Highlights: Manchester United 0-5 Liverpool | Salah hat-trick stuns Old Trafford

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Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

Aylar önce

Watch highlights of Liverpool's sensational 5-0 victory at the home of Manchester United. Jürgen Klopp’s side produced an astonishing display to defeat their fierce rivals in Sunday’s Premier League contest.

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Farida Nour
Farida Nour 15 dakika önce
Moooo Salah moooooo Salah king of EGYPTTTT i am Egypt مسر مسر مسر ءءKING OF EGYPT
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 10 saatler önce
from one. It’s time for Alex to step up. Keita played on the right seems to get more involved.
Jake H
Jake H Gün önce
😂😂 love it
Atta Mahmood Qureshi
Atta Mahmood Qureshi Gün önce
Liverpool isbluv
natthida kaenchan
natthida kaenchan Gün önce
Azlan LZR
Azlan LZR Gün önce
4 years ago I would’ve said man united was better but in 2019 I played a game of PES using them and then watched the premier league (I normally only tune in for the champions league and the final world cup) and man was I wrong, now Liverpool is my favorite team.
Lee Oriver
Lee Oriver 2 gün önce
Send me any amount of money into my account and I will refund you 4 times the amount back. Mll
isekrem 2 gün önce
Best match EVER!!!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 10 saatler önce
mo salah mantap sluur
Omar 3 gün önce
Muhammadl Salah is in his best years he's in his peak. Cristiano Ronaldo is not close to his peak. I hope people would stop comparing the 2 together because it is not fair.
perrrry 23 saatler önce
Buuuhuu, cry more.
Mr. John
Mr. John 3 gün önce
is it real that ronaldo cant do anything ? is the star was 👎?? 😂😂😂
Spadestar_RMCF 3 gün önce
It's tradition to come here once in a while
Hamza Hamza
Hamza Hamza 3 gün önce
ماشاء الله على صلاح
Gajelas Banget
Gajelas Banget 4 gün önce
Rehan JR
Rehan JR 3 gün önce
Bobby Boy
Bobby Boy 4 gün önce
Ronaldo! Welcome to Liverpool.
Frode Johannessen
Frode Johannessen 4 gün önce
If Messi or Ronaldo had done this. Ballon D'or instantly.
Brizzy Oz
Brizzy Oz 4 gün önce
It looks more like a Maguire highlights package.
الشريف سدير
الشريف سدير 4 gün önce
محمد صلاح أفضل لاعب في العالم حاليا
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 5 gün önce
Got handed their sad arses, nothing gives me more sporting joy. They paid 76m for Maguire what a dud....
Erik Petrian
Erik Petrian 5 gün önce
Liverpool is amazing
laurensia elfa
laurensia elfa 5 gün önce
mo salah mantap sluur
Ciaran Morris
Ciaran Morris 5 gün önce
Mind4life 5 gün önce
Maguire: Ref can we have another ball ? Ref: What's wrong with the one you have ? Maguire: Liverpool are playing with that one. 😳
Mo salah the best
Anar Mahmudov
Anar Mahmudov 5 gün önce
Nikunj Bataju
Nikunj Bataju 6 gün önce
I always love coming back and watch this video over and over again. Was watching 1-4 win against Everton, got carried away and had to come back here again.
Bah Thom
Bah Thom 6 gün önce
CrM7 is very good at making life statue on the ground
Md Ayas
Md Ayas 7 gün önce
Good news liverpool team players
Md Ayas
Md Ayas 7 gün önce
So nice liverpool and Mohammed Salah.
fighting force
fighting force 7 gün önce
Salah vs Manchester United 😅😅😅
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 7 gün önce
1:31 Que passe monstruoso e a categoria do Salah,que jogada incrível...
AHDAB HGI 7 gün önce
Mohmad Salah best primer league
Alter_Ego 7 gün önce
Manchester United after the appointment of Ralph Rangnick: You have staked yourself now Klopp! No longer in the minds of men but on Anfield you will be fought! And if nothing but a miracle will accomplish your doom, that miracle, the Red devils will perform!
Jack Presley
Jack Presley 7 gün önce
If you watch this everyday as well as liverpool vs barcelona 4-0, Liverpool v spurs champions league final then you are garnered to have all your worries go awayt
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 7 gün önce
Kith 7 gün önce
They could have scored 10 if they wanted to
kn1f3r 7 gün önce
This will NEVER get old
Jahrakal Kw
Jahrakal Kw 8 gün önce
Everyday I comeback here😁😁
Go ishaan GO
Go ishaan GO 8 gün önce
y0i yoii
y0i yoii 8 gün önce
so emberassing..
rubin mushagalusa
rubin mushagalusa 7 gün önce
For man United fans
أمِيرٌ يوزرسيف
أمِيرٌ يوزرسيف 8 gün önce
اللاعب المحظوظ محمد صلاح
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 8 gün önce
1:31 Que passe monstruoso e a categoria do Salah,que jogada incrível...
MAG Viva
MAG Viva 9 gün önce
History game
Mato Biin
Mato Biin 9 gün önce
Kiper nya MU hrs di ganti
ULLU (Uncut)
ULLU (Uncut) 9 gün önce
Muhammad salah ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
NIGHT 9 gün önce
Ronaldo useless
J H 9 gün önce
Mohammad Yusuf
Mohammad Yusuf 9 gün önce
Salah for Ballon d'Or
shakir azizah
shakir azizah 10 gün önce
1 month 12million view 👏
Shredder 10 gün önce
Im a Man United fan but hats off to Liverpool. They were the better team than us and a bigger club with better history too 😪
Apin The Forbidden One
Apin The Forbidden One 10 gün önce
United struggle to find coach like Ferguson.
아게르텔 11 gün önce
Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah 11 gün önce
Best match I ever played for Liverpool 3 hope we make it to the top 👑
SiMor 11 gün önce
EZ ALWAYS LOSE EMYU🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💔💔💔💔
sedujs 11 gün önce
Harry Maguire is absolutely hilarious
Pavlo Theo
Pavlo Theo 11 gün önce
Can't explain how much I love Firmino's work in basically every attack. Invincible magician
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy 12 gün önce
Should have been 2 red cards. Ronaldo should have gone off also. A disgrace that he just got yellow.
eanhann_ 12 gün önce
Indonesian suport Mohamed salah♥️🔥
Mostafa Shalaby
Mostafa Shalaby 12 gün önce
Mo Salah .. What a player and what a beautiful style to watch
devastator 13 gün önce
Love seeing Hendo makes passes like that
Perwira Arya 01
Perwira Arya 01 13 gün önce
their fans have no sound
Sonny swamp man
Sonny swamp man 13 gün önce
So brutal RIP old trafford !! 🤣🤣
alexandria majorie
alexandria majorie 13 gün önce
Bobby firmino was immense
Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes 13 gün önce
Has anyone seen Ronaldo in this match?😁😀😅
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 13 gün önce
3 Goals and 2 Assissts against Man United is just Insane. Salah is in the form of his life.
TheRealDeal 7 gün önce
Looks like a bot copied from someone.
Mark Seah
Mark Seah 13 gün önce
i can watch this a 100 times and not sick of it. hahaha
คิวเอ 14 gün önce
Joe YK
Joe YK 14 gün önce
kiverpool mainnya bagus wajar menang
mhd_bin_shihab 15 gün önce
Liverpool 😍👍
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 13 gün önce
Liverpool FC have way too much class and talent for that Old Trafford mob, who should learn how to play professional football.😂
Solider 15 gün önce
Can’t believe PL fans are voting for a Bundesligian tap-in merchant all cause Salah plays for Liverpool
الشريف سدير
الشريف سدير 15 gün önce
محمد صلاح لاعب رائع
AE tốt TV
AE tốt TV 15 gün önce
Man United is so chicken
ming 16 gün önce
(French) Connaissez-vous cette vérité? 1. Les nuages ​​du ciel du monde entier sont descendant sur la terre de plus en plus chaque jour. 2. Le soleil et la lune dans le ciel sont super lune et super soleil tous les jours. 3. Si vous regardez de près le lever et le coucher du soleil, vous pouvez voir le ciel rose. 4. Les composants chimiques de Chemtrail sont pulvérisés comme un fou dans le ciel du monde entier. 5. Si vous regardez de près la lune maintenant, la lune tourne.
SuperLeica1 16 gün önce
Where was Maguire?
mayank rajput
mayank rajput 16 gün önce
Premier league isn’t easy go and tell to ronaldo please
Marco Rossi
Marco Rossi 16 gün önce
Ahahah Ronaldo suka
PowermadNavigator 16 gün önce
United should have brought out their training cones instead. Would have made filming the match a bit easier.
RaZor 17 gün önce
My eyes hurt
Wan Mohd saifuldin Wan abdul razak
Wan Mohd saifuldin Wan abdul razak 17 gün önce
Liverpool vs sri Lanka... 5-0
Wan Mohd saifuldin Wan abdul razak
Wan Mohd saifuldin Wan abdul razak 17 gün önce
YNWA.... Wow... Glory glory glory man United... Woooow hahahaha... LoL
JKentF 17 gün önce
He’s simply unrivalled in PL.
Nada Basuoni
Nada Basuoni 17 gün önce
الله اكبر
Louis Jones
Louis Jones 17 gün önce
Liverpool FC have way too much class and talent for that Old Trafford mob, who should learn how to play professional football.😂
Steven Kelly
Steven Kelly 17 gün önce
The under 18s would out play them
Samo And Bez
Samo And Bez 18 gün önce
Lez go salah
alida flus
alida flus 18 gün önce
Salah speed 97 🎉❤️ Legend. The best player in the world this time 😎
3la' Ibrahim
3la' Ibrahim 15 gün önce
Yup He Is My Egyptian and south Korean salam(Greeting) to Salah :)
Fuzilé Luthando D'Alessandro
Fuzilé Luthando D'Alessandro 18 gün önce
won't lie, I feel sorry this man utd team, absolutely amazing but the manager is dreadful. much respect to liverpool though, total football dominance. haven't seen a rival beat another rival like this since fc barcelona 5-0 real madrid. and ronaldo was there too 😭😭😭
Titanic Borneo Channel
Titanic Borneo Channel 18 gün önce
DongGyeom Kim
DongGyeom Kim 19 gün önce
Glory Glory to man utd 💪💪💪💪
fighting force
fighting force 17 gün önce
Keep dreaming
Steven Kelly
Steven Kelly 17 gün önce
No glory. No unification... Just Humiliation. Just Division...
Nooblador 19 gün önce
man u is literally free content 😂
Old Trafford
Old Trafford 18 gün önce
It's free content
arunkumar kolandan
arunkumar kolandan 19 gün önce
hey guys mo salah is a best player in the world
Fadi Malik
Fadi Malik 19 gün önce
Proud on Mohammed Salah from Pakistan 🇵🇰
Fadi Malik
Fadi Malik 18 gün önce
@alida flus it means u r Messi fan😍
alida flus
alida flus 18 gün önce
This reminds me of when my Barca beat real 5-0 at the camp Nou
Hawo Bore
Hawo Bore 19 gün önce
Mo Salsa as as as as his a real king
Hawo Bore
Hawo Bore 19 gün önce
Looooooooooove you No Salah from Kenya
𝐅𝐀𝐑𝐂𝐑𝐄𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 20 gün önce
Gogou Gangte
Gogou Gangte 20 gün önce
Bettr to sign DeMeril(Turkey)
Gogou Gangte
Gogou Gangte 20 gün önce
McGuire I dunt lyk..its like robot...
• Saitama
• Saitama 20 gün önce
This gotta be one of the worst football i ever seen tho, good for Salah for scoring i love him, but every action was just awful from both teams it's crazy
Santo Yusof
Santo Yusof 21 gün önce
Mo Salah Mo Salah running down the wing....🥰
Emmanuel Kiptoo
Emmanuel Kiptoo 21 gün önce
The Man City demolition was the best though, this one not so much
Sabrina Garnette
Sabrina Garnette 21 gün önce
1 Liverpool😍am 1 msalah
TsunamiGaming 21 gün önce
M.Salah is a very excellent footballer
TsunamiGaming 21 gün önce
I love this match very much congratulations Liverpool for your awesome victory
Tyrique Petrus
Tyrique Petrus 22 gün önce
This reminds me of when my Barca beat real 5-0 at the camp Nou
Laugh Ent
Laugh Ent 22 gün önce
Historic win LFC
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