The family I lost in North Korea. And the family I gained | Joseph Kim

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8 yıl önce

A refugee now living in the US, Joseph Kim tells the story of his life in North Korea during the famine years. He's begun to create a new life -- but he still searches for the family he lost.

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Annewsha Jena
Annewsha Jena 3 gün önce
I was holding my tears till the moment he asked “Can i make a message to my mom too?” My tears are not stopping, My God...I just hope every North Korean refugee gets a wonderful life of freedom one day.
꧁𝚄𝚂𝙴𝚁𝙽𝙰𝙼𝙴꧂🅥 3 gün önce
He have no eye lids sorry I’m just too focus on that 😣
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar 3 gün önce
When going gets tough, tough gets going. Hope is the beacon in life. Hats off to this man who personified conviction in life
Parker Sokol
Parker Sokol 6 gün önce
resha thapa
resha thapa 8 gün önce
His message to his family made me cry bro
Jeddy Bear
Jeddy Bear 11 gün önce
I hope his family sees this and they are united again.
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka 11 gün önce
I shamed my self from now on I will help each other
ruena omictin
ruena omictin 12 gün önce
Truly heartbreaking story😢... There's always a reason to live and fight no matter what because hope leads your goal to have a better life🙏 that's a wonderful message for us. Thanks Joseph for sharing and keep going to a beautiful life❤️💪👍🙏
Amani Nibbs
Amani Nibbs 13 gün önce
Whomever laughed in the audience when the man said he was an f student shame on you! I'd like to see you be born into poverty and become orphaned and homeless and get straight A's in school.
November Hurricane
November Hurricane 14 gün önce
Poignant and thought provoking, also tinged with humor ("that chicken wing changed my life"). Joseph Kim's innocence and hope endured despite poverty and hardships. We can all learn from him.
hannahsanggutin 18 gün önce
Zhang Jonathan
Zhang Jonathan 28 gün önce
The stories of this brave man are one of the biggest humiliating for the UN always... Also for other international organizations that consuming taxpayers' money as well!
Stephanie DeGange
Stephanie DeGange 28 gün önce
you are so wonderful...thank you for telling us your story. i am so sorry for your suffering. blessings to all north koreans and we all pray for their freedom.
Dasha 29 gün önce
Thats by far the wrost history of a north korean refugee ive heard.
sarah Aylar önce
I can not imagine what he and other North Korean ppl had gone through in order to get out of NK. GBU all
MahNlGGAH Aylar önce
i'm a macho man... but when i saw this video, man i cry like a baby.
Wolf and Raven
Wolf and Raven Aylar önce
I just want to give him a hug :'o I really hope he finds his family
tianchang lu
tianchang lu Aylar önce
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haeyoon Jo
haeyoon Jo Aylar önce
As a South Korean having a grand father from North Korea after Korean War, it’s one of biggest pain and heartbreaking to seeing and hearing testify of the days they had lived.
H L Aylar önce
How can Kim Jong Un eat burgers while his own people are starving? I would literally be ashamed if I was him, and would obviously exercise.
Stephanie Ugokwe
Stephanie Ugokwe Aylar önce
God bless you man, I pray your life is beautiful wherever you are.
Xinh Le
Xinh Le Aylar önce
His talk resonates with the freedom I have now and I do not know what to do with it as I was always told what to do and how to do it.
Bhushita Mahanta
Bhushita Mahanta Aylar önce
Look at his face. How innocent 😭😭
Gwen Smith
Gwen Smith Aylar önce
wow. so touching. i’m crying.
Christina Smith-Ebrahim
Christina Smith-Ebrahim Aylar önce
Dear Joseph, I will keep you in my heart and so hope you have found your family. Thank you for sharing your story.
Соловьи 2 aylar önce
- I had to harvest wood... Highly moral and intellectual TED audience starts smiling - My father died of starvation... Highly moral and intellectual TED audience quietly giggling - One day my mother didn't come back Highly moral and intellectual TED audience holding laughs - I had to cross the border illegally... Highly moral and intellectual TED audience can't hold laughing - Dear sister if you hear me... Highly moral and intellectual TED audience Laughing out loud, rolling on the floor, crying and making noises... and you can see how the speaker feels about
Charan Muchahary
Charan Muchahary 2 aylar önce
Really really heart touching life story.😢😓😓😓
Hmmmm God I thank you for my own live.
Ashritha 2 aylar önce
I hope you stay happy forever❤
Yanxia Wu
Yanxia Wu 2 aylar önce
Him when he was 4: gathering firewood from 5 am to after midnight Me when I was 4: crying because I got a paper cut
Amber Shah
Amber Shah 2 aylar önce
Meliame Daverman
Meliame Daverman 2 aylar önce
The last two days I have been listening to people from North Korea who have escaped and find freedom. I realized that my whole life I have not gone through hardships like they have been. Listening to them tell their stories help me to be more Greatful every day for what I have and where I am.
singapore 2 aylar önce
You will be reunited with your mum and sister soon 🔜
Bếp Alpha - ăn ngon nấu gọn
Bếp Alpha - ăn ngon nấu gọn 2 aylar önce
I moved to tears when he sent mesage to his mom and sister. Blood relationship is very great. I hope his close relatives will have happy life as him. Best regards to them.
Lucifer 2 aylar önce
I heard a Defector's Story a while ago. Where she and her mother both escaped from North Korea through China border and coincidentally she also had a brother.
Hagar Shapira
Hagar Shapira 2 aylar önce
I hope he is good and found happiness. I hope he found his mother and sister.
Thinithi Palayangoda
Thinithi Palayangoda 2 aylar önce
ATIS 2 aylar önce
This man questioned his motivations? Look how far he has come,
Noelle C
Noelle C 2 aylar önce
Did he find his family???
라팡 2 aylar önce
Alexa Smitty
Alexa Smitty 2 aylar önce
And ALL THE TEARS 😭 these poor North Korean kids . No one should grow up that way
Nicky Yap
Nicky Yap 2 aylar önce
America should nuke North Korea
Renee Richburg
Renee Richburg 2 aylar önce
I hope he finds his family. Bless his heart. SWEETIE PLEASE KEEP YOUR HEAD UP 👍👍 IT WILL B ALRIGHT ☺️☺️🙏🙏
A healing place
A healing place 2 aylar önce
I'm so proud of him❤❤
Kimmie 2 aylar önce
Oh my God everybody In North Korea last name is "kim"
Rachel Villamarin
Rachel Villamarin 2 aylar önce
Watching this in 2021, not updated but I do hope he found his noona and eomma by this time. If anyone knows, pls reply. Look at how far he has come..
Symone Price
Symone Price 2 aylar önce
There is someone taking their first step onto Chinese soil right now. God bless them and their journey.
Anneke Ruben
Anneke Ruben 2 aylar önce
And yet some idiotic people think communism is a fun party.
Jacinda 2 aylar önce
It's mind boggling that so many Americans despise our country that has been such a beacon of hope and opportunity for so many.
Hằng Nguyễn Thị Thu
Hằng Nguyễn Thị Thu 2 aylar önce
Hope him find his family, these stories make me cry a lot :'((
finnwhim 2 aylar önce
i’m at dinner watching this and i’m literally trying my best not to start crying
Кымбат Искакова
Кымбат Искакова 2 aylar önce
Qwerty 2 aylar önce
why not all countries come together and free the NK citizens from these horrible "great leader"?
Ace1886 2 aylar önce
It's been 8 years ago..anyone have a news of him reunited with his mom or sister??wished he did..🙏🙏
Maleina Maleina
Maleina Maleina 2 aylar önce
I was wondering the same thing!
Amber Over the rainbow
Amber Over the rainbow 2 aylar önce
Damn, that message for his Noona and mom 😭Joseph, you are brave and I pray that you’d reunite with your family soon.🙏 You’re an inspiration.
SleighJessi 3 aylar önce
When he said “noona”, my heart broke. As an older sister who would do anything for my younger siblings, I really hope that his big sister is able to see him again so that she has the chance to know how well he has done for himself.
Girl Happy
Girl Happy 3 aylar önce
My heart goes out to you 😭
ADHYA k J 3 aylar önce
Nuna 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
A 3 aylar önce
Hoping for the fall of Communism in North Korea.
Jestone Jay
Jestone Jay 3 aylar önce
This what America could make out of this boy ,while Nigeria is turn us to vagabonds
solsi n
solsi n 3 aylar önce
I'm giving curse to Kim Jong.. Because of him this guy and every North Korean suffered and suffering... It's a curse of millions of souls to him.. God how this person and many like him bearing the pain of losing family ...
solsi n
solsi n 3 aylar önce
It's 2021 July I hope he meet his sister and mother till now ... I so pray to God for his better life and good food for him with his family.. Please everyone pray to God for him
Lovin'Life2016 3 aylar önce
My God, why can we not find a way to help them? They are entering another great famine this year and have refused to allow the U.N. to deliver food and Covid19 vaccines and medicines.
ROMIT RANA 3 aylar önce
Who says a man doesn't cry.. I just did
Yeshwant Meshram
Yeshwant Meshram 3 aylar önce
*even we couldn't help them becouse of Kim Jong un he doesn't allow any ngo to country*
Imran Hussain Ahmed
Imran Hussain Ahmed 3 aylar önce
Sabrina Wanderer
Sabrina Wanderer 3 aylar önce
Genius people are always not studious😆 comes natural to them just like this North Korean brother we have... Praying for our oppressed brothers in communist nations...
Sadia Karim
Sadia Karim 3 aylar önce
It's 2021, I just wanna know how he is now, and did he ever find his noona? I cried a bucket watching this and he is so strong. I wish him well. I hope the situation gets better in North Korea. I wish they would get international help.
Marry Had A Little Lamb
Marry Had A Little Lamb 3 aylar önce
Encouraging and heartbreaking story at the same time.
Penchung Gurung
Penchung Gurung 3 aylar önce
I can't see him sobbing
Miranda S
Miranda S 3 aylar önce
Miranda S
Miranda S 3 aylar önce
USA! USA! USA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤
TheGrandsonc 3 aylar önce
Am late but wished you had meet yours sister already❤️
Jieun hong
Jieun hong 3 aylar önce
이분은 가족들 찾으셨을까요.. 벌써 2021년인데.. 2년만 지나면 23이네요.
Emkay 3 aylar önce
I'm worried for them. Don't they know how Kim Jong Nam died? NK know their looks and location.
Thooboob Croobwfoobrd
Thooboob Croobwfoobrd 3 aylar önce
I could never be him, because If I was in his situation I would kill myself.
Jolyy Mosilungurah
Jolyy Mosilungurah 3 aylar önce
If north Korean following like south Korean do we all show a good for North Korea.
Jolyy Mosilungurah
Jolyy Mosilungurah 3 aylar önce
Hard for all on us what happened in north Korean. We all try helps we can, at the moment pleased take care with own and that you're family. Like yeonmi we all try we can to helping.i ask yeonmi please give me that Address that a way sent money to helping.hope and rest at moment kim... Joseph Kim.
chandra sin
chandra sin 3 aylar önce
Its make me cry 😥😥😥
Jos Aldridge
Jos Aldridge 3 aylar önce
God bless you. My name also Joseph from India. And I hope you will meet your family members one day keep praying.
Tsega Berhane
Tsega Berhane 3 aylar önce
I am so sorry for your suffering 😢
Debra Batson
Debra Batson 3 aylar önce
Free World: help north Korean people!!
Rosy Fernandes
Rosy Fernandes 3 aylar önce
This made me cry, such a powerful speech
Orpita Mojumdar
Orpita Mojumdar 3 aylar önce
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Ced Ed
Ced Ed 4 aylar önce
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fanny Rodriguez
fanny Rodriguez 4 aylar önce
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fipi ntugyi 4 aylar önce
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rina2012ful 4 aylar önce
This talk was 8 years ago. I wondered if Joseph has met with his mum and sister since then. I do hope there will be an update of his story.
The Insanity Pilot
The Insanity Pilot 4 aylar önce
My city has water problem in rural area……the last scene made me cry so much that the rural area got enough water to drink😥😥😥
The Insanity Pilot
The Insanity Pilot 4 aylar önce
OMG😥😥😥😥…I hope North Korea gets freedom from the dictators
JEODILEE RELUYA 4 aylar önce
It ended me crying.😢😢😢.Sometimes I questioned God why he allowed things like suffering, but the answer is that it is the consequence of sin committed by our first parents Adam and Eve. Hope is the light and God wants us to have it in whatever circumstances.There's always hope in Christ.💖💖💖
Htyan Htyan
Htyan Htyan 4 aylar önce
The most overwhelming talk I've ever watched. People who never meet like this adversity and difficulty will never understand the pain. That kind of agonizing feeling is terrible. Hope we all live in a peaceful world.
Tsun.D 4 aylar önce
It really battered when he gave his messages. I cried
な だい
な だい 4 aylar önce
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riza riza2825
riza riza2825 4 aylar önce
I tried not to cry. But when he said noona 🥺🥺
Ananya 011
Ananya 011 4 aylar önce
My problems r soooo small😅🥺
AP Foong
AP Foong 4 aylar önce
May you be well, may you be strong and may you be love.
hector lopez
hector lopez 4 aylar önce
Americans need to wake up and give thanks that we live in the United States. I stand for the National Anthem.
Mal Jay
Mal Jay 4 aylar önce
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Nurse Faith RN
Nurse Faith RN 4 aylar önce
What an extraordinary and inspiring young man. He is the epitome of genuine strength, hope, kindness, compassion and perseverance. I'm so grateful to have watched this video of his story!
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