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hiiiii! watch in HD (1080p) please.

EdSer throughout season 1 excited for season 2!

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song: Yellow & To Build A Home
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Jimena Hern獺ndez
Jimena Hern獺ndez Y覺l 繹nce
Today they confirmed their relationship AND I CAN'T BE MORE HAPPIER
Eleanna Scott Anderson Jane
Eleanna Scott Anderson Jane 10 g羹n 繹nce
@John Dave Brigoli Handes family doesnt follow him. I wouldnt follow someone when my sister isnt dating him but they follow Kerem and he does too
John Dave Brigoli
John Dave Brigoli 10 g羹n 繹nce
@Eleanna Scott Anderson Jane please don't give me hope. 唐唐 I also heard hande and kaan are dating, my heart can't handle this... but I'm still sticking with these two.
11 g羹n 繹nce
Eleanna Scott Anderson Jane
Eleanna Scott Anderson Jane 19 g羹n 繹nce
@Alice Shmeleva Kerem lives with Hande. Her family follows him and he does too. If they had broken up her family wouldnt follow him. And he was with mavi and Kerems dog was at their house and they are together in Spain
Alice Shmeleva
Alice Shmeleva 19 g羹n 繹nce
@Eleanna Scott Anderson Jane how do you know?
Nina Marijanovic
Nina Marijanovic Y覺l 繹nce
This is not acting anymore it's true love
Tobi T
Tobi T 26 g羹n 繹nce
@Shivangi Bind very sorry they broke up
Tobi T
Tobi T 26 g羹n 繹nce
But they broke up h
WhyNot? Aylar 繹nce
@Universe they aren't together anymore he said he's single lol
mima mano
mima mano 2 aylar 繹nce
I agree
Ratih Pkp
Ratih Pkp 2 aylar 繹nce
@Milaun Worthy oo
elissa ali
elissa ali Y覺l 繹nce
The chemistry... The clips...The love....The song... I love these two!! thank you for this
堭堥塈堥 堭 堭
堭堥塈堥 堭 堭 9 aylar 繹nce
@Gemma Lasam 塈堧堶堥 塈奡堭堜 奡堙 堿 堸 媯堹 塈媔 堥堻堥堥 堿堹 堥堻堥堥 堿堹 堻堥堥 塈堮媟塈堙塈 塈堛堜
堭堥塈堥 堭 堭
堭堥塈堥 堭 堭 9 aylar 繹nce
@Gemma Lasam 塈堧堶堥 堸 塈 塈堛塈 塈塈堛 塈堧堶堥 塈奡堭堜 奡堙 堿
Gemma Lasam
Gemma Lasam 11 aylar 繹nce
@Priscilla Alvarado m sorry but I think there was no subtitles for the series...honestly, I've watched it even without the subtitles..kinda weird 不不不.. I don't really understand their lines but I love to see HanKer together that was why I patiently watched the series...
Priscilla Alvarado
Priscilla Alvarado 11 aylar 繹nce
@Gemma Lasam is there an English version?? Or at least with subtitles? Dying to watch!
Gemma Lasam
Gemma Lasam 11 aylar 繹nce
@baby shark official it ws nt actually a movie, it was a turkish series entitled 'sen cal kapimi' with 52episodes, u can watch it @ TRshow
Julie Y覺l 繹nce
The two look so perfect together that it surprises me that someone hadn't thought of putting the two together long before. Kerem B羹rsin is an insanely charismatic and handsome guy, very different from other Turkish actors, he is unique, and Hande is an absolute goddess. These two will be difficult to overcome. Definitely one of the best serial pairs for me. Their synergy is BREATHTAKING!
creativity with kashaf
creativity with kashaf Y覺l 繹nce
No no no we want HAYMUR and HANBUR back not edser hanker 朮朮朮
Jethro Centino
Jethro Centino Y覺l 繹nce
鄐嗣凶鄐菽亢鄍 鄐兒冗鄐鄐
鄐嗣凶鄐菽亢鄍 鄐兒冗鄐鄐 Y覺l 繹nce
@steve smith i think u don't like kerem and now just want us to hate kerem and like kivanc. If u like kivanc then it's ur opinion no one will say anything but there are millions who watch these series just because they have again starting believing in true love just because these kerem and hande. They are the best and i have never seen such a charismatic actor like kerem. And if sen cal kapimi is not a blockbuster then why are u watching this video. Don't beg here for us to become fans of kivanc
creativity with kashaf
creativity with kashaf Y覺l 繹nce
But haymurr 唐唐唐
steve smith
steve smith Y覺l 繹nce
@italianbaby307 not their chemistry was ok but it's not that u didn't see anything on TV kivanc for example his chemistry with bihter was above than hande and kerem kivanc with cemre was fab so dont try to be a blind fan their were better couples than these of two if kivanc play with hande then their chemistry would be out of the world that's why sen cal kapimi was decent hit not superhit
Marissa Feltman
Marissa Feltman Y覺l 繹nce
These 2 are fire; Ive never witnessed such chemistry from 2 people before. Hand, nose & body chemistry... If these 2 stay together & have kids what an amazing story they have
訄郅邽郇訄 郋郅迮赲訄
訄郅邽郇訄 郋郅迮赲訄 9 aylar 繹nce
OK, Fire on Fire!!! Happy together!!! Perfect time and lifetime! Thanks for sharing this with us!!!
Lyon Stephen
Lyon Stephen Y覺l 繹nce
Oh yeah and I'm very happy that they are together in real life 歹
Isaac Frost
Isaac Frost Y覺l 繹nce
They are magical when they are together. EdSer forever.
Tereza imekov獺
Tereza imekov獺 3 aylar 繹nce
Can I ask you. In which epsiode they get together oficially with true love?
creativity with kashaf
creativity with kashaf Y覺l 繹nce
Haymur 朮朮 I want you 唐唐唐朮
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
Lisa Lopia
Lisa Lopia Y覺l 繹nce
He really is not my typical type in anyway, he has western features, blondish hair and typically I like the turkish actors with dark features but he is so magnetic and has such a lovely vibe, loved him after watching this series and his interviews.
Sel 4 aylar 繹nce
@Ibrahim Zainab he's not he just lived there for some time. Both parents are turkish and born in Turkey
Ibrahim Zainab
Ibrahim Zainab 9 aylar 繹nce
He is from Boston actually
cdcsamira Y覺l 繹nce
Turkey is caught between east and west, so you will see all colors and tones. He's a Ginger not blonde.
DD Y覺l 繹nce
He is 癟ok charismatic.
Samreen Rafiq
Samreen Rafiq Y覺l 繹nce
10 min of pure bliss such a walk down the memory lane i mean LOVED IT! also bonus point for the song choices歹
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
thank youu! 歹歹
Antonella Mu簽oz
Antonella Mu簽oz 4 aylar 繹nce
I love they, the series is beautiful and the video along with this song is beautiful. I actually cried watching the video朮
Patricia Pinheiro
Patricia Pinheiro 9 aylar 繹nce
Que amor! Apaixonada nesse casal. Aqueceu meu cora癟瓊o. Deu at矇 vontade de amar de novo. 朮歹
nur 11 aylar 繹nce
i cant get over how stunning she is, truly got perfect features from God 朮歹歹歹歹
Julie Marie
Julie Marie Aylar 繹nce
I mean there definitely was some plastic surgery involved when you look at her pictures from when she was younger. But she's beautiful regardless.
Arrasel 3 aylar 繹nce
She has perfect skin
Placida lopez
Placida lopez 8 aylar 繹nce
Syed Nashra Ashraf
Syed Nashra Ashraf Y覺l 繹nce
Knowing that they are together in real life also is like a dream come true
Sushmita Sen
Sushmita Sen Aylar 繹nce
@Tweenkle No
衪郅赲邽訄 虼訄郕邽郱郇郋赲訄
衪郅赲邽訄 虼訄郕邽郱郇郋赲訄 2 aylar 繹nce
@Tweenkle 郇迮.
Tweenkle 4 aylar 繹nce
Are they still dating until now?
Eliana La Becca
Eliana La Becca Y覺l 繹nce
this is so beautiful, it described perfectly their journey together....朮鳶鳶朮朮
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
Potong Francisco
Potong Francisco 7 aylar 繹nce
Their chemistry is electrifying they are good together
C DD 6 aylar 繹nce
So I just binged the whole series in the last week. Episodes were so damn long, but it was all worth it in the end. Writing was beautifully done, superb characters, some of the characters didn't have much character dev't though, which made sense why they didn't show up in the later eps & 2nd season, could have have been done differently though, especially w/ eda's friends and grandma. Loved the chemistry and synergy of the side characters too, especially adored Eda and Aidan's relationship and have a soft spot for Erdem and Leila. They could have dropped some things in the plot though, like the acting gig and playing detective scenes which didn't really add anything to the story, but it was still fun to watch. And of course the main factor that made me watch this 121 hr long series in the first place, is of course the unbelievable chemistry between hande and karem, I can't even explain it, it's simply incredible. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to watch any of their other works yet, cuz I can't just see them with other people, It'd make me cry. So how did ya'll move on from this series?
Missy Naquines
Missy Naquines 5 aylar 繹nce
Omggg same,,, I cant watch them with other partners idk why it breaks my heart
Bridgerton fan Chris
Bridgerton fan Chris Y覺l 繹nce
I've never seen such a beautiful couple in my whole life. You can feel their chemistry and they can bring you in their love story with such an amazing way
mahnoor Ilyas
mahnoor Ilyas 22 g羹n 繹nce
To watch them like you live with them in their moments 歹 They are magic 弘尿
italianbaby307 Y覺l 繹nce
Absolutely beautiful... I had goosebumps the entire time. Can't wait for Season 2.
Amin Hsan
Amin Hsan Y覺l 繹nce
Where to watch it?
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
2k2OB1O40 Kartik Patial
2k2OB1O40 Kartik Patial Y覺l 繹nce
This is pure love that lasts forever. I am so happy to see them together and eagerly waiting for season 2.
M P 7 aylar 繹nce
Wat is this called?
Leonor Jacinto
Leonor Jacinto Y覺l 繹nce
The love story itself turns into something that never be forgotten. It is a very simplest and the way that they are given the reality of being a lovers. This is a happy moment to see both of them. Happily ever after. Congrats and God bless you both.
khushi always
khushi always Y覺l 繹nce
hi. Can you please tell me where i can watch this
shana4damon Y覺l 繹nce
You beautifully captured EdSer's love. This is epic!!! 弘歹歹朮
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
Loreto Tercero
Loreto Tercero 7 aylar 繹nce
Qu矇 v穩deo tan bonito!!! Me encanta !!! Un resumen de la serie. La pareja es maravillosa por muchas razones. Tienen much穩simos valores: reales, humildes, humanitarios, muy buena gente. ...La serie maravillosa. Much穩simas gracias por el v穩deo
katie Y覺l 繹nce
I think in this show the love between eda and serkan was amazing but also I think eda suffered more in their relationship
Wendy Holness
Wendy Holness 14 g羹n 繹nce
Tht true ofc evil selin n denise balca too
DD 10 aylar 繹nce
I think they both suffered . Serkan suffering was different , it was more physical illness and his journey to fight cancer and his fears that he will die and she will waste best days of her life while he is sick and not able to graduate and fulfill her dreams.In a way he always thought about her. His love was so selfless . Except for bad execution of amnesia plot by writers, Edser journey was so beautiful .
brain lover
brain lover Y覺l 繹nce
@katie oh yes,forgot about that one...it was a lot拎
katie Y覺l 繹nce
@brain lover She also found out his family was responsible for her parents death
katie Y覺l 繹nce
@brain lover I know right..
Heena Shah
Heena Shah Y覺l 繹nce
The whole journey of EdSer 滕 Got goosebumps!! They are truly magical together !!
entertainmentlove Y覺l 繹nce
This was so so beautiful!! 凌歹 cant wait for season 2
Camille Hans-Refior
Camille Hans-Refior Y覺l 繹nce
Me I'm so exciting 弘
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
Vanessa Rugel
Vanessa Rugel Y覺l 繹nce
Qu矇 dir矇, los amo, esas miradas de Kerem me conquistaron y siempre not矇 que era demasiada qu穩mica como para ser actuada, ojal獺 sean siempre felices juntos
Y覺l 繹nce
This is not acting any more its true love.
Somani Shoureen
Somani Shoureen Y覺l 繹nce
Can you please tell me the summary of the story please
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
christina moreno
christina moreno Y覺l 繹nce
Holy crap this video was absolutely perfect!!! The scenes and the song choices I had freaking goosebumps!!!! Thank you!!!
Husna Memon
Husna Memon Y覺l 繹nce
Their couple is just so elite歹 may their love last forever. Amen
Isabella Fay
Isabella Fay Y覺l 繹nce
He fell in love with her the moment he saw her
D簿g繪23 Davis
D簿g繪23 Davis 9 aylar 繹nce
@editslu t穩 te 歹毋朮
time_lapse Y覺l 繹nce
He said that?
Maritza Morales
Maritza Morales Y覺l 繹nce
But this is true love not like Candems love.
So true I knew it
DD Y覺l 繹nce
Who kerem or serkan as he ate 1.5 kg plums on their first meeting 不
Lutfie Skenderi
Lutfie Skenderi Y覺l 繹nce
god damnit, his smile and laugh are to die for, istg. and they are such a beautiful couple, like very very beautiful. they are both really handsome themselves, but when they are together, they shine even more. it's the first time i feel as such for a couple
M繫nica Aparecida Gon癟alves Carvalho Imbriani
M繫nica Aparecida Gon癟alves Carvalho Imbriani Y覺l 繹nce
Muito lindo , eles combinam demais a qu穩mica 矇 grande 攻猾歹
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
Rakesh Sinha
Rakesh Sinha Y覺l 繹nce
I can watch it anytime when I feel nostalgic, thank you for making this video.
Ariel Bustos
Ariel Bustos 8 aylar 繹nce
Simplemente hermoso歹
Angela Fernandez
Angela Fernandez 8 aylar 繹nce
Maravillosa serie unas im獺genes preciosas no me canso de verlas gracias por recordarlas.儭儭儭返佞返佞荊
Antonia Ramirez
Antonia Ramirez Y覺l 繹nce
No puedo dejar de ver est獺s escenas!!asi me gustan juntos sin nadie qu矇 los separ矇.Siempre juntos!!手毋屢
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
Tania Proietti
Tania Proietti Y覺l 繹nce
They are two wonderful actors! Compelling story!
maria vinet
maria vinet Y覺l 繹nce
Es tan lindo lo que transmiten!!una pareja que enamora 歹
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
eunbi Hwang
eunbi Hwang 8 aylar 繹nce
It would be so beautiful if they will really end up together forever and marry each other毋
Martha Ayala
Martha Ayala Y覺l 繹nce
They're perfect together
Hails 5 aylar 繹nce
The addiction took over my life. Met incredible ppl. It was wonderful 歹
#ralouedits Y覺l 繹nce
Simply. Spectacular 弘 just like the love that these two are sharing thank you for this
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
Jayesh Lalwani
Jayesh Lalwani Y覺l 繹nce
Child: mom how did you meet dad? Mom: okay let's watch the show your mom and dad starred in called "Sen cal kapimi" 漎儭 This is the only thought I can have after watching this video, you're immensely talented and this is ART, TRUE ART coz you have depicted the entire series in one video
Mogana Priya Kumaran
Mogana Priya Kumaran Y覺l 繹nce
@editslu I y7
DD Y覺l 繹nce
Dad ate 1.5 kg plums when met mum in their first meeting 不 They have alot to tell their children.
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
Eftelya K
Eftelya K Y覺l 繹nce
Thank you for this masterpiece
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
thank you!!! 歹
Pierina Y覺l 繹nce
No me canso de ver este v穩deo 凌
Gordana Goca
Gordana Goca 12 g羹n 繹nce
Fenomenalan i prelep glumaki par. 弘弘
Eshita Sharma
Eshita Sharma Y覺l 繹nce
chris choi
chris choi Y覺l 繹nce
They look so good together. They're pretty just looking at them.
aurica deac
aurica deac 5 aylar 繹nce
Cea mai frumoas poveste de dragoste a unui serial turcesc. Iar protagonitii, nu am cuvinte. At璽t de frumoi i carismatici ! Sper ca i 簾n viaa real s rm璽n 簾mpreun. i ador. Hande actia mea preferat.
Broken Angel
Broken Angel Y覺l 繹nce
郇邽 訄郕邽迮 郕訄邽赲迮, 訄郕邽迮 赲郅訇郅迮郇郇迮... 苤訄迮 邽邾!!!
The Domenico
The Domenico 7 aylar 繹nce
Me acabo de enamorar de esta pareja q guap穩simos q historia, y me elegro q sean pareja en la vida real tambien
Mel D
Mel D Y覺l 繹nce
This is so beautiful I love them !!
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
Namera Y覺l 繹nce
Hande has improved aloooot!!! She was brilliant here劾
Lilia Maria Farias Bastos
Lilia Maria Farias Bastos 11 aylar 繹nce
Que n瓊o se separem nuncaaaaaa鳶鳶尿歹
Nadezda K.
Nadezda K. 6 aylar 繹nce
迮赲迮郋郇迮, 郈迮郕訄郇訄 郈訄訄手
Rozario Y覺l 繹nce
E da y Serkan 伐伐伐linda novela, que amor lindo, onde n瓊o d瓊o espa癟o para pessoas invejosa e maldosa, ameiiiiii 弘伐手伐
Zohar Sh
Zohar Sh Y覺l 繹nce
this is so beautiful!!! where can i find this coloring? ive looked everywhere for stardust唐
Dadousha im
Dadousha im Y覺l 繹nce
This is a beautiful edit thank you 潑歹
Armilie UMALI Hernandez
Armilie UMALI Hernandez Y覺l 繹nce
The chemistry and them love them. Hi, greeting from a fan from Italy!
MISSYGful Y覺l 繹nce
Great edit. Made me long for series 2 to hurry up! Some great moments captured so beautifully. If the rumours are true that they are together irl, then I can't think of a pair that complement each other better. Really hope there is a #Netflix series to follow. I can't get enough of these two.
Madiha John
Madiha John Y覺l 繹nce
where do u watch it?
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
theyre together I hope so too!
liva lopp
liva lopp Y覺l 繹nce
im sure they fell in love with each other in real life too 朮歹歹
creativity with kashaf
creativity with kashaf Y覺l 繹nce
No I want i need haymur 朮 only haymur
Chiara Redesco
Chiara Redesco Y覺l 繹nce
Sembra una bella storia , poi non so , speriamo sorprende come day dreamer
Makhlouf Zaineb
Makhlouf Zaineb Y覺l 繹nce
@Josephine Mbungani they posted on inta on the 27th of April
Josephine Mbungani
Josephine Mbungani Y覺l 繹nce
@Makhlouf Zaineb when?
Makhlouf Zaineb
Makhlouf Zaineb Y覺l 繹nce
@Jenny Hysa they confirmed their relationship irl
Si. Dantas
Si. Dantas Y覺l 繹nce
Saudades do meu casal preferido
Loli Alonso
Loli Alonso Y覺l 繹nce
Jam獺s volver獺n a hacer una historia tan bella y tan bien hecha como 矇sta. Lo van a tener dif穩cil para superarse. Acertar con unos actores tan reales no es tan f獺cil, ellos tienen una conexi籀n que llega y traspasa la ficci籀n.
Yessica Velasquez
Yessica Velasquez 7 aylar 繹nce
Me gust籀 verlo con zeynep
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
Cl獺udia Ragusa
Cl獺udia Ragusa Y覺l 繹nce
ERKENCI KUS 矇 maravilhosa tamb矇m!
Yusdaily Stinga utra
Yusdaily Stinga utra Y覺l 繹nce
Donde se podr獺 ver doblada al espa簽ol?? Qu矇 linda historia
M繫nica Aparecida Gon癟alves Carvalho Imbriani
M繫nica Aparecida Gon癟alves Carvalho Imbriani Y覺l 繹nce
Lindos 歹攻
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
Vittoria Flagelli
Vittoria Flagelli Y覺l 繹nce
Siete bellissimi!!!Siete il Sole... . Vi auguro tanta fortuna 弘
Nevin Mathew
Nevin Mathew Y覺l 繹nce
Thank you for this beautiful edit 凌歹
Mbeka Sampa
Mbeka Sampa Y覺l 繹nce
Just watched two people fall in love in a series and real life 歹...how cute歹
Hello Y覺l 繹nce
I can't wait for June! Then our MOST BEAUTIFUL love story of Eda and Serkan continues
Rosariabuonissime Vittoria
Rosariabuonissime Vittoria Y覺l 繹nce
Aspetto con ansia le due puntate la77 e la 1 12
so beautiful song Thakur
so beautiful song Thakur Y覺l 繹nce
@Shweta patil May god bless u, thank you so much
Shweta patil
Shweta patil Y覺l 繹nce
@so beautiful song Thakur on pc or laptop with captions auto translate mode then u can watch with any of ur mother tongue
so beautiful song Thakur
so beautiful song Thakur Y覺l 繹nce
Do somebody know how can I watch this show with English subtitles plzzz
brendamiyy Y覺l 繹nce
omg this is sooo beautiful
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
Sahriar Islam
Sahriar Islam Y覺l 繹nce
But they are together now in real life too .From Edser to all the way to Hanker. A great journey.
DD Y覺l 繹nce
Yes what a beautiful journey
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
yessss! 歹
Mirjana Zorki
Mirjana Zorki Y覺l 繹nce
@Camille Hans-Refior no, they officially confirmed, they are together弘
Camille Hans-Refior
Camille Hans-Refior Y覺l 繹nce
Seriously !!? You said that because they spend their holidays together in Maldives ???
priyanka boojhawan
priyanka boojhawan Y覺l 繹nce
sacma sapan
sacma sapan Y覺l 繹nce
Their eyes when they see each other... 朮
tanisha Y覺l 繹nce
serkans smile at 7:15
lindo e simplesmente apaixonada por esse casal
editslu Y覺l 繹nce
Juncal;) Y覺l 繹nce
De verdad que de todas las series turkas que he visto esta es la pareja que se da los besos m獺s reales jaja
Letters, Words and Solitude
Letters, Words and Solitude 11 aylar 繹nce
My ghad! One of my favorite couples 朮均
karen rojo
karen rojo Y覺l 繹nce
Rewatching this video after confirming they are a couple 伐
Siddhi Parmar
Siddhi Parmar Y覺l 繹nce
the edit is beautiful!
Milagros Moret
Milagros Moret Y覺l 繹nce
I love that they are a couple in real life!!!
Rumena Stoqnova
Rumena Stoqnova Y覺l 繹nce
Same..love them so much
Milena Carolina Santana
Milena Carolina Santana Y覺l 繹nce
Que v穩deo perfeitoooo amoo tanto手毋
Atif Shaikh
Atif Shaikh Y覺l 繹nce
Beautiful 歹
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Mevtcan Bahav
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Eda & Serkan | Before You Go
Alyssa Stone
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Serkan & Kiraz | Across The Stars
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eda & serkan | LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME
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eda & serkan - their story [1x39]
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eda & serkan | APOLOGIZE
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Fancy Refill (Pirate Version)
VDS SpiderMan
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Kelebek sars覺lmaz Tiktok videolar覺
Kelebek Sars覺lmaz
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Bol Eyvah Dedirten aka | Souk Sava #shorts
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X-Men first class detay覺 #shorts
Filmlerin G羹c羹 Ad覺na
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Eim b繹yle seviyor  #tbt
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