정국 (Jung Kook) '3D (feat. Jack Harlow)' Official MV

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정국 (Jung Kook) '3D (feat. Jack Harlow)' Official MV
Directed by Drew Kirsch
a HAPPY PLACE production
Executive Producer: Tara Razavi
Production Manager: Julio Mata Jr.
Production Coordinator: Chris Fish & Julia Schreib
1st AD: Derek Jaeschke
2nd AD: Cole “C-Dawg” Ewing
2nd 2nd AD: Nathan Gallie
Director of Photography: Elias Talbot
Steadicam Operator: Aaron Gantt
1st AC: Mike Dumin
1st AC (B Cam): Karson Holbrook
2nd AC: Anthony Hwang
Technocrane Lead Tech: Corey Keifer
Assistant Tech: Christian Hurley
G4 Tech: Derrick Rose
VTR/Playback: Kai Morrison
DIT: John Davis
Gaffer: Brian “Red” Hickman
Best Electric: Adam Flores
Electric: Matt Hall, Shawn Rojas, Gerry Ruiz & Richard Smart
Key Grip: Bodie Hyman
Best Grip / Key D2: Andre Miraglia
Grip Driver / Best Grip D2: Kyle Hudnall
Dolly Grip: Eric Zucker
Grip: Jerry Brown, Connor Colby & Justin Lesch
Production Designer: Brittany Porter
Art Director: Mary Florence Brown
Set Decorator: Leanda Harley
Leadman: Daniel Oregel
Prop Master: Clarisse Castelo
Shopper: Tyler Vogel
Prop Master Prep: Chela Fiorini
Set Dresser / Driver: Jose Lopez
Set Dressers: Brenda Gomez, Evelyn Jimenez, Kevin Lopez, Irvin Martinez, Omar Ortega, Luigy Portillo & Daniel Valdivia
Lead Scenic: Skye Amber Sweet
Special Effects: Ben Graham, Arthur “Tommy” Haynes & Simon White
Stylist: Kennlaw
Key Hair Stylist: Tiffany Suzuki
Key Makeup Artist: Manu Horn
Hair Assistants: Ryann Dunnan, Blanche Lebeau & Joel Snyder
Makeup Assistants: Hazell Morales Guillen, Kandi Hernandez & Roque Romo
Production Accountants: Paymon Buickzadeh, Ashley Maltez & Nancy Vasquez
Edit US: Dave Phelps
Post Studio FR: paume.
Edit FR: Alexis Benot & Eugène Signoret
VFX by paume.: Melchior Leroux & Killian Pini
paume.’s Post Producer: Madeleine Kondé
Color: Dylan Hageman
Color Producer: Christo Arsenio
Airplane VFX & Cleanup: Frender / Max Colt
Beauty: Kevin Kim from Bonch Post + Zwick Post
Additional Cleanup: Zwick Post
Senior Post Coordinator: Damian Giampietro
Junior Post Coordinator: Emily Tegel
Post Assistant: Shane Emery
Stunt Coordinator: Sean "Speedy" Christopher
Stunt Driver: Anthony Nanakornpanom
Stunt Rigger: Craig Jensen, Tim Mikulecky, Been Alexander, Anthony Nanakorpunum
Performance Directing Coordinator / Translator: Cathy Kim
Dancers: Jake Brandorff, Aaliyah Flournoy, Delaney Glazer, Nick Joseph, Jake Koddish, Dom Lashawn, Devin Pornel, Josh Price, Brian Puspos & Alexis Shon
JK Stand-In: Meeeenk
Gang Boss: Janet Ayaquil
Kid on the Horse: Laythan Lau
Surround Sound Man: Elii Ormond
Background Talent: Alex Barragan, nick. the girl, Jenly Crespo, Maddie Dean, Fely Duchemin, Corey Evans, Lyndon Fancey, Ammand Faris, Hadeez, Henner H., Emma Heiliger, Mersadez Hemphill, Bersil Iglesias, Fatima Ijaz, Tanishq “Taneesky” Joshi, Charisma Kain, Adriana Marie Kidder, Ashlyn Lie, Elizabeth Marochok, Eshak Mekonen, Daniel Nelson, Wal Nhial, Joseph Szekula, Matt Salinas, Andrew Threm, Josh Tompong, Domanic Tong, Pelin Ufuktepe, Kaiori M Williams & Vera Zandionov
Location Scout: Casey Sullivan
Location Manager: John Brown
Casting Director: Esprit Casting / Copelan Cash
Set Medic: Don Debaun
Craft Services: Claudia Ambriz, Leslie Paz, Leslie Pineda & Vivivana Terriquez
Catering: Los Amigos
Animal Trainers: Benay's Bird & Animal Rentals
Studio Teacher: Twanda Hogans
Water Truck Driver: Mike Bossen & Michael Dunbar
Client PA: Ashley Dasom Lee
PA Nation: Erika Espinoza, Angel Falcon, Anthony Gomez, Jared Masten, Jonah Robinson, Sam Smoot & Kay Warren
Truck PA: Allen Amechi & Claudius Shropshire
BIGHIT MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by BIGHIT MUSIC, Seoul, Korea.
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@carabyun1136 4 gün önce
I didn't expect that the song that I've been searching for because of that camera glasses tiktok trend is actually Jungkook's song 😭😭😭
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 4 gün önce
Please listen to jungkook others songs SEVEN, STANDING NEXT TO YOU and GOLDEN Album all song it's amezing
@mavernasamas3977 4 gün önce
Congrats for finding 3D
@haslinafarisify Gün önce
Welcome to the world of Jungkookie solo era
@HFadeZeroHour 19 saatler önce
Tiktok tend yea!
@lonazz3048 4 gün önce
Finally found the music video i'm obsessed with this song
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 4 gün önce
Please listen to his other songs SEVEN and standing next to you, still with you, Dreamers. And most recommended his new Album GOLDEN you absolutely gonna obsessed with it.
@user-fn4wx3gi6u 3 gün önce
Are you from tiktok ?
@loui8350 3 gün önce
​@@user-fc1bn1xx5ipls stop spamming locals with other bts songs they find it annoying.
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 3 gün önce
@@loui8350 it's jungkook songs not BTS there's many here want to know about his other songs and about him, I never recommend BTS song
@user-uu3wy2bk6j Gün önce
Классная песня, потрясающий клип. Jungkook ты самый обалденный певец
@user-te4cx6jf9d 14 saatler önce
обожаю Jk
@HFadeZeroHour 14 saatler önce
@Sara-qv5we 3 gün önce
Who else came from tiktok, now this song is a smash I am addicted
@user-fn4wx3gi6u 3 gün önce
Hey , Listen to seven ,standing next to you and GOLDEN by jungkook.
@user-fn4wx3gi6u 3 gün önce
Seven and standing next to you has mv also
@loui8350 3 gün önce
​@@user-fn4wx3gi6upls stop spamming locals with other bts songs they find it annoying.
@user-or2vo8cg5e 3 gün önce
Listen to Jungkook's golden album and I recommend the song (Closer to You)
@approximately42ducksthatar79 3 gün önce
I think the 2000s style and genre really fits Jungkook. This song is so cool and fresh
@mavernasamas3977 3 gün önce
Thank you
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 3 gün önce
Listen to jungkook new Album GOLDEN every genre fit on jungkook. His All song have different genre and voices
@nsvarbaletche Gün önce
That’s literally what I was thinking. He lowkey sounds like Justin Timberlake
@harinishankar1647 3 gün önce
I am here from tiktok.. I LOVE this guy… didnt realise hes the same guy who sang monday tuesday wednesday… can someone recommend me more songs from him
@sadianoor8386 3 gün önce
Standing next to you is song by him.whixh has music video as well .and this is from his first album called golden .3d ,seven and standing next to you are almost title tracks .yes or no and plz don't change featuring dj snake is one of my fav b sides
@bangtanniesxarmy.7 3 gün önce
u can check out his latest album called "Golden" u would surely luv it
@MemeLk-xu4rz 3 gün önce
His also the same guy who sing the world cup song dreamers
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 3 gün önce
He's the same guy who performed at world cup last year with dreamer song, listen to his latest Album GOLDEN, I'm obsessed with his song , standing next to you is my fav. If want to watch performance of all track there a video of his solo debut showcase. He did a live showcase last month for his 1st debut Album GOLDEN.
@btsarmy-yz1zy 3 gün önce
Also you can hear these are my fav still with you, yes or no , closer to you,too sad to dance
@hamzasulaiman633 5 gün önce
who searched i wanna see it in motion in 3D and came here😂 i found this song on tiktok and addicted to it now
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 5 gün önce
He jungkook ,a amezing singer please listen to his other song , SEVEN , STANDING NEXT TO YOU and dreamer also listen to his recent Album GOLDEN you definitely gonna love it
@mirofobmosse6244 4 gün önce
It's a beautiful song
@user-fu2uv8nh4q 2 gün önce
@user-cz5jw5iz4n 2 gün önce
I've been addicted to jung kook since 2015
@thv_- 2 gün önce
0:39 jk simile is everything
@lilashaw8933 2 gün önce
@AstriLuvi 7 gün önce
#JungKook becomes the first K-Pop soloist to have an album sell over 500,000 units in the US in 2023.. congratulation Jungkook
@AB-xt2ce Gün önce
And 2.6M in Korea
@Angel-es2hr 3 gün önce
I discovered this guy in TikTok and now I'm obsessed watching of his videos 😅
@bangtanniesxarmy.7 3 gün önce
check out his single seven and his latest album called "Golden" u would surely luv it
@user-jn3fj4hn5b 3 gün önce
You also can check his other song 'Seven' & 'Standing Next to You' MV here
@Angel-es2hr 3 gün önce
I watched all his MV 🔥 I think I'm a fan of him now 😄
@VitoriaFlorLS 2 gün önce
De verdad me quedo demasiado encantada por él. No lo conocía, hasta la Copa 2022. Y hora apareció sus canciones nuevas para mí y me quedé encantada. ❤️🤯 Él mereces todo el suceso del mundo. Vuela alto Jungkook ✨
@raizabriceno3242 Gün önce
Eliminar emoticones ésto afecta a las vistas gracias
@melissa6295 3 gün önce
i am here after tiktok trend 💀 finally i like the original song 😅
@user-fn4wx3gi6u 3 gün önce
Listen to seven , standing next to you and GOLDEN by jungkook
@v4lurie 3 gün önce
Check out his album Golden
@loui8350 3 gün önce
​@@user-fn4wx3gi6upls stop spamming locals with other bts songs they find it annoying.
@orangetammy 3 gün önce
yeah I kinda dislike the sped up version
@user-jy5ct9yx8m 5 gün önce
Who’s here because of TikTok glasses trend? The song is fire though
@Kookies-mf1bd 5 gün önce
@JeonKona 5 gün önce
“Seven" by Jungkook is also 🔥
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 5 gün önce
Listen to jungkook other song SEVEN is also viral and STANDING NEXT TO you gonna viral next
@bobaballbaby 5 gün önce
If you are here listen to his album golden it's dope I'm sure you can't even choose your fav song from it,it will change every damn time for every listening And he is that world cup dreamers song guy😊
@user-jy5ct9yx8m 5 gün önce
@@user-fc1bn1xx5i I heard Seven, on my playlist already. Let me go check the other one
@raao1875 2 gün önce
GOLDEN es el mejor álbum, lo atesoraré por el resto de mi vida, muy orgullosos de ti Jungkook. VAMOS MÁS ALTO!!!
@orangetammy 5 gün önce
why does jungkook only create bangers and masterpieces?
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 5 gün önce
Cause jungkook is banger himself
@My_you444 2 gün önce
Because he is jk😎
@glennys-ur3pd 4 gün önce
Essa música soa mil vezes melhor aqui, graças à tendência dos óculos
@switch0. 4 gün önce
Listen to standing next to you ❤ Jungkook is the best
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 4 gün önce
There different versions of this song but original is this one and 1 more remix of 3D isthere with collaboration with Justin Timberlake you definitely gonna love it listen to that too.
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 4 gün önce
My current fav jungkook song is Standing next to you, please listen to his other songs SEVEN, STANDING NEXT TO YOU, still with you , dreamer and his Album GOLDEN is bop.
@Ivyluvz 2 gün önce
This song is so catchy and the glasses trend made it even more fun 🙌🏻
@giaan7428 3 gün önce
For your information: He's the same guy who sings Monday Tuesday Wednesday seven days a week song; he's the World Cup guy (performing at FIFA WC open ceremony 2022 with song called Dreamers), and he's the same guy who just performed at Times Square TSX stage in NY 😭🤚
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 3 gün önce
Yes he is , jungkook look different everywhere
@anabriseyda7808 15 saatler önce
The most succesful and popular Asian soloist
@mirofobmosse6244 14 saatler önce
he's the king!!
@BeantsinghBeantsingh-te6tc 2 saatler önce
@enthuzias3913 4 gün önce
This is way better than what I heard on tiktok
@Aishu_20 4 gün önce
Yeah.... U can try also seven and standing next to you... They are also amazing to listen 😊
@darlenemae1671 4 gün önce
Yes, original is the best!! You can listen to his new album: “Golden” listen standing next to you and seven plus yes or no. You will probably love it
@meerasasi9129 4 gün önce
His album Golden is bestest...perfect for summer and winter...There are also remixes...one of 3D have remix is with Justin Timberlake, the Pop Prince of 2000's and standing next to you his title track is 🔥...It has MJ vibes...And one of its remix with RnB king USHER...it's literally out of world...Just hear his all songs and FIFA worldcup 2022 Title song Dreamers..That also sang by him..
@nvarj.1088 4 gün önce
Ikr lol everything is sped up on tiktok nowadays
@nvarj.1088 4 gün önce
Ikr lol everything is sped up on tiktok nowadays
@LeonieBranson 6 gün önce
With Such a catchy song. Got a new fan ! It’s brilliant!
@AB-xt2ce Gün önce
@ImSillyBored 4 gün önce
That white suit on that staircase. This man is living in a '90s r&b video and I love it
@jungkookie1.9.9.7 3 gün önce
Happy to see how after seven, 3D is getting viral among locals. Jungkook really deserves this recognition. So proud of him. Now next target is Standing Next To You let's make that viral tooo. Actually the whole Golden album deserves to be viral. Really want Jk to see how his songs are famous after coming from military
@cinthiafelipez7213 3 gün önce
Keep pushing 3D! jungkook deserved this hype 🗣️
@Nicole-wb1gq 3 gün önce
I have a feeling SNTY will get more popular when the video with usher drops
@user-hd2ye9kt3j Gün önce
Роскошный Гук как всегда супер спасибо большое за ваш чудесный ролик всем удачи ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Украина Одесса Любава
@raizabriceno3242 Gün önce
Eliminar emoticones
@zuuuzeeee 4 gün önce
Had to search "i wanna see it in motion" to find this song lol😭
@sadianoor8386 4 gün önce
Glad u are here
@bobaballbaby 4 gün önce
Check out his new album golden you will love it
@Joha10t 4 gün önce
Chekout his other songs
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 4 gün önce
Welcome to jungkook fandom
@chaedzamugoni8429 4 gün önce
3D is going viral. Come on guys this is our chance to raise the plays and visits for this song. Don't drop this song and spread the song everywhere to reach out to non-fans!
@laurajennymartinez6227 12 saatler önce
Vamos sigamos luchando por obtener ya los 100 aqui Que jungkook vea que seguimos aquí esperándolo siempre LUCHA NO TE RINDAS
@xcvbi 3 gün önce
glad that this song gets so much appreciations now, well she deserves this♡
@flayvrr1119 4 gün önce
I’m from TikTok. I loved seven and I didn’t know 3D was by the same artist. I can’t find his instagram? Anyone know what social platform he is on I would like to learn more about Jungkook. Cheers
@sunekvish6636 4 gün önce
He is on tiktok
@minimonimini9687 4 gün önce
He doesn’t have instagram but he has tiktok acc
@maheynadeem2929 4 gün önce
You will love his whole album Golden. Must listen to "standing next to you".. that's my fav
@hilmanazira9758 4 gün önce
He has a tiktok account
@user-bm7hg8wj7t 4 gün önce
Clout chaser lmao
@Caro932 4 gün önce
3D se merece los 100M. Vamos por ellos!
@Lynsi-dz5go 3 gün önce
Yeah let's goooooo
@Caro932 3 gün önce
​@@Lynsi-dz5goEso es!
@snowman4821 2 gün önce
Literally shook. I didn't know Jack Harlow was on this track! I'm not even an army, but this songs been popping up in the algorithm on shorts so I finally decided to check it out cuz i liked how it sounded... I'm just flabbergasted rn 😂
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 2 gün önce
Then you definitely gonna like his other song STANDING NEXT TO YOU and SEVEN , And his Album GOLDEN is my biggest obsession.
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 2 gün önce
He's the same guy who performed at world cup last year with Dreamer song.
@nabeera.m1555 2 gün önce
you should def check out his album 'Golden' then
@streamBOUNCYyall 2 gün önce
@Etherealzkook 2 aylar önce
Woah I know this masterpiece will be amazing let’s hope for him to make history again with his new song love you jungkook!!
@dianeperez614 2 aylar önce
No emoji plis
@Etherealzkook 2 aylar önce
@RahmaMahmoud-og4zk 2 aylar önce
Do not use emojis as they freeze views
@alexandrac9377 2 aylar önce
@Caro932 5 gün önce
A un paso de los 90M, el ritmo de 3D lo merece. Continuemos apoyando este mv, sin perder de vista toda la discografía de GOLDEN, en especial Standing Next To You!!!
@FabiolaJLop 5 gün önce
Es cierto mi corazona, lleguemos a los 90, pero por favor vayamos a apoyar SNTY , esta canción hoy merece nuestro TOTAL apoyo! Love u
@Caro932 5 gün önce
​@@FabiolaJLopMi Fabi, por favor sigamos apoyándolo, no permitamos que abandone listas tan pronto. Besos, cuídate!
@Ana-lu6bz 4 gün önce
Apoyemos a SNTY es más importante el apoyo ahora, está bien apoyar 3D pero la canción principal merece más apoyo.
@hoorjamil7992 4 gün önce
This song is literally amazing! I can't stop listening. Jung Kook is just incredible
@raizabriceno3242 3 gün önce
Por favor eliminar emoticones ésto afecta a las vistas gracias
@hoorjamil7992 2 gün önce
​@raizabriceno3242 didn't know that. Thank you for telling.
@icescreamye 4 gün önce
for those who came here from tiktok and liked the song you probably will also like his hit song "Seven", there's also is his album called "Golden". if you liked 3D you probably will also like them!
@loui8350 3 gün önce
pls stop spamming locals with other bts songs they find it annoying.
@icescreamye 3 gün önce
@@loui8350 i didn't spam any comment, i just wrote a comment on the comment section lol, if they dont want to read they can just scroll through its not a big deal
@RJ-ie4pe 3 gün önce
​@@loui8350Girl you are the one spamming here they are here cause they love JK's music. Believe it's you who find it annoying. I bet you must dislike the idea of locals discovering JK's songs cause you don't want him to be ever more popular. What's wrong with asking them to listen to his album since they are already interested in his music. And why are you bringing BTS here? This song has nothing to do with BTS.
@kkaepjanggggg 3 gün önce
3D going viral, that's what this masterpiece deserves!!
@chimchimlservhj 3 gün önce
Why this song is so catchy? I loved it
@user-ll2ji7vl5j 2 aylar önce
Чонгук оправдал ожидания всех фанатов.Клип классный,голос Гука- волшебный,каждое движение чудо.Ждем бомбического альбома.Чонгук - лучший вокалист 21 века.С огромной любовью из России!!!!!!
@PhucTran-yc7xt 2 aylar önce
@Channs_of_chriss_ 2 aylar önce
Bu senin öznel fikrin. yani yorumu yazarken "öznel" diye belirtirsen daha iyi olur.
@AMPHIBIAPlanters-uh6dg Aylar önce
​@@Channs_of_chriss_Du snakker tyrkisk ikke som meg. Jeg snakker dansk fordi jeg er fra Danmark
@user-sv9ko5lp6k 3 gün önce
The melody of this song is very catchy.
@AnnJr-zd4tz 2 gün önce
3D volvió a entrar a itunes USA!!! sigamos apoyando siempre la buena música de jungkook!!
@user-qy6jw2iw9s 3 gün önce
Jungkook's music and bts music are very different. I find jks music very much gp friendly and it's cool, and he can actually sing without autotune.
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 3 gün önce
Yes jungkook is so cool and king of love performance, , actually performance have live vocal wheather it's recorded or live stre@ming.
@LorinWanton 4 gün önce
I just can't stop listening to Golden album What he added to it really I'm addicted to it
@meerasasi9129 4 gün önce
Me too dear...I can't get away with it...Perfect album for both summer and winter season...Jungkook or JK is genius..🔥🔥..I heard his Other songs too..just speechless
@AskMe-fl2sm 4 gün önce
True.at first I added only “too sad to dance” & “shot glass of tears” on my playlist but now I came to like “closer” & “yes or no” songs too.
@LorinWanton 3 gün önce
@@meerasasi9129 his voice is like honey to my ears And he know how to choose his songs
@LorinWanton 3 gün önce
@@AskMe-fl2sm yeah i feel you the same here 😂
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 4 gün önce
“I think this is the most glorious time of my life, and I'm shining the brightest at the moment.” -Jung Kook
@xftims 2 aylar önce
El mejor solista, sin duda, jk siempre nos deja sorprendidos con tremendas obras de arte que hace, lleguemos a las metas ARMY demostremos que apoyamos a Jk en todo.
@taena771 2 aylar önce
He always gives us his best
@samirasafa7788 2 aylar önce
Sim ele maravilhoso ele sempre lembra das armys
@mjmunoz531 2 aylar önce
Los 7 son grandes solistas. Todos merecen nuestro apoyo.
@xftims 2 aylar önce
@@mjmunoz531 Si amig@, lastima que hay favoritismo en el fandom, todos merecen apoyo por igual, pero solo me refería de esa manera por que la canción es de Jungkook, se que todos son muy buenos solistas
@user-js2tn9zn5r 2 aylar önce
Чонгукиии это Чонгукиии такого парня вырастили в группе в компании это просто талант на 1000 "
@LorinWanton 4 gün önce
Jungkook voice is addictive
@SkNJTJJBTS-vm4si 4 gün önce
@hotcakeonkpop 4 gün önce
Try listening his new debut album Golden. And his other songs Seven and standing next to you
@fabi-wm7on 4 gün önce
@LorinWanton 3 gün önce
@@hotcakeonkpop I'm already a huge fan of jungkook i have listened to all his solo and group songs
@mariamhuaman6976 4 gün önce
Jungkook is one of the best singers, he has personality, he is handsome, what more could you ask for in life, his talent is indisputable, I know he will be very great, when he returns no one will stop him ❤
@BansheePurple 3 gün önce
Knew this song already and came here again this time but bc of the glasses tiktok trend lol The more I listen 3D the more I like it
@Armygeddon-mh4dd 3 gün önce
Our Jungkookie is so cool, jazzy, talented, charismatic, sweet, he is absolutely perfection as a performer! He is so awe-inspiring and wonderful!
@sarahmulifi1772 3 gün önce
All his songs are masterpieces His album GOLDEN is no skip album I love it so much Can’t wait to get my copy
@LorinWanton 3 gün önce
100 % agree no skip it's on repeat
@sarahmulifi1772 2 gün önce
@@LorinWantonit’s hard to pick one song
@user-lj7fd7ux5q 2 aylar önce
До чего же заводной клип. Jungkook бесподобный парень, как он классно поёт и танцует, супер песня.
@thv_- 2 aylar önce
Let's go to 10M
@bruhberryojwwbts 2 aylar önce
Jungkook love u
@user-fb6lv5jd4uelena 2 aylar önce
@gema_d 5 gün önce
Está canción se esta volviendo viral en tiktok, me encanta.
@daphe87597 5 gün önce
I wanna see it in motion, in 3D! This song is a bop 🔥
@LorinWanton 3 gün önce
I can't get enough watching him perform this choreo
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 3 gün önce
Me too specially his new "standing next to you" I'm obsessed with performance and vocal. He's giving MJ vibe
@mavernasamas3977 2 gün önce
Let's give Jungkook 3D 100M views before he enlist
@mavernasamas3977 2 gün önce
Please keep streaming 3D let's go 100M views
@jeonxici 2 aylar önce
@armyarmyyeah3240 2 aylar önce
@liacorps 2 aylar önce
@thv_- 2 aylar önce
@jovanaamal8817 2 aylar önce
Yep 💜💜💜💜
@user-hc4hl2fd6w 7 gün önce
Обожаю Чонгука
@AstriLuvi 7 gün önce
#JungKook and @jackharlow's "3D" has now sold over 500,000 units in the US. Congratulation Jungkook
@btseuphoria8273 2 gün önce
Today's goal is 92 M.. common guys let's make it happen fast... PLZZZ
@maheynadeem2929 3 gün önce
Jungkook you'll forever be the most successful soloist. I'm blessed to live in the same era as yours. You are the best
@fiorigirl2255 3 gün önce
Proud that everyone rn is here because this masterpiece got viral on tiktok! Jungkook deserves that :))
@SouSisi-yj4kk 4 gün önce
3D seven standing next to you shot glass of tears can't get enough
@nhla2005 2 gün önce
Loved JUNGKOOK's album GOLDEN, Too sad to dance is my favourite
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 2 gün önce
I'm obsessed with this cute dance on this song
@allyssatan 2 gün önce
Omg same!! I am happy when someone mention "too sad to dance" it's kinda underrated among of golden b-side. The lyrics and the sounds is top tier ❤
@BirdBird-wr8px 3 gün önce
For people who came from Tiktok, Hello 👋 welcome. This song is part of Jk's first album, Golden. He has two more singles, "Seven" and "Standing Next To You", but the songs "Yes or No", "To Sad To Dance" and "Hate" stole my heart. And you should also know:"Dreamers" (yes, he is the singer of the opening of the World Championship) Still Whit You, Stay Alive and My Time. 😊
@nekko05620 Gün önce
can you remove the emojis it effects the views iydm
@BirdBird-wr8px Gün önce
@@nekko05620 Emojis don't do anything . They do not freeze or remove views.
@nekko05620 Gün önce
@@BirdBird-wr8px it freezes the views
@lara-army 3 gün önce
90M looks fantastic, let's go for 100M!!
@babypopstar 4 gün önce
3D finally getting her flowers she deserves 😭🩷 90M yayyy omg lets go for 100M go go gooooooo str3am “STANDING NEXT TO YOU” and “SEVEN” music video as well!!!!
@MelissaArmy-gb6xo 2 aylar önce
Nuestro Jungkook nunca decepciona, es realmente bueno en todo , sigamos apoyándolo hasta siempre Army
@sarahelsadany7110 2 aylar önce
@AbigailChiaraCondori-ex2qm 2 aylar önce
army no utilices emojis eso hace que You tube congelé las vistas edita o borra tu comentario por favor
@gisellevvvs1539 2 aylar önce
@Vanessajjk 2 aylar önce
@hossainmdmokbul7343 2 aylar önce
Removed emoji plz
@AmiBTS_bora Gün önce
I am so proud of Jungkook, so proud of everything that we saw him reaching not only this year but for those incredible 10 years. So proud and grateful to know there's an amazing person with an amazing voice that has been showing us his golden talents, his golden light. SO PROUD!
@BorahaeWorld13 5 gün önce
Jungkook never ever disappoints!!! I love how he has so much passion for what he does and how he puts his everything into it and I love and admire how he challenges himself to try new things. He really is such an amazing artist and person. Jungkook pomichodai!!😄👍🏼
@user-de1et3uv4s 6 gün önce
the melody is so catchy
@KayleeHiker 3 gün önce
Heard this on tiktok today and I love it. I didn’t realize it was a BTS member. He’s kinda cute lol.
@supriyaraj3605 3 gün önce
Give try to his other songs too🫶
@thepersonyouwanttoknow3747 3 gün önce
He is an amazing vocalist and dancer. You should definitely check out his new album golden . All the tracks are amazing. Hia works both as a soloist and group are chefs kiss.
@bangtanniesxarmy.7 3 gün önce
check out his single seven and his latest album called "Golden" u would surely luv it
@KayleeHiker 2 gün önce
@@bangtanniesxarmy.7 I’ve heard seven before but I didn’t know it was the same guy haha
@redqueen5487 2 aylar önce
Ура, свершилось!!! АРМИ, давайте поддержим нашего любимого Чонгука с новым синглом! Песня в самое сердечко!!!
@star_29j 2 aylar önce
@Aze_Jeon. 2 aylar önce
@user-qf6qz3qe9d 2 aylar önce
Apoyas más. Si quitas. Tu emoji. Congelas vistas
@shivamchouhan5077 2 aylar önce
@thv_- 2 aylar önce
@jungkookie1.9.9.7 6 gün önce
Jungkook is doing great on charts not just on one song but with three songs. Standing Next To You, 3D, Seven all these three are doing great on charts breaking major big records not for korean but for asian history too. Both these two mv 3D, standing next to you didn't got views like what it got in seven. But see now these two already crossed so many views. That's call real power. That's call stability. 3D is going viral now and i believe it will be a more big hit even more than seven. And SNTY just wait it's on the way to be a big big hit. Golden is a masterpiece. Even non kpop fans loves it. Jungkook is the real king
@AriaRubySu 4 gün önce
That’s so 2000s and I love it!
@HeleneIlina 3 gün önce
Jungkook, I'm so proud of you, your album. I like your voice so much, it's cool. I especially like that your voice is not interrupted by the squeals of other members. I'm not a fan of BTS and I don't listen to Korean groups. For me, Korea is Jungkook and Samsung. I I love your home live broadcasts. I love the way you sing, cook, fold laundry. Take care of yourself. And I, your loyal fan, will support your debut album.
@LuzArelisLopez 2 gün önce
lo mejor de lo mejor te amamos kook
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 2 gün önce
Jungkookie gonna do live again before he leaves for MS , I want him to hear 3D MV reach 100m, and seven 300m , please increase str@ming
@user-we1wu5jb3s 2 aylar önce
VISUAL=1000% MV=1000% OUTFIT=1000% DANCE=1000% VOCAL=1000% AESTHETIC=1000% SONG=1000% INSTRUMENTAL=1000% Jungkook=100000% VAMOS CONTINUAR APOIANDO O Jungkook!!!
@user-jd3hu2dx7w 2 aylar önce
@neens-ph 2 aylar önce
@user-sb7tt1cn9g 2 aylar önce
@GigiLore94 2 aylar önce
Yeah, this song is perfect
@basugunja 2 aylar önce
Nice jokes you said.
@gema_d 4 gün önce
Me encanta demasiado esta canción, en tiktok la vea cada segundo haciendo el challenge de lentes en el espejo.
@lenftz 4 gün önce
yo tambien jajaja
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 4 gün önce
Please listen to his Album GOLDEN you ganna love it and his new song STANDING NEXT TO YOU, and SEVEN .
@Imtoojasoon 2 gün önce
Let's make him the global superstar! everybody scream!
@alexisrodriguez1948 3 gün önce
A los que vienen de TikTok denles una oportunidad a “Seven” y a “Standing Next To You”, ambas de Jungkook, son buenísimas 🔥
@raizabriceno3242 3 gün önce
Cierto apoyo tu comentario
@graceamazing3370 7 gün önce
89M 멀지않아요!!! 연말까지 최대한 가봐요 쓰리디 진짜 그 모든 억까를 다 견디고 혼자서 너무 잘하고 있잖아요 결국엔 정국이가 다 이기니까 팬인 우리만 잘하면 됩니당:)
@user-uu3wy2bk6j 3 gün önce
Слушаю твой альбом утром, слушаю твой альбом по дороге пока еду на работу. Одеваю наушники на работе и пока работаю на компьютере слушаю тебя. Еду домой опять включаю твой альбом. Вечером делаю дела подому и опять слушаю тебя. Твои песни просто суперские. Твой голос успокаивает.
@asrinafarida4829 3 gün önce
GOLDEN is amazing isn't? All mood, timeless and feel gud guarantee.
@AnnJr-zd4tz 4 gün önce
Me encanta la coreografía de 3D! Esta es una de las mejores canciones de GOLDEN, amo mucho el look que tiene jungkook en esta era uwu
@7wonders411 5 gün önce
Does our Man JK know that he is literally viral on tiktok and other reel platforms and is being tried out by Locals as well 💜✨
@antoniaquispe7012 3 gün önce
"Brllaré aún más y me convertiré en un cantante que definitivamente recordará y pensará en todos aquellos que me dedicaron tanto tiempo "....Jeon Jungkook
@blacklove6321 6 gün önce
@babypopstar 4 gün önce
so badly obsessed and addicted to this song what crack did you put in this song jungkook you’re the perfect man so gorgeous sexy and my dream come true my king frfr like this man deserves to be worshipped and i’m front row 😭🧎‍♀️
@user-fc1bn1xx5i 4 gün önce
Please listen to his Album GOLDEN you gonna obsessed too much and his other songs SEVEN,STANDING NEXT TO YOU.
@user-bn4bw2xy9d 2 aylar önce
@tete30.12 2 aylar önce
Пожалуйста уберите смайлики сердце, это важно.. Спасибо большое
@sofiagodoy6030 2 aylar önce
Porfavor elimina los emojis que afecta el numero de vistas
@tete30.12 2 aylar önce
Пожалуйста уберите эмодзи, смайлики сердце...Это мешает... Спасибо большое
@user-bn4bw2xy9d 2 aylar önce
@@tete30.12 извините,пожалуйста,я думала это нормально и выражает насколько сильно мне понравился его трэк,и если почитать коменты там много кто ставит сердца.
@MariaConceicao-du7gu 4 gün önce
Não conhecia esse artista. Gostei.
@thetruthuntold9642 4 gün önce
Listen to Seven and Standing Next To You by him.
@vaniasilvianhantumbo8 13 saatler önce
Veja o álbum Golden dele é perfeito
@mohammadabese6400 7 gün önce
Jungkook, you are dangerously beautiful to our hearts
@IaroslavaGromova 5 saatler önce
3D песня огонь, слушаю и наслаждаюсь!
@clarachiavenato8708 3 gün önce
@Caro932 2 gün önce
Es cierto, tiene el amor sincero de millones de personas. Sigamos apoyándolo!
@mabelcobenas276 3 gün önce
Amo que esta canción este recibiendo el reconocimiento que tanto merece.... JUNGKOOK hace arte 💙
@lalalisamonobal 2 aylar önce
Чонгук действительно тот, кто нас никогда не подводит... Поднимите руки те, кто всегда будет поддерживать BTS.
@btsarmy_thuglife 2 aylar önce
@user-cd5tj9dw1s 2 aylar önce
@nxaxaxaxnx 2 aylar önce
@inkalisty1387 2 aylar önce
Yashh !!!
@user-dr2go7dc2x 2 aylar önce
@swagata3099 3 gün önce
This deserves 100M views💗🔥
@laurajennymartinez6227 3 gün önce
Realmente estoy mas que agradecida por eso 90 millones y seguimos sumando Gracias totales Vayamos al objetivo principal Si se puede
@lorenaborgonovo4681 3 gün önce
Se que nadie es perfecto pero Jung Kook es perfecto 🖤
@user-oy3ok4zm1e 5 gün önce
Dear Jungkook: Your voice is absolutely flawless. You can always be energetic and happy with JK's voice.Exciting moments spent with him are always moving and beautiful. Borahae 4ever
@valentinasanchez2460 Gün önce
Hay que hacer que este temón aunque sea este en los 50 videos musicales más poulares, nosotras(os) podemos hermanas(os)😸💜
@Jimin_thv 2 aylar önce
@lourdesbello181 2 aylar önce
Vaamos con mas fuerza,aumentemos!! estamos bajas aqui
@jamilajovelyn79 2 aylar önce
Let's go higher
@user-nh7kd7yv6j 2 aylar önce
@karenflores5829 2 aylar önce
Vamos con todo
@lulukwidiastuti5147 2 aylar önce
Yes,,let’s go higher
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