Lane 8 - Sunrise Set - Grand Lake, CO

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This Never Happened

This Never Happened

Yıl önce

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A Coastless Production
Directed by Ross Stoner
Drone Pilots Alex Delmonico and Troy Fairbanks
Camera Tomas Morgan and Jeff Brannon

Special thanks to Scott Campbell at AEG Presents - Rocky Mountains.

Archaellum - Reflections
Lane 8 - Sunday Song (Qrion Remix)
Hidden Face - Need U
Polar Inc. - Regal
Che-Yung - Wander
Le Youth - Waves (OCULA remix)
Anderholm - Sanctify
Jerro - Demons ft. Sophia bel
JRJ - Me & You
Sultan + Shepard - ID
Yotto x Lane 8 - Buggy
Lane 8 - How Often (Ben Böhmer remix)
Anderholm - Meridian
Avoure & Hexlogic - Wonder
Sultan + Shepard - ID
Grigoré - Illusion
Polar Inc. - Journal w/ Lane 8 & Solomon Grey - Hot As you Want (Acapella)
Einmusik - Farina
Lane 8 x Massane - And We Knew It Was Our Time
Sultan + Shepard - Kelam
Lane 8 x OTR - Shatter
Grigoré - Voices of Obscurity
CloZee - Neon Jungle (Lane 8 Remix)
Ashibah & Bakka - So High
EMBRZ - Heal
Hidden Face - Lunar Attraction
PRAANA - Sedona

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This Never Happened
This Never Happened Yıl önce
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This set is unreal! Been listening to the full set twice daily for a few weeks now! <3
Jeferson Solis
Jeferson Solis
Simplemente sensacional
AMAZING right from the start and absolutely reeled me in from first beats! Best mix I have found in a LONG time!! Definitely need this on my must listen music list and have subscribed. Thanks for being so sweet-doggies inspiring!!! Many many smiles from here :)
Laroi Lawton
Laroi Lawton
Very soulful during these questionable times. Excellent instrumentation that literally soothes the listener. Well done; well done indeed.
Frederik Keereman
Frederik Keereman
one of best sets I've ever heard! fantastic playlist!
Ahhh so amazing. Battling within myself about situations, then this came on and is helping me relax and reconsider. Thank you.
Nowhere Near
Nowhere Near Yıl önce
Colorado Outdoors
Colorado Outdoors
Hell yeah brother THOROUGHLY enjoyed this very much in My homeland of Colorado. thank yo
Andrii Z
Andrii Z
Love Lane 8 and this set is impressive!
Dance Party Club
Dance Party Club
Good music😍
Tanmay Perti
Tanmay Perti
One of the most iconic sets ever. And what a picture perfect location. Super chill and soul relaxing music. Can't wait for more good stuff! You rock Lane 8!
Kamilcan Çelik
Kamilcan Çelik
Eaglevision Yıl önce
I never comment. But this guy is a genius. That is all.
Zulfan Hameed
Zulfan Hameed
This managed to light up my mood. What an amazing person and set ♥️
Nocole 2 saatler önce
It was one of the most amazing concerts I have ever witnessed. It felt a house party with the most phenomenal music anyone could ask for. Saw him at red rocks and he had up put our phones in pouches so that we wouldn't pay any mind to them. Everyone was present, everyone just vibing in nature. Ill never forget it and hope that I can have another experience like that. I keep my phone away but when the mass did it, something took the most epic shift. I'll chase that feeling forever.
Renato Mota
Renato Mota
Joyful Yan
Joyful Yan
Amazing scenary, amazing artist, amazing DJ, amazing nature 🖤 🤍
Daniel Lowe
Daniel Lowe
Hard week at work.. and listening to this amazing set on a Saturday evening makes it all OK!! 🎧🎹
Alan Gibson
Alan Gibson Yıl önce
Loving this new generation of musicians,guys like 'Lane 8' 'Ben Bömher' 'Spencer Brown' 'Max Cooper' 'Olafur Arnolds' 'Yotto' etc. have really opened a whole new genre of electronic music and it's brilliant..I've been listening to electronic dance music from 1990,when I first heard 'Gurujosh Infinity' and '808 State Pacific' and this new generation has lifted the music to a new level..👏🎹🔊🎧😌
Lane 8 - Brightest Lights feat. POLIÇA
This Never Happened
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