James Bridle - Planetary Intelligence

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The Conference / Media Evolution

The Conference / Media Evolution

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How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help us to become better stewards of our planet?
“AI is not like human intelligence at all - it thinks about the world differently”
Our understanding of intelligence mostly refers to a human understanding of it - meaning intelligence is generally whatever humans do. This limited view has been imposed to judge if other species can be seen as intelligent, too. The problem is that this narrow and human-centered understanding of intelligence might ignore other forms of intelligence. Intelligence is about relationships and exists in interactions with others’ worlds. It is time to rethink and reintegrate our relation with the world. Our view of intelligence colours how we see the world.
In collaboration with Sydsvenskan, Malmö Live Konserthus, and the Nordic Council of Ministers, Media Evolution is pleased to present James Bridle.
James Bridle has, throughout his career as an artist and technologist, been experimenting with technology to understand its capabilities and flaws better.

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