Restoration of Rusty 1914 National Cash Register - With Original Lit Top Sign, St. Paul Saloonkeeper

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BOM Reviews

BOM Reviews

8 aylar önce

This all-original 1914 National Cash Register has its original owner's glass sign - Frank Matschinger, who operated Astoria Cafe in St. Paul, Minnesota and sold Yoerg's Beer. The restoration tackles a jammed machine, restoring power to the motor, rust and crud, a surprise inside, tear down, and lots and lots of sanding and polishing bronze surfaces.

A subsequent owner of this machine was Como Park Pharmacy, as evidenced by a hand-painted glass sign on the other side. Because this cash register was used at a bar, it has unique keys like "Cigar," "Lunch", and "Pint", and was designed to face the back wall behind the bar, so no number indications are shown on the back side. The tag indicates a serial number and the model number 442-E-L (series 400 with four rows of keys with printer, Electric, Lighted).

The label underneath the case drawer shows the original purchase date of April 17, 1914 by Frank Matschinger, a German immigrant to St. Paul.

If you have any questions about restoring antique cash registers, drop a comment below. Another excellent resource is the Cash Register Collectors Club (

00:00 Rusty antique cash register
01:18 Disassembly - taking apart old cash register
02:20 Antique cash register wiring diagram
02:32 How to open an old cash register
03:32 Original NCR cash register top lit sign
05:45 Stuck keys on an antique cash register
06:50 Broken springs on an old cash register
07:30 Receipt printer disassembly National Cash Register
08:15 Yoerg's Beer, St. Paul, Minnesota
09:58 Astoria Buffet, St. Paul, Minnesota (Astoria Hotel, Astoria Cafe, Wabasha St)
11:05 Key removal, buffing, polishing, antique NCR cash register
14:45 Crank handle refinishing NCR register
15:24 Electric motor on NCR cash register 452-E-L
15:38 Dash pot, NCR
18:10 Lit top sign, antique National Cash Register
19:49 Como Park Pharmacy, St. Paul, Minnesota
22:45 Refinishing the wood base on an old cash register
23:36 Frank Matschinger, St. Paul, Minnesota saloonkeeper Astoria Cafe, Wabasha St
30:10 Receipt printer reassembly
35:10 Reassembly of an antique brass cash register
36:31 Before and after of a restored NCR cash register with lit top sign

ayla duru karadağ
ayla duru karadağ Saatler önce
İyi bir çalışma olmamış, restorasyon aşamaları güzelce videolanmamış. Temizlik tam olarak yapılmıyor. Sırası iyi değil. Ben pek sevmedim.
Lucas Gamboa
Lucas Gamboa 6 saatler önce
Is it possible to restore my life like he did with this machine? amazing work
Dean Grein
Dean Grein 11 saatler önce
What a great restoration! Thanks for saving this piece of Americana from the brass scrap heap!! I looked up the proprietor and he was an interesting man. Keep the videos coming, sir! Are you able to say how many manhours it took and the cost of restoration?
Michael Cameron
Michael Cameron 21 saatler önce
Beautiful work. You don't see a machine like this everyday.
Joan Robinson
Joan Robinson 2 saatler önce
I was just wondering why you didn’t refinish the inside of the cash drawer. Beautiful restoration though.
Joan Robinson
Joan Robinson 2 saatler önce
Good Lord that is a ton of parts!!
Сергей К. Mos
Сергей К. Mos 2 saatler önce
Как люди более 100 лет назад додумались до такой техники, безо всяких компьютеров всё сконструировали! 😳
Paul shockie uk
Paul shockie uk 4 saatler önce
wow what a nice restoration you have long did it take..
Константин. Отделка, ремонт квартир в СПб
Константин. Отделка, ремонт квартир в СПб 4 saatler önce
Нафталин. Вот если бы айфон.. эээто дааа
R ye
R ye 4 saatler önce
toto y oli
toto y oli 7 saatler önce
amazing !!!! I loved!!!! How interesting the history it has and about its owner. beautiful restoration !!!!!!!
StayClassy 7 saatler önce
Where are you located, i have a register i want to have restored?
Dr Who
Dr Who 7 saatler önce
More complicated than most engines. Quite impressive!!
Kyle Cowden
Kyle Cowden 9 saatler önce
That is absolutely gorgeous. Kind of inspiring me to clean up mine. Not so elaborate but really cool.
KiingIrbis and Comrades
KiingIrbis and Comrades 9 saatler önce
это не реставрация. дерево не сделано. обработанные детали не вычищены до конца. сам механизм не разобран полностью и не отдефектован и не смазан заново. это так мелкий ремонт. наведение лоска и не более. задумка интересная. реализация подкачала. но всё равно неплохо.
Stag Boiwo
Stag Boiwo 9 saatler önce
Зачем пластиковый шнур питания ??? Ну и стекла можно было оставить в оригинале
Филипп Дмитриенко
Филипп Дмитриенко 12 saatler önce
Прекрасная работа! Ваш канал постоянно радует меня, спасибо;)
dave wilson
dave wilson 12 saatler önce
I bet before you were born you made a pair of forceps before coming out, handing them to the doctor 🤣
Honeth Cornejo
Honeth Cornejo 14 saatler önce
Thomas Kraus
Thomas Kraus 14 saatler önce
I used to repair typewriters (as a hobby) so I have a good feeling what you went through to get that beautiful register gleaming again. A job, respectfully well done. Thanks for the video. Too bad I can only hit the like button once!
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