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24 - 11 - 2021

Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor Yıl önce
I have no friends, I'm schizophrenic, have Asperger's syndrome, am bipolar (all professionally diagnosed), and it's thanks to this man that I've been able to set the task for myself of 30 minutes exercise and 30 minutes study driving me towards a semi-decent job in the future. I started out with just 5 minutes of each and built upon that foundation day after day. I am very grateful for you, Mr. Peterson.
Samuel Kogan
Samuel Kogan Yıl önce
Keep up the great work :)
Ron Metzger
Ron Metzger Yıl önce
My heart and my admiration goes out to you.
IdeaBoxful Yıl önce
Its hard, but the greatest changes come from within. You should be really proud of yourself..
Madonnalitta1 Yıl önce
Now set yourself the task of saying hello or good morning to someone outside each day. Your doing great.
Noel Carroll
Noel Carroll Yıl önce
I'm a simple Irishman who struggled through life searching for understanding and meaning to my pitiful life but failed epically. I tried everyday to be a better man morally in the hope that if God existed then He might forgive me for my failed endeavours, then I found this man 2 years ago and after buying all his books along with a Bible I found myself, God and a reason to live. Thank you Jordan for everything 🙏 ❤
Broke Foot Chuck
Broke Foot Chuck Yıl önce
May the Lord bless you, and may the Lord keep you. Heaven rejoices in your return.
Fred IV
Fred IV Yıl önce
Broke Foot Chuck
Broke Foot Chuck Yıl önce
@Fred IV without grace, we have nothing.
James O'Connor
James O'Connor Yıl önce
What a great thing to hear. A truly great man. I hope you’re doing well Noel. God bless.
Deema Tulip
Deema Tulip Yıl önce
God bless you Noel. There is hope. NEVER give up.
T M Yıl önce
This man is actually a gem. The way he retains his calmness in this world of ever increasing madness is astounding. Obviously, logic is not everyone's strong forte and such people try to disrupt his events but JP is really a shining gem whose radiance is unbound.
gratefultobeonearth Yıl önce
I believe, it is because he has learned how to hold presence in the midst of madness.
Dane Yıl önce
To think we almost lost this great man, and now to see his triumphant return as he speaks to packed halls of people again! I'm so grateful that in this chaotic time we still have a voice of reason, guidance, and encouragement to push us to be better people. Thank you Dr Peterson for your perseverance, and thank you to all who helped you recover in your time of need.
deniability Yıl önce
Jordan is looking so healthy, amazed at how he has sorted himself out and gotten back into the action. This man knows how to turn lives around and has proven all his naysayers wrong when he fell ill. What a legend.
PS Yıl önce
It is beautiful indeed to see him in such tip top shape. I’m looking forward to his appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast on January 24, 2022 as well.
Julia Sturgman
Julia Sturgman Yıl önce
Who is the lady wearing a yellow vest? His daughter!
PHat in a hat
PHat in a hat Yıl önce
@Julia Sturgman google exists - that is evidently not his daughter. Judging by the fact they're wearing a yellow vest and were holding the microphone early in the talk it's clear they're some kind of event organiser/administrator.
FractalBoy Yıl önce
1:05:45 "The only more frightening realization than 'nothing you do matters' is the realization that 'everything you do matters'." Brilliant quote.
nilocblue Yıl önce
This man saved my life with his lectures and videos, not even joking.
Mike Boyd
Mike Boyd Yıl önce
I can believe it. Without wishing to presume your age, I could have really used him thirty years ago.
Skizilla Yıl önce
Semper Fidelis.
Soul Weaver
Soul Weaver Yıl önce
Us moment... voluntary suffering was the answer I found out after my first suicide attempt. Well I'm optimistic about the future.
Brokoleenono Yıl önce
@TheMASDrummer not all of us should think then
Fanvalry inc
Fanvalry inc Yıl önce
Listened to this a few hours after “winning” an argument with a friend without even asking how he has beforehand. Just went back to really ask about how he is faring and we ended by acknowledging how much we cared about each other. It was beautiful. Winning isn’t everything
Whiskey Rebellion
Whiskey Rebellion Yıl önce
Yeah buddy. Choose your battles. Some are worth fighting. But not most.
awake and watching
awake and watching Yıl önce
@Whiskey Rebellion the hill to die on is rapidly approaching but its never between friends or family its always what the state is trying to coerce and now force you to do
Whiskey Rebellion
Whiskey Rebellion Yıl önce
@awake and watching One hundred percent sir.
Alma Guapa - Sailboat live aboard epiphany
Alma Guapa - Sailboat live aboard epiphany Yıl önce
May I suggest you introspect as to what were you losing if you weren't winning? Take 2 steps back on what you were losing and evaluate this.
IMSiegfried Yıl önce
@Alma Guapa - Sailboat live aboard epiphany Not everything is a game.
A Croft
A Croft Yıl önce
Good to see Dr. Peterson crack a few jokes and keep his head up. The world is a dark place and I appreciate his efforts to keep us standing to face that world.
TransRoofKorean Yıl önce
I'm always glad to see him back up and at it. Between his history of the combo of booze and depression and his recent history of unpredictable fame driving him to the brink, that's a man unnaturally aged 10-20 years. For most people, they never figure out how to get their health back when it takes hits like that.
Jean-Gab Labrie
Jean-Gab Labrie Yıl önce
After changing so many lives radically with his lectures and interviews. Despite all the adversity he faces everyday . Despite how bad all of that is for his health, how difficult it makes it for his family. I just hope he knows, realises and appreciate having thousands of people backing him up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr Peterson!
Stephen Ross
Stephen Ross Yıl önce
Well said! Blessings from Belfast.
Calum Bourne
Calum Bourne Yıl önce
What a beautiful and brilliant man. That last bit about raising your children had me in bits. Not sure why. I think it was his tone of voice that expressed how much hope loving your children can give them and yourself. I could listen to him all day. Much love Mr Peterson, you are a diamond.
Michael Milde
Michael Milde Yıl önce
It gets me most of the time how sincere and close to his heart and mind JBP celebrates his answers, and that last one got me good as well.
Rhonda Hankins
Rhonda Hankins Yıl önce
Jordon Peterson always leaves me in awe. He’s able to invoke every human emotion in me during his presentations no matter their length. He leaves me with a sense of reverence and a ton of self retrospect. At the same time everything seems ok after hearing his thoughts. He is the most brilliant mind I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Thank you Jordan sir for being you.
gyqmxjtba Yıl önce
Really? I find him a pompous grifter...
Chris Kaye
Chris Kaye Yıl önce
@nick h - how so?
Weary Willie
Weary Willie Yıl önce
Mad respect to Cambridge for using democratic process to overcome the tyranny of the loud minority and let someone who thinks for themselves come and speak their mind.
Moonbeam Lucas
Moonbeam Lucas Yıl önce
Less respect for Cambridge overriding the democratic process and for allowing madness to rule in the first place. Thank goodness 'stoop' is off soon.
Alan Munch
Alan Munch Yıl önce
I think the Cambridge Union is a separate organization to the University, or any individual College or Department of the University - but am not sure how exactly the Union functions.
KJ R Yıl önce
@Alan Munch the Union is independent from the University administration, and is student-run. It was the University, not the Union, which disinvited Peterson from a visiting fellowship a couple of years ago. He is now back in Cambridge, having been invited by an academic in a private capacity.
cavscout62 Yıl önce
Yours is The Single Best Comment I read here On This Page. Never Ever Quit and Godspeed!
Zahra Aziz
Zahra Aziz Yıl önce
Love this tender-hearted man. He is the voice of reason and compassion the world needs right now.
Hans-Joachim Bierwirth
Hans-Joachim Bierwirth Yıl önce
Tender hearted? That malicious narcissist ran away when his wife was diagnosed with cancer.
GGR TheMostGodless
GGR TheMostGodless Yıl önce
Tender is right... too self absorbed. I still cannot understand why millions like his talks filled with platitudes and obvious simplistic things, which he extrapolates it into way too much.
Alistair Stewart
Alistair Stewart Yıl önce
@Hans-Joachim Bierwirth ran away? In what way? Being stuck in hospital? lol ok
Hans-Joachim Bierwirth
Hans-Joachim Bierwirth Yıl önce
@Alistair Stewart He was not stuck. He has chosen to flee and his excuse was his drug addiction and the attempt to even flee from the withdrawal symptoms into an induced coma. If he was a man he wood have faced the challenge.
6+ Stevo
6+ Stevo Yıl önce
I love how he acknowledges the people sat awkwardly behind him during his discussion and keeps turning to them to make sure they feel included. Fascinating man.
Paul Drums
Paul Drums Yıl önce
The girl in the yellow vest looks pretty miserable, especially around the 49-50 minute mark! 😂
Rachel Geyer
Rachel Geyer Yıl önce
Would have been nice if they had all shown the same respect!
brentman121 Yıl önce
@Paul Drums haha why the vest too, maybe she was volunteering in the parking lot before hand lmao
Grayling Taversham
Grayling Taversham Yıl önce
@Rachel Geyer I found her so distracting...looking at her watch, looking at her phone, checking her nails, looking bored.... was she chewing gum too! I wonder if she took anything away with her from what Jordan said.
Alla Greta
Alla Greta Yıl önce
@Paul Drums How typical the girl on the left of JP sitting there as if the actual happening in the auditorium had absolutely nothing to do with her existence … here and then grabbing her handy or looking at her wristwatch. As JP would say: REALLY WHAT? But: …it’s against the right of privacy of the girl to lengthily show her in the camera-framing without her consent
Jordan Breon
Jordan Breon Yıl önce
I’m certainly not taking away anything from Dr. Peterson, but he is in actuality telling you what fathers have told their children throughout history. Not in a verbose way, of course, but people react to his lectures and thoughts by comparing him to a father figure for a reason. This is why fathers are so important. Dr. Peterson’s messages like cleaning your domicile, honoring your parents, being honest, etc, are very old pieces of wisdom. People react to it because it speaks to them on a very basic level.
the Andy B channel.
the Andy B channel. Yıl önce
Great post.
Ken Surrency
Ken Surrency Yıl önce
AQXBJC Yıl önce
Paul Bunch
Paul Bunch Yıl önce
I think you're right. His words and works being so popular, among men in particular, show a void. There must be a desire for that advice, energy and structure. He has had a Thor like rise to power among the "intellectual dark web".
MrZemme Yıl önce
I would not have survived the last year without this man. Thank God for him.
Nathan McAndrew
Nathan McAndrew Yıl önce
So happy and grateful he's doing better, I was very worried about him. Addiction nearly killed me and I know what he was dealing with was incredibly challenging on top of his wife's illness and general depression. Refreshing to be blessed with some more content!
Matt Oldfield
Matt Oldfield Yıl önce
I listened to this while cycling. When I got home I cleaned my car put all the unused stuff in my house up in the loft and spent a few hours updating my website. Thank you Mr Peterson.
Deep State
Deep State Yıl önce
Doesn't sound like you're the guy he's talking to. But if you had self awareness you would know that, so maybe you are.
Brittney Richmond
Brittney Richmond Yıl önce
@Deep State we all need a little motivation sometimes. 😄
Just a random guy
Just a random guy Yıl önce
@Deep State He helps with resentment an awful lot too, which seems to be something you suffer from by the looks of it
Matt Oldfield
Matt Oldfield Yıl önce
I find his words inspire me to action, things I've been meaning to do for a while got completed yesterday.
Marco M.
Marco M. Yıl önce
This man represents everything we need right now.
Zmiana Pogody
Zmiana Pogody Yıl önce
@phasespace 💯❣️
Rob Marshall
Rob Marshall Yıl önce
Not at all, the world needs Christ not JP and his psycho babble.
Scott Koenig
Scott Koenig Yıl önce
@Rob Marshall Hello Rob. The world does need JC. But, what do you have against JP? THANKS!
Whiskii Yıl önce
"I've been made to feel very welcome here." You're always more than welcome here in the UK, our Canadian uncle ❤ You're not just a national treasure to Canada, you're a worldwide treasure as far as I'm concerned.
Tim Magaling
Tim Magaling Yıl önce
Definitely, Im from the Philippines
ruru Yıl önce
Canada showed no respect for him , trying to fire him from his loved teaching job . He just resigned from that darn so called University spending more time in Nashville, USA. Lecturing ,writing books . Love you Dr Peterson
AirStuck Yıl önce
@ruru Damn, how does stuff like this happen. Why do people not get outraged and protest against this censorship of everything they deem unfit for other people to hear or watch. Feels like North-Korea IMO. Even here in The Netherlands.
vestaxpmc17 Yıl önce
Hundreds of years from now people will know and love this great man through videos like these and through his great books. Love Jordan or hate him, we are witnessing history unfold in real time.
utubemewatch Yıl önce
I feel overflowing gratitude and love for this man! He’s the brave soul who dares to toil where he talks, and he was edified and fortified in the winter of his soul, the pestilence; and hell itself couldn’t find the lie in the carefully cultivated truth he shared gratuitously with all of us. He bent and twisted but would not break. And his tears lament the wise refrain that he cannot save any of us from the winter of the mind nor the desolation of the spirit, but he’s steeled in sage repose for gifting the hard fought tools of truth, so we might endure the existential plunge, that every single cell of the one exclaims in gestalt revelry, ‘I am meaning and purpose is me’
Hunter Bramlage
Hunter Bramlage Yıl önce
The thing I admire most about dr. Peterson is his non naive, and constant willingness to be vulnerable.
Audrey Sargent
Audrey Sargent Yıl önce
And he has allowed that so much more, since his illness but also, because he feels the love from people and so feels safe.
Taran Yıl önce
Thank you so much for coming, Jordan! It was an honour to hear you speak and answer my question - it was worth every second of the 6 hour long queue! Absolute gem
Highland_Bear Yıl önce
Was this recent?
Taran Yıl önce
@Highland_Bear Yea it was on Wednesday
Highland_Bear Yıl önce
@Taran Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
Antunes Yıl önce
Amazing man, what was your question?
Poetic Yıl önce
@Antunes, I think the last question on parenting.
puncher davis
puncher davis Yıl önce
Churches often have praise music before discussions. It sets a cadence of being thankful and gets the heart ready for a conversation. It also tend to gentle a troubled heart and give the mind focus. IT takes a person out of his or her own world and force them to focus on an event outside of themselves. It has been used for centuries in similar formats and to be honest its a good move.
Loquen Yıl önce
Ngl, i was pleasantly surprised by that song
Eli Friend
Eli Friend Yıl önce
I think that's how serenade works.
Brand Yıl önce
Same in Hinduism & other Indian traditions
Gustav F.
Gustav F. Yıl önce
Beautiful comment.
Seraph O. Storms
Seraph O. Storms Yıl önce
Worship music is supposed to be focused on the Creator, not His creation.
Alina Rominger
Alina Rominger Yıl önce
Unbelievable inspiration for those of us going through hardship. Fortitude defined in this man’s words. Thank you.
SadisticStang Yıl önce
Question listing 21:40 Relationship with your parents, what aspects made you the man you are ? 30:13 Finding meaning : the journey to go from who you are to who you could be. How do you know whether you might be aiming too high? And how do you ensure it's challenging enough to keep you engaged? 47:31 Since you talked at the Union three years ago, how have your opinions changed and why? 56:16 What do you feel you will most likely be remembered for? 57:00 What do you look forward to/hope will bring togetherness? 1:10:35 What is your most important advice to someone who is going to be a parent soon?
Delilah Xenith
Delilah Xenith Yıl önce
Thanks mate.
SuperDumb Yıl önce
Back at the top of his game. So proud of this man. Walked through fire. A walkabout on fire and flooded the flames with the best of who he always was.
Erika Bowen
Erika Bowen Yıl önce
Welcome back, Jordan! Beyond overjoyed to see you looking sharp and in fine form. Counting down the days until my long awaited trip to London in September 2022 to attend your speaking engagement for the very first time. You have and continue to be a father to me and so many. God, please continue to bless and protect the Peterson family. Keep them under your guidance and protection so Jordan may continue to spread your word rooted in Truth. Thank you, Jordan, for your perseverance in the pursuit of sharing such important principles and traditional values aimed at the highest good starting at the level of individual sovereignty. - EH LOVE ❤️ GRATITUDE 🙏🏼 TRUTH ✝️
David Intonti
David Intonti Yıl önce
@phasespace what do you find objectionable about his typical message of "be a responsible human?" To me, Dr. Peterson seems publicly transparent and squarely aimed at bettering the lives of others through what the OP referred to as sovereignty.
Chris Kaye
Chris Kaye Yıl önce
@phasespace I feel sorry for you, truly.
Alex MacIntyre
Alex MacIntyre Yıl önce
I feel so fortunate to be alive to experience Dr. Peterson's talks in real-time. Thinking of the millions of people that will be inspired by his words for centuries to come and I get the privilege to experience them as they happen.
djdonnadolittle Yıl önce
I always regret that I never met Terence McKenna so it’s nice to live in a time when you can listen to a great speaker
Steven Yıl önce
He is a popular self-help guru. And a conservative culture-war warrior. Nothing more. No need to venerate him.
Doyle Williams
Doyle Williams Yıl önce
@Steven 8:15
Daniel Covarrubias
Daniel Covarrubias Yıl önce
@Steven Who are you to say that?
Casper van Helvoirt
Casper van Helvoirt Yıl önce
I've been following Peterson for the past 2 years, watching and listening (critically, I might add) to lots of his talks, lectures and more recently his podcasts. I reckon this being one of the best, most intruiging lectures/talks I've seen. It moved me deeply, as I'm sure it did others as well.
Leon Yıl önce
This morning I came across the presale access for tickets to his upcoming lectures. 40 cities and I was astonished to see he was speaking in my home town in central California. I’ve never, ever purchased tickets to a lecture. Yet, I’m more excited to see it than almost any concert. Bravo Mr. Peterson, you alone have made a rock n roller excited to watch an intellectual lecture.
Raphaela Makki
Raphaela Makki Yıl önce
I just hope that he at least once came to Brazil. I would be a dream to go see him on tour.
Siddhartha Verma
Siddhartha Verma Yıl önce
I was the one who asked the last question on parenting. It was so great to have Dr. Peterson at the Cambridge Union. The talk, discussions between students at the Union, the atmosphere was all so warm, supportive and welcoming! After a few hours of queueing, this was all worth the wait.
Itsa Goal
Itsa Goal Yıl önce
Great, great question friend, thank you! As a JP admirer, and dad to two boys, can fully concur with JP’s answer. Best of luck!
Felix Enemuo
Felix Enemuo Yıl önce
That's awesome. I'm going to assume you have a baby on the way. If so, huge congratulations to you, my friend
Siddhartha Verma
Siddhartha Verma Yıl önce
@Felix Enemuo Thanks so much! Baby arrived a few days ago and it's a girl! :)
Felix Enemuo
Felix Enemuo Yıl önce
@Siddhartha Verma Woop! Woop! Congratulations to you! So happy. Wishing you the absolute best. Regards to the mum as well. I'm so happy for you guys
Siddhartha Verma
Siddhartha Verma Yıl önce
@Felix Enemuo Thanks so much, my friend!
Christian Peterson
Christian Peterson Yıl önce
The music at the beginning was really delightful and touching. These unions should do it more. He’s one of the few intellectuals who is in touch with his heart, soul and mind. He’s so well rounded
Patrick Mahoney
Patrick Mahoney Yıl önce
The moment that Jordan said “The curse is that he’s not pleased, but the blessing is that he thinks you can do better” and, sitting behind him, the young woman’s eyes lit up with what looked like inspiration and curiosity. A moment I’ve had many times listening to him speak.
Tu N
Tu N Yıl önce
Time stamp?
Truett Smith
Truett Smith Yıl önce
tony199120 Yıl önce
Jordan peterson is like the father ive never had, got into my problems when my mother past away 7 years ago, social anxiety wrecked me, still does to this day, but thanks to jordan i can actually kinda laugh at my social incompetence and i keep trying, and ive actually made a few friends and slowly climbing up the heirarchy at my work, where me beeing social is appreciated because apperantly i am good at it in some way. something that i tought was impossible 7 years ago.
ken adams
ken adams Yıl önce
Practice thinking one positive thing about yourself everyday.Just one actual real positive thing about you.Accentuate this with all your willpower and this effect will defend you from self criticism.Sometimes just this defence is enough to get us through.We don't have to run marathons or cure the worlds problems,we just have to do enough and no more than that.I can relate to your personal loss as my Mother passed away just 18 days ago and watching content like JP is comforting me.Sorry for your loss and good luck.
kofiBean Yıl önce
@ken adams you should be mighty proud of yourself man that's some phenomenal work
Rhonda Yıl önce
Thanks for writing this. Your words helped me.
ken adams
ken adams Yıl önce
@Rhonda you're very welcome.
ken adams
ken adams Yıl önce
@kofiBean I feel proud and I'm gonna remember this moment whenever I have any difficulty.have a good day.
yoe91 Rugby
yoe91 Rugby Yıl önce
He's been very emotionally intense the past few months. Brought to tears, or close, in nearly every video I've watched. People say it's just the heavy strains of treatments etc, but I think it's in part because he's feeling things even more now, with age and the hindsight that illness has given him.
Leon Cych
Leon Cych Yıl önce
He’s on the brink and will have another breakdown if he continues on this self-promotional treadmill and the ‘enterprise’ as he calls it. As someone older than him and who has been through all the vicissitudes of life: failure; death; illness - I really do think he needs to give it a rest for his own good - it’s not going to end well. It’s a pity that he was given a platform to just spout rather than have some good old adversarial debate. This whole thing was so anodyne but hey - that’s free speech for you. I find it amusing the way he talks about parenting - has he watched videos of his daughter’s comments and behaviour...
S Huffman
S Huffman Yıl önce
Such a combination of wisdom and humility. What a treasure he is.
phasespace Yıl önce
Right. That's why he's selling statues of himself. 😂
S Huffman
S Huffman Yıl önce
@phasespace not true. But there are now Saint Fauci candles one can buy
@phasespace Don't forget "the Jordan Peterson signed" $2.000 rug/carpet.
The Londoners - Life is Art - Support Creativity
The Londoners - Life is Art - Support Creativity Yıl önce
Watching your message hit home internationally is an incredible thing to behold. As a Brit far from home in San Francisco - everything you say grounds and directs. Your biblical series helped rebuild my psyche while I deepened multi cultural understanding out of child mind/autistic regression post midlife trauma. Late diagnoses Asperger’s finally explaining a lifetime of adhd / anxiety /disassociation. Your voice intrigues, calms and gives me belief in the journey ahead simultaneously. Baby steps… and finally a direction I feel confident in aiming towards :))) 💙💜❤️ Thank you Jordan Peterson you are Gold & Balance
Kaeul Jung
Kaeul Jung Yıl önce
I always love Cambridge. If I were in England, I would come straight away, even just to catch a glimpse of the man who helps me getting through tough times of my life. The AI of TRshow suggested his series of lectures to me one day and I follow his wisdom ever since. Cannot tell I improve a lot or just a little but this man really keeps me going and believing in myself and my own efforts. I hope to meet him someday soon! Wish him great health!
Gaurav Dube
Gaurav Dube Yıl önce
Honoured and privileged to be living in times of Jordan Peterson. Keep shedding the light of truth over the dark fallacies.
Abijah Overman
Abijah Overman Yıl önce
It was great to see Peterson return to Cambridge, especially after the prior disinvitation. Hopefully his Exodus lectures are soon to follow. 🙏🏼
Andrew Corrie
Andrew Corrie Yıl önce
"Pretty good for a magical super-nazi"!
Art koinis
Art koinis Yıl önce
I thought he is Canadian, and I also detect an Irishman in his reering when I hear him distribute (in words) seeds for healthy social living. Any "magic" mystifying is a mixture of focused effort.
Lynn Einarson
Lynn Einarson Yıl önce
@Art koinis yes he's Canadian. From western Canada, the province of Alberta. I'm in Saskatchewan (province beside it). It's mostly conservatives.
N G Yıl önce
Are t his exodus lectures available on youtube
Abijah Overman
Abijah Overman Yıl önce
@N G No. He was going to give them at Cambridge but was disinvited over something political, unfortunately.
Kellie Murphy
Kellie Murphy Yıl önce
What a truly unique individual he is. I wonder if he has any inkling of just how much he has contributed to so many for the good. May God bless him and his family. May he continue to look up.
Stephen Ross
Stephen Ross Yıl önce
A rare mind of incisive clarity. In a world where blandness & mediocrity is praised & elevated, listening to & reading his works are truly uplifting. Blessings from Belfast.
heladar Yıl önce
Start exposing yourself to things that matter and good things, you will find out the world is not as bad as you put it ;)
Stephen Ross
Stephen Ross Yıl önce
@heladar I choose to live with as much positivity as possible for me. Thank you for your reply. Blessings to you and all those you love, from Belfast.
sookie1357 Yıl önce
He's like a father figure we've never had and didn't know we needed
Fernan Yıl önce
Great to see you back on tour and reviewing some of the classic ideas we already enjoyed many times together. But this time, I particularly enjoyed the comment about making many proper questions to your opponents and listening to their answers with genuine interest. Don't try to win, but to understand their perspective with curiosity. Thank you, Jordan.
voy d
voy d Yıl önce
It is an encouraging fact, that so many young people come to these lectures. And they come out enlightened and come out slighty better than they were before. This is his input in making humans better. Thank you dr Peterson.
Linda Lombard
Linda Lombard Yıl önce
I'm also endlessly grateful for Jordan Peterson! He understands history and the human condition and is tireless promoting truth. Hats off!!!
phasespace Yıl önce
he says that ancient people painted DNA molecules. 😂
triple7 Yıl önce
No words, such a necessary and profound man. I am grateful for him and his beautiful family, his lessons in life are becoming my own lessons in life. The second half of this video really made me think over what I do and believe. Thanks Jordan Peterson.
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez Yıl önce
It's always interesting to hear an intelligent man like Dr. Peterson everywhere at every moment. Thank you, Cambridge Union!
Steph Walsh
Steph Walsh Yıl önce
Thanks to the Cambridge group who organised this. It's so reassuring to see a key university is getting back on its feet. I thank God
Elijah Isbell
Elijah Isbell Yıl önce
Mitthenstein Like the hundreds of credible and esteemed intellectuals that support peterson and his works? You mean those kinds of educated people? or the kind that take 1 political science class in college and think they know better than peterson with decades of experience, dozens of peer reviewed scientific papers and much of the intellectual community by his side.
Elijah Isbell
Elijah Isbell Yıl önce
Mitthenstein even if thats true, one person vs the many many great scientists and great psychologists that are on his podcast and the countless universities hes invited to. saying hes stupid and not a good professor is just so blind that it makes me sad for you. its like you made your own echo chamber for yourself. he wouldnt have the multiple prestigious teaching awards and such high regard in his intellectual community if he was a “pseudo-intellectual”
LohnS Yıl önce
I grew up Catholic and remain Catholic for the strengths it brings. We can save not only ourselves, but through Cambridge surviving this cultural war we will also save Catholicism! Bless o7
Bad Wolf
Bad Wolf 4 aylar önce
Jordan peterson is clearly so emotionally connected to his words, if you watch his eyes at certain points he almost seems to start crying, it's incredibly endearing but also perfectly shows how much he cares about what he says.
Multiple Careers
Multiple Careers Yıl önce
Listening to Jordan Peterson speak is so nourishing for the soul.
Grimm Light
Grimm Light Yıl önce
I have missed this man. 2021 certainly needs his wisdom and his honesty.
Satoshi Nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto Yıl önce
ppl dont read
Wade Stoss
Wade Stoss Yıl önce
@Roshe Im guessing you heard that from a dishonest twitter SJW. In reality his wife got cancer and the stress combined with his autoimmune disorder led him to go to a doctor, the doctor prescribed him a drug, and his body went into an intense withdrawal when he stopped taking it. His daughter discusses it on her podcast.
CinderToffy Yıl önce
@Roshe Whereas in the most basic sense you're correct, the context is often important. Did he blow all of his money on cocaine or heroin? No. Did he get addicted to a prescription drug? Yes. Does any of this have any bearing on his message? Well that's up to you, but your responses seem to indicate you've already made your mind up.
Mark Alexander Toleman
Mark Alexander Toleman Yıl önce
So very very grateful to see this amazing human being travelling and speaking what an amazing gift to the world this man is
Michael Corns
Michael Corns Yıl önce
Spot on. "Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth" (1 Cor 13:6). Thank you, Dr. Peterson, for deeply affirming that, and for communicating so authentically, lovingly, and eloquently.
Alik Volkov
Alik Volkov Yıl önce
56:58 had the greatest speech I have ever heard from this man. I couldn't move an inch while listening to this. It was profound and so wise...
MGR Yıl önce
Thank you Dr Peterson. You don’t have an idea how you impact my life positively. I am grateful for your work.
Art Yıl önce
So happy to have him in our lives and so happy he feels better .
Stephen Devine
Stephen Devine Yıl önce
I think I am in the process of saving my own life with the help of this impressive and inspiring man. He is, I'm sure, doing more good for men and women of all ages than he will ever be credited for. I thank you Dr Peterson.
Amos Quito
Amos Quito Yıl önce
Good luck with your jouney man. Hope you find your way to where you need to be.
Tenielle Yıl önce
Wow Dr Peterson. The way you speak about the holocaust is exactly how I've always felt. As if I was there in a previous life. I cannot consume enough information, trying to understand how it could have happened and why? Your thoughts on those horrors are always so insightful and illuminating. Trying to understand why and how to avoid repeating those horrors is so important, so thank you. As always, you provide meaningful words to many of my confusing thoughts. ✌🏼
A B Yıl önce
Very happy to see that Prof JBP is looking well and back in the swing of things. What an inspiration to the world
Computing Powers
Computing Powers Yıl önce
Without ever meeting me, knowing me, or knowledge of my existence, Dr Peterson has saved my life and enabled me to make tough choices and take huge responsibility which gave my life endless meaning and bountiful joy.
Zayn Umar
Zayn Umar Yıl önce
No. You saved your own life.
Computing Powers
Computing Powers Yıl önce
@Zayn Umar thank you.
Sam Heninger
Sam Heninger Yıl önce
Imagine having the stones to open for Dr. Peterson as a classical singer accompanied by naught but a classical guitar. Not what people came for, but here we are. Bravo.
Keviv Tawar
Keviv Tawar Yıl önce
Are you that guitarist??
curiousgeorge555 Yıl önce
I was thinking the same.
Piers Jholden
Piers Jholden Yıl önce
Why a bass and not the original counter tenor?
thisisn'tmyrealname Yıl önce
It made me think of roger scruton. Beauty. I think we're witnessing a rebirth of true conservatism. There's a longing for beauty, and truth. We won the arguments with facts, but lost the war to feelings. Reconnecting with heritage, and restoring beauty, integrity, and skill to their rightful place in our culture. It's no mistake that beautiful and deep music goes well with JBP talking of carrying your burden and taking responsibility. And it is certainly no mistake that his message resonates with young men.
Alex Zannoni
Alex Zannoni Yıl önce
A voice of reason, compassion & realism. Thank you Dr Peterson 🙏
Luke Phillips
Luke Phillips Yıl önce
What a fantastic end to a fantasic talk. I love how Jordan wears his heart on his sleeve, it makes him so relatable to people like myself.
Thom Smith
Thom Smith Yıl önce
This man saved my life, and my family’s. My wife loves the strength this man has given me. God bless everyone
#MakeBritainGreatAgain Yıl önce
Finally starting to feel proud of my country again. Good job Cambridge.
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson Yıl önce
I love that he gets emotional sometimes. He truly believes in what he says ant truly loves and wants to help people. He's a wonderful human being.
musicplayah Yıl önce
@Zmiana Pogody When you're talking about the "new era of hating women", what I assume you mean in this context is essentially "anti-feminist" sentiments. That started way before Peterson started becoming a public person. The incel part is even sillier because what drives the incel movement is the exact same thing he opposes and seeks to educate people in finding healthier coping mechanism for like bitterness, resentment and holding grudges. What do you even make of the sizeable part of his audience that is compromised of women? Are they also on board this new era of hating women? Which comparatively to other modern "pop-culture philosopher" type figures like Dawkins and Hitchens seem to be much bigger, anecdotally speaking but you can just look at these youtube comments or look at the audiences at his lectures and it's pretty obvious that they're attracting more than just men. Did you just get out of a relationship with an incel? Your comment reads like a terrible crime drama fan fiction plot.
orbo Akin
orbo Akin Yıl önce
I was worried this would be a previous video from like 3 years ago just re-uploaded. I am so glad it is current. Always a joy to listen to Jordan Peterson, this generation's most influential and profound philosopher/academic and champion of liberalism! Plus, that intro and musical performance was beautiful! I haven't even listened to a tenor opera singer before but damn! Was he good! Props to the guitarist too.
ArcturosX Yıl önce
I assumed it had been from before his illness as well! Amazing to see him at it again.
Gonçalo Morais
Gonçalo Morais Yıl önce
Awesome conversation and work from the Cambridge Union! Can you please make more subtitles? Maybe portuguese and spanish. I would love to show some parts of this lecture to my family
Ozmod Yıl önce
Of all the people in the world, this man is the one I most desire to meet, to shake his hand, to join the endless line of appreciative students in saying “thank you”.
Chloe Gresham Goolsby
Chloe Gresham Goolsby Yıl önce
Such a National Treasure. Thank you for another enlightening look into the human mind and temperament. You have brought so many people from the past couple generations out of mental darkness. Be well and keep up the good work.
Dan T
Dan T Yıl önce
That last question, along with JP's answer was something I needed to hear. So grateful for him.
Maria R N
Maria R N Yıl önce
Glad to see you looking so healthy. What a blessing you and your family has been and the gifts you have shared to the world. Thank you.
The Jellybean Man
The Jellybean Man Yıl önce
Brilliant. The way he formulates self improvement and how to motivate yourself is simply brilliant. He makes me personally feel like I shouldn't be ashamed and go back into my room where I'm safe, but rather start seeing things as they really are and push myself out of my safety zones and go improve myself. I also love how he talks about slowly improving yourself and how the obvious and small things are really not as simple as you perceive them to be, just understanding that makes me not pester myself so much about the small things and rather focus on slowly improving and committing long term.
Ignas Šiaulys
Ignas Šiaulys Yıl önce
if you only focus on self improvement you can't really change the world because everything you do will be for your owns sake and not others
The Jellybean Man
The Jellybean Man Yıl önce
When you put others before you and say it's for the benefit of them, and you say to yourself "but I can't take care of myself because they need me right now", you aren't doing anyone any favors. When speaking to improve someone else's life and you don't work on yourself you are a hypocrite. And one of the quotes I like to keep close to me is: "A hypocrite tells without influence, an example influences by showing what's possible." You can't make a difference by yapping, noone will take you seriously. Take yourself seriously and be real with what you want to accomplish, know what you are capable of. YOU have to become the monster, and then discipline yourself. A monster under control is much more beneficial to society than a useless puppy licking sores on other people. Invest in yourself and in one or two years the investment you make in others will be much bigger.
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw Yıl önce
@The Jellybean Man wrong. If you improve yourself, you will inevitably be of more use to others. A weak person without standards is of no use to anybody.
The Jellybean Man
The Jellybean Man Yıl önce
@Bob LoblawNot inevitably, I would argue that helping others is a choice. And even if you want to help others you still have to help yourself first. If you choose to improve yourself you want to set a goal, a target. That target can be pathetically low, and you shouldn't be afraid of that. I believe Jordan Peterson himself says: "Every single day try to be better than you were yesterday". He also talks about how starting small and gradually improving yourself, even really slowly, over a few months or a year had massive results. You have to have a goal to motivate you, and later on that goal becomes your personal responsibility to reach, and through that responsibilty you find meaning in life. If your goal is to help as much people as much as possible (which is what Jordan is doing) you then certainly you will. Self improvement does not corrilate to being a good person. Choosing to be better person is a form of self improvement. Choosing to be stronger, wiser, more neat, cleaner and more independent are also forms of self improvement, but none of them mean you are helping anyone else. You are certainly more useful since you have more potential to help other people once you have improved yourself but that's still a choice.
The Jellybean Man
The Jellybean Man Yıl önce
@Bob Loblaw A weak person is of no use to anybody, you're right. Can you maybe expand a bit on standards?
Thanks to the Cambridge Union for upholding the right to speak...great to see younger people interested in listening.
202 415 Colin D’Souza
202 415 Colin D’Souza Yıl önce
Mitthenstein OK.
Vir Yıl önce
This great man is a genius to help us be a better person, all my respects to him!
Random Gaming
Random Gaming Yıl önce
When you have a full room of people just listening, means that you are someone valuable, thanks Dr, for me. my divorce was overcome by all these kind of words that made me organize confront a re arrange my life to keep going forward, your books are precious to me. I LOVE THIS MAN I JUST LOVE HIM I WOULD HUG HIM; THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH
What a lovely set of students! That was one of my favourite Peterson "interviews" ever.
Ali Bektaş
Ali Bektaş Yıl önce
A father and a teacher, a sage of our generation.
Loki Hammerfall
Loki Hammerfall Yıl önce
I never have enough of this man...Total Respect.!!
m s
m s Yıl önce
HowAboutNo Yıl önce
The story about the vaccum cleaner guy reminded me - I once spent nearly 3 months without a light in my bathroom, because it was a relatively hard bulb type to find, which quickly escalated in this very similar angsty deliberation. I literally showered, brushed teeth and shaved in the dark, with what little daylight, or artificial light came via other rooms. I don't have a conclusion, except to say that once I did finally get the damned light bulb, I felt like it wouldn't take me that long next time.
Reyhan Dag
Reyhan Dag Yıl önce
Endless respect for this man 🙏🏻
G. Ozare
G. Ozare Yıl önce
I wish I had even half of the type of father Jordan had. What a blessing. I really wonder what type of man I would be if I had a father that thought my brother and I were worth his time. Im in my mid 30’s and barely getting my life in order. Better late than never! 😅
David McCleary
David McCleary Yıl önce
I have such a deep love for this man. Every generation needs giants. When I was growing up, Pope John Paul II was one such man for me. Jordan is present for this generation which has NO role models!
Ayo Ibaru
Ayo Ibaru Yıl önce
Question: “What would you like to be remembered for?” JBP: “Encouraging people”
x Yıl önce
I haven't watched it yet but the fact that people are playing music before his appearance, that's respect man and it's good to see Jordan Peterson getting it in the talks rather than people trying to villainize or win against him. Nothing but love for the Petersons, Mik, Jordan, and his wife. Brilliant people. Thanks for this, Cambridge Union.
Lord Feder
Lord Feder Yıl önce
what's the music from?
George Collier
George Collier Yıl önce
@Lord Feder music for a while by henry purcell
Lord Feder
Lord Feder Yıl önce
@George Collier thanks
Emir Yıl önce
@George Collier hi, good to see you here :D
Adrian Cox
Adrian Cox Yıl önce
Well done Cambridge and well done Dr Peterson it is refreshing to find an academic establishment that has the courage to book speakers who change what we think we know
Frosty Yıl önce
Aiming for peace and not to win is something I think needs to happen politically before things get too far out of hand. It's interesting watching Jordans old lectures from the UofT because he so often speaks about the political divide (which is really just a personality temperament divide) as something that's necessary and healthy, that netiher side is right and neither side should aim at winning, but rather aim at peace. It's what helped me understand the position of those I disagree with more, and that neither me or them were in any sense correct about our beliefs, that these things are just preferences, that we still have to live around each other so we had better make sure that we're not aiming to somehow beat them. This is almost a unique position in society today, everything around us is geared towards polarizing people into camps and pitting them against one another.
B.LO Yıl önce
"We make the decision between heaven and hell, every decision." Phenomenal speech from this sharp man. Heaven and Hell are not separate from this reality; they are eventualities. Possibilities. Outcomes.
Em Ru
Em Ru Yıl önce
Thank you for publishing this. Jbp is where I get my strength from on bad days, and makes me appreciate good days even more
Michael C
Michael C Yıl önce
"Why did you start with music" "Peace" "So you're saying we can end all wars with music" - Cathy Newman
SAHBfan Yıl önce
青雲浮遊 Yıl önce
propaganda music lol
Troof Veritas
Troof Veritas Yıl önce
The music kinda sucked ass tbf lol, I mean Paul McCartney with a tapping foot and an acoustic guitar playing and singing Blackbird would’ve been way better, and suited it just as well it every way at minimum, and very likely exceeded it in most actually important and meaningful ways.
Elizabeth Debutts
Elizabeth Debutts Yıl önce
I laughed harder than I should have 🤣🤣🤣
Steve Lambeer
Steve Lambeer Yıl önce
It will never get old...
Cloudyli Yıl önce
He is still as honest as ever. That's so refreshing to see someone willing to recognize publicly his lackings in some aspects, like he said, learning not to try to win, but to reach for "mutual elevation in the progression of the discourse". He really is our hope, even more now.
Elektrotehnik Yıl önce
I'm glad beyond words that he is learning this wisdom more and more; of humility, questioning & pure attention, with as little judgement as humanly possible. it seems that it's was the lack of this wisdom that has attracted to him the most hatred from people on the outside. I've seen this new wisdom starting to shine through in his work. It's opening a new chapter in what Jordan Peterson could be & what doors of wisdom he could open for us all. I'm all for it, go Jordan!
ShakeyDeal Yıl önce
@Steven twitter is not real life :)
Paul Perez
Paul Perez Yıl önce
@Steven he's not even remotely antivax.
Lila Silk
Lila Silk Yıl önce
I deeply admire Dr Petersons for everything he is and does and in particular, I wished I could articulate myself the way he does. How does one achieve that?
jenniferbuckle1 Yıl önce
Many of us have come to understand and appreciate deeply that the 'win-win' result, in any situation big or small, is always the most optimal outcome. It warms my heart that more than 800k people have viewed this moment.
Ben Keel
Ben Keel Yıl önce
Beautiful. Intro, discussion. Simply in awe every time I tune into Dr. PETERSON.
James Kingstone
James Kingstone Yıl önce
Brilliant logic and reasoning. Reminded me of what a great childhood I enjoyed in Canada with my wonderful parents. Very fresh views on my life because of Jordan's logic.
DTF riendship
DTF riendship Yıl önce
He seems like he’s doing so well now!! Looking forward to his upcoming lecture tour!
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