Minecraft | How to Build an Underwater Mountain House

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A modern mountain house with a beautiful view from inside the sea.
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---------------------------- GAME INFO ----------------------------
• Java Edition 1.16.1
• BSL Shader - bitslablab.com
• Texture:
- None/ Default
- Jerm's Better Leaves - www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/better-leaves-add-on-2-0
• Replay Mod for recording - www.replaymod.com
• SEED: -7049126028243333772
• COORD: 836 64 304

----------------------------- CREDITS -----------------------------
Track: Floral Nights - Artificial.Music [Audio Library Release] Music provided by Audio Library Plus Watch: trshow.info/watch/i1lXEIDTaH4/video.html
Free Download / Stream: alplus.io/Floral-Nights
Track: Doing Nothing - sakura Hz [Audio Library Release] Music provided by Audio Library Plus Watch: trshow.info/watch/o5ivAJQ_iHQ/video.html
Free Download / Stream: alplus.io/Doing-nothing
Music: Jakob Ahlbom - Ether
TRshow Video: trshow.info/watch/lrZQbt8IZXI/video.html
Some sound effects from: www.zapsplat.com
Nature Sounds: BurghRecords

------------------------------ NOTES ------------------------------
• Don't reupload and modify my videos. Don't use it for profit.
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• English isn't our first language, so it may contain subtitle errors, sorry about that.

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Zaypixel Aylar önce
Hi everybody! A lot of people are asking about Shaders and Texture Packs and I always put the information in the description of all my videos, so please read it because I'm not able to answer all the comments 😰
Silvia Peñalva
Silvia Peñalva 10 saatler önce
1:45 What are you doing on the stairs to make them white?
Yuki洁蒨 20 saatler önce
@Zaypixel how do you make your water total clear eventhought through glass?i want my water looks like yours!! i have already download and use the shaders, i just dont know how to make it like yours. Can you tell me how you set your shaders?
TWP Josh
TWP Josh Gün önce
can I have the seed? Please
Maud Pie
Maud Pie 2 gün önce
@Zaypixel thanks:)
CESAR MONT 2 gün önce
One doubt the Shaders can be used on a cell phone because I tried and it did not appear, please answer me, can you help me a lot and give you
Animals Forest
Animals Forest 15 dakika önce
Hi guys How are you I created a new channel for animals forest so I need your support 1- Subscribe 2- Comment 3- Like ❤️
Elías Rodriguez
Elías Rodriguez 44 dakika önce
The house Is a beautiful
ktbDash 59 dakika önce
Do you plan on making an editing tutorial?
Auricelia Pereira
Auricelia Pereira 2 saatler önce
PatoTroll 2 saatler önce
Will you have a download link for the map?
filtron aba
filtron aba 2 saatler önce
Spanish plis
jeonsqn 3 saatler önce
how do you make the torch bright while grabing it? can't make it :(
GLESS PLAYZ 3 saatler önce
This is evey simple house i also makeit
Владислав Будков
Владислав Будков 3 saatler önce
its so wonderfull.
Maria Mendez
Maria Mendez 3 saatler önce
How did you take the water out of the house!? I cant :(
Gabi O
Gabi O 3 saatler önce
Weird question of the day: Is it just me or did everyone else played with a cable while watching this? 😀
Ethel Gemmel
Ethel Gemmel 3 saatler önce
Good 🏠
THE QUAIL 4 saatler önce
Omg that is sooo cool and awesome
QuantumRamen 420
QuantumRamen 420 4 saatler önce
I found the perfect spot on the side of a mountain and it turned out really well
Julie :
Julie : 5 saatler önce
My PS4 Minecraft could never look like this ....
Thomas Bst
Thomas Bst 5 saatler önce
just woaw
Elker 29
Elker 29 5 saatler önce
it's beautiful and very easy to make
miguel matute
miguel matute 6 saatler önce
Hello, very good house, I loved it, I liked the house so much that I subscribe to your channel and if you can, greet me in your next video
sam 6 saatler önce
so cosy... i may just cry
Jefferson Rentz
Jefferson Rentz 7 saatler önce
io lol kkkkkk
Silvia Peñalva
Silvia Peñalva 10 saatler önce
1:45 How is she painting the stairs white?
Tacnac And Moon
Tacnac And Moon 11 saatler önce
Just wondering how to get rid of all the water in the house? I am having trouble and that might sound really dumb but I honestly don't know XD
Faraklit 12 saatler önce
You deserve more than 10 million
Aimie Liddell
Aimie Liddell 13 saatler önce
Do you know what your seed was for this world?
cristy sparks
cristy sparks 13 saatler önce
Eduardo salles
Eduardo salles 14 saatler önce
Muito boa, amigo.
Anuar Bethancourt
Anuar Bethancourt 15 saatler önce
This channel deserves more love
Anuar Bethancourt
Anuar Bethancourt 15 saatler önce
This channel deserves more love
Ho Phuc
Ho Phuc 15 saatler önce
Beautiful Home
Maribel Gaspar
Maribel Gaspar 15 saatler önce
What's the name of what you use to put the armor?
Omar Ibrahim
Omar Ibrahim 16 saatler önce
this is the first time i watch your videos and i am amazed!!
Patrick 16 saatler önce
Patrick 16 saatler önce
らぐあ 18 saatler önce
日本人で見てる人おる? この人マジすげー
Mets Chell
Mets Chell 19 saatler önce
This is beautiful
jeckar TM
jeckar TM 20 saatler önce
Nuevo suscriptor ☺️✌️ New subscriber ☺️✌️
Yuki洁蒨 21 saatler önce
Can i know how you set your shaders settings? It looks so satisfying
over game #33
over game #33 23 saatler önce
Se escreve no canal over game#33 por favor
Henry Gizzi
Henry Gizzi Gün önce
The fact that they did this in 11 minutes just goes to show how easy it is to make. I'm definitely gonna build this today, because I have no plans, and will have the whole day to do it, and add more stuff to it once I'm done!
Wizzard 25
Wizzard 25 Gün önce
Alguien que me diga la aplicación de esas texturas
David Jaramillo Segarra
David Jaramillo Segarra Gün önce
So.... I think u never played survival before
David Jaramillo Segarra
David Jaramillo Segarra Gün önce
Shaders doesn't work with stsirs underwater lol
Nazdar Aslan
Nazdar Aslan Gün önce
O thats good so
Lidith Gün önce
holdup, you can swim and fill up stairs with water nowdays?
Iván Carrasco
Iván Carrasco Gün önce
The quality of this video is insane
Adam Gün önce
Watching these makes me motivated to build all of your builds in my survival world
Aikau Jordan
Aikau Jordan Gün önce
This video is so peaceful, I loved it
olivia dutra
olivia dutra Gün önce
q home wowwwwwwww
Call Me Obi
Call Me Obi Gün önce
The way this is made oddly reminds me of My street from aphmau
Bearly Alive
Bearly Alive Gün önce
I like how your Minecraft skin is wearing a swimsuit that's such a nice detail
FrEe FıRe TriCkstAr
FrEe FıRe TriCkstAr Gün önce
A structure can only be good as the shaders allows them to be. 😀😁
Aljade cruz
Aljade cruz Gün önce
Underwater base looks nice but only with a nice texture
T L Gün önce
These are really good for stealth bases on servers with no claims system
Hanna Gün önce
I dosent have the right sea lanter, I only have a blue not a yellow
Robaczysko Gün önce
That changing
Kyla Helga
Kyla Helga Gün önce
What version of cool
Clowdy Анти Гриф
Clowdy Анти Гриф Gün önce
Я просто схожу с ума когда думаю об Америке ! Вы американцы чёрные или белые не имеет значения! Вы самые самые добрые люди на свете! Я не знаю зачем я это написал просто не было кому рассказать. Наверное я единственный русский который в душе американец. Всего вам доброго люди ! Just translate this text from Russian into English and you will understand everything. Those who have already translated just write a comment under my comment only in Russian or in English
Naveed Hassan Khan
Naveed Hassan Khan Gün önce
Love it
marc moses
marc moses Gün önce
Aww man i want minecraft T~T And i wanna make this house
Абдурохман Сериков
Абдурохман Сериков Gün önce
Вау красива 🤯🤯
Drippdup_wan X
Drippdup_wan X Gün önce
Impressive 😀
Astryol Gün önce
I love building tutorials like these. they’re so chill, and peaceful and the shaders make them even better. They help me relax when I need to go to sleep, because I have insomnia and it’s so fricking hard to get to sleep lol
Chen Jia Wei SES20010095
Chen Jia Wei SES20010095 Gün önce
this guy reminds me of the two topless men digging holes and making crazy builds. . . . . . those videos you watch during 3am
Hosea Levingston
Hosea Levingston Gün önce
4:00 The gravel: WHY HELLO THERE
Tian Anton
Tian Anton Gün önce
Will Cazza
Will Cazza Gün önce
So satisfying!!!!!!!
Illusion Gün önce
This is a vibe 🥰🥰🥰🥰😖
Willi William
Willi William Gün önce
Anybody knows what's the title song from 00:08?
AnushChidu Gün önce
hi i am new to your channel, you earned a sub :) can you make more cozy houses, for pure survival mode? ( mcpe )
Ƙ̵α̢͜͟ɪ̛͟ ঊৣREDTM
Ƙ̵α̢͜͟ɪ̛͟ ঊৣREDTM Gün önce
Looks like easy.
Strâwbêrry Mîlk
Strâwbêrry Mîlk Gün önce
How did you put the banners on in the kitchen area, I’ve been trying to figure that out for ten minutes please tell me
lauren bean
lauren bean Gün önce
I don’t get how u put the banner on the item frame thingy or how you did the tree thing on the second floor please explain somehow
Zander DD
Zander DD Gün önce
type beat
Skull Grunt Silver
Skull Grunt Silver Gün önce
Idk why the seed just don’t be workin for me lmao
Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso Gün önce
Excelente casa ojala triunfes en este negocio de youtube😀👍
Nezuko Kamado
Nezuko Kamado Gün önce
Very hard to build in survival :(
Sages604 Gün önce
Ummm.... yeaaa... I think I'm gonna go outside now.
willy wonka fan12345
willy wonka fan12345 Gün önce
Loved this house I had to make it and I did I just mad it a little bigger and changed some plants
ItsNora_ Chan
ItsNora_ Chan Gün önce
People playing survival: 👁👄👁
Xirus MC.
Xirus MC. Gün önce
Asmr :v
Juan Kim
Juan Kim Gün önce
Honestly the best house ever created, keep up the good work
john heckerson
john heckerson Gün önce
why am i watching this while i cant play minecraft
Effortless 2 gün önce
how to get the yellow sea lanterns?
ARC550 2 gün önce
How do you get the sea lanterns to become that colour because I'm using BSL shaders too and it looks white
Pedro, ô desocupado
Pedro, ô desocupado 2 gün önce
*Please see on my channel* I also know how to build
Shoana Johnston
Shoana Johnston 2 gün önce
Your TRshow Channel banner, is that a minecraft texture pack? And if so, where can I get it?
Krab Zone
Krab Zone 2 gün önce
I truly admire ur ideas they've inspired me to make underwater houses like this one thank u so much. Hope u upload more amazing videos like this
Luka Jović
Luka Jović 2 gün önce
I don't even play Minecraft, I just find this fun to watch.
clément garde
clément garde 2 gün önce
amazing house, you r on youtube for only 3 months, your great!
GLITCHY 2 gün önce
I'm mad cause I cant think of nothing as clever and comfortable as this house
Vampiiro NYannpiire BlacK CaTt
Vampiiro NYannpiire BlacK CaTt 2 gün önce
Назгуль Садыкова
Назгуль Садыкова 2 gün önce
Clover 2 gün önce
this got so many views it's almost silly, i mean shit doe is some good ass content
Michael Jr Acuzar
Michael Jr Acuzar 2 gün önce
Cool One
Random Landia
Random Landia 2 gün önce
My Life
My Life 2 gün önce
a ymorango construi isso
I like thai food
I like thai food 2 gün önce
I actually like this more than in a first-person perspective
Dark Star
Dark Star 2 gün önce
Custodian Legion
Custodian Legion 2 gün önce
5:57 literally lost my mind at how damn smart that was. Next level ingenuity
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