” …..idk why but that quick back and forth is just my favorite. I’ve watched this at least 4 times haha.
Nikita Dubrovskih
Nikita Dubrovskih Aylar önce
The car has black that is darker than the asphalt.
jaime parra
jaime parra 2 aylar önce
P2 after taking a penalty for the car and for the crash with Hamilton at Monza lol thats a win for sure. Hamilton wont be so lucky when he takes his penalty lol
Luis Llerena
Luis Llerena 2 aylar önce
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