Uvalde Mass Shooting - Drinkin' Bros Podcast 1040

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Drinkin' Bros Podcast

Drinkin' Bros Podcast

2 aylar önce

Ross and Dan break down the mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas - plus Beto O’Rourke crashes a press conference on the shooting to chastise Greg Abbott, Warriors coach Steve Kerr gives an impassioned speech on the shooting, and whether or not HR8 would be useful.

Ginger Hermit
Ginger Hermit 2 aylar önce
An absolutely fantastic, direct and awesome breakdown of a this situation by Mr. Holloway! Thank for taking the time to break down a difficult subject.
David Azzolin
David Azzolin 2 aylar önce
@Dimed Out Comedy Tucker isn't the only one. This has been happening since the mid 60s when you would get more Gov't money for more kids, with no dad around.
Hankhaze22 2 aylar önce
@Dimed Out Comedy missed "America's Man Problem" eh? Episode 125 American Party Podcast 🤙
Dimed Out Comedy
Dimed Out Comedy 2 aylar önce
Dan heard the missing dad theory from Tucker Carlson, then added the nihilism part.
TROJANALUM 2 aylar önce
Great show on such a delicate subject. I’m with Dan on this 💯 🇺🇸
Caleb Colon
Caleb Colon 2 aylar önce
Dan coming in with one of the most rational and straightforward breakdowns of this issue. Well done drinking Bros for getting right when so many others are just repeating talking points
directorDex 2 aylar önce
Dan connecting the problem with father absence and post-modernist nihilism is spot the fuck on. This is the conversation we need to be having, not some heavy-handed performative political theater to gain votes. Thank you guys for having a nuanced take on this.
City Dweller
City Dweller 2 aylar önce
James Dickey
James Dickey 2 aylar önce
If it wasn’t for people like Dan this entire country would be fucked. Please keep educating people on the shit that actually matters. Freedom has to be FIRST PERIOD. Without that nothing else matters. Stop giving away our rights to people who want to use them against us. You have to take the good with the bad and figure out solutions to the problems we face together as a country.
JerBear 2 aylar önce
I live 40 minutes from where this happened. This, obviously hit so close to home and I mean it was really hurtful to see and listen to this as my wife is a teacher in our town. Thanks for this.
C Normally
C Normally 2 aylar önce
Definitely the best pod cast y’all have done. Dan is fucking on the money. God bless y’all and I know you don’t want it but we need him (Dan)as a leader in this once great nation.
Ryan Divita
Ryan Divita 2 aylar önce
I was thinking the exact thing about ex military posted at schools we could pay all of them for 50 years at least with that 56 billion we sent to Ukraine for no fucking reason. Thank you boys I'm appreciative that you all do this every week!!!!
Riceball80IA 2 aylar önce
Been saying for years that there has to be enough retired police and veterans that would work a job as an armed guard at a school.
Curtis Mattingly
Curtis Mattingly 2 aylar önce
Great Job on this Dan! Pretty much spot on, on everything!!Love you Ross, and I know you have a 1000 Hollywood friends screaming in your ears, but 2A is nothing to bend on or take lightly without massive consideration! Good Job on this though guys!
snolo 27 gün önce
The part where he said something like "what 10 kids die instead of 19?" when arguing against AR controls. Uhhhhhhh yeah dude. That would be good. I would trade 9 kids lives for your hobby any day, don't care if you don't like it. Y'all need to admit you are fighting for a hobby, stop pretending this is anything more than that with your tactical pants and chest rigs. Sh*t is embarrassing.
The Truth
The Truth 2 aylar önce
Great conversation on a tough subject. Appreciate the straight talk.
Sean Hemstedt
Sean Hemstedt 2 aylar önce
You fellas have earned additional respect from me as a result of this cogent discussion
Gen. Custer's Revenge
Gen. Custer's Revenge 2 aylar önce
Thank you for having a brain and using it Mr. Holloway.
svoboda Loboda
svoboda Loboda Aylar önce
Wow I'm so glad I'm stumbled upon this conversation... good questions and brake down of the possible logic behind the mentality of an active shooter...I don't see why it's not being discussed in this manner by our leaders... we can all keep saying that we need to do something about it...but we need throw in suggestions....mine is I agree for 21 minimum age requirement...at the end it's thw foundation of the human being
Yves Randon
Yves Randon 2 aylar önce
It's the first time I watch you. You're fantastic. I fully agree. This shooting looks very suspect. What do you think?
robert Campbell
robert Campbell 2 aylar önce
Dan hit all the key points, great show.
The Pooze
The Pooze 2 aylar önce
Good convo on a solem day. I am an ultra advocate for hardening schools. From a cost benefit standpoint it is the best solution in my opinion. No constitutional rights or gun laws need changed with school hardening. Danthony, you made an important point about school hardening today though. Like you said, hardening will only work if the skill level of the protectors will allow rounds to come on target with precision in 1-3 seconds. The protectors will need skill sets comesurate with those of combat vets or swat level law enforcement. They will also need compensated as such (65-70k starting with full benefits and pension to get the talent). I hope the drip, drip, drip, of the rumor mill saying the police were grabbing their own kids out of the school first while not being able to eliminate the gunman are bogus. It's time to stop making the school resource officer position the "pre retirement" slot on the force. It's also time to stop offshoring billions of tax payer dollars to foreign countries and start spending that money here, protecting our kids in our schools. Legislation can't effectively fix a broken family. Legislation can't effectively fix mental illness. Legislation can direct dollars to a security solution that can keep our kids safe while we work on the aforementioned real root causes of the problem though.
Nick 2 aylar önce
Thank you Dan. People (like Ross) need to not speak or have an opinion on something they have no knowledge of.
Kyrin Bingaman
Kyrin Bingaman 2 aylar önce
Kinda figured Dan would have a good perspective on this event, wasn’t disappointed
Rocco Stowe
Rocco Stowe 2 aylar önce
I think a lot of it is everyone of these shooters seems to be on some type of med that the side effects are suicidal and homicidal thoughts and tendencies. Are we finding out if they are on any of these medications?
Shots Fired Podcast
Shots Fired Podcast 2 aylar önce
Funny everyone just focuses on the gun laws. Or the actual “thing” that does the killing. That’s surface level. What about beyond that, which boils down to mental health and opening back up psych hospitals where a lot of these people belong. Most of these active shooters have plenty of interaction with law enforcement and hospitals beforehand. I can probably guarantee it, except no one wanted to deal with them so they kick them back out.
Kaykaykay 2 aylar önce
@Shots Fired Podcast I hear you. I talk to homeless folks daily and while many are down on their luck or have addiction problems many, many others are obviously mentally ill. And nobody really wants to take the bull by the horns to try and tackle all of these problems. And I get that. It is overwhelming...................
Shots Fired Podcast
Shots Fired Podcast 2 aylar önce
@Kaykaykay I agree there should be tough background checks on the purchase of a firearm. Some states are more strict than others.
Kaykaykay 2 aylar önce
Shots I think it is hard when you know every country faces mental illness but you don't see these mass shootings happening anywhere else. Of course it is the proliferation of guns. But Dan makes a good argument where we are failing in other areas. The bottom line for me it is the ease of obtaining these weapons no matter who you are.....it's celebrated in Texas so I don't see that changing.
Shots Fired Podcast
Shots Fired Podcast 2 aylar önce
@Riceball80IA yes 72 is the max you can have them on a hold before a psych doctor can place them longer and house them at a mental hospital. The reality is, when they shut down the majority of those hospitals, the “patient” gets taken to a hospital ER… they don’t want them there either and they overcrowd our hospital system… so they just do a quick evaluation and boot them out the door.
Riceball80IA 2 aylar önce
What is the maximum hold in hospitals? 72 hours?
snolo 27 gün önce
You know what's even more intellectually lazy? Deciding that a corrective measure needs to completely eradicate violence to be considered
Riceball80IA 2 aylar önce
I hope those details of him lining them up and asking them if they are ready to die prove true. Because if not that is some messed up shit to put out there.
Bradon Street
Bradon Street 2 aylar önce
Dan, Texas has a multiple long gun form that will be filled by the store. It is sent to local SO and state police.
Cattledog99 2 aylar önce
On high capacity magazines, it's a silly argument. So instead of a "high capacity" magazine I only have 10 round mags. It takes a half second to reload mags. There have been plenty of mass shootings done with 10 round mags. It's a non factor
big o
big o Aylar önce
Protect your kids. Home school them. K12 is a great homeschool program
David Azzolin
David Azzolin 2 aylar önce
I liked the question about what should we do with the existing information we have about all the similarities between these shooters? Could we intervene preemptively? The problem is it isn't even a needle in a haystack, it's a needle in a needle stack. How many kids have all these factors in life, but don't act out?
Gator Nation
Gator Nation 20 gün önce
My biggest question is how does a kid with no job afford a Daniel Defense AR-15, 60 mags and all that ammo ? Not to mention the F250
NoneYour Business
NoneYour Business Aylar önce
16:00 Give and Take...... who is giving up (GUN OWNERS) who is always taking (the anti gun owners) SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED Currently infringed over 300 times Federally and over 20,000 times state to state. How many gun laws have been removed that had no effect....
s law
s law 2 aylar önce
So training teachers will firearms wouldn't have stopped this ? Absolutely would be beneficial
Conrado Martinez
Conrado Martinez 2 aylar önce
One thing that really doesn't make sense is the ability for civilians to get bulletproof armor. That in itself is a major risk for police officers dealing with these kind of crazy people. The buffalo shooter was shot a couple times by Aaron Salter Jr and the armor allowed him to keep going
David Azzolin
David Azzolin 2 aylar önce
There are other issues with the "universal background check". One is, like they typically do, they make this innocuous, "common sense" sounding bills, then they add all kinds of unacceptable shit to it, but nobody talks about that. Like fathers not being able to give a son, or brother to brother etc. I agree there should be consequences for giving a gun to a shitty person, like if your son is a crackhead and has a history of irresponsible gun ownership, and then he commits a crime, with a gun you gave him. The other issue is states and the Feds do not enter info reliably to the system to prevent prohibited people from getting guns, with a BG check. The Airforce vet was for all purposes a felon, for his military convictions, The AF never entered the info. I can't even count how many times, when I worked at a gun shop, we'd get a call from DOJ, 'hey uh did you let so and so pick up whatever gun (from several months ago)? Me, 'yeah he did his BG, waited his 15 or 10 days (this was in CA), passed it, according to you guys'. Them, oh well he shouldn't have had it, can you have him come in and surrender it? Me, click.
justj sse
justj sse 2 aylar önce
It all starts at home. The core of our society is rotten and we are seeing the effects. Sad fucking event man.
Hunter Armstrong
Hunter Armstrong 2 aylar önce
Always appreciate Dan's ability to have a nuanced look on things.
Tom Seller
Tom Seller 2 aylar önce
I seen a picture of the shooter in a dress I hope the media dose not miss gender him or anything
Cory Clark
Cory Clark 2 aylar önce
Is it true that the officers stood outside while the monster gunned down children? It took them 40 minutes to engage him? Parents had to beg them to engage the monster as they listened to the slaughter helplessly? I hope these reports aren’t true, but if they are… The cowards carrying badges should be lined up in front of a firing squad as accomplishes.
What if they stop the manufacturing of the ammunition to the guns already in the population??
Nicholas Aviles Jr
Nicholas Aviles Jr Aylar önce
The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a trained good guy with a gun.
liljj2929 2 aylar önce
The registered guns are probably NFA items
Andrew Lüderjahn
Andrew Lüderjahn 2 aylar önce
Hi, this is Marty McFly remembering the future! Let me tell you, there is no need to worry: Thank god, Conservative-White-Fundamentalist-Christian-Red-Neck-Americans (CWFCRNAs, as shown in this piece of illustrative material) are a dying breed. Currently, with their backs slowly turning towards the wall, they are on the edge of becoming a minority in "their own country", which they unlawfully and violently took from the Native Americans. But sensing this gradual loss makes them grim and angry. Yes, they are angry! Just have look at the CWFCRNA alpha male called Dan. He is so angry, he often can't find words for the ultimate thruths he want's to express. Watch how Dan needs to deeply inhale the moldy but apparently soothing air in that studio, everytime he begins with one of his apodictic statements. No, it's not the ususal slow mind of a CWFCRNA, he is really angry! Gosh is he angry; like a beast caught in a trap! Well, in one or two generations CWFCRNA like Dan and Ross will be a mere bigot lunatic fringe group, with kids being ashamed of their parents and their wives divorcing them upon their relentless hubris, which fails to have a practical use. Down another generation, you will only find such individuals locked away from public in mental homes, because they got too angry and desperate when the NRA got declared illegal and US-legislation finally got rid of the antique 2nd amendment.... So let me get back to the future, because the odor of CWFCRNAs is nothing I prefer! And, like I already mentioned, back in my time the public air is CWFCRNA free, because Biff and his moronic friends got locked away! Y'all take care! Marty
Chad Hunter
Chad Hunter 2 aylar önce
Yeah me to Dan is right on
Henry 2 aylar önce
Did the shooter had that fatherless problem?
Jhonathan Cabrera
Jhonathan Cabrera 2 aylar önce
How do you use an AR-15 lawfully? Like what do you even use it for? Just to shoot it in the woods or something?
snolo 27 gün önce
It's their hobby, and apparently it's very important to them
King in the North
King in the North 2 aylar önce
The shooter WASN’T A CRIMINAL. You’re opinion is based on facts that don’t apply to this situation. This isn’t about gang violence or video games. It’s about access to weapons that are meant for military and law enforcement. He OUTGUNNED THE POLICE. They were pinned down and couldn’t move in. He was better equipped to fight than the police, that’s a problem. If he had a handgun only, he would have been outgunned and not able to kill 21. You folks are pushing BS in order to live a life that allows you to have no gun restrictions. You’re idea of solutions is to arm more people, like teachers? You’re the coward.
Justin J.
Justin J. 2 aylar önce
Where did you hear he lined them up and shot them?
Dan Erickson
Dan Erickson 2 aylar önce
Wtf would a wait period do.
Abraham Roman
Abraham Roman 2 aylar önce
Oh yes. Everything is the problem exept the guns, which are obviously the solution. More guns should do it next year.
micky mcfarts
micky mcfarts 2 aylar önce
Satellite police offices in every school. Problem solved.
Sean Hemstedt
Sean Hemstedt 2 aylar önce
Until they run and hide like the Parkland cop
Patrick MaGroin
Patrick MaGroin 2 aylar önce
How did he ask every single American an opinion on this? All stats are shit
Den Keh
Den Keh 2 aylar önce
Where is Dakota ???
micky mcfarts
micky mcfarts 2 aylar önce
15:12 Chwenty Chwenty-one
steveyd101 2 aylar önce
18 year olds are not adults anymore. At least the vast majority of them. Raising the legal age to buy a firearm (or subset of firearms) to 21, I think would help a lot. The same case can be made for voting.
Randy Kellogg
Randy Kellogg 2 aylar önce
KERR is right something needs to be done,but he sounds like a Democrat and blames guns & Republicans for the murders
Paul Hitchcock
Paul Hitchcock 2 aylar önce
Full crap everyone is responsible for them self
Drinkin' Bros Podcast
Drinkin' Bros Podcast 2 aylar önce
@Paul Hitchcock I agree. We're responsible for leaving millions of kids without fathers, which is the point we made.
Daniel Hollaway
Daniel Hollaway 2 aylar önce
@Paul Hitchcock did you even listen to the show?
Paul Hitchcock
Paul Hitchcock 2 aylar önce
We’re not responsible for them going to jail they made the damn decision.
Ryan Divita
Ryan Divita 2 aylar önce
Full crap.... genius well said
Drinkin' Bros Podcast
Drinkin' Bros Podcast 2 aylar önce
Parents bear no responsibility for the upbringing of their children? Society bears no responsibility for allowing the demonization of masculinity? FOH with that stupid shit.
Jordan Onofer
Jordan Onofer 2 aylar önce
I also think some of these video games young kids are playing desensitize in there minds what actual violence is versus the reality of actual violence.
Jordan Onofer
Jordan Onofer 2 aylar önce
@Sean Hemstedt Hey I am definitely not denying that. Your right there are just people that aren't right. We can agree to disagree on the video games. I'm not saying to ban video games or anything. I will speak to my experience on grand theft auto to get to my point. I was at a family gathering in the past. And I was in a room with my wife's younger cousins, there were probably 12 to 13 yrs old. They popped on grand theft auto. The game starts with the character in his really nice house. He like wakes up grabs clothes. Does a bong rip then heads outside. The next 15 min they just drive around in game literally shooting people that were just out walking around. I just just shook my head and was like wow grand theft auto has changed since I played the really old version on the computer lol. That's when I was like this probably isn't that great for young kids to just sit here and play this all day. That's kind of how I formed my opinion based off of that experience. Whether right or wrong. Figured I'd let you know where I'm coming from with that
Jordan Onofer
Jordan Onofer 2 aylar önce
@Sean Hemstedt I'm not referencing 17 yr olds. I'm talking about young kids. And there is a difference between real life and a video game. When you experience it in real life it's an eye opener and you realize and understand the reality of it. In a video game you don't experience that same reality. So in that sense your desensitized to it and don't really understand the reality of it . And I 100 percent agree with Dan and even with what you said. I'm just pointing out another possible reason. Violence like that in real life brings a whole different understanding. In my experience you realize like wow what an eye opener. This is the worst possible way humans can behave toward one another. Actual violence/combat is dirty business. Unfortunately not everyone understands that. The real reality of what's taking place. So to your point I agree once you have experienced it in real life you have and understanding and respect for it. Life itself and also how quickly it can end. With video games you do not.
Sean Hemstedt
Sean Hemstedt 2 aylar önce
@Jordan Onofer it matters because if a realistic game played by a 17 year old s supposedly affecting the desire to kill people, then shooting people in real life at age 17-20 should have at least the same outsized impact…presumably. If your assessment were to be correct, then logically speaking, veterans and law enforcement with direct threat engagement experience should be most susceptible to the desire to shoot up public spaces and kill people. That just isn’t happening. I call bullshit on the entire theory. We need to stop looking for some easy answer. It’s multifaceted… and there are crazy people out there in the world. Dan’s analysis, in my opinion, is spot on.
Jordan Onofer
Jordan Onofer 2 aylar önce
@Sean Hemstedt I don't see how your combat experience has anything to do with kids playing video games. I would guess if there are studies they probably argue both sides. I myself have never looked into any studies. Have you seen the Buffalo shooters video of him pull up in vehicle get out and start shooting people. It looks literally exactly like Grand Theft Auto game. That being said the reasons you mentioned are certainly valid as well. I'm not saying that games are the entire cause. I just think that they probably have some kind of impact. I mean we had like Mario etc.. these kids have call of duty and Grand theft auto. Which I would say GTA is probably the most relevant to my point.
Cullin Whiteley
Cullin Whiteley 2 aylar önce
Put ARs on the NFA and take suppressors off
Tom Seller
Tom Seller 2 aylar önce
Maybe adults living with there parents should not have any rights to vote buy a guy ect
Adrian Mendoza
Adrian Mendoza 2 aylar önce
We just need sensible gun laws. This is what happens when there are millions in this country with undiagnosed mental health issues, a horrible health care system and easy access to firearms.
Sean Hemstedt
Sean Hemstedt 2 aylar önce
@Riceball80IA I could possibly see a case for body armor restrictions...until, of course, we recognize the actual purpose of the 2A; to keep the state from having a competetive advantage against the electorate. In any case, the shooter didnt use an "extended magazine" or special ammunition. So those types of restrictions would have sone nothing to change the outcome. At the end of the day, reflexive legislation simply for the sake of making everyone feel better does very little to solve the issue. I think that is Dan's point.
Sean Hemstedt
Sean Hemstedt 2 aylar önce
@Adrian Mendoza in an effort to "do something", the legislators tend to ignore potential second and third order negative consequences and they do the WRONG thing. For example; despite being a combat veteran, a current range instructor, and a sworn peace officer, I am forbidden by law from carrying my firearm on school grounds unless I am acting in my official capacity. That's just dumb. But a previous group of legislators was trying to "do something"...thereby making schools LESS safe from an active shooter scenario.
Riceball80IA 2 aylar önce
@Daniel Hollaway don’t need an extension magazine for any gun is where I would start. So outlaw those. Don’t need a Kevlar vest. That’s two.
Drunk_By_Noon 2 aylar önce
There's definitely not a causal relationship between access to firearms and mass shootings. People had much easier access to firearms in the past and we had way less mass shootings, so why not focus on the root cause of the issue that is mental healthcare? Fixing the mental healthcare system would reduce all crime, homelessness, drug abuse, and many other problems in this country. More gun laws may reduce gun violence a little but, it will disproportionately effect law abiding citizens and create a vacuum that will just be filled by other forms of violence.
Adrian Mendoza
Adrian Mendoza 2 aylar önce
@Daniel Hollaway I have no idea. Ban AR-15's, ban certain ammo, pinpoint young men like this early and have these individuals get counseling. I do know that there is no safe place in this country. Schools, churches, movie theatres. It's the human condition but it's also our inability to confront this country's history, it's problems head on. This is beyond left and right wing. I'm just tired of it happening.
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