Rivalling Wimbledon's greatest tie-break?

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7 yıl önce

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer do battle in the Wimbledon final...
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Stubby smalls
Stubby smalls 11 aylar önce
to be alive during the 3 greatest players in the history of the game is incredible. I have seen many matches of them live and it is amazing. such a privilege. I'm a fan of all of them!! Djokovic is my favourite. Such a nice guy in person
Amazing tie breaker. Federer may have won the battle, but Djokovic won the war!
Corey Ham
Corey Ham 2 aylar önce
@Vik Sinha There have been plenty of great tiebreakers in Wimbledon history. But it is impossible to recall them all.
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha 2 aylar önce
@Corey Ham Which one was better, apart from Borg-McEnroe 1980?
Corey Ham
Corey Ham 10 aylar önce
This was nowhere near the best tiebreaker ever in Wimbledon history.
Yep 11 aylar önce
Wow talking about perfect comment
UnOffLesnar 3 yıl önce
Even in 2019 the crowd was against Novak and he got through... We dont call him a Mental beast for no reason!!!
Nam Tran
Nam Tran 21 gün önce
@flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423 the weak era king is the fan favourite wdym
Nam Tran
Nam Tran 21 gün önce
@Marmo Gasc Federer can only beat Agassi when he's 33. Therefore Agassi is better than federer
Hogue Christain
Hogue Christain Aylar önce
BJ12578 Aylar önce
The toilet break king for no reason
Darren Lee jones
Darren Lee jones 4 aylar önce
@Shawn ZX if only Mike Tyson was blind , your lucky modern life protects the stupid
Alex Thassu
Alex Thassu 2 yıl önce
Djokovic didn’t miss a first serve till 10-9 and that was the only one he missed...wow that’s crazy. Great tennis from two legends
Santiago Cosme
Santiago Cosme 2 yıl önce
Djokovic is the only top player to always have the crowd rooting against him. To have a winning record against Federer and Nadal shows that his mental strength is the best in the game. Yes, even greater than Nadal's which seemed impossible.
Dejan Jovanovic
Dejan Jovanovic 2 aylar önce
@Dr Stew Harvey-Wilson Um NO, I am referring to Putin as the ultimate GOAT!!
Dr Stew Harvey-Wilson
Dr Stew Harvey-Wilson 2 aylar önce
@Dejan Jovanovic Your referring to Serena Williams right. If were talking goat!
M.M 3 aylar önce
Please, another comment like this, its so original
Ghost Uber
Ghost Uber 4 aylar önce
I would have agreed about the mental strength of Djokovic, except that in the US Open 2021, he had the crowd on his side (for once) and he lost the final to Medveded in 3 sets without tiebreaks. That showed a clear mental issue. He was about to break the tie in GS with Federer and Nadal and choked. Nadal didn't in the AO 22 where he was about to loose in straight sets but turned it around and broke through the tie of 20 GS. Makes me think, will Djokovic choke again on another attempt to break the GS tie with Nadal?
maraminjo2 4 aylar önce
@никола No, they are just poster boys, remember that always, and act accordingly, like Messi and Ronaldo. What charisma, Federer? LOL Nadal? LOL, He showed his true charisma this year at the Australian Open. I KNOW if personal beliefs are opposite right now that Djokovic would stand for him in Australia, big time. The same would be with Fed. He would speak through his arse, if needed, to show support for a human, not an enemy and opponent. F*** charisma Fed- Nadal style. P O S T E R B O Y S John, Goran, Nole, that's charisma.
Luciano Antonio
Luciano Antonio 12 gün önce
Grande Roger. O maior da história, por tudo: jogo, carisma e talento! Pena que se aposentou!
Nir_ Maj
Nir_ Maj 10 aylar önce
Novak is undoubtedly the greatest male tennis player of all time and probably the greatest in 🎾
Matthew Everett
Matthew Everett 10 aylar önce
We will miss them when they're gone. Greatest era in Tennis history. Will never be surpassed.
Spencer Porter
Spencer Porter 4 aylar önce
Honestly novak deserves to be considered the GOAT for the sole reason that for 12 years now he has had 15,000 opponents in every single match against Rafa or Roger. To have a winning record against both, let alone in majors and even more so a very good record against both in major finals with that much disadvantage proves how great physically he really is because that takes a toll on anyone mentally
Nam Tran
Nam Tran 14 gün önce
@Dark Voice i agree but it’s hard to say. 2010 Rafa was a beast with 130mph serve and fh , but 2011 Djokovic dominated him, 2012 was kinda equal tho djokovic won a bit more. 2013 Nadal was the best hc version ever.
Dark Voice
Dark Voice 14 gün önce
@Nam Tran Dont forget that Nole even beat Rafa in RG. I think Peak Rafa > Peak Nole > Peak Roger BUT Nole is the GOAT. However, its impossible to discuss anything with obsessed Roger fans.
Nam Tran
Nam Tran 21 gün önce
@Ernesto13 peak Federer never taken Nadal to a 5th set at RG. Djokovic did twice. Peak Fed never won 4 GS in a row. Djokovic did. Peak Fed never won Rome and MC, djokovic did at least twice So no, peak Djokovic is better
Ernesto13 Aylar önce
@Tom Nguyen No doubt. Roger has the highest peak level of any player in history.
Ernesto13 Aylar önce
@Vuk Micunovic Novak did not lead the head to head until Roger was well into his 30's. So yeah, age.
shashaank nambiar
shashaank nambiar 4 yıl önce
Huge Federer fan but i love Djokovic.He is just unbelievable
sheedo1999 2 aylar önce
Why not? I've been a Federer fan since 2003, it was becuase if him I started watching all grand slams, masters, 500 and 250 series. Before I didn't know they existed. Even I can admit Djokovic is the most complete and will break all records. I just like Federer's artistic style. Single handed backhand, effortless and like most gifted people, has faults in his game. Djokovic is complete. No weakness. Maybe his only wekaness is wanting to be loved/liked.
Tirthadip Ghosh
Tirthadip Ghosh 10 aylar önce
federer fan n djokovic is second fav..and i still want fed to win.more gs thats not gonna happen..so u know there still can be people who like both.
pk nhaveen kumar reddy
pk nhaveen kumar reddy Yıl önce
me too ilove djokovic among all tennis players :)
K T Yıl önce
@👑ꛙҽժегегᬊ Why is that? I’m a Djokovic fan but I love watching Federer, his game is beautiful.
👑ꛙҽժегегᬊ Yıl önce
One of these statements is not so true.
graham doyle
graham doyle 2 aylar önce
Novak was incredible on the day. I remember thinking even though Roger won this set, Novak was still in control 😭
Woz Mac
Woz Mac 2 yıl önce
He did an interview series in which the family talks about their sacrifices. The top three have been spectacular in their hardwork and dedication to the sport and competition. I still like Federer always knew he would have 20+ slams, but just looking at Nadal and Djokovic come up with so many titles despite their setbacks, is insane. Lot of respect goes to Nadal for constantly improving his game for each match. In 2010, he changed his service style and was serving at 131MPH in US Open. Djokovic wears contacts and has asthma like issues and was hurting him in Australian open due to heat. He came over those, has 8 Australian Opens and yes, I think his achievements demand a lot more respect. The other thing he has done that is admirable, he came from a dirt poor family, but he never forgot his family's sacrifices and let go of his old friends and family when he made it big. Unlike many we see in other sports. Even in 2019 Wimbledon the crowd was against him yet he overcame that in a very gentlemanly fashion. And here is my brother's prediction, he will have pass both Nadal and Federer. I give it two more years. after 2020. Sorry for rambling.
Hogue Christain
Hogue Christain Aylar önce
I met with him several times in Basel his a very kind soul and always happy to meet his supporters, he gave me a private Gmail to reach him
maraminjo2 2 aylar önce
@hun ter kme, kme He had astma issues in the beginning of his career. I hated him before, especially when he starts to win Wimbledon's titles. See, I'm a Croatian, so I was litlle jealous. So, I didn't watched tenis like before. Federko was new 👑 on court. Yes he was elegant and good, but without any carisma. It was boring, really. Federko would never ba a GOAT, cos there can be only 1. S. u. id. Novak Goatković.
Woz Mac
Woz Mac 4 aylar önce
@vamshi v I am sure he will end up with more than both the others, thats his thinking style. Nadal wants to compete for competition and sport. Federer realizes, he had his time and is an excellent businessman. Djokovic likes the records plus he wants to prove he is better.
Woz Mac
Woz Mac Yıl önce
@hun ter Ok. His interview said asthma. Plus I do know he changed his diet completely. It does help in alleviating not one but many issues in the body.
hun ter
hun ter Yıl önce
GOATkovic didnt have asthma issues, he had diet issues. When he changed his diet his issues were gone.
Al Maslool
Al Maslool 10 gün önce
Damn...the whole crowd was against Novak....I am a huge Federer fan but that felt unsettling....Imagine the mental strength required to come on top in such a situation....Novak is like the gladiator with everything being thrown at him but in the end, he stands victorious.......It's foolish to deny that kind of determination...An absolute beast of an athlete.
NotSoHandyTim 5 yıl önce
A tense tie break for sure. I counted 7 winners to 15 errors (about half of them forced though). This one caused me to realize that I miss seeing Djokovic on the courts. He brings a edge of my seat tennis drama to the match.
Grant Tan
Grant Tan 11 aylar önce
Novak is always a superstar and his accomplishments have surpassed others.
HWOLO 2 yıl önce
Two of the most amazing players in tennis history for sure...incredible how Federer is still playing such top-level tennis at this age!
Diego 4 yıl önce
One of Novak's finest slam wins Wimbledon 2015. Few weeks after such a crushing loss at the fo, then 2 sets to love down against anderson a miraculous escape there. Then facing fed in the final who had become favourite for a lot of people after his semi vs murray novak absolutely bullies roger starting a run of 4 straight slams over a year where he played some of the best tennis ever. Something he needed to put him in the same bracket as fed and nadal.
Stefan Yıl önce
God it warms my heart to see this crowd get so exhilarated knowing how it ends.
Conversations That Matter
Conversations That Matter 2 yıl önce
Two exceptional champions once again playing the game at the highest level. Let's hope we can get back to tennis soon.
jBone 9 aylar önce
I gotta say, I think Novak actually thrives when the crowd is against him. Honestly.
Shayne Corritori
Shayne Corritori 2 aylar önce
I thought I would never see a match of that incredible quality (from both players) ever again. That is, until Alcaraz and Sinner got together in 2022 for the US Open.
Helena Trela
Helena Trela 10 aylar önce
Novak is a LEGEND, HERO, GREAT Player who deserves respekt. He never gives up. Love it
Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes 11 aylar önce
The cauldron of fire and what a match it was, one of the greatest ever.
Max Dang Vu
Max Dang Vu 7 yıl önce
Brilliant resilience from Federer. Not many players are able to stick with Djokovic when he's in this conquering mode. Six set points, unbelievable.
Molybdaenmornell 123Hopp?
Molybdaenmornell 123Hopp? 9 aylar önce
@ᔿ₹ꭵcᝃᝓⲤ₹ⲉAM It takes massive mental strength to go all-out like that when set point down: a clear conviction about what to do, coupled with either courage or indifference or unshakeable belief in your skill.
mxsxkxcrc 11 aylar önce
@ᔿ₹ꭵcᝃᝓⲤ₹ⲉAM Djokovic may end up with more titles, but Federer is the most aggressive player I've ever seen. His attack is relentless.
ᔿ₹ꭵcᝃᝓⲤ₹ⲉAM Yıl önce
Those forehands fed was pounding being set point down was insane. To be able to go for those shots with no margin for error. Credit to Novak for demanding such excellence to concede a point and credit to Fed for the capability
Peter Slee
Peter Slee 11 aylar önce
Brillante tie break, que tal presion para ambos y Federer viniendo de 3-6 lo remonta levantando al 75% del estadio que lo alentaba a el! increible como RF levanta a la gente con su brillante tenis!
Obren Cicmil
Obren Cicmil Yıl önce
Novak is the best!! He showed everyone long time ago who is the king on the tennis court!
Tall Travels
Tall Travels 4 aylar önce
A part of the reason that Djokovic is the GOAT is because he has to compete with a significant part of the audience as well.
Precious DeVere
Precious DeVere 2 yıl önce
That match was fantastic...I desperately wanted Federer to win so very close. How they kept up those volleys shows how superhuman these top players are. Federers the man!!!!!
Dr Stew Harvey-Wilson
Dr Stew Harvey-Wilson 2 aylar önce
I can defiantly see Alcaraz has taken some classy Federer moves. Coming up to the net, Serve and volley, blows air on to his hands and keeps cool calm and focused . We are in for some serious tennis. Federer for me will always be in a class of his own…
Norman Hooper
Norman Hooper 4 yıl önce
Novak and Roger...amazing amazing amazing. Wow so thrilling and exciting to have watched this epic tie - breaker. 2 marvellous and very honourable men of tennis. Just amazing.
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson 3 yıl önce
Safe to say that today's tie break was on another level
szvqorwnpst ahskypfwmp
szvqorwnpst ahskypfwmp 10 aylar önce
This was the greatest tennis match ever in human history,. My goodness!!
agni kumar jha
agni kumar jha 10 aylar önce
Winning against an opponent is easy but winning against a crowd takes a last ounce of courage.
Baki MC
Baki MC 10 aylar önce
Novak Djokovic, the God of tennis.
Moses Bashaasha
Moses Bashaasha 3 yıl önce
All these guys are great players! i love everything about Fed the GOAT but Djokos resilience is out of this world... Kudos to both of them.
Avneesh Parihar
Avneesh Parihar 2 yıl önce
Even the greatest players in the world are the fan of Novak .he is unbelievable .
EuneAdventure 3 aylar önce
umbebible !
GiDaOne Yıl önce
Not the best tiebreak, but man this is what a Slam final should be like. Crowd AND players totally tuned in, godly skills, great drama. Whether your guy won or lost, he was part of this. One for the memory books.
Johnny Quest
Johnny Quest 3 yıl önce
Watching tennis like this, meaning no edits, no cuts, is very different from watching best points ever played by particular players over and over and over again. It's nice to know these guys are human lol
supercat380 3 yıl önce
Two great players with the world's most horrible spectators. They showed ignorance towards Novak whereas they should've applauded both and enjoy the game!!
Walsh 2 aylar önce
Typical angry brits
GOOD 69 7 aylar önce
@MinerAlexdude Was about to write the exact same thing. I’ve never watched Roland Garros and not heard the French fans boo whoever’s playing a French player, they’re the worse crowd for it.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 10 aylar önce
@innosanto hi innosanto.
MinerAlexdude Yıl önce
Watch rolland garros
Rianna Tripp
Rianna Tripp Yıl önce
Yes my friend
Guilla 4 yıl önce
That second serve kick at 9:40 was insane
劉釧 Yıl önce
Novak is a human,but what he does is more than a human being.
Dejan Stankovic
Dejan Stankovic 10 aylar önce
2019 was epic longest ever and most brilliant tennis at all from both(Federer was at his best and Nole made his win) this one is far behind to compare!
arjun win
arjun win 3 yıl önce
Novak is a legend.
Ray Manbert
Ray Manbert 3 yıl önce
Novak is a great player and deserved victory today. His bouncing of the ball forever drives me crazy but he has improved that. The greatest anticipator and retriever of the ball I have ever seen.
Parth 4 aylar önce
@Kim Jong-Un 21st now
Karl 10 aylar önce
@Roger Simon Not really . McEnroe the most talented ,Connors the most aggressive and single minded ,Borg the most athletic ,by the way he gave up the game at 26 so he could have amassed many GS .Laver wasn't able to content GS in his younger days so again would have amassed many .Joker will be remembered for many other things and it won't be a great champion ,but a great chump.
Kim Jong-Un
Kim Jong-Un Yıl önce
@Roger Simon He is going to win his 20th GS today :)
Ray Manbert
Ray Manbert 3 yıl önce
@Wendy Lewis Not.exciting like Roger Wendy but who.is??
Dr.Mr. Bro
Dr.Mr. Bro 3 yıl önce
@Wendy Lewis agree Fed looks like robot
Brent Waterbury
Brent Waterbury 4 yıl önce
This is an awesome tie break and I know if I were there I'd b screaming my head off too! It's easy 2 4 get that in 2011 Djoker broke a record for most consecutive wins at 40+ matches... For a counter-puncher this is amazing. But people like flashy players like Fed and Mac, so who can blame them??????????
Ryuushin 4 yıl önce
buen partido, pero este tie break me parece uno más del montón, el de contra nadal en 2008 tuvo match points, passing shots, y mucha mejor calidad de tiros, tendría que verlo de nuevo este video porque no recuerdo un solo tirador ganador más allá del último
Petà Kruger
Petà Kruger 3 yıl önce
I love Roger!❤️ But i think Djokovic deserves more credit! I like how the people support Roger but Djokovic is playing his best and still the crowd cheers for Roger! They dont have to change it but Djokovic deserves better!🙂 In this particular game he WAS playing better! The crowd just need to chill and not yell so loudly for Roger! They are both legends! Djokovic won the match and im pretty sure some Roger fans werent happy! But at the end of they day who won? DJOKOVIC! And the crowd just needs to be quieter next time! DONT COME AT ME ITS MY OWN OPINION!🙂❤️🌼
Simal Kanuga
Simal Kanuga 2 yıl önce
Bro don’t get offended but federer has earned those fans by winning so many grand slam titles and playing the game calmly unlike novak who screams after every point he wins
balancer182 3 yıl önce
No because the previous greatest tie-breaks were in the 4th set, where one of the players had match point, but it was pushed to the 5th set. This was just in the 2nd set and so there was not much at stake.
tw jk
tw jk 2 yıl önce
It takes love respect and decades to have so many emotions attached to one guy playing.. Pure legend roger
HoneyBadgarDontGive 4 aylar önce
Gives me chills to this day
Hussain Munshi
Hussain Munshi 2 aylar önce
Federer winning this set inspite of playing badly with his serve off and hitting forehand errors was really huge This was in contrast to the excellent game in 2014 where he was equal or better than djokovic and anyone could've won Here it seemed he always was the underdog Federer managed to do quite good but his game wasn't at the level it should've been and this was the best djokovic season ever 2014 was similar to 2019 except in 2014 both played a quality quick match while in 2019 djokovic was outclassed but hung in there and won the important points Thats what makes djokovic so dangerous.He can seem out of sorts and completely change his level to run away with the match by waiting for his opponent to reduce his level
TRENTO 4 yıl önce
The best two players of all time... I could watch them playing every day...
Kwstakis41 4 yıl önce
Greatest Tiebreak in Wimbledon's history is Borg vs McEnroe in the Finale 1980 ! But this is one of the best for sure ! World Class tennis !
Hogue Christain
Hogue Christain Aylar önce
I met with him several times in Basel his a very kind soul and always happy to meet his supporters, he gave me a private Gmail to reach him
Dr J
Dr J 10 aylar önce
Borg vs. McEnroe is still "The Tiebreak". The level of tennis 1980, with the wooden rackets, cannot be compared with todays level. But the two characters, the clothes, the hairstyles (best hairstyle award goes to.... John McEnroe) put the 1980 tiebreak on a different level. Remember watching this at my grandmothers place.
1908AMIR Zadeh
1908AMIR Zadeh 2 yıl önce
That’s what Efenborg added to his game and came to his rescue at this very important point of the second set, outstanding
vinay choudhary
vinay choudhary 3 yıl önce
Just watched today's final it was painful to see Federer getting defeated . reminded me of 2008's final But gotta give credit to Djokovic.
Montenegro 2 yıl önce
Haha...i did not find it painful at all...it was great match and the best man has won it.
Srijan Sachidanand
Srijan Sachidanand 3 yıl önce
Very heart-breaking moment when Federer's two championship points goes vain.
Karreil2525 2 yıl önce
He won the battle but my guy Novak won the War💯
Davor Trbojevic
Davor Trbojevic Aylar önce
I hate those peole who hates
thesnackbandit Yıl önce
@Neoko Trystel He didn’t even say “my boy”?
hun ter
hun ter Yıl önce
Young GOATkovic beats Rodick, Nadal and Federer in Montreal 2007. trshow.info/watch/soZZxGqRp-U/video.html
Karreil2525 2 yıl önce
@Neoko Trystel I'm not a fan of Hatred in people.
Neoko Trystel
Neoko Trystel 2 yıl önce
I hatte These people saying my Boy to Novak Djokovic
Kal 3 yıl önce
2019 part 2: rivaling Wimbledon’s greatest set
Blob Aa
Blob Aa 2 yıl önce
P ko
Dannie Fields
Dannie Fields 2 yıl önce
I gb bt Then 6 Nyn n. Y back bnb. Bb bbbt
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha 2 yıl önce
2008 fifth set was way better
Ivan Grbovic
Ivan Grbovic 2 yıl önce
2:13 Djokovic slipped just like in Wimbledon final 2019 in fifth set tiebreak hahahaa
Ivan Grbovic
Ivan Grbovic 2 yıl önce
Wimbledon final was for sure most drmatic match ever, and maybe the best quality, Stefan Edberg said that
møh la claßse
møh la claßse 4 yıl önce
This is fantastique tie break 😍😍😍♥️♥️🔥 from Federer and Djokovic
Mayur Vira
Mayur Vira 3 yıl önce
Novak's expression at 8:04... he just cannot believe how Roger made a stunning return to a powerful cross court winner by Novak.....
AKAR Advertising
AKAR Advertising 3 yıl önce
at such a level, hardly matters where one hails from. djokovic may have come from a low background, but, needless to say, no has been as good as RF on court....he is the greatest and he will remain the greatest because of his unparalleled gracefulness!!!
Jammu Tennis cricket 07
Jammu Tennis cricket 07 9 aylar önce
Novak...is so brilliant ❤️
Elvira UNWIN
Elvira UNWIN 2 yıl önce
Novak the best of the best, tennis champion of all times, 🏆
kopaonik61 3 yıl önce
Novak is the ultimate GOAT!
Anurag Anuj
Anurag Anuj Yıl önce
I completely agree that Novak is the ultimate GOAT. Every other player can only dream to be able to compete with him. Federer had his time till 2010 but he faded away once age caught up with him. It however is not the age alone, he never could put up a serious fight
전호성 3 yıl önce
Novak's mental, concentration is very great. congratulations Novak!
Entuzjasta Kaszy Gryczanej
Entuzjasta Kaszy Gryczanej 4 yıl önce
I think I'm being stressed more than Djoko and Roger combined...
Hogue Christain
Hogue Christain Aylar önce
I met with him several times in Basel his a very kind soul and always happy to meet his supporters, he gave me a private Gmail to reach him
Mare 2 yıl önce
At the end Novak wins.. Crowd gets what they deserve!
Mare Yıl önce
@Matthieu Barbou he won Goat title after all
Mare Yıl önce
@Matthieu Barbou he is GOAT anyway
Matthieu Barbou
Matthieu Barbou Yıl önce
Well, he didn't win this Time😉
D Yıl önce
hate that crowd. they need answer for their behavior
Souvik Jha
Souvik Jha Yıl önce
@dextersnet fed turns centre court into switzerland everytime he plays there
S 2 yıl önce
Audience summary 1:23 claps 3:12✊ 3:20😊👏 3:35💪 & 8:27 & 10:23 & 15:01 vs9:08 5:13 😐 7:18 vs 5:53 vs(11:44tensedvs13:13) 7:20 vs 5:13 8:03 ✊👊💪🙌 9:06 claps 9:47 Comeback 9:49 10:16 ✊👊💪🙌 10:21 vs 10:56 comeback 10:24 vs 9:12 How's that same for both. Murray? 12:16 💪 14:48 ✊👊💪🙌 15:35 ✊👊💪🙌 Great play by Federer, I don't if it was possible without Djoker. I don't think federer will never run out of praises. Never will be underrated. That's why I feel it's Novak who needs more love. Federer : ✊👊💪🙌 Djokovic : 💖
Raul Rosas
Raul Rosas 11 aylar önce
Por esa fortaleza mental es que mi ídolo Novak es el GOAT y gurú del tenis intrauniversal.
Hogue Christain
Hogue Christain Aylar önce
I met with him several times in Basel his a very kind soul and always happy to meet his supporters, he gave me a private Gmail to reach him
Sarfaraz Shaikh
Sarfaraz Shaikh 6 yıl önce
Djokovic is very athletic and mentally tough player and that's why he is grown to one of the greatest player ever... Roger has all the shots in the book ...great command over serve and can do anything but mentally he gets bog down sometimes unlike Djokovic and that's why he lost few finals against him which he could have won
ronuss 4 gün önce
pretty much sums it up. when fed is peek hes unbeatable, but often hes not and has mental lapses which cost him. id say novak and nadal peek isn't quite as good but there mental strength game is always so strong.
Benjamin Duong
Benjamin Duong 3 aylar önce
@Momentum Stocks Agreed, perception of this has a lot of factors in it. A contest between great players might not be as one sided as it seems. We are used to Federer winning so when we see he starts losing and Novak having a winning streak, we think he now reigns over all top players. Well there are factors. 1, Djokovic is younger than both Federer & Nadal, and physically fresher of the two. Federer is 6 years older than Djoko, 5 years older than Nadal and has played in the time when courts were faster and vastly different than they are now. Nadal & Djokovic's careers are pretty much aligned during these times of having "consistent" courts in all tournaments (and also slower speed), making their defensive games very viable across the tour. A lot of factors coupled with luck and the fact that both Federer & Nadal finally faced some physical adversities during Novak's peak allowed it to be perceived as he is the better of the 3. Its been a hell of an exciting time on the tour, but hopefully we get to see all 3 come back and play at their best again. Still rooting for Murray's comeback!
Yan Air
Yan Air 11 aylar önce
@Piyal Mukherjee Luck follows the brave
TeamDogFan 11 aylar önce
@Simal Kanuga Your math is not well.
Simal Kanuga
Simal Kanuga 2 yıl önce
Momentum Stocks novak has lost such less finals as he has not played too many whereas federer has played so many grand slam titles that just proves that federer is better
Ayaz Saeed
Ayaz Saeed 2 yıl önce
I'm a simple fan, I see Djokovic I click...
Rianna Tripp
Rianna Tripp Yıl önce
Me too
Judy Coulter
Judy Coulter Yıl önce
I’m a western woman who thinks the fans in these so called “enlightened countries” are a disgrace to tennis fans everywhere, who applauds and cheers loudly for Novak , not only for his extraordinary talent but his grace of understanding. Well done, Nole❤️
Anonymous 2 aylar önce
Wimbledon is Federer's home. He will always get the same amount of cheers whether he visits it as a player or a guest.
Eric 2 yıl önce
Seeing those two on the court at the same time is always surreal to me. It's like seeing Jordan going one on one with Lebron or Clemens pitching to Trout.
raysurx2010 2 yıl önce
I believe Novak has earned everyone's respect. The crowd usually wants to see a long match 5 sets! If anyone is getting beat or is down say 2 sets, they start rooting for the underdog. So I believe it's all good. In the end Novak will probably break Roger's Grand Slam record. But everyone has their favorites and Roger has been nothing short of phenomenal in all aspects. Roger is and has been the underdog the last 10 years pretty much. So naturally the fans will root for him, but I believe they the utmost respect for Novak and Rafael Nadal. These 3 will go down as possibly the 3 greatest players of all time, ahead of the others. Just my opinion.
Hogue Christain
Hogue Christain Aylar önce
I met with him several times in Basel his a very kind soul and always happy to meet his supporters, he gave me a private Gmail to reach him
Michelle Ursula
Michelle Ursula 7 yıl önce
The crowds are siding with Federer and that's fine everyone have their favorites, but let's show respect for Novak for his glorious winning. It's awful when people always comment that Novak is a disgrace of tennis about him being a clown, etc. etc. You see, he came from probably the poorest background compare to Federer, Nadal or Murray, his country was still at war at his childhood but he shows great determination to be tennis champion to reach his dream. So proud of Novak.
Yogesh Gurjar
Yogesh Gurjar 10 gün önce
Yes bro ......I just wanna say....if rafa and Roger would be in his shoes....they would not achieved as much as today they are.
bulj AŠ
bulj AŠ 10 gün önce
@Rodion Raskoljnikov actually your country was bombing his country from airplanes...
Nam Tran
Nam Tran 21 gün önce
@achilles tassos if they are the same age, Fed would never reach 20
FC Aquatica
FC Aquatica Aylar önce
@achilles tassos Djokovic now has 21 grand slams, and still counting
maraminjo2 Aylar önce
@bigfriki what? bbuhhahahahahaha
Vuk Jeremic
Vuk Jeremic Yıl önce
I respect Roger and his playstyle ( even though I like Novak better ), but when the crowd starts to cheer when Novak misses the shot whether it goes in the net or out, I just get the biggest urge to slap everyone that was happy when that happened...
John Ble
John Ble 3 yıl önce
Μπραβο σου παιχταρα μου!καταφερες με μετρια αποδοση να κερδισεις τον καλυτερο τεννιστα ολων των αποχων και στημ επιφανεια που ειναι η καλυτερη του ! Σου αξιζουν πολλα συγχαρητήρια εισαι 2 φορες νικητης γιατι κερδισες αυτον αλλα και ενα ολοκληρο σταδιο που τον υποστηριζε...
Charlie Aravena
Charlie Aravena Yıl önce
Djokovic...THE GOAT !!!
Alfa Omega
Alfa Omega Yıl önce
This is not greatest.. 2019 is the greatest by far!!! 5th set and tiebreak!!
Just Do It
Just Do It Yıl önce
And Federer lost after losing two championship points
Chamhan Cham
Chamhan Cham Yıl önce
I guess they havent seen it when they posted the video 5 years ago.....
md mohsin
md mohsin Yıl önce
how amazing it was like sitting with loved ones, watching greatest players live... without any mask.. without any distancing... without any fear of any goddamn virus
nick saveka
nick saveka 9 aylar önce
That was bloody incredible Federers ability to fight back at his age is pretty amazing… in all honesty it would take a prime Djokovic to stop him even past his prime years
Hogue Christain
Hogue Christain Aylar önce
I met with him several times in Basel his a very kind soul and always happy to meet his supporters, he gave me a private Gmail to reach him
Razzaq Mohammed Ali
Razzaq Mohammed Ali 3 yıl önce
Living legends...
David Hay
David Hay 3 yıl önce
Borg vs mcEnroe -In a fourth set tie-breaker that lasted 20 minutes, McEnroe saved five match points (seven altogether in that set) and eventually won 18-16. ... borg won the final set 1-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-7(16-18), 8-6
Higty 3 yıl önce
9:42 Monster second serve what a kick out and movement of the ball!!!!!
Runar Hansson
Runar Hansson 4 yıl önce
Greatest second serve ever at 6-7.
Adebola Buraimoh
Adebola Buraimoh 10 aylar önce
This tie-break wasn’t the greatest one but it can known as one of the most rivalry tie breaks.
Peter Hammer
Peter Hammer 2 yıl önce
if Roger would have played with this courage in the 2019 final, he would have won it
Mukesh Srivastav
Mukesh Srivastav 4 yıl önce
Awesome and best tie break i have ever seen.
Nikola Ječmenica
Nikola Ječmenica 10 aylar önce
Federer can't beat Djokovic with whole stadium on his side, cheering loud like in soccer game.
Tabish Akhlaque
Tabish Akhlaque 5 aylar önce
The reason i admire Novak Such a tough guy.have created a name for himself when people hate him for no apparent reason
Hogue Christain
Hogue Christain Aylar önce
I met with him several times in Basel his a very kind soul and always happy to meet his supporters, he gave me a private Gmail to reach him
Sreekanth 3 yıl önce
Djoko showed back the tiebreak winning against Roger in 2019 Wimbledon. Winning 3 TieBreaks that too with Roger, he is the GOAT
Domenico Catalfamo
Domenico Catalfamo 2 yıl önce
No the GOAT is Roger
Shaggy Alonso
Shaggy Alonso 5 yıl önce
Djokovic was an absolute machine around this time. Fed played some of the best tennis of his life this tournament but just got ground down in the final. He had to produce some miracles just to win this tie-break.
ronuss 4 gün önce
no way he played the best hes ever played. go back and watchin in in 2006-7 , different lvl
michele Ferrauto
michele Ferrauto 10 aylar önce
roger played amazing tennis in 2015. Nole was just too good that year. such a shame....
4lugan 10 aylar önce
Everybody rooting for Federer, but we all know Djokovic IS waaaaaaay better
K K 4 yıl önce
Still RF the GOAT...a true legend and a role model
Shang Du
Shang Du 2 yıl önce
I have to say this tie-break shows who has the best second serve, Roger.
DanielSong39 2 yıl önce
It was a great tie-break but nothing rivals the Borg-McEnroe 4th set tie-break in the 1980 final
Kabir M
Kabir M 8 aylar önce
Federer is my favourite tennis player because he is calm compared to other players. Novak is also one of my favourite player but not as much as Federer.
Евгений Торопов
Евгений Торопов 2 aylar önce
Федерер завершает карьеру сегодня.. Легенда!!
Squid 3 yıl önce
11:45 That's a huge elbow...😮
Aditya Varma
Aditya Varma 3 yıl önce
@Squid Big Bursa Boris
Aditya Varma
Aditya Varma 3 yıl önce
rebyut 4 aylar önce
No. That one in 2019. was the greatest!
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