Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode - Next Top Genius Part 1

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11 aylar önce

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@bangtankookie6625 11 aylar önce
There's nothing more precious and peaceful that watching BTS laugh. I swear it's so pure
@twilightdream 11 aylar önce
So true
@straykids7572 11 aylar önce
stray kids the king of kpop
@jahnveeverma3842 11 aylar önce
@@straykids7572 why are you even here.
@justinemma4012 11 aylar önce
@@straykids7572????? 🙄
@esdher 10 aylar önce
jimin is so expressive to begin with, he allows himself to feel his emotions, which is why the cat ears totally gave him away😂♥️
@tutyiriani9330 7 aylar önce
Traslate into english
@UsmanKhan-fo5pg 6 aylar önce
Jn ni
@UsmanKhan-fo5pg 6 aylar önce
Love all bts so cute
@LovePantsu 10 aylar önce
Jimin is the star of the episode, that crying guy dance though 😂
@SiriJungkookThV Aylar önce
𝙸̂ 𝙻♡𝚟 𝚄̈ 𝙹𝚞̂𝚗̃𝚐𝚔𝚘̃𝚘̃𝚔 💜✨
@user-ci9jf7gn3e Aylar önce
아지민이 슬플때추는춤 너무웃기다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@IBZDRAGON 8 aylar önce
Jimin is the unsung hero of comedy! The backbone of run BTS! 😂😂😂
@UsmanKhan-fo5pg 6 aylar önce
The are so cute
@meej5340 11 aylar önce
The fact that I was feeling so down today and I laughed so much while watching this episode. Bts truly are our angels
@ainahania7520 11 aylar önce
Same 🤌
@tanushreesingh1999 11 aylar önce
Same hun
@luvxsnow8359 11 aylar önce
Damn same 😮
@kirtychaudhary8056 11 aylar önce
You should try DANCING like Jimin🤣🤣
@priyamorya3866 11 aylar önce
Me too.
@marnmaisrimai2356 10 aylar önce
Love when Jiminnie present food to camera like Beauty Bloggers 😂
@UsmanKhan-fo5pg 6 aylar önce
No v
@zaan9734 9 aylar önce
I think that BTS are born to save people from depression💜😭
@UsmanKhan-fo5pg 6 aylar önce
Shrang Mani jn love you too
@ngavu8161 4 aylar önce
@hlengiwefeliciamabuza7354 Aylar önce
@VminkookAndOT7 Aylar önce
@zurajanaikatzurapda 22 gün önce
@JIMINIETHERAPY 10 aylar önce
Jiminie, how can you be so cute, funny, suave, and perfect at the same time? 🥺
@arianalabel 10 aylar önce
jimin is so chaotic lol. he always brings that energy in every episode. we love to see it
@monkeytrouble2815 5 gün önce
This makes me miss them so much!!! I can’t wait until we get brand new episodes when they come back from service💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
@p16m13r18o90 11 aylar önce
It is so cute how Jimin knew Tae was telling truth by seeing the sparkle of his eyes. Soulmates!
@BTS_SUGA_23 11 aylar önce
Yet to come 💜💜💜
@kiracaine 10 aylar önce
As long as a game includes maths, mind-games, and metrics, Jimin cannot lose😅. Teach dem Jimin. He literally read RM's hand. Hence, he knew what to play in that final stage. I would love to see Jimin play partner dominoes 💜
@multi-kpop19423 10 aylar önce
@cozypeace2766 10 aylar önce
@jiminsjam6529 10 aylar önce
@nenadcacic3105 2 aylar önce
BTS are looking forward to reconvening as a group again around 2025 following their service commitment."but BTS is not over they haven'twanna say to all the bts army's that please keep remembering what junkook said in vlive that bts will never disband and bts is not stopping any activities as a group it just that we want some different experiences and more focused on our solo projects so that after break we can come with fresh new ideas and we bts and army can grow more and more. He also said that we have so many things to do so please don't misunderstand us and he said 3-4 tims just to reassure army's that they are not going anywhere they are not going on hiatus or disbandement at all this is what he clearly said. but BTS is not over they haven'tBoth the company and the members of BTS are looking forward to reconvening as a group again around 2025.
@VminkookAndOT7 Aylar önce
18:22 22:03 28:24 im sorry but jimin’s laughs are so contagious, im born for them😭
@nahirolivera6868 9 aylar önce
@lindziep6319 9 aylar önce
Hobi is so cute when he sang 'im a liar' with the tune of antifragile 'like a lion' 😄
@frankinsm1 23 gün önce
He he he
@esdher 10 aylar önce
4:39 the way hobi didn't bat an eye when jimin ate a piece of meat off his pizza instead of putting it back on top, he's so patient with him🥹 cutie privilege💛
@wenl6765 9 aylar önce
honestly after watching the group shows of other groups.... bangtan really does have the purest relationship? Like I know people say this a lot but they really do have a scarily close bond lol to be able to tell who's the imposter immediately from body language and choices. It's like they actually know each other like the back of their hands. idk why but i feel so happy seeing them like this, and feel almost honored to be able to witness moments where they showcase this? I want to say it restores my faith in friendships or something lol cuz i feel so empty with my friends despite all the activities we do together and stuff. when i can't handle stuff in the future, i hope i can think back to this video and how the 7 of them have so much trust in each other and strength for everything to work out for them. i'm getting so emotional over an episode lol... but really I miss the 7 of them so much i hope they'll stay with us forever...
@BetharramFleitas-sr5bg Aylar önce
totally agree, i see other groups shows too sometimes but they're the only who give me true family vibes and it feels sooo genuine and pure, the love and the bond they share it's not fanservice, it's not just a ''band mates'' thing...
@aami9941 10 aylar önce
I can't stop watching 31:15 Jimin dancing while crying He's so funny I can't
@the_happy_gril9767 10 aylar önce
Me too
@jungkookjungkook2060 10 aylar önce
@hiyori1766 10 aylar önce
Es nuestro nuevo meme 😅
@user-ye2bj2kn3c 7 aylar önce
18:24 박지민 웃는거 진짜 문화유산,,나라에서 보호해줘야됨,,
@Mmai_jkjk 8 aylar önce
I like it when Jimin win! He’s so adorable!
@vividosunghoon 10 gün önce
que saudade do meu ot7 juntinhos 😭
@spotless8505 6 aylar önce
22:51 How Jimin's ears perked up when yoongi said he's a grapefruit... It was really cute... 28:22 also here... Jimin is such a cutie...
@firstname1445 9 aylar önce
Jimin’s “oh man” is the cutest thing ever
@MaryAnne0718 11 aylar önce
Jimin is effortlessly funny. I watched him dance while acting sad multiple times.
@yanjungrass715 11 aylar önce
Lol i remember in the seom jimin dancing while being sad lol
@sneeeeeh.m 8 aylar önce
Hobi is just like me fr never understanding any game until properly explained and demonstrated 😂😂😂😂😂
@taxsaving6226 9 aylar önce
17:23쯤에 제작진이 많은 아미들이 요청하셨던 게임이라고 하니까 태형이 어엉? 하고 솔깃하는 거.. 진짜 예쁘다... 아미들에 대해 귀기울여주는 거 같아서 이런 작은 거 하나하나가 기쁘고 감동이야ㅠㅠ
@bonjour8785 6 aylar önce
Jimin se ve tan tierno y lindo con las orejitas de gato, me encantó su baile de la Tristeza 💜😂
@risharaveendra956 4 gün önce
I've seen this episode so many times but still my heart races whenever I see them play this game 🥹🥹🥹 miss them so much 😭😭❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹
@Minkook. 10 aylar önce
Jhope me encanta, su risa lo es todo
@egapuspita9983 11 aylar önce
Taetae to chimchim in this episode : you.. know me so well Taetae to chimchim in the preview next episode : what do you know about me🤣🤣 they're so funny i can't wait for the next episode😆
@michellemartinezhernandez8147 11 aylar önce
@studylife.Mylittleworld. 11 aylar önce
Soulmate things ❤️
@user-zl8or7gd7t 9 aylar önce
2:58 テテが1人だけ食べられないので、グクが一緒に「ダイエットを今日から始めます」と言ってたのが素敵すぎた😆❤️
@user-ni2rk7de4k 5 aylar önce
2:02 was anyone else a little surprised at how deep Jimin's voice sounded answering J-Hope about the sauce? 😂 Maybe it's just me!! man I'm so hungry every time I watch them eat!! They make everything look so delicious!
@elianabracamonte 10 aylar önce
Jimin se ve tan lindo con las orejitas
@neetigarg1032 9 aylar önce
Jimin's 'Oh Man' was soooooooooooooooooo adorable!!
@user-hk4jk3jb6r 10 aylar önce
지민이 개귀엽다 진짜ㅠㅠㅠ 왤케 귀엽고 웃기냐ㅋ쿠ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
@risaanggraeni6312 10 aylar önce
7:25 the creativity to put V up and down when said "hyung.. hyung.. hyung..". Thanks editors, it was hilarious hahaha
@haechanbear 10 aylar önce
The way he repeated it numerous time is so funny yet adorable 😭
@risaanggraeni6312 10 aylar önce
@@haechanbear Ikr🤣
@acerpc7957 6 aylar önce
Какие все три кима красивы и хосок в придачу. Смотрю и любуюсь на эту четвёрку и на шугу посматриваю.
@escarletduran 6 aylar önce
I was just having a bad day so I came to rewatch this and they just cheered me up love u BTS forever I will wait till 2025
@UsmanKhan-fo5pg 6 aylar önce
Love btS you will be happy you will never be sad jn 🌷🌷❤️💗
@sdwhite5701 5 aylar önce
Why is this entertaining even when I do not understand a word of their language?
@la-chi-mo-la-la777 Aylar önce
​@@sdwhite5701 use the subtitles then
@chemiliya 10 aylar önce
The way jooniee's voice cracked at 20:32 And jungkookiee suddenly clowned him out 20:34 😂🤣
@baboootaekook3509 6 aylar önce
coming back again while having a tough day...they're really my only comfort and safe place... just watching them really gives me the power to live on...,, I will wait until we meet again in 2025,,
@JokeroFall888 4 aylar önce
22:01 everyone playing game while joon daydreaming is so relatable 😭😭😭😭 . They are so cute omgggg. Seeing them being happy warms my heart .my 7 angels 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
@imagina_conbts07 10 aylar önce
V no pudo comer pizza y JK tampoco por solidaridad jajajjaja que cute son
@11T541 9 aylar önce
да ЧК делает все с разрешения те.
@eviloverlord9786 4 aylar önce
Jungkook tampoco puede comer gluten por salud
@emeraudeemi1672 11 aylar önce
Jiminie is really a sunshine, his smile will make your worries go away💛💛
@Jeon_Kookie222 10 aylar önce
22:51 ayyy el movimiento de las orejitas fue re lindo❤️ 28:23 fue muy tierno, literal morí de ternura!!!🥺😖❤️❤️
@syg1430 9 aylar önce
지민이 이때 헤메코도 이쁘고 귀엽고 센스쟁이♡
@chrystoveragatha 9 aylar önce
18:20 이 장면에서 지민이 너무 귀여웠어ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@sheva1238 Aylar önce
Kookie is always adorable
@Mmai_jkjk 4 aylar önce
Jimin dancing while sad. Too funny!!!
@RebekahHale_17 11 aylar önce
I love it how jimin is trying to be a professional TRshowr it is so cute when he tries to get the camera to focus on the food 😂
@zarelasalvadorf1306 Aylar önce
@kttylus6826 9 aylar önce
Jimin te entiendo yo también bailo cuándo estoy triste 🕴🏻
@Komal_ARMY 10 aylar önce
Watching Run BTS is so fun . Makes my day just seeing Bangtan so happy and cheerful 💜😍
@user-lk1em6wz7w 4 aylar önce
아웅 뷔랑 지민 춤추는 장면에서 현실로 빵터졌어요 😂😂 너무 좋아 달방은 진짜 너무 재밌엉
@taesalvaje 10 aylar önce
los editores, camarógrafos y guionistas son tan talentosos, son increíbles, asombrosos, impresionantes
@shkim8352 11 aylar önce
다같이 모여 있는 우리 일곱 방탄이들 보니까 넘 뭉클하네요. 석진이도 더 보고 싶고...
@alhassan5484 11 aylar önce
You are cume with my cuntry pakistan
@Fatimka426 11 aylar önce
Я скучаю по сок Джину
@zaymin8726 11 aylar önce
Ohh my boys
@user-mw1pp6ws4w 11 aylar önce
그니까요ㅠ 보구싶어ㅠㅠ
@zzzin6496 11 aylar önce
이거보면서 석찌 더보고싶어졌어요 입대전까지 아미들 안허전하게하려고 최대한 찍고간것같아서 맘도 짠하고♡
@rm-hr1yx 9 aylar önce
jimin is so funny 🤣 bts is the best when they are all together 💜💜💜 love the tannies so much 💜 a bunch of comedians
@Usharani_army_forever 10 aylar önce
31:15 vmin is just cute and jiminie being extra like mochi 💜 🤧
@sanoiepeters2125 6 aylar önce
I laughed so much as usual. So funny!!!!!!! Jimin's sad dance was the funniest I watched it over and over again loved it.
@army._.3796 9 aylar önce
Jimin cómo muestra las cosas, en este caso comida, me da ternura
@kelliewalker7259 7 aylar önce
Funny and entertaining💜💜💜💜
@dariaissocool1398 11 aylar önce
Yoongi and Jimin are in their true forms as cats. Like they were always meant to 😺😺😺😺💜💜💜
@BTS_SUGA_23 10 aylar önce
@anythingprecious 25 gün önce
rewatching cos I miss seeing them all in one frame 🥺
@NyAppyMiku22 10 aylar önce
makes me sad to see v and jungkook not eating :/ that food looks so good~
@idgaw8296 10 aylar önce
Jungkook said he is on a diet
@naianels 6 aylar önce
Estou eu aqui de novo assistindo RUN BTS pra tentar matar a saudade nem q seja um pouquinho🥰🥰🥰
@pratibhakale 7 aylar önce
Jungkooki is the definition of cuteness ❤❤❤❤ so adorable baby ❤
@frankinsm1 23 gün önce
Yess absoulutely
@PHARMY-BTS 2 aylar önce
Hoping for them to be 7 again very soon 💜
@minyoongi115 11 aylar önce
Ok, pero Bangtan estaba discutiendo mientras repartían las cartas del juego y Jimin dice: “Creo que vamos a ser así cuando tengamos 60, 70 años” 😭 😭
@ritacerda8654 8 aylar önce
Que fome estar a dieta y los demás comiendo cosas tan deliciosas.... Me encantó el baile triste de jimin, también las orejitas que se pusieron, se veían adorables.... RM hermoso, JHOPE hermoso, JIN hermoso, SUGA hermoso, JIMIN hermoso, V hermoso, JUNGKOOK hermoso.....aaay Dios tanta belleza
@ot7boooriginal747 9 aylar önce
I've seen many idols doing show by themselves nowadays..but RUN BTS hits different ❤😭
@joonieee7 29 gün önce
Los extraño mucho ya regreseeen porfavor cry*.
@yutb3196 7 aylar önce
BTS Guys are amazing Seeing them together is very nice. Thanks 💜
@GloomySpider12354 9 aylar önce
¿Sabes cuándo te ríes tanto hasta el punto de que te duela la boca de tanto reírte y la barriga?¿Y no quieres que esos momentos acaben ?Bueno así me siento yo y te aseguro que muchas más persona al verlos , ellos transmiten tanta alegría y tranquilidad...Que sinceramente que encataria poder verlos sonreír y jugar entre ellos todo el tiempo.💜💜
@itist4910 11 aylar önce
When Tae said JM and JK know him so well🥹 and JK knowing Tae was the liar but still picking JM😂 Maknaes are too cute
@fifid7660 10 aylar önce
BTS really makes my heart happy, they always filled my heart with love and joy.. I didn't watch them for like 3 months and I feel incomplete, but now that I watch this I feel like I complete, happy and loved. I love you all.
@user-kd4pg5sd5d 6 aylar önce
Верите нет, Jin узнаем и по голосу и по интонации, красавчики! 😘❤
@madelynmunoz981 10 aylar önce
Ellos se divirtieron mucho en el primer juego jajajjaja y en el segundo, con las orejas que lindo jajajaja ¡¡Disfrute ver el episodio!!
@inaayashaikh9274 10 aylar önce
jiminaah plz don't cover your face with your hand when you laugh..we want to see you laughing cutely😍😍😍😂
@user-np3zp6du6p 11 aylar önce
Спасибо🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕 дорогие BTS за предоставление лицезреть вас вновь. Так соскучались по вам мальчики. Красавчики драгоценные, пуленепробиваемые наши. 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞❤❤❤❤❤❤🥰
@user-gm8ws2kc6g 11 aylar önce
@minervaaltamira8663 10 aylar önce
Jajajajaja me divertí con ellos, en verdad me encantan, son unos loquillos los amo a los 7, ojalá nunca se separen como grupo porque pintan mis días de colores cuando escucho sus canciones o los veo haciendo locuras 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
@user-oo6wl9yo4b 10 aylar önce
Реакция ушек чонгука на чимина,сначала когда он объясняет правила игры,а потом на его "грустный ,,танец,а ушки хосока который не совсем понял эти правила просто прелесть!
@ramasrey4710 10 aylar önce
Jiminaah.....💜💜slayed it
@luciagerez9775 4 aylar önce
Mi vida jungkook no quiso. Comer para acompañar a v😭✨❤️ el es tan hermoso lo amo ✨❤️😭
@michiluvsbangtan 4 aylar önce
que bonitos con las orejitas😭💓
@iloveminyoongi7588 11 aylar önce
11:52 "There is Karma. It comes back, everyone. Don't use your heart in a bad way." -Min Yoongi 2023
@thelmacalderon6761 11 aylar önce
Our Professor Min indeed 💯😻
@Eve84 6 aylar önce
No puedo con la carita triste de V le daría una pizza entera solo para él ❤
@megancampbell658 7 aylar önce
5:04 Jungkook, I don’t get people who don’t eat the crust, either! 😂🤣 The crust is the best part!
@alejandrasuarez5385 10 aylar önce
Jhope Guapísimo tu risa me encanta
@nailiahmaruhom2178 3 aylar önce
Wow! 😮😮 So, RM is a freak clean person?? Loved it!! 😍
@sristi9127 6 aylar önce
They really know each other so well. I'm amazed how they can read each other's faces. 😃❤Of course because they have been living together for so long..💫
@armystay_monbebe 11 aylar önce
I can't stop laughing with them, especially when Jimin started dancing 🤣🤣🤣 they brighten my days 💜💜💜
@lizbethlopezperez6990 10 aylar önce
Las risas de chicos son vitaminas :')
@taesalvaje 10 aylar önce
los chicos son tan divertidos, me encantan sus reacciones y comentarios, amo sus sonrisas y risas, los amo tanto
@mimicasita4284 10 aylar önce
11:36 amo a Yoongi con más allá de todo mi ser
@malokhan309 6 aylar önce
Miss u guys alot 💜💜💜
@user-ej6mj3hf8m 11 aylar önce
Чимин и его грустный танец, это было очень смешно 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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