Being an architect. What's it like? | 'A Choice to Make' - Short Film

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A short film about being an architect and my struggle to pursue a more creative life. This story is your story too because these are challenges we all face. How do we make the most of our short time here? How do we ensure we’re doing the work that makes us most happy? How do we reconcile our need to feel necessary, useful, and creative with the financial reality of making a life, supporting ourselves and our families?

Four years ago, I made the decision to part ways with the traditional practice of architecture in search of something more rewarding. I left behind a salary and good friends. I left a job that supported my family but left me creatively unfulfilled. Without a long client list or a rolodex full of contacts, and no familial connections to funnel work my way I began experimenting. I did anything and everything I could to feed my creative intellect.

I made things, each and every day. Most of what I made failed, but I took note of the ones that didn't and learned from them. I persisted and kept making. I continued to reevaluate what being an architect might look like; what it meant to me.

I found the traditional definition of practice stifling. I wasn’t content doing only one thing. Of course, I loved architecture deeply, but I also wanted to pursue writing and photography, video editing and sketching, model making and paper cutting, book publishing, marketing and interior design.

As my definition of what being an architect meant expanded to include all these things I discovered this deep well of creative freedom that traditional practice - for me - had been lacking.

Is my path the right one for everyone? Of course not. Is this expanded definition of a creative life perfect or unfailing? Hardly. But, experimenting has brought me closer than ever to my childhood vision of what a fulfilling life might look like.

Each day is a new experiment in making. And this short film? That's an experiment too. I made it with you in mind. To empower you to go find the things that make you feel most alive, most fulfilled, the things that bring you happiness.

This channel is possible because of you - my friends and viewers. I hope you’ll share your story in the comments below and together we can broaden the definition of what it means to live a fulfilling, creative life.

video + editing: trent bell photography
written by: eric + laura reinholdt
story editing + direction: elise derosa
music: time traveler - big score audio (licensed for use here)

// GEAR I USE //

* Canon 70D:

* Canon 24mm f2.8 Lens:
* Canon 40mm f2.8 Lens:

* Rode VideoMic Pro (hotshoe mtd.):
* ATR-2100 USB (dynamic mic):

* Prismacolor Markers:
* Timelapse Camera:
* AutoCAD LT:
* SketchUp PRO:
* HP T120 Plotter:
* Adobe CC Photography (Photoshop/Lightroom) Plan:

* Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit:

Please watch: "Making a Site Model - The Outpost Project"

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