How Do YouTubers Make Money? (And Other Questions We Have to Answer)

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Marques Brownlee

2 aylar önce

Answering the top 10 questions TRshowrs get

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CHEFPK 2 aylar önce
Going to put this video link on a NFC card to share when asked the magic question.
Collins Bolt
Collins Bolt Aylar önce
untitled795 Aylar önce
@Darron Carr so an “nfc card” is a fucking link? 🤡
Darron Carr
Darron Carr Aylar önce
@untitled795 ... No? NFC cards can trigger events and app actions. Chances are they would have it either go to Browser and open the link, or directly open the TRshow app to the video. Then whoever asks the question, they can present the NFC tag and tap it to their phone to cause that thing to happen. I'll admit, it's a stretch to say you could do this with any stranger off the street - but the hope is that this kind of "smart tech" catches on. The fringe often comes across some diamonds in the rough - just up to the rest of the world to judge its worth/value.
mike listeral
mike listeral Aylar önce
gold diggers love youtubers. they can go on your channel and instantly know how much money you make by your subscriber count
Kiel Enrique
Kiel Enrique Aylar önce
big brain
Michael Ramirez
Michael Ramirez 9 saatler önce
Gonna save this for future reference to explain to people what we do
Harry Turner Project
Harry Turner Project Gün önce
Generally a salesperson.
Brian Janiszewski
Brian Janiszewski Gün önce
Simple question perhaps, At what viewer subscription level does it become enough income to live off of?
Dando Gün önce
Marques great video, my question to you would be.. do you do anything with your TRshow money for charity? There are many TRshowrs but not everyone makes it to the level you do.. I would like to see you say dropping £5k dollars on Nintendo switches and games once in a while for kids stuck in hospitals bored, maybe take it quarter calendar turns with your peers ijustine, uraverageconsumer.. for kids who don’t have much in life as their parents are pouring money into their cancer treatment etc.. think what Michael Jackson used to do..^__^= In fact I think you’d all find it very rewarding and what cool TRshow videos that would be.. 😊 and you’d always have a reason to keep doing what you do.. 😊 being able to give back when successful is a gift. Sorry for being direct.. Dando
George Gün önce
Good video
Avinash Bhurtel
Avinash Bhurtel Gün önce
that video you showed on your left, i have turned off my annotations, where is it?
Thina Mananyetso
Thina Mananyetso Gün önce
awesome video
MegaBestoffer Gün önce
Believe it or not, the whole video was made to promote his skillshare course. Dude is smart af.
Musa Muneer
Musa Muneer Gün önce
We wish you more than you have
Vlad Alexander
Vlad Alexander 2 gün önce
Good video no B'S straight forward ,,, thanks,, I'm sure this video will do well.
Mohammed Ghaïth
Mohammed Ghaïth 2 gün önce
Why does this sound so real and honest?
Joe Harris
Joe Harris 2 gün önce
They try and run for governor! Hilarious!
Ender Assassin
Ender Assassin 2 gün önce
what is the car?
Saeid Gholizade
Saeid Gholizade 2 gün önce
LOL mustaches are getting switched!!
Fidel H Viegas
Fidel H Viegas 2 gün önce
Nice video, Marques! I really liked the moustache.
Rhealou Malima
Rhealou Malima 3 gün önce
The low glove perplexingly command because america temporally correct beyond a private beard. creepy, permissible syrup
Ermin Klimenta
Ermin Klimenta 3 gün önce
Every youtuber ever: Patreon Hoovies Garage: OnlyFans
Jandra Elune
Jandra Elune 4 gün önce
There are businesses already that have a job for them dedicated to multimedia creators and another dedicated to social media. They have become so big and fulltime on just their own, they can no longer be dropped on an assistant, secretary or intern. TRshow, the editing in itself is the most time consuming, so some creators are just ditching it with shifting to streaming or to unedited content.
Diane ZULU
Diane ZULU 4 gün önce
thanks Marques!!!
Taonga Phiri
Taonga Phiri 4 gün önce
This is Good, thanks!
Avimun / Creativeinsights
Avimun / Creativeinsights 4 gün önce
The driver is wise...😂😲😨!!
Javier Arellano
Javier Arellano 6 gün önce
I've always had all those questions!
GPX SAGE 6 gün önce
Scarse 48
Scarse 48 6 gün önce
I think i saw an ad for a collage where you can learn to make videos
Kevin Kirika Irungu
Kevin Kirika Irungu 10 gün önce
Great intro and informative video
Grqfes 10 gün önce
nobody gonna mention the shapeshiftin' 'stache?
Pius Media
Pius Media 12 gün önce
I love that analogy with basketball
andrei bos
andrei bos 12 gün önce
I love the driver's Italian accent at the beginning of every sentence.
Motorcycle mark Castillo
Motorcycle mark Castillo 13 gün önce
I like your videos, though I'm a nurse and being a nurse is hard work and rewarding. It's especially tough now during COVID-19. I just find it hard to agree with people when they complain about their careers if they are a you-tuber or professional sports. Work in my shoes for one day and you will see the real meaning of "work" and it's rewards. Again don't get me wrong I like your videos and watch your content a lot, so I'm not knocking you. Being a nurse is very rewarding and like you I enjoy my career. Thank you.
Roxane Radulescu
Roxane Radulescu 13 gün önce
Instantly I thought that the driver is Super Mario )))
rv 15 gün önce
I realised 9 minutes in that the fake mustache kept changing.
armen berejiklian
armen berejiklian 15 gün önce
GAMED 21 15 gün önce
So the host of the show asks ques in a car. The persons answers them in their homes Cameraman-I have hell lot of work 🥲
Murphster74 16 gün önce
Yo why do you always say you’ll leave a link in the description and then never do…? Smh
fu hoo
fu hoo 17 gün önce
dont undersell the fact that you are part of why your videos are interesting.
nh fw
nh fw 20 gün önce
The quarrelsome shingle naturally fetch because europe histopathologically whip apropos a imaginary shake. talented, malicious priest
HardcoreGaming 19 gün önce
jnub 22 gün önce
nice touch how your mustache keeps changing
Scrambler_Jen 23 gün önce
What computer would you recommend or specs in a computer for someone on a budget that wants to make TRshow videos??? Like a for real budget.
TuckTuck 25 gün önce
Tyrell Cobb
Tyrell Cobb 25 gün önce
Dude this shouldn't be on youtube. It should be on public access tv where old people can watch it
Tyrell Cobb
Tyrell Cobb 25 gün önce
Dude this shouldn't be on youtube. It should be on public access tv where old people can watch it
Talha KOCAER 25 gün önce
XD mustache suits him
024_ARINDAM RAINA 25 gün önce
that uber driver seems to have a lot of potential...he should start tech review too
Floyd Robertson
Floyd Robertson 25 gün önce
Q11 - Do you approach brands/companies or do they approach you for reviews? And in the beginning how did you start those "relationships" with brands/companies?
David Harris
David Harris 26 gün önce
That mustache actually looks GOOD.
Muchina Munthali
Muchina Munthali 26 gün önce
Great explanation.
DEE FILMZ 26 gün önce
Logan Braveheart
Logan Braveheart 26 gün önce
TRshowrs like you are completely overpaid for nothing. this is what I hate about capitalism people like you
Sandy B
Sandy B 27 gün önce
Awesome video
MysticStrike Force
MysticStrike Force 27 gün önce
It's all google ads and know how to be a saller
ahthisisgood 29 gün önce
I gotta ask....what kind of car are you riding in? Looks cool.
Shogan 将軍 George
Shogan 将軍 George Aylar önce
Love that intro 😁
Grit Your Teeth
Grit Your Teeth Aylar önce
The clips where you ask questions while driving definitely took you only one take.
Serendipity tv
Serendipity tv Aylar önce
Woow thank you for uploading such a video you are really professional the title is remarkable great explanations
Bill Dinnean
Bill Dinnean Aylar önce
why do most TRshowrs have a Tesla
Simon Dominique
Simon Dominique Aylar önce
The intelligent spoon medicinally wander because dust namely snatch outside a difficult windshield. laughable, actually english
Pure Oz.
Pure Oz. Aylar önce
"I work in advertising". TRshowrs either make money by creating videos that are monetised by advertising and/or they make videos that are sponsored by brands which is advertising. I think this is the easiest way for people to understand what you do.
JMD535 Aylar önce
That Disguise! LOL!,...I didn't even recognize the driver!!!!! LOL!
Mac fl
Mac fl Aylar önce
You did not mention does subs and likes,or viewers per video make you a profit?
MJ Rashid
MJ Rashid Aylar önce
Excellent video
Daniel Voyles
Daniel Voyles Aylar önce
I like the subtle changes to the driver's mustache throughout the video. Once was not on straight and another time it changed to a full goatee.
cloud04 Aylar önce
When the moustache was crooked 🤣
gabber Jaab
gabber Jaab Aylar önce
your also a tech celebrity!!!
t f
t f Aylar önce
Whether one agrees or not with the topic, content, how it's delivered... how can anyone give a thumb down? Perhaps 1.4k frustrated Uber drivers didn't like the "Super Mario-themed" driver asking the questions? ;P
Marry12 Poppins34
Marry12 Poppins34 Aylar önce
Let’s appreciate the fact that every question comes with a new moustache
古今中 Aylar önce
Video creation 'major' do exist in China for at least. In big company like bytedance or tencent, they employ video creators, live streamers, but you don't get that much freedom. These creators are not famous nor much experienced, they just took it as a job/major. There are also many live streaming factory here, you work in a room where everything is setup for you, the company invest in dozens or even hundreds of livestreamers hoping some of them will get famous.
Robert Mclaughlin
Robert Mclaughlin Aylar önce
I like the straight forward way you present your content.
Lach Jack
Lach Jack Aylar önce
This was so interesting
Spoool Aylar önce
I've always thought on how crazy it would be if you had to pay a monthly subscription to a specific TRshow channel just to watch their content. Then again nothing is free, so I'm glad that TRshow came to the conclusion on how "TRshowrs" can make part of their income through having ads in their videos.
Spoool Aylar önce
Replying to my own comment but it's also noticed on how you can freely support your favorite creators by hitting that join button on their channel. Hence paying that "monthly subscription", but you can get some pretty cool stuff out of it too.
AnUntitledPicture Aylar önce
They’re running an eSports course at the college I work at 😅
V.S.M.O CH Aylar önce
So inspiration. Although it's happening to me though. Just follow my dreams
Tyler H
Tyler H Aylar önce
Dr. Matthew Horkey
Dr. Matthew Horkey Aylar önce
LOLOLL I love the ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” pop up.
Rachel Davis
Rachel Davis Aylar önce
That's not what an embargo is. I'm a journalist. You are under an embargo until the agreement expires, and then the embargo gets lifted. The embargo refers to the information being kept secret, not the information being released.
Carl McGhee
Carl McGhee Aylar önce
More specifically you get paid on what's called COST PER MILLE which is basically how many dollars youtube decides to pay you per 1,000 views. The dollars go up and down based on how fast you get more views (You will get paid more for 1 million views in a week vs a year)
J P Aylar önce
Mario brother driver
Sudev Aylar önce
I'm a bit curious on how the uber guy has a Tesla without really knowing what TRshow is, seeing as Tesla doesn't make any ads themselves.
Suntowncha Aylar önce
How does paid TRshow subscribers affect your income?
Emiel333 Official
Emiel333 Official Aylar önce
Great FAQ, Marques! I respect your honesty by answering these questions. Best wishes, Emiel333
Champa Barman
Champa Barman Aylar önce
If i ask aa question to you I was asking how much money you income in a month
Mr Knight the IT guy
Mr Knight the IT guy Aylar önce
I want to know how I can get more subscribers!
Rishabh Krishnan
Rishabh Krishnan Aylar önce
Marques explaining the similarities between being pro basketball player and youtuber is hilarious
adel3137 Aylar önce
Dude just tell us, how much MONEY do you make?
snoopyfix2 Aylar önce
The growing moustache!
Seena Gopi
Seena Gopi Aylar önce
Where is your mask?
Ganesan G
Ganesan G Aylar önce
M(oustache)KBHD 🤘
infg3570 Aylar önce
0:15 How do -TRshowrs- YouUbers make money😬
FZM Studio
FZM Studio Aylar önce
*Tech content creator for TRshow*
Ken Wallace
Ken Wallace Aylar önce
Your clarity and efficiency in delivering information in a relaxed manner is the secret I think (plus lots of video editing :-). A rare talent, indeed. Carry on.
Andi Mihai
Andi Mihai Aylar önce
Hey Marques, how does a TRshowr makes money? 🤔
Simon Rockman
Simon Rockman Aylar önce
An embargo and an NDA are different things.
icanrunat3200mhz Aylar önce
3:55 what about Nebula?
Erik Nyström
Erik Nyström Aylar önce
i remember the first mkbhd video i watched, the audio technica ath-m50 rewiev
David Nunez
David Nunez Aylar önce
You make great content. Keep up the good work! Subscribed.
Thomas and hero Productions
Thomas and hero Productions Aylar önce
I love the beginning
TIM FOR THE WIN Aylar önce
lmao who else thought the mustache was real at first?
TIM FOR THE WIN Aylar önce
id pay hard cash if Marques Brownlee ever made an Onlyfans 😳
mbaxter22 Aylar önce
You should look like that all the time.
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