My New Place Is Haunted 10 SCARY Ghost Videos That Will Give You The SHUDDERS

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10 SCARY Ghost Videos That Will Give You The SHUDDERS
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Blue Jay
Blue Jay Gün önce
That heart shaped shelf on the wall in the last clip, that was a ghost cat walking around on that shelf. Y’all know how cats love to knock things off of shelves, counters and tables.
angela riley
angela riley 2 gün önce
i have 4 black cats
Colorado91 2 gün önce
I love watching these ghost reaction videos but I do not want to have any of these happen to the personally.
Ashlee Bailey
Ashlee Bailey 2 gün önce
Um.. hey artofkickz well in the video at 19: 36 I think there's like a... white glowing ball and it's kinda creepy to me. . .?!
Jeffrey Elswick
Jeffrey Elswick 2 gün önce
So when you goin hill house a.o.k.
Jacob Gorby
Jacob Gorby 3 gün önce
AOK what’s that behind the woman😳😳 5:05-5:15
ITKBROOKLYN 6 gün önce
I'm over here crying .... 29:45 .... I'm at work crying .... please check me out facebook/itkclan #hustle
Tralvexxo 6 gün önce
I love Creepshow!
Steven Dean
Steven Dean 7 gün önce
They actually sell a single unit that is a washer and dryer for small space capacity apartments look up Miela and bosch....
Terri Brown
Terri Brown 9 gün önce
black cats are awesome
Jack Browne
Jack Browne 9 gün önce
I mean someone hahaha
Jack Browne
Jack Browne 9 gün önce
Aaaa my back summon touched my back Cher: it was me
Jack Browne
Jack Browne 9 gün önce
noo nonono haa nonono
Thom Horning
Thom Horning 9 gün önce
hey Art at about 15:00 I can see what actually looks like a head body and legs .......... not sure if you can make it out but i am watching this on a 50 inch screen so i get a very good pic
Joe Gorzoch
Joe Gorzoch 12 gün önce
I got a black cat he ain't no problem
alejandro arriaga
alejandro arriaga 14 gün önce
Carin Nordmark
Carin Nordmark 14 gün önce
2 fingers not 3 ? 3 are demonic
DSolarisKnight 14 gün önce
How come so many of these paranormal videos have Euro (white) and sometimes Latin and East Asian people but basically nobody else? Same for Randonauting (except the one Afro (black)... accompanied by the Euro-descent girl). Not just from watching your videos but after years of my watching these. I don't have any particular ideas for why this is. It's just a consistency I find interesting.
Eric Baggett
Eric Baggett 16 gün önce
If I rent out that hill house in mineral wells texas for a night, you willing to stay. I don't care if you bring your buddies. I just want to see how you handle it.
ViSion MiSt
ViSion MiSt 16 gün önce
there is also a hotel in mineral wells thats haunted even ghost adventures did a episode on it
ViSion MiSt
ViSion MiSt 16 gün önce
bro ive been to the haunted hill house you can rent rooms there its cool in mineral wells texas
sithassassin662 16 gün önce
I’m surprised nobody made an aot reference with dr Yeager
Bryant Elixson
Bryant Elixson 16 gün önce
Did anyone else see the face in the door in the small door in the wall
Chad Boyley
Chad Boyley 18 gün önce
Anyone else see the smoke appear behind kicks when he says his nose hurts?
Misty Schanz
Misty Schanz 19 gün önce
Omg im not even scared im lmfao wit u sneezing! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 I swear im n tears! Oh shhhhit! U got me ready 2 piss myself!
Misty Schanz
Misty Schanz 19 gün önce
Lady Wind Zephyr
Lady Wind Zephyr 20 gün önce
Don't you know what it means when a black cat crosses your path?????
Kassie Taylor
Kassie Taylor 20 gün önce
I do live in a home thats haunted... Ive had company spend the night not knowing anything thats been happening and report the same things the next day... and it all started in little ways like whats happening to you now. I dont think your gonna have to go to a haunted home.... I think your already there !!!
Kassie Taylor
Kassie Taylor 20 gün önce
HUMMMMM.... Maybe you should look into the history of your home
YEetT Mf
YEetT Mf 23 gün önce
What if that water bottle was thrown through tha window she never showed anything close to the window
Kristinadk 23 gün önce
Okay you know what, now I'm starting to freak out, I'm either psychic or something because at around 37 minutes, when you mentioned the two fingers? I was thinking in my head, "at least it wasn't three because three means a demon. Speaking of three, you sneezed three times, you were freaked out about the cat, and now you feel like you had a couple or few fingers on you. And that's three things man! Lol ... but the thing that freaked me out and made me think I was psychic was, first of all I was pretty much predicting everything you were going to say before you said it, second of all, when I was thinking all of that above, you stopped and mentioned it! The nose thing and all that was happening... lol And they say all good things come in threes? Yeah, I don't think so... 😳
Kristinadk 23 gün önce
31:00 ish Lol if that cat situation happens again and tries to cross your path? Just buy and bring some mini cat treats with you and throw it in the opposite direction, because you never know if that cat tries to cross your path again LOL,..... you are absolutely hilarious by the way. I love watching your videos, it's like I'm there with you LOL and it's so funny because I pretty much think the same thing right before you say it 😂 ... omg and AGAIN, at around 32:50 minutes, I was literally thinking the same thing! I was thinking, "wow she's got a beautiful body" and then you're like "damn girl" lol .... 34:50ish ... I think the only thing in this video I don't agree with you is that I actually love black cats 🖤 lol, I love how paranoid you get about them LOL and freaked as if something is touching you 😅 It's adorable ( maybe you should do some research on the place you're living at the moment) lol
Kristinadk 23 gün önce
29:00 ish 🤧...🤧...🤧 😂 bless you! My mom sneezes way more than once all the time as well LOL. At least four to five times. But if you have to sneeze and you can't? Just stare directly at a very bright light, or sun and I'm quite certain you will sneeze! Let me know if it works next time you need to sneeze and can't lol Another thing we say in Slovenian, "da je res" , which means "because it's true".... so if you or someone else says something right before? And you sneeze or someone else sneezes right after? Apparently it means it's true. But maybe talking about the cat is giving you thoughtful allergies, could possibly be all in your head lol
Kristinadk 23 gün önce
The first video of that, possible ghost or Spirit just standing there, I believe is the person who died who fell and didn't survive. I felt like he was just lost, like a lost soul, confused.... probably didn't want to go back to the scene of its death but at the same time, felt like it had to continue working? Or wanting to let the guy watching the cameras acknowledge Him? Who knows what happens when we die but, that's what came to my mind. By the way, I don't really enjoy watching the videos alone when you fast forward them, because it's so much more fun watching them with you! lol xx
Dylan Becker
Dylan Becker 25 gün önce
37:45 fr i thought the door was gonna slam shut
Donald Smith
Donald Smith 25 gün önce
I would go with him but I would be laughing to hard to him freaking out sorry brother
hawklebird 25 gün önce
Fun fact AOK black cats are not bad luck they are actually good luck they had only been seen as badluck in america due to witches having them as pets
Adam Dukes
Adam Dukes 25 gün önce
That asylum 49 place is soo haunted the building next to it was a working nursing home note that the nursing home is now shut down and the asylum 49 atraction now owns the full building i know this because a tv show i watch investigated the asylum 49 amd the owners of the nursing home wouldnt let them investigate but nurses came out and spoke to them saying that there was a weird shadow man seen in rooms of old people who reportedly died not long after the visit from the shadow those nurses where then later fired from their jobs after giving these interviews coincidence i think not they also leak some security footage from the nursing home of a shadow figure coming out of a room of a women who was later found dead either that night or the next day
Nexus Anims
Nexus Anims 26 gün önce
Wwhhhhhhhhhhat is this video.
Ahmed Al Ibrahim
Ahmed Al Ibrahim 27 gün önce
bruh, when u said u were about to sneeze, a light circle appeared out of nowhere, exactly at 29:12.. check it out
Colin Anderson
Colin Anderson 27 gün önce
To stop sneezing, squeeze your nostrils tightly together. The sensation to sneeze will immediately disappear. EDIT: Oh, there was no sensation? Well, you can keep that advice anyway.
Saracie_OP 28 gün önce
WHAT LOOK AT THE Min 29:15 is that his green screen glitchin or
Joshua Maravilla
Joshua Maravilla 29 gün önce
29:16 bro when you fix your nose a big cloud of fog just appeared behind you
Pamela Jordan
Pamela Jordan 29 gün önce
I never just sneeze once!! Lol
Pamela Jordan
Pamela Jordan 29 gün önce
Hey!!! Don’t blame the black cat!!! I adopted an 8 year old black cat from the shelter in Charlotte NC! Nobody wanted him cuz of the color of his fur!!! So wrong!!! The best cat EVER!!! My old house is haunted by the Preacher who owned the house before cat goes to the same spot,,,several times a day...and meows Hello... never heard a cat meow Hello! May seem creepy cuz I can never capture it on video!!! The Preacher loves my cat,,,and my cat loves him!!! Don’t discriminate because of superstition!!!
Giggagenius 03
Giggagenius 03 Aylar önce
Aye sis in the begining real cute 😁
merlin129219821199 Aylar önce
I'll go with you to the Haunted Hill House.
merlin129219821199 Aylar önce
I get back from Korea in November
killemzay zay
killemzay zay Aylar önce
LMAO 🤣 Dr Yeager said ok bih you wanna rumble with me🧐 I'll snatch yo big a## with the quickness 👏👏😅
Mey Rin
Mey Rin Aylar önce
37:31 If you look closely at the closed door, on the glass frame. There's something moving in that room. They didn't notice it in the video.
Zaniah Febrile
Zaniah Febrile Aylar önce
Hi, my name is Prinze and I just wanna say that the negative energy (fear) a person produces can attract ghosts, because they feed on it. So don't show/feel fear, its general belief in our country.... Philippines!!!😇
jarhead shooter
jarhead shooter Aylar önce
Best damn video you have done yet!
Kelsey_burns Aylar önce
I wish I could subscribe more than once n it count I wanna see u go to this haunted hill place
i-MpN Aylar önce
5:30 Any one noticed dr.jager, it sound like the one in Attack on titan
Max Silverman
Max Silverman Aylar önce and a nother
Max Silverman
Max Silverman Aylar önce
that is the time
danielle92 Aylar önce
Lol ur problem is u talk over when nuke is talking so u dont hear explanations to certain things, n then u be like I dont understand... u do it to chills to... lol
Carnita Smith
Carnita Smith Aylar önce
Lol 😂 God bless you..
Carnita Smith
Carnita Smith Aylar önce
I would love to see that.. I’m sure you will have me laughing so hard I be weak.. That would be awesome 👏🏾
Carnita Smith
Carnita Smith Aylar önce
Lmao you changed your mind real quick!! Oooooo Nooooo not me Nah!! 🤣🤣🤣
ALEXIS NEFF Aylar önce
i would go in that room but that place is impossible far from here.
Brandy Fisler
Brandy Fisler Aylar önce
There is nothing wrong with black cats. That’s what you get for talking about black cats 😂 Have they ever tried talking to the spirit? Thank her for closing the door. Tell her she’s welcome to stay but she can’t be making a mess like that. Tell her she can move on. My cats would go crazy in the middle of the night and instead of talking to my cats I would say “Leave my cats alone it’s bed time” and the cats would calm down and go to bed. My dad’s neighbor’s ghost (their homes were on Indian burial grounds) would knock their Christmas tree over but it was more like it was laid down they even put wire around it and attached it to the wall and it still happened. He mentioned it at our Christmas party and my dad said oh it’s the ghosts . Apparently they were not aware. He said go home and tell them I know you’re here, you’re welcome here but this is my house and you better knock it off. He did and it didn’t happen anymore.
Alexis Hernandez
Alexis Hernandez Aylar önce
Lmao when u said stop looking at me and look right there. I was looking at u when u said that
Leslie Aylar önce
I had just found your channel..I was all interested and watched 2 videos and then u just skipped thru the one about Juan and his kid at their store/home..I was so disappointed..I eventually found the video to watch it but having to go out if your channel and back again..I just wanted to see it and I skipped right thru it..I am new here so I didn't realize you do it this way
hn ic
hn ic Aylar önce
It's in texas... If u go jus film it.. maybe let me know..
MB Stephens
MB Stephens Aylar önce
Sometimes it isn't the house that's haunted, but rather it's the person.
Cashツ Aylar önce
you look the meme where guy who says OH HELL NO
Official Lunaci
Official Lunaci Aylar önce
36:12 artofkickz: ooh shhhhhh.. what the heck. artofkickz: something just touched my back. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i'm sorry but this will be his reaction in a real haunted house💀💀💀 I busted out laughing. 😆😆😂😂😂😂😂💀💀 36:47 i know artofkickz felt violated 😂😂😂😂😂
Official Lunaci
Official Lunaci Aylar önce
18:39 couldn't hear what the guy was saying.
Official Lunaci
Official Lunaci Aylar önce
artofkickz: nope i saw that and I don't want to see it again. artofkickz: clicks sugar momma: i was watching that 👇🏾
Believe'n_U Boo
Believe'n_U Boo Aylar önce
The security camera install video. The lady was wearing a hoodie w/a cancer ribbon. The farmhouse lurker had infrared goggles on and was laughing. Still creepy AF I have a black cat and she is the bestest.
The Young Wolf
The Young Wolf Aylar önce
the cat cursed you with sneezing lol
Bethany Washington
Bethany Washington Aylar önce
You shouldn't say that shit about black cats. It's stereotypes like that that get black kittens and cats mutilated and abused... If anything the cat is protecting them.
Logan Rollings
Logan Rollings Aylar önce
Who else notced he only streams ghost bids
Christy Poe
Christy Poe 2 aylar önce
Who else wanna bet Mr Yeager was the one who killed the othet 8 spirits that are there?!#me lol
Giurgiu Diana Elena
Giurgiu Diana Elena 2 aylar önce
😂😂😂 the sneeze omg..😂😂😂
Adrian Dimas
Adrian Dimas 2 aylar önce
Im pretty sure i went to school with the girl in the 1st clip, wild
Mark S. Roop
Mark S. Roop 2 aylar önce
Merry Christmas my friend!
Miles St.Peter
Miles St.Peter 2 aylar önce
What you got is a emf reader. Look into it because they sell replicas that are bootleg and goes off with the sudden movements. I swear some youtubers use them.
Janet Broussard
Janet Broussard 2 aylar önce
I got a black cat called Zygi Marley Broussard, I told you at your old house I saw orbs around you. Hi from Louisiana!.🌀
chloe clay
chloe clay 2 aylar önce
I have a black cat that i saved it did not have a home and it gives me good luck
Makye Nzekwe
Makye Nzekwe 2 aylar önce
Hold up 😭😭 that ghost said get the fuck of my bed 🤣🤣 then turned yo the man and said I will hit a man to and smacked the shii out of him 😭😭
Janis Shearer
Janis Shearer 2 aylar önce
It had two feet and turned
A0stxrism 2 aylar önce
“He sounds like an alcoholic” 💀
Kaitlin Rojas Reyes
Kaitlin Rojas Reyes 2 aylar önce
Who names their son stacey??????
Clayton Dimer
Clayton Dimer 2 aylar önce
I believe black cats bring bad luck but that's just my opinion
Blnkz 2 aylar önce
I know I have ghosts in my house you can say cap if u want but I swear I've seen them stare at me while I'm tryna sleep or if Im playing my game and its dark but over all the ghosts are chill but the ghost at my friends house nah it don't like me when I'm sleep he will fall asleep anywhere even while sitting and that thing will scratch me
Vevien Roque
Vevien Roque 2 aylar önce
In number 7 I see like Jeff the killer
Chicken Ty
Chicken Ty 2 aylar önce
Dr Yeagor is coming for him
Angel Feather
Angel Feather 2 aylar önce
Another great video! Thanx Artofkicks! It's nice to see videos that I've never seen before. Alot of channels like to recycle everyone else's videos but, you do a good job of finding the ones I haven't seen.
Jonathan East
Jonathan East 2 aylar önce
You got cut by a ghost black cat
Jordan Roach aka JKilla
Jordan Roach aka JKilla 2 aylar önce
Hey I don’t believe in ghost either artofkicks but if you really want to go to dr yeager house I’m down for sure
Alex Downey
Alex Downey 2 aylar önce
i will go with u 2 the haunted house hill 100
Walter Hall
Walter Hall 2 aylar önce
7:00 "I didn't say that!" New slogan for merch?
7dbark 2 aylar önce
Bless you AOK stop sneezing
over it
over it 2 aylar önce
If I adopt a cat, she’ll be black bc I know they have such a bad rep. Some people go out of their way to kill them bc they are associated with evil and witches. Poor babies.
over it
over it 2 aylar önce
The one at 27:30 really got me. I’d have to move immediately.
Bradley Hadden
Bradley Hadden 2 aylar önce
I would like to see him go to. Like the video's
Aman Khan
Aman Khan 2 aylar önce
29:48 that sneezing part 😂😂😂😂😂 For this only i subscribed u man❤️😂
Tony Alford
Tony Alford 2 aylar önce
Ill go with you fr that looks like fun im from texas we love stuff like this
Tony Alford
Tony Alford 2 aylar önce
I want to go
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