SHE HAS BECOME SUCH THAT! ( Homeless Awareness - Amazing Transformations )

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I took a homeless woman living on the streets with me and put her in a . Let's see how you will find this change after years.

What A Wonderful Feeling
Her First Haircut After Years

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Зайнап Абдурасулова
Зайнап Абдурасулова 2 gün önce
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Birgit Leimbach
Birgit Leimbach 3 gün önce
Hard to believe that this lady wanted to have her hair cut. Moreover it looks like a wig....
mo發 張
mo發 張 10 gün önce
I I can I come down I encouraging I'm very cool
mo發 張
mo發 張 10 gün önce
@Jailson Pereira da Silva how are you thank you
Carlos Antonio De Oliveira
Carlos Antonio De Oliveira 10 gün önce
Fico MT feliz por vc fazer esse trabalho lindo em pegar moradora de rua da um dia de beleza pra essa moradora de rua , eu Sônia bolognini gostei MT do quer vc fez por essa Sr . Vc poderia dá uma oportunidade de trabalho pra ela tbm ser a faxineira do salão . Pense nisso . 🇧🇷
Marilyn Peters
Marilyn Peters 6 aylar önce
This woman is someone’s mother, sister, daughter, aunt or niece . Whatever circumstances led her to become homeless , could happen to anyone at any giving time or moment. We need more compassionate and caring individuals who are willing to help without judgement .I applaud this gentleman for giving her back the joy and beauty she once lost . I couldn’t help but cry. Thank you and may God bless you with a million blessings. 🥰❤️
Оля Никишина
Оля Никишина 6 gün önce
Как Вы верно всё сказали! Солидарна!
Samantha Denize R. Gragasin edits
Samantha Denize R. Gragasin edits 11 gün önce
Yeah I've always believe in god.
Shaker pare
Shaker pare 14 gün önce
Arlete Arla R. B.
Arlete Arla R. B. 18 gün önce
otto carl
otto carl 23 gün önce
Fake...for likes
im_dorfy Gün önce
I can't imagine being in her shoes. But I imagine that your kindness, compassion, generosity and overall goodness touched her heart!!!! I could see the weight lifted off of her shoulders and her entire being just smiling after her makeover! Please keep being you and doing nice things for people!! You definitely warmed my heart!!
Mariza M Ferreira
Mariza M Ferreira 26 gün önce
Que gesto bonito! Exemplo que o nosso planeta está precisando. Deus abençoe você!🙏✨
MetaMorphic 12 gün önce
That was amazing. Bless your heart for doing this for her, I hope she’s doing well 🧡💛
Susan Dallessandro
Susan Dallessandro 27 gün önce
I can't imagine how good it felt when she got her hair cut and all of that weight was off. Watching her get her hair washed was amazing. She was probably more relaxed than she has been in years. Bless her heart. The dog was the sweetest thing. Such a good baby. Thanks for doing this for her.
Zina Mamyrkanova
Zina Mamyrkanova 7 gün önce
Рахмаат аллах берет
hünerli kadınlar
hünerli kadınlar 3 aylar önce
Bir insanın hayatına dokunmak ne güzel bir şey 👏👏👏 Allah hayrınızı kabul etsin🤲🤲🤲🥰❤️
Shahnaz Bloochi
Shahnaz Bloochi 15 gün önce
دوردبرشما .کارتان بسیار عالی وخدا پپسندانه بود .میشد عشقه خدارا در شما دید .شکر برای بودنتان ای انسان شایسته .بلوچی سهیلا
Βαγγελιο Μαυρακη
Βαγγελιο Μαυρακη 22 gün önce
MAMA ZAUKI 25 gün önce
Смотрю, и плачу, плачу и смотрю, так больно,
Nilufar Ruzimuratova
Nilufar Ruzimuratova 2 aylar önce
Jadwiga Czun
Jadwiga Czun 3 aylar önce
Jesteś wspaniałym i dobrym człowiekiem sprawiają radość tym biednym ludziom
Edmund Dantes
Edmund Dantes 17 gün önce
I'm a 6'3" 300lb former outlaw biker, and seeing your humanity brought tears to my eyes. It's good business to invest in your fellow man.😁
Narda Munga
Narda Munga 19 gün önce
Through my tears, thank you for restoring her dignity. I love her smile at the end. As she touched her hair and flicked it, you could see the woman she used to be. And you even remembered the only love she had left, her faithful companion. You are all angels. May we all remember that we are all humans and deserve to be treated with respect.
MumOfCuties 12 gün önce
How beautiful to see someone care. Eyes are leaking so bad right now. What an angel you and your colleagues are, there needs to be more people like you in the world
Michael Babore
Michael Babore 10 gün önce
Love how she comes back in a new woman! You have given her the confidence to be able to take the next step she needs to. Great video. Wish her u and ur team all the best
R H 2 aylar önce
I was homeless for a while and I can honestly tell you that she probably hadn't felt human in a long time. This was a small taste of normalcy that most people take for granted. People look at you like you're garbage when you're homeless and the longer you stay that way, the more you begin to believe them to be right. It's a sad and dangerous slope.I hope the best for you, her and her pup.
Artaleas Ham
Artaleas Ham 3 gün önce
I wish you the best
Bright Eyes
Bright Eyes 28 gün önce
Nobody deserves to be treated like garbage, I hope you're having a better life now. I hope you're healing well.
Елена Ташланова
Елена Ташланова 2 aylar önce
Татьяна Мясникова
Татьяна Мясникова 2 aylar önce
Всё постановка.
Татьяна Мясникова
Татьяна Мясникова 2 aylar önce
Обрезал под корень,а оказались длинные волосы, враньё. 21 gün önce
This is the sweetest thing someone could do for another person. Seeing all the hate people spit at each other these days, it is sOoOoOoOo heartwarming and relieving to see someone show nothing but pure love to another person. A stranger, at that! ❤️❤️
M. Guilhermina C.B.
M. Guilhermina C.B. 23 gün önce
Um dos vídeos mais lindos que já assisti. Gente eu né emocionei. Esse vídeo merece ser compartilhado milhões de vezes e curtido. Ela ficou lindaaa demais. Parabéns a toda equipe e muito sucesso pra vocês.
Denise Kirkpatrick
Denise Kirkpatrick 21 gün önce
Absolutely beautiful! What a beautiful transformation! I could see the spark in her eye and her chin up high! Amazing! Thank you so much to all who helped peel away the layers of oppression and pain that life threw on her, revealing a beautiful spirit inside and out! Beautiful lady! Beautiful stylists and artists! Amazing display of compassion and love for humankind! Kudos to her bestie by her side, Super Dawg!
Conceição Vítor
Conceição Vítor 9 gün önce
Um gesto maravilhoso de amor e respeito pelo outro. Quem dera que o mundo tivesse milhões de pessoas como você. Deus o abençoe sempre.
Dorminhoca Sonhadora
Dorminhoca Sonhadora 6 aylar önce
Anybody can end up homeless. I've heard people say 'I would never be like that...' Your life can change in a second unfortunately. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Humans are so fragile. Animals too. Some people are born with compassion, probably this man 💖 Those who aren't can learn 💖
Mike Gibb
Mike Gibb 15 saatler önce
Muntchy 17 gün önce
Hey my life kinda sucks, and we almost ended up homeless due to use getting screwed over and having no money or job so watching videos like this makes me happy.
김태경 22 gün önce
세상은 아직 살만하다, 이런 좋은일을 하시는 분들이 많으니 참 기분좋고 감동이다, 고맙습니다,
MaC 3 aylar önce
@Suzy Schulze I’m puzzled by the colour of her hair in the ‘before’ pics. It look as if it has been dyed continually. It certainly isn’t her natural colour judging by her eyebrows. If this is genuine, and I’d like to think it is, then I think this man is wonderful - she certainly got the full treatment.
Francisca Jaildes
Francisca Jaildes 24 gün önce
Que ato de bondade lindo! Que Deus lhe recompense com muita saúde e paz para vc e sua casa.
Clarice Aparecida da Silva lopes
Clarice Aparecida da Silva lopes 25 gün önce
Ainda existe o bem isso vencerá o mau, lindo 💖 PARABÉNS A TODOS que fizeram parte dessa humanização
Sarah Daniels
Sarah Daniels 16 gün önce
Absolutely beautiful, the kindness you have done for this woman, is the best thing anybody could have done. You can see it in her eyes how happy she is. You are a kindhearted person, shame that there is not more around the world.
HAIR ASMR CEYHUN 15 gün önce
Мария МихайLovна
Мария МихайLovна 19 gün önce
Ну до чего трогательное видео, Благослови Господь по особенному этого мужчину!!! За его огромное сердце 💜❤!!! Как же здорово смотреть на добрых и отзывчивых людей)) А то я уже перестаю верить и видеть добро))Это всё же маленькое чудо для этой милой дамы)) 🔥🤩🙏😇
Theresia Singleton
Theresia Singleton 6 aylar önce
I'm so proud of you! You didn't treat her like she had some kind of disease. You touch her hair with your bare hands and you didn't show her any disgust. Also, thank you for allowing her fur baby her dog to come in with her. I believe that by doing another kind act of letting her dog come in with her helped to keep her calmer and more relaxed. You and your staff are an angels in disguise 😇
Valerie Bidner
Valerie Bidner 2 aylar önce
Sorry but first thing I thought as well is that's a wig. Fake.
ИРИНА ИРИНА 2 aylar önce
@mia Да,я тоже обратила внимание на отросшие волосы другого цвета и на их длину. Они отрастали около 2-х месяцев,приблизительно. Жаль,что все это обман и сказка 🥺🙁☹️….
Jen Borrelli
Jen Borrelli 3 aylar önce
@Tomi beads Thank you 🙏👍
Tomi beads
Tomi beads 3 aylar önce
@Jen Borrelli 💪
Julia Stcotti
Julia Stcotti 3 aylar önce
Ella devulve amor por amor! Lloré de emoción! Gracias!!!
Jennifer Khazem
Jennifer Khazem 23 gün önce
Such beautiful results in the made a woman feel so good about herself and no doubt she is most appreciative!! Thank you, this made my day to watch. 😊
Eliane Neves
Eliane Neves 26 gün önce
Rosa Rosarum
Rosa Rosarum 10 gün önce
I love how you took care of the cute dog, offered him/her food and water, and the kindness in your approach! I wish you had taken the cute dog to a pet hairdresser, he/she would also wash it well and get rid of its fleas.
Zenaide Costa
Zenaide Costa 21 gün önce
Que belo gesto o dele. Ela se sentiu tão bem acolhida . Ele é ótimo profissional e de um coração imenso. Que otimo se existirem muitos com a atitude dele. Ela voltou a ficar linda! Parabéns!
Aruna Prasad
Aruna Prasad 6 aylar önce
May God bless this man and his colleagues. He transformed that lady's life.
Jaimie Schulte
Jaimie Schulte 6 gün önce
Hi girls
Jaimie Schulte
Jaimie Schulte 6 gün önce
Leave her alone she has a dog I don't take stuff that is yours covet her dog yet she believes her dogs so badly Ed Sheeran needs her dog she needs her dog so badly she's just a girl leave her alone now before I puke all over you
Yann Pourrouquet
Yann Pourrouquet 16 gün önce
Fake unhappy face Fake honesty Fake hair Fake situation Fake Heart.. True dishonesty
Yann Pourrouquet
Yann Pourrouquet 16 gün önce
@Girl power Fake hair. This IS a wig. Ridiculous.
Girl power
Girl power 16 gün önce
@Yann Pourrouquet yeah In reality who’s going to give u a free haircut?
Manu 20 gün önce
Ta lindaaaaa, fiquei tao feliz quando vi esse video. O mundo precisa de mais atitudes assim
desser allen
desser allen 25 gün önce
What a Godly example of love and compassion for a human being and her companion.
Júlio & Mariaph Santos
Júlio & Mariaph Santos 18 gün önce
Achei vocês incríveis, que cuidado amoroso Parabéns 👏🏼 por ter cuidado da mãe de alguém, mesmo que ela não seja mãe biológica como eu,sempre somos ou fomos,pelo cuidado que tivemos com alguém,como alguém que ama,cuidados de mãe !!!😍❤️. (Mariaph 🇧🇷)
Olga Rushchenko
Olga Rushchenko 21 gün önce
Потрясающая работа👍 великолепное преображение🥰 браво мастеру и его команде👍 доброе сердце 🧡 ❤️❤️‍🔥
Songbirds Aylar önce
This is perhaps one of the most beautiful demonstrations of compassion, empathy, and love that I have ever seen!! Blessings to all who helped this woman believe in her own worth!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Marlene Bowman
Marlene Bowman 18 gün önce
Amazing!!!!!!!!! She is a beautiful woman in hard times. I truly feel like the government should open more doors for homeless people. I wish I was able to purchase a building just for the homeless. You have done an amazing job! please don't stop helping others who need the love and help.
Bradford O'Connell
Bradford O'Connell 23 gün önce
Wow, I loved watching this video! This man does not only look kind but is kind! I do not know how he was able to save any of her hair- it appeared to be all matted dreadlocks! I bet she never wanted all of the salon workers to stop working on her, because it felt so good! Please put in your description what country you live in and if maybe she had cone in with good news.
Beatriz V. Paladini
Beatriz V. Paladini 18 gün önce
Vc é um anjo, eu desejo que DEUS o abençoe You are an angel, I wish God bless you..From Brazil
Marie Anne
Marie Anne Gün önce
Thank you for caring even when you don't have to, and for showing us all that good people are still out there.
Daughter of the Most High
Daughter of the Most High 6 aylar önce
Sir, your incredible gentleness with this woman spoke volumes even without us hearing your words. Beautiful human being
Sally 1309
Sally 1309 2 aylar önce
@Annie aber diese Versorgung ihres Körpers gibt ihr ein völlig anderes Lebensgefühl! Damit kann sie schon viel selbst bewegen in ihrem Leben!
Tereza Almeida
Tereza Almeida 2 aylar önce
Nadia Nadia
Nadia Nadia 5 aylar önce
La paix soit sur vous. Je suis une marocaine mariée. Mon mari ne m'aime pas. Il pratique toutes sortes de violences et me trompe. Il ne se soucie pas de moi. Il ne se soucie que de son amant.
Deniz Uzun
Deniz Uzun 5 aylar önce
It’s fake!! I am turkish, i come from the country where the video has been taken and I assure you I know how the homless people are..what they wear, how they look.. never a homless person will be a rasta woman like her!! Shame on you who prepared this video and show it like it’s real
Мусхаб Абдумуслимов
Мусхаб Абдумуслимов 5 aylar önce
Уэтова человека души чистое моет без перчатки голову спасибо.
Lúcia Marques
Lúcia Marques 5 gün önce
Que coisa maravilhosa! Deus abençoe...E depois, ela tem onde morar, tem como se manter financeiramente?
Katia Simone
Katia Simone 18 gün önce
Restaurou a dignidade da mulher ♥️
Elen Mazzoco
Elen Mazzoco 24 gün önce
Dignidade devolvida. Por milhões de pessoas como vc querido 😃
Adriana Barbosa
Adriana Barbosa 21 gün önce
Sem palavras pra tanta gratidão a vcs .... Amei ver esse vídeo Todos os likes não são suficientes pra tanta gratidão por vcs 🌹
Patricia Martin
Patricia Martin 6 aylar önce
I loved how sweet and kind this man was to her and her dog, this is somebody’s mom, sister and she should be treated with kindness, people don’t ask to be homeless and this man proved that people do still care, that dog meant everything to her and I loved this entire video, thank God you were her angel that helped her
Joy Walker
Joy Walker 2 aylar önce
@Dorothy Wilfong Isn't there a place in heaven for us all?
Dorothy Wilfong
Dorothy Wilfong 2 aylar önce
God Bless you ,there will a place in Heaven for you!🤴❤❤❤❤❤
Алия Ахметова
Алия Ахметова 3 aylar önce
nena ALVAREZ 4 aylar önce
@Joy Walkerque es eso,,,,trad la misma ropa y sin bañar
ladysampson278 27 gün önce
Beautiful transformation. That is so amazing how this man showed so much love for this homeless woman and her dog. What a blessing. May God Continuously bless this man, his family, & all who work with him and support him….. Truly a blessing. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 God Bless
Adriana Oryn
Adriana Oryn 19 gün önce
Todos lindos....Parabéns !!!! Que abençoe grandemente todos vcs....
Delma Fiori
Delma Fiori 25 gün önce
Essa atitude me fez chorar! Não fez mais que obrigação, porém é porque tem bom coração e amor ão próximo!
lunna_bluu 24 gün önce
This literally made me tear up...This is the very definition of God wants us to be of service to one another... we have to be willing to help one another no matter how great or small the gesture the act of kindness caring and selflessness to someone in need can make all the difference in the world and can possibly change the trajectory of a person's life...well done.
Devora M.
Devora M. 6 aylar önce
I cried watching this! You can see the emotional pain this lady is in, this is probably the first time she has had the comfort of another person's physical touch in a long time! This is so much More than the haircut . This is a person being cared for with respect, dignity and compassion that she probably hasn't felt in a very long time! Thank you sir for giving her the warmth and kindness that all people need.
София Байкалова
София Байкалова 2 aylar önce
Теперь можно на работу устроиться
C. Callie Coleman
C. Callie Coleman 3 aylar önce
Yes, just the love, care, and pampering she felt from them working on her, maybe for the first time in her life she felt special, worthy. They look like angels working on her. Hearing so much daily bad news, it's stories like these that make you say the world is not such a bad place, after all, and it's not as dark, and bleak as I had painted it. But I also know that I must do something, myself, in the way these good ppl have, in order to see more better days, like this.
марина Кулешова
марина Кулешова 3 aylar önce
@Naykia 68 конечно фейк, неужели не видят что у неё парик, а свои волосики жиденькие.
Patrizia Cascio
Patrizia Cascio 4 aylar önce
Dio benedica questo parrucchiere e tutta la sua equipe
mahmut halil
mahmut halil 4 aylar önce
Carmo Viegas
Carmo Viegas 17 gün önce
Linda Senhora e parabéns ao cabeleireiro maravilhoso que fez um trabalho magnífico ❤❤🐕❤
Theresa Haines
Theresa Haines Gün önce
She’s beautiful! She was beautiful before and after. God Bless the staff who showed love and compassion to this lovely lady and her fur baby.
Mara Cristina Ribeiro Carita
Mara Cristina Ribeiro Carita 25 gün önce
Parabéns, maravilhoso trabalho! Que Deus abençoe!!!
Sirlene Adelaide de Melo
Sirlene Adelaide de Melo 17 gün önce
Boa noite, Parabéns por ter feito uma grande transformação na senhora ela ficou linda! Belo trabalho.jesus te abençoe!.um forte abraço.
Людмила Доброскок
Людмила Доброскок 2 aylar önce
Уважение Вам ребята, вы молодцы. Не прошли мимо, женщина нуждалась в помощи, Вот это человечище с большой буквы, смотрела на одном дыхании, всю эту историю, и душа радовалась.
Ольга Сивчук
Ольга Сивчук Aylar önce
Женщину выдали ухоженные ногти...😊
Dabry Dab
Dabry Dab Aylar önce
@ninelija это не её волосы, это постановка для рекламы салона
Dabry Dab
Dabry Dab Aylar önce
Ну, вообще-то то что они состригли это были не её волосы, а какая-то баранья шерсть. Ну смысл понятен, что надо помогать, зачем только надо было шерсть на голову крепить? Мне понравилась 🐕
Amalia Mancilla
Amalia Mancilla Aylar önce
Y de pronto le creció el pelo!!!!
ninelija Aylar önce
@Лариса Трефилова идея съёмки по любому классная!
Trish Loiacono
Trish Loiacono 22 gün önce
I love how her dog loves her and stands by her side ! I was so hoping they would by the dog a collar and lead!
Me Ck
Me Ck 13 gün önce
This is so beautiful can see the pride shining threw already, wishing health and happiness to this beautiful woman, bless you x💕🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
della lovell
della lovell 22 gün önce
Amazing...she looks wonderful. I wish her the best. And for the man who cut her hair, you also are amazing for helping someone in dire need.
Sandra Gutirrez
Sandra Gutirrez 25 gün önce
Dios bendiga sus acciones, es maravillosa su labor, es conmovedor ver los rostros de felicidad de aquellas personas que por circunstancias de la vida, se encuentran en las calles. No cabe duda qué hay Ángeles entre nosotros, como lo es usted. HAIR ASMR CEYHUN. 🙏🏻🪷🙏🏻
Marlene Medrano
Marlene Medrano 29 gün önce
Emocionante. Deus abençoe todos da equipe. É tão bom saber e ver que ainda existem pessoas de coração.
Shaker pare
Shaker pare 14 gün önce
Krimo Kennich
Krimo Kennich 18 gün önce
HUMILDEFF yt 28 gün önce
Verdade ela ficou perfeita
Lizzie B
Lizzie B 23 gün önce
This is beautiful. The kindness of this man has given this lovely woman hope. This is what humanity is all about. ❤️🙏
OLÁ TUDO BEM? 23 gün önce
Me transforma também, você é um anjo na vida de muitas pessoas eu amo esse canal parabéns por devolver a alegrias de muitas mulheres, anjos existem😇🙏🏻🥰
Alice Bracka
Alice Bracka 22 gün önce
wspanialy czlowiek o wielkim sercu Karma wraca❤❤❤
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